Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (Part 4)


PhraoTawan thinks this man is mad to accuse her about taking his money. She closes her eyes trying to concentrate. When she opens her eyes again, she’s more calm so she tells him to let her see the evidences he said he had. Tatsuo shrugs and throws a thick document file on the bed.

She’s so startled when he sits down on a sofa. It seems she’s very cautious of his every move and keeps looking at the door as a way to escape so he warns her that they are in the middle of the sea approx. 20 miles off shore. Without his order, there’s no way she can get to the shore.

Despite being so scared right now, PhraoTawan kept her cool front. She’s so thirsty, it must be because of that stupid drug, but since she refused his offer a bottle of water earlier, she will have to endure it. She opens the file and sees a stack of her photos. She flips through the documents and wants to scream if only her dry throat will allow her.

“It’s not true, I didn’t do it and who is this Mami Hika? I don’t know her and how could this huge amount get transferred to my father’s account?”

“Water is over there.” he motions to the plastic bottle by the bed when he heard her hoarse voice. “Or if you don’t trust me, go get one in the fridge.”

She decides to get a new bottle from the fridge with a plastic sealed on it. She tears it herself and drinks it so fast.

“Actually, I could inject the drug in it with a syringe, and it will take effect in no time” His words come as breezy as the wind. She chokes on it and starts coughing. She curses him that he intends to drug and rape her. She throws the bottle with half of water at him. He grabs it in time and only little water spills on him.

“Oh, come on.” He bangs the bottle down the window edge and turns to look her, his eyes shone with anger. “If I wanted to rape you, I would have done it first hand, why would I wait for you to wake up and shout at me like this?”

She contemplates on it and admits that it’s quite true since she’s fully clothed with the same dress and this is almost 1 a.m. and it’s many hours passed. Thus, she feels a bit relaxed but not feeling safe just yet.

He asks if she still wants to look at the documents, if not then he will take it back. She says she wants to see all of these fake documents, to see who framed her.

She looks through it and has to concede to all of the evidences. He tells her to transfer back all the money and she will have her freedom back. His voice turns softer when tears are brimming her eyes. She screams back how she can have that such amount to return to him. She didn’t take it and doesn’t know about it so why she needs to take responsibility for it. She starts crying.

He tells her she must stay here until her father brings the money then. He’s so angry when she still insists her innocence to all of it. When he stands up, she steps backwards until her back is against the wall. Both look into the eyes of each other with only the bed between them.  He’s so furious that if he stays here longer, he will probably strangle her to death while she’s scared of his arrogant look,  she keeps staring at him and won’t avoid his eyes.

She says he can’t detain her here, her father will inform the police and he will be put in jail in Thailand for such a long long time, and the jail over there is not as comfortable as the ones in Japan.  He returns with a threat that if investigated, it’s her who will be put to jail in Japan. He stomps his feet out of the room and locks the door from outside. She reaches for the door and shouts at him, “You crazy man, take me home right now. I didn’t take your money and you have no right to capture me.” She bangs on the door so hard but there’s no response from outside.

PhraoTawan panics. She doesn’t know how long he will detain her and whether or not her father has the money to give it to him. She looks though the file again and has to admit that all of it points finger at her to have done it. She looks at her photos one by one and is quite surprised that they are done very well to specifically make her look good. She puts everything back into the file feeling frustrated.

“How was it, boss?” Shiro greets him when seeing Tatsuo walks back here with an even angrier face with the sound of her curses following behind him “Looks like she’s tame.”

If Tatsuo has a sword in his hand, he will poke it on his friend’s head. But with bare hands now, he just sends him a killer stare. “If she’s not now, she will be soon.”

But his friends aren’t convinced and sneak a smile to one another. Tatsuo asks why they didn’t go to bed yet. Sho says they did, but the quarrel next door woke them up so they decided to get some beer, in case it would make them fall asleep easier, and they found Shiro up here too so they must have felt the same way.  Tatsuo keeps cool and chases them to sleep on the deck instead if the sound troubled them so much. Shiro laughs and says it’s not that much then turns serious and asks what she said and if she will return the money so they can go back to Japan.

Tatsuo sighs and says he thought things would end easily but after she looked at the evidences, she still insisted that she didn’t do it and someone framed her. Shiro says the guilty one always says that. Shiro is disappointed because now it seems they will have to sail to Japan for real and it will take weeks. He wants to go back to Yokohama fast missing all the pretty girls there. “So, what’s next, boss?”

“When she refuses to return the money to us, proceed with the second plan. Call Taichi tomorrow to send the letter, and we will be heading to Taiwan.”

Three men stare at one another realizing that a long journey is inevitable, so they answer in unison, “Yes, sir!”


Tatsuo comes back to his cabin almost at dawn and sees she’s sleeping wearing the same clothes. He takes a bath and comes out with only a towel around his waist. He walks to the closet and pulls the towel away. He is looking for pajamas which normally he wouldn’t use it. All of a sudden, a scream startles him. The sound pierces through his nerves. He turns to her angrily, “What the…aren’t you going to get some sleep?”

She calls him a pervert for not wearing anything. He looks down and laughs. He puts on a robe and asks if she’s satisfied now, if so, then sleep already.  She looks around and wonders where he will sleep, if not besides her.

“You can’t sleep here, go sleep outside.”

“This yacht has three bedrooms, the other two are occupied and this is my room. You are lucky that I let you sleep in here and not a storage room.” He turns off the light and gets in bed, ignoring her.

But before he can lie down, his body jerked upwards because of a tiny fist throwing at his chin and he almost falls backwards. He exclaims so loud and turns on the light to see PhraoTawan jump down the bed on the opposite side. Her fists still clenched ready to fight and it’s telling that she’s capable of punching and kicking. He rubs his chin where her fist perfectly landed.

She says she won’t allow him to sleep in here and he has no right to do so. He argues that he has every right to do whatever he wants when she’s his debtor and he’s the owner of this yacht. “I will count to three, lie down nicely or I will tie you down.”

PhraoTawan narrows her eyes when he opens the drawer and pulls out a long strip of cloth and starts counting.


She hesitates, not sure if he really means it.

“Three!” He quickly approaches her but she’s already prepared for it. As soon as he reaches her, she grabs his collar and turns while twisting her leg around his knee and throws him down the floor so loud that whole boat is shaking, then she drops down to jab his throat with her elbow. He’s out of breath for the second time that he couldn’t say a word.

There comes banging on the door from outside. “Boss, what happened? Are you all right?”

Tatsuo is out of breath and angry and embarrassed. He’s glad that he locked the door from inside or else his friends would barge in and see this embarrassing moment.

He grits his teeth and grabs her collar and pulls her up. He throws her on the bed and tie her with the cloth. She tries to kick him and curses him all the while. He says if she doesn’t stop cursing, he will gag her too. With that, she stops.

Tatsuo shouts at his friends outside that all is fine and they can go back to bed.

“Boss, are you sure you don’t need help?” Shiro asks anyway. “No, you guys go away.” With that, Tatsuo hears a lot of laughs outside before it’s quiet down to the sound of the waves outside.

Tatsuo tells her that he’s very sleepy and very drunk, and if she keeps getting on his nerves, he won’t guarantee her safety, and if she curses him one more time, he will gag her from here to Japan.

PhraoTawan keeps her mouth shut and only looks at him. He turns off the light and lies down on his side of the bed, and quickly falls asleep. She lets out a sigh of relief and loosens up after seeing that.  She remembers she saw the tattoo on his back, it’s a giant with a red face holding sword and above it is a dragon, its head and claws covering his left shoulder. It’s a frightening sight. She never gets this close with her boyfriend. She thought he wanted to harm her to take off his clothes, but when his fell asleep not paying attention to her, she’s relieved.

PhraoTawan sighs. Dawn breaks, he’s asleep and it’s quiet outside. She’s too tired so she falls asleep too.


Now that you see how they bicker, I will start skipping here and there and get to the point. Personally, kidnapping a woman is not my cup of tea, but please think of it as fiction and a sequel to the previous books 🙂

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  1. That was soo funny. I was walking and reading this at the same time. Not a good mixture because the silly facial expressions would not stop showing. Thank you!

  2. thanks!
    greatly appreciated!

  3. Hmmm…kidnapping a girl and sailing off to sea is pretty redundant storyline. But I’m hoping that the story will have some surprises. Thanks so much for taking time to tell us the story. Waiting for more!

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