Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Episode 4

If you are wondering about how the Thai society takes on other genders (besides men and women) these days, I’m not sure about others, but people I know take it very causally, as in, be who you are (let us know too) and everyone can be friends, also, including the elders. The funny thing is, more and more I see working women have resigned to the phrase, ‘men for gibbons (cha-ni, a slang, women wanting men) are scarce these days’, haha. I could be wrong so don’t take it seriously, they are just saying it for fun  🙂

Ahem…I’m falling for Wayu now (leaving Peet behind).

Episode 4

Part 1

Peet: Why did you show up here so early?

NP: I didn’t show up but, appeared here looking beautiful.

Peet: OK, why did you appear here looking beautiful so early?

NP: If I didn’t love, didn’t want to fight for it, I wouldn’t come.

Peet: You came to fight with this kind of look?

NP: Yes, a nice nang’ek, looking submissive, no harmful threats…

Peet: Didn’t you say you would let the trashy story between a hubby’s mother and her daughter-in-law to happen only in a lakorn?

Kanda is looking at them.

NP: Lok Kheu Lakorn (the world/life is a lakorn), have you ever heard of that? Nantida Kaewbuasai (a famous singer who sang the song Lok Khrue Lakorn ). So where is your mother?

Peet looks inside the house.

Kanda: Why do you ask for me?

NamPeung whirls around and wai Kanda gracefully.

NP: Mother kaaa, krap sawasdee ka. (a polite sawasdee LOL)

NamPeung crawls on her knees to give Kanda a bamboo basket filled with some fruits (like a country girl would do). Kanda tells her to put it on the table.

NP: Won’t you touch it with your hand a little, for the meaning, you accepted it.

Kanda: I won’t accept it.

NP: Mother, don’t be too harsh on me. I came with good intention filled with sincerity.

Kanda: I am sincere too that I won’t accept it.

Peet is getting anxious.

NP: You won’t accept it but I will still give it to you.

Kanda: You are making me feel like I’m behaving badly not accepting your thoughtfulness.

NP: I think no such thing because one’s heart can’t be forced, don’t you think so?

Kanda: Will you be on your knees for long?

NP: Mother, you are worried about me? You’re afraid my knees will turn rough, aren’t you?

Kanda: You knees are as rough as your face, so I won’t worry about that.

Peet (clear throat): NamPeung, get up and sit over here.

NP: No! I will sit here so mother will see that I never want to behave like I’m the same level with her, because no matter what, she’s an elder so I highly honor her.

Kanda: Then, for the better of it, you should also know that I never feel glad to see your face. Therefore, just leave, don’t let me feel worse toward you than now.

Peet is having a headache.

NP: I didn’t mean to talk back, I just said what I really thought. Then, with your permission, I would like to go back to the phrase I said, that we shouldn’t force anyone’s heart, please try to think and follow my idea a little bit.

Kanda: Why?

NP: Khun Peet loves me ka, and I love Khun Peet so much. We love each other truly. Mother, you can’t force Khun Peet to not love me, it’s impossible, and if you want to prohibit me from loving Khun Peet, I think you should wait until an elephant gave birth to a baby ant first.

Kanda: You!

NP (wai on the floor or krap): I krap you, mother! Please sympathize with us. A mother should be happy to see her child happy, shouldn’t she? Don’t only pay attention to what you want…eh…with respects, ka. Have you ever heard of Por Mae RangKae Chan (parents bully me)? I can recite the poem for you…

Kanda: Peet! Peet! Why are you letting this woman come  and disrespect (pulling white hair on her head) me in this house? How could you do this? Her behavior shows no respect for me at all. Go, get out now, and don’t set foot in here again!

NP: Then, the two of us have to go lan-la-lan-la in secret outside the house. It will be out of your eyes and ears though, is it a good idea?

Kanda: Won’t you get out now? (NamPeung shakes her head.) All right, I will leave, and remember, I will never accept your relationship with Peet. No matter what, I won’t accept it!

As soon as Kanda is out of sight, both Peet and NamPeung sit back in relief.

Peet: Hey, I think that was a little too much.

NP: You were the one who told me to come talk to your mother. Your mother is not at all easy, I was being so modest yet she scolded me here and there.

Peet: That’s true, still, my mother is an elder and you are the younger. If you want to conquer my mother’s heart, it must be with good deeds, not force!

NP: What is this? Do you have some kind of standard, one time encourage, one time discourage?

Peet: Who would think you would do to this extent?

NP: You were the one told me….

Taew comes calling Peet that Yada has high fever. Peet runs to look at his daughter.


Krit: Admitted into the hospital suddenly?

Yardthip tells him to lower his voice, her editor doesn’t like anyone to know her private matter. She asks if they are couple, why they didn’t know what happened to each other.

Kirt says his phone battery ran out and he couldn’t find the charger. Once he turned it on and saw missed calls, he called back but she didn’t pick up. He says he just started a relationship with Khun Maple so he doesn’t know her personalities too well, so he has to lean on Yardthip.

She’s too happy to tell him. She says her editor told her that private matters were the weakness point which anyone could use it against us, because we would never know who was our friends or foes. She tells Krit to remember it, better yet, write it down so he won’t forget, also, don’t tell anyone that in the afternoon, she will come here to sign cheques and then will attend a fashion show in the evening.

Krit: Too late, when Jae (Pee, in Chinese) Maem knows, the world knows.

Maem: Nong Krit, thank you for praising me, may be we are soulmate.

Her friend reminds her that he’s her boss’s boyfriend. Maem says she just has an affair in her heart, and hopes no criminal court will punish her for that, said so by Suthep Wongkamhaeng (an ancient famous singer). A man says they born so early, so old, and then he runs away.

Krit asks Yard which hospital Khun Maple is at.


Tiger asks Maem if she contacted the two women to be on the cover yet. She says Yardthip is dealing with it. He asks if they already figured out the location for the shoot. She says, that too, they are dealing with. He asks how the outcome seems like. She says everything looks fine, 90% of it was done, the next step is, paying for the deposit.

She asks why he asked. He says he’s the editor’s assistant so why he couldn’t ask about the progress. He says, now the editor is so busy, about her boyfriend, then her private matter at home. It’s all about her private matters.

Maem: Why does the coffee smell strange today?

Tiger: What smell?

Maem: It smells like an abb-ple scent. I can’t stay with this abb-abb smell. When I stay close to this abb smell, I want to put on a status ‘annoyed’.

*Abb, a slang, usually used with a person who pretends to be something when he/she is not, in Tiger’s case, he’s gay but abb to be a man. Correct me if I’m wrong here.

Tiger gets a call from someone.

Tiger: They are about to put down the deposit and sign the contract, don’t be slow, and if you want to be the first magazine to shoot in that location, give them a better offer. I will email you what the deal over here is.


Maple asks her father what the doctor said, and if grandmother can go home. He says the doctor said to observe her conditions, if in the afternoon, her blood pressure and everything are stable, she can go home. He asks her why suddenly grandmother become like this.


Linee arrives at the hospital in a taxi. The driver asks if she came to see an eye doctor. Linee says no. She gives Linee a mirror to look at herself. Linee is startled to see her fake eyelashes came loose so she takes both out and thanks her.

Jilla calls Don to stop. Linee sees them pass by.  Linee says she remembers the number now, and makes a call, but once she dials, she forgets again. She’s frustrated and tells the public phone machine to return her coin fast.

Wayu comes behind her. She turns to see him standing so close.

Wayu: What? You wanted to call me?

Linee: I won’t call now!

Wayu: Wow, you look awful!

Linee: Of course! (She covers her mouth.)

Wayu: What happened? What? (She moves her hands that she didn’t brush her teeth this morning.) Hungry? What?

Linee: Let’s talk in a minute. I will be back.

Wayu: Khun Linee, where are you going?! What’s with her?

Part 2

Maple asks her father if what she did was right or wrong, she made grandmother get angry.  Wut says she did the right thing to choose her own path in life by herself, and about grandmother fell sick, she didn’t mean it to happen.

She says grandmother doesn’t think that way and she’s so mad at her. Wut explains that grandmother experienced it with him and Maple’s sister, but she loves Maple very much so she has a high hope for her, wanting the best match for her. He says he wants Maple to understand and not to get angry at grandmother. Maple says she never gets angry at grandmother and she doesn’t grandmother to get angry at her too.

He tells her to give grandmother time, and she must prove to her that her choice is really the best for her and she’s happy with it, then grandmother will calm down.

Maple: I’m not even sure if  my love this time will….

Wut: No one knows their future. You could break up with your boyfriend or get married with him, anything can happen, but I want you to do the best today.

Maple: Yes, father. Thank you so much.

He says it’s not the usual her today. His daughter always feels confident with everything she does, and never appears not looking beautiful when going outside the house. Maple laughs and says she was in a hurry, didn’t even grab anything with her, and she didn’t brush her teeth yet.

Krisda shows up to Maple’s surprise.

Krit: Khun Maple! (To her dad) Sawasdee krub.

Wut: Who?

Maple: Humm…(doesn’t want to open her mouth to talk)

Wut: Who again?

Maple: My boyfriend.

Wut: (To Krit) She didn’t brush her teeth yet.

Maple: Father!

She runs to brush her teeth but runs back to ask her dad for some money.

Wut: She went to make herself feel confident. Should we have some coffee together? I have something to talk to you.

Krit: Eh…yes, sir.

Maple buys some toothbrush and things needed at a convenient store.


Peet carries Yada into the hospital. He comes with NamPeung and Taew. NamPeung says the cloth dried up so she will go dampen it so they can wipe her body with it while waiting for the doctor, so that could help making her fever go down.

Taew: They really look like the real father, mother and a daughter.

Peet calls her to inform the counter about the patient instead of smiling to herself, and be quick.

Maple and Linee happen to brush their teeth in the same restroom.

Linee: How did you come here?

Maple: My relative admitted into the hospital last night, and you? Wait, that is the outfit you wore yesterday.

Linee: I didn’t go home!

Maple: Since you had a boyfriend, you don’t know your way home!

Linee: Wait…a minute.

They finish cleaning their teeth fast for another round of bickering.

Linee: Nang Maple!

Maple: What?

Linee: You are not bad too, having a young boyfriend at this old age!

Maple: That’s called personal charm, a boy fell for it, and is infatuated with it!

Linee: Does your charm mean pockets of money to provide for the boy?

Maple: You, wormed face!

Linee: You, worm-crawling face!

Maple: That’s you!

Linee: That’s you!

They are busy splashing water onto each other when NamPeung walks inside and some water spilled onto her face.

NamPeung: What is this?!

Linee and Maple: NamPeung!

NamPeung: That’s right! What is the kind of craziness to make you fight in the restroom here? Do you know that people ran out? You are troubling others! Think about the media before you girls do anything.

Maple: What, are you haunted by some ghost to scold me here in the restroom? (She stuffs her toothbrush in NamPeung’s mouth.)

NamPeung (yikes): Whose toothbrush is this?

Linee: It’s from her mouth.

NamPeung: Nang Maple! (She wants to fight with them but stops short.) No, not now, I can’t fight with you two today. I’ll leave it for now.

NamPeung soaks the cloth with tap water. A maid comes and asks if they are done fighting. NamPeung runs out. The two girls try to blame each other for the mess they caused.

NamPeung wipes Yada’s face with the cloth.

NamPeung: How are you, my child? (To Peet) Did the nurse give her some medicine to reduce the fever?

Peet: She hasn’t been examined yet.

A nurse comes and says the mother is doing the right thing to keep wiping the child’s body. Children with high fever could convulse.

NamPeung: I’m not yet…

Peet: How is the queue doing?

Nurse: Yours is the next one, child’s father.

Peet: How did you know you should wipe a child’s body if with high fever like this? You had a child before?

NamPeung: Are you mad? It’s from the script I portrayed. I conducted some first aid to a kid so I remembered it. See, lakorn and real life can come in handy to each other?

Peet: If you are trying to gain some points so that I will fall in love with you, while you are at it, may I ask…will you love me too?

NamPeung: It doesn’t matter whether I will love you or not, the important thing is, you are perfect to be my husband, well, with a child tagging along, but it’s OK, I can take it.

Peet: NamPeung, perhaps, if you don’t talk, it will be much better. Every word of yours was so…

NamPeung: Cute, right?

Peet: Ugly!

NamPeung: The cloth dried up again, I will go dampen it some more.

Taew can’t stop smiling seeing both of them.


Krisda is sitting in a cafe with Maple’s parents.

Krit: you want some coffee?

Wut: I already drank it all up.

Marayat: Why do you love an older woman?

Krit: Well,..

Marayat: No need to answer that, I think I know that answer quite well and it’s not important too, but the important thing is, are you for sure love my daughter?

Krit: Yes.

Marayat (To Wut): Do you think it’s possible, met only for 2-3 days and fell in love?

Wut: Just like you and me. We met and fell in love at first sight.

Marayat: You are crazy, don’t court me in front of a boy. I feel embarrassed.

Krit: Father and mother, you don’t object to it, right?

Wut: What’s there to object when you already fell in love?

Krit: Thank you so much.

Marayat: There’s only grandmother left for you to defend. If you are in love truly, then you must overcome it!

Wut: But if I found out that you lied to my daughter or, to us, ….death.

Krit turns to see all-wet Maple.

Krit: Khun Maple!

Part 3

Linee walks back to Wayu. He laughs.

Wayu: Who did you fight with?

Linee: The one you should know.

Wayu: I don’t know. (He touches her wet hair and laughs.) Wow, look at your condition.

Linee: Will you laugh long? You finish with the laughing and quickly follow me. I’m so hungry that I can eat your head now!

Wayu: Wait, I’m sorry. OK, I won’t laugh, no more.

Linee: Listen carefully! Khun Sirima locked me up in your office.

Wayu: No way! Sirima is not a cruel person.

Linee: Every woman has an evil side in her, especially, when someone is about to snatch her loved one away.

He gets a call.

Wayu: Sirima, are you done? All right, I will meet you there now.

Linee: What, I just talked about the ghost and the ghost called?

Wayu: You are actually the cruel one, both from your words and your thought.

Linee: Then let’s go to see Khun Sirima together!

Wayu: Wait, do you know where to meet Sirima?

Linee: No, I don’t, but I love to be the front legs of an elephant! (the head of the family, or the leader in a relationship)

Wayu: Thae..thae…(a slang, in this case, talk about something else totally) Can’t we not have anyone leading? We’ll walk together.

Linee: So rotten! (talk like in a cheap novel)

Wayu: Let’s go, we’ll walk together.

He pulls her along.


NamPeung: Why didn’t you let your daughter be admitted into the hospital?

Peet: Yada doesn’t like to stay in the hospital, plus, the fever had gone down so it’s better we take care of her at home.

NamPeung: Yada kaaa, this *aunty thinks it’s better that you spend the night in the hospital, so the doctor can take care of you.

*She uses ‘na’ = younger sis of a mother whereas ‘pa’ = elder sis, in English, ‘aunt’ is used for both. ‘Pa’ is what others used to tease NamPeung about her age.

Yada turns away from her.

Peet: Let’s go home.

Taew tells NamPeung not to do disturb the girl’s mood, now she won’t listen to anyone but her father. NamPeung thanks her. Taew asks for her autograph saying she likes her a lot. NamPeung smiles and says all right.

Taew: That you played as Matt’s mother in (lakorn) Pan Rai Phai Rak.

NamPeung: Wasn’t that Pee Joom Authumporn?

Taew: Is that right? I remembered it wrong.

NamPeung: So do you want my signature or not? Want or not, I will still give it to you, and remember my name, NamPeung Pinattha.

Sirima turns to look at her. NamPeung smiles at her and says, “NamPeung ka.” Sirima smiles.


Krit: Eh…you are really not going to tell me why you look this bad?

Maple: It’s something I don’t want to talk about.

Krit: OK, and do you want to go and say good-bye to your grandmother?

Maple: Tell her to make her blood pressure go up? It’s all right, my father is taking care of her.

Krit: So, you are going home, right?

Maple: Do you want me to appear in the office like this? Asking without thinking, stop asking already!

She sees Linee and Wayu walk by holding hand.

Krit: Aren’t you going home?

Maple: Something else is more urgent!

She follows Linee.


Wayu: She’s over there.

Sirima is now sitting in front of NamPeung and Peet.

Linee: Are you startled to see me? You thought I would be dying in Khun Wayu’s office, didn’t you? You intended to lock me up in that room!

Sirima gets up and leaves.

Linee: Wait!

Linee goes after her.

Wayu: Hey, calm down!

Peet: That’s your friend.

NamPeung: Say it again, ex-friend!

Peet: If it’s an ex-friend, then we don’t have to pay attention.

NamPeung: That’s what I thought.

She gets up and follows them. Lol.

Krit: That’s your friend.

Maple: Just someone I know.

Maple follows them too.

Peet tells Yada to stay with Taew, he needs to call that aunty back to the pen. Yada asks what kindof animal his friend is to come back to a pen.

Peet: Father’s friend is tua puan (one always calls for trouble). Taew! Look after her. (To Yada) I will be back.

Yada: Pee Taew, when will father come back?

Taew says he will be back soon. He needs to clear things between his friends. She tells the girl to wait here with her.


Wayu: Is that true, Sirima?

Sirima: Yes, I locked the door when I didn’t know Khun Linee was still in there. I thought she’d left.

Linee: Liar! How could you be so brave to lie this much?

Sirima: It’s you who lied, not me! You didn’t tell me or anyone when you would leave. I only did my duty locking Wayu’s room. If you didn’t want to get out yourself, how couldn’t you hear the noise when I was locking the door?!

Linee: Are you accusing me of lying?

Sirima: Wayu knows me well that I don’t like to lie.

Wayu: That’s right. Sirima is not that kind of person. Calm down, Linee.

Linee: You didn’t lie, you didn’t lock me up, so was I an idiot to lock myself in that room? For what?!

Sirima: For Wayu to come and have….who would know what you wanted to do?

Linee: So low!

Peet: NamPeung! The whole hospital come looking already.

Krit: Soon security guards will come to pull you out for sure.

Both Maple and NamPeung march to join Linee.

Linee: This matter won’t rest easily.

NamPeung: (To Linee) What do you want to do?

Maple: Do what we used to do!

The three girls: This matter must be cleared!

They pull Sirima outside so three men run after them.

Wayu: What are you going to do to Sirima?

Linee: It’s between women.

Peet: Why do women love to use violence? Can’t we talk in decent?

NamPeung: Violence? Talk like this, (that means) men do not understand.

Maple: That’s right, therefore, do not interfere!

Krit: But we were dragged into this from the beginning, we can’t  not-interfere.

Sirima: What do you girls want to do to me?

Wayu: Linee, Sirima is sick.

Linee: Is that right? Where?

NamPeung: Correct. (To Sirima) You didn’t do it neat enough. Before you would act to fool someone, check first, because I’m tua mae. (the mother of all)

Maple: (To the men) You don’t have to worry. We want to clear things with this person like true scholars, no use of violence.

Linee: May be not.

Everyone is startled.

NamPeung: May be not, last time, she punched Ai Jo, my ex-boyfriend, till his eye burst out.

Wayu covers his mouth with fear.

Peet: Ai Jo, which Jo? Have I ever met him? Since when?

NamPeung: Is this the time to question my background? Be quiet! Talk later behind the mic.

Sirima: I’m wasting too much of my time already. What do you think you are playing? Your age is not that low in numbers yet you are acting so stupid!

Linee: I dragged you out here for you to confess the truth.

Sirima: The truth is I will never hurt Wayu, no matter what it’s about, and I’m not that stupid to bully you with such shallow trick to be easily tracked down who’s behind it. In conclusion, do not try to make Wayu think that I will take him away from you, and to fight and slap for a man, who is actually behaving lowly?

NamPeung gasps.

Krit and Peet ask Wayu, “What will you do?”

Linee: Let me tell you, I spent my whole life with this kind of thing. I saw a man use violence on woman, and woman use violence on each other because of a man being the root of the problem. At first, I didn’t understand the reason of those women who did that, but once I’m facing it myself, I’m starting to understand why a woman had to resort to such low conduct to grab a man to herself, even if, he doesn’t love her at all, no ties left whatsoever. From sorrow to anger, then hurt, and can’t accept if he’s going to have someone else. At the least, if he doesn’t love me, he shouldn’t have anyone else and hurt me. Am I saying it right, Khun Sirima?

Linee smiles, a big one, and walks away.

NamPeung: Just that? My mood is left hanging.

Maple: How will this end?

NamPeung: Right.

Linee: Hey, there’s no conclusion at the ending of every story, right? For this case, let’s the audience decide.

Linee leaves.

Krit and Peet ask Wayu again what he will do.

Sirima: Wayu, I think there must be some kind of misunderstanding, but I didn’t lie. You believe me, don’t you?

Wayu: I believe you.

NamPeung and Maple say they can’t believe this.

Sirima: Then…

Wayu: I will send my driver to pick you up. You are OK now and I’m worried about Khun Linee.

Wayu goes after Linee.

NamPeung and Maple say that’s how it should be! They let out joyful screams and turn to smirk at Sirima. They look at each other and go separate way.

Peet: Nong (younger bro), don’t you feel these recent days, more and more, men are becoming the hind legs of an elephant instead?

Krit: For a peaceful couple life, krub Pee.

Krit follows Maple.

Peet: For a peaceful couple life?

Part 4

Wayu: Khun Linee, wait! Khun Linee!

Linee: You followed me because you believe now that I didn’t lie, don’t you?

Wayu: No one lied, it’s a misunderstanding.

Linee: Do you really believe that?

Wayu: I have to believe it because I can’t believe Sirima would bully you.

Linee: You know, there are so many dark sides of women that you’ve never seen. If you don’t believe me, go away!

Wayu: I will drop you off.

Linee: Don’t you want to be with a friend, who is more than a friend, of yours?

(Man, ‘a friend who is more than a friend’, this is the famous phrase I heard so many times these days.)

Wayu: I already told someone to pick up Sirima but for you…I’m worried.

Linee: Do you know yourself, you’re stepping on both sides of khaem (the gunwale), catching fish with both hands?! (two timing)

Wayu: No, I’m not. I’m stepping only on your khaem. ( for 20+, khaem could also mean (Anatomy) any one of the four lip-shaped folds of the female….)

Linee: That’s gross!

Wayu: What’s gross?

Linee: Didn’t you say the thing about a boat?

Wayu: Of course, I have only one boat to step on, and that’s you. We have already stepped on the same boat so we shouldn’t fight often, or the boat will sink.

Linee: It will sink in the end.

Wayu: How will it sink? You will love me.

Linee: Too confident! (She pushes his face away.)

Wayu: Veryyy confident!

Linee: Once the sadness hits you, it hurt, I’m telling you.

Wayu: It’s all right. I have Sirima to wipe my tears.

Linee: (scream) So, is she your friend or her status can be adjusted to a different mode, to be more than a friend, when an emergency situation calls for?

Wayu: See! Jealous! Jealous!

Linee: No, I’m not!

She turns around and suddenly feels dizzy.

Wayu: Khun Linee! Are you feeling very jealous about me to the point of fainting?

Linee: Stop provoking me! I have no strength left to scold you now. I’m so hungry! So angry from hunger that I got dizzy and feel like fainting now.

Wayu: Then shouldn’t you save your strength for falling in love with me instead? Let’s go.

Linee: To where?

Wayu: Definitely not a motel. (LOL)

Linee: Still want to make fun?

Wayu: All right, let’s go.


Krisda drives Maple home.

Krit: So what do you want to do with your grandmother?

Maple: I don’t know yet. All I know is, I won’t back down.

She steps to the front door, and then turns around.

Maple: Why are you following me? Why didn’t you return to the office?

Krit: My office is right here.

Maple: It’s my house.

Krit: I meant…you. Yardthip gave me the job of your personal assistant. I must help you with everything, must stay with you, must stay close!

Maple: Are you really stupid or intended to understand nothing? You are just pretending to be my fake boyfriend, and you already have a girlfriend, so why did you act like this to me?

Krit: What did I do?

Maple: Shake my…(feeling/heart). No, it doesn’t.

Krit: Shake? No? No (mood) shake during those heavy-flow days of the month?

Maple: Krisda!

Krit: Yes?

Maple: Please be serious.

Krit: You are taking life too seriously. Why do you have to be so serious with life all the time?

Maple: Because, the truth is, you are my subordinate, the one I should be giving orders, plus, I’m an adult not a kid. Life is a serious matter, don’t play around with it!

Krit: What I’ve been doing, I’m not playing around.

Maple: What are you trying to tell me?

Krit: You really didn’t see it, or you intended not to look at it?

Maple: What to look at?

Krit: Look at me. (She smiles.) Look at me.

Maple: When I look at you, I only see a boy who don’t want to grow up and wants to try something new.

She kicks his leg. He cries out.

Krit: Why did you trample ‘Liked’ on me?

Maple: It’s your foot! I never clicked ‘Liked’, only felt annoyed!

His eyes are lingering on her body figure.

Maple: (scream) Don’t you look at me in that flirtation kind of way! I’m better off on a luxurious golden beam rather than meeting a player who has many hearts (for many girls), especially, a bad boy like you!

He smiles. She gets inside the house. Once she went inside, his smile faded.

Krit: What did I do wrong? (as in, for her to fall for (? ))

Maple gets into her bedroom and squeals.

Maple: This mad boy, you loved to shake this aunt’s heart. You, bad boy. You,…boy…No, I mustn’t think anything. I must not waver. I must be strong, be direct to the point, hate boys, won’t eat (swallow) boys!

She looks at the mirror.

Maple: Nooo! The eye-wrinkles! So many of it!


Peet and Yada are feeding the fish in a pond.

Peet: What should you do once you are full?

Yada: Go to sleep.

Peet: Once you are full, you should go to sleep. The fish are feeling full now so they will go to sleep. Shall we compete with them and go to sleep too?

Yada: Yes.

Peet: Let’s go to bed.

NamPeung reaches out for the box of fish food (as a nice housewife should do). Yada puts out her tongue looking at her.

NamPeung: You, evil girl!

Taew: Yes?

NamPeung: Well, Taew, you are thinking like too, aren’t you? Aren’t you?

Taew: Yes, I am, but  I don’t dare say it. Just kept it inside, won’t say it out loud like you.

NamPeung: Taew, I feel for you. You’ve been facing with a bad situation like this everyday, haven’t you?

Taew: 24 hrs.

NamPeung: Don’t be too sad, not for long from now, I will come to help taking the burden of handling Nong Yada from you.

Taew: Aren’t you better off now being an actress? Don’t take away my job, low payment and required high tolerance!

NamPeung: I won’t come to take away your job but I will come to…

Rada: To snatch away other person’s husband!

NamPeung: Khun ThunRada.

Rada: What is it, Khun NamPeung Pinattha? Congratulations! I heard you just started a relationship with Khun Peet, haven’t you?

NamPeung: Who did you just criticize of snatching away other person’s husband?

Rada: You!


Upstairs in Yada’s bedroom,

Peet is praising Yada for taking the medicine.

Yada: Will mom come to see me?

Peet: I called her and she’s on the way, but you must get some sleep now.

Yada: Yes, and when I wake up, I will see mom, right?

Peet: You will wake up seeing mom. Sleep now.

Yada: Yes.

Taew rushes  inside the room.

Peet: What is it, Taew?

Taew: Khun NamPeung and Khun Rada are about to slap each other.

Peet: What is this?

Taew: Aww, it’s like watching a lakorn, nang’ek and a villain encountered!


NamPeung: Are you having amnesia? Khun Peet is your ex-husband and you had broken up for ages already.

Rada: I didn’t say Peet was still my husband. You must be staying only in your world of a tiny coconut shell, and didn’t know how many girlfriends he has at the moment!

NamPeung: Of course, I know. There are Nong ChiCha whom he just broke up, Nong Earn, Nong Gib, Nong Goi…Oh, I don’t know, I didn’t really pay attenton to it.

Rada: Then let me tell you that those girls are not the normal kind, some has a deep relationship, and it’s too bad you are named ‘dara kha siep’! (an actress who enjoys sleeping with other people’s men (?), not sure)

Peet: Rada, what are you saying?

Rada: The truth. Sorry, I didn’t mean to disclose how por pla lai you are! (having many girlfriends all at once)

Peet: Do not interfere with my matter.

NamPeung: It’s all right, Peet. I wasn’t surprised at all and I can take it. About your women, I acknowledged it all this time, but thank you, Khun Rada, for reminding me. Dont’t you worry because after the press conference today, Peet will have only me because we are going to have the present and future together. About those bad things in the past, (Peet taps her hand, lol) let it be bygone. Isn’t that right, Peet?..Isn’t that RIGHT, Peet kaaa?

Peet: (through clenched teeth) That’s right. (To Rada) That’s true, (To NamPeung) but we must hurry leave now. It’s about time.

NamPeung: Let’s go, Peet kaaa.

Peet: (To Rada) And you, your child waits to see you, but now she’s sleeping. I told her she would wake up seeing her mother. Please be with her until I come back.

NamPeung: I will come back with him too, in order to…get ready to take care of my future daughter. Let’s go, Peet kaaa.

Rada is so furious.


Linee finishes the food.

Linee: I felt much better.

Wayu: At your age, eating a lot like this, aren’t you afraid of getting fat?

Linee: My work needs my brain so food is needed to nourish it, and I’m not afraid of getting fat because I exercise regularly.

Wayu: Your self-defense skill is not bad at all.

Linee: Black belt, almost got into a national team if I wasn’t injured.

Wayu: Why did you choose judo?

Linee: I liked it and the name means the art of self-defense without the use of weapon. Wouldn’t it be good to have it within me?

Wayu: Self-defense from whom? Is your daily life that dangerous?

Linee: Hey, danger is around you, everywhere, without knowing when it will happen, especially, from men who appear nice but neatly hide their bad sides, like you!

Wayu: Now it turned to me, all right, I accept defeat. Let’s talk about something else.

Linee: No more talk, I’m leaving.

Wayu: Let me pay..

Linee: No! Thank you.

Wayu: Please, my treat.

Linee: All right, but don’t pay yet, I want more desserts.

Wayu: OK.

She asks for a menu from a waiter, and takes a look and says this and that looks delicious. She asks if she can order all three of them. He tells her to go ahead and smiles.


Rada is looking at Yada.

Rada: My child. My Peet. Mine not yours, NamPeung!

She grasps Yada’s hair so hard that the girl moves her head in her sleep because of the pain.

Part 5

Krit is waiting for Maple patiently.

Krit: Is she dressing up or building a house?

Maple: What are you mumbling about?

He sees her outfit and almost falls off chair.

Maple: What? You look at me like you’ve never seen me.

Krit: Don’t tell me because you have a young boyfriend, so you behave to behave like one too. Haha.

Maple: What’s your girlfriend’s phone number? Give it to me.

Krit: What do you need it for?

Maple: I will call and tell her that you are hitting on me.

Krit: I thought you would call to tell her that you liked me for real.

She hits him with her clutch bag.

Maple: If you don’t stop behaving like you are hitting on me, I will fire you for sure.

He gets up.

Krit: You remember one of our agreements before I took the role of being your fake boyfriend, don’t you?

Maple: What’s that?


Krit: Americano, no sugar, and be careful, caffeine in coffee will pull out calcium from your bones. If you drink too much of strong coffee, you will have osteoporosis earlier than usual, with your already painful knees.

Maple: Are you a doctor?

Krit: I’m the one who loves and means well for you.

Maple: Don’t! I won’t accept it.

Krit: You want to die alone with no one loving you?

Maple wants to splash some coffee on him.

Krit: Stop it! If you do this to me, I will go and tell everyone in the office that you and I are not really a couple, and will tell your grandmother too, so you will get to marry a gay like your grandmother wanted.

Maple: So what do you want?

Krit: Just talk to me nicely and throw flowers at me and others, not these kind of things. Can you do that? If you can do it, I will be a tamed loyal cat and will never let out even a little bit of our secret, but if you can’t,…

Maple: Are you threatening me?

Krit: Yes.

Maple: I’ll do it.

She sips coffee and he says, “Osteoporosis.”

Maple: Be quiet.

Back to present,

Krit: You remember it now, don’t you?

She nods.

Krit: Throwing flowers, all right?

Maple: All right, but you must follow my condition.

Krit: What’s the condition?

Maple: Don’t do this again.

Krit: What did I do?

Maple: Don’t smile like this. Don’t look at me like this. Don’t warn me about coffee and osteoporosis. Do not worry about me.

Krit: Why? Are you afraid you will feel something?

Maple: I’m afraid I will throw things at you because I don’t like it.

Krit: All right, I won’t do that again. OK?

She nods.

Krit: Can I ask for one more thing? Smile sweetly, a smile is a connecting bridge to friendship. I can guarantee you, even a person who hates you so much, once he/she sees your smile, they will become friends. All right? Smile.

She flashes a smile.

Krit: A sweet one.

She tries again.

Krit: That?

Maple: It can only be this sweet.

Krit: When you smile, smile from ear to ear, not like letting your lips dangle down like this.

Maple: Crazy boy!

She walks to the car and smiles.

Krit: That’s it! That kind of smile!

He walks to the car.

Krit: Shy?

Maple: Am I mad to be shy?

Krit: If you aren’t mad, how can you fall in love?

*cough cough*


Wayu: You look like you are chilling out.

Linee: Well, I have nothing to do. My boss forced me to take a leave from work.

Wayu: Do you want to go home? I can drop you.

Linee: No, I won’t or I couldn’t come back in time.

Wayu: Come? Come here?

Linee: Yes, today there will be a press conference of NamPeung.

Wayu: Right, your friend.

Linee: Ex-friend.

Wayu: What kind of ex-friend is this, when you want to know her present, and even forced me to take you here to eat?

Linee: I told you I had no work to do so my noisy bud waken up wanting to know all things of others, especially, about actress/actor’s love life – fall in love/break up, I’m so loving to hear it. Come here. There, the reporters, come fast or we’ll miss it!

Wayu: Take it easy when pulling me.

He pulls her into a boutique.


Maple and Krit walk into the office. He reminds her to smile.

Maple: Sawasdee jaa, Tiger. How are you?

Tiger: Eh…saswasdee krub, Pee Maple.

Maple: Why are you staring at me like that (change to angry tone) as if you are swallowing my flesh and blood?

Krit taps her shoulder.

Maple: Oh, if you have never seen me?

Tiger: Today…your arrival is a bit strange.

Maple: That I smiled walking in.

Tiger: Yes.

Maple: My boyfriend told me to smile a lot because I look beautiful when smiling.

Tiger: Right, the power of love.

Maple: Yes, that’s right. Let’s go, Krit.

She crosses her arm over his and walks away.

Tiger: You won’t be able to smile soon.

Yard: Why won’t you be able to smile, Khun Tiger?

Tiger: Be..because there’s too much work, so I won’t be able to smile.

Yard: Here, a cappuccino, less sugar with extra milk foam.

Tiger: I didn’t order it.

Yard: I bought it for you.

He takes it.

Tiger: You bought for me meaning I don’t have to pay, right?

Yard: That’s right, or, you could pay me with something else if you want. could I say that? It’s so embarrassing.

He cringes and walks away.

Yard: OK, he accepted a free coffee today, he will accept my love next, right? Fighto!

Maple walks into the meeting room. The gang look at her outfit and one of them says, so teenager. Yard gives Maple the meeting document. Maple gets up and starts writing on the whiteboard.

Yard sees Maple’s outfit and shrieks.

Maple: What?

Krit clears his throat to remind her.

Maple: (smile and talk sweetly) What made you so startle? Answer well or you will be fired.

Yard: Well, today editor’s outfit looks so…refreshing, despite your age.

She claps her hands.

Maem sings, “A person in love often looks younger just a tiny bit…” She says the name who said that.

Krit winks at her.

Maple: Just dress right for the party.

Yard: Wait, isn’t the fashion show tonight of the brand of clothes for about-to-be-retired women?

Maple: Yardthip!

Krit reminds her to smile.

Maple: (smile) Where are those cheques I need to sign?

Yard wants to go get it.

Maple: That’s all right. I should go get it myself, shouldn’t I?

She smiles and walks outside.

Maem teases Krit that she wants to look younger too, and why didn’t he tell her that he liked someone older? Another girl asks if he wants to chew some more of matured grass. Lol.

Part 6

Linee changes into a new dress and Wayu just loves it.

Linee: Will it be long for you to just look and say nothing?

Wayu: Give me two more secs!

Linee: One, two…time ups!

Wayu: Hey, if your friends see that you wear the same dress, it won’t look good.

Linee: Tell you the truth, I don’t care!

Wayu: At least you should care about the smell of staying overnight.

Linee: Thank you for reminding me.

Wayu: I think you should wear this kind of dress more often. It’s cute.

Linee: Crazy.

They walk along together. Wayu lets out a huge sigh.

Linee: What now?

Wayu: Are you always this harsh to the one who wants to take care of  you?

Linee: If this much you call it harsh, then you will probably call me evil  in the future. I haven’t yet let it (my temper) all out.

Wayu: Are there more?

Linee: A lot more!

Wayu: Then I should make myself get used to your evilness, shouldn’t I?

Linee: If you will call it ‘get used to’ , you’d better go away.

Wayu: OK, I will re-phrase it. I should understand and accept your true-self, shouldn’t I?

Linee: If you can, but if you cannot, it’s all right, you can walk out now. I won’t mind.

Wayu turns and walks away. Linee starts to feel disappointed.

Wayu: I see them calling all the reporters inside the press conference room, and are about to close the door.

Linee: Huh?

Wayu: Will you stand there dumbfounded for long? Let’s go.

Linee: Go?

Wayu: Go to the press conference room, quick!

He pulls her along and says the room is on the other side. Linee sees Peet and NamPeung so she sticks around listening.

Peet: Ready?

NamPeung: Very!

Peet: Very…but why is your hand shaking?

NamPeung: It’s not shaking.

Peet: Stop shaking.

NamPeung: My mind said so but my brain won’t.

Peet: Calm down.

NamPeung: Calm down.

Peet: And keep reciting in your mind to say only ‘ka’ , and I will take care the rest.

NamPeung: But a person like me can’t say just few words.

Peet: But this time, it’s a must, say only the word ‘ka’

NamPeung: Ka.

Wayu taps Linee’s shoulder.

Wayu: Those two seem to love and take good care of each other. They should get along well.

Linee: May be, if their love life has just the two of them.

Wayu: Do you mean…there’s a third hand?

Linee: It could be 4th, 5th, 6th..or 7th,8th,9th. I don’t know. I think NamPeung’s love life doesn’t seem to be paved with rose petals.

Wayu: So, you actually came here because you wanted to know how your friend’s doing. You are worried about her.

Linee: No. I came to step on her.

She runs to the room.

Wayu: Stubbornly won’t accept it…Hey, wait for me. Quick, before the door will be closed.


Peet: Take a deep breath  and let it out slowly.

NamPeung: Can I do it my way to calm myself down?

Peet: Try it.

NamPeung stands on one foot in a yoga posture. She sways a bit.

Pee: That’s enough.

NamPeung: Wait.

ToToh: I’m ready!

Peet points him NamPeung.

NamPeung: Not yet, I’m not ready. I don’t want to go in there yet.

ToToh: So you take your time doing yoga? For?

NamPeung: I’m trying to make myself be peaceful.

Peet: And are you peaceful now?

NamPeung: No.

Peet is losing it so ToToh says he will handle it.

ToToh: Pa! (aunt) Murdy is in the room too!

NamPeung: What? Why did she come?

ToToh: She came to find fault with you.

NamPeung: Never! I’m tua mae (the mother of all), a veteran actress. There’s no way she can find my fault……(Peet covers her mouth.)

Peet: Do you have to shout and let all reporters know even before we start the press conference?

NamPeung: But I’m so mad!

Peet: (Shush!)

NamPeung: Totoh, I’m so ready!

Totoh: (Whisper to Peet) It works, boss. All right, are the two of you ready to fool the whole country?

NamPeung: This aunt will do it, for the most important purpose…*phua (hubby)! phua! phua!   (*similar to the sound of a gibbon crying)

Totoh: A gibbon she is, love it!


Maem: What? Cancel? How could you, Khun Tamisa? Where is your boss? Where is he? I need to talk to him asap! (She hangs up and screams.) This gibbon is angry!

Maem rushes to Maple’s office. Krit walks in and sees them panic. He also sees Tiger laugh.

In Maple’s office,

Maple: Hurry and take this (check) to pay the deposit for Murdy and NamPeung’s fee.

Maem and the gang run inside calling Maple, Bor Kor (Abbr. of  Ban-na-thi-karn – editor in chief).

Maple: Didn’t knock, bad mannered, please be aware of getting scolded.

Maem: No mood to knock, there’s an urgent matter, Bor Kor.

Maple: What is it?

Later, Maple is mad and starts yelling.

Maple: How could our secret get leaked out?! Whose mouth doesn’t have a purse string and babbled about what we would do? And why will our competitor use NamPeung and Murdy for the cover just like our idea? How will you explain this?! I will count to three and this is the final chance. If  I catch you later, not only you will be fired, but also have no future in this industry. Who?!

Krit: Khun Maple, don’t’ try to find how it got leaked out yet. I think wouldn’t it be better that we solve the problem or come up with a second plan first?

Maple: I have one plan only and never think of having a second plan.

Krit: No one never makes mistake. What you are facing now is the proof that everyone can make mistake. Instead of wasting time trying to find the culprit, it’s better that we use the time to solve the mistake first.

Maple: I won’t correct any mistake until…..

They walk into the hotel.

Maem: I don’t understand why the world is getting harder to live in. They accepted our company’s job first and we were about to pay them this afternoon, they called to cancel it and accepted our competitor’s job instead!

Tiger: Why did you make the contract-signing date this late? In this industry, who’s fast and effective, will get it, I’m telling you.

Maem: Hey, I thought I was faster than the light already, and you want it faster?

Krit: Khun Tiger, are you having doubt with anyone in the office? Someone who might sell our secret.

Tiger: I don’t know, I was busy working that I didn’t notice anyone, but I think the one who could commit such bad conduct should be someone who has no brand royalty, someone newly worked in the office and doesn’t feel attach to the company like us.

Maple asks the way to the press conference room. They are heading there.

Part 7

Peet is telling the reporters that the two of them had already told them about their relationship openly. He says he’s sorry to hide it for a long time.

NamPeung: Ka. (Whisper) Totoh! Didn’t you say Murdy would show up here? So where is she?

Totoh: May be she changed her mind and went home.

NamPeung: Let’s hope she did.

Peet: Also, please give us the chance to openly get to know each other from today onwards.

NamPeung: Ka.

Murdy walks in and the reporters turn their attention to her.

Totoh: Give me 3 words, aunt!

NamPeung: Hell sent her to be born.

Totoh: That’s over (three words).

Murdy: Please continue listening to the press conference. I’m sorry to disturb the event, my mother fell sick and I had to take her to the doctor. I really tried to come as fast.

Murdy sits down.

Peet: Anyone wants to ask more questions?

Reporter: Yes, Khun Nampeung, do you think your love this time will end with a wedding?

Peet: Well…

NamPeung: Definitely, definitely the wedding, because I’ve been telling this man everyday that I am ready, please come and pull me down from the golden beam (kaantong) already.

Wayu: (To Linee) What about you? Are you ready?

Linee: It’s not about me.

Reporter: And what about you,  Khun Peesathut?

Peet: Well,…

NamPeung: Please answer.

Maple and the gang walk in and take a seat.

Peet: Well, about the wedding, it’s something for the future, and what will the future be? We will have to make the best of today.

Reporter: Also, about Khun Nampeung’s role was cut off and Khun Murdy got pushed to be nang’ek instead, is that true? If so, why?

NamPeung: Well,…

Murdy gets up and walks to the podium.

NamPeung: How many time will you allow this girl to steal my scene, Khun Peet?

He tells her to calm down and keep her anger at bay.

Murdy: Because my name was mentioned, I would like you to allow me to give out the information right here, but I have to give the honor to Khun Peesathut to tell you himself because he’s my manager that I trusted…to take care of my life.

Peet: About this matter, I, the producer, and the (TV) channel thought that…..

NamPeung: Thought that NamPeung had such a hot temper and was so bad, she loved to vent her anger on her junior actor who loved to come late so much that she had to quit on set!

Reporter: Who’s the actor who came late?

NamPeung: That person is…

Peet: The truth is…the truth about it is…..we had a miscommunication which caused the filming schedule not be able to fall into place, and we were afraid there might be a problem with other cast members so we came up with the same idea that Khun NamPeung should withdraw from this lakorn. I can say this much for now because I gave my words to the producer and the channel, and this is to wrap up this press conference. Thank you so much.

NamPeung tries to talk but Totoh announces to the reporters that coffee break is outside, and the water is boiling so hot. Peet pulls both Murdy and NamPeung away from the reporters.

Linee asks Krit why Maple is here. He says they have some problem about having NamPeunga and Murdy be on the cover. GT (Peet’s company) canceled working with them and accepted to work with their competitor instead, so Maple came to talk with NamPeung’s boss.

Krit follows Maple.

Linee: You will be crushed, Peesathut.

She wants to go take a look but Wayu stops her.

Wayu: Khun Linee!

Linee: What? Listen, as of now, other people’s business is my job. Get it? Come quick!


Peet: Come here, both of you.

He tells them to sit down.

Peet: What were you doing there? Murdy, you wanted to come so I let you, but I didn’t allow you to come at the wrong time or join the press conference. This isn’t your business. It’s not about you.

Murdy: I thought the reporters mentioned me.

Peet: They mentioned you, it’s their business. I would have answered it for you.

Totoh: That’s called, ‘not to do things we haven’t rehearsed’, Khun Nong (Khun young sis).

Peet: That’s right, but that doesn’t mean you could talk when I haven’t done talking.

NamPeung: Dictator.

Peet: For a press conference that will affect a lot of people, it’s necessary for me to dictate or else it will fail. One person wanted to be on TV, the other…some ghost pierced her mouth to talk. I ordered you to say just the word ‘ka’ , why didn’t you do that?

NamPeung: I was telling the truth so what’s there to be afraid of?

Peet: We must be afraid, because your truth would affect both actresses in my company, both, you and Murdy. No one would benefit from it, only be losing. Let me ask you, from now on, how will we make a living in this industry?! Answer me! So now you won’t talk, next time do put in some consideration and use your brain, and if you don’t have that, don’t use it, I will be the one do the thinking for you. Your duty is to follow the order, so do it! Do you understand?

Murdy: Yes, I do.

Peet: NamPeung, I asked if you understood.

NamPeung: I dooo!

Peet: If we planned it and each of you wouldn’t follow it and would do what you wanted, your life would become such a mess like this. Trust me, I mean well for you two.

Peet leaves and Totoh follows him. NamPeung pushes Murdy to sit down.

Murdy: What now, aunt?

NamPeung: The famous one wants to make it clear. Don’t you get up!


Totoh: Are you leaving, boss? What about aunt and Murdy?

Peet: I will find something to drink. I am about to have a stroke.

Totoh: Sign my paycheck first before a stroke.

Peet: Totoh.

Totoh: Just for fun, to reduce your seriousness.

Peet: Not funny.

Totoh: That’ll be it.

Peet rounds the corner to come face with Maple.

Maple: Khun Peesathut!

Peet: And you are…?

Maple: Maple, ‘It’s a Must’ (Thailand) ‘s editor in chief.

Peet: I know.

Totoh: Aww…problem!

Peet: What problem, Totoh?


NamPeung: You intended to steal my scene.

Murdy: Aunt, don’t accuse me.

NamPeung: I’ve been in this industry for so long, been taken many kind of roles, and the thing you just did, I will categorize it as bad acting. You could fool others, but I could see your inner (thoughts) because it spilled out from these eyes!

Murdy: Aunt!

NamPeung: Remember this, do not challenge the dark power, or next time I won’t prick you eyes but will prick other things too…until those balloons burst. Wait and see.

Part 8

Peet: So, Totoh?

Totoh: We just accepted the deposit this morning for aunt and Murdy to be on the cover of another magazine which is not ‘It’s a Must (Thailand)’

Both Peet and NamPeung say, “What?!”

NamPeung: Why? How? How could you, Totoh?

Maple: As if you and your boss didn’t know about it!

NamPeung: Of course, or else why I was so startled until my eyes and ears flipped over like this!

Maple: A ‘starling’ acting, that’s it! Trying to get away with it because you didn’t think I would come scolding you here, did you?

Tiger: Calm down, Pee Maple. They may really not know about it. Don’t throw a tantrum yet, may be we should listen to their reason first.

Maple: Reason later, let me scold first!

Peet: Explain it, Totoh.

Totoh: Eh…well…

Peet: Talk!

Totoh: They paid more and would use less time, so we will have more time for some other job, and the most important thing is…they paid faster so I….

Maple: You have no profession’s code of conduct whatsoever!

Linee chuckles and leaves. Wayu follows her.

Wayu: So you can go home now?

Linee: Well, I got the story so why stay?

Wayu: I thought you would stay to help your friends solving the situation, for harmony and for unity.

Linee: Don’t bother with my business and ask yourself, will you be following me like this all day?

Wayu: With your permission.

Linee: I’m not giving you. Sawasdee.

Wayu: Wait!

Linee: What?

Wayu: Let me warn you one thing.

Linee: What?

Wayu: Don’t miss me so much that you can’t do anything.

He kisses her hand and leaves. She cringes.

Linee: No way!

Wayu: Don’t say thing you can’t do (mouth gestures a kiss, LOL).

She’s frustrated.

Wayu: I’m going jaaaa.


Peet: I have nothing to say now except to say I’m sorry and apologize for what happened.

Totoh: I’m very sorry. It’s my fault. I didn’t think thoroughly.

NamPeung: If I knew about it first, this kind of thing definitely wouldn’t happen.

Maple: What could you do, NamPeung? You weren’t in the position to make a decision. It’s your manager who directed you live or die.

NamPeung: If it were someone else, I wouldn’t think much as long as they would pay me and it’s done, and I wouldn’t care who would be cow or buffalo, but this time, the person who get affected is…..

Maple: Is what?

NamPeung: A scissor-mouthed gibbon. Who would want to make you angry so that you would come scolding just like what you are doing now?

Tiger: Pee Maple is like this. She’s famous for her wieng-ween (hurling and scolding) in the circle.

Maple: Do not present me!

Krit: Khun Maple, calm down.

Maple: I won’t throw flowers to anyone, it’s not the time! (To Peet) I used to believe in your company being professional, but now I will have to change to a new attitude because honesty and trust can truly be bought with money!

Peet: That’s not true. A person like me never do things because of the greed for money.

Maple: The head does not, but the tail do! (Totoh touches his face.) Khun Peesathut, please train your staff some more, never make trouble with others again!

Peet: Khun Maple, how do you want me to reimburse you?

Maple: No need, it’s too late, and one more thing, I don’t want you to reimburse me because I want you to remember for the rest of your life, do not have no manners with someone like me!

Maple and the gang leave.

Tiger: Eh…I’m sorry for that but you also have to understand us that it cost us a lot, but I can understand you. Fighting!

Tiger leaves.

Totoh: His talk and postures seem to have some hidden agenda, eh..some issue hiding, boss.

NamPeung: How can you still be talking?!

Peet gets up.

Peet: We will have to come up with a new understanding on our working principle, Totoh?

Totoh: Yes, boss.

Peet looks at NamPeung.


At Linee’s home,

Duang: Khun Linee, where did you disappear to all night? I’m about to call the police.

Linee: I spent the night at my friend’s house. My phone’s battery ran out so I didn’t call and I haven’t called the house’s number very often so I couldn’t remember it. That’s not good at all, I’m sorry for making you worry.

Duang: Your mother waited for you all night and didn’t move from there. I told her to go sleep in her room but she wouldn’t go. She falls asleep just now.

Linee: Please take this.

Linee kneels down by her mother’s side. Her mom is startled and wakes up.

Linee: Mom, I’m sorry to make you worry. I won’t let myself be in that kind of situation again, mom. It’s my mistake.

Linee cries and holds her mom’s hand.


NamPeung follows Peet into the parking lot.

NamPeung: You’re cruel to deduct Totoh’s salary for two months.

Peet: Or do you want to pay for him?

NamPeung: My expense is so high now.

Peet: Why are you still standing there? Get in the car!

NamPeung: What should I do?

Peet: Do what?

NamPeung: About the shoot for the cover.

Peet: Can we talk in the car? It’s so hot. Come on.

NamPeung: Maple will keep biting me to no ends.

Peet: NamPeung! NamPeung! Get in the car!

A pick-up truck is backing up towards her.

Peet: Hey! There’s someone standing there! NamPeung!

He shoves her out of danger.

NamPeung: Khun Peet….(He smiles like a hero.), you are stepping on my foot.

Peet: Sorry, sorry, does it hurt?

NamPeung: How could you ask that? Of course, it hurts! Is it a human’s foot or elephant’s (not to hurt)?

She practically crawls on the ground asking for attention.

NamPeung: It turns bruised and blue.

Peet: NamPeung, get up.

NamPeung: Pull me up.

Peet: You sat down yourself, so you can get up yourself. Get up!

NamPeung: No kindness at all. I’m your girlfriend, don’t forget that.

Peet: Get up!

She reaches out both arms for him to pull her up. He can’t help pulling her up while asking if she doesn’t feel embarrassed. She trips (as if) and falls into his arms.

NamPeung: I stumbled.

Peet: Hurry and get into the car, I have to hurry home to see my child.

NamPeung cries out in pain saying may be her fingers broken or muscles torn. She tells him to come help her walk to the car. She says it really hurts. He’s exasperated.


Linee gets into her room and hurry charges her cell phone.

Linee: I must be ready. It must be able to use everywhere when necessary. From now on, there won’t be a ‘ran out of battery’ for me anymore!


Maple is furious so she gets up to leave the meeting room.

Tiger: Where are you going, Pee Maple? So what are you going to do with the cover? It’s about time for close (finish) the manuscript or else the production won’t make it on time.

Maple: Have I ever missed the deadline?

Yard: Never.

Maple: Then wait.

Yard: Where are you going? Going out?

Maple: It’s my business!

Yard: Don’t forget to attend the event this evening.

Maple: I won’t go! Just send someone in my place, and do not call me, anything urgent, just wait, and if you can’t wait, then go kill yourself!

Maple marches out.

Maem: This is the real her, people.

Tiger is looking mighty fine about it.

Part 9

Peet helps NamPeung to sit down.

Peet: Let me see the wound.

NamPeung: Gently, will you?

Peet: I’m sorry. What kind of your shoes is this? It’s so hard to take it off.

She tells him  to take it off from the back and continues moaning in pain. He takes a closer look at the wound on her foot.

Peet: NamPeung.

NamPeung: Yes?

Peet: This is a wound…from shoes biting.

He gets up.

Peet: You can do the acting with anyone you want…but not with me!

NamPeung: But it does hurt. I just don’t know if  it hurts from your stepping on it or shoes bite because I felt numb, stinging, and spasm.

Peet: What spasm?

NamPeung: Bone spasm…I can’t put weight on it. Have you ever had that? I started taking calcium at the age of 30, am I having a bone disease now? No, it can’t be true…no!…

Peet is walking away.

NamPeung: Wait, Khun Peet. I’ve finished talking yet. Khun Peet, I really can’t walk.

He walks back to her.

Peet: So what do you want?

NamPeung: I will cancel the cover shoot.

Peet: What?

NamPeung: I will not do the shooting for the cover of anyone.

Peet: But they already paid the first deposit and we signed the contract.

NamPeung: If I could sign it, I could cancel it.

Peet: And we will be sued, all right?

NamPeung: Let’s see if they will be brave to sue us. If I reveal that it’s Maple’s idea to have me and Murdy on the cover and they took the idea.

Peet: Perhaps, Khun Maple took someone else’s idea too.

NamPeung: No way! Do you know her nickname? It’s Maple Origi. She will never do things that could be called ‘copy from others’ !

Peet: What will you do that for?! Besides not getting any money, we will be losing money, and our reputation!

NamPeung: But I will never lose my pride. When we made someone in trouble, how can we have the face to accept someone else’s money? I can’t do that. If one is ruined, then no one would have it. Done!

She realizes Peet is driving away.

NamPeung: Khun Peet, wait for me! Khun Peet…..You’re cruel!


Linee calls Walai but she doesn’t pick up.

Linee: So boring, these sweet-without-caring-about-the-media people! (affectionate display publicly)

Pae: Don’t you want to take the call first, Walai?

Walai: This is not the time to take a call, but this is the time to spoonfeed hubby a cake. One more spoon…

Maple: Why don’t you let your hubby quit the job so you can spoonfeed him at home until you turn old?

Walai: It’s a hubby-wife business.

Maple: I hired Khun Pae to be my personal trainer. Can you let ‘hubby’ get to work now first?

Walai: Of couse. A hubby of mine is like a hubby of my friends’ and we could share, no problems at all.

Maple: Khun Pae, are you ready?

Walai: My hubby, my scold, a friend cannot.

Maple: Khun Pae!

Pae: Yes, I’m ready! I will go right away.

Walai stomps her feet like a kid.

Walai: Where did you eat dog?  (=Why bad mood?)

Walai takes Linee’s call.

Walai: Hello.

Linee: Nang Walai! What were you doing? Why didn’t you pick up the call?

Walai: What is it?!

Linee: Are you at the fitness club? Maple is there too, isn’t she? I have something to tell you, not sure if you knew. They talked about it on Facebook all over, not sure who posted it and shared from one to another. They said NamPeung canceled to be on the cover of ‘It’s a Must (Thailand)’ magazine, whose magazine is that? It sounds familiar.

Walai: It’s Maple’s.

Linee: Wow, so NamPeung and Maple must be fighting and angry at each other so much.

Walai: In a normal atmosphere, already they wanted to tear each other’s chest, and now with this newly added issue, won’t they kill each other to death? That’s why Maple’s face looks like a butt.

Linee: Did you talk to NamPeung?

Walai: If you want to know how happy or suffering NamPeung is, then hang up fast so I will find out for you. Not hang up yet? Then I will, I’m hanging up now! (She hangs up.) Acting like wanting to babble about it…I could see your appendix the minute you opened your mouth.

Linee smiles and gets in bed. Walai wants to call NamPeung but she just sits down next to her.

Walai: This is great, only mentioned your name and you are here……NamPeung! I didn’t even call, how could you know that I wanted to see you?

NamPeung: But I want to die. I’m about to go bankrupt. Khun Peet is about to cut ties with me. I will have no one left in my life…except you. Will you go die with me?

Walai: Of course…Crazy woman, just go alone!

NamPeung: I thought you truly loved me but it’s just a dream, isn’t it, Nang Pluak (Mrs. Termite)?!

Walai: Don’t you vent your anger on me. You are this insane because you canceled Maple’s job, didn’t you?

NamPeung: How do you know about this?

Walai: Well,…Linee…

NamPeung: Linee! How could Linee meddle in my business, and how could she know it? This is a very insider’s news, tell me, how could she know it? Tell me!….

Walai: Stop it! I want to die in my hubby’s arms not yours. Let go of me! You mad girl, listen to me, how she got the info is not as important as she is worried about you and Maple, so she called me to talk to you both!


Pae: Let’s do this for about 20 mintues then change to another equipment.

Maple: Can it be 30 minutes?

Pae: Of course.

Maple: How about one hour?

Pae: Eh…one hour…I think….

Maple cries out her frustration, “Let’s do my whole life!”

Pae: Khun Maple, I think if you are not ready today…., you could do it other days. You look stressful like you’re shouldering the whole world.

Maple: Have you ever been under a lot of pressure?

Pae: Pressure? Of course.

Maple: How did you make it go away?

Pae: I exercised and went home to look at my wife’s face.

Maple: Wouldn’t that make you feel more stressful?

Pae: Walai is my best stress-reliever med for me.

Maple: That’s good.

Pae: Then you must relax, put down the problem and focus only what is in front of you. OK?

Maple: OK.

Pae: Then let’s continue.


Walai: Do you remember what I said in my wedding? That you all actually missed and worried about one another, but ‘ego’ made you create a wall to hide your feelings. Well-wishes may not come wrapping up with beautiful words, but it may come as something offended your ears and eyes.

NamPeung: But her well-wish is not helpful now.

Walai: But you can feel warm in your heart that when you die, she will be the first to show up in your funeral.

NamPeung: Bad mouth!

Walai: Right, so who wanted to die and even persuaded me to go together just now?

NamPeung: I just said it.

Walai: What actually happened? Sharpen (lao) it for me, make it a sharp one!

*Lao in one tone (pitch) means to sharpen (i.e. sharpen a pencil), in another tone means to tell. Walai played with the word lao a bit but she actually meant to tell.

NamPeung: It’s my manager’s fault that he thought a big amount of money was more important than the agreement he talked with Maple earlier, and he accepted the job from the competitor magazine before Maple would pay the money and give me the contract to sign, not many hours before them. I and Khun Peet knew nothing about it.

Walai: To put it simple, the face of Maple’s cake was sliced off?

NamPeung: To put it simple, Maple’s idea got copied.

Walai: To put it simple, you become a dog.

NamPeung: To put it simple, I am a dog with leprosy because I canceled the job. I won’t accept that magazine’s job, and I will have to pay for all the damage according to the contract with my own money, Walai! Don’t know how many millions. I will go bankrupt for sure.

Walai: Calm down. This matter should have a way out. That’s why Maple vented out her anger to her friend the minute she arrived. It’s because of this.

NamPeung: Wait, Maple is here?

Walai nods.

NamPeung: Don’t tell her that I came, and don’t tell her that I talked to you about this too.

Walai: What if I tell her?

NamPeung: May your hubby have gigs (another casual relationship)…and let it be with a man too! I’m going!

Walai screams that among other things, how she could curse for her hubby to have gigs.

Walai: No way! Pee Pae is a man. He loves me, loves me so much. What a madness!

Walai calls Pae to her.

Maple walks out of the fitness.

Pae: The minute I’m done talking, Khun Maple hurry leaves right away.

Walai: Did you say the exact?

Pae: Of course, very exact!

*(Pe = slang= exact/perfect, Pe-Ver = Overly perfect)


Maple is trying to figure it out in her car.


Pae: Khun NamPeung just leave.

Maple: Yes?

Pae: Khun NamPeung told Walai about…she already canceled to be on the cover of your competitor magazine. She may have to pay the damage fee according to the contract quite a big amount. Khun NamPeung said she didn’t want to accept the job and money when she caused you trouble so she would pay with her own money to keep her working stance, that is, she will never step on other people’s head to succeed. Khun NamPeung is a person with pride. If someone is losing, then no one will be gaining because of her.

Maple: She could be faking the talk to build an image for it to reach my ears.

Pae: How very stingy NamPeung is, you know as well as I know. To go bankrupt just to build an image, I think it’s impossible. She’s also risking to be on other magazines’ blacklists. She’s only losing in this. The only reason a person like NamPeung, a stingy one like her could do this is….to take care of a friend’s feeling.


Maple is frustrated. Krisda gets in the car and sits next to her.

Maple: Krisda!

Krit: Yes.


Murdy: Couldn’t believe boss love an antique!

A cat fight ensues.

Linee: Is it not this kind of place that take away conscience from a person? Is it not because of a person like you?!

Krisda: ‘It’s a Must (Thailand)’ will never reach no.1 if it has a leader like you.

Maple: You’re fired!

Krisda: As you wish!


There were some over acting or behaviors from our ‘KaanTong Gang’ if looking at their age counts, but it’s realistic enough. They all had flaws. They weren’t perfect and that could be why they remained single. What this series has been doing is depicting the lives of women at the phrase of living while facing with the real world, not living by hope or dream like in their younger days. Every character in this series had put both of their feet firmly on the ground (living in the real world) and made decision based on that, even when they made jokes and all, and I loved that.

I asked myself if viewers at young age would be able to comprehend these great dialogs, and learn from them. The truth is, after a while, life becomes something you live with and find a way on your own to crack a hole on its shell to seize some happiness out of it while it lasts to nourish your days in order to continue on. I’m not talking about a sad life, obstacles, being married or single, or other things…it’s a common nature of life I’m talking about, and that we might have overlooked it or tried to see it the other way when we were younger…of course, if you know what I mean, or you could come back and read it again in a year or two  *wink*

*No spoilers, please!


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  1. thanks so much for the translations! i really like the krit+maple couple so much and since i don’t understand thai and there are no subs out there for this cute lakorn, you’re really my saving grace!! thanks~~~!!

  2. Thanks for translating! Take your time. This lakorn is definitely dialog driven and much be quite an effort to translate.
    NP is so witty in the way she speaks to Kanda! Wayu is really sweet but so is Krit.

    • The dialogs mostly used precise witty short words yet I find it hard to come up in English with the same tone, some got lost in translation, gotta say that 🙂

      • I can totally understand the getting lost in translation. Slangs esp are hard to translate as they make references to the local pop culture or old culture and can mean different things in different contexts. But your efforts are much appreciated. You always try to give context or extra information to help us understand. Thank you!

        • i need to chirp in cuz i agree so much! as a translation student myself, i really feel the difficulties. but the context/extra info is really so helpful!

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