Soundtrack: Dao Kiang Duen (1)


This lakorn was supposed to be a sequel to Dao Kiew Duen, where Khun Jan is the son of Khun Chai Jan and Prakai Dao. However, I’ve noticed names changed with something similar but not quite, so let’s say it another lakorn. The titles of the original novels are Dao Kiew Duen and Dao Kiew Duen (Special Part).

The chemistry between Ken and Namtarn gets better every episode. I was never a fan of Ken, but he’s quite charming in here that I went gugu gaga… *fangirl dancing*

*(Jan = the moon, Dao = a star/the stars)

Song Title: DuangDao Nai Duang Jai (the star in my heart)

Aritist: Pete Pol


Translation of the lyrics:

The moon in the dark night

Secretly admire a faraway star

Everything would turn so bright once the light of yours lights up the sky

One star in a thousand million

You are the most precious one

Our eyes meet and I know, it must be you

* [ We stay under the same sky even though others see us far apart

Will not change my mind even when we are different

** [ Even though you are shining….and only a tiny star,

you will forever be the star in my heart

Even if you fall down to earth,

you will still shine glamorously

From here on, whatever will happen,

I will stay beside you and never be apart ] ]

When the moon stays beside the star

No matter how cold the chill wind is,

My heart remains warm, having you near to lean on

One star always leads me the way,

For me to rely on in the dark road

You are the true love, the guide of my heart

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]

Seriously Khun Jan is creeping into my heart…bit by bit…  🙂

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  1. I didn’t notice ken phupoom phongpanu til saw one of the movie with janie. plays a twin one is weak & other is strong minded. anyhow, he’s young, hot, and looks good with narmtarn…in dao kieng duen omg!!! He’s hot

  2. anyone know where i can watch the whole lakorn?

  3. You and me both, girl but I like Dao too.

    • I will confess here. I met Ken Phupoom in a fashion show months ago. He was like 1 meter away wearing a really really bright yellow jacket, and I felt nothing. Gotta blame it on that jacket. He looked exactly the way I saw him on TV. Ahem…but now if I see Khun Jan up close, I will…beam (what? what can I do to him?). Of course, Darika-Dao, imo she’s the one made Ken break the ice and come out as a capable actor, and not a robot (sorry for the fans). I read comments, most praised Ken-Namtarn. Congrats to them both!

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