Ruen Rissaya Episode 7

I love the bromance – Panu and Krit, give me more!

Episode 7

Part 1

Panu and Krit arrive at Tia’s mill. He tells Krit that that man is Tia, and he’s well-known to have a strong influence on rice trading around here. They get out of the car.

Krit: There’s only one way to know whether he bought the rice from Khun Ruetai’s mill by the right channel or not.

Panu: Which way?

Krit: From his own mouth.

Panu: Major, are you crazy? Who would admit buying the rice under the table?

Krit: I have my own way to make him talk. (He looks at Panu.) You go. Hey, just go. You go and say something to make him talk.

Panu: Why don’t you go? It’s nice you talked just now.

Krit: This is my way I mentioned. (He pinches his chest.) Go and make him talk, all right?

Panu: All right. You use forces on me all the time.

Krit: You won’t go if I don’t use it.

Panu walks to Tia.


Nun comes downstairs and sneaks into the study. She looks at Rit’s portrait and says, “Dad, where did you keep the will? Please help me find it.” She starts looking for it.


Panu greets Tia and asks how he is. Tia asks who he is and how he can get in here.

Panu: Don’t you remember me? I’m Aoo! I met you at the rice mill.

Tia: Rice mill? What rice mill?

Panu: Ritanon rice mill where you transferred Khun Ruetai’s paddy here. It’s me, Aoo, who took care of it.

Tia: Aoo?

Panu: Yes!

Tia: I couldn’t remember.

Panu: It’s all right if you don’t remember, there’s no need to think too much. After we see each other more often in the future, you will recognize me.

Tia: Did you come here about something to do with me?


Nun hears Duan is coming in so she hides under the desk. Duan says it’s so hot, and why the will is so hard to find. She looks at the bookshelf and says it’s so stupid of her to look in here again, when she searched this room already yesterday. Duan says the only place left would be digging the ground in the garden to look for it, and she’s so tired already. She gets out of the room.


Panu stammers that he came to today…let’s say it’s an after-sales service. He came to ask if the rice quality last time he bought was good or not, and whether or not he likes it. Tia gives him thumps up, and says it’s great, a premium jasmine rice and he bought it so cheap. Madam sold it to him for only two million. He says he milled and packaged it, and got profit many times more selling it.

Panu says madam told him to ask if he wanted more rice. Tia says of course, no matter of how much they have, he will buy it all. He also adds that this madam, after her hubby died, she keeps selling rice and spends it alone, no need to put the money into the family account. Tia says she’s so clever. Panu laughs and says he will go back to tell madam that he wants more. He greets him goodbye and leaves. Tia wonders the man came and left in such a short time.


Ruetai is cursing her late husband – the jerk, where he put the will, she couldn’t find if no matter how much she tried. Mai sweetly tells her to rest and he will look for it until he find it. She says it’s him only who cares about her, and not like her bad children who went out early in the morning. She told them to stay here and help her look for the will, but they went out to spend money until she’s almost broke now instead.

Mai tells her to calm down and he will give her a massage. She says he’s so lovely and tells him to wait, and when she receives the inheritance, she will give him everything he wants.


Krit asks Panu how it was and if Tia told him about it. Panu says he said all of it, and Ruetai sold the rice the way Khun Nun got suspicious.

Krit: Did he say how much she sold it for?

Panu shows him two fingers.

Krit: Two hundred?

Panu: Isn’t two million sound better?

Krit: Two million, then it is the same amount with Ron’s gambling debt.

Panu: It’s clear that the madam and her children are badly in need of money, and with Khun Rit’s money frozen, and without finding the will, there’s no way the inheritance can be divided.

Krit: If she did as much as secretly selling the rice, that would mean she would never let the huge amount of Khun Rit’s inheritance fall into Khun Nun’s hand.

Tia sees the two and gets suspicious.

Krit: That’s not good.

Panu: Of what?

Krit: It seems Tia knew already.

Panu: How would he know?

Krit: He’s looking at us. Let’s leave quickly.

Panu jumps into the back seat so Krit yells at him to sit in the front.

Tia calls Ruetai.


Ruetai is annoyed to get disturbed by a phone call.

Ruetai: It’s Tia, the money face? Why is he calling? Hello, sawasdee ka. What? Aoo? No, I didn’t send anyone to see you. All right.

She hangs up.

Ruetai: Mai, there’s a problem. Someone went to Tia to find out about his rice buying.

Mai: I think it’s no one but Khun Nun.

She gets angry and calls Duan and Sri to ask if they know where her stepdaughter is, and to call her here.

Part 2

Nun continues searching the study and found nothing. She bumps into a giant vase but catches it before it hits the floor. She pours the things in the vase out and there’s nothing she wants in it.

Nun gets out of the room and Ruetai calls her to stop there. Nun says let’s talk later, she needs to go out. Ruetai tells her to stop and tells Mai to drag her here. Nun shouts what they will do and reaches down her bag. Ruetai warns Mai that she has a gun. Mai reaches behind for his gun too but Krit shows up.

Krit: Sawadee krap. Khun Nun, don’t you need to go out?

Nun: Yes.

She gets out of the house and wonders what they want to have a fight with her about.

Krit: Sawasdee krap, aunty. My uncle told me to give you these fruits.

Ruetai sits down. Nun texts Krit, “Thank you for coming.” so he replies, “I have something about Tia to tell you.” She sends, “Okay.”

Krit sits down.

Ruetai: You are quite busy, Khun Krit.

Krit: I’m sorry to be rude, but my workplace is calling for me.

Ruetai: Don’t tell me you are leaving when you just arrived. I wonder if it’s work or someone that is calling for you.

Krit: Both work and a person, so I really don’t have much time.

Ruetai: But you have time to come here in order to give me this. Isn’t that strange?

Krit: It’s my uncle’s order, aunty, how could I refuse?

Ruetai: Right, your uncle ordered you, then I should call him to say thank you.

Krit’s smile faded. She makes a call…but the phone’s switched off.

Ruetai: The call didn’t go through, he mustn’t have switched on his phone yet.

Krit: I forgot to tell you, my uncle went abroad this morning. He must be on the plane right now. In any case, I shouldn’t disturb you anymore because it seems….you were busy. Please excuse me, sawasdee krap.

Ruetai: What a pity that Gip is not here (He sits down again.) so you didn’t get to see her. I won’t walk you out then.

Krit: That’s fine really, sawasdee krap.

Krit leaves.

Ruetai: I think Krit must be conspiring with Nun.

Mai: Conspiring about what?

Ruetai: What else could it be? It’s about Tia! Krit was there at the mill that day.


Krit and Nun are walking together.

Krit: Won’t you smile at me a bit?

Nun: Why do I have to?

Krit: I did find out about Tia for you, and if you don’t smile at me, I won’t tell you.

Nun: All right, I concede to bribe you with a smile.

She flashes him a smile.

Krit: Wow, you even practice economy of smile.

Nun: I want to know about Tia. I’m serious.

Krit: It’s like what you said. Aunt Ruetai sold the rice to him secretly with a cheap price of two million, and put the money in her own pocket.

Nun: Yes! I got you, stepmother!

Krit: Just take it easy, I think the rice thing is such a small matter, and it won’t be able to give aunt Ruetai a scratch.

Nun: Unless she’s been doing it for a long time until it’s now worth more than two million. Give me more time to gather the evidence.

Her phone is ringing.

Nun: Would you excuse me? I need to accept the call.

Nun is telling Thip that she looked around the house nights and days but couldn’t find it. She tells her to help and think where her father would hide it. Nun says she will go to see her at the restaurant then, because now she’s busy and it’s inconvenient. She says all right and hangs up.

Krit: No one found the will yet?

Nun: I don’t like anyone to eavesdrop while I’m on the phone.

He turns her to him.

Krit: Do you know why I went to your house in a hurry today?

Nun: I don’t know. Let go!

Krit: Tia knew that someone went to find out about his rice buying, he surely alerted aunt Ruetai already. It’s fortunate I went there and stopped it in time, otherwise Mai would have harmed you already.

Nun: I’m not scared. I have a gun.

Krit: Do you think it’s only you who have a gun? Mai has it too. Listen to me, the more you mess around, the more your life is in danger, and also the will. You cannot live alone in that house.

Nun: Yes, I can!

Krit: Can’t you move out for a while?

Nun: I will stay in my house and will find my father’s will! Let me go!

Krit: Do you want the will that much to risk your life?

Nun: Yes! I want my father’s inheritance. I want to become a high-born, who was born holding gold and silver spoons in the mouth, just like you!

He pulls her to him and kisses her. She slaps him and walks away. He touches his cheek and smiles, “What a forceful stroke.”

Part 3

Thi asks who she’s angry with just now. Nun says a psycho who’s making a prank call. Krit calls her again. Thi tells her to give her phone to him and he will take care of it. Nun says it’s all right, she will handle it.

Nun: Don’t you call me again. If you call again, I will kick your butt!

Krit: You dare to kick my butt?

She hangs up. Krit mumbles, “If so brave, don’t switch off the phone.”

Panu: What? Why arguing with the phone? Who are you angry with?

Krit: Who else? It’s Khun Nun.

Panu: I wondered where you went, and you actually hurried off to tell your sweetheart about Tia. Hoping she would be overwhelmed and give you a reward?

Krit: What reward? You know, she said she would kick my butt.

Panu: What did you to do to make her feel angry?

Krit: I kissed her.

Panu: Right, you kissed her…What? You kissed her? Is this how you said you would win her heart? Wow, look at him, playing mouth-to-mouth with her. Your face is so….thick!

Krit: I didn’t mean to.

Panu: Right, didn’t mean to, then was it the mood? Did someone, perhaps, shove you? Be careful, her feeling might be lingering….lingering on anger. You stole her a kiss like that, beware, she could harbor a grudge against you. Haha..look at him, smiling with bedroom eyes.


Thi is doing a fashion shoot at Fanta’s restaurant. She’s very attentive to the reporters and tells them to help promoting Thi a lot. They thank her and tells Thi that his girlfriend is lovely.

Fanta asks Thi if he wants something to eat. He says he wants to see Nun more, and asks her where Nun is now. Fanta says she’s over there.

Nun is talking to Thip. Thi says it looks like aunt Thip is pressuring Nun about something. Fanta says it must be about the will, as if she wants it herself.


Thip sits down.

Thip: Why couldn’t you find it?

Nun: I really tried.

Thip: You didn’t try enough. You must try harder!

Nun: Before I came here, I looked inside dad’s study but found nothing.

Thip: How about Ruetai’s bedroom or the rooms of her children, her servants, or anywhere else, did you take a look?

Nun: Aunty, dad wouldn’t put it in those rooms.

Thip: How would you know if you don’t look? The will may be somewhere you never thought of.

Thi intervenes.

Thi: Enough already! Please don’t pressure Nun anymore. She lives alone in that house, and for her to walk here and there or do things, it’s difficult already when they keep tripping her, and you still want her to search every spot in the house? How could it be?

Thip: So what do you want me to do? I can only give her advice, and the rest, Khun Nun must help herself. Or, Khun Thi, are you going to look for the will in that house yourself?

Fanta says two of them went there, already Khun Ruetai wanted to call the police for trespassing. Thip says that’s why she said that Khun Nun must keep trying by herself, and she sees no other ways.

Thip: Khun Nun, if you give up, you will lose the house, the assets, and your father’s rice mill, so, will you give up?

Thi: If we lose, then we’ll lose, and we should accept it.

Thip: Accept it? What an easy way to talk, a man like you will never understand what those people did to us! Khun Nun was sent abroad, and didn’t get to see her father and he died. It’s all those people’s doing. Isn’t that right, Khun Nun?!

Nun: Yes.

Thip: But if you want to give up, it’s up to you. I can’t force you.

Thip walks away. Nun cries and says Thip was right, if she doesn’t help herself, no one can. She begs Thi and Fanta not to stop her and be her support instead.


Thip is in her room talking to the mirror.

Thip: Rich kids like you, could only talk and never experience being stepped on or stomped feet on. What do you know? ….Ai Rit, where did you keep the will?


Nun comes out the house and is pacing back and forth.

Nun: If it’s not about the car, I’ll never see you again. (She recalls the kiss.) Didn’t you say you’re almost here?

Mai walks pass by and startles her. Krit parks her car in front of her.

Krit: Making stressful face like that, you could age faster.

Nun: It’s my face, and none of your business! Just be responsible yourself, came late, not on time, and make me wait like this!

Krit: But you’re still waiting for me.

Nun: I’m just waiting for my car. Thank you for fixing it. Give me the car key. (He pretends to throw it.) Can’t you give it to me nicely?

Krit: Do you really think I was going to throw it to you? Here you go.

She reaches for it but he grabs her hand.

Nun: What are you doing?

Krit: I want to take responsible for…kissing you.

Nun: Stop it. Don’t talk about it here, even if you feel very guilty.

Krit: No, I don’t feel guilty at all.

Nun: You!

Krit: I feel…very lucky.

Krit leans closer for a kiss but Ruetai interrupts them.

Ruetai: Is a motel around here already closed?

Part 4

Ruetai comes downstairs and asks if a motel around here is closed already that’s why these thick faces are shamelessly skinship-ing in front of her house.

Ruetai: (To Nun) And you said you were a high-born one!

Nun: Who did you call shameless? Me or you?

Krit: Khun Nun. (He touches her arm softly.) Sawasdee krap, aunt Ruetai.

Ruetai: Sawasdee ka, it’s actually you, Khun Krit. I saw from afar and thought it’s a homeless husband-wife courting. I’m sorry, Khun Krit, my eyes don’t see very well nowadays.

Krit: That’s quite normal. Once a person ages (*cough*), his/her eyes and ears become dull. I think you should visit a physician once in a while for checkups, or it could get worse.

Ruetai: Thank you. So, Khun Khrit, why are you here? Did you come to see Gip? Then please sit down and I will go and wake her up.

Krit: That’s all right. Let Khun Gip continue sleeping. I just came to return Khun Nun’s car that I had fixed.

Nun: So? That’s my father’s car which you sent your wicked men to get rid of, just like how you got rid of my father to take over his assets!

Ruetai: Listen, I said it a hundred, a thousand times already, so that you will memorize it well. Khun Rit had a heart attack on his own. No one killed him, especially me, the last woman he loved. I didn’t kill Khun Rit!

Nun: You can lie to death, still I will never believe you.

Krit: Khun Nun, you have some business to take care, haven’t you? I think we should hurry leave. All right?…All right? I will drive for you. Let’s go. (To Ruetai) Please excuse us.

Krit takes Nun to the car.

Ruetai: Why could she get away every time, and why every time, there’s always Krit meddling in?

Mai: If that troubles you, should we get rid of them both?

Ruetai: Mai, be careful what to talk. Windows have ears – doors have holes. If someone hears it, they will think I’m the culprit like how she accused me. If we want to take care of a hot-tempered daughter like her, we must be patient, because if we do it hastily, it will be to her advantage. We must wait, wait for the right time, then do it.


Inside the car,

Nun: Why do I have to follow your order and let that murderer pick a fight with me alone?

Krit: Khun Nun, please calm down.

Nun: I’ve calmed down enough already. You are not blind or deaf, you saw she came downstairs to yell at me, and you let her and forbidden me to fight back! What does that mean?

Krit: Then answer me first, why every time when you met your stepmother, did you have to throw a tantrum and put a hand on each other?!

Nun: She killed my father! She destroyed everything in my life! Didn’t you see?

Krit: No, I didn’t. What I saw was… I saw you…..acting like a crazy person, who was so mad and couldn’t control herself. Khun Nun, I will tell you as….as a friend who will stand by your side, if every time a problem occurs and you are like this,  you will be the one who lose, and the loss will be yours, because you let your bad temper take control over you. Are you angry at me that I said that? Khun Nun, don’t be scared, you’re not fighting alone. I’m right here and will never let anyone harm you.

Nun: All right. When I want to throw a tantrum at someone, I will think of your face.

Krit: Then you will be thinking of my face 24 hrs for sure, because you are such a throw-a-tantrum maniac and you love to pick a fight with others all around.

Nun: Then I must try not to get angry, because I don’t want to think of your face everyday. I’m sick of the face of an arrogant soldier!

He smiles.

Nun: Are you in a hurry to go back to work? If you are not, can we stop by one place?

Krit: Yes, of course, if that will make you happy. You can tell me where you want to go, and I’ll be glad to take you there.

Nun: Thank you.

They come to the temple. Nun tells him, at first, she planned that once the result of the autopsy come out, she would take her father here, to be with her mother, but now, that has to wait. Krit says he thinks it won’t be a long time from now. She says that she hopes so too.

Chid is using a broom to sweep the ground around Raerai and Rumpei’s graves. Nun sees him and recognizes him.

Nun: Are you uncle Chid? (Chid wants to leave.) It’s really you, uncle Chid! Khun Krit, this is uncle Chid, a long-time worker of ‘Ruen Rattana’ (Chid walks away.) Uncle!…

Krit: Khun Nun, I think he doesn’t want to talk to you. His face looks like he’s scared about something.

Chid peeks at them and says, “If you know everything like I do, may be you won’t be happy at all.”

Flashback, it’s RaeRai and Rit’s wedding. The kitchen is in chaos preparing food for the guests. Nuan asks where Thip is when she hired her to come help in the kitchen today. Thip walks in and says she arrived since dawn. Nuan says well, she didn’t see her. Nuan tells a girl to let Thip do the cooking because she’s good at it, and go upstairs to help. Thip tastes the soup and says it’s tasteless and asks for some salt. Nuan points it to her.

A girl comes in and says the groom has arrived. Thip turns to look. Nuan says for other houses, the groom had to go pick up the bride, but for this house, the bride had to go pick up the groom at his house. She mumbles she never see it like this before.

Nuan looks at Thip who is trying to take a peek at the groom, and calls her twice that the soup is boiling.

Part 5

RaeRai holds Rit’s arm and asks what it is because he seems strange. He says there’s nothing, he’s just happy that she’s so kind to a homeless man like him, and doesn’t know how to repay her. She says just love her a lot, that shouldn’t be a tough thing to do. He says, “Love you? I will love only you forever.”

They walk down the stairs and the guests applaud. They exchange the wedding rings. He says, “We will live happily together forever.” They walk down and stop at Rumpei. RaeRai asks her if everything is all set in here. Rumpei says everything is ready and only waiting for the bride and groom. RaeRai tells Rit to hurry and go there. After they sign some legal documents, the official announces that they are now husband and wife by law. He congratulates them and excuses himself. Raerai stops Rumpei from leaving the room to give her a blessing.

RaeRai: Come here. (She pulls Rumpei to her.) Give me your blessing.

Rumpei: May you two love each other deeply.

RaeRai: Thank you so much. From now on, you don’t have to come and take care of me a lot like before, because now I have Rit to look after me. Isn’t that right, Rit?

Rit: Yes, that’s right.

RaeRai tells Rumpei to go out there and take care of the guests for her, and she will join her there later. Rumpei stops on her way out and makes an angry (?) face. Rit’s eyes follow Rumpei all the while.

Nuan is so cool using a pot’s lid to fan herself. Haha. A girl brings her a glass of water so she thanks her. Chid walks into the kitchen so Nuan teases him that he looks so happy. He says the same with her. Nuan tells him not to exaggerate when they both share the same feeling.

Nuan: Just think, suddenly Khun RaeRai grabbed Ai Rit, a gangster, to be her hubby. (Chid shushes her.) I know I shouldn’t be gossiping because today is an auspicious event for their madam.

Nuan calls Thip again and again, and asks why she’s absentminded or her wage will be deducted. Thip says the food is almost ready, just wait a sec. Thip gives a dish to a girl to serve it to the guests, and asks Nuan if that’s all so that she can leave. Nuan asks her to help adding more food to the trays for the guests in the main house. Thip asks if she has to do that too. Nuan tells her to give her a hand since she’s here already.


The wedding ceremony is still going on when Thip comes in the room. The guests are taking turn to bless the newlyweds. Thip looks at them and says, “Pee Rit, you are so lucky to have a rich wife.”

RaeRai asks Rit if he’s tired. He says he is but happy. She says she’s so happy today, the happiest one in the world. Wanchai’s dad tells Rumpei that his son seems to have a crush on her. Rumpei smiles and invites him to bless the couple. Rit is not pleased to see Rumpei with another man.

Nuan comes in and asks Thip why she’s here when she hired her to be a cook, and not to be in here. She asks if Thip is stalling, and shoos her to prepare serving food to the guests.

The newlyweds are greeting the guests. Rit notices that Thip is here too. Wanchai is being so attentive to Rumpei and Rit sees them together. RaeRai has to tell Rit to greet the guest when he’s not looking. Rit turns to the guests and thanks them for coming.


Thip is counting the money she got paid, and complains that she had painstakingly cooked so many dishes and kept adding food to serve the guests, and all she got is this amount. She calls Nuan a greedy face, and if she could find a cooking job on her own, she won’t care about her. Rit comes outside and sees her.

Rit: Thip! Did you come to help with my wedding?

Thip: Yes, they were in need of a cook, so they asked me to help.

Rit: Thank you so much, Thip.

Thip: You don’t need to be too courteous. You are rich now and become ‘Ruen Rattana’ ‘s master already so I should be the one be courteous to you.

Rit: If you need my help with anything, just tell me. I’ll be glad to help with all my efforts since we were almost a couple once.

Then he walks away.

Rit: That’s right. I am so poor so how could I compete with madam RaeRai?

Rit walks to Rumpei.

Rit: Rumpei, wait! (He holds her hands.) You know, you look very beautiful today. Whoever marry you, will be the luckiest man in the world. I want to be that man.

Thip sees them together. RaeRai looks around for Rit and sees Thip,  and asks who she is.

Part 6

RaeRai asks what she’s doing here in her house. Thip wants to alert Rit so she answers loudly that she came to help in the kitchen for madam RaeRai’s event. Rit hears her and lets go of Rumpei’s hands.

RaeRai asks why she needs to be so loud, and if anyone ever taught that. She shoos Thip to the kitchen if that’s where her job is. Thip shouts again that she’s leaving.

RaeRai sees Rit so she walks to him and asks what he’s doing here. She says she was looking for him because it’s almost an auspicious time to get into the bridal bedroom. She asks Rumpei what she’s doing here too, or they were talking about something.

Rit says his plan is now ruined because she saw them here. He’s  asking her sister about what she like or dislike so that when they live together, he will know how to be attentive to her needs. RaeRai smiles and says he can ask her that, and she will answer every question of his because now there won’t be any secret between them, and because from this day onwards, they will be a husband and wife by tradition and by law. She says, herself and everything of hers will become his only. He says yes and kisses her cheek.

The couple walk upstairs to get to the bridal bedroom. Both Thip and Rumpei are disappointed. Thip comes outside and looks at the house. She says, “Just wait and see, one day I will become the madam of this house.”


Back to present, Chid walks away. Krit gets a call from Panu. Nu says someone sent him something. Krit asks who sent it. Nu tells him to hurry back and take a look at it himself, and he thinks things are getting out of hand. Krit says all right, he will go back quickly. He tells Nun that something came up at his (army) unit, and asks if she can drop him there first. She asks what happened. He says he doesn’t know yet but they should hurry leave. She agrees.


Krit arrives at his army unit.

Krit: Nu, who sent what?

Panu: The reason I told you to come back fast, the photo and the letter inside the envelope.

Krit takes a look and sees his photo got crossed out and the letter reads, “Do not meddle with people in ‘Ruen Rattana’  “

Krit: They threaten me with my family, and to scare me. No way!

Panu: Then what will you do?

Kirt: I will continue doing things with Khun Nun and, at the same time, look after my family.

Krit is pissed.


Nun tries to call Krit but his phone’s off. She wonders what happened and he should at least call to let her know.

A drunken Ron shows up and calls Nun thick face to come back here when no members of her family lives here anymore. Nun shouts at him that it should be her to say that this house isn’t his father or mother, or anyone in his family ‘s asset. He chuckles and says then let’s get involved and become a family. Ron tries to rape her so she slaps him and throws her shoes at him.

He says he loves her forceful nature and runs after her. Ruetai and others in the house come out and see them. Sri wants to help Nun but Duan won’t let her.

Gip says why that mad Ron is trying to rape Nun. Ruetai says just let him have fun, this woman should face with the real thing like this. Aww…this is so cruel.

Nun wants to pull out her gun but Ron stops her, and asks if she thinks one gun will be able to help her. He tells her not to struggle and forget about the gun, and let’s have some fun. She kicks him there but he could hold her still.

Nun calls for help and tells him to let go of her.Ron says she wouldn’t leave when they told her to and stay to pick his temper, so now he will retaliate, and will make everyone who is helping her to pay for it. Nun kicks his groin and he cries out.

Later, Nun sits alone in her room and cries. Man, get out of this house already!

Part 7

Thi asks Fanta about aunt Thip. She says as soon as the restaurant closed, she disappeared. He asks to see the copy of Thip’s ID that she found. Fanta shows it to him.

They come to look for Thip following the address on her ID. Fanta asks some food stall merchants if they know the woman in the picture. The man says no and tells her to ask that aunt. Chid is also there buying something to eat.

Fanta asks another lady and she says yes, she knows Thip, she helped her mother selling food around here. Chid hears them and is alarmed. The lady tells the direction to Thip’s house to Fanta. She thanks her.

The two follow the direction and arrive in front of a room. Chid follows them there. Thi calls out if there’s anyone here. Thip’s stepfather comes out and asks who they are and why they are here. Fanta says they come to see aunt Thip. Step-dad says there’s no Thip here, she eloped with a man a long time ago. When he wants to get back in the house, Fanta tells him to wait and asks if aunt Thip really eloped with a man.

He says it’s Rit, a gigolo who lived on women’s money. Chid listens to them talking. Step-dad calls Rit a ‘phra-ya-tae-krua’ (be husband of both sisters), and says Rit had madam RaeRai and Rumpei as his wives, and Thip as his mistress, and that must be why he died a torturous death. He laughs.

Flashback, Rit comes out of his bedroom and looks around proudly, and says “Mr. Rit Suvisetsak, the owner of Ruen Rattana.”

Rumpei comes out of her room but when she sees him, she goes back into her room. She tells herself in the mirror to be strong. Rit wants to knock at the door but couldn’t.

RaeRai asks why he’s here, and if he had lost his way back to their room. He says he never lives in such a big house so he wants to look around, and it’s quite a while already that he’s walking around, yet he hasn’t been able to cover the whole house. She asks what he wants to see and she will take him there. RaeRai pulls him along so he smiles and walks with her. Rumpei looks sad hearing them. (Oy..she loves the guy already?)


Rit comes back from (I presume) his debt-collecting trip. RaeRai greets him and asks if he feels tired today. He says not that much. She tells WanChai since she had Rit, she doesn’t have to be tired working anymore because Rit does all the work for her. She says he’s the best man in the world. WanChai says he’s so jealous of them. RaeRai tells him not to be jealous of an elder couple like hers when the time of a young couple, him and Rumpei, is coming.

Rit asks RaeRai what she means. She says she forgot to tell him that WanChai and Rumpei got engaged since young. RaeRai has a good time talking with WanChai while Rit doesn’t like what he heard at all.


Rit comes to meet some guys and throws them some money. The guy asks if he came to give them money to spend. Rit asks them to do a job for him. The guy asks what it is. Rit says it’s what they are good at. They agree to take the job.


WanChai and his friends are having a good time at a club. His friends teases him that he will surely become Ruen Rattana’s son-in-law. WanChai says he will go to the restroom. There are two guys waiting for him there. One of them asks if his name is WanChai, and when he says yes, they beat him up. The guy threatens WanChai not to dare touch the beautiful flower which is not belongs to him.


RaeRai gets a phone call and turns serious. She asks how WanChai is. WanChai’s mom says he’s quite all right, but she wants to know what those guys meant by not to dare touch the beautiful flower which is not belongs to him. RaeRai says she doesn’t know either, and tells her not to worry, she will take care of this matter.

Morning comes, RaeRai asks where Rumpei will go with WanChai today.  She says he will take her to do some shopping and have a meal at his family’s regular restaurant.


WanChai takes Rumpei to have a meal with his parents. The mom compliments Rumpei’s looks. The parents love her. WanChai takes Rumpei out for a stroll. He wants to hold her hand but she pulls away, so he asks why she won’t allow it when they will getting married soon. She says let’s wait for that day first. He asks what happened to her. She says nothing. He says he’s delighted that she came to have a meal with his parents. Some guys show up and capture them.

Part 8

The guys beat WanChai up while Rumpei runs to call a security guard. When RaeRai sees his face, she’s horrified. She asks why he didn’t go to the hospital and came here instead. He says he came to send Rumpei home as promised, and he’s quite all right himself.

Rit yells at him, what if they harmed Rumpei and who will be responsible for that. He says to WanChai’s mother that her son is a man but let a woman protect him, and asks if this is the man Rumpei should put her life in his care.

RaeRai asks why he said that. Rit says it’s the truth. WanChai apologizes to RaeRai and promises her he will take the best care of Rumpei. RaeRai asks Rit can he not see that this man sworn his love for Rumpei in front of her, Rit, and everyone here, so why they would object their love.

RaeRai tells WanChai’s mom to find an auspicious day for their wedding as soon as possible. The mom and dad couldn’t agree more.


Morning comes, Rit asks Rumpei if she will marry WanChai for sure. He holds her shoulders so tight that she tells him to let go because it hurts. He says it hurts him too that he loves her with all his heart, but she never accepts his love. She tells him  not to talk like that when he’s Pee RaeRai’s husband, her only sister. RaeRai sees them and gets jealous.


The next morning, Rit comes down to help Rumpei again, but this time RaeRai sees them holding hands. She marches to them and slaps Rumpei. Nuan pulls Rumpei away. RaeRai curses Rumpei for being ungrateful. Rit holds her and tells her to go talk in the bedroom.

RaeRai says she saw them. Rit says it was just an accident, Rumpei tripped so he supported her, that’s all. He assures her there’s nothing between them.


Nuan asks Rumpei if it hurts a lot, and says Khun RaeRai shouldn’t be so obsessed with a man enough to put a hand on her sister. Rumpei tells her not to say that when it’s actually her fault too to make RaeRai jealous. Nuan says even that, RaeRai should have asked her first and not put a hand on her like that. Rumpei says she can endure it.

Rit and RaeRai come in. RaeRai tells Chid and Nuan to prepare the house, because next week ViChai will come to ask for Rumpei’s hand, to marry WanChai. Nuan is delighted and asks when the wedding will take place. RaeRai says soon, but his parents want them to get engaged first, and they will find an auspicious day for the wedding as soon as possible. Tears brimming Rumpei’s eyes when she looks at Rit.


Rit now is becoming worse, he has a man set fire on ViChai’s rice mill.

RaeRai is telling Rumpei to get ready and she should know what to do. Rumpei says yes. Nuan comes in and says something happened. She tells RaeRai that Kaew told her fire broke out on Vichai’s rice mill, and half of it already burned down, and she doesn’t know if the fire been put out yet.

Rit comes in so RaeRai asks if he heard about it. He says no. RaeRai says she’s going there in case they need some help, and tells Rit and Chid to come with her. She orders Nuan and Rumpei to stay home and be careful about the fire. Rit looks at Rumpei while Chid gets suspicious looking at Rit.


RaeRai consoles ViChai’s family about their loss. She says this much loss is much better than having  some injured or dead. As long as they have the strength, they can build it again. Everyone has the time to fall, but once fall, he/she must get up quickly. She says she’s willing to help him with everything he wants, just like how he helped her in the past. They thank her. Chid gives Rit a glare.


That night RaeRai asks Rit if he knows anything about ViChai and WanChai’s family matter. He says no,he doesn’t. He asks what’s disturbing her, and she can tell him. He tells her to sit down.

Rit: My love, who troubled my angel?

RaeRai says she wonders why many bad things happened to WanChai these days. Rit says that family may have many enemies themselves, and they look quite wicked. She says it shouldn’t be because ViChai’s hand is clean and he’s so kind, and everyone loves him. Rit says it can’t be certain about that, ViChai do business and might step on someone’s toes at some point. He asks if she still wants Rumpei to be with them, and if she will be safe.

She asks if he’s worried about Rumpei this much. He says not that, he’s worried more about her, because if she and they become one family, he’s afraid they will bring her troubles. He says instead of getting someone to help, she’s end up putting more burden on herself.

He says he does everything only for her, and anything not good, he wants to protect it from troubling his angel. She thanks him but says she’s certain that WanChai will be a good husband for Rumpei. Rit smiles and hugs her but his eyes looks very disturbing.

Part 9

Rumpei is doing her hair for the ceremony. She cries. It’s the engagement day. RaeRai tells Rumpei to sit closer to WanChai. Rit looks at her and daydreams that RaeRai is telling him to put an engagement ring on Rumpei’s finger, and Rumpei to him. But what really happens is between Rumpei and WanChai.

At night, RaeRai tells Rumpei to pack her things to live in WanChai’s house the day after tomorrow, to prepare to be his housewife and get acquainted with his family members. Rumpei doesn’t want to go but RaeRai says she must follow her order and if she dares to disobey, she’ll see what will happen. Both sisters are feeling sad.


WanChai’s mother comes to see RaeRai to go together to look for an auspicious day for Rumpei’s wedding. She says it’s a pity that Khun Rit won’t come with them because he has a business to take care. RaeRai says it’s only for one day, and after he’s done taking care of the land, he will join them tomorrow. The mom says they are so sweet even when they married for a while now.

Rit tells RaeRai that it’s late already so she should take off now. Chid looks at Rit all the while. RaeRai says if it’s not about finding the date for Rumpei’s wedding, she really won’t go, because she wants to leave with him. He says he told her already that he would hurriedly join her once he’s done. He kisses her farewell and wishes her a safe trip. RaeRai tells Chid to prepare the car for her.


Rit comes to a club but the manager says it’s not the opening hours yet, and they are in the middle of practicing a song with a singer. Rit yells at him rudely to do what they want, he came here to drink. Rit throws him some bank notes to go get him some liquor.


Rumpei is packing. She recalls what RaeRai told her to do. Rit is telling himself, “Rumpei of Rit, my angel.” A song comes up and the singer is Ruetai. Omg…so is this when they first met?

The song is about a person who has to be with someone he/she doesn’t love. It’s the love they can’t choose. It’s painful to have an undesirable love while not getting a desire one. Hoping the one I desire to be with, will know, that they can take away my body but not my love, and even if I die, I will still love only you.

Rit gets up and looks at her a bit, and leaves.


Rumpei comes down with her luggage. Rit comes to see her. He asks where she’s going with the luggage. She says Pee RaeRai told her to go to ViChai’s house and live there, to prepare before the wedding. She says goodbye and tells him to take good care of Pee RaeRai.

When he stops her from leaving, she cries. He hugs her but Rumpei stops him, and says if someone sees them, they will tell Pee RaeRai.

Rit: I’m worried about you, and I didn’t do anything wrong. You are a woman, how can I let you go out alone at night? (He holds her hands.) At least, let me take care of you for the last time. Please let me drive you there.


In the car,

Rit: Rumpei, do you love that tee (a Chinese young man)?

Rumpei: No, I don’t.

Rit: If you don’t love him, then why are you going to marry him?!

Rumpei: Because Pee RaeRai told me to.

Rit: Does that mean whatever Pee RaeRai tell you to do, you will do it? What about your heart? What’s your heart telling you to do?

Rumpei: It’s telling me to do everything Pee RaeRai ordered.

Rit: (He curses.)

Rumpei: Pee Rit, the path of everyone’s life has already been drawn up.

Rit: I will change the path of our lives!

Rit is dragging Rumpei to a house. She tells him that he owns Pee RaeRai her kindness. He says he doesn’t care about Pee RaeRai or anyone!

Rit: All I know is I love you, Rumpei. I can’t stand seeing you become another man’s wife. Rumpei, you must be my wife only.

Rumpei becomes frightened when he’s pulling her into the house. She keeps begging him not to do it.


Chen is looking at Krit’s picture on a phone.

Someone says, “Get rid of him for me.”

The guy is shouting, “Go get them!”

There is gunfire. Krit and Nun are running to get away from them.


Rit is beyond my expectation. I know he’s bad but I didn’t think he’s bad bad. He now committed crimes: assault, arson, and harassment (possibly). I actually don’t like the way Rumpei always looking at Rit, he’s her sister’s husband for crying out loud, then again, love is blind.

Poor Nun, how she will feel later when the truth hit her that her father was actually a criminal. Poor Krit, you are going to stick by her all the way, aren’t you? Well, you’ll always have Panu to mend your heart, but don’t you die on me.


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  1. i ship krit and panu so hard lol~

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