Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan – the tribute

This post is a major spoiler for everyone who never sees lakorn Roy Ruk Huk Liam Tawan, but it could be a closure in detail for everyone who finished the lakorn, how the story ended.


Let’s start from episode 11 (final episode), after epic action scenes in the warehouses, where PraewDao was held as hostage….

(in short, gathered here and there)

Ryu and Koji are looking at the third warehouse which’s burned down in front of them. After getting rid of all Riki’s subordinates, they ran after Takeshi but it’s too late, the fire already broke out all over the place that they couldn’t follow him inside. They turn to each other, their eyes meet with fear, then they hear Katsu come running to tell them after he had listened to his injured subordinate lying on the ground.

“Oyabun is on the boat.”

*Oyabun – head of the group

Ryu smiles with gladness, then runs in front of Koji to the boat Katsu told him. But, as soon as he steps on the bridge, there’s a thunderous sound of explosion coming from the top deck of the boat, and Ryu has to jump forward and duck when a series of explosions continues. Then fire broke out, burning the whole boat.

“Takeshi!” Ryu shouts for his relative in despair. Tears of a man falling before he kneels down when seeing no sign of Takeshi running out in time “Why do you have to leave me? Why don’t you stay with me?”

Ryu sobs and hits his fist to the ground feeling sad for losing his last relative in this world. Koji kneels down beside him, his eyes filled with tears when he realizes he had lost the young man whom he loved like his own son.

Today, their mission accomplished. They successfully killed Riki,  but had to trade it with the lives of Takeshi and PraewDao along with their child. The small family had to die all at  once, leaving only Ryu…to be the last Onizuka!


Prewdao looks out the window from Takeshi’s room. Tears which used to flow like blood now dried up when learning that Takeshi would never come back to stand beside her from now on…

She lost the baby and had to rest in the hospital almost a week because her body lost so much blood with no strength to continue living. She wants to die along with Takeshi so that her heart wouldn’t be this painful like now.

She doesn’t understand how she could survive from the fire…that night…Ryu found her unconscious on a boat, two boats away from the burning one, and sent her to the hospital. She woke up the next day only to realize she lost both the baby and Takeshi.

Takeshi’s funeral gone by…in a while, Ryu will become the new oyabun. Mizawa and Sato group were uprooted. Now Onizuka is the only gokudo ruling the town just like how Ozamu Maki wanted. From now on, the town will be peaceful without gangsters staying above the law…..

….Ryu invites Praewdao to the living room and tells her that Takeshi made the will and gave her all of his assets. She says she didn’t register a marriage with him so why he did that. Ryu says he realizes that but Takeshi wanted it and the will is completely perfect with himself being one of the witnesses.

Tears brim her eyes, she missed Takeshi so much. Even though he passed away, he’s worried about her. When he wanted it and she doesn’t want to oppose to his wish, she slowly nods.

Ryu asks what her decision is, stay and finish her study or go back to Thailand. If she wants to finish studying, they will be glad to take care of her.

She slowly shakes her head when answers him that she can’t continue studying and wants to go back as soon as possible. She wants to go back and cry with her mother and leave all the sorrow behind because there’s not even one spot in this house that she won’t see Takeshi’s shadow, so how she can continue living here.

Ryu says he will arrange for it as soon as possible. Everything is taken care of easily…two weeks after that, she steps on her motherland with a heart totally broken.

At first, her parents feel sad that she didn’t finish her study, but after hearing the whole story from her, they understand. She pays back the scholarship funding by Takeshi’s money, then looks for a plot of land in a valley to build a house like how she dreamed with Takeshi.

She found the land just like she dreamed of. She starts hiring some experienced people to grow grapes like Takeshi wanted. There’s only the vineyard she put all her efforts into without feeling tired, so that she can sleep during the nights without suffering from the pain in her heart. She uses it as an anchor of her mind. She works hard to realize the dream she had with Takeshi…

….She chooses to interview a man who had been through training of growing grapes and making wine from the U.S. His name is “Tawan”….

That day, she is walking along a trail in the field while waiting for the time for the interview, suddenly she hears footsteps behind her…when she turns to look, she sees a tall figure wearing a hat which is covering almost half of his face, and he greets her in English.

“Hi, I’m Tawan. I have an appointment for an interview today.”

She squints due to the late morning sunlight coming behind him. She can’t see his face clearly but reaches her hand out for a handshake as a good manner.

“Nice to meet you, Khun Tawan. I thought it’s not the time yet.”

His big hand squeezes her hand softly. She looks down…and a strange warmth hits her heart…it’s such a familiar warmth.

“I came early because I couldn’t endure the feeling of missing you.”

She perks up feeling alarmed. It’s such a bad manner he’s showing, to court her when they just met. She wants to chase him out but hears a soft laugh before she’s pulled into the arms of a stranger. The cologne and the whispering voice, she never forgets, are making her stand so still.

Could it be…Takeshi standing right here with her…or is she dreaming?!

“My kimi.”

She perks up and jerks the hat out of his face, then she’s in shock like a ghost is haunting her in the daylight.

“Takeshi! You didn’t die.” she exclaims so loud. She feels his arms and body with her hands. He grabs her hand and places it at his heart.

“Every second, my heart beats for you.”. He lets out a sweet smile…there’s no wound on his face like that night…it’s many months now from that incident.

Praewdao cries so hard and hugs him again. She snuggles her face against his chest with all the love in her heart.

She remembers she still has so many questions, so she struggles free from his embrace and asks, “But Ryu….eh…he arranged the funeral. If that person wasn’t you then who was he?” She remembered well the corpse was cremated, the name tag of Takeshi was put down beside his father and his brother.

Takeshi face’s turns sad when recalling the person who sacrificed his life for their happiness. He tells her the truth, “The body was Taro’s…whom everyone believed had disappeared.”

“Taro! How could it be when the man was holding your sword?” she exclaims. That night, there were many died, and many disappeared including Taro, who disappeared without trace. While many corpses were found floating in the sea 2-3 days later, there’s no sign of Taro and everyone believed he died so they arranged the religious ceremony without his body in the coffin.

Takeshi says there are many things for them to talk and he will tell her in detail, but first, she must hire him to work in this vineyard and they will marry as soon as possible because he missed her so much.

She agrees wholeheartedly and laughs that there’s no need for her to interview him anymore. She asks why his records came under the name “Tawan”.

“Do you remember the poem I wrote for you? I called myself Tawan’s warrior (warrior of the sun) and you were Dao (the star). Tawan and Dao stay up on the sky together. If there’s no Tawan, then there will be no Dao shining at night.”

Praewdao’s eyes filled with tears when hearing the comparison and couldn’t agree more.

“You are truly my Tawan.” she says.

“But we can’t let anyone know who I am. From now on, I will only be Mr. Tawan, a Thai orphan adopted by the Japanese and grew up there, and graduated in Agriculture from the U.S.”

He tells her Maki made connection with the secret agency and sent him to the U.S. immediately, to protect him from the politician behind Sato to find his trace, also for her safety. While waiting for Maki to make connection with Thailand secret agency to create his new records, he took a short course in the U.S. and at least he gained enough knowledge to help her growing grapes.

She asks how he knew she had a vineyard. He says Maki’s men were watching over her and always reporting her move to him, and he was glad that she followed their dream…..


Back to the night of the incident,

That day the severely injured Taro begs Takeshi to go back to Thailand with Seiko, and let him die in his place.

“Oyabun and her will find happiness there…please…don’t…let her tears fall anymore.”

Takeshi is stunned…he never thought about this before…however, this time is his only chance, so which route he should take, power or love.

“I…will sacrifice everything for oyubun..and (?)san…please..don’t let her cry.”

Takeshi sees love shining in Taro’s eyes, no need to speak out. He knows, Taro probably couldn’t get away from Praewdao’s love trap, but his love filled with sacrifice, what about his…should he sacrifice everything for Praewdao?

Looking down at her pale face, he feels painful together with her. When he realizes she was harassed because of him…he reaches the decision right away…he knows, even his life, he can sacrifice it for her.

He nods to Taro.

“I will go and make her happy.”

Taro smiles. The fire around the three of them is burning higher. Takeshi gets up and hurriedly takes off his coat, and puts it on Taro who has a hard time getting up.

“May you two be happy……heart.” Taro bows to oyabun for the last time. Takeshi puts down his family sword and wraps Praewdao with Taro’s coat, then turns to say farewell…

“Goodbye, Taro. I will never forget this favor of yours.”

Taro looks up and smiles. He picks up Takeshi’s sword and lies down with no strength left, blood keeps coming out from his bleeding wound…

His last breath is leaving him soon but he’s happy to see Takeshi carry Praewdao fighting their way out of the fire safely.

After Takeshi left…Taro lies there waiting for death to arrive with a mind at peace…he thinks of the woman he loves who will be happy for the rest of her life because of his sacrifice.

“ love…I wish you the happiness you wanted…….”

Taro looks at the burning ceiling. In  a while, it will fall on him and burn him completely. He slowly closes his eyes like a person who is ready to die in peace….


Takeshi carries Praewdao out of the storage room to run up the top deck. Suddenly, many explosions erupted. He looks for a safe place and sees a transport boat with a bridge linking. He carries Praewdao and runs along the next two boats before putting her down.

“You will be safe here. When I’ve decided to live in Thailand with you, I must die from the Onizuka. It’s a man’s commitment. I will come back to you as soon as possible, I promise.” He feels her cheek gently and is relieved that she’s breathing normally.

He decides to get up when hearing footsteps running close. He hides by the side of the boat until he sees Ryu getting on the boat looking very startled. He turns and leaves because he knows Praewdao will be safe with Ryu…and he must disappear without trace from tonight.

Takeshi gets on the boat Keniji prepared for his escape but never get to use it. He sets sail into the sea amid the boat burning and the loud noise of explosions. He will find a place to hide before making contact with Ozamu next…

But Takeshi never knows that ,that night, there’s one person knows his secret…

Koji looks at the completely burned corpse with hurtful eyes. Even though the corpse is holding Takeshi’s sword in his hand, the ring taken off beside the body is no others than his son’s.

He picks up the ring still hot and clutches it in his hand, holding it close to his painful chest. He believes Taro pick up the sword himself so everyone will think he’s Takeshi, but he remembered the ring so he took it off.

Koji keeps his mouth shut and arranges Taro’s funeral with only the ring in the coffin. Since Takeshi decided to put down everything, he will let everything go. Ryu becomes the new Onizuka oyabun. He believes Ryu will be a strong oyabun since he doesn’t have a woman he loves to be his weakness like Takeshi, whose heart is too sensitive..and Takeshi must know it too…so he left and gave the position to Ryu.

Koji is still worried for Takeshi whom he raised since young, and he must know for sure that Takeshi is safe so he sends men to follow Praewdao all the time, until one day, a man named Tawan shows up, and not long, Praewdao and Tawan get married…and have two sons.


A long time has passed, Koji asks Ryu to visit Thailand and go to the vineyard with a tour group. Ryu gets bored because he loves more adventure. There, they see Takeshi holding his youngest son, around one years old, in his arms while another three years old boy is having fun with a puppy. The father laughs when he sees his eldest son falls down here and there, the youngest son laughs with him too.

“Time to eat, father and sons!” A voice comes from the house. Takeshi answers and calls his sons speaking in Thai. He carries both boys in his arms and walks away.

Ryu is stunned and wants to follow him and calls him, but Koji holds his shoulder.

“When he wants a life like this, we should let him go.”

“But..” Ryu is so excited that he stutters feeling so happy “But..he didn’t die, he should have told me he didn’t die.”

Koji says he brought him here to see with his own eyes that he’s fine, and once they see that, they should go back and shouldn’t disturb them anymore.

Ryu hesitates. He wants to go there and hugs Takeshi how happy to see him, but in the end, he lets out a huge sigh and slowly nods in agreement.

“Yes, he chose his path.”

Koji teases Ryu that Takeshi’s children has grown up yet he still has no wife. Ryu laughs and shrugs, “I don’t know. When I have it, it’s that time.”

Koji reminds him about his promise with Takahashi, and Mayumi will graduate soon so he should prepare to get engaged.

The picture of the last time he met Mayumi comes to his mind, that time she just finished high school and just passed the entrance exam getting into the medical school. How many years passed that he hasn’t seen her?…He wonders if she becomes prettier.

He gives Koji a faint smile.

“I didn’t forget. After we go back this time, I will have to find the time to meet her..then decide whether to get engaged or to cancel it.”

Koji shakes his head feeling weary. This past five years, Ryu had so many women beside him but never gets serious with anyone, or cancels his engagement with Mayumi. He feels tired when comparing Ryu with Takeshi.

One person loves only once and is honest till love becomes his weakness, while another person, floats around here and there unattached…or he may see his relative as an he’s scared…and insecure.

The two turn around but they can’t get away from the eyes of the person inside the house, who is looking down and seeing both hiding in front of the house.

…and as though Ryu could feel someone is staring at him, he turns back.

Two pairs of the eyes meet in the distance sending out the care they have for each other. Ryu smiles and bows low, and stays still like that for the long moment. Takeshi bows back, his eyes are burning when sending a smile to his relative. Then Ryu and Koji turn around to get back and join the tour group…

Takeshi asks Praewdao for another child, a daughter this time. She promises to give him one….

…Praewdao never forgets to thank Taro every time she thinks of the past…his sacrifice that time has given her and Takeshi and their children smiles and laughter…Takeshi puts Taro’s name tag on the cabinet. They paid respect to him until today.

Taro’s soul will keep protecting this small family, for them to be happy every day and night….the small house in this valley will be filled with happiness for the longest time…till their youngest daughter comes into this world…..

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  1. I can’t thank you enough for your recap. Hope you can tell us the story of part 3 too. 😀

  2. Thanks for the recap/translation! Is there any chance you’ll do a short summary for book 3?

    • Like others said, Part III wasn’t fun fun (I could only skim through it on my first read), and I’m in the middle of reading it again. So far, I’m not hooked but I’m still interested in [spoiler] how the past (of Takeshi) be revealed to Ryu and Takeshi’s children (the parents of both family kept it a secret) towards the end. [End of spoiler]

      For sure, I won’t do it now when Part II (the lakorn) just started. Have to see how the lakorn end first, cuz they may add a little bit of part III for future sequel (if there’s going to be one).

      Out of topic: Takeshi in the novel wasn’t a weak man, he was a strong leader when the situation called for, it’s just not what he wanted to be. The lakorn version portrayed Takeshi’s love for Seiko quite accurate, but as leader, it’s a little lacking imo…more action scenes in between would be nice.

      For ‘Roy Fun Tawan Derd’, the filming is still going on, not yet done. Nadech said today (during 3Zappp variety show), there were a few action scenes left to be filmed which its details must be carefully planned. Fighting! To the cast and crew!

  3. Thank for the book recap. In away the lakorn pretty accurate. I too want yo read the book in English and see what happen to their daughter.

  4. Thank you for translating this ending. It’s make more sense now that I read the detail ending.

  5. Thanks so much for the detailed storyline.! More spoiler please! Will u be recapping on Roy Fun Tawan Deud ?? Love all the drama series. Btw, will Takashi and Praewdao appeared in the Roy Fun Tawan Deud ??

    • Sorry, I won’t do Roy Fun Tawan Derd because other recappers are doing a great job. Of course, Takeshi and Preawdao will play an important role to mend our Ryu and Mayumi’s defying (aka stubborn) hearts together. In the novel, Ryu would call Takeshi (who’s in Thailand) from time to time, and you think Takeshi wouldn’t have a good time gloating when Ryu fallen in love? Oh, come on, it’s Takeshi’s turn to have fun seeing Ryu struggling with Mayumi. Haha…..

      Takeshi and Ryu reunited as Onizuka oyabun(s) in Japan in Part III, “Sai Leurd Dan Tawan” (not sure it will be made into a lakorn).

      • Thanks for your reply! =) Really hope it will be made into a lakorn for part 3 series.
        Really wanna to read the series novel in English!!! I wanna know more about the storyline for part 3 =)?

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