Ruen Rissaya Episode 11

I missed Panu so much, but there are so many loose ends around the house to pick up. I can totally see that.

Episode 11

Part 1

KratPat comes in and asks Nun why there are policemen all over the house. She tells him there’s someone breaking in and trying to get to her bedroom. He holds her hand and asks if the man harmed her. She says no, she’s all right (and pulls her hands out of his). She says Khun Krit fought with the man. He asks if the guy got captured. She says he got away, and if he were captured, they would have known by now who sent him. He says it’s good enough that she’s all right, but someone should have called and let him know too.

Krit says he thought Kraipat came because he already knew. He says no, he came because he has some business with Khun Nun, also to pay her a visit because, he’s worried about her.

Gip comes to hold Krit’s arm but he shakes her off and holds Nun close instead, “My darling, tell Khun Kraipat that you have me, there’s no need for him to worry.” Nun smiles and says, “Hey, you were injured and still want to gloat.” Krit says it’s just a small wound, far away from his heart, and even with his arms and legs broken and he’s till alive, he won’t let anyone harm her. Not sure what Gip is doing there.

Kraipat asks Krit for a private talk with Nun because he has some business with her. Nun says yes, of course, and invites him to the living room. Kraipat tells Krit not to worry, he will take good care of Nun. Krit says all right. Nun removes Krit’s hands and tells Kraipat to come along.

Gip asks Krit why he’s doing this.


Capt. Metr asks Ruetai and her gang if the backdoor normally locked. Sri says sometimes they locked it but more from inside. Metr asks why they didn’t lock it, and if they weren’t afraid a thief could break in. Duan says this door is used by all the housekeepers and it will be troublesome to find the key every time someone wants to get out. He asks why do they not use the front door. Duan says everyone wants to use the front door but her madam doesn’t want to share the door with the servants. Ron says his mom is standing here and she dared gossiping her. Duan says not gossiping but telling the truth to the police.

Ruetai scolds Ron why yelling at Duan when she did the right thing, to cooperate with the police so they will capture the thief fast or else she won’t be able to sleep at night. Metr says the thief chose to escape from the backdoor as if he knew this house’s escape route very well, it’s suspicious.


Nun asks Kraipat what he wants to talk with her. He says about the real will. Nun says she said many times already that after the mourning period of her father, she will show it to them. He says it can happen differently if Khun Ruetai makes a request to the judge that Nun bring out the will sooner. He says his father is worried so he told him to come and warn her to have the will ready, should that happen. Nun tells him to thank his father for her and she will make herself ready anytime.

Gip asks what they are whispering about. Kraipat asks what she’s in doubt of. Gip says she is suspicious that the lawyer and his son are conspiring with the daughter, whom her father didn’t love, to cheat on the inheritance. Nun tells him not to take Gip seriously because she heard it all the time that she’s bored of it, and just think a (common) lizard said ‘Hi’ to him. He excuses himself and wants to leave. Gip tells him that her mother wants to see him in the study. He says yes and leaves the room.

Gip asks if Nun called her a lizard just now. Nun asks what’s the kind she likes to be then. Gip calls her a rotten-head dog and wants to slap her. Nun challenges her to wait and see who will get rotten first.


Kraipat enters the room and Ruetai asks him about the will. He says Khun Nun insisted to wait until the mourning period’s over. Ruetai says but she said she wouldn’t wait. He says no matter how much he tries to rush Khun Nun, it won’t make her change her mind. Ron asks if he’s so useless to do anything when his mother is the legit wife and also the owner of his salary. Ron asks whose money his shirt and trousers came from, then his mom can fire him. He tells his mom to fire him.

Ruetai says when it can’t be done, she will have to fire him because she’s in trouble. She asks if he knows that after Khun Rit’s not around, she’s been in trouble, the house expenses, the servants’ salaries, she had to pay it all from her pocket, when it’s Khun Rit’s job in the past.

She says the amount transferred into her account every month, is not enough for her and her children. Kraipat says he and his father realized that and are worried, so his father sent him here to invite her and her children to see him today, it’s about signing the request to double the amount of her salary.

Ruetai is taken aback by that. She says she normally gets 300,000 a month, so it means it will become 600,000. He says that’s correct but if she’s busy today it’s all right. She says of course, she’s available today, and tells Ron to call Gip over so they can go together. She tells Mai to prepare the car. She turns to Kraipat and says he should have told her earlier.


Capt. Metr is telling Krit that the police already gathered all the evidences both inside and outside the house. Nun asks if the police found out how the thief got into the house. Krit says he got out from the backdoor so it could also be how he got in. Nun says or someone in this house took him in. Metr says it could be both, but there’s no fingerprints at all. Krit says that’s because they prepared well, wearing a hood and a pair of gloves. Krit insists that it was the same man who ambushed Khun Nun when she’s returning from Khun Rit’s funeral.

Metr says the way he sees it, the thief is a pro, so there could be a warrant for his arrest. He says with more evidence, he’s confident the man will be caught. He tells Krit to inform him right away should more evidence come up. Krit says he will do that. Metr leaves.


Thi sits down and asks what it is. Fanta gives him an envelope. Thi looks at it, it’s Thip’s resignation letter. She says Thip disappeared since last night and didn’t show up for work today, so she went to her room and found this letter. Thi asks if she tried calling her. She says she did but her phone was off. She says it’s not a good thing to do at all, and Thip left with all of her belongings too. He wonders what Thip’s thinking. She’s worried how she can find a new cook in time. He says that’s not the point, the point is why aunt Thip quit and where she is now.


Ruetai and her children are leaving the house, and Ruetai sees someone outside the gate. She tells Mai to take a look who’s there. He says nobody so they all leave the house. Thip is looking at them from there.

Part 2

Thip unlocks the backdoor and gets into the house. Duan asks Sri what she’s doing. Sri says setting up the table for Khun Krit and Khun Nun. Duan says Sri is asking for trouble to serve them, madam could chase her out. Sri says she works in this house to serve everyone, and she’s not a servant who loves to take side like Duan. She says Khun Nun gave her money to buy these dishes so it’s nothing to do with madam.

Duan says Sri must be hoping Khun Nun will get the inheritance so that Sri’s status be moved up, but dream on because she will help madam every way not to let Nun get her hand on the inheritance. Sri tells her to do that but she wants nothing to do with it. Duan says she will wait to see the day Sri will be so poor because of her stupidity now.

Thip stares at them and walks away. Duan says what’s lurking there. Sri says there’s no one there. Duan says she seriously saw something. Sri says it could be that Duan committed so many sins that the ghosts come haunting. Duan gets scared and walks away.


Krit asks Nun if she forgot something. She asks what she forgot. He says the promise she gave him that if he helped her, she wouldn’t have any secret with him. She says she has no secret with him. He argues that there is, and asks what Khun KraiPat talked to her about. She says there’s nothing important so he doesn’t have to know. He says the way she said it making him want to hear it even more.

She says but she doesn’t want to tell him now. He holds her shoulders and says that’s cheating, and if she doesn’t tell him now, he won’t let her go anywhere. He lets go of her and says he feels that KraiPat seemed strange, it’s like he’s courting her, and he doesn’t like it when KraiPat come near her.

She asks why, and if he’s jealous. He turns to her and says, “No, the word ‘jealous’ is too simple for the feeling I have for you now.” He leans closer to kiss her but Thip has to interrupt them (jeez!). Thip asks, “Khun Krit, isn’t your acting too realistic?”

Nun is happy to see Thip. She asks how she could get in and says she’s so happy to see her returning home. Thip says she’s happy too and always waiting to come back here. Nun says she wanted to say this to her for a long time, “Welcome home, aunty.” Thip says no, not when Ruetai and her children are still here. Krit observes Thip closely.

Nun tells her that those three aren’t home now. Thip says that’s good because she wants to look around this house when she saw it only in a dream.

Thip walks into the study with Nun and Krit. She looks at Rit’s portrait and thinks back when she told him she would stay by his side, raise his child for him, be his support, and be his everything just like that first day she promised him, that she would be honest with him forever.

Thip looks at the armchair and thinks back when she told Rit to stop crying and let go of Rumpei. Thip tries to breathe in some air so Krit asks if she’s all right. Thip says she’s all right, she saw Krit’s belongings in Nun’s room, and hopes nothing happened. Krit says he’s not the kind to take advantage.

Thip argues that for a man and a woman to live in the same room every night, sometimes they could forget themselves. Nun holds her hand and assures her that nothing happened. Krit says with his honor, he will never dishonor Nun, and what happens in the room, there are only love and concern.

Thip says leave that for now, when the murderer is still in the house, lives comfortably in the house, Nun must not find herself a comfort and forget her duty. Nun assures her that she doesn’t forget and will spend her whole life hunting down the murderer who killed her father, and make that person receive the punishment.

Thip says that’s good, and the only thing Nun should be thinking about is finding the will fast and chasing Ruetai and her children out of this house as soon as she can. Nun agrees to do it. Thip smiles and says, that’s her good girl. Thip stares at Krit and leaves the room. There are questions in Krit’s eyes when looking at Thip.

Duan is dusting the room when Thip approaches her. She sees Thip and asks who she is. Thip tells her not to point at her face when she’s just a servant. Duan says why gloating when she’s trespassing other people’s house. Thip says, “It’s all of you who trespassed my house, and you all must pay for it.” Duan tells Thip not to come near.

Nun asks what’s going on. Thip says nothing, she was just teaching this servant. Duan says Nun is bringing in her backup and when madam comes back, she will tell. Thip tells her to do that, and calls Duan the servant who loves to make people quarrel.

Thip turns to Nun and says she came because she’s worried and missed this place so much. Nun says when Ruetai comes back, she would surely throw a tantrum at her. Thip says she’s sorry to come here and cause her a trouble. Nun says not at all and she’s happy to see her walk in this house, just like the old days when Thip took care of the house so well, as if it’s her own house.

Thip says she feels it too that this house belongs to her, and she waited to come back here and live with Nun. Thip touches Nun’s arm and says, “I’m putting my hope in your hand.” Nun nods and holds her arm. Krit says, “Looks like all the heavy burdens fall into you, Khun Nun.” Thip doesn’t like the way he said it.

Part 3

Duan runs outside and tells Sri that Nun brought a psycho home, and she popped up out of nowhere. Sri says the person could walk in when Duan was not looking. Both girls take a peek at Thip.

Thip says she’s leaving. Nun asks how she will go back, and if she should drive for her. Thip says it’s all right, she doesn’t want to trouble Nun.

Fanta calls Nun, so Nun excuses herself to take Fanta’s call. Nun asks Fanta what it is. Ta says she’s not so good news to tell her. Nun asks what it is about. Fanta says aunt Thip quit, she left a letter and disappeared. Nun smiles and says she’s not disappeared, aunt Thip is right here with her at home.

Fanta asks if aunt Thip go to see her at home. Nun says she came for a visit, and tells Fanta she will call her back later, and about aunt Thip quitting the job, she will ask it for her. Nun wants to hang up but Fanta stops her and says she feels weird about it, so Nun should take good care of herself. Nun says it’s Fanta herself who’s weird, and hangs up. Thip looks at Nun talking to Fanta.

Krit offers Thip a ride since he’s going out too. Thip agrees to leave with him. He says he will drop her off right at her place so Khun Nun won’t be worried.

Nun says Ta told her that Thip quit so where she lives now. Thip says she rented an apartment so Nun doesn’t have to worry. Nun asks why she quit and if there’s any problem because Fanta seems worried. Thip says she’s bored with cooking so she quit. Nun smiles and says it’s good so she can take a break and rest. Nun wants to go get some money for her but Thip says she won’t accept her money. Nun begs her to take it, and let her repay her somewhat. Thip says if Nun wants to repay her, then find the murderer fast. Krit eyes her suspiciously. Nun agrees to do it. Krit smiles at Nun and follows Thip.

In the car, Krit asks Thip if she’s not afraid to live alone renting an apartment. She answers, “What’s there to be afraid of? I got used to living alone. Having many people around is scarier, because you never know who means well for you, and who does not.”

He says Nun is very worried of her. Thip says of course, she raised and fed her since she was three months old until she’s a girl. Thip turns to him and says, “Not her mother, but more like it .”

Krit says if she wants a new place to live or wants his help in anything, just let him know. He will be glad to help. She says that’s all right, she doesn’t like to disturb anyone, and, doesn’t like anyone to disturb her also. She tells him to park over there.

Thip gets out of the car and Krit asks if she lives further away, he can walk her there. Thip says she can walk by herself. He asks if she won’t, at least, tell him her address and its location, just in case Khun Nun wants to visit her. Thip won’t tell him and walks away. Krit follows her.

Thip walks into a building. Krit climbs the stairs behind her. Oh dear, this is getting intense. Thip comes out of a corner where Krit passed by. Oh no!

Thip comes down the building and looks up, “Love to meddle so much, so you deserve to die.”

Ma waits for Krit with a gun in his hand. He sees Krit walk by and says, “Go wait for me there, and I will follow to take care of you.”

Krit asks around for a woman named ‘Thip’. The woman says no one with that name lives here. Ma starts shooting at Krit (because the bullets are cheap). Krit ducks and runs.

Part 4

Ma walks up the rooftop and fights with Krit. They fight bare hands. In the end, Krit shoves him to a sofa and a metal pole pierces through his mid-body and Ma dies instantly. Poor guy, you are the only lackey in town, and failed every time.

Krit reaches into Ma’s jeans pocket and takes out a cell phone.

Nun is waiting for Krit to come home. Sri says the food is getting cold, and asks if Nun won’t eat first. Nun says she won’t and will wait for Khun Krit. She wonders where he went to drop aunt Thip that he hasn’t come back till now.

Sri smiles and says they love each other so much so why do they not get married already. Nun asks getting married? Sri says so that she can be happy and doesn’t have to endure living in this house. Nun says she can’t get married now, she can’t leave behind everything in this house. She has the duty of wrapping up her father’s matter first.

Nun thinks back when Krit confessed his feeling for her. She says, “Come home fast, Khun Krit. I’m waiting for you.”


At the crime scene, Thip sees it all and gets so mad. At the garden home, she yells, “Why is it so hard for you to die? How long will you stay and stand in my way?!” Chid tells her to stop it now, and asks if she’s gone crazy.

She says yes, she’s getting crazy because his Nun dragged Krit into this, and he’s about to destroy her plan. She says, “I must find a way to get rid of him!” Chid tells her to calm down and they shouldn’t pull anyone into this to die anymore. Thip tells him to shut up, and even him, if blocking her way, she won’t let him be.


Chen wonders why Ma won’t pick up his call, or may be he failed to kill Krit again. KraiPat calls him and says their plan failed. Chen asks what it means. He says it means his lackey was the worst kind (unskilled) and couldn’t get rid of Krit. Chen doesn’t believe it when it’s just one-to-one, Ma wouldn’t let him get away. Kraipat says the one who couldn’t get away was his lackey. He adds that Khun Thip saw with her own eyes, his lackey is dead! Chen is mad.


Capt. Metr tells Krit there’s a number kept calling the suspect, already seven times today. Krit says the guy didn’t add it to the contact list on his phone, as if he doesn’t want anyone to know who’s the owner of the number.

Krit tells him to find out whose number it is, and if it’s someone he knows, he may be able to catch him before he’s alerted. Metr makes a call to get the information. Krit takes Nu’s call. Panu asks if he’s all right. Krit says almost (doomed). Panu asks what’s the name of the man. Krit says his name is SomMai, he’s Chen’s lackey. Panu says that means Chen sent him to kill Krit. Krit says he never had any problem with Chen.

Panu reminds him they almost put him in jail when they barged into that gambling dent. Krit shakes his head and says, with only that, Chen wouldn’t send his lackey to kill him 2-3 times. Panu asks if he’s saying there’s someone hired him to do it. Krit says of course, someone must have hired him.


Duan reports to Ruetai that Nun brought someone home when she’s not here. Ruetai asks who that person is. Duan says she never saw her before. Ruetai asks why she didn’t chase her out of the house. Duan says she did, but the person pointed at her and said, “You trespassed my house. You must pay for it.” Ruetai knows right away that it’s Thip.


Capt. Metr tells Krit the owner of the number, it’s Chen. Krit says it’s really him. Metr says he will collect all the evidence and call Chen in to interrogate. Krit tells Panu that he wants to know Chen’s hideout fast.


Sri tells Nun to start eating because Khun Krit may come back late tonight. Nun says it could be he went back home already, it must be boring to stay here for many days.

Ruetai and the gang walk in. Gip asks if Nun realizes now that she’s troublesome. Nun tells Sri to scoop the rice on the her plate. Ruetai shoves the plate down the floor and tells her not to eat.

Ruetai asks how she dared to bring Thip, the lowly servant, back in this house. Nun says how Ruetai dared to ask her this question when aunt Thip’s the one raising her, taking care of her father, living in this house, before Ruetai became her father’s mistress, so aunt Thip can come back and live here when she allows her.

Ron asks if she criticized his mother just now, calling her a mistress. Nun says not criticized but praised her, moving from a mistress to her father’s wife, wasting her body but getting great return on investment, she respects her so much.

Ruetai tells Nun to shut up. Gip tells her mom to take care of Nun now because Khun Krit is not around to help her. Ruetai curses a mouth from hell, and from today onwards, Nun won’t be able to speak anymore. She orders Mai to pull Nun to her.

Nun pulls out her gun and says if he dares come closer, she will shoot his head, and she won’t be guilty of it because it’s a self-defense. Krit runs inside and puts down the gun. He asks what happened now. Gip says he’s protecting the wrong person, Nun planned to bring the previous servant home to harm them, and threatened them with a gun.

Krit says Khun Nun didn’t plan it, aunt Thip came here on her own. He was there so he can be the witness to that. Ron asks if the two of them work together to steal the assets from his mother. He says dream on, Krit won’t get anything out of here, and if Krit wants it so much, he must kill him first. Nun asks if he wants to die so much. Krit stops her and tells her to leave with him.

Part 5

Krit pulls Nun into her room to ask what happened and why she needed to carry a gun. She says she doesn’t know when they would want to harm her, and it’s him who told her to carry it all the time, so she’s doing it.

Nun sees his bruised face (I swear his face was mighty fine just now), so she asks what happened to him and why his face looks like that He says he was chased down when he dropped aunt Thip off. Nun asks if it’s the same group who chased them down before. He says that’s right but Nun doesn’t have to worry now because, the man lost his chance to do it again. She asks him why so he says he’s dead.

Ron is calling Chen but he doesn’t pick up. He shouts (as if) at Chen, to get rid of him successfully. Gip asks who/what he’s getting rid of, and who Chen is. Gip yells at them, asking if they are deaf, who they are trying to kill, and why no one answer. Gip tells Ruetai to tell her too what she’s going to do, and asks if it’s Khun Krit that Ron wants to kill.

Ruetai gets up and yells at Gip that she’s killing everyone who irritated her. Gip begs her not to harm Khun Krit, and do it to Nun instead. She says Khun Krit is a good man who was fooled by Nun. She promises Ruetai she will do everything to make Khun Krit leave this house as soon as possible.

Mai says then she must hurry because he won’t take it anymore. Ron says he too won’t endure it anymore, and he wants to go up there and kill him right now.

Krit shows her SomMai’s photo and tells her his name, he’s Chen’s lackey. It’s the man he showed his photo to her before. Nun asks if Chen gets caught by the police, will she know who’s behind all these. Krit says of course, he’s confident that Chen is the key to the answer to that. Nun says please let the police catch him.

Nun asks if aunt Thip is safe. He says she is, but she wouldn’t let him drop her off at her place, he was worried so he secretly followed her, suddenly aunt Thip disappeared and SomMai showed up. Nun is relieved because she thought aunt Thip was there when it happened.

He backhugs her so she asks why he’s hugging her. He says he’s worried about her, inside or outside the house, there’s no place that’s safe for her as long as they still couldn’t find the mastermind. She smiles and says, “Of course there is, there’s one place that is safe for me…when I’m with you.”

He moves closer to kiss her and she closes her eyes. He stops and asks if she’s so sure it’s safe to be with him. Hehe. She says now she thinks not. Nun walks to the closet so Krit teases her that she doesn’t have to hide her shyness by looking for something in the closet. She asks who’s shy, she’s going to look for the letter someone sent her in England, she doesn’t remember where she kept it.

He says he wants to know too who sent it, because that person may help them find the mastermind faster.


Thip is telling (as if) to Nun, to hurry find the will and not to spend time cuddling with a man. She says, “Your duty is to repay my favors. If it’s not me that day, you wouldn’t be here today. Remember it well!” Chid looks at Thip talking alone.

Krit helps her looking for the letter. He turns to see Nun yawn so he smiles and says that’s good, it’s another day she can sleep without resorting to the sleeping pills. She says what’s good about it when she couldn’t find the letter. She says her fortune must go against finding lost things, when she couldn’t find anything, her father’s will, and the missing piece of her mom photo.

Krit smiles and tells her not to let her hope down, when she’s a hurry to find it, the chances are she won’t find it. He finds the missing piece under the sofa and turns to tell her, but she’s already asleep. He tucks her in bed and kisses her hand. Aww…

Krit comes to the study trying to look for the will. Gip backhugs him. He gets her hands off him and asks if she’s not sleeping yet. She says how she could sleep when her brain kept thinking that he’s with Nun in that room.

Krit says, “Khun Gip, I want you to accept the thing between me and Khun Nun already.” She says she can’t, she met him first, loved him first, and Nun stole him from her. She hugs him and says he doesn’t have to love her, but please part with Nun and stop messing with her.

He pushes her away from him and tells her to stop bothering him, also tell her mother, her brother, and her people to stop it, if they are planning to do anything to Khun Nun. He says because what goes around, comes around (whatever a person do, it will all come back to him). Gip asks why he never listens to her and only believes what Nun said when she means well for him. She says Nun is not suitable for him, he has a bright future ahead, but Nun is dragging him down. She begs and begs for him to stop anything to do with Nun. He says, “Good night.” and leaves.

Nun wakes up and sees her mother’s photo in a complete patched up, she utters, “Mom Rumpei.” She looks for Krit and he comes out. She says his fortune must be good at finding lost things. She asks why he didn’t tell her last night the minute he found it. He says he wanted her to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling happy. She thanks him and cries. She says she doesn’t know what to say for all he’d done for her today, it would only be…thank you so much.

Krit says, “There’s one word that I want to hear you say it.” She asks which word it is. He motions her to come closer and whispers to her ear, that it’s the word ‘love’.

Oh Panu, why do you have to call him now? Krit picks up his call and tells him he’s waiting for his call all day, and asks if he got it. He says so he got it, then he will go to see him now. Nun asks if he’s going out. He says Panu called to tell him he got some traces of Chen so he needs to hurry. She tells him to take care. He says it’s her who should take care, and suggests she call Fanta to be here with her. She agrees. He gives her a peck on her cheek and leaves. Cute. Cute. Cute.

Part 6

Panu wonders why Krit isn’t here yet. Krit touches his shoulder softly and it spooks the heck out of Panu. He says why Krit came without giving a sound. Krit says why he needs to be so loud.

Krit asks how he got Chen’s address. Panu says he got the address of his safehouse, and he started from there and followed him here. Chen and two lackeys show up. Panu charges Chen and starts kicking. Krit joins in to beat them up, eh…to arrest them.

Chen steals a car and drives away.


Nun found the letter and calls Fanta over. Fanta takes a look and says let’s see who was so kind to inform her, to come back and handle her stepmother’s plan. Thi scolds her for being inconsiderate talking like that. Fanta says sorry to Nun, she didn’t mean to prick her wound. Nun says it’s all right, rougher talks she faced with, so these words won’t be able to give her even a scratch.

Krit calls Nun to let her know that Chen got away. She asks if he’s safe. He says he’s fine and asks how about her, if there’s anyone came to trouble her. She says no one, Thi and Ta are with her now. She tells him the good news, she found the letter and it’s in her suitcase. She says she wants to go to…he says no, she can’t go alone. She smiles and says then she will wait for him.

Thip is walking in the wood, and Chid follows behind without letting her know. Man, what a background music. She’s walking to Pattaya for sure, taking this long.

She reaches an area where Chen is waiting. She asks why he asked her to come here. He says he’s on the run, Krit is hunting him down. She says that means Krit already knew Chen’s the one sending his lackey to kill him. Chen starts shouting that it’s obviously that Krit wants to squeeze his throat so he will let out who hired him to do it.

She asks how a pro like him would let himself be captured, so he should make a move first and kill Krit. Chen says it’s easy to say that and if it’s only Krit, what an easy job for him, but, he asks if she realizes that a warrant for his arrest must already been issued and is now everywhere, and not very long Krit will send some spies to chase him down for sure.

She asks what he wants her to help. He says he wants money to flee. She asks how much. He turns his back to her and says one million. Thip uses an electric shocker on his back and he falls down. She pulls out a knife and stabs him then throws him into a deep well. Chid saw everything and Thip scares the heck out of him. He stumbles his way back to the house where he puts his hands together and prays, “Khun RaeRai, Khun Rumpei, please protect Khun Nun.”

Krit, Nun and her friends come to the house with the same address on the envelope. They stop at the gate. Nun says they followed the direction a man told them, and there’s only this house here so it should be this one. Krit thinks so too. Fanta wonders why the house is so quiet like a deserted house. Thi says they live in the middle of nowhere like this could mean, they don’t want to meet anyone. Nun tells them not to waste time assuming because she wants to know already who is in the house, and why was so kind to send the letter to her in England. Krit and Fanta call out if there’s anyone here. Fanta is so loud that Thi says they are not here for a concert to yell, yoo-hoo.

Krit says the gate isn’t locked so let’s walk inside and see if there’s anyone in the house. They walk to the house. Krit calls out if anyone is inside. Fanta says, “Hello, everybody!” (in English) Haha.

Krit says he thinks no one lives here and suggests they disperse and look around. No, stick together!

Nun gets inside the house alone. Thip walks back to the house and sees Nun. She lets out, “Nun! How could she come here?”

Part 7

Krit asks Ta and Thi where Khun Nun is. They both say they thought she’s with him. He says no.

Thip reaches into her bag and approaches Nun from behind. Fanta sees an open door. Krit calls out to Nun so Thip composes herself. Nun turns to see Thip and is surprised, and happy. She hugs her.

Thip asks how Nun found this place. Nun says she followed the address on the envelope. She shows it to her and says it’s the letter telling about her father passed away, sent to her in England.

Nun says it’s actually Thip, the one who sent it, and asks why she didn’t tell her. Thip says she wanted to keep this place a secret, because if it reached Ruetai’s ears, she would send someone to get rid of her for sure, and she wouldn’t be alive until she got to meet Nun today. Nun says sorry to bring her troubles.

Thip serves her guests glasses of water. Krit asks Thip that she told him before that she rented an apartment and lived alone, and she even let him drop her off that day. Thip simply says she lied. He asks why she needed to do that. Thip says just as she said, she didn’t want Ruetai to know her whereabouts, and from the day Ruetai knew she worked in Khun Ta’s restaurant, she couldn’t work peacefully there. She was scared and fearful, and that’s why she quit.

Thi asks if that’s the reason she quit. Thip says that’s right, and asks what’s the reason he thinks she quit the job. Fanta says she doesn’t know that, because Thip suddenly quit and wasn’t there to let her talk to her. Nun says aunt Thip worked hard for many years, so she must want to take a break. Nun tells Ta to find a new cook because she won’t let aunt Thip work hard anymore.

Thip caresses Nun’s hair and says Nun is the loveliest one and understands her the most. Chid comes back and sees them so he hides.

Nun asks if this is her house. Thip says no, but…it’s where Nun was born. Thip says Khun Rumpei delivered her here, and she was the one coming here to help her raising Nun. Krit asks Thip why Nun’s mother had to raise Nun here, and not in ‘Ruen Rattana’. Thip asks if he doesn’t know about it. He asks her why she thinks he should know.

Thip says she thought Ruetai had disclosed everything about ‘Ruen Rattana’ to him. Nun reprimands Krit that there’s no need for him to know everything. Fanta asks if Thip lives here alone or with someone. Thip says alone. Thi asks living in a deserted area like this, is she not scared. Thip answers that if no one knows, then she won’t be scared, but now she’s getting scared because someone knew.

Nun tells her not to worry, she can trust them and they won’t tell anyone about it. Thip says she hopes so too, and insists that Nun never let Ruetai and her gang know that she lives here. Nun promises she will keep it a secret. Nun says she leaving now. They all get up to leave.

Chid looks at them and says, “How could Khun Nun come here? Why’s the reason she came?”

Thip tells Nun to take care and hurry find the will, and she will wait for the day Nun come to take her back to live in ‘Ruen Rattana’ together. Nun agrees and says she will visit her often. Thip tells Nun to just call her and she will go to meet Nun instead. Nun says all right. They say goodbye to Thip. Fanta says she will leave her last salary with Nun. Thip thanks her.

Thip barges into Chid’s room. He asks what it is. She says she remembered asking him to drop the letter for Nun in England, and she wrote the address on the envelope herself. He says that’s right, she told him to drop it at the post office. She says she wrote the receiver’s address but not the sender’s, so why that envelope has their address on it. Chid says he didn’t write it. She yells at him, if it’s not him then who. She repeats the question.

Chid admits that it was him writing it down, because the postman said they couldn’t deliver it without the sender’s address so what he could do then. She slaps him and says he’s so stupid. She asks if he knows that because of that envelope, Khun Nun found this place and even brought her gang along. She says it makes her safe place become unsafe because of his foolishness.

Thip says, “I used to think that I could lean on Khun Nun, to help me take revenge and steal everything of Rit to be mine. But now I know I was wrong. That girl will put me into trouble. I can’t let her be.”


Krit and Nun come back home and he asks her what’s matter. She says she just feels tired. He says tired or angry at him. She asks what she should be angry at him about. He says he wonders that too, because he only asked why her mother didn’t bring her to ‘Ruen Rattana’ when she’s born, from then she turned this way. She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, and not to ask her anymore.

Gip overhears them with her phone on records. Krit follows her upstairs and says there’s a promise between them. She says the promise again, he doesn’t have to repeat that, because she knows well enough that his payment for taking the trouble and pretending to be her boyfriend is, 10% of the inheritance once everything is over. Krit scolds her to put her senses back together, only use temper could ruin the thing between them.

He says that he said he needed to know everything because, that everything could be the reason she’s trapped in this difficult situation today. Nun says previously her father had aunt RaeRai as his lover, then cheated on her and fell in love with her mother, so her mother had to hide while she’s pregnant and deliver her somewhere else. Nun asks if that’s enough for him to know.

Gip sits alone listening to her recording. It’s when Nun said about the payment of 10% of the inheritance to be her fake boyfriend. She says, “It’s about time I’ll ask back Khun Krit of mine!”

Chid looks around and gets Nun’s phone number from Thip’s cell phone. Thip shows up suddenly.

Part 8

Thip shows up and asks if Chid is not hungry. She says she cooked something for him in the kitchen. He says he’s not hungry and will eat by himself later in the night. He gets into his room and closes the door. Thip looks at her bag (so she knows?).

Chid calls Nun. Nun looks at the number calling in. Krit asks why she’s not picking up the call. She says it’s from an unfamiliar number. Nun picks up and Chid says that it’s him. Nun is happy to hear from him and asks what’s matter. He says, “Khun Nun, I have something to tell you.” Nun tells him to go ahead and say it. Chid says, “Khun Nun, you should stay away from…” Thip opens the door and he’s startled. Thip asks who he’s talking to. She repeats the question and Nun, who’s still on the line, hears her too.

Chid says he’s not talking to anyone. Thip says but she heard it. Nun mumbles that it sounds like aunt Thip. Thip tells Chid to give her his phone. Chid hangs up before she snatches the phone from his hand. Nun is worried if something’s wrong.

Thip looks at the phone but he hung up already. He says, see, he wasn’t talking to anyone. Thip looks at the call history (I think) and gets mad.

Krit asks Nun why Chid called. Nun says she doesn’t know but it seems he’s going to tell her something. He says she said just now that she heard aunt Thip’s voice.

Thip opens the closet and takes out Rit’s everlasting box. She picks up the package the shaman gave Rit. She says it’s time she has to use it again. That night, Thip puts a pot filled with burning incense in Chid’s room and he starts choking. (Ah-ha, so that package contains a kind of incense that could kill? Mr. shaman, you are cruel!) Thip looks at him struggling to get some air. Chid sees Thip standing there. She says, “You shouldn’t have betrayed me. Whoever betrays my love and my trust I’ve had for them, like how you just did, must die in front of me…just like you.” Chid dies and she cries.

She buries him in the wood, and it takes her all night to finish it. She cries and says, “Chid, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it to end this way. Why? Why didn’t you give me a chance? Why…why did you think of others before me? Why? (She weeps.)…Just a little more, a little more time, and we will get everything we’ve been waiting for. Why did you hurt me? You hurt me and destroyed everything which should be mine…Why?” She throws the shovel to the ground and curses, “Good! It’s good that you died. There’s no use for a foolish one like you to stay alive, since you can no longer help me. Ai Chid!”

Nun waits for Thip at the house. Thip rounds the corner and sees her.

Part 9

Thip brushes some dirt off her clothes before stepping in to greet Nun. Nun sees her and asks what she did to make her look (dirty) like that. Thip says a cat around here died because of poison so she buried it.

Thip asks why Nun came today. Nun says Chid called her last night and it seems he’s trying to tell her something but suddenly the line was cut off, and she wonders if it has something to do with the will.

Thip asks when Chid called her, if he told her anything. Nun says it’s because he didn’t yet that she’s worried now. Nun asks if she met Chid at all. Thip says since she got out of ‘Ruen Rattana’ , she didn’t meet anyone and came to live here alone. Nun says she doesn’t want her to live alone anymore, so after it’s all done with the will, she should go back and live with her in ‘Ruen Rattana’.

Thip tells her not to worry, she got used to living alone, and it’s Nun who she’s worried about. Nun holds her hand and says she doesn’t have to worry about her, after Khun Krit came to be with her in ‘Ruen Rattana’, she felt a lot safer. Thip tells her to get inside so she will go clean herself.


Krit asks Panu if he heard any news of Chen. Panu says no since SomMai died. Krit asks if he thinks this matter has something to do with Khun Nun. Panu chuckles and asks if he’s worried about her. Krit nods.

Krit calls Nun and asks where she is now. Krit says, “Aunt Thip’s house? All right, I’ll see you at Ruen Rattana”

Panu asks if Krit’s not afraid the house would burst to move in ‘Ruen Rattana’. Krit asks why the house would have to burst. Panu smiles and says well, the way he was claimed to be hers like that. Krit says he’s a human, not a thing to be claimed. He gets up and leaves. Panu laughs that his friend is so shy when talking about it, then he realizes that Krit’s leaving. He asks where he’s going and what about paying the bill for coffee…He mumbles that Krit loved to do this every time they had meal together.

Manob arrives at ‘Ruen Rattana’ and Gip greets him. He says the last time he met her was at Autsawat house, and he went abroad after that for a long while. Gip says during the time he’s not here, there were so many things happened. He asks if that’s why she invited him here. Gip says yes and invites him inside, her mother is waiting to see him.

Ruetai says and this is the reason why she had to invite him here, because these days Khun Krit moved in here. He says don’t tell him that Krit made Gip…Gip says it’s not that, and gives what she recorded on the phone to him.

Manob listens to it and it’s when Nun said Krit would receive 10% of the inheritance after it’s all over for pretending to be her boyfriend. Manob is pissed and asks how this could happen and why Krit behaved this way. Ruetai tells him not to get angry at Krit, and it could be her stepdaughter who’s at fault here, she was sent abroad since young so she forgot all the Thai culture, and brought a man into the house without consulting the elders.

He tells them not to worry, he won’t let Krit behave unlike a gentleman like this anymore. Both Ruetai and Gip are satisfied.

Krit and Nun arrive home. She says he arrived pretty quick. He says it’s his heart command. She says cheap novel. He says he’s so worried about her so he rushed here, only to hear her say this. She asks why he needs to worry when she only went to see aunt Thip. Krit says that’s the reason. He asks what troubled her mind so much that she had to go see her there. Nun says she went there to ask about Chid. They walk inside together.

Manob calls out to Krit. Krit takes Nun to greet his uncle. When Nun greets Manob, he doesn’t give a positive response, so she excuses herself to go upstairs. Krit asks his uncle what he’s doing here. Manob asks if he didn’t come here, would he know what Krit’s doing here behind his back. He shouts at Krit to think about their family’s honor when doing something. He asks Krit if their wealth is not enough for him, that he had to make a living by being a boyfriend for hire for that girl.

Krit says it’s not like that. Manob says he won’t let him behave as though he had no pride anymore.


Fanta: Take a look yourself what I’ve found.

Nun sneaks into Thip’s house.

Sri is hiding from Thip.


Thip is getting worse and I’m still not sure what she did all these for. My wild guess is the house and money, which means practically everything from Rit’s family. The problem is I don’t quite get the logic how Thip can be a legit recipient to receive all of it if Rit’s will doesn’t say so. Also, I don’t like the way Krit’s uncle reprimanded him in front of Ruetai and Gip. He should talk with him at home since he said that he knew his nephew very well. However, I will admit what Krit did was a little overboard, culture wise, and with his social status into the mix.

*No spoilers please!!!


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