Roy Fun Tawan Duerd – Epilogue

First, I didn’t finish the lakorn so not sure if the ending followed the novel.



His personal cell phone rang in the evening making Ryu frown wondering who dared calling and disturbing him at this hour, but when he saw the number, he quickly pressed to accept the call.

“Hi, Takeshi, what can I do for you?” Ryu teased just like every time he talked to his close relative. Takeshi wasn’t in the mood to have fun with him, he shouted his question so loud.

“I received a letter saying PhraoTawan was in Onizuka’s care and asking for a ransom of one hundred million. What does that mean?”

“What?” Ryu exclaimed. Takeshi repeated it again loud and clear.

“I don’t understand…I don’t know about it.” Ryu answered…then his twisted eyebrows loosen, he understood right away what happened to PhraoTawan because Tatsuo didn’t show his face many days now and by now, he must be somewhere in Thailand…with…PhraoTawan.

“What Onizuka got to do with it or was it your men did this to my daughter?”

“No one dare do anything to Akira-chan. I will tell my men to find out. Any news, I will call you right away.”

The line was hung up, Ryu quietly let out a sigh of relief when turning to his wife who was preparing pajamas in the dressing room. She quickly walked out of the room, her soft hand touching her chest. She could guess what happened.

“Tat-kun, isn’t it?” she whispered.

“I think so. I will call and ask where he is now.”

Mayumi’s quiet down when her husband’s dialing their son’s number. Not long, Ryu started talking.

“Where are you?”

“Must be somewhere along the Gulf of Thailand, oyaji”

“What are you doing over there?”

“Taking revenge for Onizuka. I now have a hostage with me and not for long, we will get our money back.”

As if that’s not enough, Ryu heard screams and curses in three languages. He could understand only two but he could guess the third language must be just as bad, and PhraoTawan must be close by so she could hear Tatsuo’s voice.

“Don’t harm her. No matter what, she’s a woman…” Ryu whispered faintly.

“Yes, she’s a woman who’s so good at kicking and punching. She even threw me down once, such a sharp-tongued, curses all the time in any language, choose one and she won’t let you down.” Tatsuo’s voice sounded like he’s annoyed and quite mad.

Ryu sighed quietly yet couldn’t help smiling. Perhaps, Tatsuo may just meet a woman who’s his equal match. He gave his son 2-3 more words and strictly instructed him not to kill her or he would never forgive him.

His son gave him his word…with that, he’s relieved.

“She’s with him.” Ryu told his wife. “And she’s safe, the girl Akira is quite a good fighter.”

“Should I talk to her a bit?” Mayumi felt worried for her niece. Ryu shook his head as his answer.

“Better not, let Tatsuo follow his plan and we watch from afar only.”

“All right.” Mayumi nodded. Her mind felt for husband and wife in Thailand, how worried they must be that Takeshi’s beloved youngest daughter was taken from his chest by Tatsuo. “Takeshi may return to the circle. He won’t be able to stay still.”

“That’s right. This time he may have to appear…the incident happened many ten years ago, he doesn’t need to hide anymore, and this time Tatsuo will finally become the rightful Onizuka’s oyabun. Akira-chan will make him have that right.”

“Before that day comes, Takeshi and Seiko’s hearts must be so burned.” Mayumi mumbled. “And I think you should prepare the big apologize ceremony again when everything passes.”

“If it makes me get a daughter-in-law I wanted, I will be glad to, kimi.” Ryu flashed a wide smile before pulling Mayumi to him, hugging her excitedly…If Tatsuo succeeded, it would help pulling Takeshi back to be Onizuka again and he would get to have a same-age buddy out in the open, no more secrets hiding.

It’s time Takeshi must return, because, a person born as gokudo had gokudo blood running inside. No matter how much he denied it, he could never run away from it.

He still couldn’t stop smiling…wanting to know how Takeshi would react once he knew who captured PhraoTawan…not long now, we would know!

[The End]

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  1. Thank you. IT definitely is a good way to wrap up wrap up book 2.

  2. Thanks, dear. This is so exciting! You mean to say that this is the plot to get Takeshi back as soryo planned by Ryu, Mayumi and Seiko? How brilliant! Do you think they will make a sequel to the first two? Anyway, please finish reading and tell us the story! I’m dying to know what will come next and how it’s going to end. Thanks, dearie! You’re the best! 😀

  3. Above is the last chapter and it ends right there. The story continues in another book, Sai Luerd Dan Tawan, which I’m still struggling to finish it.

    A little glimpse is Aiko and her son come back to Japan and Mizawa Group is rising again, while Ryu is trying to get his son or daughter marry Takashi’s daughter or son, as he believes his son is not truly Onizuka to head the group because Ryu’s adopted and his Onizuka blood comes from the female side of the family, so by rule it’s only Takashi’s children who are truly and the only Onizuka to head the group, and Takeshi knows well that his son can easily take that place away from Ryu’s son but he insists not going back to the group, which is not what Ryu wants so he comes up with plans to achieve his goal, with Mayumi reluctantly gives a helping hand through Seiko. Not sure why the story is not as charming as the first two books, but let’s see. 🙂

  4. Will you continue to translate? .

  5. Thanks for the translations! When I heard these were actually books, I was jealous because I knew I wouldn’t have the opportunity to read! Now I will read thanks to you!! I’m at an advantage, I never read the books. Books to movies almost always fail. Thanks so much!

  6. so there is Part 3 in which the children are together?
    I hope the ending is good also……
    it will be even better if they have the books translated into english.

  7. Thanks so much! I am curious what come next??? 😉

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