Ruen Rissaya Episode 3

Whenever Ruetai and her gang started cursing, I had a hard time translating because words spilling out from each were so harsh that I couldn’t think of words in English to equally match theirs, not that English doesn’t have enough vocab, it’s me who’s not sure how people curse in English these days. Also, not sure why it’s fun translating this lakorn, may be Krit’s persistence to stick by Nun’s side is what hooked me  🙂

Episode 3

Part 1

Gip rushes into the kitchen and tells Thip to stop her cheap-lakorn-liked acting. She says she wants to puke when Thip was the one cooking the food she just ate. Krit pulls her arm to stop but she shakes him off.

Gip says Thip is the kind without pride, just a servant who wants to stretch her head up high, and it serves her right to be chased out of ‘Ruen Rattana’.

Thip listens to her clutching her fist.

Nun: And do all of you have so much pride willing to do everything for other people’s money?

Gip yells, asking if Nun is criticizing her whole family, she wants to get to Nun. Thip grabs a knife and points it straight at Gip’s face telling her to stop right there. Eh..I’m not sure how a slice of tomato got on Gip’s forehead, guess it came with  a swinging knife.

Gip: e-Nun!

Thi: Stop right there! If you touch my Nun (‘Thi’s Nun’) just a tiny bit, I won’t be considerate to you anymore!

Fanta says hearing him say that, her blood pressure gone down, ‘Thi’s Nun’ ? She cringes.

Gip: I don’t care if it’s Thi’s Nun or any ghost’s Nun, but cursing my family like that, I won’t have it!

Nun: And when you destroyed my family, do you think I will have it?

Gip: You’re mad! Since when I destroyed your family? Crazy woman, you thought it all yourself! I suggest you go see a shrink! Go!

Krit: Khun Gip! I think..let’s go back and eat. Let’s not make a scene here.

Gip: Do you know you are crazy? A psycho!

Krit pulls her away. Fanta says Gip yelled that other person’s crazy, and how about the way she threw a tantrum so loud in a restaurant, how’s that. If that isn’t called crazy then what is. She turns to Thi and teases, “Isn’t that so, Nun’s Pee Thi?” Lol.


Ken is mad feeling like hitting something. He makes a call to someone.

Ken: Hello, I met him and already gave him a lesson. How was it? My man faces turned bruised and blue! Don’t say that! We are not a low-class gangster with no skills. We just faced with someone with better skills and that’s all! This is not an easy task anymore, and if you still want us to beat the guy up, you must pay more.


At ‘Ruen Rattana’, Ron is on the phone saying, “Of course, I will pay you. I’m going out to pay you now!” Ron hangs up angrily and says they don’t know Khun Chai Ronnarit enough, he could pay them even a million.

Ruetai walks into the house mumbling she came back feeling so tired and where Mai is, why he didn’t come flattering her. Ron comes sit with her and massages her arm and shoulders. She knows his trick so she asks how much he wants. He says three hundred thousands. She says fine, then shrieks. She says aunt SomJit (the therapist) massaged her for only 250 baht. She asks if he’s mad to ask for that amount.

Ron sits further away from her and says he really needs the money, and such amount is for her child’s happiness, compares to dad Rit’s inheritance of thousand millions so what’s the fuss for that tiny amount.

She says before she can get that big amount, she would be broke by then because of him. He says he’s going to cry, and says she must not really love him. Ruetai concedes and wants to write a check for him. She’s annoyed there’s no pen in her bag. Ron is well-prepared, he says he has it, (holding several pens in his hand) and she can choose which one she likes.

She pokes his head and writes the amount he wants. He says thank you, mom. She asks where he’s going in, but he leaves anyway. She says, instead of staying to be with her, what a jerky son. She calls out for Mai but no one answers so she walks to his room.

She bangs the door and asks if he’s inside. Inside the room, Mai and Duan come out from under a blanket. They look at each other and say, “Madam!” Duan wants to hide. Ruetai asks again louder. Mai tells Duan to get dressed and leave this room. She asks which way she can leave. He says the window and shoves her there but she resists. He answers Ruetai, “Yes, I hear you, madam!” He pushes Duan out the window. She lands on the ground outside crying in pain. Ruetai asks what that sound is. Mai throws Duan’s clothes out to her and closes the curtain. Duan gets up and walks away.

Mai opens the door sweating. He says sorry, he’s taking a bath.

Ruetai: Taking a bath? I think I heard a noise of something falling.

Mai: What noise? There’s none. There’s only me in this room waiting only for you. (He holds her close.)

Ruetai: No, not now. I’m not in the mood. We must come up with a new plan to take care of Nun first.


Duan walks in crying in pain. Sri asks her what it is. Duan says it’s a pretty girl, how she could ask. Sri asks what happened to her butt and why it’s hurting. Duan scolds for asking too much when she’s now mad. Sri says she won’t ask then. Duan wants to eat an orange Sri is peeling but Sri won’t let her, it’s for madam Ruetai. When Sri gets up to do something else, Duan picks one piece and looks at it. She says, “Acting like a well-born, but in the end, you had to use the thing together with me. Disgusting!”


Nun tells Ta to take good care of aunt Thip. Fanta says she will do that, even without her asking. Nun says she feels relieved now knowing aunt Thip is with her. Nun says she will go back now and turns to say good-bye to Thi. He says he wants to drop her home himself. Nun says it’s all right since Khun Krit will drop Gip home anyway.

Krit waits for Nun patiently by the car looking at them. Thi says he doesn’t trust that man. Nun says don’t worry, those two won’t dare do anything to her, and the police are looking after her.

Fanta says it’s not about that. Pee Thi is possessive of her. He asks Ta why he can’t be like that when since she came back and the incident happened, there’s only that man hovering around Nun, and he doesn’t like it.

Fanta says she understands that but he’s the one saved Nun’s life. Thi asks if she means a model like him won’t be able to take care of Nun. Fanta says if he wants to be able to protect Nun, then he must take good care of himself to be fully recovered first. She says just look at his injured arm.

Gip honks the car horn so loud interrupting them.

Gip: Are you going to say farewell for a long time? If you are going to mourn the fact that you’re leaving then ask your Pee Thi to drop you. (To Krit) Khun Krit kaaa, I’m tired. I want to go home.

Krit points her his forehead. She asks him what it is. He motions her to check her face. Gip looks at the side mirror and is horrified. She brushes a piece of tomato off her forehead and says, “Since when has it gotten there?!” She cringes and quickly wants to clean it.

Krit turns to Nun and stresses, “Khun Nuntanut, can-you-leave-already?” Nun says yes and turns to both Thi and Fanta that she’s leaving. Nun walks to the car.

Thip looks at them standing further away and says, “No one can fight a deserving match with you like Khun Nun of mine.”


In Krit’s car, Gip starts with, “Looks like you love Nang Thip so much. I feel bad for you.”

Nun: What are you going to say?

Gip: The truth.

Nun: What truth? You are going to confess how your family killed my father, aren’t you? Aren’t you?!

Gip: The truth that Nang Thip was actually your father’s mistress.

Krit: Khun Gip!

Nun: That’s not true. I won’t believe you, you are lying.

Gip: It’s Thip who lied to you. She was your father servant mistress for so long, but it must not be enough for her so she had an affair with a driver.

Nun: I won’t believe you!

Gip Listen first, I didn’t get to the part where she got pregnant with Chid yet!

Nun: (To Krit) Pull over! I’m telling you to pull over!

Gip: Listen to this part, she lied that she got pregnant with your father. She lied straight face, but once your father caught her pregnant with the driver, he chased her out of the house. This is the truth.

Nun: Khun Krit, I told you to pull over, didn’t you hear?!

Krit gulps, and says, “OK!” He pulls over and Nun gets out of the car. He follows her which startles Gip.

Krit: Khun Nun!

Gip: Khun Krit, where are you going? Khun Krit!

Gip leans out the window and asks him why he needs to follow her. Krit tells her not to follow him and wait in the car. He runs after Nun.

Part 2

Nun runs down the stairs recalling what Gip told her in the car about Thip was her father’s mistress. Krit runs after her.

Krit: Khun Nun! Khun Nun, wait! Khun Nun!

Nun: Go away!

Krit: I thought you would say that.

Nun: You are one of those on Ruetai’s side!

Krit: That’s the previous allegation.

Nun: I hate you!

Krit: This one is a new allegation. But I think you said something wrong, I’m not belongs  to any side, and if you want to use me to release your frustration, I’ll be glad to.

Nun: I never wanted you. I never asked you to help me! Even if I am left alone in this world, I won’t want anyone to help me!

Krit: Khun Nun! Where are you going? Let’s go back to the car, all right?

When she starts to walk away, he grabs her arm and tells her not to be stubborn. He says, “You’re a grown-up, so be reasonable.”

Nun: Let me go!

She wants to go but he pulls her back forcefully, and she ends up in his arms. She cries in his embrace so he holds her close to give her a support. Aww…poor lonely girl She breaks away and they look at each other. She turns away and says, “I can be alone.” and walks away from him. Krit sighs and says, “Feeling this bad yet she can talk aggressively.” He keeps following her.

Krit: Khun Nun, where are you walking to?

Nun: I can be alone. Just leave me here and go.

Krit: How can I let you be alone? They might try to get rid of you again. Khun Nun, go home with me, all right?

She shakes her head and cries.

Krit: I understand that you have been facing with many bad things, but it’s not yet the end and you will be facing with many things more. Just words from them to pick your temper, already you let them see you weep.

Nun: But I don’t believe..I don’t believe aunt Thip and dad had a relationship. I don’t believe it! I don’t!…(she covers her face with both hands and weeps.)

Krit pulls her in his arms and lets her cry.

Krit: Khun Nun, stop crying now. You must make your mind accept it. Aren’t you trying to find out the truth about the cause of your father’s death? The deeper you dig, the more you could learn of unexpected things. You must be strong…be strong enough to handle it.

He looks at her and says, “Now you can stop crying. Look at you (he brushes her hair away from her forehead.), your face is a mess (because of the make-up).

He reaches in his pocket but there’s nothing there so he laughs and says, “Well, I’m a man who doesn’t carry a handkerchief.” Nun says it’s all right, she has it. She looks in her bag and there’s none too. She looks like she wants to cry again, and says, “Well, I’m a woman who doesn’t carry a handkerchief too.”

She wants to cry.

Krit: All right, you don’t carry it, no need to cry again.

They both laugh.

Gip calls Krit. He sees the name on his phone and doesn’t pick up the call right away.

Krit: Excuse me for a  minute.

Nun: Yes.

He turns around and makes an uneasy face before accepting the call.

Krit: Yes, Khun Gip.

Gip: Where did you go to find her? I’m waiting a long time already.

Krit: I think, Khun Gip, you go along and drive my car back to your home.

Gip: What about you?

Krit: I will send Khun Nun home myself.

Gip: Why? She doesn’t want to go back with me or what?

Krit sighs and says, “It’s not like that.”

Gip: Not like that, so? Could it be..she jumped into the water committing suicide and you still couldn’t find her body?

Krit: See, that’s how it’s like, if you girls go back together, there will be a mass manslaughter.

Gip: Khun Krit, you make it sound so scary. All right, see you at home.

Krit: Yes.

He hangs up and shakes his head.

Gip: Nun, pretending so you could be pampered and get attention? Now I know…your weakness is Thip!


Krit walks to Nun.

Krit: If your senses already come back to your body, should we go home now?

Nun: I’m not crazy.

He smiles and  suddenly his back hurts.

Nun: What happened to your back?

Krit: I was trapped  and harmed in the restroom.

Nun: Don’t tell me it happened at my friend’s restaurant.

Krit: That’s right, may be they followed us secretly.

Nun: And who are they?

Krit: I don’t know but, for sure, one of them was the one harmed you at the pond.

Nun: Why do they have to harm you?

Krit: May be they don’t want me to meddle in your business.

Nun: I’m sorry to make you in trouble too. I will report it to the police.

Krit: No need for that.

Nun: Why? You were harmed this much, I’ll have to report it.

Krit: Khun Nun, believe me, let them be careless, and if they see me with you again, they will come to me for sure. I must know which group they belongs to, and what they want from you.

Nun: They must want me out of dad’s inheritance, that’s why they want to get rid of me.

Krit: It could be yes or no to what you think. But one thing for sure, you must be very careful. Do not go out alone.

Nun: Thank you. (He touches his back.) Wait, here, a balm for bruises from the hospital. I’m fine now so you take it.

He takes it and smiles.

Krit: Thank you.

They look at each other shyly like young lovebirds. Aww….Major Krit is in love. Hehe.


At ‘Ruen Rattana’,

Mai hears someone’s coming so he gets off Ruetai. Gip comes in calling her mom and sees Mai is in the room with her. She gets suspicious a bit but brushes it aside.

Gip: Mom, I met Thip. She’s now a cook at the restaurant of a close friend of Nun.

Ruetai says things implying ‘once a servant in the kitchen, always a servant in the kitchen’. Gip says that’s not the point. The point is Nun might be hiding Thip at her friend’s restaurant and pretending like they haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Ruetai: Right.

Mai: Then the person who called Khun Nun to come get Khun Rit’s body must be…

Ruetai: Nang Thip.

Krit walks into the house with Nun. The gang see them.

Gip: Khun Krit!

Nun crosses her arm with Krit’s.

Krit: Khun Krit, you had to take the trouble of sending her home?

Before Krit can utter something, Nun says, “Khun aunt, that’s too much to say that, I don’t see him having any trouble at all. Every time he’s with me, he’s full of happiness. Isn’t that right, Khun Krit?”

Krit: Well,…

Gip: Full of happiness, Khun Krit? I saw you run after her until you were panting.

Nun: Running after me…that is called happiness.

Krit looks at Nun but couldn’t come up with a word.

Gip: You!

Nun looks at Krit and says, “See you tomorrow.”  Nun walks pass them but not before giving them a challenging smile. Gip walks to Krit and holds his arm.

Gip: Khun Krit…

Krit: Eh…I have an appointment at my unit. Please excuse me. Khun Gip, please give me my car key.

Ruetai: Khun Krit, don’t you want to have some coffee and sit down and talk a bit?

Krit: I really have an appointment, may be next time. Please give me my car key.

Gip: All right, here you go.

Krit: I’ll have to leave, aunty. Sawasdee krap.

Ruetai: Gip, walk Khun Krit out.

Gip: Yes, mom. Khun Krit, let’s go.

Gip walks out the door with Krit. Ruetai and Mai look upstairs. Aww…a nice camera shot.

Part 3

Nun comes into her bedroom and remembers Krit warned her to be careful. She remembered seeing Rit keep a gun in this room so she gets it out of the box. Eh…I don’t think it’s a good idea for  a hot-tempered one like her.

At the locker room, Krit is in his ‘Tae Kwon Do’ robe. He’s thinking of what happened between Nun and him, and a balm she gave him today. He smiles and says, “Crazy Krit, looks like that girl cast a love spell on you.” Hee.

Back to Nun in the house, she says, “Should I trust him?”.

007-Nun gets ready to shoot someone (if that’s what she’s doing), and realizes she doesn’t know how. Krit is in the middle of his Tae Kwon Do class.


Chid feels impatient waiting for Thip to come home. Once she arrives, he asks why she came back so late. She says there were a lot of customers at the restaurant today. He says she must be feeling tired. She says it’s all right, there’s something more important than that. He asks what it is. They get into the house.

Chid: Khun Nun finally found you.

Thip: But we must not let Khun Nun know we lives here, definitely. It could get to Ruetai’s ears and we will be in serious trouble for sure.

Chid: But Gip met you at the restaurant too, didn’t it?

Thip: I should have been more careful.

Chid: Ruetai must know about it by now. I think she won’t leave you alone, Thip. She will come to see you at the restaurant, she surely will come.

Thip smiles and says, “Let her come then.”


In the morning, Nun comes downstairs and Sri asks if she wants some breakfast. Duan says how Sri could ask a stupid question when, on the table, there are sets of breakfast prepared only for three. Duan says if there’s another one, it will be an ‘excess’.

Nun: Give me a glass of excess-orange-juice.

Sri: Yes.

Duan: Sri, don’t, or I will tell madam. Do you want to be in trouble? (To Nun) If you want it, pour it yourself.

Nun stares at Duan and pours half a glass for herself. She takes a sip.

Nun: Is this an orange juice? Tasteless like a tap water. Sri, was it you who made it?

Sri: Not me.

Nun: All right, be prepared to hear a spicy praise from my step-mother. I guarantee she will put you to death, Duan-dub!  (Duan = the moon, Duan-dub = stop-shining moon)

[Note: the word ‘Duan’ for the moon mostly used in song lyrics, name of a person, or in poetry. A more commonly used for the moon is ‘Phra Jan’]

Duan: Not true! I bought oranges and freshly squeezed it everyday so how could it be tasteless?

Nun: If you don’t believe me, taste it yourself.

Duan reaches out for the glass but Nun splashes it on her face for her. Duan screams.

Nun: So? Is it tasteless?!

Nun walks out of the room. Duan yells at Sri why she’s just standing there. Nun sees KraiPat’s coming in.

Nun: Khun KraiPat.

KraiPat: Khun Nun, anything happened? There’s a loud noise, and why is Duan crying over there?

Nun: I don’t know, she cries suddenly, but may be she was splashed with some holy water. Khun KraiPat, are you coming to see me?

KraiPat: Yes.

Nun: Then let’s go outside, it’s noisy in here.

KraiPat: OK.

Nun: Please, this way.

They walk outside.

Ruetai comes down and Duan runs to her for help. She keeps screaming for her to help. Ruetai asks what it is and why she’s screaming so loud like she’s possessed by a ghost.

Ruetai: Duan, why did you use my orange juice to mask your face? (LOL)

Duan: No, madam. Khun Nun splashed it on my face!

Ruetai turns to Duan and curses, a child whose parents didn’t do the job of grooming! (Mostly the phrase means to criticize the parents). Duan smiles but wonders, “Who did she scold at?”

KraiPat hands Nun a cell phone and a car key, just like he said he would get them for her. Nun sees the car he brought and is startled by the sight of it.

KraiPat: Here is the car. I had its the conditions checked, and filled up the gas already.

Nun: Dad’s car.

KraiPat: It’s the one Khun Rit used most often.

She feels its body. Ruetai runs outside.

Ruetai: Stop! I said stop! This is Khun Rit’s car, what right do you have to use it?

Nun: Hey, be a little bit embarrassed to the ones hearing you said it. It’s more you, what right do you have to prohibit a child to use her father’s car?

RueTai: I have the right as Khun Rit’s wife!

Nun: As my father’s wife? Well, that status given you so much opportunity to use a lot of things for free already. Are you too greedy to share anything with anyone? Be careful, your stomach could be burst because of greed, and even before you get a chance to swallow all of the inheritance.

Ruetai: e…

KraiPat: Khun Ruetai, Khun Nun has the right to use it as Khun Rit’s daughter.

Ruetai: All right, use it! But at least you should have told me, or once this woman come back, you don’t see my head (give a respect) anymore.

KraiPat: It’s not at all what you think.

Reutai: I hope it won’t turn out the way I said.

Nun opens the car door and the policemen get ready to follow her. She tells them not to give her their protection from now, “From this very second, if I drive this car and something happens to me, it must be someone in this house do it, and there’s no need to suspect anyone else.”

Ruetai: What do you mean? Who do you mean?

Nun: Not you, may be…..(then Nun says a proverb which implies that because Ruetai committed a wrong doing that’s why she quickly said it out loud what Nun said it’s herself.)

The policemen turn to look at Ruetai so she gets inside the house. Nun tells Kraipat to call Capt. Metr and tell him that she doesn’t need any policeman to protect her anymore, she can take care of herself. He says he will do that. Nun gets in the car and drives away.

Part 4

Ruetai gets angry and says looks like Nun wants to play the mind war with her, and says Nun doesn’t know her enough. She tells Duan to pour a cup of coffee for her. Gip comes in and asks what made her so moody this early in the morning. Ruetai asks where her brother is. Gip says Ron hasn’t come back since last night.

Ruetai says every time he got money, he would disappear like this. Gip asks if she doesn’t get used to it yet. Sitting at each end of the table, both try to look at each other behind a flower arrangement, until Ruetai tells her to come sit next to her. Lol.

Gip sits down and says what’s the use of babbling and asks if Ruetai doesn’t get used to it yet. Ruetai tells her not to retort. She tells Duan not to prepare the food today, she and Gip will have it outside. Gip says she’s busy today so Ruetai asks if she doesn’t think of helping her at all. Gip says she has an appointment with Khun Krit. Ruetai asks when  and why she doesn’t  know about it. Gip won’t answer that. Ruetai sighs and says she can’t lean on any of her kids. She tells Duan to call Mai to come see her at her study. Ruetai gets up feeling displeased with her children.


Thi is in the middle of a fashion shoot. The stylish tells the hair lady to fix his hair, and tells her to wear heels next time or she won’t see over Thi’s head. Haha. Thi asks him when he thinks they will finish. He says it won’t be that late and encourages Thi not to feel tired yet. He asks when Thi will go back to England. Thi says no plan yet. He says Thi told him that he would go back soon to sign a contact there when he contacted him for this shoot.

Thi says he didn’t plan to stay long at first because he wanted to accept a modeling job there, but…he has someone he’s worried about here so he still can’t go anywhere. The stylish says he’s so jealous and wants to know who that gibbon (cha-ni = gibbon = slang calling women who love real men). A woman comes and teases Thi about it too, but the stylish tells her to save her mouth for chasing away gibbons hovering around her hubby instead. Thi is daydreaming of Nun.

Nun calls Thi to tell him her cellphone number and wants to hangs up. He stops her from ending the conversation and asks if she doesn’t want to ask where or what he’s doing at all.  Nun says she just called Ta and she told her already. She tells him to go back to work. Thi is a little pissed that Fanta told Nun everything and left him nothing to tell. Nun tells him to focus on his work, and they have so much time to talk later.

He asks where she is. She says she came out to take care of a business. He asks what business it is and if she has someone accompanying her. She tells him just go back to work, and promises she will be careful and won’t be reckless like before. He says all right, he will call her when he’s done with his work.


Panu and Krit are walking along in their workplace.

Panu: The mission’s schedule has already come out, follow it, all right? Don’t suddenly accept a girl’s date and don’t show up at work.

Krit: As if I’ve ever done that.

Panu: Regularly, all the time.

Krit gets a call from an unknown number.

Krit: The number looks unfamiliar.

Panu: You gave your phone number to all the girls.

Krit: This is me, not you.

Panu: Did he just praise or criticize me?

Krit accepts the call.

Krit: Hello.

Nun: Is this Khun Krittaphon?

Krit: Yes. Excuse me, who are you?

Nun: It’s me.

Krit recognizes the voice and stops himself from smiling too wide, and shoves Panu away from his chest when he tries to listen.

Krit: Khun Nun.

Panu: Khun Nun! Wowwww!

Krit shuts him up with a document file.

Nun: Are you busy? I have an important thing to talk to you.

Krit: I’m not, where?

Nun: I’m now in front of the building.

Krit: What? Where again?

Nun: In front of the building.

Krit: All right.

He hangs up feeling very surprise.

Krit: Nu! (He gives him the file and runs.)

Panu:…..You must think I don’t want to know. Well, you’re wrong! (He runs and follows Krit.)

Nun gets out of the car and waits for Krit. Krit is running down a spiral walkway descending to the ground floor while Panu keeps calling him trailing behind. Krit shouts back what’s the need to follow him. Lol. Krit reaches the ground floor and looks outside the glass wall.

Krit: She really came.

Panu smacks his back and asks why he had to run so fast down here.

Krit: Why do you have to follow me? Shush, be quiet!

Panu: Why shush me? I’m inside the building! Even if I yell so loud, she won’t be able to hear. (Nu sees Nun.) Wowww!

Krit covers his mouth with his hand.

Panu: Let me go! Two questions: who is that person and why came to see you?

Krit: I don’t know.

Panu: You must be crazy, you don’t know then why stand here? Go out and ask.

Krit: What’s the need to go out? Since she can come, she should be able to wait for me.

Nun is looking at her wristwatch. Panu laughs and says he gets it…Krit’s afraid she will know that he’s happy she came to see him. Krit lets out a smile. Panu teases that he exhibits shyness.

Nun waits and waits.

Panu: Krit! It’s a while now. I don’t think it’s cool to tease and make a woman wait like this.

Krit: It’s not a tease. I’m timing her, how long this woman could tolerate the wait.

Panu: Oh, toler..tolerate? Tolerate? (Panu thinks far away about…that.)

Krit: Hey, that’s gross. My ‘tolerate’ and your ‘tolerate’ are totally a different one. I just want to know how long this woman can endure to wait for me.

Panu: Of course, my ‘tolerate’ and your ‘tolerate’ are obviously the same, which ‘tolerate’ of mine do you think it is? Wow, what a dirty mind you have.

Krit: Right.

Krit sees Nun is getting back in the car so he runs outside.

Krit: Khun!

Nun walks to him.

Krit: Did you wait long?

Nun: I’m about to go back!

He looks at his watch and says, “One minute and thirty five seconds.”

Nun: What are you saying?

Krit: Your tolerance of waiting is just, one minute and thirty five secs.

Nun: Did you intentionally make me wait?

Krit: If you think waiting for me is wasting your time, please, you may leave.

Krit turns to walk away. When she calls out, “Wait!”, he smiles. He turns and walks back to her looking very indifferent.

Nun: Please get in the car, I have an important thing to talk to you.

She walks to the car and invites him again to come. He smiles and gets in the car.

Krit: What is it? (She shows him the gun in her bag. He gets serious.) Why did you bring a gun?

Nun: I didn’t bring it here to shoot someone, don’t worry. I just…want you to teach me how to use it so that I’ll have something to protect myself. (He hesitates.) Well, I heard that if we had a gun, we must properly learn how to use it before pulling a trigger, and you are a soldier so you must know how to use it for sure. I’m not picking the wrong one to teach me.

Krit: My unit’s shooting range is in the back. You drive there, and I will follow you, then we’ll talk, and do not bring your gun down there with you.

Nun: All right.

He gets out of the car and she drives away. He sighs and says, “I’m definitely getting myself a trouble.”

Part 5

Ruetai and Mai come to Fanta’s restaurant. A waitress greets them and asks for how many persons. Mai says two persons. The waitress wants to take them to a table but Ruetai says she will choose it herself where she wants to sit. They both sit down at one table.

Waitress: This is the menu, madam.

Ruetai (look at the menu): All these in the menu are Khun Rit’s favorite dishes, and there’s only that servant of Khun Rit could satisfy his appetite cooking it. That must why he fell for her cooking charm (*sa-ne-prai-ja-wak = a charm of making delicious food) for more than ten years.

Flashback, Rit comes to the kitchen where Thip is cooking.

Thip: Khun Rit, you can wait up there (in the main house).

Rit: No, I will wait to eat your cooking in here.

Thip smiles. He gets up and backhugs her. Ruetai sees them and gets angry.

Ruetai: e-Thip, I swear I will find a way to get you out of my may!

Ruetai knows better not to interrupt them so she turns back and walks away furiously.

Present, Fanta rushes into the kitchen and tells Thip to stop cooking for other tables, but do it quickly for this one. Thip asks her why. Fanta reads out the long order, and says they choose only Thip’s signature herbal dishes. Fanta says she must hurry and do it fast, the customers of this table are quite arrogant, they said they would give them 15 minutes to serve it.

Thip knows who they are and says she will do that very quickly. Fanta smiles that Thip confirms it and mumbles, “Fifteen minutes, who could do that in time?”

Thip: Arrogant customers? More to, intend to make trouble.

She pulls out some herb from a pouch.


At the army shooting range, Krit tells Nun he already bought her bullets to practice from the club.

Krit: That gun, whose is it?

Nun: Don’t worry, it’s my father’s.

Krit: Then I think you should put that gun away and use mine to practice.

Nun: Why is that? Can’t I use my father’s gun?

Krit: It’s true that, by law, the child will implicitly inherit his/her father’s gun, but I think you should properly transfer the ownership to you first, before using it for practice. It’s better that way. One more thing, I don’t think the gun fits you well, I will look for a new one for you. But for now, practice with my gun.

Nun: All right, and how much are these bullets?

Krit: That’s all right, treat me a meal is enough.

Nun: Then tell me now the cost of your time to teach me, I’m willing to pay.

Krit: My time is quite expensive, it’s up to….

Nun: It’s up to what?

Krit: It’s up to how much time you think you wasted to come see me, to let me teach you.

Nun: That’s up to how well the teacher teach; looking like good at it but not, not a sharpshooter, or only stuck-up day by day .

Krit puts on shooting gear and fires. All (or most) bullets hit the bull’s-eye. He turns to her but she’s crouching down with her hands covering her ears. She hurriedly gets up once he keeps staring at her.

Krit: Startling?

Nun: Nope. The noise’s just a little loud.

Krit: Eh…excuse me, could you please take a look at the target a bit? (She looks at it and says wow.) Is my skill quite all right? So, ‘looking like good at it but not, not a sharpshooter, or only stuck-up day by day‘, which one am I?….(She pouts.) So, you are ready, right? It’s your turn next.

Nun: Eh…Khun…well…(he puts a gun in her hand.)

Krit: Now you practice firing it.

Nun: Ye…yes.

Krit: Hold it tight, tighter or it could…(she screams.)


At the restaurant, all the dishes are being served. Fanta says they are all here, the order of 11 dishes. She says please enjoy the food, she guarantees every dish of her restaurant’s herbal cuisine is delicious. Fanta leaves to let them enjoy the meal.

Mai: How could she do it in 15 minutes?

Ruetai: That woman is always quick (or easily turn on) at everything or else why she would play trick-n-treat (make love) with Khun Rit since Nun was a kid till she grew up, with Nun knew noting about it too. Since she prepared the food for us, let’s taste it. It’s been a long time since I had this kitchen servant’s cooking.

Thip looks at Ruetai eating. Ruetai loves the food saying it’s seriously delicious, it serves her right to be born a kitchen servant.


Gip comes to Krit’s workplace. An officer tells her to let him search. She lets him and asks if it’s done already. He tells her to wait in the guestroom.


At the shooting range,

Krit: What are you doing?

Nun: What? Aiming, of course.

Krit: Give me that. (He grabs the gun from her hands.) I will tell you the correct posture. Give me whichever one of your skillful hand.

She gives him her left hand, “Wait, this one is more skillful.” She gives him her right hand.

Krit: Hold the gun, firmly. Don’t put your finger inside the trigger guard. This is the first-step safety measure. You must remember, if you’re not going to fire, don’t put your finger inside the trigger guard. Use your unskillful hand or less skillful to support it to make a firm hold. Let one thump be on top of another a little. Do you feel it’s firm now?

Nun: Yes, I do.

Krit: Now, try aiming…eh…your elbows are too tight. (He presses her elbows down.) That is too close…(She’s frustrated.) Let me help you. (He puts his arm around her shoulders *cough*) Move it away a little.

Nun: Yes.

Krit: Hold it firmly, and when you’re aiming, try making the front sight and the rear sight align meaning make the front sight be right in the middle of the rear sight. Can you see it? (She notices she’s practically in his embrace.) All right, and hold it firmly, not too tight but relaxed. Now try firing it.

She’s feeling shy by his touch.

Krit: What happened?..Sweating with pink face, aren’t you feeling well?

Nun: No,’m sensitive to heat, and it’s hot here so it’s normal for me to sweat.

Krit: It’s hot here?

Nun: That’s right.

Krit: Sensitive to heat?

Nun: Very.

He turns away and smiles.

Krit: All right, it’s hot. Then aim like I taught you.

Nun: Yes.

Krit looks at her shaking hands.

Part 6

Gip calls out, “Khun Krit!..” She thinks it’s him. Panu walks to her instead so she asks where Krit is.

Panu: Krit is at….(He stops suddenly.)

Gip: At?

Panu: At…where he is at…I don’t know. Haha.

Gip complains that she brought him some cakes which she patiently waited in a long line at the shop. She says she will have to throw it away. Panu tells her not to, he and his friends know how to eat cakes too. She says it’s all right, she will go find Krit herself, and he must be around here, either the shooting range or the gym.

Panu: Stop! Don’t move!

Gip: What?

Panu: Don’t move, wait a sec. Khun Gip, please sit down and be strong.

Gip: What happened?

Panu: Big secret. Krit is in the toilet.

Gip: Toilet?

Panu: He had a diarrhea from morning, it’s so stink. It’s like he’s lighting fireworks in the toilet. As the matter of fact, I will find him for you. If you walk around here and there, the faces of the cakes might be ruined and Krit won’t get to eat it.

Gip: It’s all right…

Panu: Please, let me find him for you, and don’t even move. Nu will take care of it for you. Don’t! Oh, she doesn’t move yet. I will go find him now.

Panu walks away from Gip and calls Krit. He says just pick up the call, if the two meet, the Intelligence Unit will be left in debris. Krit doesn’t take his call.


At the shooting range,

Krit: You holds it so tight. Let it go, I will fill up the bullets for you.

Nun: Khun, can you give me secs to make up my mind?

Krit: What’s there to make up your mind? You came to shoot the target, not some ducks.

Nun: It’s because I never do it before. Wait until I know how, you will be the one to make up your mind!

Krit: Not yet started, and you brag already. Let’s do this, you fire and ,at least, hit the target first before you start bragging. There are five bullets in the magazine, fire them all, and keep firing until the slide gets stuck, you can stop then. Understand that?

She nods. He gives the gun to her. She turns to him and asks what to do again. He quickly turns the gun away and says, “I told you not to swing the gun back and forth, it could fire accidentally and hit someone!”

Nun: I’m sorry.

Krit: Now, at your ready position. Ready?

Nun: Yes.

Krit: The gun stays still, just turn only your face to me. (She turns her face to him.) That’s correct. Every time before you practice shooting, you must put on the safety gear which are, first, shooting glasses to protect your eyes from the bullet fragments, second, earmuffs, you must wear it to protect  your ears from loud noises and also for the safety of your eardrums…(She doesn’t hear him well so he says louder.)…Wear it to help save your eardrums.

She yells back (because of the earmuffs), “All right, OK!”

Krit: When you are ready, aim at the target. Once I give you the signal, fire.

Nun: What?

He pulls the earmuffs away from her ears a bit and says, “Fire the gun when I give you the signal.”

Nun: Right, OK!

Krit: Fire!

She fires the whole magazine.

Krit: Stop!

He grabs the gun from her and runs to get the shooting target.

Krit: One…two…three…four…five!

Nun: Five? I made it all to the target?

Krit: Out of five, shot birds and fish for four (missed the target), just one hit the target. But the one hit the target almost got into the bull’s eye.

Nun: Let me see. Wow, I did it! You take it. (She gives the target back to him.) Can I shoot one more batch? This time I will make it all right on the target!

Krit: Of course, you can. I have a dozen for you to shoot, but before that, I will teach you how to put bullets into the magazine first.

He continues teaching her.


Gip tries to call Krit but he doesn’t pick up, the same with Panu. She gets up to find him. Thi leaves his phone with the stylish and says if anyone calls, tell them he will call back as soon as he can. Thi continues with his work.

Gip sees Panu on the walkway.

Gip: Khun Nu!

Panu: Ye-yes..!

Gip: Didn’t you say you would find Khun Krit for me? Who are you calling?

He says his boss just called about work and he already went to the toilet and upstairs but he couldn’t find Krit so he thinks she should….Gip says she will go find him herself.

Panu: That’s right. You should go find him yourself…(He shrieks.) Wait!.. Well, ngan-khao (slang = a problem/trouble occurred/arisen)


Nun thanks Krit for taking the time to teach her.

Krit: You don’t have to thank me because you will have to pay for my time teaching you today, no matter what.

She gets in her car. Krit leans over and tells her to drive safely.

Gip sees Nun’s car passing by and recognizes it’s the car from her house. Panu says this car model is very common to see. It’s from “First Car for Major’s wife” Program. Haha.

Krit walks along and sees them. Gip asks him why he didn’t pick up her calls when she called him so many times.

Gip: Or, could it be Nun came to see you just now?

Krit: Well,…

Panu pretends to be on the phone.

Panu: Hello, yes. Yes, sir! Yes, Major Krit is here..yes. Yes, sir!

He walks to Krit.

Krit: What is it, Nu?

Panu: Boss is calling for an urgent meeting. Let’s go.

Krit: Please excuse me.

Krit runs into the building.

Gip: Khun Krit, what about these cakes? Khun Krit!…

Panu grabs the bag and runs. Gip says, “It must be Nun!”

Krit is walking fast.

Panu: Krit, wait! Where are you heading in a hurry?

Krit: To the meeting, of course.

Panu: What meeting? They canceled it.

Krit: Wow, that means…just now. You..(Nu nods.) lied straight face.

Panu: Haha, of course. I protected you from the old girl, because I feel you are falling for the new girl, haha.

Krit puts his arm around Nu’s neck and presses hard.

Krit: If you don’t stop talking about old girl/new girl, next time I will break your neck.

Krit lets go of him.

Panu: Certainly, Khun..Khun Nera-khun (ungrateful)! I helped you yet no words of thank you. One day, if Khun Gip knows that Khun Nun comes and messes a lot with you, she will surely break Khun Nun’s neck! Eh…can I eat these cakes?

Krit nods. Panu says, “Thank you!” (in English)

Krit thinks about it and is worried.

Part 7

Ruetai eats the food and feels like throwing up. Mai says it loudly, asking if it’s because of these bad food. She starts to have a stomachache and tells Mai about it. Mai praises her acting. She yells at him that she really has it. Mai holds her and says loudly that it means the food must be very dirty. He starts yelling how they cooked the food that his madam turned out like this. The other customers turn their heads.

Fanta asks what happened to her. Ruetai says she has a stomachache and feels like puking and asks what they made for her to eat.

Fanta: I think it mustn’t be the food, may be you’re just not feeling well.

Mai: Don’t talk rubbish, when my madam walked in here, she’s fine. After she ate the food, she has this stomachache and feels like throwing up. Your woman cook must give her some rotten food!

Fanta looks at other customers.

Fanta: Of course not. Our restaurant chooses only fresh and good ingredients for the food.

Ruetai tells her to stop talking and call her woman cook out here, and what she made for her to eat. She asks if her cook wanted to kill her and says she could sue them to close down the business.

A girl runs inside the kitchen and tells Thip there’s a big problem outside. Thip smiles.

Fanta tells Ruetai to have some hot tea, and may be she will feel better.

Ruetai: I don’t want anything. I want to talk with Thip! Call her here.

Fanta: You knew aunt Thip?

Thip: Of course, she knew me. She knew me very well. This is Khun Ruetai, Khun Nun’s step-mother.

Fanta: Oh my, my restaurant!

Ruetai throws a plate of food at Thip.

Ruetai: What did you cook for me to eat? You meant to poison me, didn’t you?!

Thip: Just like the way you killed Khun Rit?

Ruetai: I didn’t kill! (She slaps Thip.)

Fanta: Stop it! We can talk nicely. Why do you have to do that?

Mai grabs her wrist.

Mai: You are the one to stop! My madam is teaching the used-to-be her servant a lesson! No one interfere! Anyone interfere, you will be in trouble!

Ruetai: It’s you who sent the news about Khun Rit’s death to make Nun come back, wasn’t it? I hate you! Go away!

Thip: I won’t! This place is not ‘Ruen Rattana’ so you have no rights to chase me away!

Ruetai: Are you challenging me?

Thip: If you hate me so much, go ahead and kill me. I won’t hide anymore and I will not run away from you anymore!

Ruetai wants to slap her but her stomach suddenly makes noise.

Thip: I suggest you go home quickly to puke and get into the toilet before your condition will get worse.

Mai wants to beat her up but Ruetai tells him to take her home, she can’t bear it anymore. Mai threatens Thip that he will come back and she will pay for it.

After they left, Fanta asks Thip if she’s all right and if it hurts anywhere. Thip says it’s all right, she was harassed worse than this in the past. Fanta says if she doesn’t see it with her own eyes, she won’t believe Nun’s step-mother could be this barbaric. Thip says what she saw is not even half of what she had done to her.

Fanta asks if she wants to go to the doctor. Thip says she can just apply some medicine on the bruises and it will be all right. Fanta wants to take her to clean herself but Thip says she can do it and walks away. Fanta calls Nun.

Fanta: Hello, Nun. Where are you now? Something happened at my restaurant. Your step-mother came to slap and hit aunt Thip very fiercely and cruelly. Your step-mother seriously came from hell.


Ruetai and Mai come back home. She says she feels better after throwing up till her stomach is empty. He says he thought she pretended at first and even praised her for looking so real. She says it’s scary just to think what Thip put for her to eat. He thinks it’s croton (a plant). She says it’s fortunate it’s croton and not some rat poison, otherwise she would be dead by now.

She says she shouldn’t eat that food, and she can’t do anything because someone is backing her up. Mai says looks like Thip is not afraid of her, she must think Khun Nun will protect her.

Nun walks in.

Nun: Yes, I’m the one who will protect aunt Thip from you baddies. I heard you puked. Even with your thick foundation (makeup), I can still see that your face is so pale like a boiled chicken. Do you think no one can fight you? Serve you right!

Ruetai: Laugh all you want, one day you will face with the real danger! Thip is a psycho, know it well!

Nun: You are the one who is a psycho. Aunt Thip lived her life, and you went there to bite her like mad dogs. Are you all crazy? Just go to the hospital!

Ruetai: You are the one crazy. That woman is a psycho! You, the child your father didn’t love, and your mother was mentally ill!

Nun: Do not criticize my mother!

Ruetai: Haha. Is it untrue? Your life is a pity one. Your mother didn’t want to raise you and committed suicide. Your father didn’t care about you. Then what? Nothing’s left in your life except a servant, your father’s mistress!

Nun: You dirty-mouthed! A wicked person like you can only think about evil things. I will put you all to jail. Just wait and see!

Ruetai: I will wait and see what will come first, I go to jail or your life be totally ruined!

Part 8

Nun sits under the Rumpei tree and says, “Mom, why did you have to commit suicide? Was it because of me?”

Thi shows up and calls her, “Nun!”

Nun: Pee Thi.

Krit drives his car into ‘Ruen Rattana’. Sri greets him and asks if he’s here to see Khun Gip. Before he can answer, she says Khun Gip went out this morning and hasn’t come back yet. Phew! He asks if Khun Nun is here. She says she came back and now is in the garden. He walks to the garden. Sri wants to tell him about Thi but he’s already left. Sri smiles and says Khun Nun is so attractive.

Thi tells Nun that Fanta called and told him everything. Nun cries.

Thi: I’m so worried of you. What did they do to you? Tell me.

Nun: Nothing. I’m just angry at myself that I couldn’t do anything and just let them bully me.

Thi: Then why are you staying here for them to bully you? How can you alone fight with them? (He holds her hand.) Go back to England with me, and I will take care of you.

Krit walks over there and sees them in the distance.

Nun: I can’t go, Pee Thi. If I leave, that would mean I’m defeated. If I can’t find the person who killed my father, how can I live happily?

He holds her in his arms.

Thi: All right then, if you stay here, I will too. I will protect you.

Krit looks at them.


Thi comes to see Fanta and says it must be a good business for today because she’s looking very serious. She says what good business, when her customers saw Nun’s step-mother yelled, they were so frightened more than seeing a ghost and ran out.

He asks why she doesn’t report it to the police. She says if she does that, she will fall into their trap. They want to trouble aunt Thip, and if they announce it publicly that her cook made dirty food for them to eat, her restaurant will surely be closed for renovation permanently.

Thi says Nun told him to say sorry to her that she had to get into trouble. Fanta says he was so fast to go and check on Nun at home. He asks if she got hurt when those people fought. She says no, when she tried to stop them, that driver grabbed her arm so hard she felt like it would come off.

She shows it to him. He tells her to put some medicine on it. She says the med is here but she wants to finish her work first. He says he will apply it for her. Fanta is happy that he does that.

Fanta: You are cruel. You love to shake my feeling.

Thi: I didn’t think of you that way. All right, I won’t do it anymore. A tough one like you will be healed in no time.

Fanta: You think I have no choice, don’t you? Just wait until I meet someone more handsome, I won’t even turn my face to look at you. Just wait and see. I can apply the med myself.

She applies the med on her arm. That night, she thinks of how Thi was kind to her and smiles. She puts a glass of juice on the table and says, “Fall asleep already, Mr. model.”

She plays a guitar. She sings,

The sea and the sky have only us amid the white sand beach.

The starlight is shining glamorously and beautifully,

As though, the heaven is making way for a lonely one like me to tell you what I kept in my heart

An opportunity like this…I must say it,

That my whole heart has only you

Wanting you to believe me, with the sky as my witness

And what do you think when you know it, tell me

I want to hear it from you

If you love, if you feel the same way

But you are too shy to say it,

Just sing ‘ai-yai-ya ai-yai-ya’ is enough

And I’m willing to be the one looking after your heart

I never confess my love to anyone but you

And I also ‘ai-yai-ya ai-yai-ya’ just like you

With only this, we can understand each other

Fanta thinks, “Pee Thi, even if you don’t love me, just stay close and let me see you, I’m satisfied.”

Thi claps his hand saying her singing is so lovely that he didn’t get to sleep. She says what a tender mouth he has. He asks what it means. She laughs and says, once it gets tender, it means it’s getting rotten soon. When he pouts, she calls for a truce temporary.

Thi: I think aunt Thip is strange.

Fanta: What strange? Don’t tell me you think aunt Thip is the murderer.

Thi: But I’m still having doubt. Isn’t it too easy to be a coincident that aunt Thip came to work in your restaurant, without knowing that you are Nun’s close friend? I think you’d better keep an eye on her.

Fanta: Is that a good idea? If Nun knows about it, she will be mad.

Thi: So don’t let her know it, just keep an eye on her, and if there’s nothing wrong, then it’s all right. But if there is, whisper it to me and we may be able to help Nun this way.

She shakes her head. He touches her chin and says, “All right, my pretty Nong Ta.” He keeps nagging so she smiles and says, “Don’t you think of using me.”

Part 9

Thip comes home.

Chid: Thip! You came. (He sees her face.) What happened to your face?

Thip: Of course, it’s Ruetai’s doing. She went to the restaurant to fight with me.

Chid: Thip, just quit.

Thip: No! I’ve been hiding for a long time. From now on, I will face them. Khun Nun of mine has returned, and she will help me.

Chid: Khun Nun will help you, Thip?

Thip: Why won’t she? Wasn’t it because of me that Khun Nun survived till today?

Flashback, Thip is talking to Rit.

Thip: Of course, it’s good to separate the child from the mother, so Khun Rumpei will come back to you no matter what. Believe me.

Rit: But I will be away from my child too. I’m going to be worried of my child.

Thip: I’m confident that I can raise her and raise her well.

Rit: All right. I will try to reconcile with Rumpei as fast as I can, and will quickly return to take her back.

Thip raises Nun on her own.

Present, Thip says, “I had to raise Khun Nun while hiding for months before Khun Rit came to take me back to ‘Ruen Rattana’, so how can Khun Nun won’t protect the one who did her great favor like me?”


Krit is pacing back and forth that night in his house. He smiles thinking of Nun. He wants to call her (I think) but suddenly remembers he saw her with Thi. His smile faded. Krit gets a call.

Krit: Yes, sir! Ready to attack, sir!

In the dark, Panu and Krit and other officers are waiting, ready to attack.

Panu: Krit, aren’t you afraid?

Krit: What afraid? I’ve done the job more than a hundred time already, and this is just to catch fake dollars, what’s to afraid of?

Panu: Not that! I mean aren’t you afraid the trains may collide, Khun Gip, your old gigs, and Khun Nun, your new one? Plus, they live in the same house too. If you want to see one of them, you will have to play hide and seek. It will be quite troublesome, you know.

Krit: Are you having fun? Why do I need to hide? No need! Whoever I want to see, I will go to see that person.

Panu: Since I’ve known you, I never see you get so serious with any woman but this one! You know, Krit, you are falling deep.

Krit stops him from talking.

Krit: Our spy says they’re coming out.

Ron is also inside, at a football gambling den. He loses the bet today. The man says he paid back the old loan of 200,000 already, and how about the new one of two millions, when he will pay for it. Ron says he will pay when he has it, and he never flees from his debt. The man laughs that Ron never flees but he had to go and ask him for it. He says when he won, he paid him in cash without Ron asking.

He says he’ll give Ron 7 days to pay it all back. Ron says 7 days are too long, he asks for 3 days instead. Ron says he feels for him and is afraid he will run out of money. Ron leaves. The man says he will wait, and if Ron won’t pay him back in 3 days, he will be in deep trouble.

A group of men comes out, and one of them sees the officers and alerts his friends. They start shooting. Krit says he will follow them inside. An officer tells him to be careful. Krit runs inside calling Nu to come along.

Ron is coming out and sees a man get arrested. He runs and bumps into Krit.

Krit: Khun Ron, what are you doing here?

Ron: I just come to play (have fun), didn’t do anything wrong. Can I go now?

Krit: No, you can’t. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you will be able to leave soon. But now, I’ll have to take you to the police to investigate first.

Ron: Why investigate? I didn’t do anything wrong. Can’t you let me go now?

Krit: No, I can’t. If I do that, it would mean I refrained from doing my duty.

Ron: Khun Krit, please. We are talking here, no one sees us. I swear like a boyscout that no one sees us. No one will know if you let me go. Please, Khun Krit. Think of my mother and Pee Gip. Let me go. Help me this once. I’m asking for this one time.

Krit: Let me help you with something else. Don’t make me go against the law. I have my duty. Please go to the police station.

Ron shoves him away and runs, “I won’t go!” Krit chases him down and tells him to stop. Ron sees Ken and his men come out so he calls him for help, “Chen, help me! Please help me!” but Ken and his gang run out.

Krit follows them asking Panu to hold Ron instead. Nu asks where he’s hurry to.

Ron: Let me go!

Panu: Hehe…want me to release you, tell mommy to come begging.

Krit runs after them. They get in the car and drive. Krit jumps in front of the car, “Stop! Stop!”, but they speed up and drive away. He pulls out his gun and fires but they escape.


Nun tosses and turns in her bed. She can’t sleep. Duan is knocking the door calling Ruetai. Nun listens to them. Both Ruetai and Gip come out. Duan says Khun Ron kept calling the house phone, he said he called Ruetai’s phone but didn’t get through. Ruetai says she’s sleeping so she doesn’t switch on her mobile. She ask why he needs to call and not come home this late.

Duan says he won’t be able to come home. He said he was arrested by the police and asked Khun Ruetai to bail him out quickly. Ruetai wonders what Ron did. Gip tells her to call him.

Ruetai calls Ron.

Ruetai: Hello. Is that Ron? What did you do to make the police arrest you? What? Khun Krit arrested you? (Nun hears her.) Ron, tell me what happened.

Nun says serve you right and gets into her room. She says, “I must know what charge you were arrested.” She texts Krit.


Krit is happy saying today’s mission accomplished more that he expected. Panu guesses he said that because he could arrest Ronnarit, the brother of his gigs. He asks Krit if he’s not afraid Khun Gip will be angry at him.

Krit: Why would she be angry at me? I do my duty and didn’t trick anyone into it. I said I accomplished more than I expected, not because I arrested Ronnarit, but I met someone I didn’t expect to meet.

Panu: Who’s that?

Krit: The one attacked me in the restroom.

Flashback, in the restroom, Krit is fighting with Ken and he asks his name. Ken asks if he doesn’t know who he is.


Krit: I think he’s not just a regular, he must be the big man here or else he wouldn’t know the escape route so well and with someone helping him to escape easily too. But what’s great is, I heard his name, it’s “Chen”. I want his records. Can you get it from the police?

Panu: I’ll take care of it. Everything’s done so I’m leaving.

Krit grabs his phone in the car and sees Nun’s message. It reads, “Will you be busy tomorrow? I will treat you a meal as the payment for teaching me how to use the gun.” He smiles but doesn’t return her message. He gets ready to leave.


Ron: Krit, you were so harsh to me this time!

Ruetai: Anything you want to know, ask me!

Nun: I’m asking for the proof, give me that!

Ruetai: Can’t you understand a human language?

Nun: Let me go!


Thip is getting weirder by the episode and the sad thing is, Nun trusted her so much because she raised her for many years. At this stage, I don’t know who is right or wrong. Everyone seems to have some issues hidden including Krit. It’s fun to second guess how Krit would take care of Gip and Nun each episode, so far, he seems confident with what he’s doing to both but I still think he doesn’t know how Nun see him yet, so he’s approaching her with style. Even Rit is a serious gigolo (based on what they told us), I want to believe that he loved Nun all along. Let’s hope the truth won’t come along with tragedy, well, as if we haven’t seen enough from day one.

*Still confused the name Ken or Chen, I thought I heard it’s ‘Ken’ but we’ll see.


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