Ruk Tong Aoom Episode 1 (Summary)


The way Lanta’s handling things may be questionable, but it’s done out of good intention – to save the baby from harm. I’m willing to let the story chugging along and enjoy the ride  🙂

Episode 1

Lanta comes running down in a hurry. She greets her aunt (Aung)  and grandmother (Malai) and runs to her car (she named it ‘Kluay-hom’ – a kind of banana). She kisses Kluay-hom which she recently bought (with installment plan). After Lanta drove off, aunt says she said her life wouldn’t be in a hurry once she bought a car, but look at her now. Grandma bets the whole gang will be late for work.

Ming helps her parents carrying the food and putting it down in front of the store, then runs out and counts, “9,8,7, …1” Lanta arrives at the exact time. They pick up ‘Pat’ next at the bus terminal (she’s a travel columnist).

Pat gets in the car. They call ‘Ya’ (Tanya-red) who came down from the office to get some coffee. The three ask her to get some for them too: cappuccino (for Lanta), latte (for Pat), Chrysanthemum drink (for Ming, haha).

The three work for a fashion magazine. Both Lanta and Ya are candidates for the vacant editor position. Pat says Pee Nee (their boss) has her eye on Lanta for the position. Lanta reminds her not talk about it in front of Ya (who also wants the position). Apparently, Lanta let Ya get her current position in the past, but this time it’s an important job so Pat thinks Pee Nee won’t let Lanta do that again.

Lanta and Ya argue about an article for the issue to be published. Ya had cut short Lanta’s article from two pages to one. She explains that the ads took more space in this issue so she had to do that. While Ya argues that ads makes money, Lanta says readers don’t buy a magazine to read ads, and it’s where their professional code of conduct must be kicked in. Ya tells her to let it go for this issue and orders it published. Lanta won’t let Ya have her way, it’s the readers’ benefits and wants their boss to make the decision.

Pee Nee and Anuchit walk in and decide to follow Lanta’s idea (cut the ads and put back the complete article). She tells Lanta to meet her in her office after fixing the work.

Later, in the lounge, Lanta asks if Ya understand her. Pat wonders why she did that. Ya says it’s the marketing who forced her. Lanta says she should have told her that (since they are close friends) instead of shouting at her. Ya gives her an excuse that if she told her, it wouldn’t look real. They smile at each other. Ya tells Lanta to finish fixing the article fast.

Pat calls Lanta the new editor in advance because she’s sure about that, and there’s a widower, Khun Anuchit, who come around her, so Lanta is lucky both in love and in game. Lanta agrees she wants both, advance in her career and a boyfriend.

Ya tells Lanta (just before she goes to Pee Nee’s office) that Khun Anuchit wants to see her in his office. Ya teases her that she will get to call her Marketing MD’s wife in the future.

Ya comes to see Anuchit who seems surprised to see her. He asks if she wants anything to come see him, he’s inconvenient right now. Lanta says Ya told her he wanted to see her. She says she’s ready to give him the answer he wants about their relationship. He interrupts her saying he’s inconvenient now, an important guest is coming to see him. Lanta asks who it is.

A woman marches in and yells at her, “His wife!” Lanta is confused saying he told her his wife had passed away.

Part 2

Suvipa, the big boss, says she will let Nee make the decision. Lanta and Anuchit’s wife fight in front of them. Lanta insists that she doesn’t know he has a wife. When Anuchit tells her to leave for now, she says she won’t leave and tells everyone that she’s not his mistress and this man lied to her. She slaps him.

Suvipa shouts at them that this kind of thing is happening in this office. Lanta says she did nothing wrong, and her reputation ruined because he fooled her. She didn’t steal anyone’s husband. Suvipa says she gets it now that Lanta wasn’t careful enough and easily believed a man. She turns to Nee and asks if she is the person Nee wants to put their magazine in her care. She says their magazine is all about clever women who can take good care of both her life and career.

Nee says but sometimes in life we make mistakes too. Suvipa asks if she thinks there’s any staff here wants to have a boss who handled things crazily like this. Nee tries to smooth it out but Lanta says she quits, because she doesn’t want to be a problem for her nice boss, Khun Ratchanee.

Anuchit tells her not to quit and he will take care of her. Lanta shouts at him to just take care of his wife, and she’s willing to quit more than to breathe in the same office with him. Lanta leaves while Ya smiles. Huhu…what a friend.


Sipadun, a co-pilot, just finished his flight and has a good time teasing the flight attendants. An air-hostess, of a different airline, calls him, “Pee Sipa!” and says he dropped this. She hands him a napkin. He looks at her in the eyes and takes it, her phone number is written on it. He returns, “My pleasure.”

His friend, Top, comes along and asks Sipa to hang out together tonight. Sipa says it seems he’s unavailable tonight. His friend smiles so Sipa corrects it, “In other words, I don’t want to disappoint her.”

Lanta vents out her anger in a pub with Pat. Pat asks if she won’t regret it, it’s the job she loves and a great opportunity she’s leaving behind. Lanta says she will just think she left for something better. Pat asks about her car, Kluay Hom, that Lanta recently bought, how she’s going to pay for it. Lanta say three months salary Pee Nee gave her should let her breathe a little longer.

Pat says if her grandmother knows about this, Anuchit would be dead. Lanta corrects that it’s her who will be dead, got her heart broken and lost her job. She says pride comes first in her house, so they must keep it a secret from her grandmother.

Grandma Malai calls Lanta and scolds her for still not coming home this late at night. Lanta gives her an excuse that she’s interviewing someone then hangs up. Pat says her grandma is a fierce one recalling while in high school, grandma punished them in front of the school for sneaking out to have fun.

Pat gets a call from another publisher she promised to give them her manuscript today. Lanta tells her to go back to work. Pat leaves with a promise from Lanta that she will call her if she’s in any trouble. Later, Lanta walks to her car. A woman, in a hill-tribe clothes, is looking at her while walking away.

Part 3

Lanta found a baby boy behind her car (meaning for her to kill the baby while backing up her car). The securities want to report it to the police. When Lanta learns that the baby will be sent to an orphanage if no one comes for him, she takes the baby with her and tells them she will report it to the police herself.

Lanta wants to take the baby to her grandma, but when her strict grandma calls again and yells at her to come home, she changes her mind. She talks to the baby what she should do, then a light bulb goes off in her head and she smiles.

She takes the baby to a condo and gets into a room (she knows where the key card is). She bought all the necessary things to feed the baby and when Ming calls that she just heard what happened, Lanta asks her to buy her something.

Paul is on the phone with his staff at the shop, and they need him to buy a bottle of peach in syrup for the cake. He’s the owner of a pastry shop and a pastry chef himself.

Both Ming and Paul grab the last bottle of peach and argue who should have it. When the bottle dropped to the floor, she quickly tells the staff that it’s his fault, she already let him have it and he’s clumsy enough to break it. Hehe.

She tells the staff to get him a new one and tells Paul to be careful of the breaking glass on the floor, and she leaves. Paul ends up paying for the break bottle.

Part 4

Sipa takes Gip to his condo and starts wooing her in the dark room. Lanta hears him and takes a peek. He tells Gip to take a shower first and leads her inside the bedroom. They trip and fall on the bed. Sipa feels something and exclaims. The light turned on, and he sees the baby.

Lanta: “Ta Nu.” (she calls the baby – a young kid)

Sipa: “Ai Lan! You..”  ((“Ai” added before the name, used between very close friends *only*)

Gip yells at him that he had sex with a man too, so he’s both? Haha..

Sipa tells her that that person is a woman. Gip says a woman with such looks! She starts yelling that he has a woman in his room, and whose baby this is. Sipa tells her to calm down and listens to him first.

Sipa: “That person is a woman, she’s Ai Lan, she’s my…”

“Wife!” Lanta adds.

“…my wife..(he pauses and turns to Lanta)..what wife?!”

“I’m his wife and also the mother of his child, and who’s this pale face? You the dark, she’s your mistress, isn’t she? I told you to choose well, a face like her must have entered so many condo rooms already. Sagging boobs, loose figure, she must have been…a lot…”

Sipa wants to die, “Ai Lan!”

Lanta accuses her of stealing husbands of many. Sipa tries to explain to Gip that he didn’t lie to her. Lanta says that face together with fooled by a man, it’s called…stupid face!

Sipa stops them from fighting. Lanta yells at him and asks if he’s protecting a mistress. She tells him to get her out or she will slap them both. Sipa grits his teeth and turns to Gip that may be next time…Gip slaps him. Gip says she will tell everyone how bad he is. Sipa says he’s not bad. He wants to follow her out but Lanta stops him.

“Gip!…(He turns to Lanta) Ai Lanta!”

“What? Ai Supadon!”  (sup-pa-don = indecent)

“My name is Sipadun!”

“Supadon suits your face.”

“What did you say just now, saying you are my wife, are you crazy?”

“She looked down on me first, she’s lucky that I didn’t punch her nose till it broke.”

“Whose baby is this? Ai Lan, if you don’t want me to stomp my feet on you, explain to me, whose baby is this and why did you bring him here?!”

“Well, Sipa…”

“Fact only…no garnish.”


Paul is on the phone with Wan, his aunt. He moves in today. He hears the loud voice of Sipa and Lanta fighting next door so he hangs up to take a look.

“You have to report it to the police!”


“I won’t allow it!”

“You must!”


Back in the room,

“Ai Lan, don’t be stupid. We must report it to the police no matter what, so that they can look for his parents!”


“Stop saying ‘no’ this minute!”

She bites his finger.

“Ai Lan! Since when I have a dog as my friend. What a sharp teeth!”

Someone knocks at the door. Lanta wants to open the door.

“Stop right there! Hehe…Don’t you stick your face out there.”

“Why? You’re afraid it’s those women you dropped the bait, aren’t you? All right, I will chase all of them away!”

He grabs her arm.

“Stay here!…I will open it myself…Ai Lan!”

They push and pull. “Ai Lan, don’t be stubborn!” He gets to the door first and opens it, Lan jumps on his waist.

Paul sees them like that and exclaims, “Oh…”

Sipa puts her down. Paul asks if they argued, the noise was so loud that he had to come and look.

Sipa: “Nothing much, who are you? I haven’t seen you around here.”

Paul: “I’m Paul, next door. I just moved in here. And you?”

Lanta reaches her hand out, “I’m Lanta…” (Sipa slaps her hand down.) “…and this is Supadon.”

“I’m Sipadun. You can call me Sipa. Well, I and my….girlfriend were trying to solve some…problem so we were a bit loud.”


“Please excuse us.”

She slaps his head while he closes the door. Paul shakes his head and leaves.

“Sipa, let me go!…How could you say that? I’m totally ruined.”

“Not as much as me! Nong Gip!…Nong Gip! Nong Gip! Many air hostesses in my airline are her friends, and tomorrow, rumor will spread around that I have a mistress, and my mistress looks…..ugly.”

“That mouth!”

She pokes his arm.

“Ai Lan, straight to the point, (peek at the baby) you must take that baby to the police.”

“All right, if you want to become a murderer.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Sipa, use your small brain and think, the baby was put at the back of my car which means that cruel person wanted him to die. If we give him to the police and they send him back to that person, and that person kills him, it means ‘we’ are indirectly the murderers, and if something happens to the baby, the bad deed will stay with you for the rest of your life. The baby will become a ghost to haunt you, jumping on your neck, and forever haunting you. The sound will be get into your nerve, and you won’t be able to go to sleep…..”

“Lan, that’s enough. All right, stay.”


“Just one night and tomorrow, you must take him to the police.”

She protests.

“Lan, think about it, for a co-pilot like me to become a captain, there must be no scandal of mine. Do you want me to trade my future with a baby from nowhere?”

“You’re right. But I will have to leave him with you tonight, I don’t know what to do. Let’s talk tomorrow, all right?”

She gets things from his bedroom.

“Here’s the milk bottle, wash it for him.”


“Here’s diapers, change it for him too.”


She nods, “Let’s talk again tomorrow. I’ll have to go. Love you. See you.”

Sipa looks down at the things she gave him and peeks at the baby. He sighs.

Part 5

Lanta comes home and sees both elders waiting. Lanta tries to find a good excuse for coming back so late. She gives grandma some excuses here and there but all doesn’t convince her grandma until Ming arrives. Both girls run inside the house just like that to get away from the situation when all of their excuses fail completely.

Ming and Lanta talk in the bedroom. Ming says Khun Anuchit is bad despite his nice appearance. She asks Lanta seriously if she’s hurt because of it. Lanta says no, it happened before she would invest in it.

Sipa calls and tells Lanta to hurry come because the baby is crying nonstop. She says just console him, she came home and if she goes out again, grandma will kill her for sure. He says he did console him, then he would cry again, then he console him and then he cry again, over and over like that. Moreover, the baby poops and it stinks, so she must come fast.

She tells him to just clean his butt and change his diaper. He says, “That’s a joke. How can you want a handsome face like me wipe baby’s butt? Lan, choose between your life and the baby’s life. If you don’t come fast, I will take him to the police station…with poop sticking on his butt too!”

Lanta and Ming sneak out of the house.

The baby cries so loud while Sipa refuses to touch with his dirty butt, until Paul knocks on his door. Sipa thinks it’s Lanta so he opens the door. Paul asks if his toilet broken because it stinks, and he couldn’t sleep because of the baby’s crying.

Sipa says he’s trying to make him stop crying but what he can do. Paul thinks he’s crying because of the poop, so he should rinse his butt so he will stop crying. Sipa stops short, “Rinse? All right, but I must have a helper.”

Paul blinks and points at himself. Sipa nods, “Don’t you want the baby to stop crying?”

The two join hands, and action! Paul holds the baby while Sipa is taking off his diaper. Both men’s face look awful because of the smell. Sipa looks at what’s inside the diaper and wants to puke. Sipa tells the baby that his poop stinks even when he’s so young. Paul tells him to do whatever he needs to do fast, not just taking the time to analyze the poop.

When Sipa grabs the toilet spray, Paul shouts at him not to spray the water yet but it’s too late. Sipa sprays the water on the baby’s butt and keeps saying…jussst a little bit more until Paul shouts, “Stop!”

Sipa asks, “What?…Oh..” The poop sticks on Paul’s face all over. Haha…(please don’t do this at home). Paul shouts, “I said stop but you kept spraying!” Sipa argues, “So that it would be thoroughly cleaned.”

Paul says, “You want it thoroughly cleaned, then let’s switch side. Take the baby!”


In an elevator, Ming asks Lanta if she really picked up a baby. Lanta says yes, it’s her mode of angel did it. Ming says it’s not easy to raise a baby. She wonders her friend could be dead already.

The neighbors come scolding at Sipa for letting the baby cry for so long (they feel bad for the baby). Sipa apologizes to them saying he’s newbie raising a baby and his mother went out. Lanta arrives so he tells them that the mother comes back so the baby won’t cry anymore.

They scold Lanta too for letting her child cry for hours like that. Lanta glances at Sipa and apologizes to them. After they left, Sipa blames it on Lanta that he got scolded at. He asks whose kid she’s bringing behind her now, he will raise no more kid. She says it’s Ming, her junior at the office.

Lanta asks where the baby is. Paul answers that he’s here and shows it to her. Ming and Paul recognize each other.

“You have to report it to the police, no matter what!”

“No! Noooo! I will never take him to the police!”

“Ai Lan, hear me well. I will never raise this baby!


“I can’t help you this time.”

“I can’t do it.”

“If you can’t, then I’ll do it.”

Sipa grabs the baby and runs to his car, and drives away. The three follow him in Paul’s car.

Part 6

The three arrive at the police station and sees Sipa car’s leaving. They get inside and ask the policeman if there’s a person came and reported an abandoned child. Lanta says she’s the mother and wants her child back.

The policeman looks at her and says she shouldn’t be the mother. When they insist, he asks for her ID and tells another policeman to go get the child. It turns out to be a boy instead. Haha.

Lanta says her child is a baby, not this big. The policeman says the boy is the only one reported. When the police wants to put her in a cell (because she keeps yelling like she’s on drugs), Lanta pretends to get a call from her husband that he found the baby at home. They all say goodbye and leave. They wonder where Sipa took the baby.

Lanta comes back and starts yelling and kicking Sipa. Paul stops her and says if Khun Sipa dies now, they won’t know where the baby is. Sipa says, “That’s correct.” Sipa shuts her mouth and shows her the baby in the bedroom, he’s sleeping in his bed.


She walks to the baby and turns to Sipa, wanting to curse him some more.

“If you’re loud, I will drag you out, Ai Lan!”

She closes her mouth.


She asks why the baby is here when he said he would take him to the police.

“Well, I…”

“Got soft?” Paul adds.

Sipa says he’s only being careful. He thinks it’s better that they take him to an orphanage, so he took him back here.

Sipa turns to Paul and Ming, “And you, sleep here? Won’t go home?”

Ming says she will leave now. Lanta wants to drop her home because it’s late but Ming says it’s all right. Paul leaves too. Lanta thanks him.

Paul follows Ming downstairs and grabs her shoulder. She tells him not to touch, she do mind. He says his car is over there. She says she can go by herself because she’s the strange kind so no one would care (to harm her). He says these days a bean-sprout figure like hers loved by the thief.

He shoves her into his car and says her duty is to tell him the direction. When she says she won’t, he says then they will sit in this car all night. She concedes and tells him.


Anuchit tells Nee that Orn-kaJee (his wife) ran away with their child. He says he loves Lanta and wants to be with her. She asks how many women she had to solve it for him already. He insists Lanta is the first woman who made him want to stop at her. She says Lanta hates him now. He says he will do everything to make her come back.

Nee asks about his wife. He says he married Orn-kaJee to return Nee’s favor because he never loved then, but now he loves Lanta and he won’t lose her, and she must help him. He says he will make Lanta become the editor like they want.

Further away, Ya hears it all.

Part 7

Ming tells Paul to leave already but he says he will wait until she gets inside her house first.

Sipa is dancing for the baby to stop crying. Lanta feels the diaper and it’s wet. Sipa gets a new one for her. She feeds the baby and asks for the time. Sipa says it’s 4 a.m.

She asks if he has to fly tomorrow, so he should go to bed first and she will watch over the baby…. Sipa drops to the floor and falls asleep. She turns to see him, “Right, don’t even listen to me…Pa…Sipa…’rest in peace’ already.” Later, she falls asleep too.

In the morning, the phone’s alarm clock goes off. Lanta kicks Sipa to wake up. He says five minutes more. Lanta feels the diaper and says it’s not wet.

Lanta keeps kicking Sipa to wake up. He asks why kicking him. She says she will go make the milk so he should watch over the baby. Without opening his eyes, he says she should take the baby to an orphanage. She lies on top of his back, “No, we will raise him.”

“What ‘we’ ?”

“As I said.”

“No way!”

“I’m the mom and you’re the dad. Wake up!”

“Ai Lan, are you crazy?”

“Get up!”


Pat recounts the fact with Ming while waiting in line to buy porridge. They recap how Lanta took the baby in. Pat asks, then who will be the unfortunate ones (that Lanta did that). Ming says, it’s them. When it’s their turn to order the food, they are busy talking that a man orders his instead. They argue and Pat lets him have his way and leaves. He says, and he thought she would dare.

Sipa gets ready to go to work. He asks Lanta if grandma won’t be mad that she didn’t sleep at home. She says he shouldn’t mention grandma, and then grandma calls her.

Grandma knows she didn’t sleep at home looking at the sheets. Sipa helps creating a sound effect that Lanta has a hard time hearing grandma and she hangs up. Grandma gets mad.

Sipa pokes her head that she’s always like this. He gives her a cup of hot chocolate that she likes. She asks if he could (feels fresh enough) go to work. He says he could. She asks if he has to fly today. He says a three-stop flight: Chiang Mai-Rangoon-Bangkok.

She says then he’ll back by the evening, “That’s good. Come home fast and help me take care of our child.” He chokes on the coffee and says the baby is not his, don’t talk to make others misunderstand. She says all right, but he should come back fast because she needs to go home tonight.

“Don’t you have to go to work?”




“Ai Lan, are you crazy?! You bragged that you would become the editor this year. Quitting like this, it’s like going back to step one. Did anything happen?….(In softer voice) Lan, I said anything happened?”

She turns away, “Nothing.”

He comes sit closer and says that the reason she worked so hard these past two years was because she wanted to become the editor. Lanta cries.

“Who did anything to you? Can you tell me?”

Part 8

Pat comes to the office and hands Ya her work and takes a leave half day to see Lan. Ya talks to her in private that there will no trip column of hers from next issue because she will put in more ads as suggested by Sales Dept. Pat asks what she will do then. Ya tells her to do the beauty column since it’s still available.

Pat says putting stuff on the face (aka make up) is not her expertise. Ya says if she won’t do it, then there’s nothing left for her to do, so just do it to earn money. Pat says she does work for money but won’t do things she’s not suitable for, so definitely she won’t do it. Pat walks out.

Ya…what a friend you are.


Sipa asks if TaNu is already sleeping. When Lan says yes, he grabs his jacket meaning to leave. He says he’s going to stomp his feet on that guy who fooled her. Lan says he can’t do that.

“Don’t tell me, you have a lingering feeling for the guy.”

“It’s not that, it’s just not worth it to risk your future with this kind of thing.”

“But he did it to my friend!…Do you think I’ll let him?”

She says he will just waste his hand punching him, and his future as a captain will be at risk. He argues that it’s her future too, she’s almost there (her career). She says the company’s president yelled at her that much, if she goes back to work, her career will definitely be frozen. It’s better she starts anew and lets things go.

“Let me ask you this, do you love that guy, Ai Anuchit?”

“No, I dated him because I didn’t have a boyfriend. Since high school that I dated Pee Pi-than for a week, you knew I have no one. With Khun Nu, feeling nice but not love. I’m not that easy like you think!”

Sipa smiles, “Good. Wait here, I will hurry back after work.”

He’s leaving.

“Lan…I have one thing to tell you. (Pause) When you cried,…your face was so ugly.” He runs out.


Pat gets a new job at Sky. Ar-thit (the boss) says they love her previous work, but their magazine is like a tour guide book, so telling story by photos is very important. He will let her work with one of their outstanding writers. The porridge guy walks in and remembers Pat. She calls him the pork-porridge guy!

He asks his boss where his new photographer is. The boss points at Pat and introduces her to their number one writer, Kirati (kee-ra-ti), who has been to many countries so he should be able to teach her the way to work. The boss says they must work as buddies. LOL.

They get into the office where he asks why she just stands still stupidly. He says there’s no one here because they went out to work, he points at her desk. She wonders how many books he wrote to be good enough to train her. He drops a stack of his books for her to read. He says these are only ‘some’ of it, he’s not sure if he’s intelligent enough to train her.

She says number (of books) doesn’t guarantee the quality, she has to check what’s inside. He says then he will give her two days to finish it. When she protests, he says he can go in there and talk to Pee Arthit about it. She asks if he’s threatening her. He says he’s the least problem writer around here. Haha. He asks between him and her, which one she thinks Pee Arthit will choose. If she’s not afraid to be out of job, then it’s fine.

She asks if he’s the youngest child, because the problem child is forced for whole life, so he/she loves to vent it out on others to reduce their problem mind. He turns away and wonders if she’s photographer or a shrink. She says, “Pae!” (meaning she’s right)


Top greets his friend. Sipa asks where he’s flying to tonight. He says Kuala Lumpur. They hear their senior (Pee Wit)’s flight got canceled. Top says it’s because his wife fought with his girl at the office. Sipa says what a pity because Pee Wit’s flying hours are almost complete to be a captain.

Top pats Sipa’s shoulder not to worry about others but himself. Sipa asks why’s that. Top says over there, she’s coming. Gip tells other girls that that man has a wife and child hidden.

Top says Gip spread the news all over so Sipa should be careful, it’s not worth it. Sipa says he knows that. Top asks teasingly, who is his wife? Sipa asks if it’s the time to ask that. Top leaves to work.


Lanta meets Pat with the baby. Pat says it’s a baby not a puppy or a cat, and asks if she could handle it. She understands Lanta take the baby in for his safety, so she suggests they look for his relative who loves him themselves.

Lanta asks why Ya stop publishing Pat’s column. Pat thinks Ya wants to become the editor, and in the office, it’s only her and Lanta who had the potential to become one, so Ya got rid of both. Lanta doesn’t agree with her that she shouldn’t think of a friend that way.

Paul walks into his shop and sees them. He greets Lanta and tells her he’s the owner of this shop, who also bakes and come up with every menu himself.

Part 9

Kirati greets Sipa at the airport. Sipa is happy to see him. He calls him by his nickname ‘Kob’. Sipa asks if he’s going back home in Chiang Mai. Kob says he will stop by his house too and asks if he wants to tell his dad anything. Sipa says nothing because he talks with his dad everyday.

Sipa says he will kick him if he doesn’t show up to have a meal with them next time. Kob agrees readily but first, he must introduce him to his friend, the one who’s the football team leader Sipa talked about so often. Sipa asks, “Ai Lan?” Kob says he talked about her soooo often but he never gets to see her.

Sipa asks why he wants to see her. Kob says, “Pure fact, is there any of your girl friends who would buy you condoms to carry around because she’s afraid you will get the disease? It made me interested.” He shakes Sipa’s head until he agrees to it. Kob says he will call him when he comes back and leaves. Sipa wonders if Kob is crazy and he must love a strange thing.

Pat and Lanta enjoy the food Paul brought for them. Pat says Lanta never has siblings, so she’s putting a trouble upon herself. Lanta agrees but when she decided to help, she will do her best. Paul praises that TaNu is lucky to meet such kind person like her. He offers his help whenever she wants it.


Ming finishes her work for today. Anuchit comes and asks her where Pat is, he’s looking for her. Ming says Pat quit already. He asks her for Lanta’s whereabouts, and he knows Ming is her FC (fan club). He says her internship of her last year in college, it’s him who will sign her evaluation paper.

Ya walks in and says she’s the one took in the interns so it’s her job to sign the paper. She tells him not to trouble her friend. He asks if he’s the one troubled Lanta, and he will find her to reconcile no matter what.

Ya tells Ming not tell him anything about Lanta if she doesn’t want Lanta in trouble. Grandma comes to look for Lanta at the office. Ya tells her Lanta quit the job and Ming hears her by hiding in the corner.

Sipa comes back from work and calls Lanta but she doesn’t pick up and he wonders why. Paul drives in with Lanta, the baby and Pat inside. Sipa tries to look who’s dropping her home.

“Ai Lan, why didn’t you pick up my call?”

“I forgot that I turned off the sound.”

“And who did you come with?”

She says she and Pat were in Khun Paul’s shop so he gave them a ride. Lanta praises Paul that he’s so cool, he’s a chef and owns a cute shop, and his pastries taste so good she must go there again.

Sipa says he drives such an old car so his shop probably looks so so. Lanta says not so so, it’s a cute shop with great pastries, she will take him there.

Sipa: “So?”

Lanta: “What ‘so’ ? He’s good, that’s it.”

Sipa: “What about me?”

Lanta pauses a sec while Pat smiles, then she says, “I thought too that you were a pilot….how could (a man like) you become one?” Haha…

Sipa: “Everyone must be great to your eyes (except me)!”

Lanta: “What? He’s good so I praise him, what’s with you now? Why annoyed?”

Paul walks to them and smiles at Sipa who’s staring at him hard. Paul’s smile faded. A call comes in so Lanta hands the baby over to Sipa. It’s Ya, she tells her that grandma knows it already. Lan and Pat go home in a hurry.

Ya is waiting in front of the house when Lanta and Pat arrive. Lanta asks how grandma know. Pat says it’s someone with a loose tongue. Ya says sorry to Lanta, she thought grandma already knew so she said it.

Pat is still angry with Ya. She tells Pat it’s Khun Suvipa’s order to put a stop to her column, even Pee Nee couldn’t oppose her. Pat says if that’s true, why she didn’t tell her before. Ya says she didn’t think Pat would quit. Lanta tells Pat to think that it gave her the opportunity to get a new job which she loves. Lanta says ‘positive thinking’. Ya apologizes to Pat. Pat tells her not to do it again in the future. They reconcile.

Lanta says the only person left now is her grandmother, let’s do it. She tells them not to get into the house that way because it’s close to the living room, so they should get in from another spot. Lanta tries to climb over the gate with the help of her friends. Grandma opens the gate for her while she’s on it. The three greet her. Grandma asks if she sees what’s in her hand. Lanta says a stick. Hehe.


Sipa: TaNu brought chaos to our lives, we can’t raise him!

Grandma yells at Sipa: This house is not welcome cheaters’ child!

Lanta: Pat, there’s a criminal here!

“Who is the baby’s father?”

Anuchit: I will fire you!

Ya: If I suffer, you will have to suffer too!

Paul: I can’t waste my time waiting for you even one second!


There were a lot of criticism on this show. One by one (what I read), it’s unreasonable and nonsense that Lanta kept the baby! (me – let’s wait and see), the plot is a cliche..a baby and ..blah..blah..! (me – let’s wait and see), Matt’s new short hair doesn’t look good on her! (me – it’s not that bad, in fact, I kind of like it), Great’s face could glow in the dark and his lips were too pink! (me – humm..the make up or lighting?). The reason I did the first episode…so that you can feel the tone and decide for yourself   🙂

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  1. Thanks for your summary ☺and l hope you continue

  2. Yes!! Thanks for the summary. I’m sold! Please give us more nah nah nah!

  3. I agree! More please (and thank you a lot a lot a lot)!!

  4. More, please.?

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