Dao Kiang Duen Episode 6 (1-2/9 Quick Summary)


This lakorn is full of hilarious slang and old-fashioned phrases (mostly from Dao). It made me laugh almost every other line, however, it’s hard to translate all of it though.

Part 1

Jak brings his wife a tray of food. They made up. He wants her to quit from Grand Department Store. She says she wants to work and promises him she won’t bother Khun Jan anymore. She assures him she will keep her promise. He says he loves her the most. She says the same with her too, but her eyes look otherwise.

Some bikers wants to rape Dao. The group surround her and they fight. Khun Jan shows up and starts talking with biker slang. He says, “Bully a woman, isn’t that not cool.” The guy asks where he came from. Khun Jan says,”The real No. 1 (number on biker vests), from Bangkok.” Lol.

Dao tells Khun Jan to help her. The group laughs that his name is ‘Jan’ (the moon), and asks if he’s a female. A guy challenges him to a fight, saying he’s not a second-class boxer but came from Lumpini boxing ring. The guys talk to Khun Jan with all hilarious slang (such as he’s not a fried banana but banana in syrup..I don’t play social (media) but play flesh…)

Khun Jan and Dao beat them up. Khun Jan shouts, ‘Sorry, I play social cam..the real sound! Come all four at once!”

Khun Chai says what they did is not a manly act, but a female’s. He says, “Khao-jai Pa! (Understand?)” The leader asks what they should do when the man can speak their language. Lol. His lackey says, run. Khun Jan yells at them, “Ka-lok Ka-la Pra-ka-pong!” (skull head, coconut shell, canned fish) Lol.

He asks Dao if she’s all right. She says she’s all right and he can speak biker language too. He says he saw it from the internet. She asks how he came here. He says he came to take her back, and to greet her grandpa and her mother. Dao sees his bleeding back.

They get into the house and she puts a bandage on his back. Mom tells him to see the doctor once he’s in Bangkok in case of infections. Mom curses Sud-lor (= extremely handsome), the leader. She will go to the police and put them in jail.

Khun Jan asks if it happened before. Mom says no, it’s the first time. Grandpa comes back and says Sud-lor and his friends run away already. He says they should tell the police. Dao stops them saying she doesn’t want to do that or they will find a way to pick a fight with them again. Grandpa says why she’s scared of them when he’s here to beat them. Dao says not him but her mom that she’s worried, because mom has to sell food in the market and Wan (Sud-lor’s mom) could get picky and bully her.

Khun Jan says he will hire security guards to guard their house and them 24 hrs, and his father knows the police chief here so he can look after them. Mom and grandpa thank him. Khun Jan looks at the board where the amount needed was written (to buy land for their house, right?).

Khun Jan is putting on a fresh shirt  Dao gave him. She helps him with the buttons and he’s in love. Hehe. She says the shirt she bought is too big for her grandpa. He thanks her for treating his wound. She says it’s her who should thank him, if it’s not for him, she could have been raped already.

She asks if it’s true he will hire the guards for them. He says it’s true. Dao is so happy, she thanks him and says she doesn’t know how to thank him enough. He says it’s not a difficult thing to do. I think Khun Jan is not as pure with the way of the world like I thought. Hehe.

Khun Jan asks the permission from mom and grandpa to hire Darika as his personal secretary. Mom says don’t ask her but Dao. She asks Dao what her decision is. Dao says rejected it already. Grandpa says it’s a great offer and asks if she should reconsider it. Dao says she will do what she said. Mom says sorry to Khun Jan that Dao is so stubborn. She suggests he find another person instead.

Khun Jan smiles and says it’s fine, he can wait, but he wants to inform them first. He turns to Dao and glares at her. Aww…these two are so cute!

Part 2

Dao says he obviously knows the way to ask it from her mom and grandpa, to have elders as his backups, as if he’s asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage. He says he may come to do that one day. She turns to him and he smiles. She says don’t talk nonsense and why he wants to hire her so much.

Dao says it’s just for 2 years, why he can’t hire so many pretty secretaries out there. He says it’s his 2 years training, and if he doesn’t do well, it will be the end of his career, and his dad will send him to study abroad. Therefore, everyone who will assist him is most important, “Especially, a secretary like you. Please.” He invites her to his car.

Dao asks if he’s in training period. He says that’s right and he must prove that he’s capable for the job. She asks why it needs to be someone from grass roots (social status) like her. He corrects her tenderly that she’s not from grass roots but a middle-class, whose lifestyle he’s interested in, and perhaps she can open his eyes and introduce him to the new perspectives. She says that’s why he knows biker language, talking to them just now.

He smiles and speaks to her like a biker, and asks if it’s too arrogant. She says it’s cool but still looks like a young master (Khun Nu Jan) trying to be arrogant. She shows him the right way to do it. Then she asks him, in northern dialect, where the elephant is (I think). He says it’s in Bangkok and they should leave now. He practically shoves her head into his car and leaves.

In her room, mom calls her and says two guards came and the chief too. She gets excited that Khun Jan could pull some strings, and tells her to ask Khun Jan if they can come the whole month. Dao gapes. Mom says just kidding and tells her to thank Khun Jan. Dao tells her to go to bed and says sweet dream.

Khun Jan pops up from his balcony and startles her. She relays mom’s message to him. He asks if everything is all right. She says of course, and her mom got so excited to have guards guarding her. He asks if she has some time. She says after she finishes hanging the laundry. He invites her to his room once she’s done.

Dao ends up scratching his back for him. He orders her to move her finger here and there. She asks why he can’t do it himself. He says he couldn’t reach behind there. She asks if he’s itchy or faking it. She says he fooled her to come pamper him and to pester her about the job. He says he really feels itchy and to pester her. He says he’s serious about it, and if he succeeds in his training, it could be seen as giving him a great helping hand.

He turns to her, “I’m begging you…please be my secretary. Will you? Please.” She says then he must do what he said. He asks what it is. She says should any problem occurs, he will always be ready to protect her. He says he never forgets that.

Khun Jan: “So, that means you agreed?”

She says yes.

Khun Jan: “Then, may I have your permission.”

Dao: “What permission?”

Khun Jan: “To hug you.”

Dao: “Well….I think it should be all right.”

He hugs her and says thank you so much.

She thinks in her mind, “Don’t hug me too tight, *toon-hua-khong-bao (my dear master). I don’t want to fall in love with a gay just yet.” She snuggles against his shoulder.

*An old-fashioned phrase for a slave or a servant to call her master, normally from an elder servant to her young master whom she had seen him grow up, spoken in ancient time. Lol.

It’s time for Dao to say farewell to her current workplace. A man brings her a tray of sandwich he made for her. She says she doesn’t feel like eating. He offers to wrap it up for her, to take to her new office. Other guys want to taste it first.

One man says Pee Warang and Pee arty are cruel not to be here for her to say goodbye. Dao asks where they went. They say to meet a very important client. Dao cries and says it must be more important than her.

Dao tells them to get along well with one another, don’t bite and don’t steal food from one another. They all say that’s dogs.

One guy (sorry for the names) says when he misses her, he will shoot her (not sure what apps) so call him back. Another guy says he can’t even waste 3 baht to make a call to her. The second guy says anyone bully her, just tell him. Dao hopes he will protect her. He says not that, so he can run out first. The third guy says if any problem arises, don’t come back here yet. Dao asks why. He says wait until they get their bonus first. Dao pouts. They all say, just kidding. Dao says she will miss this place and tells them to say goodbye to Pee Arty and Warang for her.

Vivit is putting a red rose in a vase. He says he hopes Khun Darika will like it. Khun Jan says if she doesn’t like it, she will change it herself. He asks where Vivit’s working desk is. Vit says he moved it to the front of the room.

Dad comes in and asks if Khun Jan is sure to hire Darika without telling his mother first. Khun Jan says he thought well of it, and if he tells mom, he won’t get to hire Darika. Dad warns him mom could give him a punch. He says he’s ready for it but dad must help him too. Dad says he will try but he will probably get a stray bullet (punched at) for sure. Vivit takes a  call and tells them that Khun Darika arrived.

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  1. do you know where i can watch the whole lakorn ?

  2. Thank you so much for the recap! These two are too cute!!! I love then already. Jan is just adorable.

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