Pob Rak: Dating Scene

From episode 8 part 5

Ghost Prik: “Life…is all about learning.”

Namrin: “Aunt Prik, won’t you at least tell me the reason Yeo could touch me?”

Ghost Prik: “I’m not Aubdul. Aubdul?”

Namrin: “Yes!”

Ghost Prik: “Can I ask?”

Namrin: “Yes!”

Ghost Prik: “Can you answer?”

Namrin: “Yes!”

Ghost Prik (laughs): I can answer only when the time comes.”

Namrin: “Aunt Prik!”

The sound of Yeo calling, “Nam! Nam!”

Ghost Prik: “Love is calling you again.”


Nan: “Yes, grandma. Of course, I can. See you in a while.”


At a department store,

Namrin: “I helped you complete the jigsaw puzzle all night that I didn’t sleep at all, and you drag me here to buy a gift for Nan, your girlfriend.”

Yeo: “I came to buy a gift for my girlfriend, but Nan is not my girlfriend.”

Namrin: “You have someone else beside Nan?”

Yeo (nods): “You.”

Namrin: “That’s crazy, since when I become your girlfriend.”

Yeo: “I’m giving you a gift for helping me complete the jigsaw. I’ll allow myself to be your boyfriend for one day!”

Namrin: “Actually, I should be the one to choose the gift.”

Yeo: “I know you. All right, which outfit do you want? Go choose it.”

Namrin: “Me? Choose it?”

Yeo nods.

PA: “Dear customers, today our department store is having a midnight sale 30% to 50% off in every department.”


At the temple,

The monk: “Again?”

Namrin: “A woman shouldn’t stop being pretty, luangta (calling an elder monk).”

The girl: “Again meaning it happened before, right?”

The man: “What a nonsense.” He looks at Yeo smiling so he asks, “Yeo, you’re smiling…to whom? Could it be, to a ghost?”

The girl: “Did you see?”

The man: “Nop, I built (it up). Haha..”

The monk pokes his head for terrifying him.

The man: “Luangta, you are the first to move (your body), where are you going?”

The monk: “What move? I just change position due to muscles-ache.”

Yeo grabs the girl’s outfit to offer to the monk. (Normally, people won’t give the girl’s outfits to the monk.)

The monk: “Stop! Stop right there!”

Yeo: “Luangta, let me quickly offer it so that I can quickly leave.”

The monk says he can do it outside, over there, and he will gain merit just the same, moreover, it’s peaceful there. Yeo says it’s peaceful doing it here too and offers the outfit to the monk. Yeo and Namrin receive the blessing then her outfit changes to the new one.

The monk says now that their hearts filled up making merit, so leave in peace (telling the ghost), and not to end up liking it here. The monk says he’s leaving.

The man: “Luangta, where are you going?”

The monk: “Same place!”

The man: “Always go back to the kuti.”

Yeo looks at Namrin’s new outfit and says, “That was fast!”

The man: “And this man keeps talking to himself, so why am I sticking around? I better leave.”
The girl: “Hey, me too. I’m leaving with you too.”

Yeo: “I will buy you more later.”

Namrin: “Give me many outfits.”


Pob-thorn: “In a bad mood?”

Nub-dao: “That woman, Thara, she would let you look after everything of Rin Thara Group but the power to make decision comes from her only. Our task is facing difficulties. It’s hardly convenient doing anything.”

Pob-thorn: “Suffering because turning into a handicap, heart-breaking because of missing a daughter – that’s more painful than dying alive.”

Nub-dao: “But our purpose of seeking revenge is not just this. Has your mind gone soft, because of the lingering feeling for Namrin?”

Pob-thorn: “Stop making your own assumption.”

Nub-dao: “Pee Thorn, you mustn’t forget what she did to your family. She must pay for the bad karma she did.”


Namrin: “You know, I wanted to come here for a long time.”

Yeo: “This 100 years market? If you wanted to come, why didn’t you?”

Namrin: “Pee Thorn was busy.”

Yeo: “Pee Thorn again.”

Namrin: “I could remember a little more again. I remember I wanted to come here and Pee Thorn was busy…so I should remember who I am soon.”

Yeo: “Congratulations, and once you remember who you are, don’t forget a certain someone.”

Namrin smiles and says, “How can I forget…such big body?”

Yeo feels sad a bit.

Yeo: “One ice-cream please.”

Saleslady: “Here you go.”

Yeo: “Want some? Oh, you can’t. Humm…yum…you are staring, you really want some.”

She jabs his elbow so the ice-cream gets all over his lips.

Namrin laughs, “Serve you right.”

Yeo: “A ghost’s push.”

They walk in a shop selling old-time toys.

Namrin: “ many old-time toys. Were you born in time for these?”

Yeo: “Here (showing two pink rings), I’ll let you wear one.”

Namrin: “You know I couldn’t.”

Yeo: “Then, when you get back in your body, come wearing it, all right?”

She nods. A lady is staring at Yeo talking to himself so he tells her that he’s just rehearsing a lakorn. Namrin laughs and says the lady is thinking he’s crazy.

Yeo tells Namrin to take a picture together. Namrin says, “You know that…”

The photographer is looking at Yeo talking to himself and asks, “Is there any problem?”

Yeo: “No, I love talking to myself.”

The photographer: “You scared me. Ready? Good.”

He wants Yeo to move to the center but Yeo says he prefers it here. He argues that the picture won’t come out good but Yeo says it’s all right and tells him to go ahead and do it. “Next time, I suggest you bring your girlfriend. The picture will come out so pretty, I guarantee you.”

Yeo shows Namrin the picture.

Namrin: “So cute.”

Yeo: “Me?”

Namrin: “I meant if I could be captured in there, it would be cuter.”

Yeo: “Rightttt.”

Namrin: “If one day I can get back in my body, take me here to take the picture again then we can compare today and that day, which day you could smile handsomer.”

Yeo nods, “That’s right, it’s cute…and that’s me. Haha..”

They are walking together.

Yeo: “Grandma told me that the most important time was the present, because we were the true owner of it, and the most important one was, the one standing in front of us, because we wouldn’t know if we would meet again in the future.”

Namrin: “Thank you for giving me this special gift. Besides my mother, there’s only you who could warm my heart.”

Yeo: “Your happiness is my happiness too.”

They are sitting together by the dock.

Namrin: “The sky is beautiful today, isn’t it?”

Yeo: “It’s actually beautiful everyday but depending on the mind of the one looking at it what he/she is thinking.”

Namrin: “And do you know what I’m thinking?”

Yeo: “Thinking of me.”

Namrin: “Crazy, why do I have to when we are always together?”

Yeo: “Don’t know, must be I’m thinking of you now.”

A hand reaches up and pulls Namrin into the water spooking both Namrin and me.

Yeo: “Nam! Nam!”


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  1. Thanks for this translation.

    I love the monk so much … hahaha!!! He is so cute and he lies so much about his fears too …lol. What does Kuti mean? The house/hut/room where the monk stays ? We call that kuteer in Sanskrit. :). I wish there were more scenes of the monk. I really like him. Lol at donating women’s clothes to the monk. He looks so horrified!

    Yeo is such a sweet and caring guy. Taking all this trouble for a spirit. But he is a smart shopper. He bought her clothes that were on sale at a hugely discounted price … lol! Yes, go out a first date with a (spirit) woman and buy her discounted clothes. In real life that probably would have been his last date with that woman .. LOL.

    Yeo and Nam are so cute. They flirt with each other so much but also help each other so much in different ways. Nam seems like she was a scary person in real life. At least she seems like she was a rude person who looked down on people.

    In episode 8 part 7 –
    From 6:24 – 6:38 – It seems like the grandmother is kind of scolding Nam for spending time alone with Yeo. Is that right ? Does the grandmother not like Nam or is she trying to protect her grandson’s potential heartbreak when Nam has to leave?

    • LOL, the monk didn’t lie (cuz that can’t do for a monk), Kuti = monk’s house/hut/room. I’m afraid viewers will think their late relatives will get new clothes if do it like Yeo, oh no, normally relatives donate money/offer food or common med etc. on behalf of the person who passed away, never clothing whether for men or women.

      Hey, Yeo is a police officer so his salary must be just adequate, but I agree he got a good bargain LOL. Yep, flashbacks of Namrin indicated that she’s a super rich spoiled brat and looked down on people and her friend, Nub-dao. The scary part was, she happened to make conversation with drug dealers whom the police kept their eyes on.
      Nop, grandma wants to protect Yeo for Nan.

      Episode 8 part 7 (from 6:00)
      Grandma opens the door, “Yeo!”
      Yeo: “Yes?”
      Grandma: “I came to tell you to wake up early tomorrow and go make merits with me.”
      Yeo: “Yes, grandma.”
      Grandma: “Go to bed already, you too, Nam. Talking just the two of you this late at night is inappropriate. If you want to talk then just talk during working hours (for an officer), be considerate to Nan.”
      Yeo looks at grandma like, huh?
      Grandma leaves.
      Namrin: “You said everyday would be the same then I will stay with the present and make the best of today…because we may not have tomorrow together.”
      She gets up and leaves. Yeo calls her, “Nam! Nam!”
      He follows her to the dock.
      Yeo: “Weeping till your nose is running again.”
      Namrin (touch her nose): “Why do you love to fool me?”
      Yeo: “It’s fun to fool a ghost…So what happened, we were talking nicely, why came out here and cry?”
      Namrin: “I don’t want you to see me cry, in case it’s our last day. I don’t want you to remember me like this.”
      Yeo: “Hey, do you think a bird, which sees the sky everyday, will forget the sky in a rainy day? Dark sky, unclear sky…bright sky, the sky is the sky no matter what.”
      Namrin: “What about a bird which is blind? Will it remember the sky?”
      Yeo (chuckle): Sometimes we don’t have to memorize it in our brain because a brain can forget, but a heart will never forget.”
      Yeo: “Look, you are crying again. If I want to wipe the tears for you, I will have to find your body first, won’t I?”
      Namrin: “What if you won’t find it?”
      Yeo: “I will find it.”
      He shows her a red thread.
      Yeo: “There’s a Chinese tale saying there’s an old man whose name was Chantra. His duty was to tie a red invisible thread on the pinkies of two persons who were soul-mates, and the day, the time, the place, or any incident would never be able to set them apart.”
      He ties the thread on her and his pinky.
      Yeo: “Do you believe it, no matter how hard anyone pull it tight, it will never break apart? I’ll try it for you.”
      He pulls and it breaks. Both turn sad.
      Namrin: “Love that can’t be, even a thousand threads won’t be able to tie us together.”
      Next part:
      “It can’t be between us. We weren’t born to be together.”
      So sad….

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