Ruen Rissaya Episode 13 (Final)

I couldn’t believe I last till this episode (based on my records so far). Oh well, let’s be done with it. It’s kind of sad that Panu was left as a side dish when he could be a fun main course  🙂


Episode 13

Part 1

Nun looks at her torn mother’s picture (written on the back ‘mom Rumpei’). She puts a new one into the frame. Thip tells Nun that Khun Krit took Gip to the hospital already, and says she sympathizes with her. Nun appears very tired and says she’s going for a bath now. Thip nods.

Thip says, “About those letters you asked me that day….” Nun says she doesn’t have to explain it because she’s doesn’t to know anything more. She says, “Whatever your reasons are, I believe you will always mean well for me.”  Thip smile with relief.

Thip picks up Rumpei’s picture and smiles. What now?

Krit drives Gip home. He tells her that they are home now and she should go get some rest. She asks why he saved her because if she’s not around, thing will be easier for him. Krit tells her not to say such, and she must be strong so her mother won’t be worried. He says he doesn’t dare tell her mother about it because he’s afraid she will worry.

Gip says let her ask him one thing. He asks what it is. She says, “Don’t leave me like others. Now I have no one left, really have no one left.” He doesn’t answer but nods instead.

Fanta teases Nun that she came so early today. Nun asks if she’s troubling her. Fanta says if it’s her, she’s willing to open the restaurant to take care of her 24 hrs. Nun thanks her. Fanta asks how Gip is. Nun says she should be all right, Khun Krit is taking care of her.

Fanta says, “Sometimes love is not easy, but (you) don’t make it be too difficult.” Nun nods and asks how about her, if she’s all right. Fanta asks what about. Nun says about her and Pee Thi. Fanta gets serious and says there’s nothing between them, and she should know already that Pee Thi likes her. Nun says just as she knows that she (Fanta) likes Pee Thi. Fanta doesn’t argue with that. Nun says but she also knows that she (herself) doesn’t like Pee Thi (that way).

Fanta says that’s true, but Pee Thi is such a good man, cute, a gentleman, and has good heart…Nun adds…and it’s suitable for her. Fanta says yes. Nun says…and you like him. Fanta says that’s correct. Nun says…and you want to marry him the most. Fanta smiles then asks Nun what she just said. Nun asks why she has to talk in such high-pitch now. Fanta denies it, there’s nothing between them.

Nun holds her hand and says she knows Pee Thi is a good man, and Fanta is also her best friend, and she will be very happy if her two loved ones would finally end up together. Nun teases her for being so shy now.


Krit comes to ‘Ruen Rattana’ and hears Thip and Sri bickering. Thip asks Sri who told her to slice the veggies like this. Sri says it’s madam Ruetai. Thip scolds her not to mention that name if she doesn’t want to get fired. Thip says, “Remember, here is Ruen Rattana, you must listen to my order only. Do you understand?” Thip turns and sees Krit.

Thip says he shows up without giving any sound, and says Khun Gip is resting inside the house. Krit says he came to see Khun Nun. Thip says she’s not at home. He asks if Khun Nun told her where she’s going. Thip says if he doesn’t know, then it would mean Khun Nun doesn’t want anyone to know. Krit says that’s fine.Thip says he can leave a message for Khun Nun with her if he has some business with her.

Krit says it’s all right and it’s better to let it be the business between him and Khun Nun only. He excuses himself to check on Gip.

Sri recalls that day she saw Thip write a letter in the study, and Sri picked it up from the floor in Ruetai’s room.

Sri calls Krit to wait. He asks what it is. She says something’s disturbing her. He asks what it is about. She gives him the letter saying it’s about Duan and Mai, madam Ruetai knew about it because Thip made it happen. Krit reads it. It reads, “You are the boss, why you love to share thing with a servant. If you don’t believe it, at 10:00 p.m. today, go and see for yourself at your lover’s quarter.”

Sri says Khun Thip made Khun Ruetai see those two the day they were about to flee, so she can’t trust Khun Thip and very worried about Khun Nun.  Krit tells her not to worry and he will tell Khun Nun about this. Sri thanks him. He tells her to take care of Khun Gip too. Sri says she’ll do that. Krit says he will take care of this matter. Sri excuses herself to leave. He thanks her. Darnit, Thip sees everything.

Part 2

Nun tells Fanta that she’s leaving. Fanta says sorry she won’t walk her out because she’s busy with all these customers. Nun says it’s all right, she understands a person who’s getting rich. Fanta laughs and tells her to drive safely. Nun says she will call her later. Nun gets a call from Krit and rejects his call. Fanta gapes at that. Krit calls again and again so Nun switches off her phone.

Nun looks for her car key in her bag and found it. When she’s going to really leave, Fanta calls her to wait, she has a new dish on the menu for her to taste. Fanta praises Nun’s great taste bud, and orders her to sit down and waits for the food.

Fanta sneaks in a text to Krit, “Please come quick, before I can’t keep her here.” When she presses ‘send’, the screen shows the previous message from Krit, “Is Khun Nun there at your restaurant?”

Krit receives the text and smiles and gets ready to drive there. Nun teases Fanta who she’s chatting with on the phone. Fanta says no one, and tells her to wait here. Nun asks if it’s Pee Thi. Fanta says crazy and leaves.

Krit gets a call from Panu so he comes to see him. Panu gives Krit an envelope, the proof of the transferred fund from SamutChai’s account to Chen’s account. Krit takes a look and asks if that means lawyer SamutChai is the mastermind. Panu says he doesn’t know who is the mastermind, all he knows is SamutChai transferred the amount of 200,000 to Chen’s account for two months already. Krit says, “Aunt Ruetai..”, then asks Panu what that got to do with Khun Nun. Panu says why not, take a look at the last transaction, the figure of two million, and asks if Krit wants to know who transferred that amount to SamutChai….it’s aunt Thip.

Krit asks where aunt Thip could get such big amount from. Panu says that’s the point, it’s Khun Nun who wrote the check for aunt Thip with the amount of two million. Krit says Khun Nun? He leans back.


Nun asks if this is the new dish she talked about for her to taste. Fanta nods. Nun says it’s spaghetti with passion fruit sauce which she saw on the menu for a long time now. Fanta asks if that’s right, but it’s the new recipe so Nun should try it. Fanta is getting nervous by the minute Krit didn’t show up.

Nun tastes it and says she loves the old recipe better, it’s delicious that one. Fanta is busy looking for Krit that she didn’t hear Nun, so Nun calls her and asks what happened to her. Fanta says she’s fine then asks what Nun said just now. Nun repeats that she loves the old recipe more. Fanta acknowledges that. Nun wants to leave because she worries about the traffic. Fanta stops her again and says she should eat some more to really feel the taste of it.

Krit arrives and greets Nun. Nun turns to Fanta, “Ta!” Fanta smiles and says she needs to see the cook to tell her to use the old recipe. She gets up and leaves them alone.

Krit tells Nun to talk outside. When she hesitates, he grabs her wrist and pulls her along. She says she can walk by herself.

He tells her to sit down. Nun sits down and asks what it is, and hurry say it. He says he found some connection between lawyer SamutChai and aunt Thip. He shows her the document. He says it’s the evidence showing SamutChai had transferred fund to Chen, the one who harmed them. She asks what it got to do with aunt Thip. He says that last transaction on SamutChai’s account is two million which transferred to him by aunt Thip, but the person who made the order by a check is her.

He asks if she has something hiding from him. He says he doesn’t want to believe that she conspired with lawyer SamutChai and aunt Thip, then he says, “I want to hear the truth from you, and if you had something to do with it, I will not involve in this anymore.”

Nun says she did write a check for aunt Thip but doesn’t know she gave the money to lawyer SamutChai. She says Thip told her she had a long-time debt of two million and she might have to sell the garden house, but she wants to keep the house, so she wrote a check for aunt Thip instead.

Krit asks, at this point, if she still insists on trusting aunt Thip. Nun couldn’t answer that. Krit says before coming here, he went to see her at her house and Sri left something for her with him. He gives the  letter to her. Nun asks what it is and takes a look. He says Sri said aunt Thip was the one set up a plan to make Khun Ruetai learn that Mai had an affair with Duan. He says, “I’m ready to press charges against aunt Thip as soon as, you give me the permission.”

Nun gets up so he asks where she’s going. She says she’s going home so he offers to drop her. She says she can go back by herself, and she wants to ask aunt Thip if it’s true or not. He says he had gathered so many evidences about aunt Thip for her, yet, he asks if she still doesn’t trust him.

He says, “I handled so many cases, and there were no suspects who would admit to committing a crime.”

She says she has no one left in her life, can he not let her have one person, aunt Thip, left. Nun leaves.


Sri is tucking Gip in bed. She tells Gip to take the medicine. Gip takes it. Sri walks alone outside the main building and feels someone is behind her. She turns around and asks, “Who’s there?!”

Part 3

Thip comes behind Sri and uses an electric shocker on her. Sri falls down unconscious and Thip pulls her away. Why Sri? Why?

Nun comes home. Thip greets Nun that she came home late today. Nun asks what she’s doing and where Sri is. Thip says Sri takes a leave to go back home in the countryside. Nun asks for how many days. Thip says she doesn’t know because Sri didn’t tell her. Thip says if Sri doesn’t return, she can take care of Nun herself.

Thip says Nun looks tired and offers her a cup of tea. Nun thanks her, but she doesn’t drink tea before going to bed because she’s afraid she couldn’t sleep. Nun walks upstairs. Thip pours that tea over a plant.

Gip walks downstairs and calls Sri to get her a glass of milk. Thip shows up and says Sri went home (in the countryside). Gip says Sri didn’t tell her that. Thip says she could be in a hurry to leave, and gives Gip a glass of milk. Thip encourages her to drink it. Gip says no, she wants an orange juice. Phew!

Gip pours a glass of it from the fridge and goes upstairs. Thip looks at her. Flashback, Thip pours something in the orange juice in the fridge. No!

Present, Gip walks back to her room. She recalls the past when her mom told them to pack before their father came back.

Flashback, Gip (the girl) asks where they are going. Ruetai says to stay at their aunt’s house, and once she lives comfortably, she will take them back to live with her. Gip asks if she’s going to leave the two of them. Ruetai says just wait until she settles her life, and she promises she will send them money every month, and won’t leave them to starve. She asks Gip if she can understand that.

Gip says she understands but she must promise her that she won’t leave her to be only with her brother. Ruetai says she promises. She says, “One day, I will make you have a better life, not in poor stage like today.”

Present, Gip recalls her last memory of Ron and when the police took her mom away. She drinks the orange juice *gulp*

Nun looks at Rumpei’s photo and smiles. Gip drops down on the bed unconscious. Thip walks to her and says, “I will have mercy on you as long as you don’t get in my way.” She leaves.

What a night in this house.

Nun gets ready to go to bed. She turns off the light and lies down. Thip grabs Nun’s phone by the table and puts  down a pot with burning incense on it.

Part 4

Thip is wearing a hood covering her face with Nun’s phone in her hand.

Krit is driving and recalls when the shaman said to him that he’s the one who would change fate. He makes a call to Nun. Thip looks at the phone and rejects his call. Krit wonders what she’s doing to not picking up his call. He calls her again. This time Thip picks up his call. Krit says, “Hello, Khun you hear me?” Thip switches off the phone. Krit wonders, “Switch it off?” He makes a call again.

Nun starts choking and sees the pot by her bed. She sees a figure in the dark staring at her, “Who are you?…Who are you? Aunt Thip! Aunt Thip!” She’s calling for Thip to help her.

Thip stares at her, and she now has a long knife in her hand. Nun struggles to breathe and runs out of the room calling for Thip along the way. Thip follows her. Nun runs down the stairs. Thip tells her to stop right there.

Nun asks, “Who are you? What do you want?!”

Thip takes off the hood and Nun realizes that it’s Thip. Nun trips and rolls down the stairs backward so she screams. Nun tries to get away from Thip who is approaching closer, “Aunt Thip!..Aunt Thip!…” Nun runs into the study and closes the door.

Krit is on his way to Nun’s house (I think).

Thip shakes the door and shouts, “Nun! Open the door right now! I told you to open it! Open it now! You are so hard to kill. I tried to make it look like an accident, but you…you escaped.” Nun recalls her accident after leaving the temple that day.

Nun puts her ear to the door to listen. Thip stabs the door with a knife missing Nun’s face by an inch. Nun screams.

Thip keeps stabbing the door and shaking it. She yells, “Nun! Open it now! Nun! I told you to open it!” Nun runs to find something in a box on the shelf. Thip gets the door open and walks into the room.

Krit is making a call while driving.

Nun opens the drawer to look for something. Thip comes in and asks, “Khun Nun, what are you looking for? Don’t make it be more complicated. Because you made everything complicated, I had to send men to get rid of everyone who got in the way, especially, those who wanted to protect you.”

Nun says, “Khun Krit…” She recalls they were shot at in Khao Yai. Flashback, Krit and Nun duck and Nun says they must come here to kill her. Krit says no, he thinks they came here to kill him.

Present, Thip says, “Anyone who gets in my way, I will get rid of them. If that day you didn’t make a call to get help from Chid, he wouldn’t receive (such treatment). I so pity him. He’s the only one who’s nice to me, and serve me like a slave…(a sequence of Chid comes up)..but it must be his time to die. However, the reason he had to die, is because of you! Remember that! It’s because of you!..I’m like your father, who did everything to be loved by your mother. He even killed your mother’s elder sister. He did everything so he could be with Rumpei! Your father loved your mother so much that he had no heart for anyone else. I raised you because I wanted him to see my goodness, but I…I could only be his mistress….(she thinks of when she became his wife that night)…” Thip cries.

Nun cries and says, “Aunt Thip, I loved you like you’re my mother. I have no one left in my life. I have only you. The days when I had no one, I had you. You are my everything. Please don’t do this….”

Thip recalls the days she spent time raising Nun, and their sad days together.

Nun says, “Let’s start over, aunty.”

Thip puts her hand with a knife down while crying. Nun quickly reaches into the drawer for the gun. She gets up and points it straight at Thip.

Part 5

Thip yells at Nun who’s pointing a gun at her, “You, you have the betrayed blood just like your father! Go ahead! Kill me! Use that gun, the gun your mother used to kill herself, to shoot me! Your father loved your mother so much there’s no space left for me, loved so much that he had no heart left for anyone else. Shoot me! Do it! Just do it! If you want to shoot, just shoot!”

Nun steps backwards into the living room. Thip goes on and on, “I wanted you to die comfortably, your father died…(Nun shakes her head in disbelief.)….”

Nun asks, “Aunt Thip, did you kill my father?”

Thip says, “That’s right. I killed your father. I used the same method your father used to kill your mother’s elder sister.”

Flashback, Rit wakes up and, in the end, crawls on the floor. He sees Thip standing there and utters, “You! How could you this to me?” He chokes to death. She cries.

Present, Thip cries and says, “I loved him with all my heart, but he never valued me more than a servant. He loved your mother…loved so much that there’s no space even for a square inch, for me to stand in his heart. I could only endure and wait….that one day I would be loved….but that day never come. I did everything, I used every trick possible to get rid of your mother, to get her out of the way…..”

(Flashback, when Thip tells Rit to set Rumpei and Nun apart, and when Rit gave her his letter to give it to Rumpei and she lied to him.)

“…..But I was wrong…I was wrong…I thought if your mother died, I would live here happily and be the owner of everything, including your father’s life in my hands. I never thought that your father would destroy my goodness, my loyalty that I had for him with all my heart…by bringing in Ruetai to crush my heart, then chased me out of the house like a pig or a dog….along with his child within me.”

Nun asks, “Aunt Thip, did you have a child with my father?”

Thip says, “That’s right! He killed his own child. He let Ruetai send a man to kill his own child. A child who should have a chance to see his mother. A child who would represent the love….the love that a woman had for a man with her whole heart. The only thing he gave me was the sufferings…the pain..which would haunt me for the rest of my life.”

Thip grabs the gun from Nun’s hand and points it at her. By this time, Nun just breaks down and cries. Thip says, “To come back here, I had to wait for more than ten years. Come back to destroy every life in Ruen Rattana just like how you all did it to me! I’m giving you…giving you the chance to say your parting words.”

Thip pulls the trigger. Suddenly she gets shot from behind and falls down. It’s Krit standing there. He runs to Nun and holds her. She tells him that Thip killed everyone, Chid, Sri, her father, and she wanted to kill her too. Thip wakes up and grabs the gun. Krit is telling Nun to calm down when Thip shoots him from behind. Nun cries out, “Khun Krit! Khun Krit!” Krit drops to the floor. This is so sad.

Nun jumps in to fight with Thip and tries to get the gun from her. They push and pull, and the gun slipped away. Nun tries to get to it but Thip stops her. Thip slaps her and they fight. Nun reaches for the gun while Thip also reaches for another gun. They turn to shoot each other but Nun is faster and shoots her twice.

Thip dies instantly while Nun cries in agony. Nun gets to Krit and calls him. She says, “Khun Krit! Khun Krit, don’t die.”

You know, of all the people who could kill Thip, I didn’t want it to be Nun because it could scar her for life. It’s such a terrible tragedy.

Part 6

Krit is being wheeled into an operation room with Nun crying and telling him to be all right. A nurse tells Nun she can’t get inside and to wait here. She sits down and cries. She recalls all of their beautiful moments together. This sequence hits all the right notes for me.

Finally, a doctor comes out and tells Nun that the patient passed the critical stage, and it will take some time before he will wake up. He tells her not to worry. Nun says thank you so much.

Nun feels so relived that she has to sit down. Fanta and Thi arrive. Fanta asks how it is. Nun says Khun Krit is safe now. Thi tells her to keep her mind relaxed. Nun says all right and sits down.

Gip sees Nun come home. She asks what happened last night, she saw traces of stabbing knife in the study. Nun tells her that aunt Thip went to see her in her room, and said she’s the one killed Chid, Sri, and her father.

Nun cries and apologizes to Gip for wrongly accusing her mother and her family. Nun says aunt Thip wanted to kill her but Khun Krit saved her just in time, so aunt Thip shot him. Gip asks if he’s all right. Nun says he’s safe now but aunt Thip…is dead, and she’s the one killed her, she’s the one shot her. Gip holds her hands and says it’s all right, everything is all over now. Nun says she didn’t mean to do it but she shot Khun Krit. Nun cries and says sorry to Gip and asks if she’s not angry at her. Gip says no.

Nun comes to visit Krit at the hospital and sees Gip is with him. Gip says she’s leaving now. Krit smiles and nods. Gip turns around and sees Nun. She tells her that she’s leaving and says goodbye to Krit, and leaves the room.

Nun turns to leave so Krit calls her, “Khun Nun, aren’t you going to come in?” She says, “I only came to see whether or not you died. If you didn’t, then that’s good, so I can finish giving out your 10% share of the inheritance.” Nun leaves the room. Man, that’s so rude. Krit doesn’t say a thing but it’s going to hurt him for sure.

Nun walks away without talking to Fanta and Thi. He wonders what happened to her. Fanta guesses she fought with Khun Krit. He says he met Gip downstairs too. Fanta says no wonder, Nun is making face like she’s a heroine of an MV. She guesses Nun saw some hurtful scene.


Nun is in her bedroom. She says, “Mom, dad, when this thing will ever end? I’m so exhausted.”

Part 7

Nun buries Thip’s ashes near Rumpei tree and tells her to rest in peace here, and please forgive her. Fanta says she and Thi also forgive her for everything.

Fanta tells Thi she’s going to the car to pack her things. Thi talks with Nun alone. He says he hopes everything has ended now because he wants to see Nun happy. Nun says she doesn’t know anymore what happiness is. Thi sits down with her and says he wants to ask her one thing. Nun asks what it is. He tells her to promise him that she won’t behave like in the past to Khun Krit anymore.

She tries to protest but Thi tells her not to lie to herself, he knows how she feels for Khun Krit, and he also believes that Khun Krit will be able to take care of her better than him. He says, after this, he won’t come to take care of her anymore. Nun asks what happened.

Thi smiles and says he’s going to propose to Ta, and asks what she thinks Fanta’s answer will be. Nun says if Fanta rejects him, that mean something dropped on her head  and her brain malfunctioned.

She tells him to promise her that he will take good care of Fanta and make her be the happiest woman. He promises her.


Krit signs the document to release himself from the hospital. The nurse thanks him and wishes him to recover well. Panu shows up and greets him, “Yo, Major!” Krit is not happy to hear that. Panu says he came all the way here to pick him up, but why that face. Krit says thank you.

Panu gives him a newspaper. It reads SamutChai’s law firm been closed down, and he and his son were charged with defraud. Panu gives him an envelope the nurse gave him, she said someone left it for Krit.

Krit takes a look and it’s a check with the amount of 84 million baht. Panu takes a peek and gulps. He says it seems Major Krit’s heart now is pierced through worse than hit by a bullet for sure. Panu laughs so Krit stares at him that he’s upset. Panu asks why he didn’t go to her and talk it all out with her.

Krit says, “I was about to die, and lying in the hospital, yet she didn’t visit me, and even left the check, with the amount of 10% of the inheritance, with…a nurse, so do you think she want to see me?!”

Panu pats his shoulder and says, Major Krit had solved thousands of difficult cases, so just a case of the heart, shouldn’t be a big problem for him.


Gip comes down with a suitcase in her hand. Nun asks if she’s going on a trip somewhere. Gip says she’s saying farewell to her to go study abroad for a while. Nun asks study abroad? Gip says that’s right and, before she leaves, she would like Nun to forgive her and her family, including the matter about Khun Krit.

Flashback, Gip visits Krit in the hospital. He asks how she is. She says he’s in this bad condition yet still thinks of others. He says that’s because she’s his younger sister. Gip cries and says a younger sister who is not so good, self-centered, and never thinks of others. She puts her hands together and wai him on his chest (for gratitude). She thanks him for taking care of this sister all this time. She says it’s about time for her to grow up, and she came here to say farewell. He asks where she’s going. She says Australia, to study Business Administration and she already made a contact with the school through an agency.

He wonders if she will be able to stay there. She tells him not to worry because she’s been enough of his burden. She asks him to forgive her, and she wishes his life from now on, be filled with good things. He says she will always have him as her elder brother. She holds his hand and says yes. That’s when Nun comes in and sees them.

Present, Gip says Khun Krit never loves her, and it’s her who tried very hard, and if he loved her just for a little bit, she wouldn’t be this exhausted. Nun asks if she will stay there very long. Gip says one year, two years, she’s not sure, and she doesn’t know what to expect from the future. Gip says what happened to Ron, her mother, and aunt Thip, happened so fast that it confused her. She tells Nun, “Life is so short that we won’t have enough time, so hurry and do the thing you want.” Nun nods.

Gip says she’ll have to go now but Nun doesn’t tell her yet if she’d forgiven her. Nun hugs her and says, “I’ve forgiven you everything. Gip, no matter what happens, ‘Ruen Rattana’ will always welcome you.” Gip thanks her. Nun says have a safe journey. Gip says Nun’s so good to her, then says she’s leaving now. Gip leaves. Nun sits alone in the house.

Part 8

Thi and Fanta are taking a stroll in a public park. She asks what he wants to talk to her. He says there is something. She says then hurry and say it. He says give him her hand, and puts a red small box in her hand. She smiles and opens it but there’s nothing inside. Deflated, she says just take it back.

He stops her from walking away and gives her another box. She asks what it is. He tells her to try open it. She opens it and there’s a ring inside. She asks if he’s proposing to her. He says yes and asks if she will marry him. She nods and says yes.

He apologizes to her if he ever made her feel sad, and from now on, he will take good care of her. She hugs him and recalls when he told her to dream on that he would love her, and just wait until it snow in Bangkok first, and she said there would be a day that it would snow for Fanta. Aww….

She asks him if Nun knew about this. He says he talked to her and it’s all cleared. She says then  there’s only Nun’s matter left. He says don’t worry, he will take care of it.


Fanta is pulling her suitcase inside. Nun teases that her suitcase is so huge like she’s going to stay for months. Fanta says she’s afraid that her friend would be so lonely, in that case, she will go home now. Nun tells her to wait, and says she’s also afraid that Pee Thi will call and scold her, because she’s not sure if the new couple will think of each other after meal-three times a day or not. Fanta smiles. Nun teases that she’s so shy and coils herself like a millipede.

Fanta is unpacking and asks if Nun can live alone here in such a huge house. Nun says she doesn’t know that but what she can do when it’s her house. Fanta says her house has many rooms so she could open a hotel. Nun says she doesn’t want to do that. Krit calls her but she rejects it.

Fanta says, or she can find someone to live here with her. Nun glances at her phone. Fanta says, “Nun, life is so short, so why don’t you look for happiness? Don’t you really know what’s been missing in your life? Try to think.”

Nun recalls how Krit found the last piece of her mom’s photo, and when he said there’s one word he wanted to hear from her, it’s the word ‘love’.

Nun realizes something and walks downstairs. Fanta smiles and says, “See that now?”

Nun is happy to see Krit. He says he has enough good manners to come and return the check to her himself. He puts in her hand. She says please don’t do this. He says, “What about the way you looked down on how I feel? I used to think that you are such a strong woman to have been through so many things. I used to think that I want to protect you, but now I know…I should protect myself by staying away from a woman who has no heart like you.” He turns away and leaves. Nun tries to call him and cries. Fanta sees them from upstairs.

Nun sits alone under the Rumpei tree. Fanta comes to talk to her. She tells Nun to stop being so concerned about that 10% of the inheritance, and asks if she knew that Krit’s family is not an ordinary one and he doesn’t have to risk his life for that amount from her. She thinks it will make Nun look quite bad in that sense, moreover, it’s like she’s looking down on him. Fanta tells her to re-think about it.

Part 9

Nun is looking at her passport and cries.

Krit greets Thi and asks what it is about for wanting to see him this early. Thi says he wants to talk to him about Nun. Krit says whatever it is about, congratulations! Thi asks what he congrats him about. Krit says he congratulates him on him and Khun Nun being in love.

Thi says he loved her but she never loves him, and he tried to win her heart but failed. Thi says he kept trying until one day he saw Nun cry because of him. Krit asks, “She cried because of me?” Thi says that’s right, it’s when he was shot and admitted into the hospital, Nun visited him everyday and he had never seen her be this weak.

Thi says, “If that doesn’t call love, then I don’t know what is. It’s actually me who should be congratulating you on winning Nun’s heart. She will go back to England. You still have time to reconcile with her.” Thi leaves. Krit can’t contain his winning smile, and rushes to see her.

Nun walks down the stairs. She’s pulling her suitcase along to leave the house. Krit comes to see her and asks, “Where are you going?” She answers, “Why are you interested? (He grabs her wrist.) Let me go!”

Krit: “Can you not go?”

Nun: “What is it now? You wanted me out of your life that day, then suddenly come back today, so what do you want with me?”

Krit: “Nothing, but I won’t let you go anywhere until you do what you promised first.”

Nun: “I already did but you returned it to me yourself.”

Krit: “I didn’t ask for that but I did ask for a share of something else.”

He holds her still.

Krit: “And if I ask for that share, will you be willing to give it to me?”

Nun: “And if I give it to you, will you return it to me again?”

Krit: “If it’s that share, there’s no way I will return it.”

She smiles.

Krit: “Can you say something to give me the confidence?”

Nun: “Say what?”

Krit: “You knew which word I wanted to hear.”

Nun leans close to his ear and says, “I love you.”

Krit: “Did you say it already? I didn’t hear it. You babbled this and that close to my ear.”

Nun leans close to him and says again, “I-love-you.”

Krit: “It’s quite all right but I didn’t hear very well.”

Nun: “Khun Krit!”

Krit: “No kidding, my ears aren’t working properly these days. Truly, I couldn’t hear you well.”

Nun shouts, “I love you! Do you hear me?”

Krit: “I think there’s a problem with my ears but it’s all right, and I have something to tell you too.”

She waits for his turn. He shrieks so loud, “I love you too!”

They hug each other. He asks if she was startled just now. She smiles. They stand on the balcony overlooking the front yard of ‘Ruen Rattana’

Written on the screen:

If we treasure each other’s value as human beings

It will be difficult for us to get angry or hate anyone,

And we won’t look at others as enemies,

But know that the true enemies,

Are anger,  hatred, revenge



Phew! I made it to the finish line! This lakorn is the first one ever I felt satisfied through and through translating. It may be hard to comprehend some character at times but I’ve learned so many things listening to the dialogs. A tiny nitpicking would be the ending scene, it left me wanting more on these two, also Krit’s uncle if he will approve of them, and some words from the shaman would be nice, back to where it all began.

*No spoilers please!!!


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  1. Thanks for your reply! You were so right! I thought I was the only one feeling bored with Hua Jai Thoen. Like you, I should just watch Om and Kwan’s moments and concentrate on Takeshi ahd Ryu’s bromance!! heeheee…I love the way you put it..”Roy Rak Huk Liam Tawan (Mario in love with Nadech!), Fri-Sun: Dao Kiang Duan (Forget about the girls, Ken in love with Petch!)”
    LOL! Bromance all the way!

    • So true! I saw viewers’ caps, most were of Mario and Nadech. Don’t get me wrong, Taew and Yaya were good too but they just couldn’t beat the men. As The Rising Sun novel readers, the first-time adaptation was good, I felt like watching Takeshi come right out of the book, his sweet eyes and his stalking Seiko. LOL. For Ryu, it was a great groundwork for him and Mayumi, and he would have a hard time fixing his mistake for insulting her, throughout Roy Fun Tawan Derd!

  2. Hi, I missed this one but thanks for the recap on the final episode. I wonder if you are watching Hua Jai Thoeun. Would love to read your reviews on this lakorn as I missed the first 6 episodes and started watching only from Episode 7. The pace seems too slow, unlike Jao Sao Salatan, don’t you think? Aom is less handsome here too. Hmmmmm…

    • Hua Jai Thoen (Wild Heart) *sigh* I tried and even read the synopsis, but everytime I tuned in, it falied to hook me through the hours. I had some issues with the directing and scripts (which were done by the same person). Om and Kwan were doing fine, the tone was pretty much different from Jao Sao Salatan, and I got a little bored with some side characters i.e. Pakorn’s girlfriend who loved to wear shorts in every occasion! My main concern is the writing but with Roy Rak Huk Liam Tawan now airing in the same time slot, my wild guess is Ch7 will probably step up the game so once Raj/Phak kidnap Ao, it could get better.

      However, my interests now stay with Ch3, Mon-Tue: Rak Boon 2 (CG! CG!), Wed-Thu: Roy Rak Huk Liam Tawan (Mario in love with Nadech!), Fri-Sun: Dao Kiang Duan (Forget about the girls, Ken in love with Petch!) Haha….so Ch7 got me during the commercial breaks to peek at Om’s face then breathe in, and switch back…Hehe, have mercy on me Ch7 fans 🙂

      The netizens are having the new ‘Koo Jin’ (awesome pairing), and it’s Takeshi and Ryu…….and let me add (after last night episode of Dao Kiang Duan) Momluang Jan (Ken) and his secretary (Petch). Forget the girls, they were so boring.

      Anticipating: Ch7 – Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart (Kwan and Tui – from Fah Jarod Sai, synopsis – plain pain) 🙂

      • I just read the storyline of Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart (Kwan and Tui ) It is indeed “plain pain” but I’m a sucker for Kwan and Tui pairing so let’s wait and see, huh?

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