Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 27)


Not only Aiko is stunned, but also Ryu. When he sees the man walking behind Takeshi, he rolls his eyes looking up the ceiling. Because, if Takahiro (his youngest son) is here, it means his wife and Hiromi must be nearby, and when Aiko allowed only five persons to come, Takahiro is obviously the best choice, not that two women who aren’t afraid of dying.

“Hello Aiko.” Takeshi greets her in his calmest voice. “Long time no see. I guess you are fine, or else everyone of us wouldn’t all be gathering here because of you.”

“Takeshi-san, you didn’t die…” Aiko suddenly weeps and lowers her hand with a gun in it. She runs to him and puts her arms around the waist of the man she loved for all her life and hugs him tight. “I missed you so much. I thought you were dead.”

“Takeshi!” both PhraoTawan and Tatsuo exclaim, then they turn to each other.

“What does that mean? How could my father be Takeshi?”

Tatsuo says he’s as confused as she is, and from what he heard, her father is Takeshi, the former oyabun, and his father knew it all along but still told him that he took their money. What does that mean when half of Onisuka’s assets are his, so why he would do that? Tatsuo mumbles, talking to himself.

She says that’s a good question and she will ask his father that too when she meets him. She said it very seriously. Then the two of them look down below once again.

Takeshi doesn’t push her away but doesn’t hug her back either, and before he could raise an objection to what everyone misunderstood, she moves away and gets excited.

“Great. When you didn’t die, just kill Ryu so that you will get your oyabun position back, and I will become Onisuka okami-san.”

Everyone in the room is confused especially Takeshi, who turns to Ryu. He doesn’t understand what made Aiko think like that when he married Prewdao for many years already and he’s not at a young age to think of getting married to get the position anymore. He takes her hands off him and steps back, because he couldn’t trust Aiko’s strangeness.

He says he married to Seiko forty years ago and they have three children, and they lived in Thailand peacefully, moreover, he’s never wanted the position back. He says sorry, he can’t do what she wants.

Aiko says  no and hugs him again. “We got engaged and we were going to marry if that Seiko didn’t intervened in our lives, so you must get rid of her. Just kill her so that we can marry.”

Aiko’s eyes move back and forth like she’s not in a normal stage of mind, and she’s talking like she’s back to be a 17 years old girl again.

“Mom.” Takehiko moves closer to her. “Get yourself together and put down the gun, and we will go back to Yokohama together. I will take you to the doctor.”

Aiko gives him a sharp and angry look as if she never sees him before.

“No, I won’t go back. I will stay here with my Takeshi. You are a wicked man, you raped me and lied to me, then you couldn’t kill Seiko like you promised. My father had to send me to Hawaii and I had to suffer there.” she points at Takehiko’s face.

Takehiko stops short at his mother’s words and gestures.

“Aiko…” Takeshi calls her. He thinks Takehiko’s face looking similar to Kenichi Sato’s face which could confuse Aiko. Even though this man is not his son, he’s totally different from his parents from many hours they traveled together. He admires Aiko’s son for being very cooperative. “All right, we will go back to Yokohama together and we’ll talk about getting married later.”

“You will marry me, won’t you? We will look after Onisuka gumi together because my father wanted me to rule the gumi with you. He will be so happy to see we marry and we will have many children to inherit the gumi.”

“All right, just put the gun down. I will take you back myself.” Takeshi consoles her and steps closer. He intends to take the gun from her hand.

But suddenly Hotaka, who’s been listening to them all this time, shouts.

“Don’t give him the gun. He’s lying to you. He won’t marry you, Aiko. Don’t believe him.”

Aiko is taken aback then steps backwards and raises up the gun in her hand again. Her eyes are filled with resentment and it seems her senses came back a bit.

“You all are really lying to me.” she turns to Takeshi. “You will never marry me because you married Seiko. You meant to make me believe then run away, didn’t you? Good. Today I will make everyone die together. I will severely punish everyone who had harmed me.”

Takeshi steps back when she swings her gun around dangerously, but he keeps trying.

“No one will harm you, Aiko. We can talk nicely.”

“No.” her eyes narrowed, she’s no longer trust him. “You all hurt me. You all gave me pain whether it was you, Seiko who took you from me, Kenichi who raped me wanting to rule over Mizawa gumi, and Ryu who took away the position from your son, Takeshi. The oyabun position must be Takehiko’s because he’s our son, your son.”

Takeshi sighs out of pity. All Aiko’s life must be filled with hatred with no forgiveness. She’s an unhappy woman and always puts the blame on others until she believes in it herself, even if it’s wrong.

“Do you know we suffered a lot when you weren’t there? I had to marry that old man and suffer for many years before I could kill him, and his relatives wanted to take my assets, but no way, I didn’t let them. That money belonged to Takehiko. He would bring it back to Japan and I would have to come back to kill the Onisuka no matter what.”


Tatsuo’s handcuffs springs open to the relief of others in the room. PhraoTawan asks what they will do next.

He says looks like it’s a waste of time talking to that aunt, so they should find a way to escape before this place blows up. He calculates, there are six Onisuka men including his father down below and five more here. Even though they are skilled people, it’s hard to defeat those many guns and the bombs around the room. Therefore, it’s better to find a way out of here safely.

“What about your father, and my father too?”

“I will go help them, and you, I will let Tooru take you, Isamu and Hisashi out another way.”

“No, I will stay with you.” she objects. “I will go help my father so we can help one another.”

“Yes, we can help one another.” the three men support her because Tooru wants to stay and protect his boss.

“Then…” Tatsuo contemplates before making decision. “Let’s wait and see the situation. Go find any weapon you can and get ready.”

“Mom.” Takehiko tries to stop his mother once more when he knows that, as time ticking by, more pressure is adding on her and she blurted out so many things which can be used against her later as evidence. He knows that she’s very stressed out now which is why she’s talking in circle and misunderstanding her current age.

“You too. You were born to be my sin. If I didn’t have you, I would marry Takeshi already.” Aiko points at his face with anger in her eyes.

If he’s a kid now, he will feel so sad that his mother hates him this much, but now that he’s adult and reasonable enough to understand. His mother has been taking good care of him since he’s young. She always tells him that they have just the two of them in this world and on one means well for him than her.

“Your Westerner wife too, I hated her. She wanted to take you away from me and I won’t allow it. I can’t let her take you, you must stay with me and must obey me for the rest of your life.” Aiko laughs. “So that you would come back to Japan to continue and finish what I wanted, therefore, she’s another one who must get out of your life.”

“You mean Emily didn’t do what you accused her. You said you saw it with your own eyes…” he lets out, feeling very sad.

After hearing so many bad things his mother blurted out…just to get Emily out of his life, why she wouldn’t be able to achieve that.

“Yes, I saw it…but son, you must believe me. The man kept seeing your wife all the time.” Aiko changes suddenly to her sad eyes and she forces her voice to turn small to make him feel sad for her. “I always tell you, no one in this world means well for you as much as I do. I must get rid of that woman. It’s good enough that I didn’t kill her and your child.”

The more she talks, the more she lets out what bottled up inside. Everyone feels sad for her that hatred has totally burned her mind. But Hotaka, who has been waiting for this day, can’t let this beautiful chance slip away, and when Aiko isn’t in her right mind, he will take care of it himself.

Hotaka looks at Yoshiro and nods before stepping away slowly. But Ryu, who’s standing behind Takeshi, already gets ready and whispered Taichi to barge in a while ago.

Before Mizawa guns blast by Hotaka’s order, the door jerked open with many men running inside.

“Freeze, this is police officers. We’ve surrounded this room!”

“Duck down and find cover fast!”

At the end of the sound of the police, Ryu shouts to everybody who is staying in the middle so they won’t become the Mizawa’s clear target, because he’s so sure that those people won’t do what the police told them

And he’s right when a gunshot comes up and follows by many more. Ryu and Takahiro get behind a pole while Takeshi and Katsu dive into the back of a metal channel which was used to transfer seafood inside.

After that, a thunder of gunshots follows when the police forces together with Onisuka men, fire back at the Mizawa.

Then suddenly the first bomb explodes before fire broke out at one corner of the room.

Ryu crawls quickly ahead of his youngest son to hide behind the metal channel too. Then he sees Takeshi gets up and runs up the stairs. Ryu follows him immediately when he realizes where his relative is heading.

Taichi arrives with the police and sees that oyabun is running upstairs. He quickly shouts to his subordinates.

“Protect oyabun. Young master is upstairs.”

Then many men run to the stairs to block the Mizawa from following.

Fire downstairs starts to burn the upstairs floor. Tatsuo hurriedly searches for some kind of metal to break the door open and if the fire gets near the bomb, they will all die in here.

“Let’s get out quickly.” Tatsuo shouts after he pulled out one leg of a chair with Tooru helping him. They bump that table into the door making a very loud noise. The guards outside hear it and fire their gun at the door, which is cracked open a little, making people inside duck for cover.

At the stairs, Takeshi, who came in the front, has to duck down from the bullets coming from two men guarding the door. The guards are in state of confusion firing both at the door and at the people coming from the stairs.

Katsu comes behind and hands out the guns to everyone. Takeshi and Ryu, which are in the front, fire back immediately. Two men are shot at their critical spots and drop dead instantly.

Takeshi runs off and before he fires at the chain on the door, people inside break the door open, with each one holding a wooden or metal pole.

As soon as Takeshi sees PhraoTawan, he opens his arms wide, feeling so glad.


“Dad.” She runs into his arms while Tatsuo greets his father and brother.

“Dad, Takahiro.”

“Is everyone all right? Is there anyone injured?” Ryu asks the hostages.

“We are all right.” Tatsuo answers.

“Then let’s hurry leave, the fire broke to the middle of the room already.” Taichi, who came running, shouts to everyone and he’s so glad to see that his eldest son is safe.

“Yes. They planted the bomb inside the room too and the fire is getting close to it.” Tatsuo tells them when he remembers now why they had to break the door open.

“Then hurry.” Ryu urges. Then everyone runs down the stairs before a new group of men barge into the cold storage.

The boat, which Paskarn and Hiromi are on, is floating in the sea for many hours now. They see every movement on the island but couldn’t get on shore due to the tight securities. Until they see a speed boat pick up six persons from the boat floating in front of the island, so they think there must be some movement going on so they get ready.

Then the sound of gunshots follow with a lot of men show up accessing through the back of the island, and they take away the securities’ attention. The guards retreat to getting inside the cold storage.

Mari tells the boat driver to drive over and park at the bridge at the same time with the big boat in front of the island, then Hiromi sees her mother get on the bridge and run in front of Onisuka men.


“Hiromi-chan! Ken-kun! What are you doing here?”

“I followed dad secretly and he’s now inside.” she answers.

“I know that and now he and Takahiro are inside where a fierce gunfight is going on. I will go and help them.”

“Then I will go with you.” Hiromi tightens her grip on the gun and starts running without waiting to hear her mother’s objection. Then all of them get inside the cold storage which is now in the mid of fierce gunfight along with the burning fire, and the repeated sound of explosion.

At that time, she sees Ryu run in the front down the stairs, at the same time when the glass-window room upstairs blows up thunderously. Pieces of shattered glass are falling down the floor making everyone jumps to get away from it.

When Paskarn perks up, he sees Onisuka men fire back at the Mizawa, who are retreating and exiting through another door, and that door is now being closed with the fire lighted up. It means they are  now surrounded by the heavily burning fire.

They all gather in the middle of the room. Hotaka didn’t think to take Aiko with him. He leaves her there to fall down to the floor. She covers her ears with her hands tremblingly, while Takehiko is trying to make her run from the fire that is getting closer to her.

“That way.” Katsu tells his boss and points at the door the Mizawa retreated to. He thinks it’s the safest escape route.

“Mayumi Hiromi!”

Before Ryu follows Katsu, he sees his wife and daughter who just ran in, which means his whole family is right here and if they can’t make it outside, Aiko will surely be so satisfied.

“Go that way, quick. before this cold storage blows up.” Ryu shouts to the new comers. “They planted the bombs all over the room.”

Mayumi quickly runs after Ryu when Taichi already took off with his men ahead of them and stopped the door in time before it closed down completely.

Onisuka men rush forward and pull out their swords when confronting with enemies in a close range. The same goes with Mayumi and Hiromi who prepared well.

Mayumi tosses the family swords to both Ryu and Takeshi so that they can fight with the Mizawa.

Paskarn, who never uses a sword, grabs a wooden pole nearby. The same with Tatsuo who shoves PhraoTawan behind him to protect her during the fight.

Hotaka sees no way he can defeat his opponent when his plan failed completely. The Onisuka escape from the cold storage where he meant it to be their graveyard, and now they are confronting each other outside once again.

Hotaka quickly looks for a way to escape. He turns to order Yoshiro.

“Retreat! Take the boat out before we will all…freakingly…get killed.”

“That way, boss. I prepared the boat at the dock over there.” Yoshiro tells his boss because he planted the bomb on the front bridge too.

Hotaka runs to the direction Yoshiro points to him but Onisuka men keep running close, especially Ryu and the former oyabun who come running fast because they both won’t think of letting this important enemy have the chance to get away. This man will be the last Mizawa whom they must get rid of, in order to finish off the war between two families for good.

Yoshiro turns to stop Ryu’s sword which strikes down once he catches up with his boss, while Hotaka turns to block Takeshi’s sword from striking down so hard at him. But with inexpert sword-fighting of Yoshiro and Hotaka, they couldn’t hold on for long before both of their swords are brushed away from their hands.

The highly sharp swords are now stuck at their throats while they raise their hands high above their heads, totally defeated.

At this point, if Ryu and Takeshi want to kill them, it’s easier than flipping a hand, but the police commander-in-chief, who’s running after them, shouts for a stop to it.

“Don’t. Let the law take care of them.”

Ryu looks at Takeshi a bit then they both step away to let the police arrest them. But when they aren’t careful enough, Hotaka turns and grabs the gun on Yoshiro’s waist, and uses his subordinate as his shield, and fires at Ryu immediately.

“Dad, watch out!” Tatsuo shouts and bumps himself against his father, until they fall down and roll over together, at the same time with the sound of gunshots, twice, one after another. Tatsuo’s body jerks from the impact when the bullets hit his shoulder perfectly.

But behind Tatsuo, Hotaka’s eyes gone so wide when there’s a trace of a small bullet pierced through the middle of his forehead. His knees are no longer have the strength to support his body. His hand holding Yoshiro falls down and his body, with no soul in it, falls hard to the ground.

Yoshiro squeezes his eyes shut with fear. When seeing his boss dead body lying there, he quickly uses his hands to check his body and lets out a sigh of relief, when there’s no trace of bullet on him at all. He quickly reaches out his hands to the police officer who approaches him, for a complete surrender.

Paskarn lowers the gun in his hand…that bullet was his when he didn’t even think before to kill Hotaka, but when he had only less than a second to make decision, and with Yoshiro blocking the way, the only spot opening to him was Hotaka’s face, so he had to choose between Ryu or Hotaka’s life…

PhraoTawan doesn’t know when she let out a scream as soon as she sees so much blood coming out from the wound on Tatsuo’s body. She rushes to him and holds him in her arms.

“Tatsuo-san!” she sputters. Mayumi runs to her son too. She quickly tears his T-shirt to check his wound, then she’s relieved that the bullet didn’t hit any critical spot and just stuck there on his shoulder, but it can still be critical if losing so much blood. She tears his T-shirt into a strip to tie it, to stop the bleeding and turns to tell her husband.

“Call the helicopter immediately. Tell them the patient was shot on his left shoulder, and my medical kit is on the boat, I need it fast.”

Ryu doesn’t have to order it. Katsu carries it out right away.

For a while Koji’s boat comes parking alongside the side of the dock because the police are working on deactivating the bomb on the bridge in the front before the fire, which is burning down the cold storage, will get to it and the explosion could injure more people.

Prewdao and Koji arrive with Mayumi’s med kit. She injects the med to stop the bleeding to Tatsuo right away and tends to his wound again. Twenty minutes later a helicopter arrives and takes the injured to the hospital including Aiko who got burned many places before Takehiko could pull her outside.

Mayumi jumps on the helicopter to take care of her son while PhraoTawan wants so much to go with him but she’s afraid it may anger her father. She can only look him leaving and feels confident that Mayumi can take care of Tatsuo much better than her.

She turns to her mother and smiles. Tears of joy from both fall after every bad thing has finally passed.

After the helicopter is out of their sight, Takeshi turns to Ryu. His face is so serious that everyone around them feels uneasy now that everything is out in the open.

Koji steps to them and is about to say something to smooth things out, but Takeshi doesn’t want it and raises his hand up to stop him, then he says it first.

“I want your explanation now!”

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  1. About the cast, let’s see:

    We know the ages of Ryu’s and Mayumi’s children.

    Tatsuo is 31,
    Hiromi is 27,
    Takahiro is 26 or younger.

    Takeshi said he and Seiko have been married for 40 years. They already had Panu and Paskarn when Mayumi was pregnant with Tatsuo so I will assume:

    Panu is 39 or younger
    Paskarn is 37 or younger
    PreawTawan is 26 because she was born Tatsuo was in kindergarten.

    Like Mao, I can see Tatsuo as Ryu and Hiromi as Mayumi, PreawTawan as Seiko or Teaw, but Teaw looks older than Nadech so I will go for Patricia Goode.

    For Paskarn, he has to be tall like his father in the novel and he has to be at least 6 to 10 years older than Hiromi so I think Great, Rome, or even Mark P would do.

    According to someone who had met Khune Jett, the producer of Rising Sun, he said he has no plan to produce part 3 because doing part 1 & 2 were very tiring. They may decide to pick up the project in the future.

    I have doubt they will do part 3 because part 1 and 2 took a very long time and the outcome was lukewarm. It was not a typical series or genre that Thai audiences care for.

    • I can totally see Mark as a cool Paskarn, or Great (the sun in the vineyard so he’s all right). Can we have Mew Nittha as PhraoTawan? Then Hiromi….Matt? Kim?

      If they are going to do Part III, at least they have to put more efforts in writing a good script, a tight one, it’s the story of gokudo’s circle so more action!

      I can also see Mark as a player Tatsuo with Nadech being his father and Yaya as his mom. LOL.

      Omo…how about Om and Kwan? Eeep!

  2. Oh here we go, the truth is coming out from Ryu. Ryu have no excuse or lie to tell Takeshi anymore.

    Go the casting, I do see Tatsuo as Ryu and Hiromi as Mayumi. But as for Ken-San and Preawtawan i don’t really see their parent in them.

  3. Im not really a big ch 7 fan but id say Cheer is perfect for Praewtawan and Kan is a match to Tatsuo. These two had explosive bickering chemistry. Their acting in Pang Sanaeha was awesome and according to me, that’s what kept me going the entire time. Another pair i want to also cast for Tatsuo & Praewtawan is my beloved JMa & Mint Chalida. A ch 5 pair i also want to cast is (hahaha) vill & Toomtam or Push. I couldnt really connect with Hiromi and Paskarn so i didnt want to cast anyone for them. My intake for this part: ohh boy seems like the physical climax is done with but the mental and emotional is coming up. Prepare yourself for another showdown. Ex-oyuban vs oyuban. Round 1 fight! Mr. Paskarn will feel betrayed/manipulated, Tatsuo & Praewtawan will be kept away from each other by Takeshi.

  4. i imagine that the former cast play their role..its fun to see them become old gracefully and wise and kharismatics. nadech and mario were so great to give the soul to their role as oyabun. taew and yaya will be great to be a wise mother. taishi..and the former bodyguards..let them be olders. that’s what always i drawing in my mind everytime i read the summary…
    as for the heirs….i think there is alot of dara that suitable for.

    • Yes, I want to see Nadech and Mario as two old stubborn men too, but stars hardly accepted the role having old age if they are not a hero, so… For children, I think of Mark, Ken Phupoom, Great (as Ken?), for actresses, there are many many.

  5. Tatsuo is definitely nadech with Praewtawan being taew. Hiromi will be a bit challenging for Yaya but I hope she does get casted. Mario will totally be okay being Ken.

  6. Dear peeps, let’s think about it for fun. Please suggest your dream cast for this book here.
    Actor and actress for the role of Takeshi, Ryu, Mayumi, Seiko, Tatsuo, PhraoTawan, Paskarn, Hiromi, or others 🙂

    For example, Nadech, Mario, Ken Phupoom etc.

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