Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 22)


Tatsuo hangs up after talking to his father. He opens the door and enters PhraoTawan’s cabin. He’s talking outside because he didn’t want her to hear it. His pounding wound is still bleeding because he’s moving here and there. He lies down on her bed feeling very tired.

She turns to him and tells him to get some rest and the wound is bleeding again. He says he will, but after she makes a call to her father and tells him that all are back to normal and they will meet him in Japan in three days.

PhraoTawan feels glad then sad when the day to see her parents gets postponed. He says it’s not a good news for her but they can’t go back to Taiwan because someone wants to kill him and it’s Shiro who took the bullet instead of him.

He says Tooru came back to the yacht and Shiro was shot on his back. The doctor took the bullet out of his lung successfully but he lost so much blood so he’s still unconscious in the ICU. Shiro persuaded him to send her off instead of himself and he didn’t realize he sent Shiro to be the victim.

She’s feeling bad for everyone who is injured and it could be Tatsuo lying in the hospital now.

He says they will head to Japan without Shiro but she must call her father and tell him what happened, and he will send her back to him in a safe place which can’t be Taiwan now. She says yes.

He says the conditions are the same, don’t mention his name and only tell him that she’s not injured from the attack and the reason he couldn’t get on shore in Taiwan because he was ambushed, so Japan is now the safest place, and tell him to be patient.

He presses the number  and hands the phone to her, but this time, not on the speakers. She waits for someone to pick up and then greets her father. “Dad!”

“Phrao, how are you? Are you injured anywhere?”

She says no and she’s safe because they escaped into the yacht just in time, but someone else is injured. She glances at Tatsuo.

Tawan asks if it’s that guy, he deserves it and should die. She tells him they are heading to Japan and will be there in three days, and they will let him know the place to meet later.

Tawan starts yelling that they got the money and didn’t keep their word. She says someone wants to kill him so Taiwan is not safe anymore and it has to be Japan.

Tawan says everyone surely wants to kill a wicked man like that, and if he’s there and he didn’t get shot, he will die by his own hand. She thinks it’s good that Tatsuo doesn’t hear him say.

Tawan asks if he harmed her and if he forced her to go to Japan with him.

She says it’s not totally like that, she walked to him and almost reached him, but the person got shot before that, and she didn’t know what to do when she saw blood all over him, then he pulled her back to the yacht because she might be shot, and that’s why she ran with him, after she saw Tawan and Karn already ran for cover.

Tawan says the man is fooling her and only thinking of his own benefit. She says yes to him because she doesn’t want to argue with her father but thinks that Tatsuo saved her out of his real concern.

Tatsuo shows her his watch so she nods and tells her father that she has to go now. Tawan asks if it can’t be some town nearer because he wants to see her faster. She says she will try talking to him and please be patient. She assures him that they have been taking good care of her so he can feel at ease.

Tawan says he’s not feeling good about it but he has no choices. He will wait for only three days more and if the guy doesn’t keep his word, he won’t wait anymore. He tells her to tell him that Onisuka will hunt him down and won’t let him get away.

She hangs up feeling confused about her father’s last word when Tatsuo is the eldest son of Onisuka Ryu, then why his father will hunt him down, and what’s her father has to do with the Onisuka that he can pressure the oyabun.

Tatsuo takes the phone back from her but doesn’t switch it off. He says he’s feeling sleepy so she tells him to go sleep in his room. He nags her to sleep together in case he has fever tonight, and he won’t do anything to her.

She gets softened because of his wound and says if he feels better tomorrow, he must go back to his room. He closes his eyes. She sighs and changes her clothes. She feels his temperature and when there’s none, she feels better. She walks over to another side of the bed and lies down. But once she gets under the blanket, he moves closer and pulls her by the waist to lean against his chest.

She’s tensed up but when she hears the sound of his long deep breathing, she sighs that he only wants to hug her and sleep. She puts her hand over his and softly caresses it. She thinks of the kiss before they left the yacht and most importantly, he admitted that he’s wrong about Mazaki and the money, and wanted to make it right.

The shooting at the warehouse didn’t scare her as much as it should because she felt Tatsuo can protect her. After getting back on board, she had to clean the wounds for both Tatsuo and Sho whose hand got injured during the fight.

She doesn’t want to admit that this man kept taking the space in her heart more and more, so much so that she doesn’t want to think of anyone else and wants to be with him for many years to come.

When she dated Mazaki, she wanted to get married like how other girls were dreaming but she didn’t feel the deep connection like she had with Tatsuo, and she even felt dismayed when the time to marry Mazaki got closer, and she and Mazaki fought all the time that it annoyed her.

But with Tatsuo, looks like it’s only her who wants to tie him with her forever. She brushes off such idea. She could remember that night on the island, he was very gentle to her and it’s a physical pleasure she couldn’t deny but remote inevitably followed, when she’s just one of his women.

But life is about taking risk and she learned for a long time that if she doesn’t have the gut to act, don’t expect to get what she wants. Therefore, this time, she must make a definite decision and be ready to make the bet with her whole heart, and if it doesn’t turn out the way she hopes, there’s no one to blame but herself.


Paskarn walks back to his room with Mayumi and Hiromi after talking to his parents about the incident happened this evening, and his sister called  to change the place to Japan.

His father’s so pissed that even Onisuka great men couldn’t find them. A tiger like Onisuka now turned into a cat for them to insult.

Even PhraoTawan annoyed his father even more when it sounded like she’s not enthusiastic about coming back  to see her parents and even said that man protected her with his body to save her, like she’s totally indebted to him. Everyone in the room knew they should let his mother console his father to calm down and it’s very late so Mayumi and her daughter excused themselves to leave so he followed them.

Onisuka booked the whole floor and secured it with tight securities, with Mari guarding Hiromi’s room door. Paskarn sends Mayumi to her room and then to Hiromi’s room which is next to his.

Hiromi offers to clean his wounds today so he nods and smiles. He thinks talking to Hiromi now may help clearing some of the doubts in his mind. Hiromi lets Mari go back and rest and they walk over to his room.

Paskarn sits on a sofa and takes off his shirt. His right arm still needs to be on a sling around his neck to protect the wound.

He pulls off the cloth around his neck and stretches his arm for her to tend to. She says she’s glad that he didn’t get injured some more and she didn’t want him to go with them.

He says he’s worried about Phrao and now he saw that she’s all right, he feels better. He chuckles and says Hiromi wanted to go with them too because he saw her longing eyes when her father didn’t let her.

Hiromi smiles sweetly that he could read her mind. She says she’s jealous of a person born a man, like Tatsu, her parents not worry about him and not care where he went and say he’s a man, but for her, her father kept her in his eyes all the time, until no men want to come near her because they are afraid of her father.

He says he’s glad that he’s at the top of her father’s list. She says there are only two, him and his brother, and when his brother gets married, it will narrow down to him. She says he may have more choices than her.

He asks if her father won’t accept anyone but him.

Hiromi says it’s not quite that. She sighs and thinks how she can tell him that her other choices would have existed if her father had planned such a chaos match, and if Tatsuo and PhraoTawn fails, then it will be her job to marry him to reduce the pressure between the former oyabun and her father.

He says he’s glad that her father chosen him. He caresses her cheek. She says they only know each other recently like he said.

He says he talked to his mother that he would follow her to Japan after Phrao’s matter was done, to see how to start working over there, but now it seems they all have to go to Japan because Phrao’s matter is not yet done so about working there has to wait.

She tells him not to worry when his executive position will still be there. Paskarn thinks she become less frigid lately and turned into a lively girl which is way cuter. He can’t help and kisses her cheek. He pulls her to sit on his lap but she raises her hand up to block him and shows her angry face.

She says she hasn’t finished tending the wound on his back yet. He says she can do it later and stares at her lips. She lets him kiss her. He touches her thigh and back and then chest. She jerks back.

They look at each other. One side wants to continue while the other side hesitates because she had no experience with anyone and he’s still injured, and the important thing is, she’s not confident about getting married, an experienced man like him surely won’t marry just because he already had her.

He looks at her begging and she really wants to allow him. She clears her throat and says his wound on the back needs to be cleaned. She gets off his lap and prepares to clean it while orders him to turn around.

Paskarn wants to protest but when she gets serious, he has to turn around. When she’s done tending to the wound, she steps back quickly and says she will leave now and he’s still injured so he shouldn’t be too naughty. She says there’s still time for them ahead, until their wedding, that day he won’t have bandages all over his arm and back like this.

Paskarn wants to rip off all the bandages and jumps into the fighting field of love game with the woman he likes, but she’s using his injuries and the wedding as an excuse.

She won’t listen to him more and walks to the door and sends him a kiss from there, and leaves the room. She left him feeling confused alone about her strange behaviors.

Within the last two days, Hiromi mentioned the wedding no less than 3-4 times when before coming to Taiwan, they agreed to give each other time until they were sure they get along, and they would talk about the wedding then.

He thought Hiromi would be a modern woman who wasn’t so concern about having relationship before the wedding because she returned his kisses lovingly every time, but she refused him just now.

And now he’s not sure if she wants to same thing with him or it could be she’s an old-fashioned girl who wants to preserve herself till the wedding day because she comes from a family full of tradition and strict culture, and she even let her father find her a groom. Thus, there’s a high chance that he can’t do what he wants until the wedding, at this, he groans.


The incident in Taiwan was reported to Hotaka in less than half an hour. Those unskilled Taiwanese thieves, whom he had paid for, disappeared after they failed. Yoshiro called him immediately when it’s on television news that a high-rank executive member of Onisuka was shot in the warehouse at the port with 2-3 injured but no casualties.

At the same time, there was a gun-fight in the fishermen village, and the man named Shiro was injured, but all of those are not the ones he wanted to be killed.

Hotaka swears furiously when he’s preparing to celebrate the death of oyabun and his deputy.

Yoshiro says the securities were very tight that they couldn’t get close to them, and it’s lucky enough that they could escape. Onisuka were hunting them down and the ones who got injured had to run and tend to their wounds out of town.

Hotaka says he said the gunman who would shoot Tatsuo was the most skilled one.

Yoshiro says that’s right but he didn’t get on shore at all and said there’s no good timing to shoot because those people always walked in the dark and the fog was thick. The visibility was not on their side.

Hotaka says it’s all excuses from the failure.  He tells Yoshiro to get rid of the person who gave them the information. Yoshiro says he already sent his men to take care of that, and not just bad news he got, there’s also a good news.

He says he found Tatsuo’s yacht. They traveled by the yacht from Thailand and that’s why they popped up in Hanoi and Taiwan, and they are heading back to Japan.

“Is that so…” Hotaka mumbles while his brain is planning ahead. “Great! Send men to follow them. I will make them turn into ghosts to haunt the sea and never return to Japan.”

“Yes, boss. I will do that right away.”

Hotaka hangs up. He’s thinking about the great plan ahead. Once the dragon’s son gets in his hand, the father dragon will run to help him, and then, he will get rid of them both, and okami-san and her children won’t be hard to get rid of after sending the father and his eldest son to hell.

He nods feeling satisfied with this new plan and he should report it quickly, to get the money to carry out his plan. He believes his boss will be more than willing to pay a huge amount to successfully overthrow Onisuka oyabun!


PhraoTawan feels like she’s floating in a dream feeling the excitement from head to toes. Then she realizes it’s not a dream, it’s Tatsuo touching her and she can’t resist him.

Twice already that they slept together and Tatsuo didn’t protect himself. She jumps off the bed and takes a shower. He complains that his wound is pounding because she made him forget himself. She glares at him and tends to his wound.

After breakfast, he reads the text on his phone, it’s from his father saying that Shiro gets better now. He calls his father wanting to know it in detail. He closes the door behind him to talk in private.

She’s worried now about getting pregnant. Since he’s such a playboy, there’s no way he could forget that, or could it be his intention? She sighs when the man who started it all seems to be in good mood.


Ryu and Takeshi’s family decide to go back to Japan in the afternoon of the next day. Tawan is not in a good mood when he has to go to Japan unexpectedly and insists to stay in a hotel.

Ryu takes him and his wife to stay in his family mansion by the harbor and lets Paskarn stay in Hiromi’s suite which is a separate room next to his parents.

Hiromi plans to take Paskarn to the company the next day so he can start learning about his mother’s shares. Ryu also plans to take Takeshi and his wife to see a vineyard he bought near Mt. Fuji where he intends to stay after he retired. Katsu and Nobu make sure Takeshi’s presence remain unknown here, except Koji who is overly delighted to see Takeshi back in Yokohama once again.

Tawan and his wife join Koji at his home for a meal. Takeshi pays respect to Taro’s memorial name tag first thing when he arrives. They all enjoy talking about the past.

Prewdao asks if Koji heard news of Aiko. He says he does, she came back to Japan and doesn’t work and only attends social events but her son is a talented businessman so they become prosperous again from Mizawa small assets. He says he heard that she told people around her that she was the fiancée of the former oyabun and almost got married if he didn’t disappear, so many people are wondering if Takehiko may be….

“It’s not!” Tawan blurts out. “I never got involved with her.”

Koji says he knows it but others don’t. Prewdao glances at her husband and sees his serious face, so she feels relieved and, with the trust they shared for all their lives, she believes her husband more that a wicked woman like Aiko.

She consoles Takeshi that his name is much better than Sato so she must choose him to be the father of her child over Sato, and she really was his fiancée before, so she may use his name to make way for her business.

Tawan scowls that these past few weeks has been tough for him. He says he doesn’t want to talk about Aiko and if anyone is mad enough to believe her, just let them.  Koji says he’s happy that Ken and Hiromi get to meet and will work together.

Koji says it will be good if Tatsuo marries PhraoTawan, or if not, Ken and Hiromi, because Ryu is very concerned about the bloodline. Takeshi says Ryu thinks too much about it when very few people knew about the secret.

Takeshi thinks the opposite of Ryu’s, when he turned his back on the gumi, it’s betrayal, so Ryu shouldn’t let down his gumi members by letting his children marry betrayer’s children.

Koji can totally see both men different stances. He explains to Takeshi that Ryu and Mayumi has changed so many things in the gumi, a more flexible organization like a foundation with a less strict culture. So he thinks the gumi members will be willing to accept his return, but he thinks the next oyabun should be Tatsuo since he was raised to become one, and to have Tatsuo marry PhraoTawan will solve everything.

Takeshi is worried about PhraoTawan when she doesn’t know anything about the gumi. The information got leaked from the person inside the gumi.

Koji says the guy was just an employee in a transport company and when he heard that oyabun and Tatsuo would come, he sold the info, but he already got his punishment.

Koji says it’s on the news that the Taiwan branch manager  was killed on the beach and the police thought it connected to oyabun case so they reported to them just now. Also, there was a witness who saw the manager had a drink with a stranger at a bar, and the police are checking the CCTV camera so they will know soon which group that stranger was sent from.


Hiromi takes Paskarn to cut threads on his wounds then takes him to dinner on a high-rise by the harbor. She explains the business to him and he’s amazed that she has to take care all of that. He says he intends to start working as an employee and won’t accept the position until he understands all the company work and he will have to learn more Japanese language too. Hiromi wants to oppose the idea because she can back him up, but stops because she doesn’t want to hurt his pride.

After they finish dinner and while they are walking to the elevator. Hiromi sees who is walking towards them so she stretches up like a confident executive. Takehiko greets her first. She bows a little and greets him, “Good evening, Mizawa-san.” then she greets his mother.

She introduces Paskarn to them. “This is Arunothai-san, the new executive of Onisuka Real Estate.” Paskarn bows at them but when he looks up, the old woman is staring at him like she’s so stunned.


Hiromi and Paskarn are alarmed hearing the name but Hiromi quickly calms herself and asks, “Who is that?” and turns left and right. She says, “His name is Ken or Mr. Paskarn Arunothai from Thailand, not the person you mentioned.”

Takehiko looks at his mother feeling confused while Aiko adjusts the expression on her face to be a smooth one. Takehiko says his mother must remember the wrong person and he must resemble one of her friends a lot. He says it’s a pity that Hiromi didn’t come and bid for the land or it would have been fun. It sounds more like an insult from him.

Hiromi says the price he bid for that plot of land is higher than the budget of her company. It’s the middle-class area so an expensive mansion can’t be built there so it’s not worth to invest. But his project must be greater because he bought the land much higher than the land estimated price.

Takehiko says she will see his project which will yield a good return on investment soon. She says she will wait to see that and excuses herself to leave. Paskarn follows her but can feel the old woman keeps staring at him.

Hiromi whispers to him that he looks a lot like his father when he’s a young man. He nods and says the woman must  know his father when he’s younger. She says not just know but she was his father’s fiancée that he must marry and then the problem between Onisuka and Misawa erupted, and she will tell him more later. They get in the elevator.

Takehiko praises that Hiromi is a clever girl, she knows when to withdraw from an investment. He thinks he’s interested in her. Aiko stops him from such idea saying she is his cousin so they can’t marry. He says no one knows that and if he marries her, he will get closer to become Onisuka oyabun.

Aiko says that’s true but she’s the daughter of the person who killed his grandfather and uncle so she won’t allow that. He says he will have to stay single then, when no one has passed his  mother’s standard. Aiko says she will find him a good wife so just keeps working.

She tells him to ask his uncle to find out who the man came with Hiromi is. He asks her why. She says she’s surprised about something and wants to know who he is and why he’s with Hiromi. They must know every movement in their own family. He says he will find that out for her.

Aiko says she’s going Hokkaido to visit her friend in 2-3 days. He says he will leave for Hawaii too because Emily called and wanted him to see his child’s performance in school. Aiko is furious that Emily called him. He says she said his child missed him. Aiko says he should let the child forget who his father is, moreover, he said it himself that he’s not sure if it’s his child.

Takehiko feels uneasy when he already told his secretary to confirm it to his ex-wife that he will spend Christmas holiday with them. Aiko says Hotaka said he had work to do here so how he will have to time to go. Takehiko says he will take care of it before he leaves, and if he can’t, then he won’t go.

He thinks he will send his child a present instead and some money to Emily so she can buy what his son wants.

Aiko says that’s good when he’s going to become oyabun in the future, he must show them his power and skills. “Yes, mom.” he answers.

“Soon…” Aiko mumbles and smiles sweetly to her son. “When you become oyabun, everything will be in your hand.” Takehiko smiles back and he hopes so too.


PhraoTawan won’t allow Tatsuo to get in her room.

He tells her to stay back from the door and bumps into it and it breaks open. She tells him her concern and he simply says, “I like you and like to be with you. If you get pregnant, then we will marry.”

She gapes, “When you have been avoiding it all this time?”

He says he’s getting bored with his life and  no other girls made him so excited and lively as she had. He was bored with his daily life when he met her. It’s exciting to be with her because he can’t predict her mood and she refused all of his offers.

She asks what if she doesn’t get pregnant. He says he will make her get pregnant then and kisses her.  He concludes that there’s nothing more to talk about and the conclusion is he wants to marry her because she’s made his life more colorful, so he won’t sleep separate from her anymore and his place is no other but beside her, for a long time.

She sighs what a way to propose to her, so he wants to marry her but instead of doing a romantic talk, he made it an order for her to follow.

Tatsuo is hugging her while she’s already asleep. He remembers one month before his father told him about the embezzlement, he’s getting bored with his life. When he saw her photos, his brain started the plan to capture her, it’s only a fun thing for him by using getting the money back as his excuse. It’s his life excitement to use power to do illegal thing, plus, one week holiday in Thailand, then he would get the money in Taiwan and then release her.

Of course, he locked her up with him in the room for a purpose when she’s so pretty and sexy. He thought his position as the eldest son of Onisuka oyabun would charm her just like how it charmed other girls, but she looked at him like a criminal and didn’t get excited over his wealth.

Getting married?

He’s so scared of those gold-diggers and of his father forcing him with some woman he didn’t love and had to live with her for the rest of his life while dying inside.

But with PhraoTawan, it’s different. He’s filled up when she’s in his arms. It’s like she’s chased the emptiness in his chest away. He realizes that her embrace is where he wants to truly lean on. It’s fun to fight with her too. Once they reach Japan, he will solve all the problems as fast as he can between them and arrange for the wedding before she gets pregnant or if she already does, he will arrange so that his child will be born legitimate. His child with PhraoTawan, he sighs with happiness.

He carefully thinks about how he really feels and finally admits to himself that he loves her. He smiles to himself that finally he found his heart, which he didn’t think it existed, or never thought of giving it to any girl.

She stirs awake and asks if she has to have a tattoo if she marries him. He says his mother and Hiromi have red giant masks on them before they sworn in. For a future okami-san, if she wants acceptance from the gumi members, she should tattoo, but he won’t force her.

She asks what tattoo she should have. He says a dragon, a dragon on her body will tell everyone that she is his woman. She asks if it’s only that. He says and the red-faced devil, the Onisuka symbol, just these two. It will be designed to fit only on her body. He tells her where exactly he wants it on her body and kisses it. “Here, must be a dragon. You heart must belongs to me and no others.”

While the couple, who are in love, are planing their future, no one knows that the one who wants to harm Tatsuo is waiting for him to walk into the trap, for their plan to succeed very soon.

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