Dao Kiang Duen Episode 8 (Quick Summary)


I think the plot is going down hill but I will endure it for Ken Phupoom. The problem lies with the consistency of Darika’s character imo. I hope she won’t end up just another typical nang’ek. She was fun to watch in the first 5 episodes though.

Episode 8

Part 1

Darika wakes up after the kiss and accuses Khun Jan of kissing her until she’s suffocated and fainted, then stole her virtue. Khun Jan laughs and asks if she accepts now that he’s the real man, with just one kiss. Lol.

Darika wants to hit him for not telling her in the first place that he’s a man, why he let her misunderstand that he’s gay, and if she knew she wouldn’t let him take advantage of her body (ha). He asks when he did that. She says every time: she painted his body, gave him a massage, bathed him, push gas out of his stomach.

He corrects that all she said, she’s the one touched his body. She says all right, that’s because she thought he’s her girl friend. If she knew, she wouldn’t touch him, and would cover herself properly, and wouldn’t let him see even one string of her bras.

She tells him to get out and don’t bother her again. He says no, he must bother her because he wants her to work for him. She says that’s the end of it. She chases him out but he stops her. He begs her to help him with his work or he will fail. She says as if she’s so important.

He asks if she really doesn’t know how important of her to him. He asks how much he should say or show it to her, so that she will understand. She asks what to understand. He says to understand that she’s important to him and means a lot to him.

He wants to kiss her but she turns her face away so he hugs her instead. She cries in his arms.

She tells him to let her go and he’s cruel. He asks how he could be cruel. She tells him to leave, she wants to be alone. He says sorry for everything but he wants her to know one thing, he was never cruel to her.

He leaves and Darika says this is how cruel he is, lured a gibbon like her to fall in love with him, the crazy mom (momluang).

Dao (the mom) asks her husband if Khun Jan and Darika conspired together to lie to her. He says no matter what, there’s one thing that is true, that is, Khun Jan doesn’t love AingFah. She asks if he’s sure. He says yes and the same with AingFah. He tells her not to force them. She gets a call from AingFah’s mother. They agree to meet and take a step further about Khun Jan and AingFah.

Darika hides from Khun Jan but he catches her in the lobby. He asks if she doesn’t want to go to the office with him. She says she wants to go by herself. He says but he thinks she should go with him.

She tells him the deal, from now on, their relationship and manners towards each other must be changed. He asks how it will be. She says no more informal talks. He asks just because she knew he’s a man, all those needed to change. She says that’s right, and he definitely mustn’t be sweet or kind to her, or console her with sweet words like he did yesterday. He asks her why that is, because sometimes she made him really feel that way.

She points at his face, that’s it, that kind of smile and eyes are strictly prohibited. She tells him to stop smiling. He does it. She says and his eyes too, stop smiling. He says so many things are forbidden. He asks, “Let me ask you, why do you have to forbid that?”

She says she can’t stand looking at it, and she wants to be only his employee and not….He adds a mistress? She says as he mentioned. He says he gets it and will follow every rules she asked. He invites her to go with him.

Khun Jan: “Wait, you won’t forbid this, will you?”

He gives his arm to her. She crosses her arm over his and they leave together.

Mom is telling AingFah that she will arrange a huge 22nd birthday party for her. AingFah asks if she plans something in her mind. Mom says the whole Thutsanai family and theirs will attend the party. She tells AingFah to stop working at Grand Mall from today and not to go near that secretary again, or her bodyguards will make an attack.

Part 2

Darika says sorry to Vivit, it’s because the two of them made it look so real. He asks for her help because AingFah’s mom ordered him not to see AingFah again or she would tell Khun Jan’s parents about it. She agrees to help him contact AingFah. He tells her not to let Khun Jan know about it.

Khun Jan walks by and is happy to see the two reconciled. He asks Vivit if his girlfriend understood it already. Vivit doesn’t answer but excuses himself to go to work. Khun Jan asks Darika if Vivit’s girl still doesn’t understand. She says she doesn’t know because she doesn’t like to mess with the matter of love. He smiles and says but the problem came from her so she should take responsibility. She excuses herself to go to work.

Jak informs Khun Chai Jan that he’s going to divorce Chaya. Jak is surprised that Khun Chai Jan knew about Chaya and Khun Jan already. Khun Chai Jan thinks his son can handle Chaya (after the divorce) and he still has Darika to help him.

Khun Jan and Darika are having a meal. He asks what she’s doing this coming long holiday. She says she’s going home. He wants to go with her, he loves her house and wants her grandpa to teach him boxing. She tells him to stop looking at her that way, it’s cheesy. He says he can’t help it because she’s so lovely. She stops eating and looks away. He says all right, he won’t look at her so she can continue eating now.

Dao (the mom) walks over and tells Darika to continue eating, no need to leave. She tells Khun Jan about AingFah’s birthday party this Saturday. She orders Darika to go too, to take care of Khun Jan. She orders her to turn around and tells her to honor the host by dressing up properly to the party, and not this kind of casual short outfit.

After Dao left, Darika says her dress is a brandname one, although it’s a used one, so how casual it could be. Khun Jan wonders it’s strange why his mother inviting the whole family, what’s the purpose. Darika says it’s a 5,000 baht brandname dress, although on sale for 1,500 and his mother wants her to take care of him?

Khun Jan wonders why his mother wants Darika to take care him at the party, she must plan something.

At the party, Khun Jan asks his father that something is strange today, and if there’s something he’s unaware of. Dad says he thought it would be a small party too, didn’t think it would be this huge.

The guests arrive and bring along their nieces, Pat and Nang. She introduces Nang who just came back from Switzerland. Nang corrects her to call her Nong Nang instead, because Nang (Mrs.) is used to call a woman who already has a hubby. Lol. Nang ends up speaking Thai mixing formal and rude vocabs together. Everyone is feeling uneasy.

A man whispers something so AingFah’s mom excuses herself.

Part 3

Darika praises Vivit for being so brave to come here. He says he must come to, at least, look at Khun AingFah, he’s willing to take the risk. AingFah’s mom tells Darika to go inside first. Vivit insists he must stay to take care of his boss. She says she can’t chase him out now,but that’s good. She tells him to stay until the end of the party. She orders the guards to keep an eye on him.

Pat asks Khun Jan for a private talk about their business. Darika is delighted to see Khun Pat and says she’s her FC. Khun Jan asks if she knew her. Darika says of course, she’s spicy and a talented businesswoman. He tells her to follow him upstairs so he will introduce her to Khun Pat.

Darika asks Dao if her dress is not too casual. Dao says it’s an old-fashioned dress which suits her. Darika wonders what’s the fuss when this is a 20,000 baht dress donated by Pee Tan, the hem is neatly sewn, and these flowers were added. She says these hi-so (high society) people don’t know the concept of economy pretty.

Jak and Chaya arrive at the party. He tells Vivit he came late because he had to wait for Chaya to dress up. She says she dressed up to show it to Khun Jan. He says she’d better hurry showing it to Khun Jan before he gets engaged to AingFah.

Pat talks with Khun Jan and suggests they meet again at her house or his suite. Darika interrupts them in time. Pat tells Darika that her dress is out of trend, already out, and if it were hers, she would have burn it.

Darika complains what’s with his mom and Khun Pat about her dress. He thanks her to show up in time. He says he called her up here so she could show her possessiveness like she did with Chaya, and when she did that, his heart would beat fast every time.

She asks if he hired her to be his secretary or his mistress. He says he’s considering both. She says she won’t talk to him anymore and wants to go downstairs. He tells her to go down with him and crosses her arm with his. He won’t let go and pulls her along.

Part 4

They walk down together and Khun Jan won’t let go of her arm. Dao sees them and walks to them. Darika tells him to let go, it’s his future fiancée’s party. He says he doesn’t care.

Dao tells Khun Jan that AingFah is coming down so he should go over there. Dao asks what’s the role Darika came today, a tomboy or a mistress. Darika says the role of a secretary who had no choice. Dao says the choice is there. Darika asks if it’s to quit the job. Dao says she told her to come here to take care of Khun Jan, not to show that he belongs to her. She should give AingFah some respect what to behave.

AingFah walks down. Dao asks Darika if AingFah and Khun Jan look good together. Darika agrees with her. Dao tells her to know her place, and she should know what to do or not to do, do not look down on herself. After Dao walked away, Darika cries.

Vivit walks to Darika and says AingFah is so pretty today. He says they are so close yet so far apart. Darika says she thinks so too.

AingFah meets Vivit at her studio. He suggests they elope but she says she won’t ruin his future and there must be a better way. She tells him to prove to her mother that he really loves her and win her over. He says he will do that, and they hug. The guards take their picture.

Mom shows up and says the photos are to prove that he harassed her. Vivit tells the mom that he loves AingFah and will marry her, and asks for a chance. She tells him to stop talking.

Mom orders the guard to take AingFah back to the party. AingFah threatens her mom that if she harms Vivit, she won’t come back here ever again. Mom says she won’t harm him for sure and tells the guard to take him back to the party. AingFah thanks her for listening to her at least. Mom checks the video clip on the phone.

Part 5

Dao announces the engagement between Khun Jan and AingFah. She says the two want to announce that they loved each other for a long time and are now ready to spend their lives together.

AingFah says she won’t do it so her mother threatens her with the video clip of her and Vivit. AingFah cries. Khun Jan asks his dad if he knew about it. Dad says no.

On stage, AingFah begs Khun Jan not to do it, but he tells her to go along with it for now. He puts the ring on her finger and gives her a peck as requested by the moms. Both Darika and Vivit are hurt by the event.

Vivit can’t stand it and wants to get to AingFah. Darika and the guards stop him. They pull him outside and tell him that the rich are getting married, it’s not the business of the poor.

Vivit says he doesn’t understand Khun Jan when he opposed other ideas of his mother but why got engaged. Darika says it seems Khun Jan didn’t know about this plan. He says Khun Jan ruined his love and Khun AingFah’s love, and hers too. Vivit says Khun Jan loves her but doesn’t have the courage to tell her.

Pat and Nang hear it all.

Vivit says Khun Jan could have announced that he didn’t love Khun AingFah but didn’t do it and even wiped her tears and put the ring on her finger, so how he can believe that Khun Jan was forced. Darika says they don’t have the right to ask for anything, not even to question it. He says of course, he’s just a temple-dog secretary. She says if he’s that, then she’s also a secretary from fresh market, so they share the same feeling. She suggests they leave now and talk to Khun Jan later.

Nang says Vivit loves AingFah and Khun Jan loves Darika, but Khun Jan engaged to AingFah, so how they will end up together. Pat says it will end with  no one end up together. Nang wants to help them by telling parents of both sides so they won’t force Khun Jan and AingFah. Pat tells her not to get involved or she will pull out from Nang’s father business. Pat offers her to be the heroine on the CF.

Part 6

Aunt confirms Pat that AingFah and Khun Jan’s secretary are in love. Pat asks about who Khun Jan loves. Aunt says she doesn’t know that but it’s not AingFah for sure, and that’s why she brought Pat to this party, to be Khun Jan’s choice. Pat corrects her that she’s not someone’s choice, but she’s the one who makes choice.

It’s time to blow the candles on the cake. Khun Jan tells AingFah to make a wish. She says, “Please let me end up with true love.”

Chaya gets drunk looking at them. Jak tells her to take her belongings out of his house after she signed the divorce paper. She says it’s her house too. He argues that it’s his house, his family’s house. He reminds her that she married with him when her family was broke. He tells her to go home alone because he will go to the after-party with Nang and her pretty friends.

Dao and Khun Chai Jan come back home. She’s annoyed that Khun Jan left the party saying goodbye to no one, and didn’t stay for dinner with AingFah. Khun Chai Jan asks if it’s not enough already what she forced their son. She says he’s criticizing her. He says she deserves to be criticized today, how she could do such big thing without consulting him first. She says she knew he would side with her son. He says that’s correct and he warned her already that Khun Jan didn’t love AingFah at all.

Dao says she can’t let Khun Jan end up with that secretary from fresh market, and she believes she did the right thing.

Darika is scolding Khun Jan for going along with his mother’s idea and risking his own life, and AingFah’s life. He asks what she would want him to do. She says announce to everyone that he doesn’t love AingFah and so does AingFah. He says he wants to do that too, wants to say that he already has a girlfriend. She says that’s it, tell them anything he can tell. She smiles then stops smiling.

He asks if she wants him to tell them the name of that woman too, and if it’s not too soon. He thinks they should wait for a while longer. She scolds him that she’s being serious here. He says all right, he won’t make fun anymore. He says he will talk about the truth now, then asks her if she throws a tantrum because she’s worried about him or AingFah. She says she’s worried about both, and many other injured ones today.

He asks who they are. She says Khun Pitchaya who got so drunk. He asks who else. She says AingFah’s boyfriend who was severely injured. He asks if the man was in the party too and who he is. She says he will know it one day, and the man will be happy to know that he wiped AingFah’s tears and put the ring on her finger, all was just acting. He asks what about her, if she’s happy to know that. She says of course, very happy. He smiles. She asks why he asked her that. He says he wanted to know how much she’s worried, and possessive of him.

He hugs her. She says she dried shrimp paste and fish (Siamese gourami) in open air so she should go take a look. He doesn’t let her leave and says she still doesn’t answer him if she’s worried and possessive of him or not. She says no.

He asks if she’s not worried when he may have to marry someone else. She says it’s his business. He smiles and says it’s obvious that she’s both worried and possessive. She asks how he knows that. He says her eyes are telling. She says don’t think it himself.

He holds her and says,”Darika, don’t worry. I won’t marry someone I don’t love, and no one can force me.” He hugs her.

Vivit joins the after-party and dances wildly.

Darika says if he lost in the moment like this, she won’t come to his room anymore. He asks if that’s true. She says of course, she will think that he’s taking advantage of her body, and this is the last time.

He says, “All right, then let me take advantage for the last time again.”

She tells him to let her go. He tells her to say it again so she asks say what. He says, “Toon-hua-khong-chan (my dear master) or toon-hua-khong-bao (dear master of this servant), I love to hear it.” She is saying it but her phone rings so she leaves his room.

Darika wonders who’s calling now and interrupts the moment when she was…Khun Jan follows her outside and asks if she won’t take the call. She says she will and runs to her room.

Part 7

AingFah tells Darika that Nang called her, that Vivit was drunk and was now at Scarlet in Grand Mall. She asks Darika to go there and check on him.

Pat eyes Vivit in the club. Darika arrives and wants to take him home, but she doesn’t know where his house is. She calls AingFah, who tells her to take Vivit to her room instead. Pat helps Darika taking Vivit to her room.

Pat records when Darika is taking off Vivit’s jacket on her phone. She says it’s nice Darika lives next door to Khun Jan. Darika says it’s a coincident, her sister left this room to her and went abroad to work for months. Pat asks if she isn’t afraid of a scandal, to be alone with Vivit in her room. Darika says it should be all right when they are friends, but asks her not to tell anyone, especially Khun Jan. Pat asks why she can’t tell Khun Jan. Darika says Khun Jan doesn’t like his employees to get drunk and ruin the work. Vivit cries out in southern dialect that he’s hot and begs for someone to take off his shirt. Pat cries in vain that she has to leave. Lol.

Part 8

 AingFah’s mother calls Khun Jan that her daughter will visit him this early morning with some food, and she thinks it’s a good idea. He asks if she will come alone or with others. Mom says bodyguards will go with AingFah and praises him for being concerned.

Khun Jan sits by the pool and thinks of Darika. Vivit wakes up and realizes he’s at Darika’s place. She tells him that he was so drunk last night and she took him here. She tells him to hurry and take a bath because Khun AingFah is coming to see him here, and it’s AingFah’s plan telling her to take him here.

Vivit is so happy and gets up quickly. He wants to puke so she tells him to go to the bathroom but he runs to the wrong direction. That’s the balcony, she yells. Khun Jan hears them so he peeks.

Vivit asks if she did it. She says of course, she managed everything. He thanks her and hugs her. He says he loves her so much. She pushes him away and says he stinks. She tells him to take a bath or Khun Jan will see. He asks if she’s sure that no one knows. She says definitely. He thanks her, she’s so lovely.

Darika turns around thinking she spots Khun Jan, but doesn’t see him there. She runs into her room to grab Vivit a towel. Khun Jan sits down feeling sad.

AingFah is having breakfast with Khun Jan. She tells her guard to go wait downstairs. Khun Jan suggests to AingFah that they both tell their parents there definitely won’t be an engagement ceremony and the wedding. She agrees with him but they must hurry because the date for both events has been set.

AingFah won’t allow Khun Jan to send her off. She sneaks into Darika’s room to see Vivit. They hug and she tells Vivit that the ring on her finger doesn’t mean anything because she and Khun Jan agreed to cancel this arranged marriage as soon as possible. He tells her to take it off when she’s with him. She tells him to take it off himself. He takes it off and says he will find the ring which means true love for her to wear. He hugs her.

Part 9

Khun Jan recalls when he saw Vivit with Darika together. Vivit and Darika walk by, she asks if Khun Jan hasn’t gone home yet. Khun Jan sees the orchids in her hands so he says it’s the Cattleya (orchids) again.

She says Khun Vivit gave it to her. Khun Jan asks if it’s some special occasion. She says no, Khun Vivit wants to give it to his girlfriend so he gave some left to her. Khun Jan asks Vivit if he and his girl reconciled. Vivit says yes and beams. Khun Jan congrats him.

Khun Jan gets a call from Pat so he says he will go down now. He excuses himself to leave. Vivit tells Darika to take some pictures. Khun Jan looks at them from the distance. Darika says it’s only two more days, and asks if Vivit will come along. He says of course, he will go and give her a support. He asks how they can leave the office without making Khun Jan suspicious.

She suggests they give him some excuse and meet at the cafe in the lobby. Vivit agrees with her idea. Khun Jan hears it all.

Khun Jan asks if Pat helped carrying Vivit to Darika’s room. She says yes and it’s something she shouldn’t tell, but he and she are the boss, so she shouldn’t take the secretary side. She says may be the two are in a relationship in secret without him knowing it. He asks why she thinks that way.

Pat says they both were quite open about it, and she was so startled seeing Darika take off Vivit’s clothes until he’s almost naked, and dried himself off with a towel laughing all the while. Darika didn’t feel embarrassed that she’s looking at all…like a crazy woman. He asks how that is crazy. She says Darika’s one of those who love to show off…that. She says she left quickly because it’s gross. He tells her to stop telling him about it.

Pat says she means well for him and she doesn’t trust both of his secretaries, and to prove it, she lets him see the video clip.

Jak and Chaya sign the divorce papers. Chaya wants to continue working at Grand Mall but Jak opposes to it. Dao asks him why. He says it’s about Chaya’s behavior, she kept disturbing Khun Jan. Dao asks what he means by that. Jak says he meant Chaya troubled Khun Jan’s staff all the time such as AingFah, Khun Darika and Vivit. He feels bad for Khun Jan. Dao says it’s the past so leave it. Chaya thanks her and leaves.

Khun Chai Jan teases Jak not to hurry get a new wife when he’s single now. Jak says he will try. After Jak left, Dao asks why he said that when those two were suitable for each other, and how they could divorce.

He says it’s because they didn’t love each other, and this is an example for her to see, when they don’t love each other, they will go separate ways in the end. She asks if he means Khun Jan and AingFah. He tells her to believe him that when they don’t love each other and she stubbornly makes them marry, they will break up in the end. She asks if he called her stubborn just now. She suggests they stop talking for a while when her idea made him unhappy.

Darika waits for Vivit at the cafe. She complains why he’s so late. A man comes behind her and clears his throat. She turns to him and says, “Khun Vivit…” She sees Khun Jan instead. He asks if she made an appointment with Vivit, because she said his name. She says yes. He asks why she looks uncomfortable. She says it’s not that, she’s only waiting for him. He asks where they plan to go. She’s reluctant to answer so he says it’s all right, if it’s a secret, then he won’t ask.

Man, Khun Jan kept his calm front pretty neat.


Pat: “I thought he bought it for AingFah, but no, they gave it to each other.”

Pok: “I forbid you. If he asks (proposes), you must reject him right away.”

Khun Jan: “May be I will do what my mother wants.”

Darika: “What will you do?”

Khun Jan: “Marry AingFah!”

Pat: “….Arty…and don’t tell Varang about this.”

Khun Jan: “I will marry you, Nong Fah!”

“Khun Jan!”

“Khun Jan!”

Dao: “You should get out of Khun Jan’s life…because, no matter what, he must marry AingFah as agreed.”


Honestly, I don’t know what’s the plot anymore and everyone seemed to fall in love so fast. Why couldn’t Vivit tell Khun Jan he’s in love with AingFah?

This lakorn is definitely not the sequel to Dao Kiew Duen. I read the novel, Prakai Dao loved Dao from the get-go and she declared she would have Dao for her son (she loved it so much that Dao jump-kicked the woman who wanted to seduce Khun Jan, LOL). Not sure will do the rest of the episodes, but will try to watch to the end. It’s Khun Chan’s sweet eyes calling me every Fri-Sun   🙂

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  1. Okay, ep9 was a mess, however, I couldn’t stop laughing (in a good way).

  2. It seems everyone is confused about this story but no, this isn’t the sequel. The names of the parents aren’t the same, nor their characteristics. I’m not sure if they initially intended to do a straight sequel then changed scripts but either way, this isn’t the adaption or continuation of the original characters.
    And I agree that love declarations happened quickly but once all the kinks started to show, I understand why. Jan fell for Darika almost immediately but wanted to help her fall for him through proximity. It worked but he isn’t sure of that. Therefore, their biggest hurdle is Darika. But I don’t see her truly admitting her feelings when she’s crying each time Dao says something stupid(which is irritating).

    Both couples have to contend with overbearing (s)mothers and social station issues. And I’m not sure why it’s a secret Aingfah and Vivit love one another. Everyone seems to know but Khun Jan’s side. I thought we’d just learned keeping secrets and allowing misunderstandings does nothing but make things worse…
    I also heard the drama ends at 11-12 eps so that could also be a reason things seen too quick. We’ve got to get the love out of the way so that it can be destroyed and mangled then put back together.

    Oh and no matter what Namtarn and Ken are adorable together as these characters. You come back for the eyes and I’ll keep tuning in for that smile.

    • So true, I think they (imo) intended to make a sequel at first then changed the scripts which could be why something was right yet some wasn’t quite there with Darika’s character. It’s a pity though because Dao Kiew Duen (the lakorn) is a solid groundwork for its sequel. Oh well…..just think of Khun Jan’s puppy eyes *melt*

  3. Thanks for your summary and remarks. I’m also confused with the plot. Yes, I was wondering this can’t be the sequel to the first lakorn. Khun Jan’s mom Dao is so out of character! How come she became so snobbish and looked down on Darika! I’m totally perplex! Vivit and Darika should tell Khun Jan the truth since all 3 are so close together. I’m watching this lakorn for Khun Jan and Darika moments! But please don’t stop your reviews! I need you to understand the storyline. Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!

    • Let me give you a glimpse of Dao Kiew Duen’s wedding night in the novel a bit. Prakai Dao opens her (Lin and Jit) friends’ wedding presents. Lin gives her a G-string and a tiny cloth called bra, while Jit gives her a hand-cuffs LOL. She tells Khun Chai Jan that she’s not the one responsible for those things, it’s a tease from her friends, then she gets into the bathroom. When she comes out (fully clothed in her fav pajamas), Khun Chai Jan (who wears only a towel around his waist after taking bath) is reading a pocket book (Dao sneaked into the bridal bedroom) about how to get a baby girl or a boy (to choose the sex of the baby). She yaps and wants to snatch the book from him but lands on his bare chest instead, and she doesn’t get to leave the bed until morning (hey, the book said so). Dao got pregnant six months later.

      Then onto the Special Part, Khun Jan is the only child of Prakai Dao and Khun Chai Jan. In this part, she still hangs out with her two friends on the days Khun Chai Jan allow her (he’s known to keep his wife with him most of time after their wedding, and love her very much). Prakai Dao meets Dao (Darika, the daughter of a mortician) and loves that they share the same name ‘Dao’. Khun Jan falls for Dao early but keeps cool about it. He misunderstands Dao and Vivit till almost the end of the story (also Jak after he divorced his wife). Prakai Dao and her two friends set out the mission to have Dao for her son. Prakai Dao is weary with her own son when he remains cool and risks losing Dao, so she gives him a helping hand tagging along Khun Chai Jan (cuz he wants to be with his beloved wife all the time LOL). At one point, Prakai Dao and two friends even peek at Khun Jan kissing Dao (to make sure he will get the girl), and one of her friends says they more and more look like psychos based on their behaviors recently. Haha. Dao puts Khun Jan into some tests to see that he really loves her who comes from different social class. Khun Jan won’t give up and prove to her again and again until she concedes. In the novel, Dao is older than Khun Jan around 3-4 years so this issue comes into play, but Prakai Dao and Khun Jan don’t mind her age at all.

      For this lakorn, the big stumbling block for Khun Jan is his mother (I think), and later may be his own mind. Hope the plot will get better after this episode.

      • Thanks for sharing the novel version. The story is pretty good. Why didn’t they just make a sequel of the first one when the second one is equally good. I love Prakai Dao’s character in the first lakorn and I want her to be the same in the second one also. What makes the director change the plot?? Well, he/she must have a reason but he’s making a huge mistake! Anyway, I think there are only a couple of episodes left so let’s just enjoy the mess naw…

        • I’m quite sure now that Dao Kiang Duen is not the sequel to Dao Kiew Duen, so let’s take it as another separate lakorn. Dao Kiang Duen had two scriptwriters, so far the responses I read were mix, some loved that it’s hilarious for a lakorn on weekends, some annoyed by Dao’s character, some disappointed that the first five episodes were groundbreaking. Well, I read the summary of the story, more madness is coming your way, and I heard it has 14 episodes (not sure though). Yep, let’s enjoy cute guys: Khun Jan, Vivit, Arty, and Khun Chai Jan (Johnny) too..hehe

          • Yeah, let’s enjoy the handsome dudes and forget about the crazy storyline. Except for Khun Chai Jan, the rest of the dudes Khun Jan, Vivit and Arty have six packs and don’t they know it! Lots of bare torsos!! Swoon! heehee….

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