Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 9)


Mayumi asks Ryu who did it to Takahiro. He says he really doesn’t know because their gumi has been in peace for many years after the Mizawa dispersed, and they are in good terms with the Miura. She nods, it’s been very peaceful for many years so it’s hard to figure out who is starting the war again.

Mayumi had scolded Ryu many times about his matching idea for both their son and daughter by letting one play the thief and another play the police, so now they are chasing after one another.

She suggests Ryu call them back to Japan because now she doesn’t feel at ease about the situation after Takahiko’s accident. Ryu shakes his head, by doing that, his plan will fail and he’s not ready to face Takeshi, Tatsuo and Hiromi at the same time, he will probably choke in blood to death because each one of them is quite something, and with PhraoTawan and Paskarn in the picture, adding five of them together, he will surely be buried under the ground.

Mayumi says she will take Takahiro-kun home as soon as he’s discharged and will wait until Ryu finishes taking care of everything before she will let him come back to study again.

Ryu gets a call from Takeshi. He asks how Takahiro’s condition is. Ryu says he’s safe now and should be discharged in two days. Takeshi asks what really happened, why his daughter was kidnapped and Ryu’s son was harmed. He says someone means to get rid of them or may be someone knew who he is and that Phrao is his daughter. Takeshi is furious and Ryu doesn’t know what to answer him when two incidents are totally unrelated. Ryu tells him to calm down and he will take care of both.

“That man said he’s Onisuka” Takeshi grits his teeth and declares, “If he’s really Onisuka, there’s only one punishment for him, hara-kiri!” Ryu clears his throat repeatedly before he can find his voice again. After Takeshi hangs up, he calls Katsu, his former bodyguard, to find out who’s behind Takahiro’s accident.


Hiromi is taking more precaution after her brother’s accident but she doesn’t tell Paskarn because it’s a family matter. She goes through the boat names came docking within one month and feels familiar with one company’s name. She connects the net and sendsย  the info to her secretary in Japan to find out, and less than five minutes, its data comes in. She looks at the names of the directors of the company and her body becomes numb.

She asks Paskarn if he remembers the names of the Japanese couple who visited Thailand. He flips through the document, “Watanabe Taichi and Fumiko.” he says.

Hiromi tries to suppress her fright but it must be her wide-eyed stage and silence that he asks her what happened. She says nothing, she just saw her customer’s names and doesn’t know that they came to Thailand. He nods and loses interest on it.

She excuses herself to the restroom, and once in there, she calls her elder brother right away but there’s no signal like his phone’s turned off when he registered it with the satellite network, so no matter where he is in the world, they will be to contact him. She calls her father and as soon as he picks up, she asks if it’s Tatsuo who did it.

Ryu sighs and asks if anyone knew. She says no, she remembered that Tatsuo is a shareholder of his friend’s yacht company and his yacht was registered in the Dominican Republic. The yacht must be the new one he bought but hasn’t yet transferred into his name to cover it up, and she thinks Tatsuo didn’t think that their father would send her to help Tawan’s family.

She asks why he doesn’t tell Tatsuo to send PhraoTawan back to her parents so everything will end. Ryu says it’s more complicate than she thought and it’s way pass the point to turn back.

She wants to know why Tatsuo is doing this and if he realizes how the parents and brothers are feeling. Ryu says it’s a long story and he will tell her later. He says he sent her there to cover up all Tatsuo’s traces. If Tatsuo gets caught, he and Tawan won’t be able to look at each other again and their family name will be ruined. He tells her to help her brother and he knows she’s capable of it.

Ryu tells Hiromi that Tatsuo misunderstands Tawan about the money and that’s why he took Akira away, so Hiromi’s job is not to let these two men crash, and for Ken-san, just talk to him and calm him down.ย  Ryu says if there’s noting urgent here, he will join her in Taiwan so that the situation won’t be getting out of hand, and he will return the money to Tawan after everything cools down.

She asks where Tatsuo is now. He says close to Cambodia and he must have turned off the phone because he’s so careless to let Akira call her home and even tell Tawan that he’s Onisuka.

“That’s so Tatsuo.” she mumbles wearily. She says if he gets caught by the police, it’s a long jail-term for him.

Ryu tells her what happened to Takahiro worried him that a third hand came meddling, and he still couldn’t find out whose doing it is. She tells him she will be careful so he shouldn’t worry about her.


The crew and PhraoTawan are playing card and having a good time. Sho says they will make a stop at a fishermen village in Vietnam to get more food supplies and five of them will spend a night there leaving only PhraoTawan and Tatsuo on board.

Tatsuo says they are now half way, and from now they won’t make anymore long stop, and they will reach Taiwan in a week from now.

When just the two of them, she begs him to let her call home again because she wants to talk to her mother. After some debate, he lets her and this time Phrao tells her father to let her talk to mom. Phewdao cries hearing her daughter’s voice. After telling her she’s all right and they only want the full amount of five hundred million yen, which they thought she took it, and will release her. She assures her mom that she didn’t do it but he won’t believe her. Tatsuo winces and points at the time. She ends the conversation and tells her that they will meet in one week. Prewdao feels better now and says she will go to Taiwan with her father.

Phrao asks her if Ma-kun called at all and if he knew what happened to her. Prewdao says no, he didn’t call and he must have not known about it because no one contacted him. After Tatsuo cuts off the signal, she wipes her tears. He consoles her that it’s good that he doesn’t know.

Tasuo is aware that they become closer so he asks her if they can still be friends after this. She says it will be difficult because she will feel uncomfortable to see the person who made her pay back the money to her father when she didn’t do anything wrong. He says they will say farewell in Taiwan then because her father said he would pay the whole amount so all will be cleared and she can go back to Mazaki while he will go back to work.

She says she sees no reason for them to stay in contact when their social life and status are so far apart, and even if she gets married and moves to Japan, they won’t cross path.

He thinks if she just begs him to release her from debt and gives him her friendship in return, he will be willing to do it. But till now, she never begs, never admits that she did it, so how he can lower his pride and release her from debt. He walks out of the room without saying anything.

Tatsuo shouts for some drink. The gang sends Shiro to sit down and drink with him to ease their boss’s sour mood. All of them have been noticing that Tatsuo treated PhraoTawan more than just a hostage.

Shiro tells Tatsuo what his men found out. He told them to check on Yamada-san, Akira’s boyfriend. It occurs that he now has a pregnant woman living with him in his mansion and the neighbors said she’s his girlfriend moving in to live together. Tatsuo couldn’t contain his smile and asks if he’s sure that the woman is his girlfriend. Shiro says his men followed them for days and she’s actually his former secretary who resigned to be a full-time housewife.

Tatsuo thinks how sad PhraoTawan will feel once she hears it, but for him, he’s glad that he doesn’t have to think that she’s a woman of another man anymore.

Shiro has spent years with Tatsuo so he knows how his boss is feeling for PhraoTawan at this stage. He dares to ask what they fought about today to upset him. Tatsuo says she said after she got married and moved to Japan, she wouldn’t contact him again because they lived in different world. Shiro couldn’t agree more and tells Tatsuo that he will forget her in no time just like other girls.

Tatsuo asks if he thinks he’s crazy because sometimes he wanted to believe what she told him. Shiro gapes, not only the plan of taking revenge is subsiding but also forgiving her? He calmly asks why he thinks that way. Tatsuo says she cried and no matter how many times he threatened her, she strongly denied it. Shiro groans inside, looks like his boss is falling in love to be the first to mention to her about contacting each other after this.

Tatsuo says he felt uneasy every time he looked into her eyes, it’s like she’s condemning him but she wouldn’t say it. Shiro tells him not to pay attention to it and it’s only one week away before they reach Taiwan and everything will come to an end.

He suggests Tatsuo to go back to Japan first and when they are close to Taiwan, he will call him and Tatsuo can fly over there.

Shiro hopes that if his boss goes back now, he will have his heart with him and may just miss her, but if he stays, Shiro doesn’t want to think of the day PhraoTawan is released, Tatsuo’s heart will fly away with her, so how could he risk having a dishonest woman as the future Onisuka okami-san? The men will look down on Tatsuo.

Tatsuo sees Shiro’s worried eyes and gets it, may be it’s for the best.

“I will think about it and will give you my answer tomorrow.” he tells Shiro. Tatsuo walks back to the cabin and sees PhraoTawan is sleeping, and it hurts to see traces of tears on her cheeks.


Hiromi dressed upย  and smiles at Paskarn sweetly as her father told her. She invites him to have a drink in a pub. He’s not in the mood but once he sees her all dressed up, his mood softened. Mari is also there to watch over her.

Paskarn gets a call from his father that PhraoTawan called again and he wants him and Hiromi to go to Taiwan with them too.

Paskarn notices she doesn’t really enjoy the atmosphere when she’s the one invited him. She tries to smile more when he said that. He dares to ask her to dance with him, and when she accepts it, he’s even more confused.

He tells her that tomorrow they will fly to Chiang Mai to get ready to leave for Taiwan. His father told him to take her to their house while he’s preparing to transfer the money into his friend’s account in Taiwan so that he can withdraw it in cash later.

She keeps staring at his lips which earns her a kiss, her first kiss, on the dance floor. They leave the pub walking hand in hand with Mari trailing behind. Hiromi can’t look at Mari who sneaks a smile at her. They come back to the hotel two hours past midnight. He parks his car at the hotel parking lot. He presses his car remote control to lock his car after they get out. He touches Hiromi’s back softly urging her to start walking. Suddenly, they hear loud noise of the tires crushing the road moving closer.

They all turn to the sound feeling very startled. Mari is quicker, she shoves Hiromi forward as soon as the car moves in full speed towards Hiromi, and herself gets thrown to the other side before all four wheels stop moving.

Paskarn, who got shoved down with Hiromi, turns around and feels blood is draining out of his body when he sees a man, wearing a knitted cap covering his face, lowers the car window shade then a black tip of a gun is pointing at the two of them.

“Watch out!” Paskarn shouts to warn Hiromi before he rolls over to the back of a car parking nearby. With the sound of gunshots on repeat, many bullets hit the car’s grilles in the front sparking vigorously. He doesn’t know that happened after that because it happened so fast. All he knows is he drops down to cover Hiromi with his body when the sound of several gunshots appeared before hearing someone is firing back, then that car takes off and leaves as loud as it came. He feels the heat on his arm and shoulder-blade. He looks down and sees blood pouring out from the bullet holes.

Hiromi struggles to get up and screams, “Ken-san, you were shot.” He nods slowly due to the pain and presses the wound with his hand. Mari runs to them with a gun ready in hand.

“Call the ambulance, Ken-san was shot.” she shouts her order. She lies him down on the ground and uses her hand to locate the wound.

She found that he was shot twice on his arm; one bullet pierced through another end while another bullet stayed deep in his arm, and another bullet is stuck on his shoulder-blade. She quickly tears out his shirt to tie it around his wound to stop the bleeding.

Security guards and people come surrounding them. One person tells her in English that they called the ambulance and it will arrive very soon. She nods while in tears. She doesn’t know when it came pouring out, she never cried since she can remember. She doesn’t know what to do when thinking of how Paskarn used his body to save her, or she would have been the one lying injured now.

She and Mari get into the ambulance with him.


The news reaches Ryu by Hiromi. After hanging up, another line comes in and no need to guess whose call it is.

“What kind of oyabun are you? Why is this mess?” Takeshi yells at him feeling so mad. “What happened? Why things kept happening one after another?”

Ryu tells him to calm down, Katsu is working on who’s behind all these, and Hiromi just called him that Ken-kun already got in the operation room and his condition wasn’t critical.

“How could I not worry when it’s my son?” his voice is so loud that Ryu has to pull the phone away from his ear and sighs heavily. Ryu says he’s not back in Japan yet (still in Texas) so he doesn’t know if they are making any progress. He promises to find the culprit for him when he gets back.

Takeshi says how many times he said that, when Phrao was kidnapped and today his son was shot, he kept saying it but never achieved it.

Ryu recounts the incident he heard from Hiromi to him, and it’s possible that the gunman wanted to get rid of Hiromi, but Ken-kun saved her so he was shot, but the real target was not him.

Takeshi turns silent because it makes sense when Takahiro was harmed few days ago, which is possible that the next target is Hiromi.

“What about Tat-kun? Where is he? You should warn him too.” Takeshi says worriedly. Ryu chokes at that and mumbles that he’s on a trip with Shiro and his gang. The whole gang is there so they shouldn’t worry about him.

“Don’t be too sure. I think the culprit must know us really well, that’s why they knew each of your child’s whereabouts.” Takeshi warns him.

Ryu says he knows that and his men are working hard on it. Takeshi says he will go to Pattaya tomorrow and bring Paskarn to Chiang Mai, and Panu will go to Taiwan instead.

Ryu thinks if that’s the case then Hiromi won’t have more time with Paskarn so now one of his plan is failing. Now his hope is on PhraoTawan and Tatsuo because they will be together for another week. He tells Takeshi he will call him if there’s any progress on it.

Ryu hangs up and sees Mayumi standing on the doorway to Takahiro’s room (in the hospital). She’s stunned and asks if Hiromi is all right. After hearing what happened, she’s certain they wanted to kill her daughter but she can’t call her back to Japan now when she’s the only one to reduce the pressure between Ryu and Takeshi.

She asks when Tatsuo will arrive in Taiwan. Ryu says around one week and he was so careless to let PhraoTawan call home twice. Ryu thinks about his son and gets his hope up that may be Tatsuo become softened and may be they are falling for each other already.

Mayumi says she hopes that what’s happening or don’t hope he will see Takeshi’s face again in this life. Ryu’s face turns sad, he knows it well the consequences that will come with the failure, but when he’s brave to do it, he’s also brave to face it.


It’s not turning the way Ryu’s hoping for when Tatsuo decides to pack his belongings and documents into his small suitcase at dawn of the next day. He thought about it all night and it’s better that he leaves now. Shiro was right, she’s not suitable to be okami-san at all or even his mistress. His men will condemn him if he gives such position to a liar like her.

Shiro already booked a flight from Vietnam to Tokyo for him and he’s heading out to Hanoi in the morning. He looks at PhraoTawan who is sleeping soundly. He thinks of writing her a letter but there’s no use when he intends to not seeing her again.

He looks at her and chuckles at his own feeling. If Shiro didn’t warn him about it, it would be more difficult later. He leaves the cabin, closing the door quietly behind him.

“Goodbye, Akira-san. I shouldn’t have you as my weakness in my life, and we won’t meet again.” he whispers to her before walking up the deck with his suitcase, where his friends are waiting.


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  1. Oh my damn! Tat-kun is falling hard. He must really really like Prao at this point after all the time they spent together, so much that he anticipates remaining friends after releasing her. Even though they get along, I can’t imagine Prao wanting to stay in contact with the person who kidnapped me. ><

  2. Thank you so much for spending your time translating and posting the story online for us fans ^^ I’m so grateful for your tremendous effort *thumbs up* I’m a big fan of Ryu and Mayumi characters so I have always been curious of what happens to them after defeating the baddies and their marriage life and their kids ^^

  3. i cannot wait for more. thank you

  4. I have been a silent reader since chapter 1. Sorry that it took me a long time to say Thank You. The third book is very interesting and Im addicted to reading this translation. Thank you for taking your valuables time translate the book for us.

  5. 2 in day! You are on a roll! Questions: is Aiko’s son’s illegal activities also going on at the same time? Like is there any long scene of him plotting his bad deeds? Or is it just the small accounts you give us?
    Thank you!!! Woohoo
    Me to Tatsuo: BABY COME BACK!! Haha

  6. Once again, thank you so much for translating for us! I really like both couples. I especially like Hiromi; she reminded me of her mother Mayumi, very strong, independent, and very skill in fighting.

  7. Oh. Tat kun is a coward.

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