Soundtrack: She’s So Lovable

I haven’t talked about Korean drama soundtrack much this year so I’m picking one that I love listening to it these days. My love for ‘Rain’ during Full House days come back full force because of this drama. Sometimes telling story a simple way, simply acting from hearts, with some nice breezy songs, could turn on magic. Not saying it’s perfect but it feels nice to watch it over and over.

Song title: I Only Want You (OST Part 4)

Artist: Kim Tae Woo

Official MV

(Turn on cc for English translations, credit as tagged)

Waiting patiently for episode 11, whenever it may come…


Picture @soompi

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  1. Oh dear, I really need to catch up on this. Which episode is it on now? Rain’s shower scene?? Definitely must watch now! heehee.

    • Next Wed would be episode 12, and I think it’s 16 episodes totally. Forgot which episode ‘Rain Effect’ was *cough*

      The leading lady doesn’t act that well, sometimes a little flat imo yet her dialogs doesn’t which makes such a nice contrast. It may sound weird but her character is quite charming or else how she could reflect the drama title?

      People are waiting for the hero to reveal the big secret and even said it’s unfair to the girl. However, a past trauma for some is not something you can talk about if your mind and body are not really ready for it, so I’m willing to wait. He’s not being unfair or down right bad but I can see he’s trying to pick up his life (and soul) piece by piece let alone trying to accept that may be, just may be he’ll face with another tragic. I really want this conflict to end with songs that heal both hearts but the writer can easily choose the typical ways. Both ways will work for me as long as hearts are healed πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, dear. I’m going to watch it. Love Rain in Full House and love all songs of Kim Tae Woo since he was a member of GOD! This is going to be great! πŸ˜€

    • Rain’s character is a once great songwriter, but after a trauma he couldn’t do it anymore, not sure if it’s really about physical or mental pain yet to see, so I’m now hoping he will compose a song again before this series ends, I hope.

      These days I’m in the mood of watching something very very low-key, characters don’t talk in layers, no mega project…so I have to warn you this series is full of cliches (i.e. Rain’s shower scene *wink*), predictable, heavy angst in the middle of its run, noble idiocy etc.

      It’s an easy watch though and let’s face it, the same things (better or worst) do happen in our life over and over, and there’s also a time where you can’t speak out because you just can’t, not because you don’t want to. Predictable or not, it’s life. Also, Kim Tae Woo did a cameo in this one too, forgot which episode though πŸ™‚

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