Ruen Rissaya Episode 5

After hibernating in a tiny cave, I came out with some strength to carry on with episode 5, which sadly is more about the past, but I have to agree it came out at the right time.

Episode 5

Part 1

Nun begs Thip to tell her about her parents and Raerai. Thip starts telling her that she knew her father long before he met Khun Raerai and Khun Rumpei.

Flashbacks, Rit is lying down looking at the package the shaman gave him (that he will be rich if he uses it). A group of men comes looking for him. Rit hides behind the wall and (with the package in his hands) starts praying. Suddenly one man calls for a stop to the search, and will go looking for another client instead.

Rit comes out and curses them. He says one day he will make them pay for it real bad.

Thip is a daughter of the owner of ready-to-eat food stall in the market. She obviously has a crush on Rit when he shows up for work. She greets him happily. He excuses himself to go to work. Thip’s mom calls her to come help her selling the food, while Thip’s stepfather doesn’t like to see Thip with Rit.

Rit comes to work and while the lady greets him kindly that he didn’t show up at work for days, the boss scolds him about it. He says he needs a worker to make delivery to the customers and he doesn’t show up regularly. Rit yells back that he can’t rely on him only when he has many workers around.

The boss tells him to quit the job if he doesn’t want to take order from him. He says Rit’s such a lazy man, and can’t be trusted where money is concerned, even for a tiny amount like 10 or 20 baht. He fires him on spot.

Rit approaches him saying he dares to scold him. One worker blocks his way and tells him to go away, people around here don’t like him that much, unless he wants boss to send him to Song, since Song wants to ask Rit about the money and his younger sister who Rit stole from him. Rit appears worried hearing that.

The boss laughs and tells him not to think he doesn’t know the sins Rit committed around here. He won’t hire him anymore. Rit retreats and yells at them to wait for his turn. The boss shoos him out saying Rit’s a lazy and cheated man.

Thip calls Rit to ask what happened, but when Rit wants to leave, she tells him to wait and grabs the bag of food from a customer to give him. She says they are all his favorite dishes. Rit thanks her.

Thip’s mom calls her to come help her, and how she could take the food from the customer to give him. Mom asks if she’s courting a man. Thip’s stepfather tells her to do as her mom said. Rit hears them so he leaves.

Mom keeps yelling at Thip how many times she told her already not to mess with him, that jerk, whoever have him as a hubby would feel like living in hell. She yells louder so everyone will hear, if anyone has a daughter, don’t let her get close to him, a man who never works and just lives on women’s money.

Rit gets angry. He drops the bag on the ground, and leaves. Mom scolds Thip not to let her see her with him again. Stepfather is happy about it.


Rit gets a gun from a box and checks the bullets. He says, “Let’s shoot them one by one, start with Song, and then that dog-mouthed Teer (the boss), or should I rob the gold store or the bank? Freeze…this is the robbery! Haha..this is the robbery, haha.” He puts the gun underneath his shirt. The shaman’s package falls down from nowhere. He picks it up and wants to put it on the shelf, but recalls the shaman said, “If you use the thing in this cloth, you will become so wealthy, a millionaire like you ever wanted…”

Rit looks at it and wonders, “How to use this, old man?”

Part 2

Back to present, at the army headquarters, Krit is busy looking at some documents.

Panu: So, how is Khun Rit’s past? Anything useful for you?

Krit: Nothing at all.

Panu: What were you thinking to bring out so many files of Khun Rit’s records? Are you starting to have some doubt about Khun Rit’s death, just like how his pretty daughter has?

Krit: Right, I don’t know what I’m looking for exactly, but at least, with no clues, I know some information of Khun Rit and people in his family, and perhaps, I will have a chance to use it in the future.

Panu: Then good luck, my friend. It could take you months before you finish reading every file of Khun Rit and of everyone in ‘Ruen Rattana’

Krit accepts an incoming call.

Krit: Sawasdee krap, this is Krittaphon speaking.

Metr: Sawasdee krap, Major Krit, I’m Capt. Metr.

Krit: Yes, Captain Metr. What is it?

Metr: Sorry I have to trouble you. The result of Khun Rit’s autopsy, the new round, has come out, and I’m trying to notify every party involved. However, I couldn’t contact Khun Nuntanut.

Krit: Don’t worry. For Khun Nun, I will contact her myself. Yes, my pleasure.

When Krit hangs up, Panu asks what it’s about. Krit says it’s about Khun Rit. He hands the documents to Panu and tells him to clear his desk for him, and leaves. Panu asks where he’s going.


At the market, Nun asks Thip what’s next, her father met mom and aunt Raerai so how he came to live in ‘Ruen Rattana’. Thip says she wasn’t in that incident but it’s Chid who told her about it. It all began when Chid drove the car and bumped into Rit’s car.

Flashbacks, Raerai just came back from a visit to her hometown village. She’s complaining how people there want only her money. Rumpei reminds her that those are her relatives who live in difficulties, and she didn’t pay them any. Raerai says that’s because she’s not kind with a soft heart like Rumpei who is willing to give things away as long as they say they are her relatives, as if she earned the money herself.

Raerai stresses that every single baht paying for their expenses these days comes from her earning. She says if she gives to one, the whole village will come running. Then she coughs so Rumpei gives her some water and says she hasn’t stopped talking since they left the village. Raerai asks if Rumpei means she talks to much. Rumpei says of course not. Chid smiles at that. Raerai asks what he’s smiling about.

Chid’s car bumps into Rit’s motorcycle. Raerai says why the guy was so stupid not looking at where he’s going, and if he dies, she will have to sell this car off.

Rumpei wants to get down and take a look at him, at least to show their concern. Raerai stops her and says what if he dies, they could get in trouble, and she will let Chid go down instead, in case he dies, they can say they knew nothing of it.

Rumpei says he’s not dead yet, let’s go down and take a look at him. Raerai says she’s so sick of Rumpei’s soft heart, and tells Chid to go down there to check if the man’s dead, or not.

….The following scenes are the repeat of episode one how the three meet…..

Raerai says when he’s seeing her as his angel, how she can disappoint him. She will take him to the hospital and take care of all the medical fees until he’s fully recovered.

They arrive at the hospital. The doctor greets Raerai. She tells him to take the best care of this patient, and stitches up the wound leaving no scars on it, put him in a special ward with a private nurse tending him all the time, also with the best meal available. The doctor assures her he will do that.

Chid asks Rumpei if she thinks it’s strange that Khun Raerai allowed a homeless guy to sit in the car with them. She says it must be that she pities him that he’s injured.


Raerai comes back home to ‘Ruen Rattana’ and can’t stop smiling. Rumpei brings her a glass of water and refreshing towel. She asks if she wants to take a look at the ledgers or tell Chid to prepare the car to go collecting interest from her debtors like she does everyday.

Rumpei has to call Raerai twice before she responds back. Raerai tells her to tell Chid she won’t go out anymore today and wants to rest. Rumpei feels it’s strange of her but says dinner will be a while before it’s ready. Raerai smiles and says all right. Rumpei has to turn back to look at her sister again before she leaves the room.

Part 3

The doctor comes in and greets Rit. After checking the wound, the doctor says he still has some fever but the wound is looking good, no sign of infection, so he should be able to go home in 2-3 days. Rit thanks him but the doctor says not at all because Khun Raerai left him in his care, so anything he needs, please let him know.

After the doctor left, Rit asks the nurse why he’s so courteous toward Khun Raerai. The nurse says not only him, but also everyone in the hospital, because Khun Raerai owns the biggest rice mill. She’s also in real estates, donates money to the hospital, and loans people her money.


At the rice mill, Raerai is busying collecting money from her debtors. She tells aunt Kwan the amount she needs to pay her back (principal + interest) is 50,000 Aunt Kwan says she only has 4,000 and begs her to take it for now, and she will pay the rest later. Raerai won’t allow it so a man (Sorn) gets up and tells her to help ease aunt Kwan’s burden, don’t be such a cruel mind, and when she has so much money, why not share it. He asks if Raerai can take the money with her when she dies.

Raerai yells at Sorn that her money is her business whether she’ll give it away or put in someone’s grave, but it’s not for a jerk like him, not even a penny he will get from her.

She says for all to hear, if anyone thinks she’s so cruel and doesn’t want her money then leave. Sorn walks out.

Raerai asks Chid if she really has a cruel mind. He says if that’s the case, how she could help him, Khun Rumpei, and many others here, and the way she helped Rit yesterday, that should already tell. Raerai remembers Rit so she tells Chid to call Rumpei to take some delicious food to the hospital.


Rumpei and Raerai walk into Rit’s room. He greets Raerai. She asks if he feels better now. He says he does and assures her he won’t die easily, a thick head like him. Raerai wants to see the wound on his arm. Rumpei wants to take a look too and drops some utensils from her hands. Raerai calls her clumsy and consoles Rit if the loud noise startled him. She says her younger sister is always like this mishandling things.

She asks Rumpei if she’s done with arranging the meal already because Rit is hungry. Rit asks what she brought him. She says a nice dinner, and it’s her own cooking too. She thinks the hospital food doesn’t taste well so she’s bringing it for him, and it should help him recover well.

Raerai offers to spoonfeed him because of his injured arm. She tells him the name of each dish and guarantees it tastes good. Rumpei gapes at her sister’s sweet gestures to Rit. A nurse comes in and says she’s spoonfeeding him like a mother doing it to a son (haha). Raerai sends her a killer stare and throws the spoon away. The nurse quickly leaves. Rit is sneaking a glance at Rumpei who is practically smitten by him.


Raerai looks at herself in the mirror and compares her reflection to a photo of her and Rumpei. She shows up again at the hospital looking radiantly blue. Rit greets her and says she looks especially pretty today and her sister looks bright too. He asks if today is some kind of a special day.

Raerai smiles and calls him a sweet talker. She asks what the doctor said. Rit says the wound on his knees are fine, if no infection, he can go home tomorrow. She says he’s so cute to memorize all that, in that case, she should give him a reward. She tells Rumpei and Chid to peel some fruit, the sweet one, so her patient would get well faster. Rit keeps smiling while he obviously has his eye on Rumpei.

Raerai spoonfeeds Rit with some rose apple. She says a piece of sweet rose apple for a sweet talker. She says he looks handsome even when his mouth is wide opened (*cough*). He says the fruit is as sweet as the person who’s feeding him. (*cough cough*)


Sorn comes to see Raerai again for a loan. He slaps his father’s land title-deed on the desk and tells her to give him the money, and she can do whatever she wants with the deed, but she must give him the money now!

Raerai: Sorn, don’t you mess with me. My money is for human only, not for comforting a disgusting dog like you!

Sorn: E-Raerai!

She throws the deed on his face and says, “Get out of my property now!”

Sorn picks up the deed and furiously leave.

Part 4

Rit gets ready to leave the hospital. He greets Raerai and looks behind her expecting someone. She asks who he’s looking for. He says no one, but asks if she came alone today (calling her ‘Khun Nai’ = madam). She gets annoyed and tells him to stop calling her that, and tells him to call her ‘Khun Pee’ instead. He agrees and calls her that. She smiles and says he’s such an obedient man. He says it’s because she’s so good to a dog gets-cornered like him, even something harder than this, he can do it for her.

She tells him not to look down on himself, but he says he’s telling the truth, a man with no job, no house, and no future. He looks like a dog roaming the streets. She pats his shoulder and says she can’t leave him looking like this, and offers him a job, with a room to stay and meals provided, a great salary too. Moreover, if he works well, there will an extra money each month. She asks if he’s interested.

He says it won’t be nice when she doesn’t know either his skills or how he could help her, and she already did so much for him paying the medical fees. She says he can think it over for 2-3 days, and she can wait.

Rumpei comes in with Chid. She tells Raerai that she paid all the hospital bills and the doctor will come up to show him how to take care of the wound, and will clean the wound for him.

Raerai says she forgot to introduce her younger sister to him, her name is Rumpei, and they met many times already. The two greet each other. Rit stares at Rumpei and thinks about the shaman’s words, “…the only chance in your lifetime, think well, Ai Rit.”


Rit comes back to his place. Raerai is disgusted with the space he lived in. He says it’s a place for a poor man. She says it’s so old, small, and filthy. She can’t believe anyone can live here, even Chid’s room is much better a hundred time more, and not to mention her ‘Ruen Rattana’

She says but it’s all right because Rit will live here only two more days. That surprises Chid. Rit tries to refuse but Raerai would take no for an answer if he’s grateful for what she did for him.

He insists he doesn’t want to, and he never works in the rice mill before, so he doesn’t know what he needs to do. He’s afraid he will bring her troubles. She says he doesn’t have to worry about that because she knows the kind of job that suits him. Chid listens to them looking a little nervous.


That night, Rit is having a dream.

Shaman says, “…Ai Rit, your life has two choices, it’s up to you which one to choose…think well…Ai Rit..”

Then Rumpei is calling for help, “Pee Rit, help me! Pee Rit!” Rit answers her, “Rumpei, I’m here. Rumpei, I’m right here!..”

Rumpei reaches out to him, “Pee Rit, please help me!” Rit calls her, “Rumpei, don’t leave yet! I’m here, Rumpei! I’m right here! Rumpei!”

Rit wakes up.


In the morning, Rit comes to ‘Ruen Rattana’ and sees Rumpei is preparing to offer food to the monk. He’s taking in the sight of her.

While walking along, Rit gets caught by some men. The guy punches his face, the first one for the principal, the second one for the interest. He adds a kick for what he did to his daughter and…..Raerai intervenes and tells him to stop it. Rit takes that chance and punches the guy back so the men hold him still.

Raerai tells them to stop it. She says she doesn’t know what problem Som has with Rit before this, but from now on, Rit is one of her men now, and he should know she doesn’t like anyone to mess with her men. Any debt of Rit, he can come get the money from her, and don’t touch him anymore. Som agrees out of respect for Raerai.

Raerai orders Rit to go pack his belongings. He says he promises he will work well, in return for her kindness. She says that’s good, and tells him to leave now.

Rit comes back to pack his things, and grabs the shaman’s package in his hand.

Part 5

They arrive at the rice mill. Raerai tells Chid to take Rit to his room and takes him to see Boon to teach him about working in the mill, and Chid should teach him about how to collect interest (from debtors) so Rit won’t get confused tomorrow.

Chid tells Rit to come with him. Rit asks if he has to sleep at the mill, and how about Chid, where he sleeps. Chid says he sleeps in ‘Ruen Rattana’ so Rit asks how he gets to sleep there. Chid says he doesn’t know that, Rit has to ask Khun Raerai herself. He tells Rit to hurry and come along.

Chid tells Boon this is a new worker and Khun Raerai wants him to work in the mill during the morning and he will go collecting interest with her in the afternoon. Chid leaves Rit with Boon.

Boon asks Rit what kind of work he can do. He tells Rit to broom the rice on the floor. Rit isn’t happy about it.


Raerai comes home and Rumpei asks if she’s tired and wants anything special on today’s menu. Raerai says she’s so lovely to ask and that’s why she loves her more than other siblings. She says she wants nothing special, and likes it the same everyday.

Raerai tells Chid to go rest and stop by Rit in the morning to check on him before coming here to pick her up. Rumpei asks what happened to Rit again that she has to send Chid to check on him. Raerai says he’s fine and she forgot to tell her that he works for her now. She wants him to work in the rice mill and sleeps there, for now.

Rumpei asks what job she took Rit in for. Raerai says, “…my personal assistance.” Rumpei looks a bit upset hearing that.


Rit walks into the mill late so Boon asks if no one told him that working hours start at 8:00 a.m. and now it’s already passed ten o’clock. Boon asks where he went. Rit says he went to have something to eat. Boon is wary that he’s late on his first day and tells him to go help his friends over there. Rit is reluctant to do this labor job. He mumbles, “Stupid job, I won’t do it for long. For me, a more powerful job.”

Boon tells Rit to help his friends and not just stand there mumbling. Chid checks on Rit and doesn’t like what he’s seeing.

Raerai comes to the mill and asks Rit how he’s doing with the job. He says it’s quite tiring for him because he’s never done such labor job before, but he did all the things Boon told him to do, and he started working today at 7:00 a.m. and worked continuously (Chid looks at him knowing he’s lying.) and went back to take a bath to come and wait for her here.

Raerai doesn’t like it that Boon made him work too hard. Chid shakes his head. She says she will take care of that. Rit thanks her. They get in the car together. Rit helps her collecting the money from debtors along with Chid.

They are walking along in the market when Sorn and his friends show up in front of her. She scolds at him for blocking her way. Sorn calls her big mouth and greedy face, and says he will get her money today. He grabs her bag. Rit and Chid fight with them.

Not until Raerai calls for help, that she will reduce the amount of interest for anyone helps catching Sorn, that Sorn is captured. Raerai slaps him for daring to mess with her. She tells him to say goodbye to this world because she won’t forgive anyone for the second time. She tells the men to take Sorn to her workers at the rice mill, they will know what to do. She tells the men if the thing is done, she will lift all the debts for everyone here.

Rit asks if she’s all right. She says she’s fine and asks about him. Chid suggests they take him to the doctor. Raerai tells Rit not to be scared when he’s one of her men and saved her just now, and they will go to tend to his wound at ‘Ruen Rattana’

Rit perks up hearing the house’s name. Raerai tells Chid to help supporting Rit to walk. They come back home together in a car.

Finally, Rit enters ‘Ruen Rattana’. He gets out of the car looking at the house. Raerai asks him, “How is it? It’s ‘Ruen Rattana’, my house. Is it beautiful?”

Rit says, “Yes, it’s beautiful. Very beautiful, but, the person who lives here is many times more beautiful and kinder than this house.” Raerai beams.

Aunt Nuan asks why she came home early today and what happened to Rit’s face. Raerai tells her it’s because he saved her. She tells her to call Rumpei to come tending to his wound.

Part 6

Raerai tells Rumpei to tend to Rit’s wound, and she will go upstairs to take a bath, she feels very tired today.

Rumpei carefully cleans Rit’s wound. The two are quite taken for each other. Just when Rit’s about to hold Rumpei’s hand, aunt Nuan interrupts them and tells Rumpei she will do it instead, it’s just a minor wound.

Rumpei agrees to let her do it so she can leave to prepare  some snacks for Raerai. Rit calls her to wait but she doesn’t say anything and leaves the room. Aunt Nuan tells Rit to let her do it. He cries out in pain when she touches the wound. Nuan says it’s just a soft touch and he cries already, Khun Rumpei did more than this and there’s no sound from him. Hehe.

At the dining table, Raerai tells him to taste the food, it’s Rumpei’s cooking, and she’s good at cooking and every kind of housework. Rit stares at Rumpei long enough for Raerai to ask why he doesn’t eat, or the food doesn’t taste good.

Rit says all of the food looks good but his mouth isn’t in a good shape to eat. Raerai blames it on Rumpei, how she tended his wound that it becomes too painful for him to eat. Raerai takes a look at his wound and asks if he wants to go to the hospital. He says he only needs to rest comfortably, have a meal, and take some pain killers, all that should do.

He excuses himself to lie down on the balcony so he won’t disturb their meal (Slime fox!). Raerai says he’s hurt because of saving her so she can’t let him be uncomfortable. She tells Chid to take Rit to rest in his quarter, there’s an empty room there, and tells Nuan to send someone to clean it. She orders Rumpei to cook some dish that Rit can chew and swallow easily. Rumpei says yes and smiles. Raerai has to nag her into doing it now, so Rumpei leaves for the kitchen. Raerai looks at his wound and it worries her that he can’t eat. He says it’s all right.

Rit walks out the main building and looks up at it. He says, “Someday this house will be mine!”


Back to present, Nun asks Thip if something is disturbing her. She says nothing. Nun gets a call, it’s from Krit.

Nun: Yes, Khun Krit.

Krit: Finally you take my call, I’ve been calling you since the morning.

Nun: I’ve seen it, 5 missed calls. Is there anything important, Khun Krit?

Krit: Yes, there is. A very important one, and another thing just as important…I’m worried about you.

Nun: Thank you, Khun Krit, for the kindness you’ve given me. At the moment, I do need some support while bracing myself for hearing something, which I’m not sure how it will turn out. But I’m confident it will make everything in my life becomes clearer.

Krit: Are you doing something risky?

Nun: No, I’m safe and sound. Now I’m with the person who I trust the most in my life…and what about another important thing, what is it?

Krit: It’s very important, so important that I can’t tell you on the phone. I’ll drop by to see you, let’s talk then.

Nun: All right.

Krit: Sawasdee krap.

Nun hangs up looking at Thip.


Krit comes back to his unit.

Panu: Went to see Khun Nun? (Krit nods.) Then why acting like you are under stress when you just went to see her?..(Krit gives him a glare.)..All right, Major, don’t be stressful. Khun Nun’s fortune is a strong one, nothing will happen to her easily.

Krit: I’m not under stress but I’m worried about her.  I pray that this good fortune come along very often, or if possible, no one harm her anymore. I’m afraid, the next time, I won’t be able to save her in time.

Panu: Then we should do it together, digging into Khun Rit’s death and going through the records of everyone in Ritanon family, and may be that would give us some clue to Khun Nun’s case.


At the market, Thip is saying that Nun has such a sweet face like her mother, but her mind and character totally takes after Khun Rit, also her charming smile that could rule the world.


Back to the past, Rumpei gets ready to make merit like every morning. Nuan says she forgot to bring the envelops (filled with some money) which Khun Raerai left it with her. So she gets into the house after Rumpei teased that she’s aging fast.

Rit sneaks behind Rumpei and she thinks it’s Nuan. She teases why she came back so fast, and is startled to see Rit instead.

He tells her not to be frightened, and says he’s Rit. He asks if she can remember him. She smiles and says of course, he works for Pee Raerai. He praises her for making merit (offering food to the monks) every morning, what a kind heart she has, which goes well with her sweet bright angelic face, and whoever stays close to her, will feel so happy like staying in heaven. Rumpei smiles shyly.

Nuan comes back and asks Rit why he’s here, and Chid is looking for him. She says madam is coming downstairs soon, so he should go and wait for her. Rit leaves while Rumpei’s heart skipped a beat. Poor girl.

Part 7

Rit works for Raerai though thick and thin. Thip sees him and calls out, “Pee Rit, Thip’s here! Pee Rit!” Thip’s mom scolds at her for calling a man in the middle of the marketplace, it’s so embarrassing. Rit averts his eyes while Raerai glares at Thip. Mom is dragging Thip home.

Raerai: Who?

Rit: Just someone I know.

Raerai: How much do you know?

Rit: Just a girl next door, not very close though.

Raerai: If that’s it, it’s good because I’m worried that a good-looking man like you, should have many girl approaching. The most fearsome thing of woman is anger…out of jealousy. If it’s only one woman, you should be able to handle that, but..if many women, it must be difficult for you to handle it, isn’t that right, Rit?

Rit: Yes, I will remember your words of advice, but I won’t have my eyes on any woman now, because my mind now stays with one woman already.

Raerai beams while Chid listens to Rit’s every word.

Rumpei is at home daydreaming about how Rit praised her this morning. She beams and accidentally pricks her finger with a needle, so she cries out in pain. Aww..foreshadowing!


Thip gets home in a rather bad mood. A drunk step-dad asks what it’s all about. Mom says Thip was pestering a guy, and it’s so embarrassing. Thip argues that she just greeted him, what’s so wrong about it. Mom says of course it is, because it’s that jerk Rit!

Thip asks her why she hates him so much. Mom says she can choose the man she would love herself, but please choose a good capable one, not a bad man who is worse than a gangster on the streets. Thip asks if it’s like how mom was stupid to choose this jerk to be her hubby. Mom slaps her for daring to scold her, calling her an ungrateful child. Mom walks away after telling her, just remember that.

Step-dad wants to touch Thip but she shoves him away, calling him a drunkard. Thip runs upstairs crying while dad keeps yelling. He warns her to take good care of herself because if he gets a chance, he will make her his, and she should see that he means well for her. Thips cries.


Rit is buying some drug at the store, and then puts it in one of the two soft drinks he bought. He offers the one without drug to Raerai, and another to Chid. Chid doesn’t want it but he thanks him and takes it anyway. Rit tells him to take a rest as he can take over the job for him. He’s looking at Chid drinking the drink mixed with drug.

Part 8

Raerai is worried why nobody knows what happened to Chid, and why he still didn’t bring the car around for her. Nuan can’t answer her fast enough so she asks Kaew instead. Kaew says he’s having and lying down in his room, looking so pale. Raerai asks if someone has called the doctor. Nuan says someone already has.

Raerai is frustrated how she’s going to collect her money today. Rit happens to walk in there. She asks why he came all the way here. Rit says he thought it’s already late so he came up here to check if something went wrong. She says of course, Chid fallen sick and they even need to call the doctor for him. Rit asks how she will go out and collect the money today. She says she won’t make it because she has no driver. He says he knows how to drive so he can do it in Chid’s place.

Raerai is delighted so she tells him to leave right away because it’s already very late. Rit looks at Rumpei when she perks up. Raerai tells him to hurry and come along.


They come back home and Raerai steps out of the car onto some water on the ground. Rit says sorry to her that he didn’t look where he parked the car. She says it’s all right. He kneels down and cleans her shoes with his handkerchief. He says she’s been good to him so he wants to repay her. Both look at each other. Rumpei comes out and sees them together. Is she jealous? I’m not sure, but she walks the other way.

Rit joins the table for the meal. After Raerai finishes eating, he wants to take her plate away but she says let Nuan and Kaew do that, and he should hurry back to the rice mill. Rit is disappointed to hear that, but Raerai adds that he should pack his belongings and come to sleep at Chid’s quarter tonight. Omo…she says from now on, he will sleep there, it’s easier for him to come here for work and he can be her personal assistant full time. Also, staying close within the same fence, in case of emergency at night, she can send for him right away.

Rit tries to suppress his smile and thanks her. Man, the guy talks so polite. Rumpei averts her eyes every time Rit looks at her.

Rit comes to the kitchen and says the smell is nice, and asks what Nuan’s cooking. Nuan hands a bowl of soup for him to taste it before anyone else, as a reward for his sweet mouth. He tastes it and says it’s delicious, and asks if he can have many more of it. She says of course, he can have as many. He asks if he sneaked away his boss’s food before she has it. Nuan says she already took it out for Khun Raerai in that bowl. She points it to him.

He asks why just one bowl, how about Khun Rumpei. Nuan says Khun Rumpei will let Khun Raerai finish first before she eats because Khun Raerai needs to go to work. Nuan looks around for Kaew and Kwan, because it’s about time to set the table for Khun Raerai. She tells Rit to look after the kitchen while she’s away looking for them. Rit is more than ready to do it.

Rit looks at Raerai’s bowl of soup and gets an idea. He puts some liquid in the bowl and says, “I don’t want a woman like you to work too hard. Now Pee Raerai can get some rest.”


Later, Raerai isn’t feeling well. Rit suggests her get some rest while Chid is on the way for the doctor. Raerai asks for the time, she needs to go collect the money. Rumpei begs her to take care of herself first and rest for today. Rit offers himself for the job of collecting money. He assures her he will do his best and put her interest best at heart.

Raerai allows him to do it for her, and says that she trusts him. He says he won’t make her regret it. She says he always helps her in her difficult time. She tells Rumpei to prepare the big car for him, he must use the best one since he will represent her. Rit is too happy for words.


Rit comes to collect the loan money for Raerai. He tells the lady he came today for Khun Raerai, and this time if she doesn’t pay, she will have to get out. He shouts at her that people like her are so annoying. When they came for the money, they had so many reasons, but once it’s due, they won’t pay it back.

Rit tells her to pack her things and get out. She begs him for one more month, but he says no matter how long he gives her, she won’t be able to pay. She gives him some money, and that’s all she has. He grabs all of it and says he will help her this once. He says next time if she doesn’t pay, she might as well pack her things. She thanks him.

Rit looks left and right, and puts the money in his own shirt pocket.

Part 9

Rit comes back with a bouquet in his hand. He asks Raerai what the doctor said. She says food toxic that kind of thing, but she’s quite all right so let’s leave it. She asks if he went out to collect her the money or the thing in his hand. He says he thought it’s beautiful and she should recover faster when seeing these beautiful flowers and their nice smell. She accepts it from him.

When he wants to give her today’s ledger, she touches his hand and says there’s no need for that because she trusts him. Rit says he wants to talk with her about something.

Rit: What if, from now on, I will go out and take care all of the debtors….

Raerai: Rit, why? The way you said it, as though, you don’t want to go out with me.

He holds her hands and says he never thinks that way, and he only wants her to stay comfortably in the house, and not get out there to hear her debtors’ pleas and ruin her mind. He says he wants to help ease her burden so she will have time to rest and take care of herself, and that’s all.

She asks if he really thinks that way. He squeezes her hands and says yes, and he wants to make himself useful and repay this angel of his. Raerai squeals and says she’ll believe him, and is willing to accept everything he intends to do for her with his heart. Rit smiles at her like a buffoon yet when she’s not looking, his face turned hard.

Rit is obviously busy because now he comes to peek at Rumpei. He says, “Khun Rumpei, it’s actually you, who is always in my heart.”


Rit spends the night away in a cafe with women. He gives them bank notes, and orders drinks for everyone.


A man comes to see Raerai at the rice mill. She invites him to take a seat. He looks at her and says why her face looks very bright today which means she’s feeling happy. She smiles and says both happy and sad just like how a hard-working person would feel. He says that would be correct in the past, but now, a rumor is going around that she got a new skilled worker with a handsome face. He asks if it’s true.

She asks if he met Rit. He says of course, he went to the cafe many times, and every time he came, the girls would go surrounding him because he handed out the money with no limits. Raerai can connect the dots right away and gets so mad.


Rit comes to see Rumpei and praises her again for diligently doing all the housework. He says since they met, she’s been good to him but he never gets a chance to thank her. She smiles shyly.

Rit is giving her a gold bracelet. He says he had to save his earning for months to buy it. He says he wants to give it to her as a thank you gift and…(he wants to put it on her wrist.) She pulls her hand back and gets up, and tells him to keep it, she can’t accept it. Rit tries to put it on her again but this time Rumpei sets him straight and leaves. He wants to follow her but Nuan blocks the way.


Rit sits at the cafe looking at the bracelet. He thinks of how Rumpei rejected him. A woman comes to sit with him but he says he didn’t call for her, why bother him, he came here today to drink alone. He tells her to go away. The woman leaves his table.


Chid is in Rit’s room searching for something. He looks around and finds stacks of bank notes lying along with a gun is a box. He takes it out and thinks of what to do.

Rit comes back and notices someone broke into his room. He searches for the money.

Rit: Who broke into my room? Which dog stole my money?!

Raerai speaks up, “It didn’t go anywhere. It’s here.” She shows him the money in her hand. Rit sees she has a gun in her hand. He stammers, “Pee Raerai!”

Raerai: Startled? That I’ve found your trunk of fortune? The trunk filled with my money that you had embezzled it.

Rit: What are you saying?

Raerai: Saying what? Here! (She throws the money at him.) I’m saying the truth. The truth that you fooled me all this time! You know, don’t you, how much I trusted you? Whoever came to me to tell the things about you, I never believed it as long as I didn’t see it with my own eyes!

She pulls a trigger. He kneels down and begs her.

Rit: Pee Raerai, please let me explain.

She points the gun at him and says, “Say it then. Why does a worker, who started the job not many months ago, could have so much savings to spend on drinking and fool around with women in a club? Where did you get the money? Tell me, you ungrateful!”

Rit: I was wrong! I’m sorry. I’m willing to give all the money back to you, and work for you as the payment, for as long as you think it’s enough for the amount which disappeared.

She walks around him.

Raerai: What an easy way to say, and do you think I will continue feeding a poison snake like you?

Rit: I know, I could only end up a dog on the streets. I won’t ask for anything more, only you listen to the truth from me till the end, and then whether you’ll give me to the police, or shoot me down somewhere, I’ll let you.

She puts the gun down and slaps him hard.

Raerai: Don’t you lie! If you want to have a little more time breathing, tell me the truth. Why did you take my money? You cheated dog! How could you stab me in the back? Betrayer! Ungrateful!

She slaps his face again. He pulls her hand and says he’s never betrayed the person he loves, “I want to marry you! I saved the money to marry you!”

Raerai has a mixed feeling hearing his confession.


San: Mr. Rit died of acute heart failure.

Nun: They got away, aunty.

Thip: Got away?

Thip throws her phone at the mirror.

Thip: ….even if you got away from jail, I will not lose to you!


Rit’s behavior is really hard to swallow, but it’s nice to know the kinds of tricks a man can use against a woman, who falls head over heels in love with him. It’s sad to know that the truth Nun’s digging deep is something, may be, not worth the prize, unless there’s something more to it and could it be the past has been tainted by greed?


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