Ruen Rissaya Episode 4

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Episode 4

Part 1

Nun is waiting for Krit to return her message, “Answer me already!” Krit looks at her message and smiles, and puts his phone away.

In the morning, Nun is talking to her phone, “Playing hard to get? Do you think I will resort to begging?!”

Ruetai’s gang comes in with Ron. Gip says it’s fortunate there were no reporters there or she could be on the newspaper’s front page. She’s worried if that to happen that she went there to bail her brother out, it would be so embarrassed. Ron tells her to think which dog (who) sent him to the police and go yelling at that person.

Gip tells him not to call her Krit a dog. He says how she could say her Krit when he saw her trying to make him take the bait for a long time already. She starts hitting him saying she just went there to bail him out. He argues what bailed him when all she did was busily flirting with the policeman. Ruetai tells them to go ahead and hit each other to death. Duan and Sri come to stop them but Duan ends up getting slap instead.

Nun joins them and asks Duan (calling her Duan-dub) how she is, she pities her for being so loyal to them but got slapped instead. She laughs. Ron faces her and asks what she’s laughing about. She tells him not to touch her or he could be dead before he go to jail. Ron says he’s not scared by that. Nun reaches into her bag. Ruetai tells Ron to stop. Gip asks Ruetai why she has to tell him to stop. She wants Ron to fight Nun and she’s not afraid of her.

Nun pulls her gun out startling everyone. Ruetai asks if she’s carrying a gun to kill them. Nun says she never harms anyone first, unless she’s cornered. She tells them to remember that. Nun says, “Whoever did it to my father or to the people in my house, this time I came back to ‘Ruen Rattana’ to get serious!”

After Nun leaves, Gip asks her mom if she saw that that woman is very dangerous, she even carries a  gun with her. She surely is ready to kill their whole family. Ruetai tells her not to chicken out, she think Nun won’t dare do that and says, “Does she think she’s the only who has a gun? If she wants to get serious, then she will face with a serious thing!”

Ron nags his mom that he has something to talk to her, and pulls her away for a private talk.

Ruetai: What? A football gambling debt of 2 millions? How could you come up with such bet?

He says the first match he bet, he won 5 millions, so the second match he felt he would surely win so he bet with 2 millions more, but he lost with the scores of 4-0. She says she regrets bailing him out. Ron says it’s up to her, if she won’t pay back the debt, then let them carry him away and kill him.

Ruetai is mad and asks when he must pay them back. He says in three days. She screams and hits him, how she can find such amount in three days. He says just get it from dad Rit’s money, find a way to withdraw it. She asks if he’s stupid when the account has been frozen till the reading of the will.

He asks what about her own savings. She yells at him how she can have that when the two of them helped spending it all. She explains that the expense of the house these day is paid by the money from Khun Rit’s order that the finance department transfer it to the account every month. She curses Nun who destroyed her dream of receiving a thousand million inheritance. She says she wants to kill Nun and can’t stand seeing her face in this house.

Ron tells her not to worry, he will get rid of Nun and will get Nun out of her way, but for now, she must help him pay back the debt first. He begs her. Ruetai says all right, but she needs to think where to get the money from. Ron smiles and kisses her arm. She tells him not to dare smile, and says she will go take a bath now. She mumbles that he kept bringing trouble everyday.

Ron says, “Krit, you were so harsh to me this time. Just wait and see, I will make you pay for it many times more.”

Part 2

At the army gym, Krit and Panu are fighting on a Tae Kwan Do platform.

Krit: How’s the thing about Chen I asked you to find out?

Panu: Still investigating by the police, but I knew now that those two guys go there regularly, and their professions?..Definitely against the law.

Krit: And Ron?

Panu: Ron is a regular there, he loves sports…football gambling. Do you know that last night when he was arrested, I heard he lost the bet of 2 millions?

Krit: He doesn’t work so where does he get the money from to lose in millions?

Panu: Don’t forget who Ron’s step father is. If he gets the inheritance, I guarantee people in those football gambling dens will be so rich.

An officer takes Nun to the gym and tells her that Major Krit is over there. She thanks him.

Nun sees Krit and Panu on the platform fighting. She claps her hands when Krit knocks him down.

Panu: Sawasdee kra..p (Krit pulls him back.) What?

Krit touches his chest to stay where he is.

Panu: Sawasdee krap, I’m Major Panu, you can call me ‘Nu’ in short.

Nun: Yes, Khun Nu. We’ve met but never really get to talk.

Panu: When you call me ‘Nu’ like this, it already feels like we’ve known each other for a long time. (Krit stomps his foot on Nu’s and he cries out.)

Krit: I heard you must hurry leave to take care of an errand.

Nu: Huh?

Krit: In a hurry.

Nu: Huh?…Oh, right. I just remember that I have to run an errand. Please excuse me. See you again……

Krit: Aren’t you in a hurry?

Panu: All right. Everyone comes outside for practice.

The guys leave with Panu.

Krit: What is it that you came to see me?

Nun: To practice shooting with you.

Krit: Do we have an appointment to practice shooting today?

Nun: We don’t? It must be my uncleared brain. I don’t know why I thought I had an appointment with you today.

She looks around and picks up a double kicking target from the floor.

Nun: What is this?

Krit: It’s called double kicking target to practice a precise kick.

Nun: Can you show me?

Krit: All right, but you must move back first (Nun moves a little away from him.), and hold it high…that’s too high, a little lower….that’s too low, can you make it right? At shoulder level.

Nun: Should level? Here. Just kidding. (She reaches out.) Is it good enough?

Krit: Hold it tight. (When Krit’s about to kick, she swings it up and down.) Khun, be still.

Nun: Wait! Let me ask your first, why didn’t you answer my message last night?!

Krit laughs.

Krit: Now you admit that you came to see me today because you wanted to argue with me, that I didn’t accept to have a meal with you.

Nun: And…will you go?

Krit: Where will you take me?

Nun: A restaurant of my friend, Fanta.

Krit: OK, and that kicking target, are you ready now?

Nun: I’m ready.


Gip comes to see Krit and asks an officer his whereabouts. He says Maj. Krit’s practicing Tae Kwan Do in the gym. Gip walks that way. The officer says Major Krit is now in trouble.

At the gym, Krit tells Nun to hold it tight. He kicks it once and she’s impressed. She says she interested in it now.

Krit: Don’t tell me that, besides shooting, you are interested in martial arts too.

Nun: Dare to teach me?

Krit: That trick won’t work. Shoot the gun well first, I don’t want you to get hurt because of this.

She wants to hit him with the kicking target but he steps away in time so she ends up hugging him instead. Both feel nice in each other arms.

Gip walks in there and sees them so she yells, “Khun Krit!” She walks to them. Nun crosses her arm with Krit’s. He looks down at his arm.

Gip: What is this, Khun Krit?

Krit: Please excuse me, I need to go take a bath first.

Nun: Yes.

Gip: Khun Krit! (To Nun) What are you doing here?

Nun: Khun Krit didn’t have a practice partner so I came to be his partner.

Gip: What? Partner? Aren’t you ashamed saying that?

Nun: Why ashamed when telling the truth? A person who lies to build good image doesn’t feel ashamed, so why do I?

Gip: Who did you just criticize of lying?

Nun: Figure it out yourself.

Gip: Nun, today I challenge you! (Nun walks away) Where are you going? Come back here, you thick face! You must be trembling of wanting Khun Krit so bad that you had to come encouraging a man here?

Nun: Encouraging a man? So this must be what they called ‘short up to the navel’ (Gip outfit’s length is so short).

Gip: Don’t butt in!

Nun: I don’t want to either on this stupid thing, but here is an official place, no one ever taught you that you should dress appropriately? Wearing clothes to expose yourself like a porn queen, you could ruin my father’s reputation.

Gip wants to slap her but misses. Nun pulls her and lets go when she tells her to. Gip falls down.

Gip: Wait and see, I will tell Khun Krit how you criticized me! You sparrow mouth!

Nun: Go tell him fast, or wait until your Khun Krit come out, and I can yell at you one more time to show him!

Gip: You! Come back here!

Nun leaves so Gip barges into a crowded Men’s locker room and calls for Krit. The men are startled and quickly cover themselves. Lol.

Krit: Eh…Khun Gip, I’m about to go out, what happened to you?

Gip: Nun bullied me. I wanted to come in here to see if you finished taking bath already, she tripped me. I can’t take it anymore, she would bully me every time we met. Khun Krit, you must help me.

Krit: And…how do you want me to help?

She walks to him and hugs his arm.

Gip: Console me by treating me a meal. I want to talk to you in private. We could drive far away to see the river, the sea, go up the mountain, or go down the creek. I’m willing to go with you. Just the two of us.

Krit: Khun Gip, I’m really sorry. I have an appointment today.

Gip: What?

Krit: In that case..Nu! Please take care of Khun Gip. (Krit leaves the room.)

Panu: Thank you, my friend.

Gip: Khun Krit!

Panu stops her from following Krit.

Panu: Wait, Khun Gip. Please sit down. Are you hungry? Whether it’ll be up the mountain or down the creek, I’m good at it. (She wants to leave.) Wait!


At Fanta’s restaurant, Fanta walks into the kitchen and asks if Thip hasn’t come yet. The lady says not yet. Fanta asks if she asked someone to call her at her room, and whether she’s sick. The lady says Thip didn’t sleep in her room last night. Fanta asks where she slept. The lady says no one knows, she is a mysterious person and once the restaurant closed for the day, she never spends the night here.

Fanta asks where she sleeps if she doesn’t sleep here. Thip walks in and answers her, “At my relative’s house. I’m sorry I came late. I wasn’t feel well last night so I went to see the doctor, and it’s late so I spent the night at my relative’s house.”

Fanta says if she still doesn’t feel well, you can go rest. Thip assures her that she feels better now. She asks if there are a lot of orders coming in. The lady shows all to her. Thip gives her a glare. She tells Fanta she will take care of the orders. Fanta notices the lady looks nervous.

Fanta comes out and calls Thi. She tells him that she just learns that Thip doesn’t sleep at the restaurant but somewhere else. She told her before that she had no relatives and she’s alone that’s why she allowed her to stay here. Thip hears her talking on the phone.

Fanta says, “If it’s not Pee Thi told me to keep an eye on her, I wouldn’t know about it.” Thip gets nervous.

Part 3

Thi looks at several watches and thinks of buying one.

Nun comes to see Thip at the restaurant. She holds her hand and says she must still be frightened of how Ruetai came to bite her like a mad dog. Nun says sorry that she wasn’t there to protect her.  Thip says the fact that she came to console her, it makes her feel better and the pain is gone now. Nun touches her face and asks if it hurt a lot.

Thip: Don’t you worry. Mai and Ruetai beat me up so bad I felt like dying before and it’s worse than this, and I could survive then, so just this much, I won’t die because of it.

Nun pulls her down to sit and asks why Ruetai harbors such deep hatred towards her, and if it’s because what Gip said was true. Thip gets angry and asks what Ruetai’s daughter accused her of this time.

Nun: Gip said you were dad Rit’s mistress for a very long time, yet you secretly had a relationship with Chid until you got pregnant, and then you lied to dad that you were pregnant with his child. When dad caught you were lying, he chased you out of the house. Aunty, is it true that you had a relationship with dad without me knowing?

Thip: That’s not true! Khun Nun, you mustn’t believe them. They want you to hate me. I and Khun Rit never had such relationship. I loved and respected Khun Rit just like how a servant would feel for the master.

Thip starts to cry.

Nun: I’m sorry to ask you like that. I knew you were framed. Aunty,  I’m sorry.

Thip: It’s all right. Khun Nun, you must believe me. You must trust me. Don’t believe their lies or else you will be used by them. My Nun must be wise deserving to be mom RumPei’s daughter. All right? Do you know who gave you the name ‘Nuntanut’?

Nun: Was it mom Rumpei?

Thip nods and says, “That’s right.”

Nun begs her to tell her about her mother.

Thip: All right. Khun Rumpei loved you so much, so much in her life.

Flashback, Rumpei is holding a baby in her arms. She says, “My baby, the reason I gave you the name ‘Nuntanut’ is because you were born to be happy, and to give me happiness.” She sits down with Thip and says, “My child, you are the best thing, and everything in my life. If I don’t have you, I won’t know who to live for, and won’t be able to continue living.”

Thip: Why are you saying that, Khun Rumpei? You must stay to raise Khun Nun till she grows up a young girl.

Rumpei: I hope so, Thip. My daughter, you must grow up strong and wise. I will wait for the day you grow up and hold my hand, all right?

She kisses the baby.

Present, Nun asks, “Then why mom left me? Why didn’t she wait for me to grow up and hold her hand like she hoped for? Aunt Thip, who made my mom commit suicide? Can you tell me?”

Thip says she doesn’t know that because Khun Rumpei wasn’t talk much so she didn’t tell her a lot, but the person who knew it well was Khun Rit, but as Nun know already, Khun Rit didn’t want anyone to talk about it and would be mad every time someone mentioned it. Thip suggests Nun shouldn’t want to know about it because Khun Rit and Khun Rumpei must be in heaven together by now. Nun agrees. Thip says now there are only the two of them left to be in hell with Ruetai. She tells Nun to stop crying and go wait for her at the table, and she will prepare her favorite dishes for her. Nun tells her that a friend will come join her today so please prepare 3-4 dishes.

Thip: And who is your friend?

Nun: Khun Krit, the person who saved my life.

Thip: Are you close to him now?

Nun: Why? You don’t trust him?

Thip: Isn’t he very close to Ruetai’s daughter?

Nun: He’s one good man. Please excuse me, aunty.

Thip doesn’t like it. Nun gets up to go sit at the table.

Part 4

Krit arrives at the restaurant.

Krit: Did you have to wait long?

Nun: You came pretty quick. Did you sneak away from someone? (He sighs.) Didn’t Gip follow you here?

Krit: I told her I had an appointment with you so she didn’t come.

Nun: You didn’t say that or else Gip wouldn’t let you come for sure.

Fanta is happy to see Nun and asks why she didn’t call first. Nun tells her she came to treat Khun Krit a meal as a payment he taught her to use a gun. Fanta asks when she started to learn it from him and why she didn’t tell her.

Nun says why she needs to tell her everything. She tells her she met aunt Thip and already made an order. Nun invites Krit to go sit at the table. Fanta tells her to take a seat first and she will follow her later.

Fanta sees Nun and Krit walking away together, she says Pee Thi is facing with a big problem now.

Nun peeks at Krit again and again, and when she does that for the third time, he puts the menu down and gives her his full attention.

Krit: Khun, am I that handsome? If I’m so handsome like that, you can look at me right at my face, no need to steal a glance, here, I’m allowing you to look at me.

Nun: Don’t be arrogant, I didn’t look at you because you’re handsome.

Krit: If it’s not because of that, then what is it that you wanted to treat me a meal?

Nun: So boring, you knew what I’m up to all the time.

Krit: Aren’t you going to say it? I’m giving you 3 seconds. One, two…

Nun: Wait! What’s the charge you arrested Ron?

Krit: Oh, about that. The truth is I didn’t go there to arrest him, I was there on duty, but I met him. He came to gamble on football.

Nun: Football gambling? Do you happen to know if he fell into a debt?

Krit: I heard he had a 2 million debt.

Nun: Two million?


Ruetai calls here and there to sell rice with ‘a friendly price’ but she’s rejected because their warehouse is full to its capacity. Ruetai is frustrated how it could be that rice’s over supply in the market when everyone eats rice.

Mai asks if she doesn’t afraid someone will know that she is selling the rice outside the mill. She tells him to be quiet, she did it many times and didn’t get caught until now. He says that’s in the past, now Khun Rit’s daughter returned and she’s keeping an eye on her.

She says what she can do when she has only two days more to pay back her jerky son’s debt. If not this way, how she can come up with that money. She calls (a wealthy Chinese) Tia, the short greedy one, she says.

She offers Tia the price of 3 million but he says last time it’s only 1,900,000. She argues that it was 2 million last time, (oops!) then she realizes her mistake. So they close the deal at 2 million, in cash, and he will come with his truck to get the rice early in the morning. She thanks him through gritted teeth. She curses at the phone, Tia the greedy, Tia the alerted dog.


At the restaurant, Nun wonders about the 2 million debt, it’s a big amount for Ron to find so it should be her father’s money they will get it from. Krit asks if she remembers about two guys set a trap to beat him up in the restroom. She says she does. He tells her Ron knew them. She say they knew each other, so what it is. He says if she’s suspicious the person who sent a man to kill her is someone from her step-mother, then she must be very careful because these two men are very dangerous.

Krit says, “I’m worried about you.” She looks at him and laughs, “You? Worried about me?”

Krit: What’s so funny about that?

Nun: It’s a little surprise, suddenly you said you’re worried about me when before this, you looked at me like I’m a giantess.

Krit: I never said you were a giantess.

Nun: You never said but your eyes told me. Plus, when we met at my father’s funeral, you were not so friendly towards me.

Krit: I think you must be biased. For me, I felt nothing, all right, the most it could be is I was startled because I’d never met a woman this feisty.

Nun: Hey, when a dog gets cornered, it will fight. If it doesn’t fight, it will be surrounded and bitten to death.

Krit: That’s why I’m worried and want to take care of you from the distance.

Aww….she’s obviously touched by that.

Thip comes to serve the food herself, and asks if they have to wait long. Nun asks why she has to serve it herself and not some other waitress. Thip says she wants to look after her like in the past how she had raised her.

Krit: Excuse me, what happened to your face?

Nun: It’s the product of Ruetai, my step-mother. When she knew aunt was here, she came to throw a tantrum till the restaurant almost broken apart.

Thip: Khun Nun, you don’t have to worry about me but worry of yourself. Khun Ruetai is a cruel person. Even with many customers around, she could still harm me, so how could you be sure that she won’t harm you from behind? Those three, mother and children, will find every way to get rid of you, and get out of their way.

Krit looks at Nun, then Thip.


Gip comes to see Krit’s uncle, Manob. She asks the butler if Manob came back from abroad. He says he just arrived a minute ago. Gip marches into the house while he tries to tell her to slow down.

Gip greets Manob and says she came to pay him a visit and her mother also sends him her regards. He asks how she knew he’s here when he didn’t tell anyone. He glares at the butler but the man shakes his head that he didn’t tell her.

Gip says she doesn’t know it but takes a chance because she’s worried and wants to see him. She’s so worried about Khun Krit, and it’s so fortunate she gets to see him today. He asks what happened to Krit.

They sit down in the living room. Gip says Krit may be fooled. He chuckles and says who could fool his nephew. Gip starts telling him about Khun Rit’s daughter, the one who was cut off from the family a long time ago, now she came back. She heard she was sent to study in England when she was young.

Manob says, “Khun Rit’s daughter?” Gip says she returned once dad Rit died and called her mother a murderer who killed dad Rit. She says Krit could be under some spell because these days he always follows her around instead of going to work. She’s so worried.


Thip tells Nun to eat a lot so she will have the strength to fight with them, and not to fall sick. Nun smiles and says she will get fit, fighting! Thip excuses herself to go back to work. Krit laughs.

Nun: What’s so funny?

Krit: It’s funny the way you two talked, so seriously like you are joining the war.

Nun: If not, then almost. I’m going to war, to fight with those people, with my tiny hands.

He grabs her fist.

Nun: Let go! Don’t you flirt with me. Let go!

Krit: Flirt with you? Let me tell you, your tiny hand won’t mean a thing. See, you were so careless that I could grab it, and you can’t even pull it off my grip, so how will you be able to get away from them?

Thi grabs Krit’s wrist and says, “I will help her to get away from those harmful hands.” Krit stares at him.

Fanta says, “Stay cool, Mr. Model.”

Krit refuses to let go of Nun’s fist. Nun looks at them and teases if they are having a crush on each other in secret. She slaps Krit’s hand and tells him to let go of her fist first, before they continue with the crush.

Nun shakes her head and says men these days can’t be trusted (they fall for each other). Thi sits down and assures her he’s not gay and likes woman, and which girl he likes, he would never change his mind.

Nun looks at Krit then asks Thi what’s in the bag. Thi gets the watch out of the package and says he will put it on for her. She lets him. Fanta is sad seeing them together.

Looking at the watch on her wrist, Thi asks if she thinks it’s pretty. Nun says it is but on what occasion he bought it for her. He says to assure her that he likes woman still. Krit gets a phone call.

Krit: Sawasdee krap, uncle. (To Nun) Excuse me for a minute.

He walks away to talk.

Krit: Sawasdee krap, uncle.

Manob: Are you at the unit working?

Krit: No, I’m not. I came out to talk about some business with a friend outside.

Manob: Are you taking care of some business with a friend from the unit?

Krit: No, it’s not.

Manob: In that case, we must talk.

Krit: What is it about, uncle?

Manob: Let’s talk at home. I will wait for you to join me dinner, come fast.

Krit: Yes.

Gip smirks.

Part 5

Krit tells Nun that he has to leave. She asks why, and he didn’t eat anything yet. He says something urgent came up at his house, and the fact that she means to treat him today, he’s feeling so full (looking at Thi) that he can’t eat anymore. He says please let him treat her next time, and says he’s leaving. Krit looks at Thi and says, “Khun Thi, I’ll have to go, please finish the food in my place.”

Nun stops Thi from following Krit but he tells her to go ahead and eat first, he needs to go to the restroom. Thi follows Krit outside.

Thi: Khun Krit! Khun Krit, wait!

Krit: What is it, Khun Thi?

Thi: I haven’t said thank you to you officially for saving Nun’s life yet.

Krit: It’s all right. I’m happy to help.

Thi: But I’m not happy. If it’s possible, I don’t want any bad thing to happen at all so that Nun’s life won’t have to be messed with your group.

Krit: What group?

Thi: Do I need to tell you that? You should know it well enough.

Krit: If you mean Khun Ruetai’s group, I will have to make it clear that I don’t belongs to any group, and I have the right to get to know anyone.

Thi: Please do, because I don’t care who you get to know, except Nun. Do not mess with her.

Krit: I don’t want to but it’s necessary, because Khun Nun’s life is in danger…

Thi: That’s enough! Don’t make some stupid excuse. You should know who wants to harm her (He walks closer to Krit.), and I will be the one protecting her. Do you understand?

Thi walks away and Krit sighs and says, “Great!”


Ron is trying to break into Nun’s room. Sri wants to stop him but Duan says do it if she dares. Sri wants to tell Ruetai but Duan says she’s not at home, she went out with Mai. Duan is so happy when Ron finally kicks the door open. She pulls Sri with her to take a look.

Ron practically makes the mess of everything inside the room, including tearing Rumpei’s photo apart. Ron throws Nun’s clothes down the balcony yelling because she insists to stay when they don’t want her to. Sri sympathizes with Nun.


At Krit’s uncle home, Gip says, “Khun Krit’s here already.”

Krit greets his uncle and sits down next to him. Krit asks Gip if she’s here for a while already. She says not that long. He says he thinks it must be a long while (looking at an empty glass on the table) because it looks like they talked until his uncle’s throat run dry. Both men smile.

Manob: I heard you were quite charming, and there’s a woman come nagging.

Krit denies it. He’s not that charming and there’s no one came.

Manob: What about the woman with the name ‘Nuntanut’? Don’t hide it from me and say you don’t know her.

Krit: Khun Nun? Yes, I know her, but she didn’t try to get close to me. Something happened to her and I happened to save her, that’s all. Didn’t your source tell you the details?

The butler says dinner is ready.

Manob: Gip, you can wait at the table. I have something to talk to Krit, and I will follow you.

Gip: It’s all right. I’m not hungry yet.

Both men turn silence because she insists to sit there. Manob gets up and pats Krit’s knee to follow him. Gip laughs feeling happy about it.

Manob: Krit, Gip is worried about you. She’s afraid that Nuntanut is fooling you around.

Krit: Uncle, do I look like someone who’s easy to be fooled?

Manob: It can happen. So many wise men were fooled by those cunning women.

Krit: But I feel that Khun Nun is not that kind.

Manob: See! You know her not very for long, and already you trust her.

Krit: Then tell me the reason you have not to trust this woman?

Manob: Rit’s body couldn’t be cremated because of his own daughter. She used his body to negotiate in the inheritance fight with her step-mother. Khun Ruetai killed Khun Rit? If that’s true, the police would have already put her in jail by now. If it’s a homicide, there must be evidence no matter what.

Krit: But there’s something suspicious about it. After Khun Nun came back from abroad to seize her father’s body, she was trapped on her way back from the temple right away. (Flashbacks) I happened to pass by so I could save her just in time.

Manob: Has the culprit been caught by the police?

Krit: Not yet, but Khun Nun thinks it’s Khun Ruetai who sent someone to get rid of her.

Manob laughs and says that’s way too much.

Manob: The culprit hasn’t been caught, no evidence, and throw all these on Khun Ruetai? I don’t like it, accuse her like this. It could be Rit’s daughter who stepped on someone’s toe too.

Krit: From what I know her, she seems normal. A straightforward girl who’s strong from the outside, but very weak inside. The more I look at her, the more I feel sad for her, uncle.

Manob: I don’t like her.

Krit: You don’t like her when you never see her or know her?

Gip smiles hearing that. She interrupts them.

Gip: You came to talk out here. Are you hungry? I’m ready now.

Manob: Let’s go and have the meal. It’s not very often that the two of us have a pretty woman joining us at the table. I’ll have a hearty appetite today for sure.

Gip: You compliment me so much, it makes me shy.

Krit walks away alone.


After dinner, Krit and Gip walk together in the house. She says his house looks nice to live in, and every time she comes here, she doesn’t want to go home.

Krit: Is that so?

Gip: You’re cruel. Why didn’t you ask me to stay here even a word?

Krit: How could I say that to someone’s daughter?

Gip: Say it to me, it’s all right. We’ve known each other for a long time. You can talk to me about everything.

Krit: Then…let me talk about Khun Nun.

Gip: Except about that woman, don’t say it to me.

Krit: Then why did you tell my uncle about Khun Nun?

Gip: Why did she have to come mess with you? Don’t think that that woman really feels grateful that you saved her. She’s using you to take revenge on me, to make me mad whenever I see you with her.

Krit: Since you know that already, then why mad?

Gip: Khun Krit, did you just call me mad? (She hits him.)

Krit: I didn’t. It’s you who said it.

Gip: No matter how bad you think I am, I’ll let you, but I will never let Nun take everything in my life away, especially you.


Thi drops Nun home. She smiles and tells him to go home already, and drop her off here, she feels bad already to trouble him. He smiles and says she doesn’t have to feel that way because he’s her bodyguard. She can tell him to do anything, and he won’t complain or get lazy.

Nun smiles and asks what’s with him today, he’s so talkative. She tells him not to worry, she’s home safely now. He says he won’t go home until he drops her at her room door like how he promised Ta. Nun pushes him to get in his car, then she sees her clothes all over the lawn.

Part 6

Nun gets into her bedroom and sees the mess. Thi asks who did it. She says it’s obviously people in this house. He says this is an act of thievery. She sees Rumpei’s photo was torn apart.

Nun: Mom! Mom! (She kneels down and cries.) Who tore mom’s photo? Without it, how can I meet you? I only get to meet you with this photo.

Thi: Nun, calm down. (Nun gets up and walks out of the room.) …Nun, where are you going?!

The two housekeepers are bickering who’s doing more work than another when Nun comes in.

Nun: Who tore my room apart? Who made the mess in my room and threw my things down? I asked who was it?!

Duan: I don’t know.

Ron: It’s me. I did it, so? Haha, I’m so satisfied! Woo hoo!

Nun: I knew it must be you. Burglar!

Ron: Shut up, you orphan! Hurry, take all your things and get out of this house! Go away!

Nun: You thick face!

Ron: What did you say?

Nun: Selfish! You want other person’s assets so much that your eyes are popping out! How dare you chase out the owner of the house? The thing in your brain must have been groomed so well.

Ron: You stink-mouth! (He throws a can at her but Thi blocks it from hitting Nun.)

Thi: If you want to harm Nun, step over my dead body first!

Ron: Sure! Today, you die!

Both men exchange fists and kicks. Ron squeezes Thi’s throat and pushes him down against the table while yelling, “Die! You die!” Nun is worried for Thi’s safety so she reaches down for the gun in her bag, and fires. Ron’s face is stained with some red liquid.

Ruetai comes home and wonders what that sound is. Mai says it sounds like a gunshot.

Ruetai: Gunshot?

Mai: It’s coming from inside the house.

Ruetai: Nun has a gun. Did she shoot someone? Oh my, Gip! Ron!

They rush inside.

Nun is holding the gun with both hands standing firmly.

Duan: Khun Ron!

Thi looks at Ron and gets off him. Ron touches his face and sees red liquid in his hand.

Ron: Blood? E-Nun, you shot meeeee! Agrh! E-Nun!

*adding ‘e’ when calling someone could be very rude or endearing, in this case, it’s a way of cursing someone

Thi’s face and T-shirt are stained with red liquid too.

Ron: Blood! E-Nun, why do you have to shoot me? Why?!

Ruetai rushes inside and screams when seeing Ron’s condition. She searches all over him for the wound and asks who shot him.

Ron: It’s e-Nun, mom. She shot me.

Ruetai: E-Nun! Why did you shoot my son? Why?

Nun: So, how is it? When you see your son getting killed, you wail like you’re dying! When you killed my father, I felt the same way too! What a pity that I didn’t kill him. I just shot a bottle of sauce.

Ron tastes it. Lol.

Ron: It’s really some sauce, mom.

Ruetai smells it.

Ruetai: Sauce?…E-Nun!

Ron: E-Nun, you fooled me?

Nun: Come close, if you want to die! I guarantee the next bullet won’t pierce the sauce’s bottle but your head!

Ruetai: Don’t get close to her, she’s crazy! Wait and see, I will report it to the police on the charge of attempted murder, of you trying to kill my son!

Nun: Go ahead and call the police. I will report your son so that he will go to jail too on the charge of thievery, trespassing, destroyed my belongings in my bedroom, so I had to use the gun to protect myself and my assets in this house!

Ron: I got in there to make a mess, didn’t steal a thing!

Ruetai: What? Ron, did you really barge into her room?

Ron: Why couldn’t I? I want to chase her out. I don’t want her to stay here!

Ruetai pokes his head and pulls him away, “Come here! Come here!..”

Mai stares at Nun and follows Ruetai.

Nun is gathering all her clothes on the lawn. She tells Thi not to help her with this, she will do it. She tells him to go home. He says how he can go home when there are mad dogs in her house, and they could come to bite her again anytime. He insists he will stay the whole night to be with her.

Nun says if he stays here, they could fight with him again.

Nun: I’m not afraid of them, I have a gun. Didn’t you see? He was so scared, his lips gone so white, and he trembled so bad with fear. He couldn’t call his mom for help fast enough.

Sri joins them and says that’s true. It’s funny how Ron lost his courage right in front of her eyes. She says she will help Nun pick up all her clothes. Nun asks her if she’s not afraid that her boss would see her. Sri says then don’t let her see, Ruetai must be busying cleaning up the blood on her son and it will take a long while. She says it’s funny how Ron screamed seeing some ketchup.

Nun tells Thi she has someone helping her now, so he doesn’t have to worry. She promises she will call him the first person should something happen. He agrees to leave and tells her to take care. She says she will walk him out. Thi gets in his car while Nun’s waving to him.


Gip screams watching a horror movie, and hugs Krit tight. He feels suffocated and scoots over tiny bit. Lol.

Gip: It’s so exciting, and I feel like having a heart attack. Khun Krit, do you hear my heart is beating so fast?

Krit: I think if you are so scared, should we change to a comedy?

Gip: It’s not fear that my heart’s beating fast. It’s because I’m near you.

He almost rolls his eyes. Her phone rings and interrupts the moment. She wonders who’s calling at this moment.

Gip: Mom, it’s not that late and you want me back already?

Ruetai says while she’s busy having fun, her brother almost got killed by Nun. She shot him.

Gip: What? Nun shot Ron?!

Krit hears her and wonders, “Khun Nun fired the gun?”

Gip: Is Ron all right, mom?

Ruetai: She missed (the target) so he’s all right. You too, Gip, next time you want to fight with her, check first if she has a gun or not. Don’t just walk to her recklessly, you could get shot to death, I’m telling you. That woman is bloody crazy, she must want her father’s assets so bad that she’s gone crazy!

Gip: Then why don’t you hurry and gobble it up…..(She sees Krit is listening.)…why don’t you hurry about dad Rit’s will so that we don’t have to live with fear? I’m so scared that someday Nun will shoot me.

Ruetai: Do you think I don’t want that? E-Nun seized her dad’s body, and when will the result of the autopsy come out already! I’m so stressful here!

Gip: I’ll have to go, mom. Let’s talk at home.

Ruetai: Gip! Gip, wait!

Gip hangs up.

Krit: Did Khun Nun really shoot Khun Ron?

Gip: Of course, but she obviously doesn’t know how. I wonder which stupid place she learned it from that she missed.

Krit: If Khun Nun really doesn’t know how, I think Khun Ron would be shot already.

Gip: Khun Krit, are you taking Nun’s side even when Nun pursued and shot my brother?

Krit: I’m not taking any sides. I’m just making an assumption. But it’s good that Khun Ron wasn’t injured.

Krit sees the opportunity so he says, “Are you going home now? I will walk you to the car.” She pouts and says he doesn’t have to do that when she could come here on her own, she can walk back on her own.

Krit is relieved and says, “I will have to send you off here then. Good luck.” He sits down and crosses his legs so casually. She’s mad and wants to march out but he calls her. She turns to him hoping he would want her to stay, but Krit says she forgot to take her bag. She yells, “Khun Krit!”

After Gip walked away, Krit’s face turned serious.

Part 7

Nun thanks Sri for her help. Sri says not at all, from now on, anything she wants her to help, just whisper it and she’ll try to do it as much as she can. Nun tells her to leave quickly because if her step-mother sees her, she could be fired. Sri says after hearing that, she’s now scared so she will leave now.

Krit calls Nun. She sees the name on the phone, “Khun Krit!” and decides to switch off her phone. Krit shakes his head and says, “How can you switch off the phone on me, when I’m worried of you?”

Nun picks up all the pieces of her mom’s photo.


Ruetai pokes Ron’s face and when he cries out, she says it serves him right for not consulting it with her first. She says next time, if he wants to do anything to Nun, do it when she and Mai are with him, and if Nun fights like today, they can join hands and beat her up.

Ron argues how he could know she would bring a man home. If she came back alone, he would have kicked her head out already. Ruetai says it’s not that easy to chase Nun away because Khun’s Rit blood in her body is protecting her.

Ron says she’s talking like she will give up. She says his mom won’t give up easily or else how she could fight the hardships and raise them until they live comfortably like today.

He praises her that she’s a talented person, but not to forget to pay back his debt of 2 million. It will be three days tomorrow, so they will come for it for sure. She says all right, she knows that. She tells him to go to bed and not to get out tonight or she won’t pay it for him. Ron and Duan get out of the room.

Mai sits down beside Ruetai and holds her. He tells her not to be so stressful. She says she’s feeling both stressful and mad. Before she could get her life out of hell and be at his point, she had to fight like crazy.


Nun is crying while trying to put back together piece by piece of her mom’s photo. There’s one piece missing.

Nun: One piece is missing. Don’t worry, mom. I will find it. The picture of my mom Rumpei will come back and be pretty like before.


In the morning, Nun tells Sri that she’s going to the rice mill, and if someone sneaks into her room, just call her fast. She gives Sri her phone number. Nun asks where those people are, the house is strangely quiet.

Sri says it will be very late before Khun Ron and Khun gip wakes up, and Khun Ruetai went out early in the morning. Nun asks where to. Sri says she heard her talking on the phone that she’s going to the rice mill.

Nun: The rice mill? (She walks to the front door.) A person like Ruetai wouldn’t go to the mill at 7 o’clock in the morning, there must be something more.

Nun drives to the mill while Krit is calling Nun’s home in his car. Sri picks up the call, and when Krit wants to speak to Nun, she says she’s not at home and went to the mill. He thanks her and hangs up.

Nun hides behind the wall and looks at the truck. Krit parks his car at the mill. He comes behind her and pats her shoulder. She’s so startled.

Krit: Khun!

Nun: Khun! How can you be here?

Krit: What are you doing?

Nun: It’s my business, go away.

He pulls her over.

Krit: Come here! You pulled out the gun and shot Khun Ron last night, so what are you going to do here today?

Nun: It’s my business. You don’t have to right to mess with it.

Krit: I have the right as your teacher who taught you to shoot the gun. I taught you to use it to protect yourself, not to shoot it to make threat.

Nun: I was the one threatened. Ron suddenly barged into my room and threw all of my clothes outside the house.

Krit: Ron barged into your room?

Nun: That’s right! It’s not the same what Gip told you, isn’t it? It’s up to you who to believe.

She walks back to look at the truck and uses her phone to take pictures of it. Krit comes behind her again.

Krit: Khun!

Nun: Khun, don’t bother me!

Krit: Khun!…Khun!

He grabs her arm so she pulls away and slaps his groin in the process. He crouches down in pain. Lol.

Nun: Be quiet!

Krit: I can’t…What are you doing?

Nun: You! If you make more noise, I won’t be considerate anymore. Want some more?

Krit: You were being considerate just now?

He pats her back softly again so Nun yells at him. He asks what she’s taking pictures of…Mai sees them. Mai runs to tell Ruetai.

Nun: See? It’s because of you!

She walks to Ruetai. Krit walks stiffly and follows her.

Tia is giving Ruetai a check of cash. She takes it and thanks him, and wishes him be more prosperous. He asks if she still doesn’t get Khun Rit’s inheritance, and that’s why she’s selling rice for a living.

Mai runs to her but Nun is already behind him. Ruetai tells Tia he may leave now. Nun stops him and when he asks who she is, Nun tells him she’s this mill’s owner daughter. Nun asks him where he’s taking her father’s rice to, tell her now or she will call the police.

Ruetai tells Nun that he’s the mill’s customer so she shouldn’t show her bad manners. Ruetai tells him again to leave and tells Mai to hold Nun. Tia drives away.

Nun yells at Ruetai that she doesn’t believe he’s the customer, if so, show her the selling document. Ruetai yells at her not to mess with Tia, she can ask her what she wants to know. Nun says she’s asking for the proof of the selling, give it to her then.

Ruetai: Can’t you understand a human language?

Nun struggles free from Mai so he wants to slap her. Krit tells him to stop it.

Krit: What are you going to do to Khun Nun?

Mai walks over to Ruetai.

Ruetai: It’s Nun who did it to Mai first. That’s why he got angry.

Nun: If that wealthy man is really the mill’s customer like you said, then prove that the rice was sold by a rightful agreement.

Ruetai: Sure, no problems. If you want proof, follow me. (To Krit) This is a family matter, so we should talk in private, others aren’t welcomed. Mai, look after Khun Krit well.

Nun follows Ruetai.

Part 8

Nun: So where is the proof? Give it to me already!

Ruetai: Proof? (She slaps her hard.) With this weak strength, you want to fight with me? Don’t be so arrogant that you are the only daughter of Nai Rit because your lineages were not that great! On the contary, you are so dirty like your mom!

Nun: What are you talking about? What has this to do with my  mom?

Ruetai: Didn’t Thip tell you? When your mother got pregnant, your father was the husband of your mother’s sister, and your mother grabbed her sister’s hubby and slept with him. Don’t you know that?

Nun: That’s not true! You lied! Stop accusing my mother right now!

Ruetai: I should curse you mother more. Your mother, Rumpei, should die! She’s the one causing madam Raerai to fall sick and die out of despair. She’s ungrateful!

Ruetai turns and walks back feeling satisfied.

Ruetai: Khun Krit, didn’t you go back? I thought you left.

Krit: I’m waiting to talk with Khun Nun about something.

Ruetai: Something? As if, you’ve known her for many years. So now you won’t talk to Gip about something anymore?

Krit: Khun Gip was at my house having dinner last night.

Ruetai: Is that so? Then, please let Gip treat you back. She’s at home now and I’m heading there, so I will call Gip to prepare some delicious dishes for you.

Krit: Well, It has to be next time.

Ruetai: But I think….

Krit: I really have something to take care of. I’m sorry.

She walks to Mai and turns back.

Ruetai: Do you realize you’re abandoning a friend and choosing an enemy instead?

Krit: Please don’t think that way. I’m an enemy of no one, and I’m everyone’s friend.

Ruetai: A friend of everyone? Does that also include the person who chose to be my family’s enemy? It’s the same with you are my enemy, and makes no different. You want to stay for a talk, please do. Mai, let’s go.


Nun is weeping when Krit comes to her.

Krit: Khun Nun, why are you sitting here?..Why are you crying? What is it?

Nun: I’m fine. Let’s go home.

He looks at her face.

Krit: If you are fine, why does your face look like that?

She touches her face.

Krit: Did aunt Ruetai put a hand on you?

Nun: It’s not that I was too weak to fight her, I just was prepared. I can’t stay like this anymore, I must take care of Ruetai now!


Nun and Krit come to Samutchai and Kraipat’s office. She asks how they can let Ruetai embezzle the rice in the warehouse, and don’t even know about it. Samutchai tells her to calm down and talk.

Nun says she can’t calm down, and she saw her stepmother let someone take the rice out of the warehouse. Kraipat says it could be the mill’s customer, moreover, Khun Ruetai knows everyone of them. She asks why Ruetai wouldn’t give her any proof when she asked her for it. The person like Ruetai, if she had it, she would probably throw it in her (Nun’s) face already!

Krit says if she wants to know that, it’s not hard to do. She can look through today’s sales account, and may be she will find something. She tells Samutchai that she wants to take a look at the document Khun Krit mentioned. She says she has the right to check the transparency of the company because the Board of Directors and shareholders have already granted her that right.

Kraipat smiles and says whatever she wants to take a look, she can tell him and he’s willing to do everything. Nun thanks him and leaves the room. Krit follows her. Kraipat and his father exchange some looks.


Nun comes to her office and sits down. She feels her face. Krit asks if it hurt a lot. She says she’s mad more, and she thanks him. If it’s not for him, she must have been carried away (and killed) somewhere already. He asks if she thinks Ruetai will do to her to that extent.

Nun says sending a man to kill me, suffocating me under the water, she did it all before, what’s so hard to carry her away. He sits down and says the culprit hasn’t been caught by the police yet, so he doesn’t want her to feel totally sure that it’s Ruetai’s doing only. She should be cautious with others too, to be on the safe side.

She thanks him for the warning and says she won’t be careless anymore.

She gets up and says, “But I have noting left to lose in my life now, the most is, I will die, but before I die, let me do the duty of a good daughter for once, finding the murderer who killed my father. To think of it, a person who was born with everything like you, won’t be able to understand an orphan like me.”

Krit: Says who I don’t understand you? I am also an orphan. My parents died when I was learning how to walk. I grew up today because of my uncle raising me. (She looks at him but turns away.) I’ll have to leave now. Don’t forget to apply medicine on your face or you will have a bruised cheek.

Krit leaves. Nun recalls many moments she had with him. She realizes she’s thinking about him so she says, “Crazy man!”

Krit gets in his car and thinks of Nun when she says, “But I have noting left to lose in my life now, the most is, I will die, but before I die, let me do the duty of a good daughter for once….” Then he thinks of the shaman saying, “You are the one who will change fate.”

Krit sighs and says, “At this point, I can’t let you die.”

He puts on his glasses and leaves.

Part 9

Kraipat is saying that if there’s really a cheat like Khun Nun said, they can check the warehouse  about the amount of rice disappeared. Samutchai says do it that way will exhaust him because there are more than ten thousand tons of rice in the warehouse. Kraipat it will be worth it, and if there’s a cheat on it for sure, they can give the evidence to Khun Nun to use it against Khun Ruetai. Samutchai smiles.


Ruetai gives the check to Ron and tells him to pay back the debt. Ron smiles and says he loves her the most. He kisses her arm and says he’s going out. Gip snatches it from his hand. She asks her mom if she’s spoiling Ron by finding 2 million to pay for his football gambling debt. She says she won’t allow it, she also wants a new car and it’s only five millions.

Ron grabs the check from her and tells her buy it herself. She hits him and tells him not to bother whom she likes. He asks if she will give it to Krit for free, and if Major Krit doesn’t make her the daughter-in-law of Autsawat family, will she let him have her for free? That’s so low! Ruetai tells them to stop it.

Ruetai: Gip, do you know that Khun Krit stuck on Nun like crazy? Wherever she is, he’s always there!

Gip: That’s because she flirts with him. She wants to defeat me. She’s trying to take Khun Krit away from me, mom!

Ruetai: Let her! I hate it, the person who’s like a two-headed bird (two-timing).

Ron: That’s right! I hate and so mad at him.

Gip: Who cares? Whoever wants to hate him, do it, but I love him. I won’t let Nun steal Khun Krit away from me! Just wait and see!

Ron: All right, I’ll wait!

Both run out while Ruetai sits down feeling exhausted.


Nun is looking at her mother’s picture. Flashback, Rit gives the picture to Nun. She asks whose picture it is. Rit says, “It’s your mom, Rumpei.” She’s feeling overwhelmed and asks him if  her mother is this pretty. Rit says yes.

Present, Nun asks the picture, “Mom, can you tell me what Ruetai said is untrue?” She remembers Ruetai said her mother stole her own sister’s husband. Nun thinks of Thip who should know everything.

In the morning, Nun comes downstairs and Sri pulls her over to look at something before she will go out. Sri tells Nun to take a look.

Sri: Madam Ruetai sends some men to take off the wheels of every car except three cars, madam Ruetai’s car, Khun Ron’s and Khun Gip’s.

Nun: She’s going too far. Ruetai!

Sri stops Nun from going out there because she’s afraid they will harm her, and she will call a taxi for her if she’s going out. Nun agrees.

Nun: Ruetai, this time, you win, but next time, I won’t let you!

Ruetai asks Mai what happened. He says he heard someone talking, and thought it could be Nun but no one’s there when he turned to look. She says let her come down, Nun will face with something stronger than yesterday, and she won’t stop this time. She says if Nun thinks she can stay in ‘Ruen Rattana’ comfortably, she’s wrong. Mai and Ruetai tell them to hurry.


Nun pulls Thip in a taxi with her. She tells Thip to come with her, and she has something to talk to her. They come to the fresh market.

Thip: What do you want to talk to me about?

Nun: Can you tell me the story between my father and mother, and aunt Raerai? Please.

Thip: Khun Nun, something passed a long ago and we shouldn’t revive it. Let it go and let it be buried with time.

Nun: What if it’s about our loved one’s honor? Should we let it be stepped on and be destroyed by those wicked people, and those swindlers who are waiting to put profits in their own pockets? Please tell me, at least let me hear the truth from you, who I love and respect like my parents.

Thip: All right, but I will tell you the way I know it. I knew Khun Rit, your father, for a long time, long before he knew Khun Raerai, Khun Rumpei, and… ‘Ruen Rattana’


Rit: Let’s shoot them one by one.

Rit looks at ‘Ruen Rattana’

Rit: One day, this house must be mine!

Krit is on the phone with Capt. Metr.

Metr: The result of Khun Rit’s autopsy, the new round, has come out.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Krit is a real player or the man who knows the way with women. He can stay calm in the face of clear danger (two women yelling at each other because of him). Haha. I wonder what the relationship of Krit and his uncle really is. Also, Nun could use some sleeping pill at night because so many things happened to her yet she wants to stay in that house, or better not sleep at all because someone may sneak into her room anytime.


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