Soundtrack: Ruen Rissaya (1)

It’s good episode one and beautiful soundtrack…and a sizzling chemistry. I really hope the storyline will stay as tight throughout or there will be so much pain to watch before our nang’ek find her true happiness.


Song Title: “ทำเพราะรัก” Tham Phro Rak (do it because of love)

Artist: Panadda Ruangwut

Translation of the lyrics:

Do it because of love, all the things I did,

My mind just hopes you can see,

And accept me, that I’m not just a toy,

But a human with flesh and blood and a heart

*[ If loving you is wrong to others’ eyes,

Still won’t regret that I’ve got to love you.

**[ Willing to be blinded by love,

Never wait, will never want my eyes to become clear

Will do everything, every way, for you

Willing to be without heart by not caring about others,

All I care is you and will be able to do everything

Do it because I love you, whether it’ll be hell or heaven ] ]

In my heart, if there’s one dream,

It will be a hope that you see,

And accept me, that I’m not just a toy,

But the real one who get to stand by your side.

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]

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