Ruen Rissaya Episode 10

It’s funny to see Krit do an outrageous thing while insist that it’s all for the right reasons.

Episode 10

Part 1

Nun comes down and Ron wants to have a talk with her. She says she has nothing to talk to him. He grabs her wrist and says he came to negotiate with her nicely about the will. Nun asks if he admits now that that will was faked, that’s why he wants to talk to her.

Ron tries to harm her so she fights back. Sri calls for someone to help Nun. Nun do the high kick on Ron’s chest and he drops to the floor (yes!). Krit comes in with his luggage and shouts at Ron to stop. Krit asks, “What are you doing to my girlfriend? Khun Nun, what happened?” Ron asks him what’s his business and why he brought those things to his house.

Krit says, “Your house? But I heard Khun Nun is a part of this house too.” He walks to Nun and puts his arm around her and says, “My darling, I’m ready to be your bodyguard in this house.” Ron asks if he’s going to stay in this house. Krit looks at Nun and says, “Where is your room? Shall we take a look? Is my room close to yours?”

Ron yells that he can’t stay because his mom won’t allow it. Sri asks Krit if she should take all his luggage upstairs. Ron tells Sri to stop there. Krit nags Nun if his room is not close to hers, he won’t have it. Ron gets frustrated and calls out for his mommy.

When Ron left the room, Nun clears her throat and moves away from Krit. She wants to scold him but walks away instead. Krit picks up Nun’s bag on the floor and gives it to Sri to keep it for Nun.

Nun says things are getting out of hand, and asks if he’s drunk. Krit says if she wants to know, smell it herself (and stick his face out at her). Nun says she’s serious that suddenly he took all his belongings (elope) to live with her, so what’s going on.

Krit: Elope? Hey, I’m a modern man. I love and worry about you so I want to take care of you while staying near.

Nun: But we only lie to Ruetai’s gang that we are a couple.

He sighs and says, if she wants to lie, make it (looks like) real, and lying is about whether or not the information surrounded it is believable. He did some thinking and thought there were so many loopholes in it so he should jump in and play the part himself, to make it more believable.

She says so he took the trouble of making up a story to make it more believable…without her even asking.  He moves closer and asks if she really didn’t ask him, but from what he can remember, she’s the one asking him for help. He pulls her to him.

Gip yells at Nun to stop it. She asks Nun why she made Khun Krit take all his belongings here. Krit says, “Didn’t Khun Nun tell you? I took all my things here to stay in this house, willingly.”

Ruetai says he can’t stay because she won’t allow it. Ron asks if he heard clearly now, so take all his things out of this house already. Krit says, “I think let’s leave that for Khun Nun, who is the sole heir of the owner of this house by birth, to decide. It will be much better.”

Ruetai says she’s the wife of the owner of this house by law so they must talk, and no one can move in here without permission. Krit holds Nun close and agrees with her. They sit down and talk.

Ruetai asks Nun if she’s all right (not hurt or anything) that she needs to have Krit stay with her in this house. Nun asks her if she’ll be all right if she brings Khun Krit to live in this house. Ruetai says she’s not all right, as her stepmother whose stepdaughter suddenly brought a man to live in their house, it’s highly inappropriate and people will talk. Nun says she doesn’t care about others because the two them are sincere. Nun tells Krit to let’s go. Ruetai tells them to wait.

Gip asks how she could say sincere, what decent girl would ask a man to live with her in her house without getting married first. Krit tells her not to worry about that, because he and Nun have a plan to marry soon. Gip asks how he can do that when his uncle won’t allow it. Krit says whoever he loves, his uncle will give him the permission. Gip doesn’t allow them that but Ruetai tells her not to interfere while she’s talking.

Ruetai says there’s another problem, the bedrooms are fully booked, and the room available is now used to keep Khun RaeRai’s belongings, so there’s no room for him to stay.

Krit tells her not to worry about the room because he’s Nun’s boyfriend, so he can stay in her room. He quickly tells Nun to leave the room and pulls her along.

Both Gip and Ron are mad. Gip says how Nun can stay in the same room with Krit, how he can sleep with her. Ruetai yells at her to stop it.

Part 2

Nun takes Krit into her room and stares at his luggage. He tells her not to make face when they will live in the same room for a long while. Nun asks,”A long while? No, that sounds like a very long time.” He says if he remembers correctly, what she needed the most is time. She says that’s right, so? He says what he’s doing now is buying the time for her, at least for three months. She asks, “Will you be able to stay with me here for the whole 3 months?” He answers, “For my whole life I can be with you, if that’s what you want.” (Aww)

She says she meant would he not be in trouble for doing this. He says he’s man so there’s no damage done but she’s a woman and….She interrupts and says he doesn’t have to take the responsibility by offering her a marriage. She says when it’s over, he can go back and reconcile with Gip, and she thinks Gip is waiting to forgive him. She tells him to choose where he wants to sleep.

Nun turns around and sees Krit lying on her bed. She yells, “Khun Krit!” He pats the spot next to him gesturing her to join him there. Lol.


Gip screams and tells her mom that she won’t believe it, suddenly Khun Krit falls in love with Nun and wants to marry her. She says he’s normally very cautious getting close to women, and he won’t let any woman catch him easily. Ron says what ‘any woman’, looks like it’s ‘that woman’ which is her only that he wouldn’t let himself be caught. Gip starts throwing cookies (?) at him.

Ruetai tells Gip to calm down and tells Ron to shut up. Gip says Krit kept protecting Nun in every way, and is even willing to lower himself and ruin his reputation to stay with Nun here. Gip says she’s mad and she won’t allow it. She thinks Nun must want to take revenge because they tried to take everything away from her.


Thip looks at the old photos and cries. Flashback, Rit weeps that he lost Rumpei. Thip tells him to try to stop thinking. He says she will never understand what it feels like to lose the person you loved the most. He feels like his heart is breaking and he would die to be with Rumpei.

Thip says she understands how he feels but the person who passed away will never come back, and it’s the living ones who will have to fight and live on. She reminds him that he’s another person to take care. Rit looks at baby Nun.

Thip tells him not to worry about his daughter, and she will take good care of her just like she’s Khun Rumpei. Rit can’t get over the sorrow and resorts to drinking. Thip asks if he’s been drinking all night. He tells her to bug off. She says he can’t behave like this or the rice mills, the business, and all the assets Khun RaeRai left behind will be ruined. She asks if he doesn’t want all of it and wants to go back to the previous Rit who couldn’t earn enough to feed himself. Rit recalls his past and says he will never be poor again, he will be Khun Rit, a millionaire, who everyone bows to him.

Thip smiles and tells him to get up and build the life he always dreamed of, and she will be by his side raising his child. She says she will be his everything just like she promised him on the first day, that she would be honest with him forever. He kisses her forehead.

Thip brings Rit some tea and turns to leave the room. He tells her to be with him because he doesn’t want to be alone. She asks if he’s still thinking of Khun Rumpei. With tears brimming his eyes, he says why he still couldn’t forget her, and it feels like she’s still here close to him.

Thip kneels down and says Khun Rumpei had nothing to worry about now, because she (Thip) promised in front of her grave that she would take good care of him and his daughter in her place. She says if he continues crying and moaning, Khun Rumpei’s soul wouldn’t be able to rest in peace. Thip tells him to let go of her.

Thip spent her days raising Nun while Rit doesn’t feel like holding Nun at all. He buried himself in working. Thip tells him to take a break and have some coffee. He says how he could do that when he’s busy summing up the accounts, and the land which debtors put down as loan guarantees with Pee RaeRai. He says this man, Rit, will become so very wealthy. She says she will give him a massage. He thanks her for taking good care of him and he did the right thing to bring her here.

Part 3

Rit is having a nightmare. He wakes up and tells Thip that he saw Rumpei shoot herself in front of him again. She wipes his tears and tells him not to be scared and ruin his prosperous future. She tells him to let it go.

He begs her to be with him tonight so she agrees. He asks if she wants to take care of him because he doesn’t know how she feels towards him, and asks if she loves him. (Did he cry just now for Rumpei? Boo!) He says if she feels nothing for him, he will let her go. She holds his hands and says, “I love you, loved for a very long time since you were simply Nai Rit, a normal man.” He says, “Promise me, you will love me and be honest with me forever.” She smiles and says yes.

Ten years later, Nun is yelling at Rit that he didn’t love her mom, he’s the one killed her mom. Rit slaps her and yells, “Stop being arrogant to your father!” Nun returns, “I won’t forgive you anymore!”

He yells, “Good! If you think your father is bad, and feel unhappy to be with me, then go! I will send you abroad to study so you won’t have to see my face anymore. Go!”

Nun leaves the room and Thip tries to console her that her father didn’t mean to chase her away, he’s just feeling angry. Nun says but this is not the first time he told her to go away, he must want her to leave his protection. Thip says that’s untrue. Nun argues that he chased her out in front of that woman. Thip says if she doesn’t want to go, no one can force her. Nun says but she will go, her friend is now studying in England, she will go and study with her.

Thip says, “If you leave, then what about me?” Nun tells her to come with her. Thip asks, “And abandon this place?”

Nun: Abandon this place? It’s actually us who was abandoned in this house. We were forgotten so what’s the reason to stay, aunty?

Thip: I won’t go, and you shouldn’t go too.

Nun: If you want to stay, it’s up to you, but I won’t stay! Do you hear me?!

Nun runs upstairs.

Thip: You stupid girl! Can’t you just stay and help me?

Thip brings Nun to say farewell to Rit. He says he did everything Nun wanted already, so she should leave already. Thip wants him to give Nun a blessing before she leaves. He says what’s there to bless, and he obviously wasted his rice raising someone. He says it’s much better to stay with these paddies more than with someone. Nun tells him then just stay with his rice mills and paddies if that will make him become so rich, being with her it’s like being with an excess baggage (unneeded) of his life.

Ruetai walks in and says these two fight again. Nun walks to the car. Thip says, “Khun Nun, you saw how it was, so don’t go aboard.” Nun says dad doesn’t love or want her, then why she should stay. Thip tells Nun to stay and fight, and it’s because of that woman kept seducing him until he’s blind.

Rutai tells Thip not to accuse her, it’s because of Nun’s bad behavior that made her be chase out of the house, and should Nun stay, it will only annoy him. She suggests Nun get a degree to make him feel proud to have a daughter like her. Nun says she will remember every word of hers, and they will surely meet again! Ruetai says but she doesn’t to see her again, so leave and never come back. Nun weeps.

Rit keeps working and looks at Nun’s photo. He talks to her, “You, my arrogant daughter, I sent you aboard in hope of brightening your future, but in your brain, which filled with anger, must be thinking that I abandoned you, and that must be why you never think of contacting me at all.”

He coughs and Thip comes in when he thought it’s Ruetai. She says she heard him cough so she made this fish boiled rice for him, and he can take the med after eating it. He says he’s fine. Thip checks his temperature and it’s quite high with fever.

She makes sure he eat the soup. Ruetai overhears Rit telling Thip that it would be great if Ruetai has a little bit of a housewife in her. Ruetai says whenever she’s not looking, Thip always came to take care of her husband.

Rit is shouting at Thip to remember that he hates people who look down on him the most, especially the one he brought here.

Present, Thip cries and says, “My love and loyalty for you died along with my child that day.” Chid listens from outside the room. She looks at Ruetai’s photo and says, “And you, Ruetai, you wicked woman, you will be the next one to pay for the sin.” Chid quickly leaves.

Part 4

Gip knocks at Nun’s room door calling for Krit, and it’s Nun who opens the door and asks what it is. Nun sees the food she’s bringing so she asks since when there’s room service available for some snacks. Gip says what’s so strange about it when Nun herself gives him a service in her bedroom so why can she not.

Krit comes out and Gip says she sympathizes with him for being detained by a psycho and he must be so hungry. Lol. She says she’s bringing him some snacks. Nun won’t let her get in her room. Gip yells at her to move away. Nun yells back that it’s Gip to go away because this is her and Khun Krit’s private room, an outsider like her is not allowed inside. Gip asks if Nun just called her an outsider, and says Khun Krit dumped her because Nun seducing him.

Nun fakes a surprise and asks if Gip got dumped by a man, said so herself. Gip wants to splash a hot drink on Nun, but Nun won’t allow her. Krit tells Gip not to do it. Gip argues that Nun just said she was dumped so let her splash hot water on her mouth once. They push and pull, finally the drink splashed on Duan instead.

Ruetai heard the commotion and wonders who’s now dying and she’s having a headache. Ron says it’s her daughter, it could be Gip go upstairs to fight for a man with Nun in her room. Ruetai tells him to go check on her and why still standing here.

Gip runs downstairs and tells Ruetai that Nun bullied her. Nun asks Gip why hurry leave when she didn’t serve Khun Krit a cup of coffee yet. She asks if Gip will serve it or wants her to do it. Gip tells her mom to help her. Ruetai asks Nun what she’s going to do with her daughter. Nun tells her to ask her daughter first what she’s doing to march to her room door and want to get inside to see Khun Krit.

Ruetai is displeased to hear that and asks Gip. Gip says she just wanted to bring Khun Krit some snacks but Nun became a jealous dog and splashed coffee on Duan. Duan says that’s so true. Nun wants to argue with her but Krit touches her shoulder not to talk.

Krit holds Nun and says, “If Khun Rit’s soul is still in that room, I believe Khun Krit would be so happy when he saw how much I love and take care of Khun Nun, to which, a person who never loves or be kind, wouldn’t be able to understand.”

Sri announces that Nun has a guest. It’s Thi (who’s always one step behind, haha).  He sees Nun in Krit’s arm and it hurts.

Ruetai retreats to her cave and wonders if right now is a season to lay eggs or what, because men came running nonstop to Nun, and it’s hard for them to make any move when these men are such stumbling blogs. Mai says Nun alone is all right, but for Krit, it’s not good to have him in this house for long, so they must kick him out.

Ruetai says who could do that when he’s a soldier (an officer), and if they do anything to him, he will surely put them in jail. Mai suggests she tells the lawyer SamutChai to take care of it. She tells him to hurry and call the lawyer and his son to come see her right now.


Nun is trying to explain it to Thi. She says she’s sorry for not telling him about Khun Krit. He asks if she thinks he’s stranger now and doesn’t mean anything to her. She says no, he’s always important to her and she never forgets their good time together, and she never forgets that when she has no one, she still has him to take care of her, who cares for her and help her all this time. She never stops feeling grateful to him.

He asks then why he’s last person to learn about it, and what that man has to be better than him, why she chose him and even let him stay in this house. She tells him to calm down, it happened so fast and she didn’t have time to prepare for it, and it was the situation had her go along with it. He asks what she means by that. Nun says it’s not what he’s thinking, she and Krit are not involved that way. She says it’s Khun Krit’s way of helping her, because they don’t know when a dangerous situation will occur so he chose to stay close to her.

He asks then why it’s not him (himself), and was it not him who always took care of her in the past, so why she didn’t give him this chance. He asks if she loves Krit. He repeats the question but Nun cries instead. She says she’s sorry so he leaves quietly.

Ron overhears them and provokes Thi by asking him if that’s all he would do when he spent time cuddling her since he was abroad. Ron says if it were him, he wouldn’t let the hubby status slip away from him. Thi gets angry that he insulted Nun when Nun’s not that kind. Ron calls him stupid because Nun just used him. They exchange punches.

Krit intervenes and pulls them apart. Ron calls them the new and previous hubby, and tells them to talk it over. He laughs and walks away. Krit asks Thi if it’s all done. Thi says how it could be all done when Krit came to live with Nun here, and asks if he realizes the damage he did to Nun.

Krit answers, “I’m ruined too to be here at this point. But if I have to choose between, reputation ruined and life ruined, I will choose to protect the latter.” Thi can’t argue with that so he leaves again. Nun sees Thi leave and says she’s sorry.

A sequence of Thi and Nun together comes up. Fanta calls Nun and complains it took her so long to pick up her call. She asks if Nun met Pee Thi because he came to see her. Nun doesn’t answer right away so she asks if Nun’s all right. Nun says she met him already. Fanta says why suddenly he called her to pick him up here saying he couldn’t drive. Fanta wants to get inside the house but Nun tells her not to because she doesn’t feel well today. She tells Fanta to take care of Thi because she just hurt his feeling.

Fanta asks Nun to tell her about it. Nun says Khun Krit told in front of everyone that they were in a relationship, then the next day he came to stay with her in this house, and what she could do when he did it for her safety. Fanta says this could fall into the category of eloping which means Nun falls in love with him. Thip hears her.

Fanta teases Nun for not admitting it earlier. She says even she’s shocked to hear it so how Pee Thi would take it. She says Thi is coming so she will hang up to check on him, to see how severe he’s injured so she will give him the right treatment. Hehe. She says she’ll have to go and will take care of him for her.


Thip calls Nun but Nun hesitates to pick up. Krit asks who’s calling and why she won’t pick up. Nun says it’s aunt Thip. She wonders why she’s calling, and it could be that she knows already about him staying with her here.

Part 5

Krit tells Nun not to tell Thip about the truth yet (between him and her). She asks him why when aunt Thip is the most trusted person. He says a secret won’t stay a secret when she slips it out to another. She says let her accept her call first.

Once Nun picks up the call, Thip asks her right away if Khun Krit is there with her. Nun says he’s here, and asks what’s the matter. Thip suggests if he’s done with his business, just let him leave. Nun says she thinks it’s good to have him here, to help her. Thip yells at her that he jammed in to make things more complicated, and asks if Nun obeys him more than her now.

Nun says no, it’s not that but she’s doing it her way. Thip says what a mad way to live with a man in the house when they didn’t marry, and she’s afraid people will talk. Moreover, did Khun Krit not have a relationship with Gip before, so people will say they shared the man. Nun says she doesn’t care about others, only Thip understands what she’s doing is enough, but if Thip thinks that way, she will have no one left to lean on.

Thip apologizes for her offensive talk, and she didn’t mean to look down on her, but she doesn’t agree with her to have Khun Krit stay in the house. Thip asks how Nun is sure that Khun Krit is not Ruetai’s spy. Nun says he’s not and she’s confident about it. Thip argues that she’s not confident about it, she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t understand why Nun can’t take care of it alone by herself. Thip says this is a family matter, the more people know, the bigger it becomes, and they will risk losing the grip on it. Thip tells her to stay away from him.

Nun argues that having him near makes her feel safe. She feels safe and doesn’t have to worry someone may come to harm her again. Thip hangs up suddenly and Nun is upset.

Thip says, “Once you have a husband, even if you are able to grab the inheritance from Ruetai, This Thip will have no chance to get a hand on everything of yours. Nuntanut, you are mine only, and whoever wants to steal you from me, must die!”



Fanta teases Thi that she has to serve him a glass of pennywort juice to cure his emotional distress. He asks if she knew. She says Nun told her all about it. He asks if it’s fun to step on him. She says she didn’t step on him, pennywort juice not only treat emotional distress but also nourish eyesight and make him feel fresh, so that he look at the world brightly, feel fresh physically, and be ready to fight on.

*(I luff pennywort juice but make sure you love the greenish-leaf taste before give it a try.)

He says he doesn’t want the drink. She says he must help himself, make up his mind and accept the fact, just like her. She suggests, “Just think that anything which makes our loved one happy, be happy with them. Just like how I have been looking at you loving Nun. It hurts but I’m happy.”

He says who would be crazy like her. She says then it’s up to him, but from now on, she will take over the job of treating his heart wound. She asks a waitress if they have a sweet or drink that could cure this man’s heart wound, he’s now having an emotional distress.


Ruetai tells SamutChai & son that Nun brought Krit to live in this house. She says as she’s Khun Rit’s legit wife, she’s giving him an order to chase Krit out of the house. SamutChai says how he could do that when Khun Nun is Khun Rit’s heir, and has the right to bring someone in or out of this house. Mai says Khun Krit didn’t just come in but he brought his clothes and belongings to live in his madam’s house. Ruetai asks if it’s not disgusting, a shameful conduct from Khun Rit’s only daughter which ruining her reputation as a stepmother.

She tells SamutChai to chase Krit out or tells the police to do it. SamutChat says Khun Krit is not a thief and didn’t do anything against the law, so how they could call the police to arrest him. Ruetai asks if he wants her to just look at them cocooning in her house. KraiPat tells her not to worry because he believes Khun Krit won’t stay here permanently. She yells at him, when Krit will leave the house then. KraiPat says his guess is he will leave once Khun Nun show them the real will.

Ruetai says she won’t wait till then, and if he can’t chase Krit out, then pressure Nun to show them the will she’s been bragging that she has one, or else she will inform the police that they conspired with Nun to stall for time to read the will that she has.

SamutChai tells her to listen to him, he wants the will thing to end soon too. She yells at them to do something and not just having a good time doing nothing with the salaries they are getting. He says he will send KraiPat to pressure Nun then. She says not only pressure Nun, but also get the will from her, and if they can’t, it would mean Nun is lying. At that point, don’t blame her for being a cruel stepmother, because she can’t take it anymore.

He excuses himself and leaves with his son.


Nun is asking Krit where she should look for the will. He asks if there’s any place in this house she didn’t look. She says there’s only the huge garden outside, she didn’t dig the ground looking for it yet. He says he’s willing to help her digging the ground, if she wants to.  She laughs and asks if he’s crazy, why her dad would bury it in the garden. He says you will never know.

She looks at Rumpei’s torn picture and asks her, “Mom, can you guess dad’s mind where he kept it? If you know, come see me in my dream tonight. I really want to see you.” She cries.

He asks if that’s her mother’s photo, and why it’s in such condition. She says it’s Ronnarit came in and destroyed her things when she’s not in the room, and he tore her only mom’s photo. She says up to today, she still couldn’t find the last missing piece.

He says, “Khun Nun, don’t worry, I will help you looking for the things you haven’t found whether it’ll be the will or your mother’s photo last piece, and if there’s anything else you couldn’t find, I’m volunteering to find it for you.” Nun says softly, “Thank you.”

Part 6

Gip wonders what those two are doing in the bedroom. Duan laughs and says she thinks they are playing under-the-blanket ghost game. Gip yells at Duan the she doesn’t want to hear it. When Duan wants to leave, Gip calls her back and tells her to cook a lot for dinner. Duan asks why when Gip normally doesn’t have dinner to stay in shape. Gip says she will have dinner today and will ask Khun Krit to come down and join her.

Duan laughs and says it’s because Gip wants them to stop playing the game in the room, so she’s going to ask him to come downstairs. Gip tells her to get in the kitchen and cook fast because she’s hungry. Duan walks away and turns to says, “Feeling hungry, or wanting to steal the man? So like your mother.” Gip asks what she’s saying. Duan answers, “Gossiping my boss…oops!” and runs.

Sri comes in and tells Nun that Khun Gip is inviting them to have dinner with her. Nun asks if she heard it right that Gip inviting her. Sri gives her a clue that it’s because of Krit. Nun says she gets it now, and tells Sri to tell Gip she will go down soon. Sri leaves the room.

Nun says Gip must want to invite Krit to have dinner with her alone, but had to endure it and invite her too. Krit reminds her, for a lover, can she not look at him sweetly and talk to him nicely. She says no, she doesn’t want to do it. He says it’s up to her if she wants the truth get revealed that fast. She asks, “Are you threatening me?” He says no, he’s not, but a man like him doesn’t like to do things half way.

She turns to leave but he gestures her to cross her arm with his. Nun asks, “What?” He says, “As if you don’t know. (She crosses her arm with his.) That’s right, now we are more like lovers.”

Gip is pacing and asks Sri if she told them that she would eat today. Sri says she told them to hurry already. Gip asks then why they are not showing their heads yet. Krit and Nun come down. Nun tells Krit that she’s not hungry yet so she’s not sure she can eat. Gip says if so, Nun doesn’t have to sit at the table and be a stumbling block, but Khun Krit must be feeling hungry. She invites Krit to take a seat. Nun shoves Gip away to sit beside Krit. Lol.

Nun nags Krit that it must be because he’s close to her, she’s forever feeling full. Gip sits down. Krit tells Nun to eat even if she’s not hungry, because he doesn’t want to have a skinny girlfriend. Gip looks down at herself and tells Duan to start serving rice. Krit thanks Duan. She tells Sri to do it for her boss. Nun thanks Sri.

Gip presents her special menu for him on the table including sweet and sour dish, his favorite which she never forgets. He thanks her. Krit touches Nun’s hand gesturing her to do the same like Gip. Nun smiles and says he actually likes hot & spicy dish, not a sugary dish. She puts some on his plate and says, “Have this one, and forget that sweet and sour.” Krit smiles and says, “Thank you, my darling.”

Ruetai joins them and says she wondered which area of study that Khun Rit spent million to send her aboard, it’s actually the area of ‘attending to men’. Ruetai asks to see Nun’s degree, so that she can put in a frame to show it off for Visetsak family’s honor, and if Khun Rit’s still alive, he must be proud of his daughter. Nun asks what’s for to ask for her degree when she had looked around and there were no degrees of her children anywhere to show off.

Gip yells at Nun if she’s saying she dropped off from school. Nun asks if she had graduated, but when she didn’t see it, there must be none. Krit tells Nun that he thinks eating inside the house is suffocated, and suggests they eat outside. Nun says that’s great, let’s have dinner under the moonlight. She tells Sri to prepare a set of dinner for two in the garden. Krit turns to Ruetai and says he hopes she will be kind to let him have a good meal this once. Ruetai couldn’t say no to that.


Thip is on the phone with Chen. She says, “Krit, he moved himself into Nun’s house.” He asks if he even went there to look after that woman in her house. Thip tells him to get rid of the man. Chen says it’s easy to say, and if she wants him to go shoot him inside the house. His lackey announces that Chen has a guest. Chen tells Thip to hold the line.

Ron comes in and tells Chen that he wants him to kill Krit today. Ma asks where he wants them to go kill the man. Ron says at his house, the man is currently sleeping in his house, and he will take them to kill the man. Chen hears him and says let him finish with this customer on the line first.

Chen talks to Thip, “I know how to take care of him now. Wait for the news.” Thip says, “All right, I’ll wait.” He hangs up and turns to Ron. He asks how Ron wants them to do it.

Part 7

Sri tells them to enjoy the meal and no one will disturb them now, and if they need anything, just call for her. Sri leaves the two alone. Nun says, “Let me eat first, I’m so hungry feeling like fainting.” He says she just said she’s forever feeling full when staying close to him. She says that’s  acting like she meant to do. She asks if her acting was great. He says no, it wasn’t. She tells him not to be so high standard with her, and how could he not approve of it when she was so into him skinship-ing just now.

He says Khun Gip was so attentive to him, and what about her, just sat still. Nun asks what he wants her to do, weep and hold on to his legs or get up and grab Gip’s hair and slap her repeatedly like in a lakorn? He says she loves to talk sarcastically, and she knows full well that she should act as if she’s jealous. Nun says she doesn’t know how, she never gets jealous or be attentive to anyone, even with her father, so why she needs to do that to him.

He says if she doesn’t do it, he will have to, and when that time comes, she will regret it. She asks why’s that. He says if he’s being attentive to her until she gets used to it, when the day they have to stop acting arrives, she will miss him and regret it because he’s not there to please her.

She says he thinks too worthy of himself, and asks if he thinks she will really feel anything for him. Krit sees Ruetai’s gang come out on the balcony. He warns her to lower her voice or anyone could hear. He reaches out the food to her to take a bite. She asks why he has to give it to her when she can have it by herself. He tells her they are taking a peek at them so he’s playing his part to be very attentive, and tells her to ‘go with the flow’. Nun takes a bite.

Duan says there’s spoon-feeding too. Krit does it again, this time Nun calls him crazy because the last piece is still in her mouth. He tells her to ‘go with the flow’ When she takes a bite, he says that’s lovely.

Duan says outside they are like this, what about when inside the bedroom. She says her hair stands up just thinking about it. Gip asks Duan if she comes from a narrator family to narrate so well, and tells her to go away.

Nun does the same to him, “My darling, take a bite. (He hesitates.) Just go with the flow.”

Gip tells her mom to do something when she can’t look at them anymore. Ruetai says then stop looking. Gip says Nun stole Khun Krit from her, so she must steal him back. Ruetai says why steal him, she doesn’t want him as her son-in-law anymore and now only wants to get rid of him. Gip asks her why’s that. Mai answers Gip that Krit meddling makes Nun gain an upper hand to his madam. He says Khun Gip should help madam get rid of him.

Gip asks since when he become the same level with her, just a driver. Ruetai scolds Gip for talking rude to Mai. Gip says Ruetai always spoils him so he’s like this, he shouldn’t forget who is the boss and who is the servant. Ruetai says it’s her who she spoiled more, always daydreaming about men. She tells her to go to bed. Gip leaves angrily.

Ruetai tells Mai not to listen to her spoiled daughter, and he should know better that she needs him in her life. (Why do these two remind me of Rit and RaeRai?) She says they must help each other when they’ve been through so many things together. If she’s the owner of everything here, he will have a luxurious life too. He says he knows that, and that’s why they must help each other.


Nun says this is the first time since she came home that she feels happy having a meal. She says she forgot herself and ate so much. He says if she’s this full, she must be sleeping soundly tonight. Nun says he doesn’t know her well, the saying ‘when the skin on the stomach stretched, the skin on the eyelids loosened’ can’t be used with her (feeling full would make you feel sleepy) because later in the night, her eyes will become so big like those of an owl.

He asks why. She’s going to say something but stops short, then says it’s because he’s in her room, that’s why she can’t sleep. He says he gets it, so she can’t sleep because she’s afraid that he will force himself on her? Nun nods.

He says, “Khun Nun, let me tell you, there’s no way I will do that.” She asks why, and how a woman like her doesn’t appeal to him to do so. He answers, “Not that you don’t look tempting, but I know that you…have a gun!”

She says, and she thought that he’s so brave. He says in that case, before they both go to bed, should they not do an activity to help digesting the food we ate. She asks, “Digesting? How?” He says, “Dance with me.” She returns, “Who will dance with you?!”

Krit is teaching Nun how to dance, to get the right posture. She asks why they have to stand so close. He says that’s how people dance, and asks her to perform her part well, and they dance.

Ron drives home and sees them. He says, so happy? Cuddling as much as you want because, Krit, you won’t get to live longer. He looks at his car a bit and gets inside the house.

Ron calls out to his mom so Mai stops touching Ruetai. Ruetai asks if he still has the mood to hang out, instead of staying and helping her think how to get Krit out of the house. Ron tells her not to complain much or she will age fast and need to get injections for this and that (to look young). She says an injection to his mouth is better, and she’s not in a good mood.

Ron asks how she would know that he didn’t help thinking of a way. She tells him to say what he come up with. He says if he tells her, it will be a huge surprise for her. She says just tell her, but he says no, better not.  He tells her to go to bed early today and may be she will wake up tomorrow with a good news. She asks what’s the good news. He doesn’t tell her but urges her to go to bed early or some lines (wrinkles) could appear on her face. Ron leaves. Ruetai asks Mai if he’s feeling sleepy already.


Fanta wants Thi to eat but he says he can’t and wonders what Krit is doing living in the same house with Nun. She says people, even if they know it hurts to think about it, yet still think about it. He says how can he not think about it. She nags him to eat so he yells back that no means no. Fanta asks if he’s moody because Khun Krit is living in Nun’s house. He tells her not to say it. She asks say what, have a broken heart but should not get moody at others. He says let’s go back, and leaves.


Thip is on the phone. She asks, “How’s the task I ordered?” Chen tells her not to worry, he will find a way to get rid of him no matter what. He tells her not call often and nag because he will make it successful, and if the man doesn’t die, he won’t stop messing with him. Thip says she hopes, this time, it will be a success. He says Krit left deep wound with his lackey, and he’s so mad that he wants to kill Krit himself, and now it’s almost time. Thip says that’s it and hangs up.

Part 8

Nun comes out of the bathroom and sees Krit lying on her bed. She tells him to get down, and how he could lie on the bed. He asks, if she doesn’t want him to sleep on the bed then where else. She says she already gave him a pillow and a blanket, so it’s on the sofa he should sleep.

He argues that he is her guest so she should sleep on the sofa instead. She asks if he’s crazy when that is her bed, so get down. He says if she wants to sleep on the bed so much, he will be generous to share it with her. He pats the space next to him. He says, “Here, it’s so soft. Come.”

She pulls him down saying it’s her bed and he should sleep on the sofa. He asks if she’s really going to make him sleep on the sofa, and if she doesn’t trust him. She says it’s not that, on the contrary, he’s the only one in this house she trusts the most, but staying in the same room and sleeping on the same bed too, she just can’t do it. She says sorry to him and says she knows he had to sacrifice a lot to stay here, to protect her.

Krit laughs and says she doesn’t have to make such a long speech. He says he actually understands her from the get-go, but he just wants to tease her. He says he never thinks of sleeping on the same bed with her at all. She’s not quite sure whether that’s an insult or not.

She picks up a pillow and asks if it’s a tease just now. Krit sighs and says, “Women…” He turns to her and Nun hits him with the pillow. Gip listens to them from the room door. Ron shows up and calls her over. He asks why she’s not sleeping yet, and what’s the use of standing there begging for some portion of merit. He calls her a beggar for such behavior. She can’t argue with that so he tells her to go to bed or he will tell mommy, so Gip goes back to her room.

Sri locks the windows at night. Duan orders her to lock the door too.

Nun tosses and turns in her bed, couldn’t sleep. She gets up and opens the drawer but can’t find what she’s looking for. Krit asks if this bottle of medicine is what she’s looking for.

Nun: Give it to me.

Krit: Sleeping pills?

Nun: Yes, and it’s mine. Give it back to me. (He sits up and looks at it.) Give it back to me. Why are you teasing me with it?

Krit: How long you have been addicted to it?

Nun: Not addicted, just couldn’t sleep.

Krit: But my guess is, you had to take it every night, and is that called not addicted?

Nun: I couldn’t sleep, and it felt miserable.

He won’t give it back so she’s frustrated.

Nun: Do you think I didn’t try? Even if I tell you, you won’t understand. Give it to me, please.

Krit: No, I won’t.

Nun: Please.

Krit: From now on, you don’t need this.

Nun: And do you want my eyes to pop opened all night? It’s miserable!

Krit: Try my method. Go lie down on the bed.

Nun: No! I know myself that I won’t be able to sleep.

Krit: Don’t be stubborn, and try my method first.

Nun: Khun Krit, I know I….

Krit: If you keep talking like this, you won’t get some sleep for sure. You must sleep without using these pills. Lie down. (She lies down.)

He sits down on the bed beside her.

Krit: Tuck yourself under the blanket. Close your eyes and think of a wide grass field with a flock of lambs, and they are about to jump over the fence…1st lamb jumped, 2nd lamb jumped…..(He goes on and on.)

He peeks at her and sighs. He tucks her in and says, “Sleep comfortably and don’t worry, I will look after you.”

Nun is sleeping peacefully for the night.


A guy gets out of Ron’s car and sneaks into the house. He goes upstairs and walks to Nun’s room. He tries to break into the room but suddenly the door swings open and Krit kicks him away from the door.

They fight down the corridor and the guy pulls out his knife. Krit wants to take of the hood covering the guy’s face but he won’t let Krit do it. Gip heard the noise so she turns on the light, and sees them, “Khun Krit!”

The guy slashes Krit’s arm once and runs. He has Ruetai as a hostage. Both Ron and Gip shout that she’s their mother. Ron tells the guy to let go of his mother. Ruetai asks what he’s going to do to her, the bad thief. The guy tells her to shut up. Krit tells the guy not to hurt a woman. Gip tells the guy to calm down. The guy shoves Ruetai to them and runs out of the house. Krit runs after him and shouts at him to stop. The guy leaves the house by the backdoor. Krit doesn’t follow him but turns back to the house.

Part 9

Chen is on the phone with his lackey, “What? Failed! Failed! Failed! Do you realize I’m losing two customers all at once? And who will hire Chen’s gunmen from now?!” Chen is so mad. He chases other lackeys out of the room.


Gip is telling Ruetai to take a deep breath while Duan is fanning her. Krit comes back to the house. Gip sees his wound, and it’s bleeding. Ron asks Krit where the thief is. Krit says he ran away and suggest them call the police. Krit excuses himself and goes upstairs. Gip tells him to wait, and she will treat his wound. Mai asks Ruetai if they should call the police. Ruetai tells him to do it. Ron gets scared and tells them not to, the thief didn’t harm them at all. Ruetai asks why the guy broke into their house then. Ron says he doesn’t know about that, he only knows one thing, the guy went to Nun’s room. He stops short. Ruetai stares at him.


Nun wakes up and sees Krit coming back.

Krit:Khun Nun!

Nun: Khun Krit! Your face…

Krit: I’m so relieved that you are unharmed.

Nun: I’m all right. I slept in the room. There’s loud noise downstairs, anything happened?

Krit: Downstairs…

Gip: You were having a good time sleeping, and don’t you know there’s a thief breaking in to kill Khun Krit?

Nun: Thief? (She sees his wound.) Khun Krit…blood. You are injured.

Krit: Khun Nun, I’m all right. It’s fortunate I found the guy in front of the room otherwise he could sneak in our room, and I don’t know what he’s going to do to you. I’m so worried about you.

Nun embraces him and he holds her close. Gip turns away and leaves.

Nun treats his wound and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to see the doctor and get it stitched. He says the wound is not that deep so it’s all right. Nun asks what he’s thinking.

Krit: It’s the same person.

Nun: Who?

Krit: That man with a knife who broke in tonight, that hooded man who shoved you under the water, also the one hunting us down at Khao Yai, all must be the same man.

She thinks of each incident.

Nun: Are you sure it’s the same man?

Krit: One million percent sure.

She gets angry.

Krit: Wait! Where are you going?

Nun: The police hasn’t arrived yet. I wonder if they called the police. I will go down there and ask.

Kirt: Just calm down.

Nun: I calmed down enough already, and they just become more aggressive thinking I couldn’t do anything, that’s why they dared to do it three times, and I won’t wait for the fourth time to occur!

Krit: But if they won’t call the police, you can’t do anything to them.

Nun: At least, I’m sure the one who sent the man to get rid of us is my stepmother!


Ruetai is yelling at Ron and asks if this is not the first time. She asks if that means he hired that hooded man before and he failed the task. Ron says there will be a time that he doesn’t fail. She hits his head calling him a frog brain. He says he did it for her.

She asks if he saw that thief locked her throat and made her a hostage, and if the guy slashed her throat, he would get a chance to do it for her…take care of her corpse. He argues that she just walked in out of nowhere at that time. He says it’s late so why she’s not sleeping, and asks where she went. She glances at Mai.

She covers it up by yelling at Ron for not consulting her first. She asks why he loves to make trouble and she has to clean it up for him all the time. She says a thief breaking in like this, if she doesn’t call the police, Nun will get suspicious of her for sure. Ron asks if she cares about Nun, and as if Nun cares so much about her. Mai says they should call the police.

Ron says he said not to, so don’t or he could get in trouble. Mai says if Nun calls the police herself, they will become the suspects bringing the thief home.


Krit says about this matter, he thinks there are more hidden points to it. She says that’s a joke, and asks if he’s saying that it’s not Ruetai who sent the man to get rid of them. He says it could be, or it couldn’t be, or none at all. She says what a mad thing he’s saying, she wants a clear answer, yes or no.

He tells her to calm down and think back to the day she’s heading back from abroad for her father’s funeral, whom she got the news from. She says there was a mysterious letter sending from Thailand, but until now, she still doesn’t know who sent it. He says that means no one knew that she’s coming back. Nun says of course, if her stepmother knew beforehand, she would have sent someone to get rid of her the minute her plane landed.

He says, then it’s impossible for Khun Ruetai to plan ahead to have someone kill her, when she left the temple that day. She says that’s right. He says he remembered what happened that day at the temple.

Flashback, Gip yells at Nun if she’s mad to stop the cremation. Ron says she’s just a con artist playing trick at any funeral.

Present, Krit says even Khun Gip and Khun Ron didn’t know her, so it’s impossible for Khun Ruetai to send a letter to lure her into coming back, in order to kill her at her father’s funeral, because, they could cremate her father with no one put a stop to it and get the whole inheritance.

Nun asks if it’s not Ruetai, then who it could be behind all these.


Chid waits for Thip. She comes back and asks him if the persons she made an appointment with already come. Chid says yes, they came and are waiting in the living room. Chid tells her that he thinks they come too far, and the matter is getting bigger. He tells her to stop it now. She says it’s too late for him to ask when she invested all assets she got from being Rit’s slave wife for 15 years, so she must have it all back. She walks into the house.

Omo…it’s Chen, SamutChai, and Kraipat sitting there. Thip says he said he sent his skilled man to do the job, so why failed every time. Chen says if she didn’t fail before, she would not come hiring him. She says she doesn’t want to fail again, that’s why she told all three of them to meet here. She says (to SamutChai) Rit used him like a slave for a long time until he turned so rich. She says to receive in percentage of the inheritance, the chance is slim now.

SamutChai says who would think Rit’s daughter would stick to a man, enough to have him stay close to her. He says it’s because of Krit, the meddler, who made their plan be completely disordered.

Kraipat says ambushing like before won’t work anymore, this time they must crash into them. Thip says this is why she’s jumping in and taking part herself, because she doesn’t want to fail anymore. Chen says all right, how to crash into them, tell him and he will carry it out.

Thip says, “The three of you, listen to me and you must follow the plan.”


Krit is trailing behind Thip.

Thip is stabbing something/someone.


Some said they didn’t like Nun’s character – arrogant and rude, but I say it fits her background perfectly. She grew up having no mother and practically no father to warm her heart, to love and cherish her, at the same time, had to endure her father’s women, one after another. It’s nice to have a heroine with flaws sometimes because it’s relatable and realistic. Personally, I think Nun’s so lucky to meet a man like Krit who’s kind and loves her dearly. Her being rude and arrogant could be just an outer shell to protect herself from getting hurt.

I’m not sure who to blame for all these because it seems everyone has his/her reason and circumstances that push them into committing the sin. People love to say if you’re not in it, you’ll never understand.

*No spoilers please!!!


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