Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 15)


Ryu and Mayumi brings their youngest son back to Japan smoothly. Ryu has to get back to work in his office. There are tons of documents he needs to sign. He has to take care both Tatsuo and Hiromi’s work too. His secretary calls and says Koji is here to see him. Ryu thinks instead of visiting his injured son first, Koji came here which only means there’s something urgent.

He lets him in. Koji enters the room. He’s unusually energetic for a man at his late 80. “Koji, what kind of wind blown you to me here?” Ryu gestures for him to sit down on a sofa.

“It’s obviously the wind of chaos.” Koji mumbles. He waits until Ryu’s secretary leaves the room after bringing them some tea then asks, “Did Takeshi know that young master captured young miss Akira?”

Ryu’s eyes turns widely opened, he didn’t think things would go so big that so many people would know about it.

“You knew…it’s Shiro who told you, isn’t it?”

“Anything about his boss’s safety, he wouldn’t say, but from what he asked me, I could guess and come to the conclusion that the root of the problem must be you, oyabun.”

Even though Ryu is now over 60, he doesn’t know what kind of face he should make now. It’s like he got caught by an elder when he did something wrong. Even if he’s an oyabun which is a higher position, once he’s caught, he has to honestly confess.

“At that time I was angry and disappointed with Tatsuo, so I decided I must make him meet with Akira one way or another because he’d been avoiding it all along. Even though Akira came here to study for many years, he didn’t get to see her until she’s getting married in a few months.”

“So oyabun tricked him into believing that Akira took the company money?”

“Yes.” Ryu admits it. “And it did work because Tatsuo became interested immediately and looked into her records many months ahead before taking action.”

Koji’s face turns weary. “Didn’t you think of the consequences in case those two wouldn’t fall in love, or if young master harmed her out of anger, how will you feel?”

“I especially ordered Tatsuo not to harm her and I believe he’s not a cruel-minded, he may be hot-tempered but never harmed a woman. In the past, all of his women were well-treated during the time they were together.” Ryu gives him his reason. “For Takeshi, I thought if the children fell in love, he wouldn’t object to it and would understand why I had to do this.”

Koji says again it’s all come around to the person who will become the next oyabun. He sighs, he heard Ryu complained about it many times both about how Takeshi refused to let one of his sons marry Hiromi and refused to let PhraoTawan marry Tatsuo. Even when Ryu asked for them to get engaged since they were kids, Takeshi never once went along with it.

Ryu says the rightful blood for Onisuka oyabun is Takeshi’s, and he himself is only taking care of the work for him. Koji argues that the children don’t know about it. Ryu says he knows what he’s thinking but he wants Tatsuo to spend time with Akira for a while, and if they don’t fall in love, he’s ready to face every punishment.

Koji asks loudly even if it’s a severe one.

Ryu says yes, he knows that, now that Tatsuo is mature enough to take care of their gumi, he will accept the punishment alone. He strongly believes Onisuka ancestors will understand his good intention, to fix the mistake of more than ten years ago.

Koji says Ryu should understand the former oyabun that he wants to lead a peaceful life and doesn’t want his children to have anything to do with their circle.

“He’s the only Onisuka who is rightful to be oyabun, and when he doesn’t take it, he should let one of his children marry my children, that will solve everything.”

Koji lets out a huge sigh. He can understand both of them that each has their goal in life. Parallel lines are difficult to intercept, so perhaps if those two fall in love, everything will become easier.

“It’s only one week before they will arrive in Taiwan.” Ryu says. “At that time, whatever turned out, I will have to accept it.”

 Koji nods and says he heard Hiromi went to Thailand, so she must go there to meet Takeshi-san. Ryu says she went there to meet Ken-kun, Takeshi’s second son.


Ryu shrinks a little and confesses, “Once I took action, I didn’t want to fail. If the first one fails, there will always be a backup plan.”

Koji couldn’t do anything but groans. He doesn’t want to picture the moment Takeshi knows th truth.

Ryu smiles feeling hopeful and says Mari reported to him that they started to feel interested in each other and even kissed on the dance floor before Ken-kun was shot.

Koji is surprised to hear that Ken-kun was shot so he asks when that happened. Ryu recounts the incident to him and the police found the car abandoned by the dock, it’s a stolen car, while the culprit disappeared.

“Whose life did the culprit want?”

“Hiromi-chan’s” Ryu answers. “Takahiro was harmed close to the time with Hiromi. It’s now only Tatsuo that they still don’t know where he is, but Takeshi didn’t know and thought the culprit wanted his son’s life, because his daughter was kidnapped recently.”

Koji nods.

“What did Katsu find out?”

“No reports yet. Takehiko seems quiet and there’s no reports that he had contacted anyone who’s a mafia in Thailand or in the U.S. But I don’t trust him because the incidents happened after he showed up here, and he grew up in Hawaii and may have connections with the mafia there….” Ryu says. Besides the Mizawa, there’s no one else he should be suspicious about. But who knows, in this circle, there are people who want to takeover Onisuka’s place.

Koji says no matter what, he’s a Mizawa, and Ryu killed his grandfather and uncle and destroyed the Mizawa, so it won’t be strange if he wants to take revenge.

Ryu mumbles the man had to choose this time to appear when things are moving along just fine, and now he has to watch out someone may stab his back.

Koji suggests they send their men to keep an eye on him. Ryu says he already did but there’s one question lingered in his mind about Takehiko, whose son is he? Aiko got married less than twenty years and her husband passed away 2-3 years later, but Takehiko is now 37, which means Aiko must have a boyfriend since she left for Hawaii.

Koji says he could be Sato’s son. He never told Ryu about this because of the honor of the future okami-san at that time when Aiko was Takeshi’s fiancee. “If Takeshi-san and her never got involved, that is.”

Ryu thinks it can’t be because Takeshi already had Seiko, but again, he’s a quiet man and wouldn’t tell anyone his private matter, so if he and Aiko had a relationship, Takeshi wouldn’t tell either.

Koji still thinks he’s Sato’s son because his men saw Aiko come out of the nightclub and her clothes were a mess and it seemed she’s assaulted too. It could be that Sato raped her and if she slept with Takeshi around that time too, then it’s hard to tell whose son he is.

Ryu hopes Takeshi never slept with Aiko because if the DNA test results shows he’s Takeshi’s son, he will sue for the assets be divided for sure.

Koji says Ryu’s plan also put Takeshi at risk when things were quiet for more than ten years, and what Aiko would say if she knows that he’s still alive.

Ryu says it was a long time ago and he means to have Takeshi back in Japan when it’s all in the past now. The two of them are getting old and he wants his buddy back just like how Koji has Masato as his buddy to talk to.

Koji nods again and understands how Ryu’s feeling, but it’s up to the other side whether or not he thinks the same way.

Koji says he will try to help the best he can, at least Shiro is there with them so may be he will tell Shiro to try to make them fall in love. As for Takeshi-san, he hopes Takeshi will feel for his children once they are in love since in the past, he also decided to choose love, so when it’s his children’s turn, he shouldn’t stop them.

Ryu agrees that he ask Shiro to do that but they must not let Tatsuo know or else he will defy it. Koji says let him take care of it. He thinks, at least, he wants Ryu alive to take care of their gumi for a long time.


If PhraoTawan thinks she can defeat him by locking the door, she’s wrong. Tatsuo reaches into his pants pocket for the key and unlocks the door easily. He sees her wide-opened mouth when he enters the cabin.

“A mere lock can’t stop me.” he says.

“Who wanted to stop you?” Her hand is turning the page of novel she borrowed from his cabinet.

“It’s good to think that, because no matter how strong the lock is, I can break it to get in here. Remember that. ” he chuckles deep in his throat. She wrinkles her nose as an answer. He says he hurriedly got in here because he thought she would be crying river. She says for who? Ma-kun? She says she wasted so much tears last night already.

He sits down next to her and puts his arm around her shoulders, “It’s good you didn’t cry. I don’t like a crying woman, it’s annoying.”

She glares at him feeling extremely displeased when he consoled her sweetly when she cried that night, but now he’s complaining.

“I like that you are not a weepy kind, therefore, I forgive you.”

“What?!” she thinks she mustn’t hear it right. “Why do I need to be forgiven by you?”

“You accused me this morning.” he says innocently. “You were the one came to me. Think about it, you slept on the same pillow with me, it’s my pillow. I woke up and saw your forehead next to my lips, and it was just a peck and nothing more.”

“It’s because I woke up in time.” she knew him well.

“Whatever, my anger is gone.” he’s saving his face for coming down here and talk with her first. He thought tension between them wasn’t fun when they had to travel together.

“As easy as that?”

“As that and I’m now in a good mood, and I came to ask you to join me shooting a flying target on the top deck, are you interested? It’s fun.”

PhraoTawan is excited but plays cool to save her pride.

“I enjoy reading the book. You go ahead.”

“Let me see, what’s the title?” he looks at the cover. He says she doesn’t have to read it, he will tell her about it later. He tosses the book on the bed before pulling her along up the stairs.

PhraoTawan sneaks a smile when facing his back because she knew he would make her do what he wanted anyway.

Two men are holding shotguns in their hands and there’s a machine filled with disks. She sees Shiro just shoots the target and it disperses and falls into the sea. Osamu, who just brings a tray of drinks, hands her a safety cap. Shiro asks if she ever fired a gun before. She says she practiced a little but never shoots a flying target before.

“Then I will…”

Tatsuo tells him to move away and teaches her how to do it himself. Tooru lets a disk fly from the shooting machine and Tatsuo shoots it down the sea.


She bites her lips when it’s easier to talk than do. The yacht is moving forward in full speed while they are on the stern. Tatsuo fills up the bullets for her and helps her get into the right pose. Shiro’s phone rings. She turns to look but he walks downstairs instead so she won’t hear what’s it about.

Tatsuo teaches her how to aim for the flying target. She fires and the disk falls into the water unscathed. “It’s all right, try again.” he tells her again how to aim once the disk went off the machine. He stands behind her to give her support because the impact of a shotgun is quite forceful. She misses another four targets so he tells her to take a break. He aims and shoots and didn’t miss all the targets. She resigns to think that she won’t do well with this thing.

Shiro walks back up with a heavy-hearted face but doesn’t say anything. Tatsuo says as they are heading north, the weather is getting cooler so swimming is not a good idea. PhraoTawan says they can still ride a jet ski with this weather. He says they could but they won’t make any stop now or else they will miss the scheduled date to reach Taiwan.

She asks what he will do when arriving in Taiwan.

He says they already have spots  where to take the money and to release her which are different spots. Once he gets the money, they will release her to her father and will set sail to Japan.

She asks if he’s not afraid she will inform the police after she’s released. He says she may do that but he already arranged an alibi for his whereabouts these past weeks. This yacht set sail in Thailand but was stamped in Indonesia and Fiji before returning to Japan, so she won’t have any evidence to press charge on him, but if she does, he will sue her back for the damage done to his reputation.

He shrugs and says he thinks she won’t tell the police because she embezzled the money from the company, so she could face a more serious charge because all of the evidence.

That’s obviously a threat and Shiro can hear it clearly and gulps. He just finished his conversation with his adoptive father about PhraoTawan, that she’s actually oyabun’s niece and this whole plan meant for Tatsuo to meet her, and because his boss had been avoiding it so oyabun had to resort to this method, and also he received an order to do everything to make these two fall in love so that his boss and oyabun won’t have to receive the punishment.

He’s so surprised so he asked his father whose daughter PhraoTawan was to have receive such prestige, only to get yelled at because it’s not his duty to ask and just follow the order. If the task fails and the two won’t marry, the punishment for Tatsuo and oyabun will be their lives.

Shiro encourages PhraoTawan to try shooting the shotgun again when he sees the two are back in a sour mood again when talking about the money. She’s happy to try again. Tatsuo helps her and won’t let Shiro teach her.

She misses the targets many times until the last one, which she chants her magical spell and fires, and it hits right on the target. She jumps and screams feeling great and when she turns around, big hands cradle both of her cheeks and Tatsuo lips swoop down so fast, so unexpectedly.

With that, Shiro lets out a smile of relief, even if PhraoTawan scowls and stomps her feet down the stairs while Tatsuo smiles and follows her.

“Who called?”

Shiro says his father. Tooru asks what’s about. Shiro says many things. He downs half-can of beer and just realizes that his throat become dry since talking to his father. “First, Akira-san didn’t take the money.”

Tooru nods, they could guess that already from Koji’s last conversation.

“And second?”

“Second, she’s oyabun’s niece and as honorable as our boss.”

“Damn!” his knees gone weak and he has to grab a chair and sits down, because it’s them who used anesthetic on her and pulled her on board. If she wants to get back at them, their fingers will be cut a knuckle or two.

“But it’s oyabun who schemed it himself and we were only carrying his plan, so don’t worry that you will be punished.” Shiro consoles him.

“Phew, that’s a relief.” Tooru blows out some air from his mouth. “Is there a third?”

“Yes, and it’s the most important order, we all must make these two fall in love because oyabun wants our boss to marry her…” Shiro says his father said Tawan was very possessive of his daughter and wouldn’t allow it so oyabun had to do this. Therefore, before they reach Taiwan, they must make her love their boss or else boss and oyabun will be in trouble.

“What kind of trouble and who is this Tawan? Why do grandpa and oyabun have to be so courteous towards him?”

Shiro says he asked the same question too but got yelled at that it’s not his business and to just carry out the order. When he sees his friend’s face shows a bit of disagreement, he analyzes the fact further.

Shiro says, from what he’d seen, making boss fall for Akira-san shouldn’t be that hard because he should have fallen in love with her for a while already, the problem is, how they would make her love boss when she had a boyfriend for a long time and probably dumped him already that day she saw those photos. Thus, they must try every way to make her fall for boss and these two must end up marrying each other only, but within a week, it’s just too short.

Tooru couldn’t agree more. Shiro says, “Tell you the truth, there’s one more thing I’m quite worried, boss loves his bachelor life so much, and the fact that he loves Akira-san doesn’t mean he will marry her. He may want to date her temporary and break up once he gets bored, which Tawan surely won’t let his daughter be boss’s partner.”

Tooru sighs and says what a mess, he thought they just took the money and go home, now boss must marry her too.

Shiro says that’s right, their task will end when they marry.

“It’s a tough job.”

“Of course.” Shiro groans before downing another half-can of his beer to finish it. It’s telling how stressful he is. “I’ve never acted as a cupid since I was born, let me punch someone is easier.”

Tooru chuckles, making them fall in love is not hard but whether or not the outcome will be what Koji wants, he can’t guarantee that, but he wants to suggest, “Shall we look at some guide books, there are several teaching how-to.”

“You do it, found anything great, let me know.” Shiro seizes the moment and orders him. “I will go downstairs first and see if a candle light dinner can be arranged tonight for boss.”

“All right, starting already?”

“Of course, every second counts. We have just one week left.” Shiro lets out his frustration.

“All right, I will help finding the way.” Tooru assures him his support. He puts back the shooting gears before following his friend downstairs, to come up with a way to make his boss fall for the girl, as ordered.

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  1. Same with Thina! I’m literally all squeal while reading this. Phraotawan and Tatsuo are wayy too cute! Love reading about them. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!

  2. Thank you so much. Im totally grinning from ear to ear! Hopefully the bodyguards will succeed

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