Update: Phirun Phram Rak Fitting

I went ahead of myself getting excited for this lakorn. Taew Nattaporn and Bomb Tanin are back as leads again after the popular Juthathep Gentlemen Series: Khun Chai Ratchanon. Did I tell you that the year this lakorn airing, the name ‘Ratchanon’ was among popular names the parents registered for their new born? In Thai language, I have to say it’s an elegant and beautiful name for a man. However, the producer for this new lakorn is the same one who produced Cubic so…


‘Phirun’ means rain (the rain), ‘Phrum’ means talking interminably, and ‘Rak’ is love. It’s your own to interpret it. Normally, the storyline would give you an idea for it.

Also, it’s a novel under that same name. The author is Klin Euang.


[2nd print book cover]

ISBN: 978-616-00-1403-3

Written on the back cover:

She found him lying wet in a dirty alley in the heart of Hong Kong

His white winter jacket was damp with dirt on it, and covered with blood

At first, when she picked him up, she thought he’s just a homeless

But…when she washed him up nicely

He’s even more handsome than some famous star!

The problem was, he couldn’t remember anything…except his name

That man stole her heart and her first kiss, and mysteriously disappeared

Fate obviously plays a trick on her…when she meets him again

He can’t remember her at all…


Taew will be Dr. ChaMin, while Bomb will be Mr. Lu and/or Logan (he will play two characters and whether or not they are the same person, it’s what we will have to find out). I don’t think this lakorn will be aired this year though  🙂

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  1. Oh wow! The plot looks interesting! It’s similar to this manga i read years ago. I loved the way they bickered in Ratchanon, but this time i wonder if this lakorn would have more “sweet” moments. Looking forward to this!

  2. I like Bomb and Taew together. He always needs to play opposite a stronger actor who makes him come across with more stability.
    Looking forward to this one. Not excited it’s from the Cubic crew but hopefully sense these two are so winning together it will turn out a much better project.
    Yay 2015 is looking bright!

    • Yes, Bomb definitely needs a veteran female lead as his anchor. I’m not sure why he’s criticized a lot on the net, before-during-after his lakorns aired. I didn’t follow the one airing now (Suay Rai Sai Lub), from a peek I saw, his acting was all right only that he had more chemistry with Alex Rendell than the female lead, lol.

  3. I love this pair since their last lakorn together. I am so excited and beyond elated and can’t wait see thus this one. Please keep us updated.

  4. Spoiler synopsis*
    Taew plays as Thai doctor in Hong Kong . BOmb once again plays as Mafia. He got amnesia and they fell in love. He got rescued by his gang and he remembered but forgot about her. He has a daughter who gets sick quite often and that’s how they met again. He has a fiancee whose father related to his sister’s death. The daughter is actually his sister’s and the father played a hand in her death.

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