Update: Ruk Tong Aoom Teaser

Here comes the new romantic comedy starring Great Warintorn and Matt Peeranee. Great looks mighty fine in pilot uniform  🙂


“Everybody, watch out!”

They see there’s a baby in the box.

“No matter what, we must take the baby to the police so they will look for the parents!”


“Stop saying ‘no’ this minute!” (these two talk informally like among very close friends)

She bites his finger so he shouts, “Lan!” (her name is Lanta)

“I will never raise this baby!”

“What’s with *Ta Nu now?” (the baby)

*Ta Nu is not a name but it’s how these two call the baby. It’s an endearing word for baby, but not every parent will use it.

“We don’t know which mountain it is so will we find it ? (or someone?)”

“Ta Nu brought chaos to our lives. It’s a burden so we probably couldn’t raise him/her.”

“Then I will show you that I can raise Ta Nu.”

“Ai Lan!”

“Ruk Tong Aoom coming soon”


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  1. Hi dear, now that you have bought the novel and read it, can you tell us the whole story? I definitely don’t mind spoilers so please go ahead! I’m in love with this lakorn already. Great is so hot but Matt is ok. The important thing is they have huge chemistry between them and I love the way they talk! Pleaseeeee…

  2. Do you know if dao kaing duen and Ruk Tong Aoom novels has English translated ones? As I don’t know thai and I will like to read it in English if it is possible. Thankx xxxxx

    • I don’t know if there’s an English version but I can give you ISBN from the copies (in Thai) I have with me 🙂
      Ruk Tong Aoom ISBN 978-616-06-1280-2

      For Dao Kiang Duen, from what I gathered, the lakorn is not the sequel to Dao Kiew Duen, and I think it doesn’t based on any novel. But if you mean Dao Kiew Duen (Special Part) – the story of Prakai Dao’s son (the novel in Thai)… ISBN 978-616-7441-71-9

      Sorry, rely so late, busyyy hehe

  3. I love Great. And Matt is always fun to watch. I knew just a little about the story so the little taste you gave is wonderful. I hate drama spoilers but I don’t mind ready about the novel.
    I look forward to it. Two besties raising a kid…
    And yes, Great looks amazing!

  4. Thanks for sharing, this reminds me of Oum Ruk, I love baby lakorns!

    • Spoilers ahead!
      I bought the novel (under the same name) and skimmed through couple of pages, already I laughed.
      Lanta and Sipadun (si-pa-dun) are close friends. Sipadun is a pilot who spent most of his time away from his condo. One day Lanta picked up a baby she found in a box under her car and sneaks into Sipadun’s condo where he’s having a good time with a woman. She makes noise and tells him (in front of the woman) that the baby is the one he wanted her to have an abortion (because she needs to talk to him in private so she lied). It works, the woman left feeling upset. Lanta tells him she did that because she wants to talk to him. He looks back and forth between Lanta and the baby. He’s so mad so he says, “If the thing you wanted to talk about is not that important…I will stomp my feet on you until you are buried under the ground!”

      She tells him about the baby. He says it’s not her problem (that the mother abandoned her child). She argues, “But it’s our problem.” He gapes and repeats, “Our problem ? You mean ‘us’?” She says, “Yes…us.”

      He asks, “What that got to do with me?” She says, “Because this baby is telling me through his/her eyes that he(or she) is so impressed with your room.” Buahaha….He tells her to get the baby out of his room, he’s been very careful not to get any girls pregnant, and he hates kids!

      She gets down on her knees and begs, “Sipa jaaa…” He tells her not to make that sound and agrees to let the baby stay for one day only, and tomorrow she must report the baby to the police. Lanta goes home alone but Sipadun calls her very late at night that the baby is crying and his neighbors already knocked on his door three times, so she must come back before he shove the baby under the water in his bathtub or leave it on the street.

      She sneaks out of her house to his place only to find a small towel stuffed in the baby’s mouth with Sipadun is pressing his temples with his hands, like he’s going crazy. Lanta’s scream echoes the building out of horror at what she’s seeing. Buahaha….and that’s only the beginning. LOL.

      On the back cover, Lanta describes that she loves to be ‘the mother of a child’ but she is not ready to be anyone’s ‘wife’ 🙂

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