Ruen Rissaya Episode 12

The reason I’m still here with this lakorn is its execution and dialogs. There were meaningful words from both sides, good or evil, and it always came down to greed, but then you just couldn’t blame them once you saw their suffering past, and that is called good writing in my book.

Episode 12

Part 1

Nun gets into her room and thinks of how Krit found the last missing piece of her mother’s photo. She cries and starts packing Krit’s belongings.

He comes in and says he came to say goodbye. She says she’s packing for him. He says it will go and have a talk with his uncle, and will hurry back. Nun tells him not to, because she doesn’t want to be anyone’s trouble anymore. He holds her hands and tells her not to say that, she’s not anyone’s trouble but he’s asking for time to go back and finish taking care of his own problem first.

Gip interrupts them and says his uncle told her to come for him. Krit thanks her and leaves. Nun cries her heart out (Did she cry every episode? Poor girl). Nun calls Thip and says, “Aunt Thip, I can’t take it anymore.” Thip asks what happened. Nun says, “I have no one left. Khun Krit left already, aunty. He left…”

Thip smiles and tells her that it’s all right, and she should calm down when she still has her. Thip says if possible, she wants to go there to see her right now. Nun says that’s right, why the two of them can’t live together (*gulp*). She tells Thip not to worry, she will take care of it. Nun hangs up and Thip can’t contain her smile. Nun calls SamutChai and says she has something to consult him.

Nun walks Thip into the house and says, welcome back to ‘Ruen Rattana’. Thip looks around and says everything is the same here.

Duan sees them and asks Sri who Nun brought inside is. They both try to think and realize it’s the woman that day. Duan says Thip is acting like a madam and she doesn’t want to see it, so she leaves. Nun tells Thip to go upstairs. Sri greets Nun and says let her help with the bag. Nun tells her that this is aunt Thip, her important elder, and to take good care of her. Sri says yes and greets Thip.

Part 2

Ron says since Gip’s boyfriend left, this house felt so much better to live in. Gip says he can say all he wants but, in a little while, once the thing about the will is over, Khun Krit will move back here anyway. She tells him to learn to talk nice to him. Ron asks how long her ‘a little while’ is, how many lives (born and die again) it will be.

Ruetai say it will be a little while because Nun insisted she would read out the will on the 100th day Khun Rit passed away, so it’s not many days now. Gip says she thinks Nun doesn’t have the will and simply lied for sure. Ron says what if she has it. Ruetai says no way, ‘Ruen Rattana’ must be theirs.

Nun walks down the stairs holding hands with Thip. Ruetai sees Thip so she asks who told her to step in this house. Nun says it’s her. Ruetai asks Nun if she so loves to do what she wants like how she brought a man into the house last time.

Nun says she actually didn’t do anything, only told Khun Krit that she didn’t feel safe, and he volunteered to come take care of her right away. Nun says she didn’t have to invest in it like someone, who had to record the video clip to tell the elder.

Ruetai steps to Thip and says since she’s brave enough to set foot in this house, she will let her (as a donation) stay to recall things in the past in this house for a while. She tells Thip to have a good-manner, that is, not staying too long that the house’s owner has to come shooing her out. Nun asks why she’s talking about herself like that (*cough*). Nun yells, “Aunt Thip will be here to stay with me from today onwards!”

Ruetai says she has no right to do that. Nun argues that she has, as the only biological daughter of her father. Nun reminds her not to forget that the lawyer said she had the right over half of this house, so she can bring anyone to live here with her. Nun asks if she get that?

Nun tells Thip to take a stroll together and she wants her to spend time in this house for a long time. They leave together. Gip tells Ruetai they can’t let this go on. Ron says if they are such a trouble, he can take care of them.

Ruetai tells Ron that it’s enough when she still couldn’t clean all the mess he created yet. She says endure a little more, and not many days now, everything will come to an end.


Thi sits absentmindedly in Fanta’s restaurant. She says she should put his name on the board for the customer of the month. He added more income to her restaurant everyday. He doesn’t answer. Fanta nags him that she tried many gags already, yet he didn’t laugh at all. He says he just couldn’t laugh so Fanta asks if he’s still angry with Nun.

He says she will never understand. She says why not – love him but her feeling is not reciprocated. She says he can stop making sad face like a second male lead in Korean series already, because Khun Krit had moved out of Ruen Rattana.

Thi gets up and asks how she know that. She says Nun called and told her last night that uncle Manob dragged him home because Gip told him that Nun asked Krit to pretend to be her boyfriend. Thi asks if that means Khun Krit is not Nun’s boyfriend. Fanta nods. He asks if that means he doesn’t have a broken heart. She nods again and says just leave her to have a broken heart alone. He tousles her hair so she complains that her hair is a mess now.

She asks if he knows who Nun brought in to live with her instead. He asks who it is. She says aunt Thip. He repeats, “Aunt Thip?! Then that makes me worry even more. I think we should go and warn Nun.”

Fanta says that will be difficult because aunt Thip raised Nun since she’s young, so Nun won’t believe them, moreover, they have no evidence to prove it, and it’s only their suspicion. He says then they will go and find some evidence. Fanta says, “Evidence?”

They come to the garden house wearing jumpsuits and hoods covering their faces. They get to the house and she asks what to do next. He says go around the back. They are such a clumsy pair on a secret mission.

She takes off the hood and asks him if they have to go to such extent, and she couldn’t breathe wearing it. He warns her not to talk much or someone might hear. She says who will hear. He tells her to stop complaining already.

She tells him to pour all his things out of the bag, and he does. Haha. She says don’t tell her that he went abroad to study home carpentry. He says no, he just brought everything in his room. She tells him to hurry and crack the window open. He tells her to survey another side. She says okay and behaves like a cartoon spy moving in inches. He tells her to just go already.

Fanta found a window that wasn’t locked so she calls him over and with all his belongings too. These two are so funny. He climbs into the house.


Nun and Thip join Ruetai gang at the dining table. Gip says Nun never joined them before so what happened today. Nun says it’s been a while to have everyone here, and tells Thip to take a seat. Nun tells Sri to get a plate, spoon and fork for Thip. Ruetai stops Sri that if she does that, she won’t have to call her  her boss anymore. Nun says if Duan and Sri won’t do it, then they must leave this house.

Gip reminds Nun that they share this house together until the will be read out. Ron says it still hasn’t been read out or she actually doesn’t have it. Nun says it hasn’t been read out, could be a donation to let someone live in this house longer, and the day it’s read out, may be they won’t be able to pack their things in time.  Nun tells them to use quarreling time to pack instead.

Gip wants to slap Nun but Thip tells her not to harm Nun. Gip asks so? Thip tells her to try it. Gip calls for mom’s help. Ruetai tells Thip not to stain her daughter with her servant blood. Nun tells her to apologize to Thip. Ruetai asks why, so Thip interrupts them to tell Nun that it’s all right. Nun says it’s not all right when Thip has all the rights she, herself, has and she loves her like her mother, so anyone mustn’t look down on her.

Ruetai says she won’t let her family stoop down so low to mix with them too, and don’t hope she will have the meal with them. Nun concedes and says all right, she will take this meal as her donation. She tells Ruetai to have a good time having the meal because she has not many meals left, and not many days from now, ‘Ruen Rattana’ won’t welcome them anymore. Nun tells Thip to leave.

Ron says they are in deep trouble for sure because Nun seems very confident. Gip also says what to do if Nun chase them out. Ruetai tells her to stop her unfortunate talk. She yells at them to sit down.

Part 3

Nun says it’s an omelet by her, and she’s not sure if Thip (the cook) can eat it. Thip says she can eat anything. Nun tells her to endure a little more, things will be fine soon. Thip asks when she will let the will be read out. Nun says it’s next week, the 100th day of her father’s death, but she’s still in the dark.

Thip asks if that means she still doesn’t know where the will is. Nun says that’s right. Thip asks if she already looked for it everywhere. Nun says she really tried, and thought Chid called that night would help finding it, but now Chid just disappeared.

Nun says if they can find Chid, they may get more information. Thip shouts at her what’s use to look for him, how a man like him would know anything. Nun says she just doesn’t know what to do, and really tried looking for it.

Thip calms down and says sorry to Nun, she scolded her because she’s worried about her. Nun holds her hand and says, “Besides my mother, no one loves me like you do, aunt Thip.” Nun tells her to enjoy eating, her omelet. Thip tastes it and nods her approval.

Thi and Fanta get inside the house and look around. Fanta says there’s nothing in here really and he agrees. She says when aunt Thip stayed at her restaurant, she never brought her any trouble, and look at this place, she lived in a poor stage. Fanta says now she feels guilty for getting suspicious of her.

He says since they are here, let’s check it out. She tells him to get the bag down from the closet top. He accidentally breaks a vase so Fanta scolds him because someone would know that they broke in here.

She tries to pick up the shattered glass from the floor and got cut on her finger. It’s bleeding so Thi sucks the blood out for her looking very worry. She’s surprised at first then smiles. He gets up and says it’s just a small wound, he will find some med to apply on it, and it will heal in no time. Fanta nods.

Thi shows her a man’s trousers from inside the closet. He says aunt Thip told them she lived alone in this house. Fanta says that’s right.


Nun comes to see Thi and Fanta at her restaurant. Thi is tending Fanta’s wound so Nun teases them for being sweet. Fanta tells her she got cut on her finger so he helps tending to it. Nun says she didn’t say anything. She tells Thi that she’s busy these days so take care of Fanta for her.

Thi says he thought he wouldn’t get to see her again. Nun says that’s a little overboard when they don’t live in different planet. Fanta asks if Nun wants something to eat. Nun says that’s a good idea because she didn’t have a fine time eating today. Fanta asks her why’s that. Nun says a battle erupted at the dining table because she brought aunt Thip to join the meal. Both Thi and Fanta don’t like what they are hearing.

Nun asks why Fanta called her here, and she can’t stay long because she’s worried about aunt Thip. Thi says he thinks she doesn’t have to worry about aunt Thip that much. Fanta confesses that they went to aunt Thip’s house today. Nun asks what for. Fanta says they felt aunt Thip is quite strange. Nun says they are crazy.

Fanta shows her the photo she took today. She says if Nun doesn’t believe her, then take a look herself what she found today. It’s the photo of a man’s clothes. Thi says aunt Thip doesn’t live alone in that house, and he doesn’t understand why she needed to lie to Nun. Fanta says, “And you won’t think that I was so crazy to lay down the clothes myself, to find fault on aunt Thip, will you?”

Thi says he knows that aunt Thip is the person Nun loves the most, but she mustn’t forget that it’s 7 years that she hadn’t seen her, with aunt Thip knew her address all that time, and she chose to contact her only when her father died recently, without telling who sent the letter too. He says aunt Thip must have a lot of secrets hiding from Nun.

Nun recalls the voice that sounded like coming from Thip when Chid called her.

Nun walks into Thip’s house alone. She takes a look at a man’s clothes in the room, and checks the dusty suitcases and bags but found nothing. She opens the closet and finds a box Thip kept inside. Nun opens it.

Part 4

Nun opens the box and found many old photos, also many letters. She reads one of them. She says it’s the letter dad wrote to mom. She reads, “Rumpei, I was wrong. What I did, it’s because I love you. My Rumpei, I want to tell you my feeling inside. I love you so much. (Rit’s voice-over) I may be a bad man, but a bad man who loves you with all my heart. Have you ever felt anything for this bad man? I can only send this letter through Thip, with the hope that you will return to me.”

Nun reads another letter, and another, “….If you forgave me, our family would stay together, but look what you’ve done. The only memory of you that you left for me is that Rumpei tree, which is standing tall just like you….” Nun cries looking at his handwriting and the word ‘Rit’ at the end, and under that there’s a raised stamp of a tree on it.

She reaches for her cell phone and calls Krit, “Khun Krit, where are you?” Krit says he will be there. He excuses himself to leave.

Krit comes to see Nun who is still crying. Krit asks what happened. She says she didn’t want to call him, didn’t want his uncle to look down on her, but he asked her to think of him the first one when she’s feeling down. Krit says thank you for the honor of being the first one she thought of.

She gives him the letters and says it’s the letters her father wrote to her mother, and she found them in aunt Thip’s house. She asks him to keep them for her. He takes them, and asks if she sneaked into aunt Thip’s house. She says Thi and Fanta told her that they found a man’s clothes in aunt Thip’s house, so she wanted to see with her own eyes who she’s living with, but what she found confused her even more. She says even at this moment, she doesn’t know who to trust, or not to.

He holds her and says, “Khun Nun, you can trust me. Even there’s no one left in this world, you can always trust me.”

He hugs her while she’s crying.


Thip is standing in ‘Ruen Rattana’ recalling the past, when she told Rit that she’s his wife now, so she’s putting her life in his hand. Rit says don’t worry, he will take responsibility for it, and she can live in this house comfortably.

Present, Ruetai finishes her night-time activity with Mai. Thip waits for her and says she didn’t see her for a long time, yet she still loves the same food with the same taste. Ruetai asks what she’s talking about. Thip says Ruetai knows full well what she’s talking about, and even she feels embarrassed to say it.

Ruetai says what a sharp-tongued, but not very long, she will make sure Thip pay for it. Ruetai walks back to the main house. Thip says it’s them that she will make sure they pay for it.

Thip gets ready to go to bed. Nun comes back so she asks why she came back so late. Nuns says she talked to Thi and Ta and forgot about the time. Thip says please send them both her regards, they were such a nice boss. Nun says she will do that, and tells her to go to bed first because she must be tried all day, and she’s going to take a bath. Thip says Nun too, is tired all day so she should come to bed quickly.

Nun asks Thip to tell her the story after Thip left ‘Ruen Rattana’, she really wants to hear it. Thip says there were so many things happened in ‘Ruen Rattana’, and if she wants her to tell today, she won’t be able to finish it. Thip says one day, she will tell her about it. She tells Nun to take a bath and come to bed soon.

In the morning, Nun wakes up and sees a Rumpei flower on the pillow. Krit calls her and she asks what’s matter.

They sit in the garden on the bench under the Rumpei tree. Krit tells Nun to feel the raised stamp on the letter. Nun feels it. He asks if it’s raised up. She says it’s a pattern of a tree. He says it’s the shape of Rumpei tree, so he wants to take a look at the real tree.

She asks what he means. He says what her father loved the most was her mother, and the last thing left in his memory about her mother was this Rumpei tree. She asks then what. He says he thinks that may be, the will is right here. Krit starts digging.

Part 5

Thip tells SamutChai that she moved in ‘Ruen Rattana’ already. He asks what about Chid. She says he went back to live in the countryside. She reminds him not to let anyone know about her and Chid, and them. He says if she doesn’t forget about his share of 30% , then he won’t forget that too. She says it’s getting closer to the date so she wants to hear the progress about the will. She asks if Nun can’t find the will, what will happen.

KraiPat says they are in the process of authenticate the will drafted by Ruetai, and if the result comes out that it’s fake, they will have to wait until the real one be found. Thip says it’s so annoying, when this thing is going to end.


Krit is digging the ground while Nun is waiting and do nothing. He hits something and calls her to take a look. They found the box.

SamutChai gets a call from Nun and asks if that’s true. He says all right.

It’s the 100th day, SamutChai is saying that today is the 100th day Khun Rit passed away, so he will open the will and read it out as agreed earlier.

He reads, “Written at Ruen Rattana, 11 January 2554 (B.E.),

I, Mr. Rit Sukvisetsak, think of my own health and see that I’m at an old age. While I’m perfectly sane, giving out orders about the assets once I passed away. Therefore, I would like to make the will with the following orders;

I grant the garden house, which located on the land title-deed no. 247/3 with the area of 1 rai 2 ngan, including the land the house located, solely to Ms. RungThip Sutprasert. The business of Ritthanon Patthanakit rice mills, be granted to Mrs. Ruetai Sukvisetsak, to manage and oversee, with no rights over it, except to oversee it.

The shares of Ritthanon Patthanakit rice mills and all of my assets in cash in the bank which are: 315,540,000 baht in KasitkamThai Bank, 254,900,000 baht in Sripanit Bank, and 278,000,540 baht in KitjaroenThai Bank, be granted solely to Ms. Nunthanut Sukvisetsak,  which comes to the total amount of 848,440,540 baht.”

Ruetai asks how about ‘Ruen Rattana’.

He reads, “Ruen Rattana, which located on the land title-deed no. 451/98 which is the main building, including the land the said house located, be granted to Ms. Nunthanut Sukvisetsak, my only biological daughter between me and Ms. Rumpei Ritthanon, with the conditions that adjust or modify Ruen Rattana building, sell, cut down Rumpei tree which rooted in Ruen Rattana, be prohibited.”

Ruetai yells that it’s not true, and accuses Nun of forging the will. Nun tells her not to think that everyone would use the same dirty trick like hers. Ruetai screams that she won’t believe it, and asks for a proof that this will is a genuine one. KraiPat says the signature, on the watermark in the will, matches perfectly with other financial documents.

Krit adds that there’s also an evidence that the will, made by Khun Raetai, is a fake one, which Khun Nun can press charges against her immediately. Ruetai sits down panting for breath. Nun tells Krit not to take such action, she will let go of  the thing that passed, but she would like to announce here that, she’s giving Ruetai and her family one month to move all of their belongings out of Ruen Rattana.

Ruetai gets into her room and screams that it’s not true! Gip tells her to calm down while Ron says why everything turned this way. Ruetai keeps screaming hysterically.

Ron and Gip have a talk. He says how his mom got only that when she’s his wife. He says how that could be enough for them. He asks Gip what they are going to do. She tells him not to ask her because she doesn’t know that too.

Ron smiles and says they still have the rice mills. They can sell them and buy a new house bigger than this one. Gip hits his head and calls him a frog brain, they only let their mom oversee it not own the shares. Ron says who would know that.

Krit tells Nun that it’s over finally. She asks if she’s not too cruel to make Ruetai move out of Ruen Rattana. He says no, she did the right thing, it’s better to nip it in the bud. He asks what about aunt Thip, what she’s going to do next. She says she will probably let her live here with her. He asks if she doesn’t feel suspicious of her anymore, why she has so many secrets hiding from her.

Nun says no, but aunt Thip is the only elder left in her life, and she connected to her parents. Whenever she stays close to aunt Thip, she feels close to some parts of the memory of her parents, and perhaps if she spends more time with her, she may open her heart to her and tell her about many other things.

She says, “Khun Krit, thank you for everything. Without you, everything wouldn’t ended nicely this way. The missing piece of my mother’s photo, you were the one found it, also the will.” He smiles and says he must be an expert at finding missing things.

He says there’s one thing he’s still unable to find. She asks what it is. He holds her hand and says, “It’s your heart. I don’t know when I will find it.” She smiles shyly.


Thip is packing so Nun asks where she’s going. She says she will go back to the garden house. Nun says she won’t let her go anywhere. Thip says once Ruetai doesn’t live here, she won’t have to stay here to protect her anymore. Nun holds her hand and says she had taken care and protected her all this time, so let her do that to her from now on.

Thip smiles and touches her hair, and says, “My Nun.” Nun says she doesn’t have to go anywhere, they will live together here. Thip says let she ask her one thing. Nun asks what it is. She asks where she found the will. Nun says she found it in the safe at the bank, she went there to take care of an errant and the bank personal informed her.

Thip comes back to the garden house and sees a napkin on the floor with Fanta’s restaurant name on it (Eh..Fanta, you are doomed). Thip is pissed to see the box opened. She says, “Nun! You knew, didn’t you?!”

Someone throws a rock at Fanta’s restaurant glass window. Fanta calls Thi to come to her fast, there’s a big problem.

Part 6

Nun arrives at Fanta’s restaurant and asks if it’s this bad, and if she called the police. Thi says no. Nun tells Thi to take Fanta to the police station, what if they come back. Thi says they don’t want it to be a big problem. Nun says what if next time, it’s not windows but her staff.

Fanta says she thinks it’s aunt Thip who did it. Thi tries to stop Ta but she says she doesn’t care anymore. Fanta tells Nun that Nun knows well that her restaurant never had problem with anyone, and this incident happened only after she and Thi sneaked into Thip’s house. Thi says even though they both came into her life after aunt Thip, they are really worried about her.

Nun asks what aunt Thip would do that for. Fanta says  Thip may have secrets which she doesn’t want Nun to know, but she (Fanta) had learned of it, first one, a man’s clothes they found, and second one, the letters, and she thinks there are more than just these two secrets.

Thi tells Fanta to go check on the handyman so she tells Nun she’ll be back. Thi asks Nun if she believes what they told her, or is thinking that they made it up. Nun says no, she doesn’t think that way, and she knows they are worried about her. However, she asks for time to find out about it, because aunt Thip had done so much for her since she’s born, and she’s grateful to her. Thi nods.

Thip takes off the gloves and puts it in her bag. SamutChai and KraiPat come to see Thip at the garden house, he asks when he will receive his share since it’s over already. She asks where she can get the money from, when they knew all she got is this poor house. He says if Thip won’t keep the promise, then so do they.

Thip asks if they think of exposing her, and if they think Nun would believe outsiders like them more than her. KraiPat says if she’s playing it this way, then they’ll have  no other choice. She concedes and says she will find a way to ask Nun for the money. SamutChai says that’s it. They leave. Thip is pissed.

Nun is sitting under the Rumpei tree when Thip approaches her. She asks if Nun is busy. Nun says no and invites her to sit down with her. Thip says she has something to consult her. Nun says she can tell her about it.

Thip says when she had to leave Ruen Rattana, she lived in difficulties and had to acquire many loans…and couldn’t pay them back. She says her father was so kind to give her the garden house, so she wants to sell it to pay back all the loans.

Nun asks if she’s going to sell the garden house. Thip says that’s right. Nun tells her not to, because at least, it’s the house she grew up. She says she wants Thip to keep the house and will help paying back the loans for her. Thip says but it’s a big amount. Nun says that’s fine and just think that she’s repaying her kindness of raising her. Nun asks how much the debt is. Thip says two million. Nun says all right, she will take care of it for her. Thip thanks her.

Aww…Thip is so clever.

Krit comes to see Nun at Fanta’s restaurant. He asks why she came early when he thought he would arrive before her. Nun says she doesn’t want to stay home. He asks if someone harmed her. She says no, it’s just after the reading of the will, there were so many things happened. Ta’s restaurant windows got smashed recently, so she doesn’t know what will happen next. Nun says that’s why she wants to take every precautions.

Krit says if so, she may need to have a bodyguard (pointing at himself). She asks what he’s doing (offering his hand). He says give him an application form to be her bodyguard, and he will fill it the first one. Nun says she doesn’t want him, because she doesn’t want to fight with someone because of him. Krit doesn’t want to raise that topic.

She says about the will, once everything is done, she will transfer his share of 10% right away. He sighs and asks if it could be 10% share of her heart instead. She smiles, and when she’s about to answer him, he says he’s kidding. Buahaha….

She asks if he brought her father’s letter with him. Krit pulls it out and asks if she’s not scared of aunt Thip to get suspicious how she got it. She says no, she’s not scared and will use it to ask the truth from aunt Thip, that why this letter was in her house and if she’s hiding something else from her. He asks if that’s a good idea. Nun says of course, because she wants to know what aunt Thip really wants too, and if she wants Ruen Rattana, she will let her have it. Nun says she wants to have a happy and peaceful life already.

Thip unwraps the shaman’s package and gets the thing out. She says, “I need to use you again, needn’t I?”

Part 7

Thip looks at Rumpei photo and says, “I’m defeated by you all of my life. You must not know what it feels like to be defeated. (She looks at Rit photo) Khun Rit, thank you. Thank you for the only property you left for me.”

Flashback, Rit looks at what the shaman gave him and says, he doesn’t have to use it anymore from now on. The shaman’s voice comes up saying Rit has two choices to make, it’s up to him which one to choose….hell will have no mercy on a wicked man like him. Rit puts it in a box and says, “Old man, your prediction was right. My life’s ruined once, but I want it to end. From now on, I won’t use it to smoke someone to kill (that person) anymore.” Thip hears it all. Man, what’s the need to shout so loud about it?

Rit buries the box under the Rumpei tree and says, “Let everything be revealed at the right time.” He looks up at the tree and says, “Rumpei, please forgive me, and I will follow to be with you.” Rit pulls a bench to be on top of the spot. He leaves. Thip walks over to take a look at it.

Present, Thip puts it back in the package and caresses it.

Mai is with Duan. He says Khun Ruetai has gone crazy since the day she realized she didn’t get the assets. Duan asks if they will be chased out too. She tells him they should flee and live together like how they dreamed of. Moreover, Khun Ruetai is no use to him anymore. Mai says that’s right, a woman like Khun Ruetai harbors a grudge, and if she learns about them, he doesn’t know what she will do to them so they must flee before that happen. Thip is listening to them from outside the room and smiles. Mai tells Duan to get ready, they will leave at 10:00 p.m. Duan is delighted that finally, she will be the only one to have him.

Sri is cleaning the study when Thip enters. Thip looks at Rit’s portrait and says, “Khun Rit, I can feel that you’re still here. I will do everything to come back to live with you.” She sits down and writes a letter. Sri looks at her from behind a bookshelf. Thip is leaving the room when Sri bumps into an antique typewriter and it makes noise. Thip stops in her tracks and turns to look around cautiously. When she sees no one, she opens the door and leaves.

Ruetai is taking some medicine. She tells Gip and Ron they don’t have to stay and watch over her like this, she won’t die easily. Gip tells her not to say that when she’s feeling stressful enough already. Ron says once she’s fully recovered, they will fight for the inheritance again. Gip scolds him for thinking only about that. Ruetai tells Gip not to scold her brother, and no matter what, she won’t let them live in hardships. She will do everything she can, to bring them back to their previous respectable status.

Gip says she too, just get well first, and other things come later. Ruetai nods and tells them to go get some rest. They leave the room. Ruetai wants to lie down but someone knocks at the door. She thinks it’s Gip or Duan but no one answers her. She sees someone push a letter under the door, so she asks who’s that.

Thip sits int Nun’s room getting excited about what she’s about to achieve. Nun comes behind her, so she asks why Nun came back so late. Nun says she has something to talk to her, and pulls out a stack of letters from her bag.

Ruetai picks up the letter from the floor and reads it. She gets mad after that. She utters, “Mai…Duan..” Oh no, she opens the drawer to get a gun. She’s heading out leaving the letter, she crushed in her hand, on the floor.

Part 8

Nun shows Thip what she got and says finally she has more photos of her mother. Thip asks how she got it. Nun says someone gave it to her. Thip adds, from her house. Nun nods and says that’s right, and asks why all these photos and letters, her father wrote to her mother, were at her house.

Ruetai walks down the stairs and out of the house.

Thip holds her hand and says sorry to her that she hid them from her, and there are many more facts that she’s not sure she should tell her at all. Nun tells Thip to tell everything she kept to herself, and she’s ready to accept it. Nun says there are only two of them left, and if Thip doesn’t trust her, she will have no one left. Thip caresses Nun’s hair and starts telling.

She says when Khun Rumpei ran away, Khun Rit told her to give these letters to her, but Khun Rumpei didn’t want to accept them…..

Mai gets ready to leave and tells Duan to hurry. Ruetai comes over and shouts, where they are going. They stop and turn to her. Ruetai says she shouldn’t have let Duan stay here, such a lowly servant, and if she knew that Duan was this low, she would chase her out of Ruen Rattana long time ago.

Duan steps closer to her and shouts back. She asks if Ruetai forgot that she, too, was chased out of Ruen Rattana. Ruetai asks if she dares to challenge her. Duan says yes, she endured it for a long time, Ruetai loved to call people lowly and look at her, as if she’s that high to sneak in to eat and share the thing with a servant like her, its taste must be that great.

Mai tells Duan that it’s enough. Duan says no, she will let it all out today. She turns to Ruetai and says the reason her husband was willing to pleasure Ruetai was the assets. Ruetai’s heart is broken by that. Duan chuckles and asks if that hurts so bad.

Ruetai shows them the gun in her hand. She yells, “You love each other so much, don’t you? Fine!” She fires the gun. The sound startles the household. Duan tells Mai to help her, Ruetai’s gone crazy. Ruetai keeps repeating the question if they love each other so much…then go love each other in hell. Mai tells her to stop it, and just think of him. Ruetai asks when they had sex, if they ever think of her.

Gip and Ron run to Ruetai. Both ask Mai and Duan what happened. Duan says it’s their mother and her fighting for a husband. Ron asks Ruetai if that’s true. He asks Duan what she’s saying. Duan says she’s saying the truth. Gip tells Ruetai to assure her what Duan said was untrue and she didn’t have anything to do with Mai.

Ruetai shrieks, “It’s true! I love Mai and I won’t lose anything in my life anymore!” She points the gun at Duan who’s begging not to shoot her. Ruetai fires the gun, and Duan drops down. Mai jumps on his motorcycle wanting to flee. Ron stops him, then they kick and punch. Now Ron wants to shoot him so he grabs the gun from Ruetai. Mai stops him from shooting. They push and pull at the gun and suddenly there’s a sound of a gunshot, and it’s Ron who got hit. Ruetai and Gip call out to Ron while he drops to the ground. Mai wants to run so Ruetai shoots him twice. Gip stops her from shooting more.

Nun and Thip get to the scene. Ruetai sees Thip and says, “Thip, it’s all because of you.” She wants to shoot Thip. Nun uses herself to guard Thip. Ruetai pulls the trigger and realizes it ran out of bullets. Gip cries and begs her mother enough already. Ruetai can’t accept defeat so she screams hysterically.

The police arrive and start removing the corpses one by one. Krit is here already with Sri. He tells Nun to calm down. Gip cries and says what she’s going to do without Ron and her mom. Nun tells Krit to take a look at Gip. Krit walks to Gip and tells her to calm down. A policeman comes forward to take Ruetai to the police station. Gip cries and won’t let him take her. Krit has to pull her to him so the policeman can do his job. Gip begs Krit to tell them not to take her mom away. Krit just holds her.

Thip asks Capt. Metr the permission to talk with the suspect for the last time. He allows her. Thip turns to Ruetai and says, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, waiting to see you fully feel the taste of defeat, like how you made me, to have no pride left, and to lose my child – the love of my life. Whatever you did to me, it now all comes back to destroy your life. You will know what the cliff’s darkest abyss feels like…and will never be able to climb up from there. Don’t worry, I will take care of Ruen Rattana for you.”

Ruetai cries and screams at her to go away! Go away! Thip tells Capt. Metr that Ruetai must have gone crazy. The police take her away. Thip is feeling so satisfied.

Part 9

Krit drives Gip home from Ron’s funeral. She’s bringing his ashes home in an urn. She cries and says, “Ron, I’m bringing you home already. Ron, we are home…Ron..” Krit tells her to get inside the house.

Nun comes home with Thi and Fanta. She thanks them for dropping her. Fanta asks if she wants her to stay. Nun says she’s all right, it’s Gip who they should worry about. Fanta says so true, she doesn’t have anyone left. She asks what Nun is going to do next. Nun says she thinks she will let Gip stay in this house. Fanta agrees that it’s a good idea and at least Nun can keep her company. Nun says may be Gip doesn’t want to be friend with her, when she already has Khun Krit taking care of her.

Fanta smiles and says, looks like she should worry more about Nun than Gip. Nun says she’s all right. Fanta says right. Nun tells her to go home and tells Thi to take care of her friend.

Gip is crying so Krit consoles her saying Khun Ron is now rest in peace. She ask, “What about me? How do I live? Khun Krit, how do I live?!” He says she still has him like her elder brother. Gip hugs him and Nun sees them. She walks pass them without stopping.

Thi tells Fanta let’s leave. Fanta says she sympathizes with Nun, when all these matters will be over. He says they can only worry about her from the distance. She says leaving Nun in Thip’s hand makes her worry even more.

Thi walks to her and says not only Nun who should be worried about, but also her. He says since the smashing window incident, she should have someone to look after her. She shakes her head and asks who would want to do that to a woman like her. He smiles and says there is, he thinks there is. She whispers who that person is. He shakes his head and walks back to the driver door, and says, “Let’s go.” She says all right.

Sri is serving a meal to Nun and Thip. Nun tells her to eat with them. Sri says no, that’s all right. Nun looks around and says, “This huge house, when many people disappeared, it seems so quiet.” Thip says Nun will get used to it soon.

Krit walks downstairs. Thip asks him how Gip is. He says she’s in a bad shape and he tried to give her some support and encouraged her to be stronger, now she doesn’t have anyone left. Nun tells him to take care of Gip and not to worry about this side (i.e. her). Thip gets up and excuses herself. Nun asks if she won’t have the meal. She says no, and leaves with Sri. Krit eyes Nun accusingly somewhat while Nun turns away.

Gip is still crying while looking at Ruetai’s photo. She looks around the room and says, “Mom…”

Krit stops Nun from walking away, “Khun Nun!..Khun Nun!” He grabs her wrist so she tells him to let go of it. He says he won’t, and tells her not to do this. Nun asks what she’s doing. He asks what she’s angry at him about. She says nothing! He asks then why she’s shooing him out just now.

Nun says she’s doing what needed to be done. She says everything is all over now, and aunt Ruetai is in jail so there’s nothing to burden between them anymore. He says, “Khun Nun, how many times I told you, that you are not my burden, and no matter what happens, I will take care and protect you even if you shoo me away.”

She tells him not to trouble himself about that, and the one he should worry about is Gip, not her. Krit says, “Khun Nun, you know that I don’t feel anything for Khun Gip.” She says now it’s not important how he feels, it’s what he should do that is improtant. Okay, I and Krit are a little confused.

Nun says if there’s nothing more, she would like to excuse herself. Sri screams all the way down. She runs to Nun and tells her to go and take a look at Khun Gip. Krit rushes to Gip. She is lying on the bed unconscious. There’s blood on the sheets. Did she try to kill herself? Poor girl…or rather, what a household.


Thip is following Sri in the dark with an electric shocker in her hand.

Nun is trying to find something in the drawer.

Thip, with a long knife in hand, asks, “Khun Nun, what are you looking for?”

Nun stops short and looks at her in horror.


You know, when I started this lakorn, I didn’t think the torture would last till the very last episode but now it looks like it. Thip has such a painful past (part of it she did it herself) and I think Ruetai killed her child was the last straw for her. At this point, Thip is no longer sane to me and nothing can cure her pain. She vents her anger and hatred on everyone related to Rit, the man she loved the most, which, sad to say, the big mistake in her life.

*No spoilers please!!!


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  1. Hi, I’d like just thank you so much for your hard work,I like this lakorn too but obiusly I can’t speak thai so I’m glad to have found your site .Thanks from Italy

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