Soundtrack: Thang Dern Haeng Rak

Thang Dearn Haeng Rak (I would interpret it as the walk/path of love, it’s that thing you have to work it out once a relationship started…as a couple, friends or more, or husband and wife), its production house been criticized a lot for ,yet again, letting down its viewers when they were always able to cast top stars for its lakorns. I didn’t watch the latest episode but I hope things work out for the cast and crew. There are four pairs in this lakorn.


A family with a husband who is a smooth operator being a smart play boy


The newlyweds with a wife who wants to conceive a child


Friends who are more than friends yet kept confusing themselves and others


A cute girl who changes boyfriend like shoes and dreams of finding the right guy

Above is the picture I got from watching episode one  🙂

Song title: Rao-Song-Kon Bon Thang-Haeng-Rak (the two of us on the walk/path of love)

Aritist: Mister Team

Official MV

Translations of the lyrics:


Walking alone on the road seemingly dark…is lonely

If someone walks together, will be so happy


The day we face with strong obstacles, there’s someone helps us climbing over

The usual things…get started over, and it looks beautiful at the end of the road


* [ The path may be very far


No matter how far, won’t worry about it when I love you


The path which lies far ahead will be filled with our love…always.

** [ Just hold my hand, hold the hand of each other, and believe that I will be by your side

Happiness or sorrow we are facing, you and I always have each other

The two of us…on the walk/path of love ]

(Repeat [*])

(Repeat [**])

Ahem! It’s never easy being in love, isn’t it?

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  1. The concept and storyline sound interesting but the execution will have to be great in this case for the viewers to get involved. If done well it can be a very engaging and heart-tugging lakorn I think. I have not seen this myself. For now I think I will stick to Pob Rak.

    • Watched episode 10 tonight, it got better and cuter. A group of girls, if not too nosy, could make you think back of those days when silly things were so important and so huge to you, and shy you away, hehe.

      • Oh! Absolutely! When it’s made well it’s great to watch shows on a group of girlfriends. Nothing like to bring back old wonderful memories from our past!

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