Ruen Rissaya Episode 2

I’m aware there were slaps and some violence in this lakorn, but somehow the slaps were all for the (somewhat) right reasons as far as human’s emotions goes. ‘Ruen Rattana’ (Rattana House/Mansion) seems to be the main reason for all characters to express greed, when (I presume) it wasn’t belongs to Rit in the first place (think: RaeRai). Thus, the title ‘Ruen Rissaya‘ imo, could mean the house which makes people jealous and wants to become its owner…based on the story so far.

Episode 2

Part 1

Ruetai is saying to Nun that she’s good to her yet she still accused her so she will not lower herself to argue with her anymore.

Nun: Lower yourself?

Krit: Khun Nun, if you keep making trouble, I won’t help you anymore. Can’t you talk nicely?

Nun: I am waiting to hear what this uncle lawyer have to say.

SamutChai: The truth is, Khun Rit didn’t entrust me to take care about the will directly. However, since I and Khun Rit worked together for a long time and I’m a regular coming in and out this house, and many of Khun Rit’s assets, I’m the one taking care. Therefore,…

Ruetai: Oh, all right, Khun Lawyer, you don’t need to go through all the backgrounds, so, about the will, what are you going to do?

SamutChai: When the police haven’t concluded the cause of Khun Rit’s death yet whether he’s murdered like how Khun Nun is in doubt or not, I don’t think it’s appropriate to read out the will and divide the assets, we should wait.

Ruetai: I can wait but it’s only wasting the time because no matter what the result will come out the same. Khun Rit had a heart attack. No one killed him.

Nun: You seem so sure.

Ruetai: I said the truth. I didn’t kill your father.

KraiPat: Let’s continue, during this time, the rice mills and the rental income of Khun Rit’s assets,  my father, as the company’s lawyer, together with Khun Ruetai will help managing and taking care of it for now.

Nun: What? Had my father let you manage it?

Ruetai smirks.

Ruetai: I agree. (To Krit) See, I pity you, Khun Krit, that you are having a headache listening to this nonsense. When we fought a while ago, Gip must be frightened, could you please go and console her?

Kirt says yes and leaves the room.

Nun: Uncle, I would like to consult with you. Come this way, please.


Gip sees Krit coming in. He sits down and apologizes if he’s too harsh just now. He needs to stop it because he didn’t want any physical attack on anyone. Ron yells at him saying what a gentleman, he almost broke his arm. Gip tells Ron to leave the room, Khun Krit meant well for him and he yelled at him? Ron gets out but not after staring at Krit intensely.

Gip asks Krit if he can see that since Nun came in, she troubled everyone, and used the right of being the real daughter to accuse everyone. She won’t stay still and be the harmed party. Krit tells her to calm down, it’s normal for Khun Nun, the real daughter, to have doubt about her father’s death, and she was attacked too so she become more curious.

He says if Gip’s side haven’t done anything wrong, there’s no need to worry about it and just stay put. Things will be resolved on its own.

She says if Nun lives in this house, she won’t be able to live here comfortably. She holds his hands and he’s disturbed. She says she doesn’t want to live in this house anymore and wants to live in Autsawat house of his instead, she should feel warmth more living in it, and his uncle is so kind too, so the only thing left is when someone will come and ask for her hand in marriage. Krit slowly pulls his hands out of hers and leans back while she keeps touching his knee lingeringly.


Nun asks SamutChai when her father was still alive, if he had ever complained about anything or anyone wanted to harm him. He says no, Khun Rit never complained anything. Normally, when he had any problem, he wouldn’t tell anyone, especially, about his personal life.

KraiPat says Khun Rit looked tired and was stressful during the latter of his days, and he didn’t go out to party at all. She says she remember her father loved to party and went out almost every night to social events and would come home almost dawn. She asks SamutChai if he knew any problem that might disturb her father. He says it must be about work because Khun Rit never trusted anyone to help and he managed both the rice mills and the company on his own.

She says she couldn’t understand why her father needed to make a lot of money when, in the end, he couldn’t take anything with him and left it to those people to spend it.  SamutChai says but Nun’s here in this house now after went away for so many years. Nun says yes. He says if Khun Rit’s soul knows about it, he must be very happy.

Nun: Yes, I had to come back to do the daughter’s duty. I must hunt down the murderer who killed my father no matter what.


At the house’s gate, Mai asks Thip why she came back here again. He tells her to go away. She says how dare he tell her to go away when he’s just RueTai’s servant, and the real owner of this house has already come back, standing over there. Mai wants to harm her for talking aggressively so Thip screams for help. Nun hears her so she walks to the gate.

KraiPat tells his dad that it seems ‘Ruen Rattana’ is no longer at peace. SumatChai tells the policemen to check out the situation at the gate.

Nun tells Mai to stop and asks what he’s doing to her. He says he didn’t do anything. She says, if that’s the case, why aunt Thip is screaming. She calls him a gangster just like his madam. She yells at him to go away. Mai walks away.

Nun is happy to see Thip but Thip starts leaving. Nun calls her to stop and wait for her.

Nun: Where are you going? Are you going to leave just like dad left me?

Thip: Khun Nun, I’m happy to see you.

They hug each other.

Nun: Where are you going? Why didn’t you get in the house?

Thip: Khun Nun, listen to me, I don’t live here anymore now.

Nun: Why? What happened? Tell me.

Thip: After you left to study for two years, they chased me out of here.

Nun: Was it Ruetai’s doing? That horrid woman, she got rid of everyone in her way, even dad who fell head over heels for her. But you don’t have to be afraid, I came back. I already came back, aunty.

Thip: I’m glad I got to see you. But it’s not the same here anymore, you are alone here, what if they do something to you, there’s no one to help you. You must be careful and take good care of yourself. Don’t trust anyone and I will visit you often. I’ll have to go  now.

Nun cries.

Nun: Aunt! Aunt Thip!

Thip gets in a taxi and leaves.


Gip tells Krit to sit down but Krit says he will have to leave now. Gip asks why hurry, she wants him to join the meal first. Ruetai says she told the housekeeper to arrange table for the meal already. He says may be next time because he has some work to do at his unit. Nun marches into the house and yells.

Nun: How dare you chase aunt Thip out of the house?

Krit: What now?

Nun: I want to get back at them.

Ruetai: You are getting back to the wrong person. I wasn’t the one chasing her out, it’s Khun Rit who chased Thip out.

Nun: I don’t believe you! Dad trusted aunt Thip so much, he would never do that!

Gip: How would you know how that woman made trouble in this house when you were living happily abroad?

Ruetai: Your father was so mad at Thip, do you know that? When he chased Thip out, he cursed at her so bad that she couldn’t be trusted, and was ungrateful.

Nun: You’re lying! Dad never saw aunt Thip as a maid. She raised me, and I’m grateful to her. You, people, are the ones who should be chased out of this house more! You could even kill my dad, you, ungrateful people!

Gip tells Nun to stop accusing her mother, and how many times she has to tell her that her mother didn’t kill her father.

Nun: You also, Gip! You conspired with your mother to kill my father!

Krit: Khun Nun, stop it! Go outside now.

He pulls her outside.

Nun: Let me go, Khun Krit! You, you killed my father!

Ruetai: Crazy girl! She never stops yelling at  me since she came back.

Ruetai stops Gip from going after Khun Krit.

Part 2

Krit pulls Nun outside. She yells at him to let her go and why he’s dragging her out here. He says he’s taking her to calm down.

Krit: Calm down.

Nun: Who do you think you are? How dare you teach me?!

Krit: And who do you think you are to point finger at others that they killed your father, without any evidence?

Nun: Why is there no evidence? Here, it is. (Her injured arm) I left home for seven years and never came back, but once I came back, someone chased me down to kill me. If it’s not Ruetai’s doing, then can you tell me whose’s doing it could be? Tell me, who, tell me!

Krit: Khun! I can’t tell you because I’m not a police, but you should be patient and wait for the police to investigate first. Don’t just act crazy yelling like that. There’s no use at all.

Nun: Don’t you criticize me!

Krit: I didn’t criticize you, but I’m trying to make you come to your senses. (He hands her his name card.) This is my name card. If you think it’s useful for you, then keep it. If you don’t think it’s useful for you, then, if you want to tear it and throw it away, it’s up to you.

When she doesn’t take it, he puts it in her hand and leaves. She looks at the RumPei tree and sits down. She picks up its flower and thinks of what Thip told her.

Thip: Khun RumPei was so sad so she…shot herself to death.

Flashback, RumPei is crying and says, “Mommy is sorry that mommy don’t have a chance to do the duty of a good mother. But mommy…wants you to know that mommy loves you the most in this world.”

She kills herself. Rit runs to her with a baby in his arms. Thip comes behind him.

Rit: RumPei, don’t!

Thip: Khun RumPei!

Present, Nun is saying, “Mom…”

Mai sees her so he reports it to Ruetai.

Ruetai: She sat there agonizing at the spot her mother died? She should just kill herself and follow her mother! If she continues living in this house, we won’t be able to live in peace. See that, she set foot on this house for just one day, and Thip showed up here already.

Mai: So what should we do next?

Ruetai: Do everything to make her not be able to stay in this house. Mai, you must help me. We must join hands.

Mai bends down and says, whatever she wants him to do, say it, and he won’t let that woman do anything to her. She looks at Rit’s photo and says wait until this house become hers first, she will throw everything of him away, especially that darn RumPei tree that he’s so possessive of it. She will cut it down and burn it since he’s so possessive of it so much.

Flashback, Ruetai is ordering two men to cut down the RumPei tree. A man doesn’t want to do it, the tree is growing big nicely. She asks them if they want money or she can hire someone else. The man says of course, he wants it. Thip shows up and stops them saying she won’t allow them to cut it down. Ruetai tells her not to meddle and get out of the way. Ruetai tells the men to do it now but Thip yells at them not to do it and to leave.

Ruetai slaps her calling her a servant, and she shouldn’t interfere with the boss’s business.

Thip: This tree is the tree Khun RumPei loved, it can’t be cut down! Do you understand? (She slaps Ruetai back.)

Rit sees them so he tells Thip to stop it. Ruetai tells Rit that Thip harmed her and it hurts. Rit asks Thip how she could slap Khun Ruetai, and if she doesn’t see his head (respect his authority). Thip tells him to listen to her first. Ruetai tells him not to, Thip doesn’t know her place, boss and servant. She tells him to fire her.

Thip asks Ruetai who she is when this house is Khun RumPei’s and she’s an outsider, and how she could want to cut down Khun RumPei’s tree. She won’t allow it.

Ruetai asks Rit if he can see how Thip talked back to her, so he should fire her. He asks Ruetai if it’s true what Thip said that she told someone to cut down the RumPei tree.  Ruetai says this tree is poisonous. She collected its flowers and put in a vase, and touched its resin accidentally a little and she got painful burns all over her arm.

Rit asks, the tree is just standing there, why she had to mess with it. He turns to the two men and yells at them to get out. He tells Ruetai to remember it well, never mess with his RumPei tree again, he loves it and no one can touch it!

Thip smiles at Ruetai. She puts her hand up as if asking if Ruetai wants another slap. Ruetai runs after Rit and shouts to him that she didn’t mean to do that.

Present, Ruetai is still angry thinking about it. Mai tells her not to be moody or she won’t look pretty. He bends down for a kiss.


Krit is driving and sees from the rear mirror there’s a car following him. He calls Panu while changing lane. Ma is in the car behind. He’s telling Ken the guy must know someone is following him so he’s changing route. Ken says if they let him be, he may come meddling with Rit daughter’s matter and not stop, and eventually ruin his task. He tells the driver to drive crushing that car and harm him.

Part 3

(Cars chasing)

Ken loves it and says it’s fun. Krit holds on tight avoiding any collision.

Krit: Nu, someone’s chasing me.

Panu: Are you sure they are following you?

Krit: Of course, we are on a high-speed chase right now……

Panu: Let me check your coordinates (looking at computer screen).

Ken orders the driver to follow him closely, and closer.

Panu: Shit, Krit!

Krit: What? Road maintenance ahead or what?

Panu: What maintenance, there’s no road?

Krit: What do you mean? Be serious, don’t just make joke.

Panu: It means it’s a dead-end!

Krit: That’s just great.

Ken pulls out his gun saying he didn’t practice it with a real human for months. Ma also pulls out his gun, together they start shooting at Krit’s car.

Panu: Krit! Krit!

Nu runs out.

They keep shooting at Krit’s car. Ken says it’s fun. When Krit reaches the end of the road, he makes a U-turn, at the same time, pulls out his gun and shoots. Ken’s car backups. Krit gets out of his car and shoots them more but the car speeds up and leaves.


At a garage, Krit’s car is being fixed. He’s on the phone with Panu.

Panu: Do you remember their license plate number?

Krit: I do, but I think they were using a fake license plate.

Panu: Which group do you think did it? Someone from previous cases, (name)….gang, Russian gang in Pattaya, or drug dealers along the borders, sent men to take revenge on you?

Krit: I don’t think so, because I remember one of them is the same man who attacked Khun Nun at the pond.

Panu: What? They followed to get rid of you?

Krit: It must be just a threat, telling me not to meddle in Khun Nun’s matter. If they really meant to get rid of me, they wouldn’t do only this to me. There were many of them, they could attack me to dust, and you wouldn’t be talking to me but collecting my dead body instead.

Panu: You were followed and attacked this bad, and won’t report it to the police?

Krit: If I report it, it will alert them. Do you think they did this to me, and I will concede?

Panu: See, it’s clear now. You are making it too obvious that you won’t stop meddling with Khun Nun’s matter.

Krit: Nu, this is not about Khun Nun. Just think, they came shooting at people, and you think I will let them be? I must know who they are and who’s behind them.

Panu: Gotta go now.

Krit: All right.

Krit hangs up.


At ‘Ruen Rattana’, Nun is pulling her suitcase into the house. Sri, a housekeeper, wants to help her but Duan, also a housekeeper, stops her. She tells Sri if she doesn’t want to lose her job, she must remember there are only three bosses for her to serve: madam Ruetai, Khun Nu Gip, and Khun Chai Ron. For other person who shows her face here, don’t serve her and wastes her energy.

Nun: I think so too. You should save your strength to flatter your bosses better or you will ruin ‘whatever boss behave, servant behave such’ academy.

Duan tells Sri to leave with her. Nun sees Mai is coming out of Rit’s study so she asks what he’s doing in her father’s study. Ruetai comes out after him surprising Nun even more.

Nun: What’s there to be startled, Khun step-mother? So startled that I saw….. After my father died, a man worker in the house can come in and go out of my father’s study so conveniently.

Ruetai: Don’t you talk rubbish to me! He’s my driver, and I just called him to give an order to go get my clothes that I left for dry-cleaning. You may go now, Mai.

Mai: Yes, madam.

Nun wants to go upstairs.

Ruetai: You, where are you pulling your suitcase to?

Nun: Why ask? My bedroom, of course.

Ruetai: There’s no bedroom for you upstairs anymore. Over there, that tiny house, it’s suitable for sticking your head into to get some sleep! (Nun carries her suitcase upstairs anyway.) Can’t you understand a human language? This main building doesn’t have a place for you anymore, get down! I’m telling you to get down now!

Nun: No! (in English)

Ruetai: I told you to come down! Duan! Nang Duan! e-Duan!

Duan: Yes, what is it, madam?

Ruetai asks if she can see that Nun’s going upstairs. Duan asks what she wants her to do. Ruetai says go spread sheets for her, may be. Duan says of course. Ruetai screams calling her stupid, just go and shoo her down here fast. Duan runs upstairs and Ruetai follows her.

Nun opens the door to a room and looks around.

Nun: There’s no dad in this room anymore.

Ruetai: What are you doing in Khun Rit’s room?

Nun: This is my room.

Ruetai: You can’t stay here. I won’t let you!

Nun: This is my father’s bedroom and I will stay! So what?

Nun tries to close the room door but Ruetai and Duan won’t let her. Ruetai tells Nun to get out. Gip hears the noise and comes out asking her mother what’s going on. Ruetai says Nun is taking over Rit’s room. Gip helps them stop Nun and says Nun kept making problem since she came. Nun tells them to get out and pushes hard closing the door finally.

The gang goes downstairs frustrated. Inside the room, Nun looks at Rit’s photo.

Nun: Dad, I missed you. Don’t worry, dad. No matter what, I will find evidence to make clear the murderer, the one who killed you in this house.

She cries hugging her father’s photo.

Part 4

At the hospital, Fanta teases Thi that he could get up changing clothes by himself once the doctor discharged him from the hospital. She says the doctor should make him stay longer so that she can come here taking care of him everyday. Fanta says she will drop him at his condo, but he says he won’t go there but will go to see Nun. She wants to protest about that but he tells her to go get his med fast.

Thi walks out of the room. Fanta shows him his medicine and says the doctor said he shouldn’t work hard. He says he will go to see Nun, how that could be a hard work. She says she meant he should go home and rest better. He asks better of what. She says better than walking like a handicap like this. She says if Nun sees him in this condition, instead of leaning on him, she will worry about him more. He tells her to stop talking, he won’t go then. He mumbles why she had to step on him.

At Thi’s condo, Fanta brings him a bowl of chicken boiled rice but he already falls asleep. She adjusts him arm and leg’s position so he won’t get a cramp. She tells him to get well soon and wants to give him a peck but stops herself. She kisses her hand and touch it to his cheek instead. She says she’s leaving.

Thi opens his eyes, gets up and cringes touching his cheek. He says what a woman to take advantage of a man. He eats her boiled rice and loves it, it’s so delicious. He says it’s the good side of her, and he never gets bored eating it.

He looks at the note she wrote. It reads, “I know, you are pretending to be sleeping.” He smiles and eats some more. Fanta walks back and clears her throat. He asks if she hasn’t gone back yet. She laughs and says his was just a cheap trick. She reminds him to eat it all and not to forget to take the med. She tells him to sleep early and if he gets up looking fresh tomorrow, she may take him to see Nun, as a reward for a good boy. She says good night and she’s leaving. He says she should leave already.

There’s a picture of Nun and him on the table. Flashback, Thi meets Nun in the library in school, England. Fanta introduces Nun to him saying Nun just came from Thailand. He wants to greet her with a handshake but Nun ‘wai’ him instead embarrassing him a bit. Nun says it’s nice to meet him and tells Fanta to leave. The two walk away while Thi keeps staring at Nun.

Present, Thi smiles thinking about it. Fanta shows up again and this time he chokes. She asks if it tastes good. He says it does and she can leave now. She says she’s going and says sweet dream. He waves to her and looks again to make sure she’s left.


Krit comes home that night. A man greets him and asks if he wants dinner right away. Krit says no, he already had dinner with his friend. The man asks again if he wants some tea or coffee. Krit says he doesn’t want it and asks if his uncle hasn’t come back yet. The man says not yet but he called that he would come back late tonight. Krit nods and walks inside. There’s a photo of his uncle on the table.

Krit sits on a sofa thinking about what Nun said, that she never came back for seven years, but once she returned, someone wanted to kill her, and she asked him if it’s not Ruetai’s doing then whose it was. Krit thinks of men firing guns at him today. He’s frustrated saying he, too, wants to know whose it is. He says, but if it’s really Khun Ruetai’s doing, and that woman has to live in that house alone, she will encounter with more harm for sure.


Nun stands in Rit’s room trying to figure out some clues.

Nun: If dad really died in this room, there should be some evidence left in here.

She searches here and there, and found nothing.

Nun: There’s noting. Ruetai must have destroyed all the evidences.

She sits down on a sofa and her stomach starts making noise.

Nun: Those Ruetai’s people don’t even think to invite the child of the house’s owner to have the meal? They are just people begged to live here and have no manners at all!

Nun comes downstairs looking for some food but there’s noting in the fridge, only some fake fruits. She looks at something left in a glass bottle and says they left her just this to eat? A shadow passes by so she yells, “Who’s that?!” She grabs a knife and shouts, “I’m asking, who’s that?!”

She holds the knife tight and looks around. Someone passes her by again so she yells, “Who’s that? I’m asking, who’s that?!”

She feels someone coming behind so she turns around.

Part 5

Nun turns around and Duan screams because of the knife in Nun’s hand.

Nun: Hey! What?

Mai looks at her behind the corner and leaves quietly. The noise wakes up the household. Duan tells Ruetai that Nun wanted to kill her and it’s so scary.

Nun: Don’t ver! I was just startled, and didn’t think to kill you.

*ver = slang = overact

Duan says how could she not want to kill when she held the knife so high, and if she didn’t run away in time, she would have been stabbed. Nun yells at her saying she said she was just startled, and someone was watching her in the dark so she grabbed the knife and ran out to take a look, and Duan suddenly showed up behind her so she thought Duan was a thief.

Gip asks, a thief? This house has never had strangers breaking in, also there were many policemen in front of the house so who could break in. She says Nun must be hallucinating.

Ruetai agrees with Gip that that hooded man must have stamped feet on Nun so hard that she’s suffering a concussion. She suggests Nun let the doctor check her brain tomorrow. Ron joins the group saying it could be a psycho who loves to think there’s killings happen all the time. He asks Nun if she’s gone crazy.

Nun says it’s him who’s crazy and she wasn’t hallucinating. It must be them brainstorming to come up with a plan, hoping she won’t be able to stay in this house. She says a kid’s plan like this won’t make her barge.

Nun gets up and says, “This is my home and I will stay here. I will ask for everything of my father be returned to me!”

After Nun walked away, Ron asks Ruetai if he should follow and stamp feet on her. Gip asks if he’s mad when many policemen are in front of the house. Ruetai says, “If she can stay, let her, but she definitely will experience greater and even greater excitement, Nang Nun!”

Duan asks what if she’s really crazy and wants to kill her for real. Ruetai tells her to shut up.


Ruetai comes to see Mai at his room. She praises his good work that it made that woman went crazy and almost killed Duan instead. He asks if she’s sure this plan will be able to chase Nun out of the house. She asks what they can do more when that woman thought they killed her father, also the police are keeping an eye on them. She says let’s play a nerve war with that woman and continues with it so she will look like a mentally-illed person to others, and she will lose the right to take care of her father’s assets. He says he will make an even stronger threat.

He says it’s already late tonight so she shouldn’t go back to the house, the mosquitoes could bite her. She smiles.


Nun sits on the bed and gets a bottle of a medicine out of a drawer. She says if she can’t sleep tonight, she won’t have the strength to fight with them tomorrow. She takes a sleeping pill, gets in bed, turns off the light and lies down.

There’s a thunder storm that night. A figure in the dark is looking at her. Nun is sleeping and has a flashback of her father lying on the floor. She gets down to him and cries. She sees her mother too so she calls out to her, but she disappears when Nun wants to hug her.

Nun shouts, “Mom!” and wakes up. She wonders if it’s a dream.

Morning comes, a man comes to Nun’s room door from outside and ties a rope around the door knobs with a broomstick. Nun gets ready to go out but she can’t open the door. She says, “What’s this? I could come in last night but why it can’t be opened now?…Who’s outside? Open it! Open it now and let me get out! Hey, who’s outside? Open it!”

Nun looks around and says, “All right, (she gets outside looking down the balcony.) you think that will stop a person like Nuntanut?” She drops her bag and shoes down below, climbs over the rail, and slowly lowers herself down. Good grief, that’s too high to jump. She loses the grip and falls. She screams along the way down and ends up on top of Krit, hitting him very hard. She sits up properly and sees him.

Nun: Hey, Khun! Are you all right? Khun Krit!

He lets out, “Will you ask long? I can’t breathe!” She realizes she’s sitting on his body so she stands up. He gets up and coughs. She looks at him and laughs.

Krit: You have the face to laugh?

Nun: Why can’t I laugh? As if, I wanted to touch you.

Krit: I saved you from breaking your neck falling down, yet don’t thank me and scold me instead?

Nun: Thank you! Satisfied?

Nun remembers what caused her to come down this way so she picks up her bag and shoes, and marches to the front door.

Krit: What now? Khun! Khun!

Nun gets in the house and throws her shoes at Duan (who’s sitting causally on a chair reading a magazine like a madam of the house). Duan yaps and asks how she could be here.

Nun: It was you, wasn’t it?

Duan: What are you saying? I don’t know.

Nun wants to get to her but Krit stops her.

Krit: Hey, Khun!

Nun: Let go of me! (She yells looking upstairs.) Nang Ruetai, come down right now! Do you hear me, Nang Ruetai? Nang Ruetai!

Krit: (Pull her arm) Khun, why do you need to shout? Why are you troubling them this early morning?

Nun: Then why did they trouble me first? Let go of me! (She turns around.) Come down right now, and if you don’t come down, I will barge into your room, definitely! Nang Ruetai, come down! Do you hear me?

Mai comes in and says madam’s not here. Nun says she doesn’t believe him. Mai says madam took Khun Gip and Khun Ron to the rice mill for a meeting so she won’t find anyone upstairs. Nun asks if he not her step-mother’s personal driver. He says yes. Nun asks then why he didn’t go serving her today, why he’s still here.

Nun: Won’t answer? I will answer it for you. You remain here to lock the door locking me up in the room!

Mai: I didn’t.

Nun: Liar!

Krit: Khun, what is it now? Who locked the door to lock you up?

Nun: Want to know, don’t you? Then, follow me.

Nun walks upstairs and Krit follows her. Mai and Duan glare at each other.

Nun: This is the room they locked the door, locking me inside. You take a look..(she pushes and the door opens easily)

Krit crosses his arms.

Nun: Well,..

Krit: It’s true what you said, the door of this room was heavily locked.

Nun: It’s the truth. I didn’t lie! They locked the door that’s why I had to climb down the balcony.

Krit: Next time, you can come down by the stairs, don’t come down from the balcony and trouble everyone.

Krit starts leaving.

Nun: Khun! Khun Krit! I didn’t lie. Khun Krit! Khun!

Nun closes the door and turns to the duo. She says, “Don’t let me catch you red-handed or you will be dead!” She walks downstairs while Mai and Duan smiles at each other.

Part 6

Krit gets in his car feeling stupid to come here.

Krit: I was wrong of me to come here (He starts the engine.), and waste my time!

Nun runs in front of his car so he has to step on the brake.

Nun: Stop!

Krit (yelling) : What now?!

Nun: Give me a ride.

Krit: Where are you going?

Nun: You are going to see those of my step-mother at the rice mill, aren’t you?

Krit: Who told you I would go to the rice mill?

She walks to the car.

Nun: Didn’t you come to see them? Then who did you come for?

Krit: ….

Nun: Don’t tell me you came to see me.

Krit: I have no business with you so why do I need to come see you?

Nun: That means you have some business with Gip, then you must hurry or her chest will burst.

She gets in his car and buckles up.

Krit: Khun! You are really something. Want to go to the rice mill? Ask the policemen there to drop you.

Nun: No, I want to go with you, and they will follow me eventually. (She turns to him.) But you, are you sure you didn’t come to see me?

He just drives off.


Fanta comes to see Thi at his condo. He hides from her but she sees him anyway. She pretends to walk pass him. When he runs, she calls him and asks where he’s going this early. He turns and walks to her asking what she came here for. She says she’s the person who will keep a promise. She said she would take him to Nun so she will do it.

He says he’s not a kid and can go there by himself. She says he’s not yet fully recovered so she will drive for him. He says let’s make a stop to get Nun some flowers first. She says of course, she will take him to buy it. When he hesitates, she calls him to come along and hurry.


Krit takes Nun to the rice mill. The policemen follow them here. She gets out of the car and thanks him for dropping her. She rushes inside. Krit tells the policemen to park his car for him and follows Nun.


In the meeting room, SamutChai is telling everyone to suggest the name of the person to become an interim president of the company in place of Khun Rit. Gip raises her hand and says she wants to nominate someone. SamutChai says she can’t because she doesn’t have any job position in this company. She says she knows that but as one of dad Rit’s children, she wants to do so. Even though she’s not his biological child, she loves him very much, even more than her real father.

KraiPat asks who she wants to nominate. Gip is about to say the name when Nun arrives at the door of the meeting room. A lady tries to stop Nun from getting inside. She says Nun cannot enter the room.

Nun asks her why she can’t get inside. The lady says there’s a meeting going on. Nun wants to barge in anyway but Krit pulls her back again.

Krit: Khun! What are you doing?

Nun (surprise to see him): It’s you, why are you following me here?

The lady insists she can’t enter but Nun shoves her to the side and gets in. Krit shakes head yet follows her. Lol.

Gip is saying, “My mother.”

Nun barges in. Gip asks why Krit brought her in here.

Krit: I didn’t bring her in here, but I…

Ron yells at the lady how she could let these two get in here. He tells her to chase them out.

Nun: Who are you to chase me out? Did you forget that I’m the real daughter? You, step-child!

Ron: What?

Ruetai calms him down and tells him to sit down. Nun greets the board and says she’s sorry for behaving inappropriately. She says everyone should know already that she’s the only real child of the company’s president, so she has the right to know everything about the management of the company. She asks them if that’s correct. The board agrees.

Nun sits down and says she doesn’t want much, all she wants to see is a correct and fair management. She asks them to consider it.

The man says after some talking, they all think Khun Nun should be granted that right. Ron yells out how it could be when she disappeared for seven years and suddenly they will allow her to know about the management.

SamutChai reminds him that no matter how many years she’d gone, Khun Nun is still Khun Rit’s child. Nun thanks them and then remembers Krit is still there (LOL).

Nun: I would like you to let Major Krit join this meeting too…as my private consultant. (*cough cough*)

Krit gapes, whispering to her. She tells him in a lower voice to get a chair to sit down. He tries to argue but she orders him through clenched teeth to pull a chair over and sit down. He looks at everyone and pulls a chair over and sits down.

Krit: Are you out of your mind?

Nun: Why meddling in my business? So I let you in. (To the rest) Everyone, This is Maj. Krit.

Gip: Khun Krit, how could you do this to me?

Ruetai tells Gip to stop it.

Nun: I suggest we continue with the meeting. I’m ready.


Thi is choosing some flowers for Nun but couldn’t decide. Fanta says it’s more than an hour now, choose it already. He says he can’t decide, they are all lovely. She asks if they should buy the whole shop.

Thi: Good idea! If I can do that, Nun will be impressed with me.

Fanta gets up and says that she teased him just now. She tells him to go away, she will choose it for him or they will be here till night falls. She shoves him away but when he cries out because of his injury, she says sorry. She says she will pick the roses, it’s the most beautiful kind. He teases her if she misunderstands it, he wants her to choose it for Nun, not herself. Fanta says she chose roses for Nun. He asks why she didn’t choose carnations or tulips, roses are too basic.

She says because it’s basic, Nun likes it. She asks if he doesn’t want it, and puts the rose back. He says if Nun likes it, he will like it too. He tells the flower lady to make a bouquet of it, the most beautiful one in her life. Fanta is a little upset hearing that.


In the meeting room,

Nun: My father’s dead body is in the middle of being investigated, so I disagree to have anyone sit as an interim.

Gip: You said this too when we wanted to read the will, and now the same gag again?

Nun: What gag? This is not a joke to let out a gag.

Ron says Nun is trying to get on their nerves so how they could sit still and listen to her.

Ruetai asks Nun if she knows that she’s putting the company’s future on the line. Without the president to give out orders, how the company can move ahead. Nun says she didn’t say she wouldn’t let them have a new president, she just wants to wait until her father’s case wrapped up first, for the police to make a conclusion whether her father died naturally or was murdered. Otherwise, the murderer will be around, and that should make the company be at risk more.

Ron yells at her to say it if she wants to call his mother a murderer, not to beat around the bush. Ruetai tells him to stop. Ron asks why she wants him to stop when Nun called her murderer all the time and he doesn’t want to hear it anymore. He tells everyone to just choose someone to be an interim president, and they don’t have to listen to this lose-tonqued woman whose parents didn’t do a good job of grooming her.

Nun asks if what he’s babbling now, is how he’s been well taught by his mother. Ron is furious. Krit tells him to calm down and talk to each other nicely.

Nun: All right, please do not criticize my mother again.

Ron: Why? What are you going to do?!

A man says stops it! He says they aren’t ready to nominate an interim president, and they should wait for the result of the reopened case first, and call for a meeting later. He says he wants to call it done for today. Ruetai wants to argue but Nun tells him that she will walk with him to send him off and invites them that they may leave. Everyone gets up to leave.

Gip calls Krit, “Khun Krit.”

Krit turns to her. Gip says she has something to talk to him.

Part 7

Mai is busy featuring with ( a slang around here *cough*) Duan when Ruetai calls him.

Mai: Yes, Pee.

Ruetai: Mai, I told you to lock her up, lock her up! Why didn’t you do it?

Mai: I did as you ordered but that woman was so brave risking her life and jumped down from the balcony, and escaped.

Ruetai: I almost got the position of an interim president of ….Co.,Ltd. That woman tripped me once and my plan was totally ruined!

Duan tickles him while he’s on the phone and laughs.

Mai: Pee, I’m sorry. It’s my fault.

Ruetai: Why are you sounding like that? What are you doing?!

Mai: I’m lifting Duan…(oops!)..I’m helping Duan lifting things.

Ruetai: All right, get it done fast.

Mai: Yes. I’m hanging up, Pee.

Ruetai is annoyed while Duan takes the phone away from Mai’s hand and looks at him meaningfully.


Nun is talking with SamutChai and his son.

Nun: I’m in doubt now, uncle and Khun KraiPat, whose side you are taking.

SamutChai says he can’t take any side because he’s the company’s lawyer. He must remain neutral.

Nun: If you really remain neutral, then why no one told me that today there’s a meeting to choose an interim president in place of dad?

SamutChai reminds her not to forget that there’s none of her name associated with this company in anyway. Nun says if she hadn’t arrived in time, Ruetai must have already gotten to be the president of her dad’s company already. She asks if he also agreed to it. He says as a company’s employee, he must abide by the majority.

KraiPat tells her not to waste her energy feeling bad about something already passed. He suggests she look to the future, the day the result of Khun Rit’s autopsy come out.

Nun says she’s confident that they will eventually get the murderer. KraiPat looks at SamutChai so he nods. KraiPat turns to Nun and tells her that he will have a room ready for her to be her workplace, and will also get her a mobile phone and a car. He says if she needs something else, let him know and he will arrange one for her.

Nun thanks him and says what she wants the most now is  aunt Thip’s address. She asks if any of them knows it. SamutChai says no one saw or heard of Khun Thip at all until Khun Rit passed away, and she showed up at the temple.


Thi leaves the shop with a bouquet in his hand. He hurries Fanta to come along. She says let her take a call first. It’s Nun calling so Fanta is delighted. She tells Nun that Pee Thi missed her and wanted to see her.

Fanta: You are not at home? Then where are you now?


Ron yells at Krit that twice already that he brought that woman and broke their faces. Krit says he should see that he tried to stop her too. Ron says but he’s the one bringing her here. Krit says she asked for a ride. Ron asks from where, if it’s not him picking her up from home. Gip tells Ron to calm down but Ron doesn’t want to.

Krit says they quarreled within the family so don’t drag him into it because, he doesn’t have anything to lose or gain with them. Ruetai comes in and tells Ron to apologize to Krit. Ron asks her why he has to when he brought that woman and broke their faces in the meeting.

Krit: I said I had nothing to do with it!

Ruetai: Hear that? I told you to apologize to Khun Krit now.

Ron: All right,…sorry!

Ruetai looks at Krit.

Ruetai: Nong (younger bro) apologized already so please don’t mind him. Nun did this much to us and Ron is still young so he can’t take it.

Gip: That’s right. I, too, almost can’t take it. That woman thought she’s the real child so she thinks she can bully step-children like us in every way. Khun Krit, don’t take her side. Please, Khun Krit.


Krit walks back to his car feeling annoyed. He sees Nun walking into a mill so he walks to her wanting to have a talk.

Nun looks around the mill and says, “The mill that dad’s so proud of.”

Flashback, Chid is telling a teenage Nun to get out of the car. She says no. Thip tells her not to be stubborn and come down. She tells Nun she should say good-bye to her father when she’s going to make a trip far away, he’s standing over there. Nun says she doesn’t want to go, but Thip pulls her along anyway. They walk to Rit.

Thip: Khun Rit, Khun Nun came to say good-bye.

Rit: Why saying good-bye? She wanted to get away from me so much. I did everything you wanted already, just hurry leave.

Thip: Why are you talking to Khun Nun like that? Aren’t you going to give her some blessings?

Rit: What blessings? Raising someone is just wasting the rice. Staying with paddy is much better than being with someone.

Nun: Then dad, just stay with the mill and your paddy if that will make you so rich. Staying with me is just like being with an excess (unnecessary thing) of your life.

Nun cries. Ruetai comes along and asks what happened. She asks if the two of them, dad and daughter, are fighting again. She touches Rit’s face and tells him not to make that face. She kisses his cheek and asks if he feels better now. She tells him to calm down.

Nun says, “Dad..” She walks away. Thip walks back to the car with her. Thip tells Nun not to go abroad since she saw that.

Nun: But dad doesn’t love me. He doesn’t want me so why should I stay, aunt Thip?

Thip: Stay here to fight, Khun Nun! Khun Rit doesn’t mean to chase you away. That woman seduced him until he went head over heels for her.

Ruetai: Hey, don’t blame me! You didn’t behave well that’s why you must be chased out of the house like this.

Thip: Don’t criticize Khun Nun!

Ruetai: Why? I said the truth. You can’t take it? Just leave, if you stay, you only will annoy your father. Go get some degree at least, then may be your dad will be proud to have a child like you.

Thip: Wait! Are you so great to talk and hurt a child’s feeling like that?

Nun: Let her, aunt. Let her scold me all she wants. I will remember every word and never forget! We will surely meet again, Khun Ruetai!

Ruetai: But I don’t want to meet you again. Just leave. Go where you want to go, and don’t come back to let me see you, ever again!

Ruetai laughs and walks away. Nun cries so Thip hugs her.

Part 8

Back to present, Nun says, “Dad, I shouldn’t leave you with that evil woman.” Then she feels a bit dizzy.

Krit walks to her and starts scolding, “You are such a pain! You dragged me into it, now everyone is thinking I’m on your side.” She turns to him and sways so he runs to catch her before she falls down.

Krit: Khun!

Nun: I told you, I’m fine.

Krit: How can you be fine with your pale face and body turned liquid like this?

Nun: I didn’t eat anything since yesterday.

He holds her and says, “Let me take you to eat. Let’s go.” She allows him to help her walk.


*Ken buddy’s name is ‘Mai’ with a long sound, different tone from ‘Mai’ of Ruetai, so I will use ‘Ma’ instead.

Ken is on the phone listening. When he hangs up, he tells Ma that that man took Rit’s daughter to destroy the meeting. Ken gets angry saying he shot him many times yet he’s unafraid of dying. Ken says that means a threat won’t do. Ma nods and says he’ll do it.


Krit asks Nun if she has enough strength. Gip yells at them asking what they are doing. She asks him, he’s still here, didn’t he say he’s leaving? Nun crosses her arm over his. Gip asks what she pretended just now.

Nun: Jealous? Afraid I will take away your prize? You’ve been trying to be pretty and rich, but once seeing me with him alone, you’re so afraid he will dump you that some shit got into your brain! (the phrase is not as strong as in English, more like, chicken out)…(Krit pats Nun’s hand to calm down.)… Next time, put a chain around you and him so your man won’t disappear! (To Krit, smiling sweetly) I’ll have to go, Khun Krit.

Nun walks away.

Gip: Come back here, Nang Nun. Where are you running to? Come back! Come back right now!

Krits shakes his head and says, “Finish fighting with one person, then start fighting again with another.” He follows them.

Gip shouts at Nun to stop.

Gip: I told you to stop! You think you scolded me and I will crawl under? You, rotten-headed dog! A child without parents!

Nun stops walking.

Krit: Khun Gip, enough already or there will be a problem.

Nun: What did you say about me just now?

Gip: Can’t stand hearing it?

Krit: Khun Gip, I’m begging you.

Fanta and Thi arrive. Phew!

Thi: Nun!

He walks to her with a bouquet in his hand.

Nun: Pee Thi, you haven’t fully recovered yet, why did you come?

Thi: I want to visit you. Since the incident and I got into the hospital, I haven’t seen you at all. Here, as a support from me. May you become healthy again very soon and may bad things come to my Nun no more.

She pushes a bouquet away.

Nun: Thank you for worrying about me, but..I’m allergic to pollen (Krit smiles satisfyingly. Haha.), especially roses.

Thi turns to Fanta with question in his eyes.

Fanta: It’s almost noon, have you eaten already?

Nun: Not yet. I’m so hungry I want to faint now.

Fanta: Then let’s go taste the food at my restaurant, and Khun Krit too.

Thi: Ta! (He usually shortens her name to ‘Ta’) Why invited him? He may have business to take care of and we may trouble him.

Nun wants to poke Fanta’s head for inviting Krit.

Fanta: I want to give him a treat for saving Nun’s life. Please don’t say ‘no’, Khun Krit. Let’s eat together…and you may take your girlfriend too.

Gip: Let’s go, Khun Krit, since they are so kind to ask. I’m hungry too.

Krit looks at Nun and says, “All right.” Fanta tells them to leave right away. They get into their cars and leaves.


At Ta’s restaurant, Fanta tells a waitress to serve food she had called and ordered right away. They walk to the table. Fanta tells Krit and Gip to order more food if they want to. He thanks her and says her restaurant looks cute. She says then he should come and support here often. He says no problems (he’ll do that).

Nun takes a seat and stares at Krit. He invites Gip to sit down but Gip chooses the seat opposite Nun instead. Krit takes a deep breath and sits down. Fanta tells Thi to sit next to Nun in case he wants to spoon-feed her. Thi tells Nun to start eating first, he has something to talk to Ta. Nun says yes.

Thi: Come here (pulling Ta with him).

Fanta: I’ll be back.

Krit looks at Gip, then at Nun.


Thi pulls Fanta outside and asks if it’s fun teasing him. She says she didn’t do it. Ken and Ma show up and get inside the restaurant. Thi asks if she knew Nun’s allergic to flowers. She says she forgot that Nun’s allergic to it. He says she pretended to forget for sure wanting him to lose points with Nun. She asks why she would do that or, if she does that, he will come love her instead. If so, she will do it often. He cringes saying he scolded her yet she doesn’t regret it, and dream on that he will love her, wait until it’s snow in Bangkok.

Fanta: There must be a day that it’ll snow for Fanta!


Ken orders some food. A waitress asks if they want anything else. Ma asks why staring, just bring the order fast. Ken stares at Nun and says Rit’s daughter seems to be fully recovered, what a tough woman, obviously she has her father’s blood. Thi comes sit beside Nun. Ma tells Ken that man was the one driving out of the temple that day, he thought the guy would be dead on spot. Ken says he looks harmless, not like that soldier.

Krit looks at them so they both look the other way. Krit’s eyes meet Ma’s yet Krit continues eating.

Nun tastes the food and tells Fanta she wants to see the person prepared it. Thi asks if the food doesn’t taste good. Nun says it does but it tastes familiar, it’s the same taste she grew up with.

Gip says Nun overreacts, the food is just so-so, and she doesn’t feel like eating now. Thi tells Nun to eat a lot if it tastes good or she will be too thin, and he’s worried about her. Fanta teases him if he’s going to be this sweet to Nun, then spoon-feed her too. Thi tells her to stop talking. Nun gets up so Thi asks where she’s going. Nun tells him to continue eating, she wants to meet the chief. Fanta says she can fill herself up first then go. Fanta and Thi follow Nun to the kitchen.

Gip: Crazy or not, just look at her, Khun Krit. She has to get to the kitchen just to see the cook.

Thi calls Nun to stop. He asks if the food is that good and makes her want to see the chief. Fanta asks if she’s going to steal her lady chief to open a restaurant and compete with hers. Nun asks if he’s a she and not he. Fanta says she has both in the kitchen. Nun says she wants to see the one cooked the food for their table. Nun rushes to the kitchen.


Gip tells Krit that that woman took a knife and chased after a person in her house to slash her last night, she thought someone was going to harm her. He asks if there’s one. Gip says none, she thought it herself so she thinks Nun is getting crazy. She thinks about killing all the time so he should stay away from her. She can cut his throat one day if she suspects him.

Krit says, “Thank you for  warning me but Khun Gip, you shouldn’t be worried, I won’t let anyone cut my throat easily, especially….woman.”

He excuses himself to the restroom. Ken and Ma follow him.


Nun asks her which lady chief it is. Fanta points at Thip.

Nun: Aunt Thip!

Thip: Khun Nun!

Nun: I’ve been looking all over for you, and you are here?

She hugs her. Fanta and Thi are surprised by that.


In Men’s restroom, Krit is cleaning his hands. Ma walks inside while Ken waits by the doorway.

Part 9

Nun tells Fanta this is the person she told her about. Ta asks if she’s her ‘aunt Thip’. Nun says after her mother died, there’s only aunt Thip raising her until she’s a grown-up. She’s like her second mother.

Thip smiles and says she doesn’t want to reach beyond her place, just got to raise her until she’s grown up, it’s fortunate for her enough. Thi asks Fanta if she doesn’t know that aunt knew Nun before she accepted her for the job. She says she truly doesn’t know. Thi feels suspicious for a coincident.


At Men’s restroom, Ken approaches Krit and bumps into him (or he him). Krit says sorry and asks if it hurts. Ken says it hurts and he won’t be hurt for free.

Krit: It’s just shoulders bumping, let’s not make trouble out of it.

Ken: But I want to.

They start kicking and punching. There’s a guy in the toilet and gets frightened hearing the commotion. Poor guy.


Nun is asking Thip if she worked here for long. She says two years already. Fanta says her mother loves Thip’s traditional herb cooking so much and wants her to work at a restaurant in the U.S. but Thip won’t go.

Thip says why need to when she’s fine living here. Thi asks Thip if she really doesn’t know that Nun and Ta are close friends in England. She says no, she doesn’t. Nun says what a coincident but she doesn’t mind that, and asks Thip if it’s true that her father was the one chased her out of the house.


The fight gets intense in the restroom.

Krit: You came here intending to attack me, didn’t you?!

Ken: What did you do, and to whom in the past……(couldn’t hear properly)

They fight some more and when Krit uses a pole to squeeze Ken’s throat, he asks, “You greet me like this, don’t you want to tell me your name to make me feel fresh?”

Ken kicks Krit back and asks, “You still don’t know who I am?”

A man got stuck in the toilet interrupts them. He tells them not to fight over who would get to use the toilet first, they can use it now. Ken and Krit stop short. Lol. The man leaves and they resume fighting. Gip comes and sees what’s happening. She screams.

Gip: Khun Krit, what is this?

Ken has to let go of Krit and pull Ma to him. They both leave. Gip hits Ma when he walks pass her making him want to smack her face. Gip runs to Krit and asks if he’s hurt anywhere.

They come back to the table. Gip asks if just bumped him accidentally and the man had to beat him up. She calls them barbarians, and they obviously didn’t know who they messed with. She tells him to sit down and says if they know he’s from a special unit, they will be horrified.

Krit looks around and asks where Nun went to see the chief, and why she hasn’t returned yet.


Thip says the things that passed, she doesn’t want to talk about it. Nun says she can’t do that because she came back here to find out what happened while she’s away, so she must tell her.

Thip says Khun Rit was the one chased her out. Nun says it can’t be true because he trusted Thip the most. Thip says she was framed.

Flashback, Rit is looking at a piece of jewelry to give to someone. Ruetai comes calling him. She says this kind of thing shouldn’t happen in this house. He asks what happened.

Ruetai: Thip and Chid…eh…in the middle of daylight…sneakily have an affair!

Rit: What?

He rushes to see Thip. Ruetai smirks and follows him.

Chid is in Thip’s room asking why her room was torn apart like this. She says she doesn’t know too, she came back from the market and her room was like this. Chid asks how she’s sure it’s Ruetai’s doing. She says if it’s not her, who else, when there’s only her wanted to ruin her.

Thip gets up and says she can’t take it anymore, she will go and tell Khun Rit how long Ruetai and Mai have had an affair. Chid stops her, she doesn’t have any evidence, and if she tells Khun Rit, they will get her.

Thip says if she doesn’t do anything, she will lose to them and wait to be left in a servant room like this. She says she won’t wait and will go tell Khun Rit. Chid holds her still to stop her from leaving. He tells her to calm down but she tells him to let her go. Rit comes in and sees them like that.

Rit: Chid! Where are you doing in Thip’s room?

Mai and Ruetai come behind him.

Ruetai: Here it is, the hobby of your long-time housekeeper. When she’s lonely, she has Chid to make out with days or nights.

Thip: That’s not true. What proof do you have to frame me?

Mai tells Rit he’s watching them for many nights now and he saw Chid sneak into this room late at night, and he’s curious so he came to search here and found this. Mai gets some clothes out of the wardrobe and shows it to Rit.

Rit asks Chid if it’s his clothes. When Chid doesn’t answer, he repeats the question and he must answer it. Rit throws it at his face and slaps him, a punch followed. Thip holds Chid and asks if it hurts him.

Rit looks at a necklace he’s holding. He yells at the two to get out of the house. Thip cries and says, “Khun Rit! Khun Rit!….”

Rit leaves the room. Ruetai laughs and leaves with Mai.

Present, Thip says she had to leave ‘Ruen Rattana’ embarrassingly, and Khun Rit wouldn’t listen to her, not even let her talk.

Nun holds her hand and says she will bring back her honor, she promises. Thip smiles tears brimming her eyes.


Krit arrests Ron.

Ron: Let me go! Let me go!

Nun: Serve you right! Haha…

Ruetai: Laugh all you want, one day you will face with the real danger!


I think Nun should grab half the assets and leave for England. These people are too dangerous to mess with, but then, she missed her father and can’t stand seeing his wealth be dissolved in the water and gone right before her eyes. I think the ones Nun should keep an eye on are the quiet and seems-too-nice ones. Most of the time, our great enemy is someone unexpected and it will hurt bad once realize. It’s nice to have some humor here and there or the pain will be too much to stick around   🙂


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