Dao Kiang Duen Episode 7 (Quick Summary)


A little messy with all many issues went around and around the couples.

Episode 7

Varang, Arty and her staff present the CF video for Phu Tawan coffee for their picky client, Khun Pat. They get scolded for missing the concept of the product, which is coffee for Thais, and the actor and actress used in the CF don’t look 100% Thai. Varang says they will cast the right persons next time.

Arty wants to give Varang a ring for their five-year anniversary of their (secret) relationship. She sees what he wants to do so she calls other staff to work instead.

Pat comes again and this time Varang gives her several (hilarious) choices of men to appear in the CF. Pat wants the man to speak in dialect so Arty makes each man speak (northern, southern etc.) dialect. Pat has her eyes on Arty, and her feeling stirred up every time he speaks in dialect. Lol. In the end, Pat chooses Arty to appear in the CF. Varang wants to protest at first, but when it means losing her client, she tells Arty to do it.

Arty wants to give Varang the ring but she gets uncomfortable. He asks if their relationship has to think about others (he is 3-4 years younger than her). She says of course, because she’s the boss and she has to think about her brother’s feeling too. Arty is disappointed so she tells him to wait a little longer. He asks her how long. She says until she’s ready. She consoles him that their love is still there so why hurry. Arty (and me) is upset by that.

Back to Grand Mall, Chaya wants to kiss Khun Jan so Darika shows up with a durian shell in her hand. She threatens Chaya if she kisses her hubby, she will slap her with it. Khun Jan is happy that Darika once again saved him from Chaya.

Chaya marches to Khun Jan’s mom and tells her that Darika is actually Khun Jan’s mistress. Mom gets angry. Khun Jan tells Jak that his wife crossed the line to mess with Darika.

AingFah confesses to Darika that she’s fallen in love with someone working for Grand Mall. Darika is happy for her. Khun Jan calls Darika and tells her to do what he will tell her. Khun Jan’s mom walks to Darika and sees her and AingFah a sweet couple. Darika talks like a tomboy to AingFah so that Khun Jan’s mom would see. Jak comes to them which backfires Chaya so Mom asks if Chaya made it up what she told her. Chaya has no way to deny it so she apologizes to Khun Jan’s mom that she misunderstands.

Vivit confesses his love for AingFah with a bouquet and she accepts that he won her heart. He suggests they have dinner together later.

Chaya talks to Darika that she lied to Khun Jan’s mom that she’s tomboy. Darika is so bored with her when she’s married woman herself. When Chaya insists on wooing Khun Jan, Darika tells her to meet at the supermarket after work, she will to show her something.

Chaya sees Vivit and Khun Jan together in the supermarket, where two men tease about Darika thinking that they are gay and lovers. Chaya couldn’t believe what she’s seeing. She tells Darika that Vivit had 2-3 girlfriends before and he’s not gay. Darika says may be these two were like this even before Chaya met Khun Jan. Darika tells Chaya that she’s not Khun Jan’s mistress.

When Vivit and AingFah meet for dinner, Chaya comes to talk with him and asks if he’s gay. AingFah overhears it and Chaya tells Vivit that the one who knew it all is Darika.

AingFah meets Darika and says she’s sad because the man she loves is gay. Darika presses her for the name of the man, then is surprised that it’s Vivit. AingFah asks if he’s really gay. Darika assures her that both Khun Jan and Vivit are lovers, she saw it with her eyes living next door. AingFah is very upset that Vivit fooled her when he’s gay.

Vivit tries to talk with AingFah but gets slapped in the face. AingFah accuses him of approaching her because of her wealth. She assures him that she’s rich and not stupid. Vivit gets mad at Darika for telling AingFah the wrong info. Darika is also mad at Vivit for luring AingFah into loving him and hurting Khun Jan’s feeling at the same time. LOL.

While Vivit and Khun Jan are having lunch in the company’s cafeteria, Khun Jan orders him to come with him to a client’s party because they love to entertain him with women afterward, so that Vivit can save him from such dilemma. Vivit refuses to go with him saying he already has Darika, so he can take her. Khun Jan argues that Darika is a woman so she’s not suitable for such event. Vivit asks why he needs to work for him even about his personal things. Khun Jan says because Vivit knows the right timing. Vivit says he doesn’t want to do that anymore and he quits. Khun Jan wants to know the reason or he won’t let him quit. Vivit says he has Darika, the meddler, already.

Two men argue louder and louder and finally get others’ attention. They quarrel like lovers so everyone is confused and wonders. The two employees spread the news about some men in the company (an executive) are gay. They come up with a paper titled ‘Scan Gay’ as a manual for employees to notice who’s  gay or not.

The paper gets into Khun Jan mom’s hand and she’s furious. The parties involved join the meeting to find who spreaded the news. Khun Jan’s dad says he’s disappointed that his employees were making fun with his family. Chaya says it’s Darika who told her that Vivit and Khun Jan were lovers. Darika says she doesn’t want the life of one good woman be ruined because of them, but she withholds the name of that woman.

Mom wants to fire Darika. Darika accepts it and says they will have to pay her for the full two years of her salary according to the contract. Khun Jan assures his mother that the contract does exist and said so. Mom wants to file a lawsuit. Darika challenges her to do so. Dad asks Khun Jan what they should when things (Khun Jan’s schemes, hehe) are getting out of hand. Khun Jan says let’s leave it the way it is for now.

Vivit gets drunk and climbs into AingFah’s room. They fall into a bathtub. He doesn’t let her go until she will listen to him. Later, AingFah realizes that it’s Khun Jan’s plan to let Darika think he’s gay, and he’s in love with her. AingFah is happy but wonders how Darika can love Khun Jan back when she thinks he’s gay. Vivit says now Khun Jan’s having a headache because of that.

AingFah’s mom see them when they are about to kiss so she chases Vivit out (asking for the rope he’s wearing back before he leaves the house, LOL). Vivit tells her that he loves AingFah, who also tells her mom that she loves him too.

Khun Jan talks to Darika in his office that all of the chaos happened because of her, because she refused to accept that he and Vivit are not gay, and things are getting out of hand because of her misunderstanding. She says okay, then let’s go tell his parents the good news. He asks what it is. She says she’s going to quit without asking for any money.

Darika wants to leave but Khun Jan grabs her wrist. He tells her to wait. He says she can’t just quit and walk out like this when she has so many issues to fix: the thing about Vivit, about him, and Pee Varang (the amount she will lose). Darika concedes to stay (not quit) when he starts calculating the amount of loss (in hundred million), so Khun Jan smiles. Darika says but she will take a leave for today because she can’t stand being in the same room with him any longer. Before she leaves, she turns to say her radar is working well because, even with this much distance between them, she’s still confident that he’s the father of all gay (100% gay).

Khun Jan follows Darika into her bedroom. She is listening to the song (we loved). He turns it off. He says the volume is too high, it disturbs the room next door. She answers that she’s feeling the song (into the music), then realizes he’s in her room.

Dao: “Khun Jan! How could you get in here?”

Jan: “It’s easy, pay Khun LeNe  and she took care of it.”

Dao: “Get out of my room now!”

Jan: “No, I won’t, unless we finish talking and clear all of the issues.”

Dao: “About what? Oh, that you are a ….man?”

Jan: “Yes. I’m 100% man with all real men’s flesh and blood. Every time you were careless, my heart would beat fast.”

Dao: “When? I didn’t notice.”

Jan: “When…when you made me help you underwear.”

Dao: “It’s bras.”

Jan: “That’s it.”

Dao: “And other time?”

Jan: “When you wore that t-shirt, it’s so loose and fell off your shoulder, and I could see beyond it. I couldn’t breath then.”

Dao: (Open her rope) “That means when I do this sexy thing…you must be feeling disturbed inside, and how about I seduce you like this. Do you feel anything?”

She presses her body against his.

Jan: “Not at all.”

Dao: “See! You’re definitely gay, not feeling anything.”

He puts her rope back in place and ties the belt for her.

Jan: “The reason I didn’t feel anything because you’re faking it, but when you were yourself, no need to show this and that, my heart already beaten fast.”

Dao: “Hey! Stop making me confused. Just get out of my room now, or I will call the securities.”

He backhugs her.

Dao: “Khun Jan! Let me go!”

Jan: “This is it, your trueself. The more you scold, the sexier you become. Do you know that?”

Dao: “What this mad thing you are saying! Let me go.”

Jan: “That’s it. I’m now stirred up.”

She struggles away from his embrace.

Dao: “Don’t fake it. All right, if you are really feeling it, do you dare to kiss? Dare to kiss?”

She pouts her lips waiting. He swoops in and kisses her. The truth hits her. He lets her go and looks at her challengingly, and…she faints. Lol. He calls her, “Darika! Darika!”

This is such an embarrassing moment for Dao or any woman.


“You are brave to set foot on this house again!”

“I have to come and take care every of my Thatsanai boss.”

“Then I can’t chase you out now, can I?”

Khun Jan’s mom: “Khun Jan would like to announce his engagement with Khun Nu AingFah Wannarat today, Khun Pee Ying.”

“After you signed the divorce paper, take all your belongings out of this house, and don’t leave any piece of memory behind!”

“Be together just the two of us, aren’t you afraid of scandal?”

“Khun Pat, I ask you one thing. Don’t tell Khun Jan about it.”

“Why did she has to tell me not to tell you about it?”


Tell you the truth, I was disappointed with Darika for talking without thinking about the consequences, and Vivit for quitting the job and climbing into the girl’s house just like that. However, the episode ended the conflicts pretty neat in the ending scene. It kind of made up for the whole messy episode. I hope Darika will tone down her noisy nature a bit or I can’t see why Khun Jan loved her so. Now things are out in the open, let’s see how Khun Jan and Vivit will find the way to get the girls. Seriously, Khun Jan was the manipulative one in this episode, wasn’t he?

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  1. Thank you for the recap …since I cannot understand Thai…. I like this lakorn, is refreshing …different from other lakorn. The girl character, is strong, independent …. not weak or helpless like other girls and they make the guy character not perfect … (he is weak with his Mom and his cousin’s wife Chaya and he fart ….lol). Most lakorn always make the guy character perfect and strong with no flaws. If you have time, please continue with the recap. Thank you in advance.

    • Up to the current episode, I think the wise one is Khun Jan. He knows when to stand strong, when to bend a little to get what he wants. He won’t offend his mother, instead he would find a way around to step ahead of her. He appears calm and kind all the time, but from ep9 preview, looks like he’s getting impatient hehe. Viewers on the net said ep9 would be a sweet one. Let’s see!

  2. Thank you so much!! Vivit got a little crazy but u was upset, more worried for his safety. However, Dao was too much. I’m honestly fed up with her insistence on things that aren’t true so that ending scene was good enough for her.

    Jan is always the manipulative one but I guess he got it honest cause is mother is the Queen! Can’t stand that woman. It’s clear her son isn’t interested in whom she’s chosen and she seems to have married for love, why can’t she allow him to do the same?
    It doesn’t have to be Darika but it can’t be Aingfah.

    • After this episode aired, I checked viewers’ comments, most said “I hate Darika.” “What happened to the clever Vivit?” Ouch!

      • Lol. Vivit lost his mind and Darika almost killed someone else’s relationship and reputation … So eventhough the reaction seems harsh it’s pretty warranted.
        I just like the characters and trust they’ll get things together but it did take a highly annoying turn for entirely too long.

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