Ruk Tong Aoom Episode 2 (Summary) (2/9)

First, let me tell you in advance, I’m really not sure how far I will able to do this.

Episode 2

Part 1

Grandma wants to punish Lanta for lying by hitting her with a stick, which they negotiate between 1 and 2 times. Aunt Aung stops grandma from hitting her niece whom she raised, and she can take the punishment for her. When grandma tells her to turn around so she can hit her butt, Aunt Aung tells Lanta to just take it, it won’t hurt that much. Haha.

Ya says Lanta never lied to her so grandma should listen to her first. Pat begs grandma too. Grandma says let’s hear it and she hopes it’s a good one.


TaNu is crying and Sipa tries to make him stop but fails completely. He shushes the baby when a phone call comes in. Sipa greets his uncle and says he will give him the document he had finished preparing tomorrow. He tells his uncle that it’s the noise of the baby of his neighbor next door, they left it with him and he’s crying nonstop. Sipa gives his uncle (who’s a captain) his words that he will give him the document tomorrow.

Sipa hangs up and tells TaNu to quiet down for a sec or the neighbors will come knocking. He keeps begging the baby and someone rings the door bell, “See!” he exclaims.

It’s Paul at the door. Sipa asks if he came because of the sound of the baby. Paul blinks, as a yes. Sipa says he tried his best, feeding him, changing his diaper, but he wouldn’t stop crying. Paul asks if the baby’s sick, and Sipa left him crying for so long that it could be in shock. “Shock? That bad?” Sipa asks. Paul nods.


Grandma is in shock and asks if Lanta had an affair with her boss. Lanta says no, she just dated him and she’s stupid to believe his words. Grandma says don’t say that she had let him take away her innocence. Lanta confirms that she’s still a 100% virgin because that’s how grandma taught her and she swears that it’s the truth. Grandma says for her, there are two reasons why people swear: they innocent of it or they try to cover it up. When Lanta insists, grandma says she believes her, but, this time, Lanta was careless and easily believed a man, so that habit of hers must be fixed. Grandma asks if she understand that. Lanta thanks grandma.

Grandma says if she told her at first, she wouldn’t be fooled by a bad man like that so next time tell her. Lanta asks if she will help, if she tells her. Grandma asks why, what trouble she’s bringing now. Lanta says she wouldn’t dare. Pat says “Righttt..” Lanta jabs her on the ribs with her elbow. Grandma asks, “What?” The two say, “Nothing!”

Grandma repeats the question. Lanta says nothing. Grandma says ‘nothing’ means there is. Lanta says yes (oops!) then says no, nothing. Grandma says the three of them look suspicious to her. Lanta gets away from it because someone rings the bell at the gate so she runs out to check. Pat follows her.

It’s Anuchit who came. He explains to Lanta that he doesn’t love Orn-kajee, he married her because his aunt begged him, and he loves Lanta. She chases him out, no matter what she’s his wife so what he said disgust her.

He asks her for a chance. He will divorce Orn-kajee and will marry her. Ya says Lanta won’t marry him and she won’t let him mess with her friend anymore. He says it’s between him and Lanta so other person just go away!

Lanta says Ya is her friend and it’s him who’s an outsider. Ya yells at him to leave. He tells her not to be rude when he’s her boss. Ya challenges him to fire her so everyone will know how bad he is. He insists he will marry Lanta. Ya shoves him to get out. Lanta yells at him to leave now.

“Lan, just remember, I love you and will never lose you!” He shouts at her and leaves.


Sipa and Paul take TaNu to the hospital. Sipa asks the doctor if he’s all right. The doctor says she will have to examine him and asks if his mother came with them too. Sipa says how she could come when he doesn’t know who the mother is. Paul pats his shoulder so Sipa realizes he shouldn’t talk too much.

Paul tells the doctor that the two of them adopted the baby. Sipa sees Paul’s sleeve gotten loose so he fixes it for him. Paul says they both want to have a child. The doctor says she can understand that.

Sipa says he’s glad that she understands. The doctor says there are many couples adopted the children which more and more accepted by the society. LOL. Paul turns to Sipa and says, “See, I told you it’s okay.”

The doctor says she will prescribe some medicine but if the baby doesn’t get better, they need to bring him back.  Sipa leans close to Paul and asks if he thinks TaNu will be all right. Paul says he’s with the doctor so it should be okay.

The doctor suggests they divide their role clearly. Both men say yes. The doctor tells them to settle who’s the dad and who’s the mom so the baby won’t get confused. Sipa turns to Paul, “Dad?” Paul returns, “Mom?”

The doctor says they don’t have to feel embarrassed about it because she understands. She excuses herself to go do the surgery. Both men run out trying to correct the fact but the nurse is telling TaNu to go to his mom and dad. Sipa says actually they aren’t..,, but the nurse hands TaNu over to him. Sipa tells Paul, “Let’s leave!”

The nurses say what a pity, they both are handsome.

In the car, Sipa blames it on Paul for his unclear talking so the nurses misunderstand them. Paul says if they tell them the truth and they start asking, things could become a mess. Sipa asks, “What if my ratings (with women) drops, who’s going to be responsible for that?”

Paul argues, “As if my ratings won’t drop too?”

TaNu is crying so Sipa tries to console him, then TaNu poops and it stinks. Sipa says he’s feeling wet on his leg so park the car and find some diapers.

They are in a supermarket. Paul says he doesn’t know which one to choose. Sipa tells him to hurry and holds TaNu up high for him to measure his size. The two bickers whether it should be by the baby’s weight or size they should choose from. Other customers are looking at them.

Sipa tells Paul to tear the package. Paul tears one package and puts a new diaper on TaNu. Two customers are gossiping that the two look cute together and both are handsome. The girl says, “Mom, they are open about it these days. So cute.”

Paul turns to her and the mother says what a pity.

Paul turns to Sipa who quickly says, “She pities you.” Paul says, “She pities you.” LOL

Part 2

Three girls are satisfied how they handled Anuchit. Pat asks Ya if she’s not afraid Anuchit will fire her for being that rude to him. Ya says no, when she can chase a bad man out of her friend’s life. Lanta thanks Ya and tells her to think of herself too next time.

Ya asks if Lanta will go back to Khun Nu. Lanta says no, there are plenty of good men out there. Ya asks what about work, if she wants to go back to work at ‘Label’ Magazine, and she can talk to Pee Nee for her. Lanta says no, she won’t, she still feels tired. Ya asks since that day at the office, Lanta didn’t go home at all so where she went. Lanta smiles and says she got a new friend.

TaNu is crying so Sipa tries to make him stop and tells Paul to hurry with the milk. He throws the bottle to Sipa who throws it back because they have to wait until it’s cool down first. TaNu stops crying so they peek at him. Once he starts crying again, they start throwing the milk bottle back and forth because TaNu loves it. LOL.

Lanta wakes up and looks at the time. She tells everyone to wake up because she needs to go and take the shift. Pat and Lanta sit in front of grandma who is asking where Lanta will go apply for a new job. Lanta says Pat will take her which startles Pat. Pat tells grandma it’s definitely a good job. Grandma asks if the boss is a man or a woman. Pat turns to Lanta and answers grandma that she thinks it’s better that the boss is a woman. When grandma wants to ask some more, Lanta says she’s late already and pulls Pat along to leave. Ya comes down and asks where Lanta is going but Lanta says she will tell her later. Ya says goodbye to grandma and leaves for work.

Lanta arrives at Sipa’s room and sees both men are sleeping and TaNu is on the bed. Sipa opens his eyes.

“Ai Lan! What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock.”

“What?! Nine o’clock? Lan, you take care of him next, I’ll have to go to work.”

“All right.”

Paul wakes up and excuses himself. He leaves before Lanta finishes saying thank you.

Pat comes to the office and sees Kob so she asks that he said he would come to the office tomorrow. Kob asks if she read some of his work, tell him how it is and whether it’s good or bad. Pat blinks and keeps quiet so he asks if she’s quiet because she’s amazed with it or….She says she’s busy yesterday and if he wants to hear the reason, she can explain.

He tells her not to explain because there’s one more day left for her, so tomorrow they will talk and plan their work together. She asks if he won’t criticize her about it. He asks if she had made any mistake. She only points at his face.

He tells her to be more enthusiastic with her work, and if it were Pee Arthit asked her just now, it would surely effect her work assessment. He orders her to continue reading when she hasn’t finished it yet. Pat opens the book forcefully to read it.

Sipa is in hurry to leave for work.

“Sipa, I’m sorry for last night…..”
“Ai Lan! We’ll have a talk when I come back. See, I’m late now!…You too, Tanu!” He leaves.

Lanta tells Tanu to kick him because he dares to scold at him. She sits down on a sofa with TaNu and hears someone coming in the room. She thinks it’s Sipa so she asks if he comes back for something and is surprised to see Ya instead.

Lanta asks how she could come here. Ya asks since when Lanta had a child and why she didn’t know about it, and don’t tell her that Khun Nu is the father. Lanta says it’s not her child so Ya asks whose it is.

Sipa hurriedly walks into his uncle (a captain)’s office. Uncle says he’s fifteen minutes late which could mean that the passengers’ safety is at stake, because one minute wasted could mean an imperfect preparation to fly. Sipa says he will be more careful next time.

Uncle tells him to prepare the PR document about new pilot admission and send it to the office in Chiang Mai by today. Sipa says yes. Uncle reminds him that to become a pilot the training was tough and had to pass so many tests, so don’t destroy his future by lacking discipline. Sipa says yes. Uncle pats his shoulder to encourage him and leaves. Sipa yawns. LOL.

He gets into the restroom and finds an empty toilet room and gets inside to sleep. Later, a phone call from his uncle wakes him. He answers him that he’s doing it and it will be done in one hour. Sipa hangs up and looks at the time. He says he slept for two hours, he can’t let it be like this anymore.

Ya agrees with Lanta that they can’t let the baby be in danger. Lanta says it’s only Ya and Pat who think she did the right thing, but for Sipa, his mood went up and down and he thinks TaNu is a burden. Ya says since she has known her, not even one time that Sipa wouldn’t help her so she thinks he will get softened over time.

Lanta wonders why the food she ordered is so slow to arrive so she leaves TaNu with Ya to check on it. Sipa comes back and sees Ya with TaNu so he marches to them and tells Ya to hand the baby over to him. Ya protests and asks where he’s taking the baby. Sipa takes the baby and walks to his car. Both Ya and Lan run after him.

Lanta asks where he’s taking TaNu. He says he’s taking him to an orphanage. She asks why he changes his mind when he said he would help. He says TaNu brought chaos to their lives, it’s burden, they can’t raise him.

Lanta hits him and takes the baby from him. She says she will raise the baby herself.

“Ai Lan, stop being crazy! If you could raise TaNu, you wouldn’t have come bothering me.”

“Bothering you?”

“Of course, you can’t even take care of yourself. Look at you, no job with a car to pay for, and you have no house! You are overdoing it (beyond her capabilities). It’s a pity.”

“Ai Sipa, you’re looking down on me!”

“I can guarantee that I’m right.”

“All right, I will prove to you that I can raise TaNu!”

“Ai Lan!”

“From now on, don’t help or mess with this anymore. I don’t have a bad friend like you!”

“Then, from now on, don’t bring this baby to my room!”

“All right!”

Ya asks Lanta where she’s going. Sipa stops her from going after Lanta.

Laterrrr….I could only do it slowly  🙂

*Let me remind you again, this lakorn is a romantic drama, not a rom-com….so you won’t be disappointed when things turn a little rough.


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  1. This is killing me funny! Thank you very much!

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