Soundtrack: Ruk Tong Aoom (1)


Liked episode 1, it seemed Sipadun was trying to keep his feeling for Lanta hidden, but he showed it to us when Lanta wasn’t looking. That’s how good Great Warintorn was in the episode. This song sang by Great himself, and the lyrics tells a lot how Sipadun’s feeling.

Sorry, I had issue with a stud he’s wearing…for a co-pilot.

Song Title: Ror Theo Bok Kam Wa Rak (waiting for you to say the word ‘Love’)

Singer: Great Warintorn

Official MV (Pop Rock Version)

Translation of the lyrics:

I don’t know what to do,

I don’t know what you will say,

If I confess my love to you, I’m afraid you won’t think the same way

* [ I’m afraid you don’t think anything, I’m afraid it’s not what I understand

The closer we are, the scarier I am to tell you

I could only wait…for you to say it first

I really don’t know how long I will have to wait

** [ Waiting for you to say the word ‘Love’…because I don’t want to be sad

How long do I have to keep it inside?

The nearer we are, the more I feel uneasy

Have to be just friends, and continue that way ] ]

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]

Have to be just friends, and continue that way


🙂 The MV itself is kind of neat, but I couldn’t help hoping…

some other singers

…would sing it too *cough cough*

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  1. I finished the novel and it’s definitely a romantic comedy…but I read (forgot from which forum) some fan said this lakorn was not a rom-com…but a romantic drama. I could be wrong though, but judging by the tone of the first episode, it looked like a romantic drama to me. So we should prepare for a more serious tone than in the novel, I think.

  2. even that great is such a towering man, his voice is surprisingly soft and sweet lol~
    agree *cough* on your last point keke.

  3. Thanks for this! Will you recap the lakorn?

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