Soundtrack: Pob Rak

Just watched episode 4 live and fell in love with Mark-Bella and this duet so here I am  🙂


Song title: Rak Thi Tam Ha (love I’ve been searching for)

Artists: Max Jenmana & Tukta Jamaporn

Official MV

Translations of the lyrics:

(man singer)

Used to be…alone, with no hope to do anything

Used to have…no strength left and lack for someone who would love (me) and fulfill the part that’s missing

Everything starts changing the day I meet you

*[You are the love that my heart’s been searching for, the person the sky sent for me

You brought precious time to my life, like no others have given me

Once I have you, my heart never feels lonely and forgets the sorrow because I have you with me

Wanting you to know that you are the one I was waiting for, for such a long time]

(woman singer)

You…change someone, who used to be so confused, to have a brighter day

You…are different from others, and no one suits (me) like you do

Everything starts changing the day I meet you

(Repeat [*]) – (sing together)

(woman singer)

You are as though the part of my heart that’s missing

(man singer)

I was at the point of giving up when I found you

(Repeat [*]) – (sing together)

🙂 The lakorn itself got a little spookier and lovelier. Brace yourself while watching it, hehe. I saw many positive comments on this lakorn among the ones that premiered recently on Ch3.

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  1. I feel bad for Nan. It’s like she is being played. She might be assuming things but between Yeo’s mixed signals and granny’s direct declarations all she is heading for is a heartbreak. Feel bad for her.

  2. Sounds really interesting. I recently saw Tawan Deard (sp??) – Boiling Sun – as someone had subtitled it in English. TD got me interested in Mark as an upcoming actor and the production house itself. It’s the same one that produced Khunchai Ronnaphi is it not? I liked the fact that production house did not get their actors to overact too much in both shows and Mark seemed quite restrained in his acting, which again is something that I liked.

    I would loved to watch and follow this show. Too bad it’s not being translated/subtitled. Are you following the show every week? Do you continue to like it ?

    • If you like Mark, check out ‘Panya Chon Kon Krua’ , it’s hilarious. I’m following only one lakorn these days which is ‘Pob Rak’ from the same production house of Khun Chai Ronnaphi. Currently at episode 8 (aired last night), I still liked it. It’s a little draggy now but cute scenes of Mark and Bella kind of made up for it.

      I even looked for the blue teddy bear Yeo (Mark) gave Namrin (Bella) in the lakorn in the dept store, but couldn’t find it cuz I want to buy one. Hehe.

      • Your comment about the blue teddy bear was hilarious!!! I hope you find the teddy bear soon. Hehe … I’ll keep my eyes open for a blue teddy bear at the stores here. I’ll let you know if I can find one for you. 🙂

        I did catch up on Pob Rak. While I can understand the gist of it, too bad I can’t understand all the dialogues individually. What I did not understand was why Yeo got engaged to Nan. It seems like it was because of advice + emotional blackmail from his grandmother. He also seems undecided between Namrin and Nan – at least that’s how I understood it – :-D. Not sure if I am correct though. Also, don’t understand why the bad ghost guy is after Namrin and what does he keep trying to suck out of Namrin?

        I really like this production house. I have so not hated even one of their shows. I have my gripes about them but overall I land up liking their lakorns. Do they produce movies too ?

        I have seen Panya Chon Kon Krua as it was subtitled in Eng. I really liked it. It was light and easy to view. Is Mark and his acting popular in Thailand?

        • [spoilers]
          Grandma thinks it’s true love because Nan used her body to take the bullet for Yeo. Yeo refuses his grandma a few times to get engaged but grandma pulls out her secret weapon that she never once asked him anything (I forgot another one she said).

          Yeo says what she’s doing is making him feel terribly uncomfortable. He puts the ring on Nan’s finger out of his gratefulness to grandma, then leaves right away when Namrit walks away. What in the world Nan is thinking to secretly planned it with grandma without telling Yeo? Yeo kept saying he thinks of Nan as a friend.

          Btw, grandma can hear and feel Namrin even though she’s blind. Yeo lied to her that he has to keep Namrin, the witness, at their house for her safety.

          Before that Namrin and Yeo went on a date where he said he would be her boyfriend for one day as a reward of (I forgot)…aww…cute.

          The bad ghost is angry at Namrin for killing him/causing him to die (they were on a race on the street then accident happened), and only on Buddhist observance day (according to the moon) he says he will have more power. It’s believed that a soul dying from an accident is trapped at the accident spot, but he says he can get out only on the holy day. He wants to destroy Namrin’s soul for revenge.

          Namrin’s soul is gaining strength too (taught by ghost Prik) so she sometimes can hold or touch things. Now Yeo can touch her because her mind allows him to (on and off, for whatever reason, I’m fine for skinship to happen ^^).

          Ghost Prik said Namrin had only 9 Buddhist observance day left to find her body or she will die-die. Yeo promises he will find Namrin’s body and asks if she won’t forget him once she’s back in her body. Namrin says she won’t forget a huge/big guy like him. Namrin (and me) is thinking she may be a bad person in reality but Yeo says the present her is good enough for him (aww).

          Mark’s popularity in Thailand? I can say he’s less popular than Nadech (judging by the media’s coverage) but lately *cough cough* scandal after scandal *cough cough* so I’m not sure about now. But I read viewers praised his acting in ‘Pob Rak’ and liked him in this kind of role. When Yeo (or Mark) the character said in the lakorn that he loved only once and he would wait for that person no matter what…I had to grin…LOL!

          • Wow! Thanks for detailed reply! Does the Buddhist observance day fall on a full moon ? What is usually done on those days ?

            You are right, what was Nan thinking keeping the engagement a secret from Yeo… I feel like she knows that he is not really that into her. He seems to not want to hurt feelings at the same time too – i guess because they are friends and co-workers. Nan, however seems to be really into Yeo and I think wants to be with him in any which way. Does she not have a family? It almost seems like she wants a permanent stamp of a relationship with Yeo as maybe that the only family she has? Not sure if I am right or not as I don’t fully understand the dialogues.

            The bad ghost seems like bit of an idiot. He obviously agreed to the race so how can he blame Namrin? Also, if he can go free on the holy day, why in the world is mounting bad karma like this? Does he not want to re-incarnate ?

            I googled for Mark’s scandal … urmm… yeah … :-D.
            Only in books, tv and stories will some guy wait for his true love like Yoe..LOL… Glad you enjoyed it.

            • I feel really, really bad for Nan though. She seems like a truly good person but I think Yeo likes sassy, feisty women like Namrin.

              • Buddhist observance day: full moon (14th or 15th day of the waxing moon), half full moon (7th or 8th day of the waxing moon), dark moon (14th or 15th day of the waning moon), half dark moon (7th or 8th day of the waning moon). If you look at the calendar here (but not all of them), some has a tiny moon phrase showing on the holy day (some may use other symbols).

                On that day, Buddhists may choose to practice willingly (or do nothing) on each own such as go to the temple and make merits, refrain from doing the bad deeds, observe the Buddhist five precepts for the length of time one may prefer. Some believe doing the bad deeds on such day add more weight to the karma one receive, the same goes with doing the good deeds on such day. Slaughterhouses stop killing, shops stop selling booze etc.

                Such holy days used a lot in Thai ghost story/movie/lakorn. As it’s believed the rules governed all the spirits are relaxed on such days, so there are all kinds of tales of ghosts or spirits and folktales.

                This lakorn uses Buddhist code of ethics to explain why what is happening when.

                Such as in episode 7, where Namrin wants to leave Yeo and hides from him. Yeo goes to the temple and asks the monk if he can summon a certain soul to come, I forgot what exactly the monk said, sth like there’s a reason when to meet and not meet….

                Yeo goes around to look for her and shouts, “Come out Namrin, what do you mean by ‘goodbye’?”

                They fought because Nan took the bullet for him so Namrin thinks he must feel sth for Nan, while Yeo thinks Namrin miss her fiance, Pee Thorn, so much.

                Namrin’s memory comes back in bits here and there, and every time she would see herself doing something bad, so she doesn’t want to be with him because she could be a wicked person in real life.

                Nan knew for sure (I think) that Yeo’s heart is not with her (they used to date or sth in the past because NokNoi teased him a lot, Nan went to study abroad (or somewhere) and left Yeo then came back).

                When Nan was shot and in the hospital, NokNoi (or someone) asked about her parents, she said she didn’t want them to know she got injured in the line of duty or they would want her to quit (they thought she’s doing only paper works).

                The bad ghost is a wicked soul and looking for other to die in his place so that his soul will be able to move on. That’s why he wanted to kill Nan in the operation room – a soul for a soul. Hey, when one holds so much hatred in one’s heart, one won’t care of the consequences or no one will commit any sin.

                I still have some doubts about Nan, not sure if everything about her is already out in the open. I read this lakorn will end on episode 11, right? Let’s hope things will wrap up well for Nan and Namrin and no one has to die…..

                In memory of the blue teddy bear, where are youuuu?….

                • Thank you so much for all the explainations esp about the Buddhist observance days. As a Hindu we have very similar things related to the moon except that we observe certain types of fasts on the day based on which part of the country you are from in addition to going to the temple etc. I am originally from Karnataka State in South India but now live in Canada. Usually on the 11th day we we won’t eat cooked rice (we are all rice eaters in the South, East and North-East of India unlike in the North and North-West where they eat more of wheat. The west eats both). However, we will eat fruits, veggies and beaten-dried rice soaked in water if required. Obviously, leading a life of doing good karma is the most important aspect for the days. Many elders esp in the olden days would observe a no talking fast i.e. they will not speak to anyone that day, will not react to things adversely and will meditate and pray. Those who believe in ghosts usually say that on the new/dark moon day they are out in full swings and won’t undertake any new activities that day.

                  Who is NokNoi? The police guy who works with Nan and Yeo? So Yeo dated Nan only because he was teased by NokNoi? What I don’t understand is how Nan thought they were dating again when she came back to the police force? As far as I can understand, Yeo have never once asked her out on a date or even told her he liked her in the romantic sense after she has come back. So why does she think that they are still an item together? As a friend she can spend time at his place cooking etc. Friends do that esp when they are away from their families and are close to their friend’s family. However, that can’t be taken as dating right ? Or is that the case within Thai culture? Also Nan, getting engaged or agreeing to get engaged without her parents consent or presence is so weird. Why did the grandmother not even speak to Nan’s parents? Is that not disrespectful and taking her parents for granted esp in the case of a traditional and formal engagement? Hiding her work and hiding a formal engagement from her parents are two completely different things.

                  The bad ghost seems more stupid than anything else. He could have just moved on when he was killed in the car crash instead of holding on to hatred and now wanting another soul to suffer in his place. More than Nan I am interested to know what will happen of this ghost. :-D.

                  Like I said above, I live in Canada and it’s Christmas time so I am sure they have stuff around like the blue teddy bear. But I think I will wait for Christmas to pass before I go to the stores. It will be so, so crowded now and parking will be so difficult to find.

                • Aww…I love the Canadian Rockies. Observing a no talking fast sounds interesting.
                  Yep, NokNoi is that police guy his daughter died of excessive drug injection. Either I missed it or they didn’t tell us, but Yeo wouldn’t talk about his past with Nan at all, when NokNoi teased him, he wouldn’t say a thing so I don’t know how/why they broke up (or just co-workers?). Although Yeo didn’t ask her out, he didn’t totally refuse her either. There were time when he wanted to tease Namrin and make her jealous, he was sweet to Nan and Nan smiled shyly (remember that Nan didn’t see Namrin). But Namrin saved Nan’s life twice already so these two girls must share some kind of fate with Yeo, or else why only Yeo could see Namrin.

                  Cooking at a friend’s house with his parents could or couldn’t be a date (up to the two persons), however, a girl won’t go to a man’s house with his parents there for fun unless they grew up together or both families are very close friends. Getting engaged without the girl’s parents is weird and I was thinking what the heck the writer wanted to tell us, cuz no way an elder like grandma would do it, unless the engagement was unofficial? Or they may tell us later.

                  The bad ghost can’t go anywhere (he said so) and has to stay a the accident spot. Some believe that a person who died suddenly (totally unexpected for him/her), his/her soul may remember only his/her’s last thought and in this case, anger. Let’s say goodbye to the blue teddy bear for now for the peaceful me. LOL.

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