Pob Rak Episode 9

It’s official now that the new lakorn airing the same time slot with this one Ab Ruk Online (starring Mark and Kim) will premiere January 7, 2015. Aww…so we are on the roll with Mark till next year 🙂

Episode 9

Part 1

Yeo tells Namrin to follow Mr. Liu and see what he’s doing while he will look around this spot and will follow her.

Mr. Liu inspects the bottles filled with blue liquid and says (in Chinese) to his man to look after this aroma well because they need to deliver it today. Namrin sees them and rushes to Yeo (or swap to Yeo) and spooks him a bit. He says she appears making no sound at all. She tells Yeo that they are preparing to deliver the drug, and she thinks it’s the same drug found in Busabun Spa.

Yeo says it means Mr. Liu’s customer must be among the guests of this event. He wonders who that is. Yeo asks if she could understand Chinese too. She says she also didn’t expect that. LOL.

Yeo tells her to follow Mr. Liu and see who he meets while he will follow the lackeys to see where they are hiding the drug. Then he says, “Take care of yourself.” and she retorts, “Should be you more.”

PobThorn shows Mr. Liu the money, “That’s five million baht in cash.” He sits back and says, “Now, why don’t you show me the aroma?”

Namrin tries to look at PonThorn’s face but a lackey runs to them and says, “Boss, a policeman sneaked in here!” Mr. Liu tells his lackey to go kill him so Namrin is worried about Yeo’s safety.

More police officers enter the place. Yeo is fighting with many men and knocks all of them down. He’s exhausted though.

Namrin comes to the spot but Yeo isn’t there.

PobThorn and NubDao are looking at Mr. Liu who is now dead. The police officers come in and one asks them what happened. NubDao says she doesn’t know why Mr. Liu injected himself an insulin in an excessive dose then he collapsed.

PobThorn says, “This is so sad, with all so much wealth he had, he couldn’t get away from the karma he did.”

The woman officer orders a forensic unit be sent over, then she tells the two to cooperate and go testify at the bureau. PobThorn says they would be glad to, and excuses themselves.

Yeo says something is strange about this case. She says they will follow on it, and it seems Mr. Liu’s customer must be someone in this event.

PobThorn tells NubDao to be more careful from now on because the police are getting suspicious of them. NubDao says let’s go home, she’s feeling tired.

Namrin sees PobThorn and her memory comes flooding back that he’s the one gave her the necklace on her birthday. He says she’s the special one for him and wishes her a lot of happiness. He says this necklace, he’s giving her, stands for the relationship of the two of them, ‘P’ for PobThorn and ‘N’ for Namrin.

She thanks him and he purposes, “Marry me.” She hugs him as her answer.

Namrin is back at Yeo’s house and tells him that she met her fiance just now and his name is PobThorn.

Yeo: “PobThorn? But he’s the fiancee of Khun Thara’s daughter” He pauses, “Then, it means you’re Khun Thara’s daughter?”

Namrin is delighted and says she met her mother but didn’t know it. She cries, “Mom, my mom, I found you. I will hug you so tight as much as how I missed you.”

She hugs Yeo and he holds her. Is this their first official hug? Aww…

The woman officer (sorry for the name) is saying they are interrogating Mr. Liu’s lackeys and if they get lucky, they will be able to find the Thai big boss of the international drug dealer organization. She says all the guests of the event already came to testify except the ones they want to hear from the most, PobThorn and NubDao.

Yeo is looking so down but perks up when hearing the name ‘PobThorn’.

As they walk down the staris, SongKhram is asking Yeo if something is bothering him because he’s never seen him think of his own personal matters since they worked together. Yeo says it’s not so personal, he’s suspicious of Khun Thara about something.

SongKhram asks what it is. Yeo asks if she has a daughter. SongKhram says yes but she disappeared and didn’t contact her home for months now. He asks if Yeo has any clue on it.  Yeo says he thinks he has a clue on Namrin’s disappearance, and tells him to come along.

Part 2

Namrin comes calling aunt Prik and says she has something to ask her. She tells her to come out already. Prik shows up instantly and says Namrin may ask but she herself may not be able to answer.

Nam asks if Prik knew all along that Khun Thara is her mother. Prik nods. Nam asks if she also knew all along that Pee Thorn is her fiance. Prik nods again.

Namrin: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Prik: “It’s the karma of each own. Something I can tell but something I have to let the rule of karma take its course.”

Namrin: “The rule of karma?”

Prik: “Just think, how many could go back and fix their own wrongdoings in the past?”

Namrin asks if she means the reason her soul is roaming around like this, is to fix her past mistakes. Prik tells her to recall how every time when she helped resolving things such as of NokYoong, Busabun or YodChat, her memory came back more and more.

Namrin says so the reason she could remember all of it now because she had fixed all the mistakes, then she must be about to get back in her body.

Prik: “Get back in your body or leave in peace.”

She asks Prik to explain it clearly. Prik says, “I can only tell you that you have only four Wan Phra (Buddhist Observance Day) left to find your body, and after that, you can never go back in your body forever.”

Namrin: “Four Wan Phra?”


SongKhram and Yeo come to the accident site. He asks Yeo why he took him here. Yeo says because it’s the place where he met…then corrects it to he thinks Namrin’s disappearance started here.

Yeo says there was an accident with cars fell into the water here, and one person died in this reservoir. The villagers testified that before the accident, two cars were on street racing, and one of the cars had the same color with Namrin’s car.

Ghost: “You murderer, you killed me!”

SongKhram is saying that they had pictures on CCTV cameras that Namrin’s car was heading in this direction then disappeared.

SongKhram looks at Yeo and asks if he had met Namrin before or if he knew her. Yeo says he can’t answer that now because he won’t believe him, but he’s 100% sure that Namrin had an accident here.

SongKhram asks where her car is then. Yeo says he doesn’t know that too but he knows that Namrin is still alive at this moment.

SongKhram: “You met Namrin before, didn’t you?”

Yeo: “I don’t know how to explain it. Let just say I got a signal for help from Namrin and we must hurry and find her.”

SongKhram: “Why didn’t you report it me about it?”

Yeo: “I…just heard from her, and one more thing, I believe PobThorn must have something to do with this.”

SongKhram: “PobThorn is a boy Thara took in and raised him. She trusted him enough to let him marry Namrin, but she disappeared a few days before the wedding. I think these incidents are connected somehow.”

Ghost: “You set foot on my territory. You must stay with me here!”

The ghost gets into a man’s body and starts beating them up.


Namrin asks grandma why Yeo isn’t home yet and if he calls her at all. Grandma says no, he didn’t call but he could be in the middle of his work and should be back soon. Namrin says she isn’t feeling good about it and somehow she’s worried about him.

The ghost strangles Yeo and says he came to his territory so he must die. Yeo tells him to let go but the ghost says …(the sound was unclear).

SongKhram hits him with a stick but gets shoved down instead. Nam feels something and thinks something bad is happening.

She gets down and prays, “If there’s some good deeds I did in the past left, ….please protect my loved one.”

Yeo asks what they should do when he’s not human. SongKhram says how great he can be and tries hitting him again. Yeo recalls how he got away the last time so he shouts at SongKhram to use his holy medal. SongKhram does as told and the ghost leaves the man’s body.

Part 3

Namrin waits for Yeo and asks Prik when that  man who loved to act arrogant will come. Prik asks if he comes, then what? Namrin says he promised he would take her to see her mom at home, but he wanted to attend the meeting first.

Prik says if he said that, it means he’s in the meeting so what there is to wonder about. Prik gets up and down with Namrin looking for Yeo then asks how long she will keep doing this. LOL.

Namrin asks what it got to do with her. Prik says her unease mind heats up her surroundings. Prik goes on an on how that could turn into a storm having strong wind, and small fishermen boats shouldn’t leave shore….(she says it like in a weather forecast).

Namrin tells her to stop it, then asks if she knows where her mother’s house located. Prik says no, she doesn’t then leaves because it’s too hot around here.

Songkhram asks Yeo if there’s something else he didn’t tell him. Yeo says Namrin’s disappearance is not an accident. Songkhram asks if he doesn’t want a doctor to take a look at his wound.

Yeo says it’s not that much then asks if Khun Thara doesn’t get suspicious of PobThorn at all. Songkhram says since they don’t have any proof so they can’t say much. Yeo says PobThorn is the kind that his mind ran deep and if they don’t warn her, it could be too late.

Namrin is talking to a teddy bear why she has to think too much when that arrogant man and Nan got engaged already so it’s not strange for them to go together on a date or to catch some criminals. She shakes the bear and says she wants to go home, to see her mom.

Her memory comes back again. It’s the time when Namrin gives her mother the coupled wristwatches.  She says, “Mom and daughter wear it together so that we will have time for each other.” Thara thanks her and gives her a hug.

Back to present, Thara is looking at the watch and says, “Nam, my child, where are you?”

Namrin shows up at a house, to her surprise. She peeks inside and decides to go through the gate and walks inside. She says, “This place is my house.” She walks around, “I’m home.”

Flashback, Namrin and Thara are selecting Nam’s wedding invitation card together. Namrin chooses it and wonders if Pee Thorn would love it. Thara says PobThorn will surely go with her choice and he won’t dare argue with her. Namrins says she will choose it then. Thara says go ahead and just choose the one the two of them like.

Back to present, Namrin walks around and another memory comes back to her. It’s when Thara cooks Nam’s favorite dishes. Nam asks what’s the occasion for her to get in the kitchen and cook for her. Thara says no occasion, she just wants to cook the dishes Nam loved. They sit and have the meal together.

Namrin: “Mom, I missed you so much.”

Namrin walks upstairs and gets in a room where she recalls asking her mom how she should do her hair on her wedding day. Thara says she will look good in every way she’ll do it. Namrin says she wants her look to be the best. Thara says, “Namrin, my only daughter, will look the best on that day.”

Namrin cries thinking of it.

The nurse asks if Thara misses Namrin again. Thara says every time she looks at the watch, she will feel that her daughter is always by her side.

Namrin walks to Thara and stands in front of her. Thara looks at the watch. When the two watches (on Namrin and Thara) synchronized, Thara feels something and utters, “Namrin!”

Namrin: “Mom!”

Thara: “Where are you? Do you hear me?”

Namrin cries, “Mom, I’m right here, in front of you.”

Thara: “I missed you so much. I’m willing to trade everything to see you one more time, even with my own life…to save you.”

Namrin: “What can I do to make mom see me?…Mom!”

Yeo is at home waiting. He talks to the teddy bear, “Where are your boss?”, then he looks out at the dock. He walks to the dock and sees that Namrin is crying.

Yeo: “What happened? Why are you crying?”

Yeo listens to her and concludes, “So your name is Namrin, Khun Thara’s daughter who disappeared.

Namrin nods and says, “I tried to tell mom that I came back, but she didn’t hear me.”

Yeo: “I’m the only one who can see your soul. What should we do next?”

Namrin: “I don’t know.”

Yeo: “There must be a way.”

Namrin: “By the way, where did you go today?”

Yeo: “I went in search of your body at the place we first met, but found nothing except…(he thinks of how Songkhram told him that Thara let PobThorn marry Namrin).”

Namrin: “Except what?”

Yeo: “Nothing, just the same piece of evidence.”

Namrin moves closer to him and touches his hand lightly.

Part 4

SongKhram comes to see Thara. He says the nurse told him that she’s here since the evening so what happened. She says she’s fine and just feels uneasy thinking of Namrin.

She asks if he remember this watch her daughter bought for her on her birthday. He says the dead watch (stops ticking) which she refused to let it be fixed, and kept it because she missed her daughter.

She says today suddenly it’s ticking then it stopped. She feels that something bad is happening to Namrin. He says may be she thinks too much of it.

She says she will tell PobThorn to look for Namrin again.

SongKhram: “Let me ask you seriously. What were you thinking to let PobThorn marry your daughter?”

Thara thinks back of when she talked to Nuti, PobThorn’s father. She tells him to sign it. The contract will merge his business with Rin Thara Group, and even though the money may be not much, he could start a small business with it. Nuti asks if she wouldn’t think of their friendships at all since her husband is his close friend and if he knows, he won’t agree with it. Thara says he will understand when it’s a normal business rule, the big fish eats the small one. She says his business is going down anyway and if it’s not her then it will be others. Nuti signs it.

Thara says two days later, Nuti committed suicide. She accepted PobThorn into her family for humanity sake. PobThorn is a good man, clever and quick at learning things. She says she hopes he will become her heir to look after her business and Namrin instead of her in the future.

SongKhram says, but for him, he doesn’t think raising an opponent’s child will always guarantee that the child will acknowledge the favor.

Thara looks at him and says if he’s trying to make her get suspicious of PobThorn, she can tell him now that it won’t succeed. She says she raised him herself so she knows what kind of person he is. SongKhram stops saying more.

Namrin is lying on the bed and says she won’t be able to sleep tonight. Yeo sits down with her and says, “My grandma told me that tomorrow would always be better than today, because at least, there’s hope.”

She thanks him, “I’m glad that I have only you who can see me in this world.”

Yeo: “We have to thank fate for making us meet.”

They smile at each other and Namrin closes her eyes to sleep. Yeo looks at her with worry in his eyes.

At the temple, the two come to tell the monk that today is their auspicious day so they came for his blessing. The monk asks if they are getting  married. Both tell the monk to cancel his saying right now or a thunder will strike.

The monk asks then what day it is today. Yeo walks in with Namrin and answers it for them that their auspicious days are the two days of the month. The two say it’s the day the lotto winners be announced. The monk says no blessing for them because he doesn’t support the ones betting.

The monk asks Yeo why he came.

Yeo: “Not me, it’s the one beside me.”

The monk asks if he’s sure the person beside him is human.

The girl says to the man who the monk meant he’s not human but a common lizard,..etc. The man says the monk meant her, a frog in chilli paste. The monk tells them to stop because he meant the girl sitting beside Yeo.

The monk tells Yeo to tell her not to sit too close to him, she can sit further away and his praying would be loud enough for her to hear. Yeo nods at Namrin to move a little further away.

Yeo says she wants to make merit and dedicate it to the persons she committed her previous bad deeds to, and for her wish to come true.

The monk nods and says all right, but they should know that they need to keep collecting merits, they won’t have it instantly as soon as they ask. The monk gives them blessing. The monk tells them to concentrate when offering the four necessities….

Yeo and Namrin come to Thara’s house. She asks if he thinks it will work this way. Yeo says they won’t know if they don’t try.

The housekeeper tells Thara that Yeo wishes to see her.

Thara: “My daughter is a soul having no body?”

Yeo: “Yes.”

Thara: “And then?”

Yeo: “At the moment, she’s looking for her body and if she can get back in her body, she can come to see you.”

Thara: “Where is that soul you’re talking about now?”

Yeo: “Right here.”

Thara: “Here?”

Yeo: “Khun Thara, she wants to see you so much.”

Thara: “How do you know that, when  my daughter is just a soul?”

Yeo: “Because I am the only one can see Namrin’s soul. Khun Thara, you must believe me. I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’m really the only one who can see her soul, and now she has no one left.”

Namrin tells Yeo to tell her mom that she missed her so much.

Yeo: “Nam said she missed you so much.”

Thara: “Nam missed me?’

Yeo: “Yes.”

Thara: “Have you gone out of your mind?! Even though my legs are disabled but my brain is not. What do you actually want from me to pull such prank? Are you seeing my sadness as a joke?”

Yeo: “I’m not joking but…I know that it’s hard to believe but what I said is the truth…”

Thara: “That’s enough! I don’t want to hear this nonsense crap anymore.”

Namrit tells him to explain to her some more. Yeo wants to say more, “Khun Thara…”

Thara: “Get out! Get out before I report it to your superior! Get out! I told you to get out!”

The two come back home. Yeo talks to NokNoi on the phone that he will see him tomorrow and to bring the report.

Yeo: “Why are you looking at the calendar?”

Namrin: “My time is almost done.”

Yeo: “What time?”

Namrin: “I have only four Wan Phra left to find my body or else I will become a spirit forever.”

Yeo and NokNoi are in a car watching the entrance of a building. Namrin appears and asks what he’s doing here.

Yeo: “We will observe PobThorn’s move the whole day here.”

NokNoi pushes back his seat to relax.

Yeo: “What are you doing?”

NokNoi: “Didn’t you say you would be here observing?”

Yeo: “That’s right.”

NokNoi: “Then I will lying down observing you on top of that. Haha.”

Namrin swaps away so Yeo says, “Why disappear?”

NokNoi: “What disappear? I’m still lying here.”

Yeo tells him just keep doing that.

Namrin appears inside the building and says, “It’s Pee Thorn’s workplace. So where is he?”

Prik suddenly appears and asks why she came here. Namrin says she came to look for Pee Thorn. Prik says aww…looking for a fiance and as if he will hear her. Namrin says they don’t know that unless she tries. Prik insists that he won’t hear her. Namrin tells her to come along.

She says Pee Thorn must be on an executive floor. Prik says even if their eyes meet, he will feel notthing. Namrin says he’s her fiance so he might hear her voice, just like how Yeo could hear her.

Prik says, “No, he won’t hear you, he won’t hear! Believe me! Because…the person who can hear you is not just an ordinary fiance (koo-mun) but must be the soul-mate (koo-tae), do you understand?” But Namrin is gone.

Namrin follows PobThorn when he gets out of the elevator. She follows him into a parking lot. She calls out, “Pee Thorn, wait for me! Pee Thorn!”. PobThorn drives away.

NubDao walks to her car and looks straight at Namrin, then looks left and right. She gets into her car so Namrin gets in too.

Part 5

Yeo wakes up NokNoi and says PobThorn is leaving so follow him. NokNoi asks who stole the gear, Yeo shakes him up and says it’s on this side. Lol.

Namrin follows NubDao inside the building and says, “You know me for sure. Hey, you, do you hear me? Wait, wait for me!” Namrin gets into the elevator.

Namrin follows NubDao into a room and looks around, “You brought a document for signing? Then why didn’t you do it at the office?”

PobThorn notices that he’s being followed. Yeo says this route is heading out of town, so if they get lucky, they may find the drug’s warehouse. He tells NokNoi to follow closely.

PobThorn suddenly changes lane so Yeo and his buddy drive pass the exit.

Namrin sees that NubDao sits down on the bed in PobThorn’s bedroom. She says, “This is Pee Thorn’s bedroom. What right do you have (to be in here)?”

Namrin sees a woman’s robe on the bed and wonders whose it is. NubDao grabs it and gets into the bathroom then comes out wearing only a thin lingerie underneath the robe. She calls PobThorn, “Pee Thorn, what do you want to have for dinner? I couldn’t contact you, then, I will cook chicken baked in lemon sauce – your favorite dish, for you.”

Namrin starts to cry when she realizes what it means of their relationship.

Thara visits PobThorn’s father grave and says to him that no matter how long time passed, she still regrets to be the cause of the tragic happened to his family, “I’m sorry, Nuti.”

Thara tells SongKhram what she tried to repay PobThorn can’t be compared to the loss of losing his father, but she’s certain that PobThorn felt her intention. SongKhram warns her that she could be certain but not to be too sure.

She says even cats and dogs are loyal to its owner, and this is a person, wouldn’t he feel grateful at all? She says he should stop getting suspicious of him. He says, “As long as you are not safe, I will never stop having doubt of anyone.”

PobThorn sees them leave then walks into a church and sits down. He gets a call and says, “All right, I will wait at the same place.”

Yeo and NokNoi are looking at him. Yeo says he looks suspicious and with his look, he seems to be a good person but the truth is he’s an extremely dangerous one. He says he feels bad for the woman who fell for his outer front. NokNoi asks who that woman is. Yeo says he talks about women in general.

Yeo says they will wait here and he thinks another party will come. NokNoi comes back with something to drink and says it’s been an hour and no one came. Then he realizes PobThorn is gone.

Yeo asks a staff inside where that man who sat over there just now is. She says he left already. NokNoi says he watched over the front door all this time and didn’t see him leave. She says he left by the backdoor.

PobThorn picks up the bouquet Thara left for his father and thinks back when he came to lay a rose on his father’s grave. The boy tells his dad that he’s alone now (not sure) so Namrin-the girl says he’s with her and she will look after him, she promises.

PobThorn arrives at a place by the sea.

Part 6

The nurse tells PobThorn that the doctor came as they agreed to meet but was called back for an urgent operation. PobThorn says that’s all right and tells her to email him the patient’s conditions and the expense.

OMG…it’s Namrin (the body) on the bed inside the room. PobThorn comes standing by the bed and gives her the bouquet.

PobThorn: “Today I brought you white roses which you so loved. I hope you won’t mind that it was used to pay respect to the dead one before. In fact, your condition now is no different from a dead one. Your mother visited my father today. Aunt Thara said she regretted to be the cause of my father’s death. But I know, she didn’t regret! She lied! That’s why I had to make her realize how painful it is to lose the loved one! A life for a life, don’t you think, Nam?”

He tries to suffocate Namrin to death with a pillow. Namrin (the soul) is feeling suffocated too. He says, “Don’t be mad at me. The truth is, I’m not angry at you at all but you were unfortunate to be born as Thara’s child!”

A flashback when they were young. Namrin tells him not to cry and says she will look after him, she promises.

PobThorn throws the pillow away feeling mad that he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Then he cries while trying to calm down.

He looks at her and says, “If you die now, I think it will be too easy.” Then a call comes in from Thara. She asks where he is when it’s his father’s memorial day and he wasn’t at the graveyard. He says he’s busy and is hurry to go there. She says she thought he forgot about it. He answers that he never forgets.

He says to Namrin, “Namrin, you should have died the day I made the accident happen.” He kisses her forehead and leaves.

Namrin-the soul suddenly can breathe again and is so scared.

NubDao secretly checks PobThorn’s email and sees a hospital bill came in. She says, “A hospital bill?” PobThorn is getting off the elevator.

NubDao: “So Namrin is still alive?”

Part 7

PobThorn checks his incoming email from his phone and sees that the medical bill already came in.

NubDao hurriedly goes through the detail and sees that the condition of the patient is unresponsive. PobThron gets into the room and NubDao walks to him asking why he didn’t accept her call. He says he was busy.

NubDao sits with him but PobThorn seems annoyed that she doesn’t leave him alone. She asks if he’s tired and suggests he should rest a bit and she prepared some wine for him. She tells him to have one glass then take a bath.

PobThorn tells her to go rest, he needs to transfer some fund. NubDao asks sarcastically whose account it is and she could do it for him. He turns to stare at her and says, “No, I’ll do it myself.” then brushes her hand off his shoulder.

She says she’ll give him a massage then. He starts shouting at her that he said no, just leave and go do whatever and don’t bother. She gets up and shouts at him that now she became a meddler in his eyes.

He begs her not to pick a fight now when he’s awfully tired. She asks if he doesn’t think that she’s tired too having to serve him from the office till on his bed. He yells at her that if she’s so tired then go get some rest and stop bothering him already. He yells at her to leave.

She asks if he’s sick of her now, and if he still misses Namrin! He says, “Dao, I’m begging you, don’t be stupid at me now.” She argues that she’s not stupid and it’s himself who’s not the same.

Dao: “You never had any secret with me!”

PobThorn: “What secret? (She pauses.) I asked WHAT SECRET?!”

She says there’s none and she’s only having doubt because he never told her his whereabouts. He asks why he needs to report to her, “Who are you? (He pokes at her forehead) And who am I? Don’t forget yourself and don’t cross the line!”

She yells back, “Of course, I’m not Namrin. Even if that woman is so self-centered and loved to look down and use others, and never once looked after you, you still loved her!” He shoves her away and walks out of the room. She follows him.

Dao: “Pee Thorn!”

PobThorn: “Dao, stop it!”

Dao: “But I’m the one who does everything for you, yet you love that selfish woman! I hate her…Hate her. I hate her, do you hear?!”

He grabs her and yells at her to stop it. He says he doesn’t care how much she hates Namrin…(he points his finger at her face), but if she says one more bad word about Namrin, then in this life…don’t ever meet again.

When he walks away, she says in tears, “All right, then woman named Namrin must not exist in this world too!”

Yeo and Namrin are walking home. She says that woman must connect with her body’s disappearance, or she could be the culprit herself. Yeo says hatred could be one of the motives and tomorrow he will find out about her, and now that they don’t have much time left, they have to do whatever they can.

Namrin says she wants to go see her mom again and asks if he can come with her. Yeo nods. She sits down and says but her mom is someone who won’t believe things easily so what they can do to make her believe it.

Yeo asks if she and her mom had any special moment together where only the two of them know. Namrin says her mom is a working woman and always at work but when she’s free, she would give all of her attention to her. She says her mom never missed the Mother’s Day event at her school and she was the only one in school whose mother came on Father’s Day, and she got to krap (put hands together and bow down to the floor) her mom instead of dad, because she is both mother and father to her.

Yeo feels sad hearing it because his parents passed away.

Namrin says, “I want my mom to hug me one more time at least. Mom’s embrace is so warm and safe, and filled with sincere love.”

Yeo takes a deep breath and says he couldn’t remember now what a mom’s hug feels like. She says sorry to him and she’s just a soul so she can’t make him feel warm or safe.

Namrin touches his hand lightly so he turns to her feeling thankful. He holds her hand and says, “I will never let go of my hand from you. I will go with you…wherever.”

She says thank you so he smiles and holds her hand with both of his.

Part 8

Grandma and the gang are waiting for the monk, to offer him food (to make merit) early in the morning. Yeo comes out and sees the whole gang so he asks who got lucky with the lotto. Grandma says it’s a disappointment whichever way she made the bet. Grandma babbles on and on how it’s so unfortunate of her. The man tells her to stop saying the word ‘unfortunate’ for today since it’s PooAut (the girl)’s birthday.

NokNoi suggests that if anyone says the word ‘unfortunate’ today, that person will get a slap on the mouth. Everyone agrees.

Yeo is leaving so grandma tells him to stay and make merit together, and Nam too. The gang look at each other and around.

The man shouts his greeting to the monk. LOL (normally people would politely say ‘Ni-mon krap/ka.’ to ask for his kindness to stop and let them make merit). He tells the monk that today is PooAut’s birthday.

Grandma gives Yeo the rice bowl so Yeo tells Nam to do it together with him, “Nam, let’s make merit together.” She asks if she can do that so he nods. The monk asks if ‘Nam’ is that woman. Yeo nods, so the monk tells him to do it quickly.

PooAut offers the food and says let her be prettier when born in the next life. When the monk leaves, grandma says why the monk seems in a hurry today.

Grandma tells Yeo to wait because Nan is coming. Yeo says he better leave now then he leaves with Namrin.

Grandma asks the gang if he already left. They say he did. They walk back to the house and grandma gets into the house.

NokNoi tells his gang that Yeo seems strange these days, he kept avoiding Nan and kept some distance. PooAut says he should be happy when his fiancĂ©e is coming but he made his face like it’s his creditor coming.

The man says this kind of situation, in his neighborhood they would call it, got engaged for the sake of it. NokNoi asks what that means. He says the man wasn’t willing to get engaged, that’s why he’s avoiding Nan. Nan hears him say that.

NokNoi tells him that Nan came. He tells him not to fool him this early in the morning. Then he turns and sees her and cringes.

Grandma greets Nan and the gang say what an unfortunate! So grandma slaps their mouths as agreed. The man tells grandma that Nan walked away already to the dock.

Grandma comes talk to Nan. She tells her not to think too much of it and Yeo just went to work and will be back. Nan helps grandma to sit down and says but today it’s his day-off. Grandma gulps and says Yeo is a workaholic and Nan should know that, so there’s never a day-off for him.

Nan says Yeo really seems strange these days. Grandma says he must feel shy to suddenly change status from close friends to being engaged, so she should give him time to adjust and all will be fine. Nan agrees to do that. She sadly walks back alone.

At Thara’s house, Yeo is telling Thara to hear him out. Thara says if he came to talk nonsense then just leave, and she thought she made it clear the last time.

Yeo asks for another chance to explain since it’s very important for her daughter. Yeo tells Namrin to start with the thing only her and her mom know.

Part 9

Namrin says tell her mom that she helped her selecting the wedding invitation card at that table over there. Yeo tells Thara that. Thara recalls that time. Yeo says Thara told Namrin to choose it because Pee Thorn wouldn’t dare go against what she wanted.

Namrin tells Yeo that whenever her mom was free, she would cook her favorite dishes for her and they would eat together in the dining room over there. Yeo repeats it to Thara.

Thara asks he could know that. He says Namrin’s soul told him that, and she’s standing right here with them.

Namrin tells Yeo that she bought the wristwatch for her mom on her birthday, and they would wear it all the time so that it would remind them of each other. Yeo tells Thara about the watch.

Thara recalls when Namrin gave it to her but says everyone knew that and it’s not a secret.

Namrin is frustrated so she begs Yeo to tell her in detail from the first day they met. She begs, “Please make her understand.”

Yeo tries to talk more but Thara tells him to stop and begs him to leave so he has to leave.

Yeo waits for Namrin outside the house and tells her that he feels sad for her, however, he can understand her mother, and if it were him, he wouldn’t believe it either.

Thara thinks about it alone.

Namrin and Yeo walk back together. She says it’s hopeless for her now and she may not be able to see her mother again in this life. Yeo says they still have four Wan Phra (s) left to find her body.

Namrin says she doesn’t want to hope anymore. Yeo tells her to sit down and he will be back.

Yeo shows her the jigsaw she helped him finish it. He asks if she knows how many years it took him to finish it. She says one year. He shakes his head. She says two years. He shakes his head again and says, ten years.

She gapes that it took him ten years to finish it.

He says, “That’s right, because it’s the last moment that I was with my family. I intended to do it slowly so that I would be in a dream where I had my father and mother with me. In that dream, I got to swim in the sea and met that girl.”

She says wait…that girl?

Flashback, Yeo-the boy asks the girl what she’s doing. The girl says making flowers. He asks if he can help her. The girl nods.

Namrin says that girl is her. Yeo asks if it’s her. She says she could remember that day her mom went to work near the sea and took her along with her. She says, “So you are that so kind brother.”

Yeo smiles and leans over. She asks what he’s doing. He says that time she stole a kiss on the cheek from him so now he wants it back.

Namrin: “Me? Kissed your cheek?”

Yeo: “Of course.”

Namrin recalls how she kissed his cheek at that time and feels embarrassed, “That’s right, what a shame.”

Yeo: “No need to feel shy. Just let me kiss your cheek then we’ll be even.”

Namrin: “You’re crazy. We aren’t in any relationship.”

Yeo: “Aren’t we…a couple?”

She turns sad.

Namrin: “That day will never come. Don’t hope for the thing that will never come true.”

Yeo: “I still have hope. Believe me, just believe me that what we are doing will be a success. We will find your body, and I will fight! Fight and won’t give up! So that I will get to kiss the cheek of a pretty woman.”

Namrin: “You crazy!”

Episode 10 Preview

Namrin: “So that’s the warning that the thing I love the most will be in danger, then what is that thing?”

NubDao: “This time, I will make you die painfully.”

Thara: “Nam? Nam!”


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  1. Thanks for episode translations… it’s interesting. I think they finally trying to wrap up the story.

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