Update: Ruen Rissaya Teaser


Now that I loved Por a lot in Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang…, I kind of anticipate this new lakorn, Ruen Rissaya. Krittaphon, by Por, is a soldier who happens to get involved in the matter of Nuntanut’s household. He appears mild with good judgement yet very talented in many kinds of fighting skills.

Nuntanut, by Namtarn, studies abroad and has to come back home because of her father’s sudden death. She’s ready to fight, quick, and straightforward.


(Nuntanut) “My dad died because of you!…Murderer!”

(Mon-Tue 20:15)

(Nuntanut) “Who?!…I said who?!”

(Nuntanut) “There’s an order to get rid of me.”

(KritPhon) “I really want his records….Can you find out from some police’s spy? (not sure)”

(A shaman) “You are the one who will change fate.”

“Khun Krit, do you know yourself…that you’re abandoning a friend and choosing an enemy?”


(KritPhon) “No matter what happens, don’t ever let go of my hand. I will never leave you behind.”

Men fighting…

“Ruen Rissaya premieres May 26.”

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  1. why cant we get English sub sooner

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