Soundtrack: Dao Kiew Duen (1)


I watched the current airing Dao Kiang Duen and wondered how the parents (Khun Chai Jan and PraKai Dao) got together in Dao Kiew Duen, so I marathoned it and liked it.

It’s a story of a perfect woman (rich, pretty, successful career – a professional photographer) but failed in several relationships. She loves kids so, as confident as she is, she plans to have her own child (husband aside) by way of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization , Test Tube Baby). She googles it and found Khun Chai Jan (rich entrepreneur, royal blood, clever, handsome) as her no.1 qualified to father her baby (in test tube, I mean), and she sets out to hunt his… *cough cough* down, unintentional to fall in love. The story brought on the conflicts of being a child of parents who actually got married, and of a single mom who insists her life doesn’t need (or bother to have) a husband, but a baby.

Prakai Dao has two close friends, both married, one with four kids, another one couldn’t have kids but is happy with her marriage life as it is. Both try to stop her but fail so they give her a support instead, to be happy with her choice.

Khun Chai Jan, with a broken heart in the past, shuts himself from any relationship while his mother kept sending him on a routine of blind dates. He meets PraKai Dao and feels hopeful again, however, he will marry with two conditions met: he’s in love with her and she’s someone he can trust. Later, the truth hits him and Test Tube Baby means leaving him behind in the end, he turns away from her and tells her that he wants no more pain in his life.

In the story, Prakai Dao, at first faced with haters, then admirers, and then in the end, learned her lesson. In a beautiful confession on a TV program (in the last episode), she says she realizes now that parents do have choices to hand the best things to their children, and a child who can’t answer to others: who his/her father is, why he/she wasn’t born from love (between mom and dad), how he/she brought up into the world, could make a painful growing up. She changes her mind and says her child must be born only from her with the man she loves.

Khun Chai Jan sees the broadcast and rushes to her. He gets on stage and starts telling her a list of his bad habits, to show her that he’s not perfect like everyone thought, then asks Dao if he’s still qualified to be the father of her child. Prakai Dao answers him it’s useless for a perfect man she doesn’t love, and they kiss.

His mom doesn’t like her from the get-go with all the public scandals and her insane idea. However, she later concedes that, if her son whom she raised with all her might, loves that woman, she should accept and trust her son decision.

Throughout the series, I fell in love with two songs.

Song Title: Pae Khon Saen Dee (losing to a nice one)

Artist: Jennifer Kim

Translation of the lyrics:

Beautiful flowers…sometimes have thorns,

Admire them just a little while, the thorns could harm you

Love…could be seen as flowers, I walked though it and got hurt in the end

Your heart…is a beautiful thing,

That everyone wants to always be with

My own heart…, had memorized the pain in the past,

The nicer the person appears, the more precautions I should take

* [No matter how many times I met you, I recite to myself that I’m not weak,

But seems losing once you are smiling at me

** [ Being close to a nice one like you, how can I stop my heart

Is it (your) good deeds I’m losing to, that my heart wavers

Being this close to you, how can I stop love from happening

Looks like my heart…is losing to yours. ] ]

Your heart…is a beautiful thing,

So a question comes up, how sharp the thorns are

And my heart…may not be able to endure it,

If the whole of it gets destroyed, by your love

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**] 2 times


Some kind soul translated this song already…right? Hehe.

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