Soundtrack: Ruk Tong Aoom (3)


Sipadun has more bones than you think…so does the lakorn, I’m telling you   🙂

Song Title: Plien Pen Ruk (change it into love)

Artist: Non Thanon

Official MV

Translation of the lyrics:

No more, it should be no more, that being friends is enough

It’s clear, and I know that you are waiting too, aren’t you?

* [ Is it likely we share the same idea? Does your heart and mine feel the same way?

Could we change it into love?

Could I be your boyfriend (/girlfriend) instead?

I don’t want to walk lonely, having you with me warm my heart

Let’s become a couple, wanting to be more than friends, will it be okay?

When you agree, just send me a signal is enough ]

Think first, think thoroughly, and if it’s inconvenient, I can give you a deposit for now

You don’t have to hurry, I’m willing to wait, just tell me

Repeat [*]

When you’re okay with it, look at me a little and say you love me, it’ll be great


🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. So into this lakorn right now. Great and Matt and so much chemistry. And the baby is a cutie pie! Thanks for the ost and translation. Love this song too. 😀

    • Yes, I love Great and Matt’s moments in the lakorn. Kob-Pat and Paul-Ming’s funny scenes were lovely too.

      [Spoilers from the novel]
      The novel has much lighter tone than in the lakorn. It doesn’t have many characters too.

      Sipadun and Lanta grew up together. Sipa has a close friend who is also a pilot, Kirati. Lanta has one close friend, Thanya-red. Sipa’s father is a diplomat so both his parents live abroad, so he’s alone in town where Lanta brags that without her, he would have withered away.

      The book starts with Lanta having no job, no boyfriend, and an Audi (a car) to pay for. She lives with her grandmother who knows her niece’s close friend (Sipa) well and hates him (not in a serious way) because she thinks he never respects her. In the book, when talking about grandmother, Sipa would cringe but when he’s with her, they would argue like they are the same age. Grandmother says she hates Sipa but she never looks at any guys (except Sipa) who approach Lanta. The dialogs between Sipa and grandmother were hilarious and fun. Grandmother is not as strict as in the lakorn, she’s a fun mood for an elder.

      Lanta broke up with Anuchit who courted her while hiding a wife from her. She found a baby boy one day and takes him to Sipa, who hates kids. He resists at first, but later taking the role of a father (sometimes more than he needs to).

      Kirati is a cute slime fox (a player) to Lanta’s eyes, she loves talking to him but makes it clear that she’s not interested in him that way. She tells Kirati the truth about the baby so he offers to be the father when Sipa refuses to at first. When Sipa hears about Kirati’s idea, he declares that the baby can have one father only. Hehe.

      Lanta loves the baby (they didn’t give him the name till the end) dearly then a situation comes around (won’t tell you) where she has to let go. It’s Sipa who will find a way to console her and reason with her. In the book, he didn’t directly confess his love until much later, but he would do things she would know. Of course, there’s a wedding, quite a hilarious one where Sipa and grandma plan it together because Lanta is not so excited about it.

      Sipa’s afraid he would lose her (even as a friend) if he confesses his love for her, so he kept it inside for many years. But after he told her, he can’t stand to lose her so he tells her…he needs to have her in his life.

      In the book, they didn’t really look for the parents of the baby (like in the lakorn) but the truth would come around on its own. It’s a happy ending for Lanta and Sipa as husband and wife. [End of spoilers]

      I left out something here and there, otherwise, it won’t be fun watching the lakorn 🙂

      • Awww….so sweet! Thank you so so much for the spoilers! Why is Sipa so insecure? He has everything a girl wants! I’m so looking forward to their romance!

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