Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan – Epilogue



His life in “PhraoTawan” vineyard continues as normal. Tawan goes out to measure the grape size of the new season in the field with his two sons early in the morning. PraewDao is doing the accounting in the study, until a letter, sending by mail, arrives in the afternoon.

She turns the envelope to take a look, doesn’t really pay attention to it…until she sees Tawan’s name written in English without sender’s address. When it’s her husband’s, she won’t open it. She waits for him to come back from the field and gives it to him in the evening.

“There’s a letter sending by EMS (a fast service) to you from Pattaya (a beach town).” she tells him, seeing the postal stamp it came from.


“I don’t know, may be a customer.” Praewdao answers.

Tawan uses a letter opener to open it. It’s written in English. He exclaims in shock after reading it.

“Someone must be teasing me.” he shouts loudly. “Call Phrao (his daughter – PhraoTawan) and ask where she is.”

Praewdao didn’t see what’s written in the letter, but when she sees her husband’s worrying face, she calls her daughter right away but receives only an automatic call answering.

“She turned off her phone.” PraewDao tells him and quickly snatches the letter in Tawan’s hand to read it herself. Her knees gone weak, she drops herself on a chair and looks like she’s going to faint.

Tawan sees her reaction from the beginning. He quickly holds her and carries her to lie down on a sofa, holding an  inhalant close to her nose until she feels better. The feeling sick one asks in despair…

“Whose letter is it? Who is teasing us like this?”

Tawan doesn’t know it too. He slowly shakes his head and reads the letter again.

“Your daughter is now under our care. If you don’t want her to die, bring a ransom of one hundred million baht to Taiwan. I will contact you.


“I will call Ryu now. I must know what happened and why Onizuka had to do this.” Tawan is so worried, he calls Onizuka oyabun right away…after a few words…he drops his hand, the cordless phone in his hand almost fall down.

“He doesn’t know anything…He said surely someone must be using his name.” Tawan whispers worringly. He’s so worried about his daughter his heart is breaking.

“My daughter.” Praewdao cries…she knows too well how cruel the *yakuza is, and it’s been two days already since PhraoTawan was kidnapped, from the date the letter was stamped. There’s no way to know what had already happened to her.

*as written in the novel, sorry if the word is offensive

“They want one hundred million baht and I must go to deliver it in Taiwan. We must go and save our child.”

Praewdao weeps, feeling sad for her daughter…she swears angrily…

“In this life, we won’t be able to get away from the yakuza, will we?!”

No answer from Tawan…because, when it happened like this, it means, in this life, looks like they won’t be able to get away from the yakuza.

But who’s behind it…it’s what he must find out, no matter what!

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  1. Fumiko is the friend of seiko or the housekeeper ? Taichi is the bodyguard right ? Sorry cause i watching chinese sub so not really know they japanese name .sorry

    • Hope you can continuously translate the part 3 for us .i think must seriously about learning thai language and translate the book for thai fan of my country.

  2. I knew it, Aikko’s heir will come back and wreck the town! It will be another blood bath because her son have all the bad blood in him. I wish they will make part 3.

  3. I love it! Thank you thank you for sharing…I can’t wait to know more…excited!!

  4. Oh you’re mean. Teasing our feelings and messing our emotions like that.

  5. I really wish they have English version of this book!

  6. It sounded like many years had pass, as their daughter grown up and living apart from them right? I have a feeling the kidnapper have something to do with Aikko or someone related to her, but it never show that she had closure..just a wild guess.

    • [Spoiler] Yep, Ryu and Takeshi’s children were all grown up in Part III.

      In the lakorn, last episode, Riki said he would send Aiko to Hawaii to deliver her baby. Aiko and her son came back in full force in Part III…..

      Taichi married Fumiko and had two sons, both became Ryu eldest son (Tatsuo)’s close friends and bodyguards….[end of spoiler] 🙂

  7. I don’t know if I should cry or laugh? It makes me smile to see an epilogue but it also makes me curious about what is going on. How many years has it been? I have a feeling Ryu is messing with Takeshi. I wish I could read and understand thai 😥

    • This is actually the last chapter of the novel Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan. The phone conversation between Takeshi and Ryu here was revealed in an epilogue of the novel Roy Fun Tawan Derd.

      A little peek for you [spoiler] Epilogue – “Ryu thinks it’s time Takeshi must return, because a person born as gokudo has gokudo’s blood running inside his body, and no matter how much he denied it, he can never run away from it….” [end of spoilier] 🙂

      Roy Run Tawan Derd (the lakorn) just started, so I couldn’t do an epilogue now, could I? Hehe…

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