Update: From Rak Boon 1 to Rak Boon 2

Let’s trace back a little.

The story of Rak Boon, the previous chapter, after Jetiya received Rak Boon box from uncle Tawee, her senior colleague who works together at Niralai company, doing the job of putting make-up on the corpses, he tells her the secret of the box – she can ask for one wish in exchange for doing three good deeds successfully within one month – or she must die. In addition to that, she can’t throw the box away unless she finds it a new owner.

Once she accepts to be its owner, chaos turns up in Jetiya’s life almost right away with corpses begging her to reveal the truth behind their death. She also runs into the plan to kill LaPin, an heir of Niralai’s owner, and to take over Pisai’s company, his uncle. She also has to fight with Pran, who was born from humans’ desire, protecting Jetiya from successfully destroying Rak Boon box.

After Jetiya successfully destroyed Pran and Rak Boon box, troubles still exist when Jetiya becomes one of the coin owners, the coin which possesses more evilness than Rak Boon box, and Kasin, a new demon (born from the way humans accumulate desire), who inhibits the coin and wants to create the new Rak Boon box, to be its permanent inhabitant.

Kasin: “In this world, there’s nothing Rak Boon box can’t do…”


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