Thang Dern Haeng Rak – An Introduction

Let me introduce you to this lakorn just a tiny bit  🙂


(from episode 1 part 1)

“We live in Bangkok, the beautiful capital. Sometimes Bangkok could be quite busy. There are four of us. We are friends. The first one is Pee Sasi, or Pee Si…our eldest one. Pee Si is very kind but…”

Accident happens, bumper to bumper….Si gets out of the car and the man starts scolding her for hitting the brake whenever she wants and asks if she acquired her driver license by paying for it. He says she needs to take responsibility for it so just pay him 5,000 baht then they both can leave, so that he can go fix his car, and he doesn’t want to wait for the insurance guy to come.

He tells her to hurry as it’s causing a traffic jam. He says they may scold her mom for it. Si says they will scold his mom and not hers. She accuses him of being the wrong party to bump into her car from behind and insult her about her driver license, plus ask for money from her.

He tells her to talk nicely.

She says she recorded all of it (on her phone) and looks like the police is coming, and says she’s calling the insurance company…and her lawyer about slandering charge. She challenges him to call his lawyer too, if he has a good one.

“…Pee Si is kind really but don’t make her angry. The next one of our gang is Jane, the youngest one but works the hardest (on her computer screen is a catalog of shoes). She works all kinds of jobs to earn…to shop. Then continues working hard to earn to shop. Round and round she goes which seems no end. (Jane screams and shouts that she can’t take it anymore!) The next one is Sun, she’s good at studying and loves to compete, and every time she competes, she mostly wins….”

Sun looks at Wuth’s photo. Then Wuth walks over, “Sun! So? Wanna compete or give in?” She answers she would never give in. She drops the photo on the sand and someone picks it up. Wuth tells her to drive jet ski then go around that buoy…, and anyone who grabs the flag first, get a reward.

They race in the sea and Sun grabs the flag first so she wins. She asks if he was easy on her (to let her win). He says no, she actually wins. She asks for the reward.

Wuth: “Go wait at the bridge and I will give it to you there.”

At the bridge, she can’t find something in her pockets. A friend calls her and asks if she’s looking for Wuth’s photo (showing it to her). He says it’s here, and she didn’t tell them that she liked Wuth. Sun denies it. He asks why she kept his photo then.

Friends: ‘Sun likes Wuth! Sun likes Wuth!…”

Sun grabs the photo and tells them to stop. She’s yelling at them that she said she didn’t like Wuth, then she tears the photo to small pieces and throws it away. Wuth happens to see it. Sun regrets it while Wuth looks very sad. With a bouquet in his hand, Wuth turns around and leaves. Sun calls him, “Wuth!”

“…Sometimes the fact that Sun won every time makes her feel sad too. But Sun will never lose the form of hers no matter what, and that was five years ago…but now Sun is not the same college girl who wore spec anymore…”

Advertisement of a toothpaste is showing on the screen. Sun is yelling at her colleagues. The man says it’s the ads for a toothpaste Koo Rak (love couple), the new line of product. Sun says the new line but the ads is totally out!

Sun says how they could come up with such crap storyboard, and why a man had to be so stupid and  misunderstand while a girl had to be so stubborn kept her lips tight, and why the love confession had to be on a beach, it’s so cliché.


Sun: “Again and again, boring!”

He says he thinks it’s kind of chic and asks if she doesn’t think so. She says it’s so chic that deserves scolding at. She gets up and asks if they think she will let a work that’s totally out like this get out, no way. She tells them to come up with a new one and if it’s not here by tomorrow, their bonus at the end of the year will be reduced by one month.

She says she means it and tells them to stay here and keeps working. After she leaves, the guy says he has to think of a new idea again.

Sun stands outside and hears them complaining that she doesn’t care about her colleagues. The guy asks Sutri if nobody hated Sun when she’s in college. Sutri says no one…no one liked her.

Sutri gossips that some said Sun had a bad memory of this cliché love confession. The guy says why he didn’t tell him that so he wouldn’t come up with this idea.

A woman says whatever work Sun gave it a pass, it always sold, but if Sun said no, it never sold.

Sutri says even though she’s talented, she shouldn’t work her co-workers like slaves, and he doesn’t doubt it why many men couldn’t stand her, even with her beauty and talent. Sun hears it all.

She gets a text from her gang.

Aom: Dear friends, have you arrived yet. I’m waiting for the reinforcement.

Jane: Don’t worry, will be there in 15 minutes.

Aom: Can’t wait 15 minutes more, heart is breaking, anyone please come to the rescue.

Jane: Jae (big sis = Si) and Pee Sun, where are you? Report to us.

Aom: Jae, where are you? Sun, where are you? Why didn’t you reply?

Jane: Jaeeeeee!

Aom: Sunnnnnn!

Sun types (in green): Just got out of the meeting, can’t type fast enough! You two, why typing so fast.

Jane: 555 Pee Sun reported to us, now only Jae left. Jae, where are youuuu?

Aom: Jaeeee!

Sun says why type so fast and she couldn’t type fast enough.

“….Then, it’s me Aom, the fourth one of our gang. Today we made a plan to meet here….”

Jane is updating her IG at a wedding studio. Si shows up and asks if she’s not yet done announcing it to the world that she’s here at this shop. Jane says one more. Si says that’s enough then smiles at the camera when Jane tells her to.

Aom is screaming so the two rush upstairs.

Preview next part:

Si tells her gang that Joe (her husband) is at it again.


This is for introduction of each character. As you can see, different ages with different issues and life styles, all in one  🙂

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