Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (3)

Here’s another song from a heart of a woman 🙂


Song title: Khob-khun Thi Yoo Trong Ni (thank you for being here)

Artist: Joy Jirapat

Translation of the lyrics:

I used to live my life with no one to care, live on my own

I used to live with the question ‘Who would my mind put my life in his care on my tiring days?’

*[ Since that day, that I’ve met you

It seems you came to change my life

**[ No one ever given me such warmth,

And no one ever been as good as you

Thank you for being here…thank you for always having each other

Will give my whole heart to you…the only one ] ]

You change the confusion in my heart, so that I won’t be nervous like before

You never get tired when I don’t behave well, just love and forgiveness you would give me, all the time

Repeat [*] [**]

🙂 🙂 🙂

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