Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 31) – Final


At noon that day Onisuka house is filled with laughter. Oyabun has announced for a big celebration, lots of booze is being handed out with great food from a restaurant. The sound of ‘Kampai!‘ is repeated from the members over and over.

The two oyabuns are drinking at a table with their wives and the former five bodyguards, including Koji. The sound of laughter would come up when they bring up the story in the past.

The two women are chatting, and then Koji remembers,

“All of you never meet my adopted son at all. I will introduce him to you and to first greet oyabun and anesan.”

Takeshi nods his permission. Koji looks for Shiro, who is sitting at the same table with Tatsuo, and waves to him. He comes and kneels down to them and he seems still injured because his movement is not yet comfortable.

“Shiro, greet Takeshi oyabun and anesan, and apologize too because you were very rude to them.”

Takeshi raises his eyebrows wondering so Koji explains to him.

“He’s young master’s right-hand man so he took part in Miss Akira’s abduction too.”

Shiro’s face turns uneasy….and he smiles sheepishly then bows to them. When he looks up, Prewdao feels his face looking very familiar and something is telling her that she knew this man from before…

“Taro-san…” she mumbles…she remembered those eyes so well, eyes filled with honesty and sincerity, and it looks very similar to the eyes on Shiro’s face, the kindness in his eyes when looking at her.

“That’s right. I’m thinking whose face he looks similar to.” Takeshi nods then asks Koji. “Does anyone tell him that he looks like Taro-san?”

Koji nods while smiling.

“All the time.”

Then Ryu interrupts and says that before Koji took him in as his son, he dreamed of Taro that he came and told him that he’s going to be born again, and when Koji met Shiro at his sister’s house, Shiro attached to him right away so Koji believed that Shiro is Taro who came back and born again as his sister’s son.

Shiro doesn’t know about the thing in the past of the elders so he just smiles, but when he sees Prewdao…he suddenly feels warm all over, it’s the feeling of care and worry….it’s strange when they never met before.

Seki tells them that this man took Mizawa’s bullet instead of his boss at the fishermen village. Takeshi nods and greets Shiro a little before allowing him to go back to join his friends.

Prewdao smiles and whispers to Takeshi that she believes that Shiro is Taro who was very attached to Onisuka and must be worried about his father because he’s his only son, so he didn’t go anywhere and sticks around.

Takeshi nods and feels the same way with his wife.

The celebration goes on until after the meal then Ryu calls for everyone’s attention.

“Dear Onisuka members, today is such an auspicious day so I have another news to announce to you.”

Everyone is surprised when they didn’t expect anymore news today but they listen to him.

“It’s my intention for a long time now to retire after waka gashira married and will give him the duty of taking care of the gumi because I’ve been doing the duty almost my whole life.” he pauses and looks around the room if anyone will object. He only hears murmurs but no one loudly objects.

“Today is a great occasion so I’m announcing to you all, that the wedding day of waka gashira will be the day he inherit the obyabun position from me.”

Koji smiles and nods…it’s time for Ryu to rest after his long hard work. When the gumi seniors approve of it, no one objects too, except they raise up the sake cups to congratulate the future-oyabun.

They are drinking for a long while now but no one shows sign of getting up. Shiro and Sho, who just got out of the hospital, are shooed back to rest by aunt Ayako, Sho’s grandmother. The two men have to leave even though they are enjoying the party, and the warning to rest goes to waka gashira, who recently was shot, as well but when Ayako offers to take him to rest, Tatsuo winces and says,

“Just let the future okami-san do it because it’s her future duty.”

Ayako grins from ear to ear and is happy to let them.

After Tatsuo and PhraoTawan leave, Paskarn and Hiromi sneak out too because they want some privacy together after drinking so many cups offering by the gumi members to congratulate them.

When they are alone in her room, Paskarn kisses her and pulls her in his arms. He holds her tight because he missed her so much.

“I’m so happy that you have forgiven me.” she whispers while leaning on his chest. “I couldn’t say how glad I am. All I know is I love you so much, can’t love you more than this.”

“I took a long time thinking about it.” he says. “It’s almost too late when I realized I couldn’t lose you and if Phrao wasn’t brave enough to get on it first, I don’t know if I would have the courage.”

She says she believes that he has good heart because she felt it, and anger could blind him for a moment only, and she thinks he’s as courageous as his sister.

He smiles and thanks her for believing in him. “Now when should we get married since I already declared you might be pregnant? If I don’t hurry and get you pregnant, it will be so embarrassing.”

Hiromi laughs and shyly says, “No later than Tatsuo though, since Aikra-san said she might be with a child.”

He asks if it’s all right with the tradition of her family to marry both pairs on the same day.

She says there shouldn’t be any restriction since she never heard of it, and she thinks it’s a good idea so his parents won’t be too tired.

He says let’s the elders arrange it then, because he has no objections now.

She caresses his cheek and looks at him with so much love, “Thank you for the love you have given me. Thank you for forgiving me for the mistakes I committed, and thank you for giving ‘us’ a chance again. From now on, I promise there will be only the word ‘us’ forever.”

Paskarn smiles broadly and kisses her then whispers, “I have to thank you too for forgiving my stupidity and my thoughtless words, and I’m asking you for only one thing for the remaining of my entire life, that is, be honest to each other and no lies, agree?”

“Agree.” she quickly answers. “Because I intended all along that if the problem passed, I would be honest to you forever.”

“Very good…” he praises. He looks around and sees no bed (ahem!) so he asks, “Do you have to fold  your mattress like *Nobita too?”

*(from Doremon)

She laughs and pulls away from his arms. She says that’s right, the mattress is in the closet and she will arrange it on the floor when she’s going to bed, but they have to go back to the party now or someone may look for them.

He’s reluctant wanting to feel her a little more. She pulls him up and says he can do that till he gets bored in the future.

Paskarn has to get up but smiles when she whispers to him that she will wait for him at the mansion tonight. He kisses her sweetly before they head back to the party again.

In another bedroom close by PhraoTawan is helping the patient to lie down on his mattress after she helped him change into pajamas.

She wants to fold his kimono into its box after he took it off but doesn’t do it well, so he tells her to let Fumiko do it and she can learn from her later.

He tells her come closer because he wants to talk. She covers him with a blanket and sits beside his bed. He grabs her hand and kisses it then smiles.

He says he missed the time when they were on a yacht together, just the two of them and not these many people. She says they go on a trip again in the future and asks if the yacht got repaired when it’s shot all over.

He says not sure if the insurance will cover it because there shouldn’t be the terms ‘got hunted down or shot at’ in the contract. She says they probably call off the insurance totally once they see the yacht’s condition.

He says it’s good that her brother already got rid of Hotaka or else they would have to stay on guard, not knowing when the man would attack again.

She says her brother didn’t feel happy about it but he knows he had to and he’s the one stayed closest to him.

Tatsuo says no one wanted it to happen, but in this case, it’s a necessity. She asks about Takehiko and his mother. Tatsuo says he came visiting him in Kagoshima and offered to sell all Mizawa assets under his name to them, and intended to go back to Hawaii to live with his family.

PhraoTawan is surprised to hear that. Tatsuo says his father is thinking of buying it with a loan because it seems to yield certain profit.

She asks about Aiko. He says she won’t be normal again easily and the doctor has to prescribe her a strong sedative because she still speaks incoherently asking for her father all the time.

PhraoTawan feels for her when she’s deeply in love, deeply disappointed and was assaulted both physically and mentally.

Tatsuo says she did it all to herself and he doesn’t feel for her at all.

He says she’s the cruel kind and if her father married her, he would only suffer, and that’s why he avoided to be forced into marriage all this time.

He says she’s gone crazy and endangered everyone around her: she killed her own husband, got rid of her daughter-in-law just because her son loved his wife too much, funded Hotaka to gather minions, sent men to kill Takahiro, Hiromi and himself, and some others had to either be injured or die because of her, all due to her distorted mind. Then what’s there to feel for her?

PhraoTawan realizes Tatsuo will never forgive for sure so she doesn’t want to talk about Aiko anymore.

She asks about his wound. He says it still hurts a lot. She asks when he will go to the doctor to check on his wound again. He says the doctor come everyday and even this morning. Then she realizes he’s teasing her when his mother is a doctor.

He says it’s true that his wound is hurting and he shouldn’t attend the ceremony in the morning, but he wanted to witness it. “Can I ask you for a kiss to heal my metal wound?”

She laughs and it’s like the time turned back to where they were on the yacht together.

“If you be a good boy, I will give you one.”

“I’m a good boy.” he puts his both hands down besides him and lies still. “Neither stubborn nor naughty.”

She laughs cheerfully and slowly bends over to kiss his lips. Before she knows it, she’s lying by his side in his arms.

“We will marry as soon as I’m fully recovered.” he whispers, more to a promise to himself than asking her. “And I really hope our child is growing up inside you now because while we were in the room downstairs, I knew right away that my father didn’t want to die because he wanted to see his grandchild and he’s gone softened when during the past two days, no matter how much we begged, he didn’t change his mind. Therefore, we must produce many heirs for him to hold so that he won’t be lonely after he retired.”

She laughs and says the two of them are very close and should live close by, not in different country like this, after they retired. She wants to live close to her parents too, because after the wedding, it could be a year before she will get to see them again.

He says there has to be a way to convince her father but let him have grandchildren first then he may not want to go back to Thailand.

She wants her father to live here and let Panu and his girlfriend take care of it over there.

He thinks Ken-san could help to convince him too.

He kisses her forehead and sighs, “Everything ended nicely and everyone of us is happy. Everyone smiles so brightly that I couldn’t say how glad I am. Today will be one of those days that remain in my memory for the rest of my life.”

“Me, too. I won’t forget that I declared an embarrassed thing in front hundreds of people.”

“But I’m so proud that you said you loved me in front of every gumi member like that. Did you know that I was so glad?” he smiles sweetly.

“Yes…then don’t forget that you promised my father you would love only me forever.” she repeats his promise.

“I won’t forget because I meant to do it and now I understand why my father stopped being a playboy and when he married my mother, he loved and cherished her only, because he found his woman. That’s why I knew it as soon as I met you because I didn’t think of other women anymore and couldn’t think what would be like if it’s not you in my arms. I think this is what ‘crazy in love disease’ is, and I told you before that I was crazily in love with you.”

She laughs at his words but feeling proud to hear it.

“I love you too, Tatsuo-san, and you are my man as well.”

“I’m so happy kimi…Akira-san…of Tatsuo, the bright sun of this son of the dragon…”

“The sun of the dragon’s son…forever.”

They smile to each other, then sigh at the same time…the problem which started from a misunderstanding but ended with love…a beautiful accomplishment by the wish of the mastermind behind it…and now they are already looking forward to the future where together they walk with many sons and daughters.


Thank you for walking through Ryu-Takeshi journey together. Please give the benefit of a doubt to the author that I didn’t do a good enough job. Also, please be reminded that this is only a summary. Ryu surely must be proud of himself to get Takeshi on board with the match finally, even though he is still grumbling  🙂

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  1. Aaaaah…. finally ^_^
    Thank you very much for your hard work. Now I’m imagining the banter between old Nadech+Oh as Ryu and Takeshi.😀

  2. Once again, thank you very much for your time, efforts, and dedication from beginning until the end. You are awesome!!!

    Part 3 as a novel is very enjoyable and entertaining, but I don’t think it is as good as parts 1 and 2. The children’s love stories are sweet but they come too easy without any obstacles like their parents. Seiko had to deal with Aiko in part 1, and Mayumi had to face Akiko? in part 2. Ryu also had Golf to compete with.

    Takeshi’s and Ryu’s roles were much more significant than Tatsuo, who will be the future o-yabun. We don’t know much about his character except that he is a playboy, and he spent a majority of the story on the yacht. I felt Hiromi’s character is the best developed among the children generation. We learned that she is a very strong, independent, intelligent, capable, responsible, and dutiful woman. Her dad trusted her with his mission and that said a lot. She is very capable and yet like every women, she also yearns for love and protection and that she got from Paskarn.

    I love the old Takeshi, Seiko, Ryu, and Mayumi. Their interactions always put a smile on my face. I will miss them!

    • Hiromi is a strong girl and I liked her character a lot. Paskarn is a man who do the thinking more than talk and he’s wise enough to keep it under his playful front. I actually liked both of them.

  3. good job!
    Thanks for the hard work!
    Perhaps some1 can try to translate for Cubic book 3 & 4 since the lakorn stop @book 2?

  4. Thank you so much for translating from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed reading every chapter. I will sure miss this so much. Hope you will translate another novel for us in the future. I really appreciate your time and effort. 🙏🙏

  5. Woman you are awesome. Woohoo! Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. Thanks. I can understand why this wouldn’t be delivered as lakorn. Not well developed romance for Hiromi, not many action and last of all, no wedding.!!

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