Pob Rak Episode 8 (Part 8-9)

Since I’m on the roll. Here is the rest of episode 8  🙂


Episode 8 (Part 8-9)

Part 8

Grandma is asking where Yeo is, it’s almost an auspicious time. The guy says he’s still in his room.

Yeo comes out with Namrin. They both are feeling happy.

Yeo looks at them and asks why they are all dressed up so what the occasion is. The guy gets up and asks why so, that he can’t get dressed up. NokNoi says it’s only today that his talking makes sense. The guy asks NokNoi what’s about in the past. The girl says great talking but wasn’t on topics.

Grandma tells them to stop arguing and asks for the time, or it will past the auspicious time. Yeo corrects the word grandma used because it’s used only for the wedding or an auspicious event.

Grandma covers it up saying she just forgot because of her teen-age. When Yeo and Namrin walk away, grandma says to the gang that she almost slipped it out.

Yeo and Namrin are looking at their pinky with the red thread on it. The guy peeks at Yeo and calls NokNoi. He says guys who move their pinkies mostly are….Yeo asks, “…are what?”

The guy says none, he’s having some kind of amnesia and can’t remember who he is. NokNoi suggests he’s a dog, the girl says he’s a cat. LOL.

Grandma comes and says it’s almost an auspicious time. Yeo asks what for. Grandma says his and Nan’s engagement. Nan walks down the stairs smilingly.

Yeo asks everyone – since when they come up with this and why they didn’t tell him.

Grandma and Yeo are discussing.

Grandma: “Don’t make me lose my face.”

Yeo: “But I didn’t know anything about it.”

Grandma says she saw the two of them together for a long time and didn’t do something about it so she went to ask for an auspicious time from the monk.

Yeo: “I’m not doing it.”

Grandma: “Yeo, for all of your and my life, have I ever asked you of anything? Do it for me this once.”

Yeo: “Grandma, don’t force me this way.”

Grandma: “If you don’t care about my face then think about Nan’s. How can you reject her when it’s all arranged, and what’s wrong with Nan when her whole life had only you? No matter what you must get engaged to her, so that when she comes and goes to this house, no one will talk.”

Yeo: “This is so hard for me, grandma.”

Grandma: “Just do it for me then. If you don’t get engaged with Nan today, I will think you have no respects for me.”

Inside the house,

Grandma picks up the ring and tells Yeo that it’s his mother’s engagement ring. She tells him to put it on Nan’s finger.

NokNoi tells Nan to give Yeo her hand so that Yeo will put a stamp on it for the upcoming wedding. Yeo looks at Namrin then puts the ring on Nan’s finger. Namrin starts to cry.

Nan sees the red thread and asks, “What’s that thread? Let me pull it off for you.” She pulls it off his finger.

Yeo follows Namrin outside. The guy asks grandma where Yeo is going, he’s walking outside. Nan feels sad that Yeo left right away. Grandma sits next to her and asks if she thinks the ring is pretty, it’s Yeo’s mother ring. She asks if Nan likes it. Nan doesn’t answer her.

Part 9

Namrin is weeping.

Yeo: “Nam!”

Namrin: “Congratulations. You and Nan suit each other well. I wish you a lot of happiness.”

Yeo: “Nam, you know that I did it for grandma to feel at ease. I feel nothing for her.”

Namrin: “But she’s the real one for you no matter what. It’s me, who doesn’t exist. Someday I may disappear from this world.”

Yeo: “Nam, don’t say that. Soon, I will find your body then you will get back in and live normally like others.”

Namrin: “Found my body then what? You have your fiancee while I have my fiance. If I’m lucky enough, one day I will have to go back to him.”

Namrin walks pass Yeo. He tries to grab her arm but can’t.

Yeo: “Nam, wait! I won’t let you go away again.”

Namrin: “I won’t run away from you but whether it’ll be today or later, I will have to leave you. It can’t be between us. We weren’t born to be together.”

Nan walks over, “Yeo! What are you doing?”

Yeo keeps staring at Namrin.

Namrin: “Hurry and go, your woman is waiting.”

Namrin walks away and Yeo can only feel sad.


Thara is saying that she won’t allow the opening of the entertainment complex in Samui. PobThorn says everything has been arranged and the investor, Mr. Liu, wants it opened as soon as possible.

Thara says doing business must also be responsible for the society, and not to take advantage and pay no attention to the troubles of the villagers. She asks if he can understand that then leaves.

NubDao says everything is ready but she doesn’t allow the grand opening to happen. She wonders if Thara knows that they and Mr. Liu are hiding a casino, drugs, human trafficking business in there. He says no way, she just doesn’t care about this project from the beginning. He says the project must happen in Samui no matter what.

NubDao says she will confirm with Mr. Liu the same schedule to talk about the details.


Namrin is crying alone at the temple’s dock.

Namrin: “It’ll be great if I can just throw memories and sufferings down the river.”

Ghost Prik: “If do it like that, this river would be filled up with sufferings so high that it turn into a mountain. Human are so good at putting sufferings upon themselves. Suffering when feeling full, feeling hungry…not like a young pretty ghost like me. I can play around and be happy everyday.”

Namrin: “What do I have to do to have no sufferings like you, aunt Prik?”

Ghost Prik: “If you have Panya, you won’t suffer.”

 Namrin: “What has it to do with Panya?”

Panya = wisdom/knowledge/intellect/wit (check Buddhist theology)

Ghost Prik: “Then, what is your suffering?”

Namrin: “It’s about I don’t want to die, want to go back to my family, and…”

Ghost Prik: “About…you will never end up with Yeo?…Do you know what’s the cause of your suffering?”

Namrin shakes her head.

Ghost Prik: “It’s because of  Ki-let.”

Ki-let = an unwholesome thought that makes for unhappiness/desires/human passion (check Buddhist theology)

Namrin: “Ki-let?”

Ghost Prik: “Ki-let of holding on, wanting to have, wanting to be…it’s the cause of your suffering. I can only tell you this for now. Just use Panya to extinguish the sorrow.”


PobThorn introduces Mr. Liu to everyone as the main shareholder of Rin Thara Resort Samui. He says Mr. Liu wanted to meet them before this but his health hasn’t been well. NubDao says she prepared a room for him to rest because he’s not well.

Yeo keeps an eye on them and wants to follow Mr. Liu but PobThorn stops him, and asks where he’s hurry to and says he dropped something. Yeo picks it up and says thank you.

Namrin asks why aunt Prik brought her here. Prik says to find a way to extinguish her suffering. Where the suffering is, extinguish it right there. Suffering in the mind then extinguish it in the mind. She says, “But, your mind is not with you so we must look whom it’s with.”

Namrin: “Always talks and confuses me.”

A guy sees a floating glass in the air and is terrified. LOL.

NubDao takes Mr. Liu to a room. He checks something in a briefcase and says, “I want to see your boss.” She nods.

Yeo gets the briefcase from a guard and checks it out. It appears to be some bottles of insulin for diabetics.

NubDao tells PobThorn that Mr. Liu had diabetes so he needs insulin injections. He tells her to take care of him well, wanting to impress him because they will work with him for long time in the future.

Yeo fights with some guard. Namrin is looking for aunt Prik. Aunt Prik’s voice comes up saying that she drank too many glasses and now feels dizzy so she will leave first. Namrin says she’s abandoning her again.

Namrin saves Yeo from getting stab so he thanks her. She tells him to hurry leave.

Episode 9 preview

Thara is looking at her wristwatch. Then she sees Namrin and utters, “Namrin!”

Some ghost is beating up Yeo…and SongKhram?

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  1. Please can someone tell me, where I can find “Tang Dern Haeng Ruk” with engmish sub nor a site who someone make a recap of this project because he look like very funny and the story with Rita and Alex make me very curious because they love each others but never crossed the state of friendship. Alex will marry a other girl which clearly see the love they caring for each other, and the seconds leads story seem to be very interesting !!!

    • I watched episode one and liked it, then the next and next episodes disappointed me, the directing and editing the most. Alex was the only one that’s shining for me at that time, and there were many negative comments I read, mostly said they liked the concept but the pace was boring and some dialogs were annoying. I’m not sure if it gets better now but the realistic relationships may tug some viewers’ hearts. Not sure about any site recapping it though 🙂

      • Thank you, recently I watch drama but the story always go out of the base of the storyline so I thought this one will suit me

        • Watched episode 10, what’s the heck with Wuth (Alex) and Sun? And was Ja (Wuth’s fiancée) too good to be true? I hope she’s not hiding her claws for later, a sweet girl could be hard to read sometimes. I agree with you, sth for a change with this one.

  2. Wow! Thanks for this translation. Poor Yeo. How can anyone refuse their sweet granny who has taken care of them so well. I think the granny knows that Yeo does not love Nan but wants to believe that if she can just get them together that he will start to have feelings for Nan. I feel bad for Nan but who in the world gets engaged like this? Esp when her parents are around but don’t know. Even her to-be-fiance does not know.

    • So true, grandma took care of Yeo when his parents died in an accident and she’s blind too, so how can anyone not do it when she asks? Nan has to accept the outcome though, because she, for sure, could sense it that he’s not into her. Poor Yeo…and if grandma knows that he’s holding on to a ghost, hummm…., it will make a hilarious scene or a sad one, either way…

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