Dao Kiang Duen Episode 9 (Quick Summary)


It’s entertaining to see cute men and girls running around here and there for two hours+ and talking nonsense (mothers aside)…once in a while. Before it gets lost in translation, Khun Jan spoke formally to everyone. His manners and speeches were kept in line with his upbringing, and for that, good job done from Ken Phupoom.

Part 1

Orachon (or-ra-chon), AingFah’s mother, calls Varang to make sure that AingFah will start working in her company. Fah assures her mom that Khun Jan suggested this job to her. Since Varang’s company hired by Grand Mall so she will see Pee Chai Jan very often. Mom beams that Khun Jan likes her. Mom lets Fah leave with two bodyguards who AingFah tells them to remain downstairs while she’s in the company.

Darika is waiting for Vivit to show up. Khun Jan says she’s strange these days, especially when she’s with him. He says she’s changed since the day they announced his engagement with AingFah. She argues that she hasn’t changed, but will change to an angry one for sure if he won’t keep his promise, that he won’t marry AingFah.

He asks if that’s her being jealous. She says crazy he said that. He grabs her hand and says, “Darika, I have a plan. After I announce the cancellation of my engagement with AingFah, I will announce to my parents next, that I will get engage and marry with the woman I chose…and that woman is…” Vivit has to show up before Khun Jan finishes the sentence.

Vivit greets Khun Jan so he asks where they are going, “…it’s a secret again, isn’t it?” Vivit says not quite that, he’s just taking Khun Dao to treat her a meal. Khun Jan looks at the bouquet in Vivit’s hand and asks if’s Cattleya orchids again. Vivit says that’s right. Darika tells Vivit to hurry leave or they will be late and she’s hungry already. Vivit excuses himself, to which, Khun Jan just nods.

Darika asks Vivit why he’s late. He says he went to buy flowers.

At V Organizers, Varang welcomes the new staff to their Art Department, Nong AingFah. Fah thanks them for such warm welcome, it’s her first time working to earn a salary, and she will put her effort into it to deserve Pee Varang and Pee Dao’s trust, and let her work here.

Arty welcomes her as the head of the Art Department. He’s glad to have her working with them.

Arty asks Darika if Khun Vivit and Nong AingFah have to date in secret like this forever. Dao says until Khun Vivit prove himself to her mother to accept him. Arty says that’s a tough job. Dao says Khun Vivit won’t give up and will fight for his love…her kind of idol, and she’s impressed.

Vivit grabs the bouquet so Varang steps to him to accept it saying he shouldn’t trouble himself about it. A staff pulls her back, because it’s not for her. Haha. Fah asks if it’s hers. Vivit gives it to her and says congratulations.

A staff says he prepared a vase for it too. Hehe.

Arty looks at them and says, “It’s nice. People who are feeling hopeful in love, must be happy like this.”

Dao teases him that it’s the same with him too. She says she didn’t see him for a while and he appears more handsome, and muscles, with beard and all. She nags if he’s preparing to be Pee Varang’s bridegroom. He says for that, he will have to wait until he’s old and dying. He says he fits himself up because he’s going to model for Khun Pat, and she’s coming to look at him today.

She asks to look at? He says he’s not sure he can act. Dao says he’s such a handsome and talented, so he can do it for sure.

Varang shrieks that that mom (momluang) is a real man…and kissed her too. Dao is shy talking about it. Varang asks if she didn’t get injured. Dao asks what’s to get injured. Varang says from both of their hoe-liked teeth. She asks if their teeth didn’t chop each other off (while kissing). Haha. Dao says can she not be romantic about it.

Varang says all right, and asks if what she told her earlier, she’s sure he would propose. Dao says it seemed so but Khun Vivit interrupted before Khun Jan finished. Dao asks what Varang thinks about it. Varang tells her to say yes!yes!yes! She says Dao fell in love with him even when she thought he’s gay.

Dao says of course, she loves him (tearing a tissue while talking) but their backgrounds are so much different. She says she’s no different from Vivit, she’s poor with low status, so how she would dare to accept love from the high-born Momluang Jantharakan. Varang says that’s cheap novel.

Dao (changes into northern dialect) says that she criticized her again. She says no, not criticize, but talking about both their love, why so many obstacles. She says the difference is the problem, and she couldn’t solve it yet. Dao says she said she would accept Arty’s love. Varang says she almost accepted it, but she wasn’t brave enough, and Arty even bought her a wedding ring, yet she couldn’t accept it, not sure why.

She says when talking about it, she feels sad for Arty. She cries so Dao consoles her. I don’t know what Varang is mumbling about while crying. Some funny things though.

Khun Jan asks his mom why she called him here (the palace). She asks why he didn’t know that today is the first day AingFah works for Varang. Khun Jan asks if it’s today. Dao (the mom) says Orachon told her that he’s the one asked Varang to let Fah work there.

Khun Chai Jan says may be their son just forget about it. Dao tells Khun Jan to tell his dad not to take his side. Khun Jan asks if she wants him to tell dad (when they sit so close). Dao tells him to do it, so Khun Jan tells dad that.

Khun Jan smiles and asks what this is. Dad says his mom is sulking because of him so she wouldn’t talk to him directly.

Dad says all right, and tells Khun Jan to tell his mom that he didn’t side with him. Khan Jan starts to tell his mom that but stops, and says they are behaving like kids now.

Khun Jan says about AingFah, he admits that he seriously forgot about it, and will go to apologize to her. Dao gets up but sits back. She tells Khun Jan to tell his dad that she will come home late today because she will spend time talking with Khun Orachon.

Khun Jan sighs and he tells his dad that. Dad tells Khun Jan to tell his mom that he ack-now-ledged it. Khun Jan says, “Mom krap, dad said he ack-now-ledged it, krap.” Dao smiles and tells Khun Jan that she’s leaving. Lol.

Part 2

Arty shows Pat his acting for the CF. Varang asks if he’s suitable to model for Phu Tawan coffee. Pat says no one is more suitable than him, a countryman, so manly, her dream man.

Pat asks Fah if she works here today. Fah says it’s her first day. Pat says so she brought Khun Vivit with her too. Vivit says  no, he came with Khun Darika, to congrat Khun AingFah. Pat says it’s strange that her future fiance didn’t come. Fah says he’s busy with his work.

Varang asks Pat, besides fitting, if she wants Arty to act from the script today. Pat says they have to wait for the heroine, she hasn’t arrived yet. Nang makes a grand entrance in her white gown. Lol.

Nang: “Sawasdee ka, Nong Nang’s name is Nong Nang. Nong Nang is the heroine (nang’ek) ka!…Hi!” (Nang speaks in Thai+European accent)

Nang turns to Arty and says, “Aww…my hero (pra’ek)..Hi!”

Arty drops a cup from his hand. Haha. Nang says, “Oh my god! Pretty, aren’t I?” Arty nods. Nang says, “Hi!” to everyone.

The staff is saying ‘sa-prung’ (horrified) so Nang asks if it means pretty. They say yes, so Nang says, “Yes! I know.”


Khun Chai Jan asks his son what he’s going to do next. Khun Jan says take an easy way, tell his mom the truth that he and AingFah don’t love each other. Dad says he told her already but she wouldn’t believe it, and she’s very confident with her idea, so surely there will be more tricks coming to force him.

Dad asks how it’s going with him and Darika. Khun Jan says, “That’s the problem. Dad, I think Darika doesn’t love me.”

Aww….my puppy.


This CF thing is hilarious. Nang runs into the scene, “Kamron, where are you? (She sniffs) Aww…the smell…what’s that smell? (She runs to Arty and smells the coffee in his hand.) Kamron, your smell is so exciting…”

Pat shouts, “Cut! Cut! Cut!” She asks Nang what’s crazy smell she’s talking about. Nang says the coffee’s. Pat tells her then speak it out clearly, and when smelling, don’t make her nose grow big then small, it’s like she’s smelling buffalo poop. Nang exclaims, “Oh my god!”

Pat says the coffee aroma, one must smell with ‘kam-sap-san’ (absorb its freshness) feeling. Nang asks what that is so Pat shows it to her. Pat sticks her face close to Arty’s neck so forceful that the staff exclaims OMG. Haha..

Pat asks if Nang understands it  now. Nang says it’s a men seduction posture, if she told her that, she would get it right away. Lol. Pat calls for a break. Arty calls Varang to him and asks if he will be able to do it, he can’t act, and now, a girl who can’t act to act with him. Varang says Nang is a girl, from rich family, who wants to be famous so he has to endure it. He asks if she didn’t see her smell him just now. She says of course, she saw it. She tells him to take a break.

Pop comes to sit with Nang. She says he’s so handsome, “Do you already have a wife (she uses informal vocab)…I mean a girlfriend?” He says he doesn’t have both. He says his name is Pop. He tells her to believe and to imagine the coffee aroma, and breath in to get the smell. She does what he told her. He asks if she gets the smell now. She says  none.

They try again. Nang says, “Kamron, the coffee aroma is so good and exciting. Arty says (in northern dialect) “Phu Tawan, the taste you cannot stop.” Arty apologizes that he made the mistake speaking in northern dialect. Pat marches to him and says it’s so perfect and it’s what she wants. Everyone is surprised.

Arty speaks in northern dialect again so he covers his mouth with his hand. Pat says this is what they (her team) want. She says it’ll be aired in the northern region. She tells him to try in northeastern dialect, he does it. She wants him to say in southern dialect. Arty says he can’t do it so Pat calls Vivit over to help them. She says she heard him say it that night (in Darika’s room).

Vivit says the phrase in southern dialect and Pat squeals. She crosses her arms with both men, that she has the north, south and northeast. She tells Vivit to teach Arty again. When Arty says it, she says that’s it.


Chaya is leaving the house. Jak says they can still live in the same house. She says he chased her out himself so what happened now. He says although they divorced, they can be friends. She says it’s better they live separate so he can take home as many girls as he wants. He says it was his sarcastic talk that day. She says they are no longer related so do what he wants, because she will do that too. She gives back the wedding ring and leaves the house.


Pat tells Nang to pull Fah out of Darika and Vivit. She asks Pat what she should tell Fah. Pat suggests she ask for help about her acting, make up or hairdo, that kind of things.

Nang walks to Fah and tells her to help with her dress. Fah walks away with Nang. Vivit thanks Dao for making Fah work here. Dao says she’ll give her full support when it comes to love. She asks Vivit to let her see the bouquet, she wants one like this. Pat records the whole thing on her phone.

 Part 3

Pat shows the video clip to Khun Jan and asks if he can see now how close they are. She wonders why they have to hide it from him. He asks if Vivit actually bought Cattleya orchids for Darika. She says yes, she thought Vivit would give it to AingFah at first, but no, they gave it to each other.

She asks if he’s busy this weekend, she will do the shooting for Phu Tawan coffee CF at her Phu Tawan orchard.

He says he heard she had Arty as the model. She says yes and the whole team will be there, and she heard Khun Vivit and Darika would be there too. Khun Jan perks up. She says the team will stay at her private house, so she invites him to join them, and they will have after-party after work is done too. He says that sounds fun. She says he said that, she takes it as a yes. He says he will confirm it later. She says all right.


Dao brings a tray of sweets she made for Khun Jan in his room. He says he’s not hungry. She says he can keep it for tomorrow, it helps reducing gas. He tells her to take it back, he doesn’t want to eat it.

She asks if he’s not feeling well. He says no. She says she can check if there’s some gas (she presses his stomach). He pulls her hands away and says, “I told you, I’m fine.” She says all right, she won’t disturb him then. She says she won’t be here this weekend. He asks where she’s going. She hesitates to say it (he thinks of what Pat told him), so he says she doesn’t have to tell if it’s a secret. She nods and says, “Yes, see you on Monday.”

She walks out of his room. Both are upset for different reasons.


At Phu Tawan orchard, the staff is preparing the set. A staff sees Varang casually sipping tea so he says, “Madam Varang, sir. You look like you are the owner of this orchard.” She says if that’s true, she won’t do anything each day, but will dress up and sip tea like this everyday. They tease if she won’t feel lonely sitting here alone, why not bring Arty to sit with her. Pop doesn’t like what they are saying.

They tease her to be a madam with a young man as her husband, and feed him. They say they are young and want to be fed too. One staff says it’s to raise a young man, not a pig. Lol. Varang signals them to look at Pop. She scolds them for talking about Arty when they know Pop doesn’t like it. They say it’s just a tease.

Vivit and Fah are walking in the grass field. She says she will use this grass flowers on the set so it will be more romantic. He says their love is just like in the CF, a man who’s a lowly worker, and a high-born orchard’s owner. She says he talks sweetly again. He says the atmosphere brought up the mood. He wants them to be here together and not have to go back to face with many problems in Bangkok. She says she wants that too, but in reality, it’s impossible.

He says he realizes that. He says after Khun Jan declares the engagement be canceled, he will go to ask for her hand right away. She asks if he will go by himself. He says he will ask Khun Chai Janthorn (Khun Jan’s father) to act as his elder to do that for him. She says so many steps to take and each one is difficult. He says he will fight for their love. She thanks him so he kisses her cheek. She hits his arm. He says she’s so lovely that he couldn’t help it. She says she will punish him for it. Then lovebirds have a good time together.

Dao is putting make-up on Arty’s skin to make it look like a suntan. Pat’s knees gone weak when seeing his bare chest. She praises Darika that she knows how to suntan the skin. Dao says she practiced, and even painted Khun Jan’s body in silver before.

Pat asks Arty if he’s still excited to act the role of Phu Tawan orchard’s manager. He says he practiced in front of the mirror many times, so he should be all right. She says she had her eyes on him since hearing his slogan, ‘fall into place among differences, differences that fall into place’.

Nang says Pat doesn’t ask her at all if she can act. Pat asks her that. Nang says she can act but couldn’t do it as coy as her. Pat asks if she misused the word or she intended to criticize her. Nang asks what she said wrong. Pat says the word she used is offensive. Nang says she doesn’t know that (she stayed abroad), so she changes it to ‘ret’ (rhino – offensive, used to refer to a person who behaves explicitly to lure the opposite sex, or the same sex for the same purpose). Darika and Arty pretend they didn’t hear it.

Pat says she’s confident now that Nang doesn’t remember offensive language from the servant (who raised her), but she intends to make mistakes when speaking, to fool her that she’s actually criticizing her. Pat wants to beat her up for that.

Part 4

Nang runs to the rooftop and checks if Pat is coming after her. She says, “Is she still following me? So fierce like a dog.”  She walks backwards and bumps into Pop. She touches his chest and says his body is so stiff like a rock. Lol.

Pop looks at her figure and says she’s pretty today. She asks if he wants her for a wife. Haha. He gapes so she says she meant if she’s so pretty that he wanted her as his girlfriend. He says of course, with her permission. She says he has her permission because he’s handsome. Both laugh.

Pop asks if she’s ready to act today. She asks if he can take a look how she’s doing. He says all right and tells her to start acting. She breathes in and out, and I’m lost at what she’s doing. Yoga?

Pop hears Arty’s voice so he takes a peek. Arty is showing Dao the ring he will give to Pee Varang. Dao teases that the ring suits Pee Varang’s ear. Arty corrects that it suits her finger more. She asks if he will surprise Pee Varang and propose today. He says of course, and this time Pee Varang won’t reject him for sure because he will ask her in front of everyone (oh, no!). Dao says they must celebrate after that. He says sure? She says celebrate with ‘Som Tam Pu Pla ra’ (spicy papaya salad with salted crab and pickled fish – her fav dish ever) only. Dao tells him to get ready, she’s excited for him. Pop hears them so he tells Varang (his sister) that he wants to talk to her.

Nang tells Pat that Pee Pop and Pee Varang are talking, so they take a peek.

Pop says he really dislikes the thing about Pee Tee (Arty). She says the staff just teased so don’t be serious. He says he’s not talking about the tease but about Pee Tee will propose to her today. She asks where he got that idea. He says Arty told Darika just now, and he even has the ring with him.

He says he forbids it and she must reject him right away. She asks why he has to oppose to it when she and Arty love each other. He says he doesn’t want her to marry a younger man, if older, he won’t mind. She asks if age is that important, she and Arty loved each other for five years already.

He says it’s important because she has a kid-liked habit, and in certain matters, Pee Tee is even more a kid then him. If they get married, it surely won’t work. He says he doesn’t want his two loved ones to end up with a divorce and hating each other, just like how his parents divorced and hated each other.

He says he’s begging her. She asks if that’s the reason. He says yes. She pats his back that she understands now so don’t be too serious, and there’s nothing to worry about. She hugs him and says he’s crying like a kid. She tells him to stop crying, and she understands it now. He thanks her.

Pat smiles and says that’s today’s best news. Nang says how good it is when two persons in love couldn’t end up together. Pat says it’s good because Arty deserves to be hers only. Nang says Pat also wants Vivit for herself, and wants to steal Khun Jan from Pee Darika, so which man she really wants.

Pat explains that Khun Chai Jan (the son) is for a husband suitable for her wealth, Arty is for her personal creative and to join her dinner at night as lovers, and Vivit is for her private secretary and her gigs for her to chew during her free time. Nang asks then who she loves. Pat says why she has to love, a woman like her never gives her love to anyone but herself. Pat asks if she gets it.

Nang says she gets it now, “Pee Pat will have three husbands at the same time, so like Kali.” Pat asks, “Kali?”, and if she’s criticizing her. Nang says no, she just said the old saying – a woman with three husbands, it’s a Kali woman for the nation (bad luck for the country). Pat wants to beat her up so Nang runs. Haha.

Fah asks Dao if it’s true Pee Arty will surprise Pee Varang today. Dao says that’s true. Vivit asks when he will do it. Dao says when many of them are around so Pee Varang won’t reject him.

A van is coming in. Vivit says it’s Khun Jan’s van. He tells Dao that Khun Jan came, and tells Fah to switch side with Dao.

Pat greets Khun Jan and says welcome to her Phu Tawan orchard. He says the place is beautiful and asks how it’s going with the shooting. She’s all are fine and tells him to come take a look.

AingFah greets him. Pat excuses herself to work. Vivit says Khun Jan didn’t tell him that he’s coming. Khun Jan says he doesn’t know too that Vivit would come with Darika here. He says if they came to help with work or for a trip. Vivit says both. Hehe.

Khun Jan asks AingFah if she’s tired. She says not at all. Both Fah and Vivit excuse themselves to get to work. Khun Jan talks to Darika.

Khun Jan: “You talked about the weekend, so you are actually here. Did you come with Vivit?”

Dao: “Eh..I hope you won’t mind.”

Khun Jan: “How can I when you have the right to choose? Have a good time.”

He walks away.

It’s time to do the shooting. A guy says, “Phu Tawan – scene 1 take 1, action!”

Man, this CF makes me laugh every time.

Arty marches in, then picks up a cup of coffee. Nang joins him, “Kamron, what’s that smell? Oh, your coffee smell is so refreshing.” Arty says, “It’s Phu Tawan coffee aroma. (Reach out the cup, speak in dialect) Phu Tawan, the taste you can’t stop.” Nang says wow and hugs him. Lol.

Arty tells her to hold the cup for him, then walks to Varang. The PD says where he’s going and says cut!  The staff says why Arty didn’t follow the script and gather around him.

Arty gets down on his knee and shows Varang the ring. Everyone cheers. Arty holds up his hand for them to stop. Lol.

Arty: “Pee Varang, please marry me.”

Everyone cheers again. Varang looks at Pop who is also staring at her.

Part 5

Arty says he loved her for five years and can’t wait for the sixth year, he’s afraid he will wither away. He begs, “Pee Varang, please accept my love.” She says it’s not the thing to make fun about and this is during working hours. She tells him to get up.

Arty gets up. Varang apologizes everyone saying Arty was just kidding, and it’s not for real. He assures her that it’s for real, the real ring, and the real love of his. She tells him to stop it now, there’s no business about love here and this is during working hours, and he should think about Khun Pat and herself too, he teased her in front of everyone like this, her reputation is ruined.

Arty asks if she thinks he’s kidding in front of everyone. He asks, “Pee Varang, do you know how much is this ring? Do you know how long I’ve had to save money in order to ask for your love today? But you think I ruined you?”

She tells him to stop this nonsense. He says it’s obviously nonsense of him to think that his love worth something to her when she thinks it’s a joke, so this ring must be worthless now.  He throws the ring away and leaves. Varang says sorry to everyone and goes after him. Pop follows them which worries the staff, so they follow Pop.

Dao tells Vivit there’s going to be a problem for sure. She asks him to come with her. Khun Jan looks at them leaving together. Fah suggests Khun Jan to go take a look.

Pat smirks but pretends to worry that her work is ruined. The PD says the light is just right now, if she doesn’t shoot now, he won’t do it. Nang says her face looks pretty with the light  now too.

Arty rampages kicking things. Varang asks what’s the use to destroy things like that. He says she just destroyed the love between them too. She denies that she ruined their love. He says she rejected to marry him just now. She says she didn’t reject him but it’s not the time to propose, it’s the time to work.

He tells her not to use work as an excuse, and how many time he proposed to her already and she kept avoiding it, so just tell him the truth that she doesn’t love him enough to marry him and just used him to work for her.

She tells him to go back to work first and talk later about it. He says he won’t talk, there’s nothing left to talk between them. It’s the end of them. She begs him not to act like a kid, and that’s why Pop told her that he’s not mature enough. She’s begging him to go back and finish the work. He says he won’t do it, and will go back to Bangkok and quit from her company right away.

She hugs him and says don’t go anywhere. He tells her to let him go. Pop shoves him away and yells at him not to harm his sister. Arty asks if it’s him who told her not to accept his love. Pop says yes, so what?

Arty punches his face. Vivit tells them to go easy and talk, but gets punched on the face instead. Haha. The staff takes Arty away while Varang tells Pop to take a break. She says sorry to Vivit on Arty’s behalf. He says it’s all right. Varang is worried about her work and Khun Pat doesn’t know it yet. Fah takes her away to calm down.

Dao sees Vivit’s wound is bleeding so she tells him to go take care of the wound. She will tend to it for him. Khun Jan sees them and is upset.

The staff begs Arty to finish the shoot because they signed the contract, and could get sued, and they would have no  jobs then. They beg him on their knees so Arty says he will talk with Khun Pat about it.

Khun Jan looks at Vivit and Dao together and gets jealous.

Pat is complaining how unprofessional this company is, and she shouldn’t hire them in the first place. Nang says Pat will hire them no matter what, because she wants to steal other’s hubby. Haha. Pat tells her to stop talking or she will crush her mouth twisted. Nang says Pee Arty is coming.

A staff says Arty is ready to work now. Pat says that’s good.

Dao and Vivit are teasing each other so Khun Jan says they take care of each other so well. Vivit gets up so Khun Jan asks if it hurts a lot. Vivit says just a little. Khun Jan argues that Darika took care of him like he’s severely injured.

Khun Jan: “Why did you (two) have to hide it from me?”

Vivit: “What did we hide?”

Khun Jan: “That you two would come to the set in secret!”

Vivit: “Khun Jan, it’s not so secret.”

Khun Jan: “But you didn’t tell me about it.”

Vivit looks at Dao so she says, “We have our personal reason.” Vivit says that’s right.

Pat tells them to start working now. Arty says no, he wants to negotiate with her that he’s quitting from this job. She tells him to say it again so he repeats it. He asks if it’s clear enough. She says it is but she won’t allow it. They argue louder and louder so Khun Jan wonders what Khun Pat is yelling about. He tells Vivit to go take a look, but Vivit wants to clear the thing Khun Jan said just now.

Khun Jan tells him to leave now, so Vivit walks out of the room.

Khun Jan asks Dao why she had to lie, why she had to fool him. She asks what she fooled him. He says how she could talk back when she’s caught red-handed. He says she’s not different from her boss, Khun Varang, who never values Arty’s love when they dated for five years.

Dao asks why he has to compare her with Pee Varang. He says she obviously taught her well, to lure a man to fall in love, then use him. Dao cries and asks again what he just said.

He says that’s why Khun Varang let her work for him, hoping she will marry him and benefit from him being the Thutsanai (his family). Dao says he’s gone crazy. He says, “I won’t be stupid so you could fool me. I may do what my mother wants.” She asks what he’s going to do. He says, “Marry Nong AingFah!” He walks away so she runs after him, “Khun Jan! Khun Jan!”

Ooy..that’s harsh coming from Khun Jan.

Part 6

Dao runs after Khun Jan and tells him to talk it over first.

Arty is saying he won’t act anymore, especially, with that dude (Pop) on set. He wants to punch him just by seeing his face. Pop says then do it!

Varang and Fah join Khun Jan and Dao. She asks what happened. Fah says they should go and take a look. Varang tells Dao to come with her too. Khun Jan is getting weary about the whole thing.

Pat says Arty can’t quit now because they had signed the contract. He tells her to say the amount for the damage, he’s willing to pay for it but he won’t take part in this  job, because he doesn’t want to work for V  Organize anymore.

Pat tells him sweetly that he represents her Phu Tawan coffee. She holds his hand and begs him to do it, and says she realizes his worth. It’s not important that others don’t see his worth, because she does. He has her respect for the best creative and artist.

Arty looks at Varang and asks Pat if what she said was true. Nang says it’s true, Pee Pat loves his masculine and handsome look. Pat shoves her away. Hehe.

Arty says he will do it, not for V Organize, but for Khun Pat only. He kisses Pat’s hand. Varang cries. Pat tells everyone to get ready. A staff says stand by in 10 minutes.

Dao consoles Varang that Arty said it out of anger. Fah says Arty still loves her. Varang says nothing will be the same anymore, what she had done. She wails in northern dialect so Fah tells Dao to translate it for her. Dao says she said a man who looked like an ogre, wasn’t a good one, and it hurt here on her chest.

Khun Jan says sorry to Pat that he has to leave. She says he just arrived so how he can go back now, he should stay for the night here. Seriously, Pat is the only one smiling around here. He says  no, he must go back to Bangkok now.

She tells him to stay and may be he will get to see something from both of his promiscuous secretaries. He asks how promiscuous. She says she saw Darika tiptoeing into Vivit’s room secretly last night and came out at dawn, and even in the afternoon, they disappeared in the field together and Darika came back with a messy hair, while Vivit came back looking exhausted. She says it’s so gross and it never happened before in her house. They must think her house is a motel, so he should stay to, at least, advise them.

Here we go again, Phu Tawan coffee – scene 1 take 7, action! This time Arty shoves Nang to the ground. The PD says they acted with no mood at all, and Nang overacted like she’s in a buffalo racing. He says Arty stood so stiff like an electric pole. Arty gets angry and asks how many takes already. He walks away so a staff asks where he’s going. He says taking a dump.  The PD is pissed saying next time he won’t accept this kind of stupid job.

Pat asks Khun Jan if he drinks (liquor) too, and he could get drunk. Dao and Vivit look at him. Khun Jan says he wants to get drunk, he dislikes people who lie, and he didn’t think both of his trusted ones would lie to him. He walks away and Pat follows him.

Arty also drinks liquor. When Varang walks by, he hides it from her. She wants to say something but changes her mind and leaves.

Nang asks the staff what the meaning of ‘taking a dump’ is. They tell her it’s to go to the toilet, in other words, pooping. She says she thought Arty suffered from acting with her. They assure her that it’s not that. She says Arty was so fierce that she can’t act anymore. She says Arty looked at her like she’s a leech. She goes on and on about tiny creatures. A staff asks how she could use offensive words right this time. She says even though she’s not clever, she’s not stupid like someone. Haha. Pop tells her not to look down on herself.

Varang asks her team what she should do with Arty, and she thinks she could smell liquor from his body. She thinks Arty drink and hide it from them. A staff says he saw Arty drink half the bottle in pure. She’s afraid he will get addicted to it again like in the past, and it took such a long time to treat it.

The staff say they will go take care of him. Pop tells Nang if Arty harasses her again, he will punch him. Nang says so cute, my hero.

Vivit, Fah and Dao look at Khun Jan drinking. Dao says he’s not looking good, and she couldn’t understand what he said to her, he said Pee Varang planned her to fool him, and he would marry Fah.

Fah says how that can be when they agreed to cancel the whole thing. She pulls Dao along to talk to Khun Jan. Fah marches to him and says they need to talk.

Part 7

Fah asks Khun Jan if he said he would marry her. He asks Dao if she told Fah because she got jealous. He says she faked to be jealous so he would think she’s still in love with him. Dao says he’s drunk now. He says he’s drunk because he couldn’t stand her lie. She tells him to say it, what she had lied to him.

He says she didn’t feel anything for him from the beginning. She lied to him, then together with Vivit lied to him. He grabs her and asks if it’s true that she lied to him. Fah pushes him away from her.

Khun Jan grabs Fah’s wrist and says all he said is true, and they will marry. She asks if he’s mad, they agreed to cancel it. He says he changes his mind now and will marry her. Fah says no, they don’t love each other. He says but he loves her at first sight, therefore, they must marry.

Fah says no, she won’t marry him. He hugs her and asks Dao if she can see that he, too, doesn’t care about her and he will marry AingFah asap. He shouts, “And you will not get even a single baht from Thutsanai!”

Fah tells him to let her go. Dao pokes him to let her go. Vivit grabs Khun Jan and yells, “Khun Jan, why are you treating my girlfriend like this?!” He punches him down to the floor. Khun Jan loses consciousness so Dao holds him.

Dao wipes his face with a cloth. Vivit asks Dao what happened to him because he never got drunk or acted this crazy at all.  Dao says could it be that Khun Jan thinks she and Vivit are dating. Vivit says that must be it, that’s why he accused both of them of lying to him. Yeah, right, if only you guy tell him the truth.

Fah says it must hurt him so much that he wanted act sarcastically by marrying her. Fah tells Vivit to tell Khun Jan the truth about them once he wakes up. Vivit says yes, and he’s ready.

Here we go again, Phu Tawan – scene 1 take 8, action! This time Arty is drunk and can’t even stand straight.  Nang runs to him, “Kamron…” He barks, “What?” Lol. She says, “Eh…what’s that smell? Wow…the smell of your coffee is so refreshing (she’s about to cry).”

The PD says he’s obviously drunk. Arty says, “Phu Tawan..the taste a woman with cruel heart like you…can’t stop!” Arty pulls Nang to him. The PD says cut! He tells his crew to give him five handfuls of paracetamol, to relieve his headache with these two.  Arty scolds Nang for her bad acting. He says how a husband and wife can’t look at each other’s face (looking at Varang).

Nang cries when Arty is harsh to her. Varang calls for a break but Arty wants to get it done so his job with V Organize will be closed, also the end of his worthless five years.

Nang curses at Arty (a buffalo) so he gets angry. Pop shoves him away saying, yelling Pee Varang is not enough and now to Nang too. The PD tells his staff to turn on the camera and rolling. LOL.

The commotion is so loud that Dao, Vivit and Fah run to the balcony to take a look. Khun Jan wakes up and remembers Vivit said he treated his girlfriend wrongly.

Vivit looks down and says Arty rampages. Khun Jan yells at him that he will rampage too, “You betrayal!” He punches Vivit.

The fight down the lawn pauses and looks up at them. The PD says so there are two pairs of boxing, he cheers them to continue with the fight. The whole group runs into the house with Khun Jan’s group coming down.

Khun Jan asks Vivit if he thinks he could date Darika behind his back. Vivit tells him to listen, he’s dating AingFah and not Darika. Fah assures him that. Pop grabs a pole and means to hit Arty but Khun Jan take it instead.

Man, Pop is too much.

Dao holds Khun Jan and tells him to stay strong. Khun Jan asks her if it’s true that she doesn’t love Vivit. Dao says, it’s true, “Khun Vivit loves Khun AingFah, and I love you.”

He says, “Love me..since when?”

She says, “Since we first met. I loved you even though I thought you were gay. I love you even though I know you are so high above while I’m way below, love you even though I know we are very much different.” He smiles and says it’s the difference what made them fall in love.

Each couple (or future couple) looks at each other. Khun Jan faints and everyone is alarmed and calls out his name. Vivit tells them to call the ambulance.

Pat is pissed how things turned out this way.

Part 8

At the hospital, Dao talks to the unconscious Khun Jan that the doctor said he’s all right now, but why he hasn’t opened his eyes yet. She cries, “Do you hear me? (she leans over to give him a peck on his cheek) Toon-hua-khong-bao (young master of mine)…”

He squeezes her hand a little so she’s delighted, “Khun Jan, you are awake! Khun Jan!” Dao (the mom) enters the room and sees Darika-Dao. She asks how she dares touch her son. Darika greets her and says sorry. DaraRai-Dao tells her to come talk with her in the guest room.

DaraRai asks if it’s not enough the problem she created. Darika asks what she created. She says Khun Jan got injured because of her. Darika says because of her? Then she asks what kind of story she had heard. DaraRai says someone told her that Darika made Khun Jan go crazy till he got drunk and lost his senses.

Darika says made him go crazy? DaraRai says she pretended to be close to Vivit so that Khun Jan would be jealous of her. Darika asks who told her that. DaraRai says she doesn’t have to know.

Darika: “And you believe it?”

Dao: “What’s the reason not to believe it when you are simply an actress, and you can play many roles, a tomboy, a woman. A simple thing as using your charm on Vivit to make Khun Jun jealous, it wouldn’t be hard for a pro like you. I think you should stop trying because, no matter what, Khun Jan must marry AingFah as agreed. The best way is, you get out of his life.”

Darika asks if she’s telling her to quit the job. DaraRai says she gets it pretty quickly. Darika says she won’t quit now, “Wait until Khun Jan fires me himself, I will leave then.”

Noi (the housekeeper) tells DaraRai that Khun Jan is awake and she called the doctor already. Both Dao rush to see him. Mom touches his hair and says he’s safe now. He smiles and says yes, mom. He sees Darika and says her name. Darika wants to go to him but DaraRai tells Noi to walk Darika out. Noi hesitates so she repeats her order.

Darika walks out so Khun Jan tells his mom that he wants to talk to her first. She says no, he needs to rest and not to bother with nonsense thing.

Noi tells Darika to go back and come again tomorrow, she will tell her the time when her madam is not here. Darika cries and says it’s no use, she won’t get to come visit him again. She says, “Please tell Khun Jan that I’m worried about him, and get well soon.”


At V Organize, both Darika and Varang are crying and wasting the tissues. Varang says they must have committed the same kind of sin in the past, to be unlucky in love. She asks if the madam chased her out. Darika says that’s right. Varang says who told madam that, accused her in a bad way. Dao says if to guess it, she thinks it’s Khun Pat.

Varang asks if she really means it. Dao says that woman looks like she doesn’t mean well for any creatures on earth. Dao asks what about the coffee CF. Varang says Pat called her everyday and yelled at her to find Arty no matter what, she wants to do the shooting again.

Dao asks if Arty didn’t come here at all. A staff says he disappeared so neat, they couldn’t contact him, they called his home but he’s not there, so does his hometown (Phrae Province). A staff says he’s afraid Arty will go back to drinking like before. Varang says that’s what she’s so worried too.

Dao says then they must find him quickly, and bring him here for a talk, both about love with Varang and work. Pop brings them coffee but no one wants to take it. A staff says if they drink it, they will become a person with no heart! Lol.

Pop says, “Pee Varang..” She says she has no…she’s busy.

Dao grabs a pack of Phu Tawan coffee and comes to sit with Pop. He says if no one wants him here, he can quit. She asks if he loves Pee Tee (Arty). He says he’s his idol, but not now. She asks him why. He says because Pee Tee and Pee Varang are not suitable for each other. They are so different like the sky and the hollow cliff, and they couldn’t talk peacefully for long, then they would argue. If they marry each other, they will divorce in two years for sure.

Dao asks him the slogan of the coffee. He reads it out, fall into place among differences, differences that fall into place. She says Arty came up with this slogan from his love for Pee Varang, and not from something else.

She says it took him five years before he’s brave enough to propose to Pee Varang. Both of them tried this and that, put themselves into many tests, and even though their love based on differences, it’s a strong kind of differences.

He asks how he can be sure that they are not making a mistake, because his parents made this kind of mistake, and hated each other till the last day of their lives.

He cries and says he doesn’t want Pee Varang and Pee Tee to end up like his parents. After the divorce, his dad buried himself into drinking until he passed away. He says, “Pee Dao, I’m so scared. I don’t want it to happen again with Pee Varang and Pee Tee.”

She hugs him and says, “You can’t predict life. It could be head or tail (of a coin) but we must fight and must take the risk. I still believe that, love is a beautiful thing.” She tells him to stop crying.

Part 9

Varang comes to a bar to check if Arty come here. The owner ,Tee, says he didn’t come here and tells her to go look at another bars. Arty is looking at her behind a corner. Varang tells him to call her if he sees Arty. He agrees to do it so she leaves.

Arty comes out and sits down to drink. Tee (the owner) says she came all the way here and looked very worried. Arty says he still can’t cope with the pain yet, and he thinks she just worries about her work. Tee tells him to go easy on the drink, it’s 2,000 baht already and he still didn’t pay for it. Arty tells him not to bother with his business.

Pat calls Arty and he picks up. She asks where he is when she called him days and nights. He tells her he’s at Tee-yai, Ratchada. He asks if there’s anything that she called. She says she’s waiting for him to do the CF.  He says he had already withdrawn from the project that day, sorry to waste her time. He hangs up.

Pat comes to the bar and sees the drunk Arty. She says he shouldn’t have a broken heart because of that old woman, Varang. Pat tells Tee to help her carry Arty to her car. He asks where she’s taking him. She says he’s her worker so she should take care of him. She tells Tee not to tell Varang about it.

Tee teases her that she still has the same old habit, be the third wheel. She smiles and says stealing is delicious. Tee says all right and calls his men to help her.


Vivit and Fah explain everything to Khun Jan. She says Pee Dao helped her in everything, and helped them to meet often. Khun Jan smiles and says they didn’t tell him the truth. Vivit says he’s afraid it would get to Khun DaraRai’s ears, and she surely will bash him badly.

Khun Jan says he can understand that and apologizes for his misunderstanding, for punching him so hard. Vivit says he has to apologize too because he punched Khun Jan with his pretty cool punch too. Khun Jan laughs and says his punch was a heavy one, so now they are even.

Khun Jan asks why they could come together today. She says they used a trick, Khun Vivit sent Chang to pick her up, telling her mother that Khun Jan wanted to see her, so her mother will come here soon.

Khun Jan says, “For both mothers of us, we have to use many kind of tricks. She (his mom) even forbids Darika from visiting me.”

Vivit says he thinks his mother can’t forbid that. Fah says she thinks Pee Dao will find the way to come see him, no matter what.

A cleaning lady comes in and asks for the permission to clean the room. Vivit tells Fah to wait in the guest room and they leave. Khun Jan turns his attention to a magazine.

The lady asks his permission to sweep the floor. He says, please do. He tells her to clean under the bed too. She says yes. When she comes close, he pulls her to him. She tells him to let her go. Khun Jan takes off the mask on her face.

He says, “You can’t fool me, Darika.” She asks how he knows. He says, “Of course I know, how can I forget the person I love? Also, this wonderful scent, it only comes from you.” She asks if he can remember her scent too. He says he could remember even her adjusted voice. She says he should rest because he’s not yet fully recovered.

He says he’s fine now, and with her coming here, he will recover so fast. Vivit and Fah, and Noi are eavesdropping by the door. They squeal and Vivit says he thinks Dao got caught already. Fah turns to see Noi, so she asks why she didn’t go stand guard in the hallway, her mother is coming today. Noi says she’s happy for them so she forgot.

Darika asks if he’s sure he’s all right now, and no damage to his brain. She asks if there’s no blood congested anywhere, and if the doctor did the checkup thoroughly. He says there’s a tiny blood congested…so she asks if it’s in his brain. He laughs and says, in his heart, it’s so congested that it’s almost coming out.

She says he’s crazy to say that when she’s so worried. He says he knows that, because Noi told him that she stayed with him all the time when he’s unconscious, until his mother came. She says his mother wouldn’t allow her to visit him, but today Khun Vivit and AingFah came so she disguised herself to come to see him, to insist that he misunderstood them.

He asks if she would believe it that when  he misunderstood her and Vivit, he’s almost gone crazy. She says of course, she believes it because he even said he would marry AingFah. He asks if she can see clearly now how much he cares for her.

Vivit and AingFah squeal. She says they are so cute.

Khun Jan says the minute he learned that Vivit loves AingFah, he reached the decision faster. She asks what decision. He says the decision to take care of the obligation between him and AingFah as soon as possible, and decisively.

She asks how it’s going to be. He asks her to call Vivit and AingFah in here. She says all right.

Noi is on the phone with Chang (Khun Jan’s butler). She’s telling him that Khun Jan and Khun Darika reconciled, and Khun Jan understands everything that Khun Darika didn’t lie to him.

Behind her, DaraRai and Khun Chai Jan, and Khun Orachon are walking towards her.


Varang: Getting drunk, didn’t go to work!

Arty: Can’t you understand that it hurts?!

Chaya: Go ahead and continue drinking if you want to be a man with no future.

Jak: I already have no future left.


I wonder if I should put on header ‘(Quick Summary)’ because it’s neither short nor quick hehe. I will leave it as it is though. Well, I have nothing to say about this episode beside it’s hilarious and entertaining (great cast btw), and it’s nice the misunderstandings *roll eyes* ended pretty quickly (so that the new one[s] will arise next week?). Let’s enjoy the fun and the abs   🙂

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