Pob Rak Episode 10


Episode 10

Part 1

Yeo and Namrin come home and see that Nan is there too. He asks Nan when she came. Grandma says she came since morning and was cleaning the house all day waiting for him.

Grandma asks where he went on his day-off when he should spend time with his fiancée. Nan says it’s all right, Yeo works all the time so it’s good for him to go out and see things, so that he won’t be so stressed out.

Nan asks Yeo if he’s hungry, she cooked his favorite dishes for him and will warm it for him.

Yeo looks at Namrin and is annoyed with Nan.

Yeo asks if Grandma ate already. She says she did and Nan-cooked dishes were so good. Grandma says he’s lucky to have a woman who is capable and knows the things he needs.

Yeo looks around and doesn’t see Namrin. Grandma says once he marries Nan, she can die in peace.

Grandma tells him not to just stand there, come over and help Nan, and he should be attentive to her since it’s hard a nice woman like this would come by.

Yeo looks around for Namrin but she’s not around. Grandma tells him to come help Nan, so he walks to her. Nan asks if her cooking looks delicious, he nods. Nan notices that Yeo keeps looking around.

Namrin sits at the dock alone and cries.

Thara tells SongKhram that she felt her daughter was with her today, perhaps Namrin was really there. He asks if she thinks that way herself. She says she didn’t think but felt it, it’s the feeling of a mother to her child.

He gets down and says he thinks she felt that because her heart believed that. She says what happened to her today confuses her, one side of her mind wants it to be true but then another side is telling her that it’s impossible.

He holds her hands and tells her to think about it using her complete sense, then she will know what is real or unreal.

PobThorn says to NubDao that he wants to know why that police officer, Yeo, come meddling about Namrin. He wonders if Yeo learned about something so he came to test Thara on it.

She asks if he wants her to find out about Yeo. He says that’s a good idea because he wants to know what Yeo had learned and why he came to see Thara. She smiles and says she will send their skilled one to find out as soon as possible.

NubDao wants to leave but he calls her and asks if she’s not angry with him anymore. She holds his hand and says she thought about it and it’s her who acted stupidly so she won’t make him feel disturbed from now on.

He touches her cheek and says that’s good and thanks her, then says she can leave now.

NubDao shows up at that place by the sea. The nurse asks who she came to see here. NubDao asks her in return, who’s staying here then. She gets in the room and sees Namrin lying on the bed. She becomes so furious.

NubDao: “Pee Thorn hid you here…because he still loves you, and that’s why he doesn’t love me! Pee Thorn can’t stop feeling for you even when the only good things you have are only beauty and wealth. You loved to scold at people who are lower and step on them till they are buried under the ground!”

She grabs Namrin’s hair and says, “You love to pull hair of others to serve you, don’t you? So how are you feeling now (that someone’s grabbing her hair)? Get up! You’re so great, aren’t you? So get up! (She grabs Namrin’s face) The time you pulled my hair to serve you in front of Pee Thorn and our friends, it hurt! It made me feel so embarrassed! The more you were good to me, the more I hated you, because you were doing it to make you an angel in Pee Thorn’s eyes, when in fact, you are an evil from hell. Even when you are lying like the dead one like this, you stole Pee Thorn from me. I hate you, Namrin. I hate you! Do you hear? I hate you. I hate you..Namrin! You won’t die easily, will you? This time, I will make you die painfully…a hundred, a thousand times more.”

She starts burning the room. “I want to see if you can get away. No, this time you can’t. I want to know, when your body is burned so badly, if Pee Thorn will still love you.

NubDao leaves the building.

Namrin (the soul) touches Thara’s hand and she wakes up, “Nam!”

Namrin: “Mom!”

Thara: “Nam, you came back to me, didn’t you?”

Thara pauses and asks why Nam’s body heats up. Namrin sees the fire is burning her soul and screams, “Mom, help me!”

Thara: “Nam, what’s happening?”

Namrin keeps screaming so Thara calls out, “Nam!” and then she wakes up.

Namrin cries out in pain so Yeo rushes to her and asks what happened. He tries to hold her but can’t. She says she’s burning all over.

Yeo: “Nam! Tell me, how can I help you?! Nam, you can’t disappear on me, it’s an order! Do you hear me?! Nam, you can’t leave me like this! Nam!”

Namrin disappears.

Part 2

Yeo shouts, “Nam!”

He sits back when she disappears.

Yeo: “Nam, you can’t leave me like this. I haven’t told you yet…that I love you.”

He has to lie down on the floor having no strength left, then thinks of their past moments together.

Yeo: “Thank you for helping me finishing the jigsaw.”

Namrin: “I feel glad when you are happy.”

Yeo: “I’m happy…to have you.”

Yeo recalls when they were on a train.

Namrin: “You told me you wouldn’t abandon me, so I won’t abandon you either.”

Yeo looks at the ceiling in despair.

Namrin’s soul slowly comes back.

Yeo gets up and holds her, “Nam! You’re back!…Nam, what happened to you?…Nam, I thought I wouldn’t see you again.”

Namrin looks at him, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to return to you again.”

Yeo: “Where did you go?”

Namrin: “I don’t know but it’s so empty around me and suddenly my feeling went off, then I came back here.”

Yeo: “Promise me, that you won’t leave me again.”

He hugs her feeling thankful.

At the temple, Yeo asks Namrin why she came here. Namrin calls out for aunt Prik, “Aunt Prik, help me!”

Yeo asks, “Prik?”

Namrin says aunt Prik is her adviser. Yeo says, “So the tale of ghost Prik is a true story?”

Prik appears and touches her fan lightly on his neck. Yeo feels it and looks around. Namrin tells him to let her talk with aunt Prik.

Prik: “So, what you wanted to ask me, just ask.”

Namrin: “I don’t get it, whenever I felt uncomfortable or felt hot/cold, something always happened to my loved one. This time I felt like I was burned by fire but nothing happened to anyone.”

Prik: “Are you sure that no one was in danger?”

Namrin: “Both Yeo and my mom were fine.”

Prik: “Those two are your loved ones but not the thing you love the most.”

Namrin: “That means it’s a warning that the thing I love the most was in danger? Then what is that thing?”

Prik: “Humans love themselves the  most. Therefore, aren’t yourself is the thing you love the most?”

Namrin: “My body? Someone harmed my body, isn’t it?”

Prik: “It could be that your body was destroyed!”

Yeo walks to Namrin and says Prik is not a fortune-teller and they didn’t see it with their own eyes, there’s no proof, so they shouldn’t be definite that her body was destroyed.

Namrin says, “You think like a police, there has to be an eyewitness or evidence. Something happened in this world is unable to prove, such as my soul.”

Yeo argues that if her body was destroyed then should her soul not be destroyed at the same time. She says she doesn’t know that and may be she’s now a ghost.

Yeo: “Nam, I understand that you are feeling sad, but sadness shouldn’t make us give up. Sadness makes us get up and fight. You have to choose now whether you want to stand here and cry, or come with me.”

He reaches out so Namrin puts her hand in his.

“To prove that you are still alive, I will find your body no matter what.” He encourages her and smiles.

NubDao comes back to PobThorn’s condo and hears something. She slowly walks to the kitchen counter. Someone stands up so suddenly that she screams.

Part 3

It’s actually PobThorn who gets up with an ice pick in his hand. He asks what happened (that she screamed), then continues picking some ice in a bucket.

PobThorn: “NubDao, since when you become easily spooked?”

She says it’s not that and asks why he stayed in the dark and didn’t turn on the light.

Aww…is he threatening her?

He turns on the light and sits down. He smiles and asks where she went. She says she went to send off her friend who’s going abroad. He says since he has known her, the only person she called ‘friend’ is Namrin.

She says she has many other friends. He asks what the name of that friend is. She says even if she tells him, he won’t know that person. He says she now keeps a secret from him.

She smiles and says he knows that she never keeps any secret from him. He says, “Then introduce me to that friend next time.” She chuckles and says, “I can’t, because that person is gone and will never return.”

They stare at each other.

Namrin couldn’t sleep. It’s the same with Thara who looks at their picture and says, “Namrin, I’m so scared…that we will part forever.”

Namrin cries and says, “My time is almost done. I don’t know whether or not my body was destroyed. I’m so scared…that I won’t be able to see you again, mom.”

Thara: “Every time I feel someone was trying to harm you, my child.  It’s painful and tortures me so much that I don’t to live, but I will endure it, and wait for the day we meet again. I believe you are somewhere.”

Namrin: “No matter how hard it is, I will go back to you. Don’t give up on me yet. I love you, mom.”

Thara: “I will send my love to protect you, to be safe from harms. We will meet again, my daughter.”

Yeo puts a fish in a bowl. Namrin asks where he got it from. He says he went out to send grandma on a temple-stay this morning, and on his way back, he saw a fish shop and thought it had her face, so he brought it home.

Namrin: “You crazy, my face doesn’t resemble a golden fish’s face at all.”

Yeo asks, “Do you know that golden fish has short memory and can’t remember anything. Well, whom that sounds like…Ah-ha…that’s you!”

Namrin: “Let me ask you this. If I got back in my body and don’t remember you, what will you do?”

Yeo: “I will make you remember. I told you before that sometimes memory was not in the brain, and even if you don’t remember me, I’m certain that your heart does remember.”

He looks at the fish.

Yeo: “It’s cute, isn’t it? Its face is the same as yours. Try doing this.”

He makes a fish face. She does it and smiles, “I won’t play with you anymore.” She gets out of the room.

Yeo moves the fish bowl to the wall and follows her. She sees some medicine on the table and asks if he’s sick. He says a little headache and some fever. She tells him to hurry eat the food so that he can take the medicine.

Yeo: “I have no strength, spoon-feed me, and after that, wipe my body clean too.”

She says now he’s nagging then says all right.

She tries to pick up the spoon but fails. “It’s all right. Let’s do it again.” she encourages herself.

She picks it up and is about to spoon-feed him but Nan shows up and calls him, “Yeo!” The spoon falls from Namrin’s hand.

Yeo says, “Nan, you came without any sound. It startled me so the spoon fell down.”

Nan says grandma called and told her that he had a fever, so she took a leave from work to look after him. Nan tries to spoon-feed him and says he should hurry and eat so that he can take the medicine. Yeo looks at Namrin and is reluctant to let Nan do it. Namrin gets up to leave so he calls out, “Nam!”

*Nam = water

Nan asks if he’s thirsty, she will go get it for him.

Yeo runs after Namrin and asks where she’s going. Nam disappears into his bedroom so he’s frustrated.

Part 4

Namrin is crying in the bedroom. Nan gives Yeo a glass of water but he says that’s all right, so she asks he said he’s thirsty just now. He says he doesn’t feel that anymore.

Nan: “Yeo, let me ask you this, are you all right? I think you seem strange and sometimes I saw you talk by yourself.”

Yeo: “I don’t know how to explain it but one day you will understand.”

She nods and tells him to take off his shirt so that she can wipe his body clean with a wet cloth. He says that’s all right, he will do himself. She smiles and says they already engaged so no need to be shy.

He gets louder when she tries to touch him, “Nan, I said that’s all right!” and shoves her hand away from him.

Yeo: “Let me be straight, I’m not used to let anyone meddle in my private matters. Just let me be alone.”

She says sorry for making him feel uneasy then walks out of the house. Girl, dump him already.

Yeo gets in his bedroom and tells Namrin that Nan left. Namrin says why she left so soon when she should stay and take care of him.

Yeo: “But I don’t want her to take care of me.”

Namrin: “Why’s that? I feel happy to see that she cares about you. She loves you. She should be able to take care of you better than me. I may not be able to do that for my whole life, because my body could already been destroyed. I don’t have a body. I don’t have flesh and blood like her.”

Yeo: “I will find your body the fastest way I can, because…if it’s not you, I don’t want anyone else.”

Namrin: “But Nan is your fiancée.”

Yeo: “That’s right, I can’t run from my responsibility, and I can’t run from what my heart desires either….We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but today, we are together.”

She nods. He kisses her forehead and holds her close. Aww…..

Part 5

PobThorn and NubDao are inspecting the drug’s production. He kept glaring at her. She says they can start delivering soon. He praises her for doing a good job and says if he doesn’t have her in his life, he will be more tired.

She asks if he really means it or just pokes a coconut shell to flatter a dog. He chuckles and asks why she compared herself to a dog when a woman like her should be compared to a cobra: elegant, pretty, cold-blooded and filled with poison, and always ready to bite from behind.

She says a snake is a cold-blooded animal but it also has feeling and a heart, and if anyone hurts it, it will remember and hold grudge for the rest of its life. He smiles and says he will remember that so that one day if he wants to beat a snake, he will beat it until he break its back. She asks if he’s not afraid it will return to bite him.

He walks around to stand behind her and asks if she thinks a person like him scared of a snake.

Back to Yeo’s house. He’s telling Namrin that he followed PobThorn to the cemetery the other day. She asks why he did that. He says he promised her to do everything to bring back her body so whatever clue he has, he will follow it.

He says not just PobThorn, his spy told him that NubDao went there too, so he thinks that place may have something to do with her.

Yeo says people there told him that both walked to the back near the sea, and a fire broke out that day.

He shows her pictures on his laptop. He says this house was registered as a place to provide medical services so the leftovers after the fire are mostly medical equipments, and most importantly, one corpse was found.

She asks if it could be her body. Yeo doesn’t answer her.

They come to look at the burned house. She asks if her body once was here. He says he’s not sure and needs to look for more evidence.

NubDao gives PobThorn an envelope. She says he ordered her  to send someone to follow Yeo what he knew about him. He grabs the envelope.

She says Yeo went to the cemetery where his father’s grave located, and also the hospital by the sea. PobThorn pauses then takes a look at the photos. She asks if he’s been there.

He asks why he needs to go there. She says nothing, just ask for fun. He says, for fun? He asks since when he become her playmate. She apologizes to him for saying that.

She asks if he wants her to report more or get out for now. He says just say what she wants to, why hold back, it’s annoying.

She says the fire broke out at the place and she heard someone died. He says it must be the patient because doctors and nurses should be able to run out in time. She says she feels sad for the dead one, so he asks for whom, the patient? She says yes.

He says since when she become so kind. “I thought the person named NubDao was a cold-blooded one.” he tosses all the photos on the table.

She gets up and sits next him, “I’m a woman so I can love or hate too. If the one I loved so much hurts me, it will enrage me more.”

He says rancor is like a poison, if it can’t harm another party, it will destroy itself, and even death won’t help avoiding the pain.


NokNoi is taking pictures of men carrying some crates. He smells something bad so he looks around and sees the cause of it, it’s bags of garbage. He says why he has to stand at this spot.

Yeo smiles at Nan and walks pass her. They join the meeting. SongKhram says after Busabun’s spa case, he ordered everything be followed up. Daranee says two days ago, NokNoi sent these pictures of a warehouse and it shows that there’s an unusual movement.

SongKhram says he notices there were many drug deliveries going on, and their spies said there’s going to be another delivery soon.

PobThorn comes to the warehouse and looks around. A lackey greets him and calls him, boss. PobThorn says the product this lot is worth a fortune so they must take good care of it, and don’t break it.

A bottle falls down and breaks. The man quickly apologizes and says he won’t make such mistake again. PobThorn smiles and says it’s all right and he won’t make any more mistake for sure. He shoves the guy against a metal net and yells that it’s because he won’t have a chance to make a mistake again.

The man begs but PobThorn tells others to kill him. PobThorn tells them that the products are worth many times more than their lives. Good work done will earn a reward, but mistake will be paid for only by death.

Yeo and other officers arrive at the warehouse. Daranee says she and others will get to the front while Yeo and NokNoi wait at warehouse 7, Yeo says copy that.

Yeo orders NokNoi to go that way.

A man sees the police coming and hides.

Namrin shows up and tells Yeo that she will go look inside first. She gets inside and sees a man busily giving order, so she walks closer to look at his face.

Part 6

Before Namrin could see his face, a man shouts that the police are here. One man rushes to PobThorn and says, “Boss, the police came!”

Namrin turns to look at the gunfight downstairs while PobThorn runs out. She heard he’s called ‘boss’ so she follows him.

More officers barge in and Daranee says they secured the  place and she’s heading upstairs.

Yeo sees Nam so he calls her over. She tells him that the boss ran out that way.

PobThorn is running then stops when he feels someone is behind him. PobThorn turns around and fires his gun at Yeo then rounds the corner and orders his lackey to intercept Yeo, then he gets in a car and leaves.

NokNoi runs over and asks Yeo how it is. Yeo says the boss escaped.

NubDao parks her car at the condo. PobThorn says if it’s not her just now, he would be in big trouble. She says she will never let him get arrested because he’s always important to her. He says thank you and gets out of the car. She slowly says, “You’re welcome.”

The lackeys got arrested. Daranee says this is the biggest drug warehouse they destroyed this year. Yeo regrets that the boss escaped. She asks if he saw his face. Yeo says not clear. She says the evidence they got will lead them to him.

Nan asks if Yeo is heading home after this. He says yes, he’s about to go home. She says let’s go back together.

Yeo: “Nan, I think…from now, let’s keep some distance for a while.”

Nan: “Why?”

Yeo: “I have an important thing to do.”

Nan: “What is an important thing?”

Yeo: “I can’t tell you.”

Yeo walks away.

PobThorn hears the news on TV about the arrest and is furious. He asks NubDao if she realizes how much they lost this time. She backhugs him and says let’s forget it and they were lucky that they didn’t get caught.

He yells what lucky when everything totally ruined. He blames it on SongKhram and that crazy sub-inspector (Yeo). She touches him and says at least he came back safely. He shoves her away and tells her to get out.

He says he wants to get some rest and feels tired, “I said get out!” NubDao turns her back to him looking mad.

Yeo couldn’t sleep and recalls when grandma asks him what he’s going to do with Nan when she took the bullet for him, it proves that she really loves him.

Yeo turns on his side and thinks how Namrin says Nan loves him and can take better care of him. He tosses and turns then sits up looking at Namrin.

Namrin looks at him when he’s not looking.

Pla-too and Poo-aut are heading to make merit again. He says making merit everyday will gain merit everyday but it’s more special today because…PooAut says the day the lotto winners will be announced. Haha.

Grandma says she’s in a hurry to go to the temple. PlaToo says she should make merit calmly so that the great (lotto) number will come up. They cheer getting excited.

Yeo walks to them and says grandma makes merit because of wanting an outcome again. Grandma slips out the types of lotto number she wants, then changes to, wanting Yeo and Nan to love each other for a long time. Yeo doesn’t look pleased to hear that.

PlaToo says grandma will dedicate the merit to him and Nan to love each other for a long time. Grandma corrects him that it’s ‘make’ not ‘dedicate’, and he can ‘dedicate’ it to his late ancestors.

Grandma tells Yeo that they said a couple should make merit together often, so he should go and bring Nan. Yeo turns serious and says, “Grandma, I want to talk to you about Namrin.”

PlaToo says, “Namrin? What, when, where, how? Tell meee.”

Grandma drops the lid and tells them to put it back, and says she will wait for them in front of the house so be quick. She clearly avoids talking with Yeo.

The monk gives them blessing. Grandma touches her hair wishing herself to get lucky and become rich. The monk asks if she stills makes bet on lotto at this age. Grandma says to sharpen her brain. The monk asks if she ever won.

PlaToo says of course, bet 1,000 she got 100, bet 100 she got 10, and bet 10 she only got a few baht. Haha.

The monk tells grandma that no one becomes rich because of all vices and suggests she earn from working instead. Grandma says she bet for fun. PooAut and PlaToo laugh their hearts out. Grandma tries hitting them with her stick.

The two say she said bet for fun so they are feeling fun. Grandma asks what if she said bet to die, will they go and die. The two say of course, then say who would be crazy to do that.

The monk says Yeo seems quiet today. Grandma asks the monk for an auspicious day for Yeo and Nan’s wedding, today or tomorrow would be great. The monk asks why in a hurry.

Grandma says she’s afraid she will die before holding a grandchild. PlaToo says she will live for a long time because her skin is too rough to chew. Haha.

Yeo says, “I won’t marry anyone, until I have a talk with grandma and understand each other first.”

Grandma says it’s him whose talk doesn’t make sense. She tells the monk she’s leaving and walks out.

Part 7

Yeo comes for a talk with grandma at the temple’s dock.

Grandma: “I have nothing to say to you.”

Yeo: “Grandma, I…love Namrin. The love between Nam and me is hard to explain. But I’m certain that you witnessed and knew what between us all along.”

Grandma: “But you should care about Nan’s feeling too.”

Yeo: “Grandma, I got engaged to Nan because you wanted it, not because of love. My happiness is to love, and even if the love between Nam and I can never be, I will never think of Nan more than friend.”

Grandma doesn’t say anything so Yeo gets up and leaves. Grandma sighs.

Grandma came home and Namrin asks if she wants her help carrying the basket. Grandma thanks her but it’s all right, she can do it herself.

Namrin asks Prik why grandma came back alone and where Yeo is. Prik says he may be with his fiancee. Namrin says that’s right.

Prik asks if she’s sad because she lets go or can’t take it. Namrin says in any case, between her and Yeo, it can never be. Prik says that’s what she thinks.

Namrin asks what more that she knew. Prik says she can only warn her that there are only two Wan Phra(s) left that she can go back to her body, “If you don’t hurry and find your body, you will become my buddy, a duo, forever.”

Namrin says she doesn’t know where her body is, so how she can go back in.

NubDao tells PobThorn that several projects they purposed, Thara didn’t approve it. He yells that she knew how much money he used to cover up after SongKhram confiscated his drug, so that no traces would lead to him.

She sits down and says she tried but it seems Thara knew, so they couldn’t embezzle the company’s money like before. He yells that she didn’t try hard enough. She asks why he had to be so loud at her. He tells her to stop pestering him.

She says everything she’s doing now is wrong in his eyes. He tells her not to pick a fight. She says she doesn’t try to pick a fight and only wants to remind him who stood by him, and who helped him exchange the medicine to a tranquilizer for Namrin to take that day.

Flashback, Namrin says it’s lovely of him to call and remind her to take the medicine.

NubDao: “I helped you take revenge on Thara, helped you take away her loved one forever.”

PobThorn recalls the incident that day. A guy calls him and says Namrin already fell into their trap and is now racing with ChonChat fiercely.

PobThorn orders him to follow her closely and make it look like an accident. The guy says yes.

Then accident happens, the guy tells PobThorn that ChonChat’s car fell into the water. PobThorn asks where Namrin is.

The guy looks for her then sees Namrin floating in the water. He reports to PobThorn, “She’s still alive. What to do with her?”

PobThorn says, “Leave ChonChat’s dead body there, and take Namrin’s car away and make it look like Namrin’s car never went there. Cover up all the traces.”

The guy asks what to do with Namrin.

PobThorn is telling a doctor and nurse to take good care of this woman and keep it quiet, or else their families may be in danger. He asks if they understand that. The doctor says yes.

NubDao calls him back to present, “Pee Thorn, are you missing Namrin so much? She’s dead so why thinking of her!”

She grabs his hand and it startles him. He pushes her hand away and asks what this madness is. She says that’s right, she’s crazy because he still has feeling for Namrin.

He asks if she’s jealous of the dead one. She says, “If she died for real, I would be so happy, but I will never stop hating her. Even if she becomes a ghost, I will curse her to burn in hell!”

He says NubDao that he knew is not like this. She says love and betrayal cause people to change, and if she changed, it’s because of her overwhelming love for him. She leaves so he looks at the picture of him and Namrin.

Thara is looking at her and Namrin’s picture. She says she worked all the time that she didn’t have time for her and left her to be alone everyday.

Namrin hears her and cries, “I knew you did it for my future.”

Thara says if she could turn back time, she would spend every precious second the longest time with her and give her the tightest hug.

Nam cries and says she knew how much mom loves her, and never feels angry at her.

Thara recalls how Yeo told her about Namrin’s soul. She looks at the mirror and asks, “You died?”

Namrin says she’s not dead yet but her time is almost over, “I want to be with you, mom. I don’t want to die!”

Thara sees Namrin’s shadow in the mirror very faintly, “Nam!”

Namrin: “You saw me, right? Mom, I’m right here!”

Thara: “Nam!”

Namrin: “Mom!”

Part 8

Yeo comes sit with Namrin and asks what happened. She asks where he had gone all day. He shakes his head and doesn’t answer.

She tells him that her mom could see her for a short while today then she couldn’t see again. He says it could be the power of love between her and her mother, so at least there’s a hope that her mother is able to see her.

Namrin: “My time is almost up. If this Wan Phra passed, I will have only one more Wan Phra left, and if I still can’t go back to my body, I will become a soul, a dead one.”

Yeo: “I won’t let that happen.”

Namrin: “Sometimes we have to accept the truth, accept what destined to be.”

Yeo: “Listen, your fate will be destined by me. I will find your body and make you go back in, no matter what.”

Yeo spends time working on his laptop looking for some clue.

Namrin: “You’re stressed out because you’re finding a way to help me, aren’t you?”

Yeo: “I gave you my words. The only thing left to do is, find your body.”

Namrin: “I’m going to confess, I think I won’t find my body.”

He holds her hand.

Yeo: “But I’m certain that we’ll make it.”

She looks at her hand and says, “Now that you can touch, you keep touching.”

Both are smiling to each other.

The front desk lady tells NubDao that Thara wants to see her. NubDao asks if aunt Thara came to work. The lady says yes.

Thara tells NubDao that the expense account under her supervision doesn’t have the same figures as reported, so what she’s going to say about it.

NubDao says she’s sure that the previous figures aren’t these. Thara asks if she’s saying that she doesn’t know anything about it.

Thara says if she didn’t come to work, she wouldn’t know how bad her employees are doing. PobThorn suggests Thara let NubDao go through the document one more time, in case there’s some mistake.

Thara says a wrong tiny figure had caused the business to fold many times already, and NubDao worked with them for many years so how could she not know that.

NubDao apologizes to her and says she won’t make mistake again next time. She looks at PobThorn for some help and excuses herself to go back to work.

NubDao and PobThorn come back to the condo. She says suddenly Thara found the account that she tried to embezzle the money for him, it’s surely not a coincidence and someone must have set up this trap.

He tells her to calm down. She argues that how she can be calm when she’s now being watched. He says he too doesn’t understand why suddenly aunt Thara came to work at this time.

She asks if it could be that Thara learned about their relationship. He tells her not to be overly worried and to be careful when doing things during this time, and not to make mistake and be found out again. He glares at her.

At Thara’s house,

SongKhram says she should stay home and rest. She says working is resting for her. She says she has to thank PobThorn for suggesting her to go back to work. It’s much better than staying home by herself.

A housekeeper brings a box to her and says someone placed it in front of the house and addressed it to her. SongKhram offers to check it out for her.

He opens the box and Thara says it’s the jasmine tea. He takes a look at the package closely and says there are traces that it was opened before. Thara says it’s similar to the one her housekeeper said it disappeared.

He says he will send it over to look for any poison or fingerprints, and may be they will find some clue about the person who tried to harm her.

Part 9

Namrin asks why he’s changing the fish tank. He says he sees that she’s depressed so he finds something for her to do. He puts one more fish into the fish tank.

She asks why there are two fish now. He says he’s afraid one would be lonely so he gives him a friend. She smiles and asks the name of the other one.

Namrin: “What’s the name?”

Yeo: “Yeo.”

They both smile shyly. He tells her to decorate the fish tank. She drops a plastic coral and other things into the tank and says they are so cute.

He asks if she feels better now. She says thank you and asks how he could come up with the idea to name the fish – Yeo and Nam.

He says he wants her to be in a good mood and have a smile on her face…when he’s not around.

Man, he won’t disappear on us, will he?

Namrin says whether she can or cannot go back to her body, they will part in the end no matter what.

Yeo: “I’m staying with the present – the present which you are still here, and no matter what happens, I won’t forget you. I won’t forget the woman named Namrin.”

Yeo and Nan came to get some water at the same time. He tells her to get it first. She tells him to go ahead and she can wait.

He asks Nan if she’s angry at him about something. She says nothing, only feels that he doesn’t want to talk to her. NokNoi comes calling Yeo that SongKhram wants to see him so Yeo excuses himself and leaves.

SongKhram says, “You asked me before about Khun Thara’s daughter and you talked like she’s still alive.”

Yeo: “Namrin? What happened?”

SongKhram shows him the tea bottle and says someone delivered it to Thara’s house. He says he asked Daranee to send it to be examined, and it’s found there’s some poisonous substance mixed with the tea Thara used to drink.

Yeo asks if they didn’t find the culprit’s fingerprints. SongKhram shakes his head and says he’s thinking that the culprit is someone close to Thara and Namrin, but they can’t make accusation without enough evidence. Yeo asks what he wants him to do.

Yeo sits down in front of Namrin and asks if she remembered something more. She recalls taking some medicine so she says she has a congenital disease and has to take medicine regularly. He asks what kind of disease. She says she only remember that Pee Thorn called and reminded her to take the medicine, before the accident.

Namrin says Pee Thorn was just worried about her and didn’t want to harm her.

Yeo: “The thing you see with your eyes, sometimes it’s not the real thing.”

She asks if he’s biased against Pee Thorn. He says he only said from his work experience and he must suspect everyone close to her and Khun Thara.

Namrin says, “Then you should suspect NubDao too.”

Yeo perks up hearing that.

Yeo shows SongKhram the hospital’s pictures which was burned last week. He asks if Yeo thinks Namrin was there. Yeo says he can’t explain to him now but he’s sure that Namrin was brought here after the accident.

Yeo says he checked the place’s background and found that there’s a neuro doctor working here, but he disappeared after the place burned down.

SongKhram asks if there’s anyone died. Yeo says there’s one, a nurse, and the villagers said there were doctor and nurse came in and out of the place, but they didn’t know who the patient was.

SongKhram asks what made him think this place connected to Namrin.

At the cemetery,

Yeo says Thara and PobThorn normally come to pay respect to Khun Nuti. SongKhram says Thara come here because of the regret about her friend. Yeo says PobThorn and NubDao came here too and went to the hospital near the sea on the day the fire broke out.

SongKhram asks if he’s suspecting these two. Yeo nods and says but he has no evidence. SongKhram says if they can locate the doctor who disappeared at the scene, may be they will have an answer to this.

PobThorn asks the doctor if he knows what he has to do. The doctor says he will take good care of this woman and tell no one. He reminds the doctor that the secret of this woman could mean his life and his family’s. He asks if he understands. The doctor says he understands that.

PobThorn looks at Namrin (the body) and says, “Nam, you are safe now. This is my father’s house. No one will find your body here, and no one will be able to harm you, I promise.”

Flashback, PobThorn saves Namrin from the fire.

“Nam, I should hate you like how I hate Thara. I should be enraged that your mother caused my father to die….but I couldn’t. Why? Why can’t I kill you? I don’t understand.”

Episode 11 Preview

SongKhram: “You are such a clever man. It’s hard to believe that you would easily being used.”


I knew it. They are going to make us wait till next week what will happen to Namrin’s body. These past few episodes the story progressed in baby steps but Yeo and Namrin made up for it. Even the fish tank scene made me squeal. Lol.

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  1. I went to the bookstore and read the back cover of Ab Rak Online. There’s a big boss, who’s a woman, falls for her new staff (our hero) so she starts online-ing with him using the name “Khun Ab Rak” (Miss/Mr. secretly in love [with you]). Then our hero falls for it but someone else shows up as ‘Khun Ab Rak’ but she’s actually not. Then there’s a super big boss who falls for the big boss on top of that.

    Eh…I read it and it didn’t stir my curiousity enough so I didn’t buy the book. Hehe…so let’s see if Mark (in Ab Rak…) will make me buy the book anyway.

    • Hmmm … given the story.. this can go either way. It could be a funny rom-com or could turn out to be a drama. If it’s a drama, unless it’s done really well it could get annoying soon.
      For some reason, and I am not able to pin point why, Mark seems to have really caught my attention. I have been watching his shows one after the other. It could also just be the characters he has played. His characters have been mostly well written and he has executed on them fairly decently. Plus none of the characters he has played have been jerks so far. Also, He seems to be able to become the character rather than be Mark. With Nadech, he is always Nadech … hahaha. BTW I did watch Punya Chon Kon Krua after you suggested it. It was fun!!! I liked the acting in it too. I just might have to follow Ab Rak Online as the cast seems to be similar and they had done a really good job in Punya Chon Kon Krua.

      • Ab Rak Online is coming from the producer of Punya Chon Kon Krua, Samee Teetra(2014) 🙂
        I watched Ab Rak Teaser, not sure why I felt uncomfortable when Ann (Thong) hugged Mark – a huge age-gap for me. LOL.

        • Lol!! Was there chemistry between them though? I mean Ann and Mark ? But we all know that he is going to end up with Kim in the end. That’s just how these things work in TV series. I saw some clips of Mark and Kim from Ab Rak Online and they seemed to have really generated the chemistry. We’ll have to see how things go. The last two productions from this producer have been good so I have hopes for this one too. 🙂

    • Question: Are they no rules against workplace romance in Thailand esp that of relationships between bosses and their reportees? That would become a big deal in many places where I have worked – India, US, Canada. The company and the boss will become very vulnerable to sexual harassment law suits. In most companies it’s strictly forbidden.

      • Some companies here may have such rule, but not sure to the point of lawsuits, my guess is it may come as a company rule or sth. Anyone?

        There’s a box office hit which made fun of this issue.

        And later a TV-series for Part II

        I watched the movie, and it’s hilarious. I have Part II in DVD but haven’t watched it yet.

        • Looks hilarious!!! Esp the part where this woman is trying to seem like a crude person to that boss’s son.. Lol. Do you know it the whole movie has been subtitled to english as yet?

          Yes, in other countries this is a serious issue as it could disturb a lot of things in the organization. As a manager I could lose my job, professional reputation etc if a manager and their reportee are caught in an affair. It’s also very easy for the reportee to say that the manager took undue advantage of their position and forced them to have this relationship and file for sexual harassment. Then this will also become a criminal case. So best to avoid all this at work.

  2. Oh my god hehe I’m in love with Nam and Yeo. Hehe Yeo is very honest with his feeling and he’s very sweet towards Nam. Aww Yeo is too cute. Haha Nam and her shyness is really cute. I love it and i will surely miss Nam and Yeo 😦 but i am super excited to see Mr. Pranon. He’s extra good looking in there.

    Before, i feel bad for Nan but not anymore after she agrees with Grandma to do such thing without telling Yeo.

    And Dao, i think she’s crazy. She is jealous of Nam luck. Plus, Pee Thorn also love Nam and she also like him so like why is Nam so lucky and everyone love her vs her, she got no one!

    I think Pee Thorn uses Dao. I think he’s the one that sent the tea bottle thing and he also told Thara about the money missing thing!!

    Thanks for sharing. So much fun while reading 🙂

    • Who is Mr. Pranon? Ab Rak Online?
      For NubDao, we don’t know who seduced who first. Yep, I think PobThorn is putting all the blames on Nubdao so that he can get away as an innocent man of all crimes, and if Namrin wakes up, he will just become a good guy for her. I hope Namrin will see PobThorn as baddy before she go back in her body. What this lakorn made me think was, a mother and a daughter stood so close yet they couldn’t see or touch each other, and both regretted the time they had together, it’s so sad.

      • Haha yes, Mr. Pranon is Mark in ab rak online. I cant wait to see him hehe

        Omg me too, i hope she will know the truth before she wake up. LOL i cant wait to see her as a human with Yeo. I bet he will be flirting with her so much haha
        But i have a feeling that she wont find out about him just yet…like in the earlier episode, she was very close lol

  3. Thank you for the translation. I am feeling even more sorry for Nan. Yes, her mistake was that she assumed that the engagement will be a pleasant surprise for Yeo but it’s still sad for her. Oh grandma! Why did you do this to Nan? Your forcing your grandson will bring unnecessary suffering to Nan.

    Why is NubDao so angry with Namrin? I still don’t understand Dao and Nam’s relationship. Why was Dao Nam’s friend when Nam looked down on Dao? Did I miss anything in the older episodes as they were not translated to English ? Was it because she would have easy access to PobThorn?

    • Humm…may be I’m the only one around here didn’t feel for Nan. Come on, she didn’t let the man know and did it without his consent. I suspect grandma did it because she knew what Namrin really is then talked with Nan into doing it.

      I don’t think NubDao’s hatred makes sense either. In the past episode (not sure which), there were flashbacks showing how Namrin rudely ordered NubDao around (such as to stay and finish a project or sth for her even when NubDao says her mom’s sick and she needs to go home), and she talks to NubDao in front of her friends sth about she could never afford this or that. Personally, I think NubDao could be the jealous kind herself and wants everything Namrin has, but to the point of killing? Namrin’s wealth would be more concrete motive to commit murder.

      At this point, I’m not sure if it’s PobThorn who used NubDao or vice versa ^^

      • I totally agree with you regarding Nan but I still feel sorry for her. My feeling sorry for her has nothing to do with if she was right or wrong. But then I feel way, way more sorry for Yeo. He is the only one in all this mess trying to help everyone and make things work for everyone. He is also honest about his feelings with grandma.

        Regd NubDao – Oh good. I thought I might have missed something about why she is so unreasonably psycho and cold hearted. Good point about who is using whom. I think it’s a bit of both but more on NubDao’s end.

        • You know, for friends, if they look down on you, you can always make a choice to leave them. So I don’t think Namrin being a brat give NubDao the right to steal her boyfriend and kill her. She could just leave Namrin for good if Narmrin was too harsh, so I think it’s her greed made she do it. Yep, Yeo was so sweet to stand by a soul and fight with the evil, both in spirit and human, for her.

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