Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Episode 3


Still not sure who I should love the most but for Linee and Wayu, their career is the opposite so it’s interesting how their story will unfold. Alex as Krisda is well-received on the internet, the rest was mentioned as lovely too. The scriptwriter was praised for her well-distributed dialogs for every couple throughout.

Episode 3

Part 1

Krit: I told them I was really your boyfriend.

Maple thanks him. He asks why she wants him back as her boyfriend.

Maple: I..I really like you.

Krit: Huh?

Maple: And you like me too, don’t you? I could see that.

She says she’s not that young to beat around the bush. If they like each other, then let’s date, but if not, then end it and look for a new one.

Maple: So, you like me, right? Then let’s date and go to see my friends at the fitness together.

Krit: I like you.

Maple: Krisda!

Krit: Only as a boss who’s capable at work.

Maple: Huh?

Krit: Let’s just say I won’t tell anyone in the office, that should help saving your face, and wait until you find the real boyfriend, then you can tell everyone that you broke up with me because I’m too young.

Maple: Are you playing hard to get? A woman like me asking you to be my boyfriend is such so fortunate of you! Or, am I too old?

Krit nods.

Maple: Old so what? I’m still fit and firm. Wanna prove it?

Krit: Actually, I already have a girlfriend…..Here, it’s yours.

He gives the document back to her and leaves. Maple is disappointed.


Peet calls NamPeung from the stairways.

Peet: NamPeung! (She continues walking down.) NamPeung, I will count from 1 to 3, if you don’t stop there, I won’t go asking you anymore. One….

Murdy: Pee PaeTai, when you get old, don’t behave like this, asking for attention. So annoying!

PaeTai: That’s too strong words.

Murdy: Isn’t it true? Let’s continue your teaching, this is wasting my time!

NampPeung: Are you afraid I will go to die?

Peet: Yes, and we are friends and I’m worried about you.

NamPeung: And when will that change to girlfriend?

Peet: NamPeung!

ToToh: Ret! (rhino, refers to a woman who aggressively goes after a man)

A woman walks in, “Pee Peet!…You tries to keep a distance from me, making excuse that you were busy. Is it because you wanted to dump ChiCha for this food carrier that’s about to expire?”

NamPeung: Who did you call the food carrier that’s about to expire?

ChiCha: It’s you, aunty!

NamPeung: All right!

PaeTai pulls Murdy outside to see them because he wants to get noisy.

Murdy: Boss’s gigs?

Peet: ChiCha, just leave, and we can talk later.

ChiCha: “Pee Peet!” (She slaps him.)

NamPeung: Don’t you dare harm my friend! (She slaps her.) Want some more? My hand’s weight is equals to a Jintara watermelon, I can tell you that! Want some more?…Have your parents ever taught you what’s the value of a woman? Here…in your brain! If you have problem then you should talk in private because it’s the matter of two persons, not the public agenda. Don’t shake until your price drop. Your dress looks nice but your behavior is no different from a good in….(name of place).

ToToh: Let me step my foot hard on ‘Liked’ for this status!

ChiCha screams. NamPeung tells Peet to quickly take his daughter away or the picture will stay in her eyes. He carries Yada away in his arms.

NamPeung: Get out! Just get out!…ToToh, call the security guard to take this woman out!

ChiCha: No need, I can walk!

NamPeung: Then go, make it quick!

ToToh and Tamisa cheer on with the phrase of slang meaning, it serves her right!

Peet looks at her and smiles.


At the restaurant,

Peet’s mother shows her friend (KhunYing ManeeNuch, Rada’s mother) the video clip of the KaanTong’s gang that night.

ManeeNuch calls them shameless spinsters. Kanda says she saw one of them last night, she didn’t just come to a man’s house but clung to him as if her chest would burst if no one responded to her feeling. ManeeNuch asks if her former son-in-law responded back. Kanda says Peet chased her out. ManeeNuch says she must want to catch a rich man to cling on once she retire from being an actress. She says if she learned about Peet’s playboy behavior first, she wouldn’t let her daughter get in that hell.

Kanda says Rada loved Peet so much up to now. She believes that and Rada should endure a little longer because those women are just Peet’s toys. ManeeNuch asks what if NamPeung Pinattha, that actress, won’t leave Peet alone, what Kanda’s plan to take care of that is so her daughter can go back to Peet gracefully.

Linee walks with Wayu and his family to have a meal together in the same restaurant where the two women are talking.

Panom says he’s glad to meet Linee finally, he heard her name for a while. Linee says her name must have displeased him. He laughs and says who would be happy with someone who’s always waiting to sue his company. Linee says she’s just doing her job and then let the law take care of it.

Wayu tells his father that he had called and ordered his favorite dishes in advance. He turns to Linee and asks if there’s any dish she wishes to have.

Sirima: If you could swallow it.

Linee: Of course, I could because I loved it since I was young.

Sirima: You meant Chinese food?

Linee: (Shake head) Free food. (To Panom) Please excuse me, I need to go to the restroom. I don’t want to have a meal while my hands are dirty.

Linee walks to the restroom.


KhunYing Saensuk, Maple’s grandmother, and Maple’s parents are having a meal here too.

Saensuk asks her son, Wut, if Jilla hasn’t arrived yet. Marayat (Maple’s mother) says she just called that she wouldn’t come because she had to go pick up her boyfriend at the airport. Saensuk criticizes Marayat for her lack of manners when she asked a question, she should have answered it directly to her, no wonder her daughter is like this. Jilla is taking after her mother.

Marayat says she knows that she’s not her dream daughter-in-law but she has been criticizing her for 40 years already, is she not get tired of that.

Saensuk says she doesn’t want anything to do with her if it’s unnecessary. Saensuk tells Wut that she called them here to let them know that she’s going to arrange an engagement between Maple and TriKhun, Phot’s son. She tells him to find an auspicious day for it.

Marayat tells Saensuk she can’t force Maple into this kind of matter. Maple should choose the man herself. Saensuk says she won’t let her granddaughter who she raised with her own hands to choose the wrong pairing just like how she had let Maple’s father and sister choose for themselves, and only ended up getting those lowly people.

She gets up and says they don’t have to wai her because she won’t accept it. Wut wai(s) her. She tells him to do what she ordered, and about the dowry, she will request it from them suitably and will return it to Maple to start her family. She tells Wut to tell his wife that she won’t get any of it.

After Saensuk left, Wut turns to tell his wife just that. She says she heard it already, his mother is like an evil soul living in a human body. She asks who will pay for this meal then, it’s not a cheap meal at all. She calls a waitress to pack all the food to take home.


Linee is in the restroom. She’s telling herself to keep her mind strong for she met Wayu’s father today and she should gain something from this meeting.

Kanda and ManeeNuch walk into the restroom. Kanda tells her friend to assure Rada that her wealth which is also Peet’s won’t go to anyone else’s pocket but hers. ManeeNuch asks what she can do if one day NamPeung seduces Peet and gets a whole of him. Linee perks up hearing that.

Linee: You, aunties, just stay still. I really don’t want to pry but I can’t hold it. Aunties, two persons love each other, it’s bad karma to get in the way. You are women just like her, how could you gossip about her in a bad way when you don’t even know her? It’s bad karma, twice, AUNTIES! Sawasdee, ka.

The two women gape. They ask each other if each of them knew her.


Wayu is waiting anxiously for Linee.

Panom: Aren’t you going to eat, Wayu?

Wayu: I’m waiting for Khun Linee.

Panom: Then I won’t wait for her and hope no one would say I have a bad manner.

Wayu: Who could say that, dad?

Panom: Your woman could.

Wayu: She’s not my woman. We are not related at all yet.

Panom: Is it this woman who you said she’s like a book that you wanted to open and read it very often?

Wayu smiles.

Panom: She’s quite all right, not afraid of anyone, but her eyes look so sad as if she’s hiding something very sad underneath.

Wayu: Yes.

Panom: It’s up to you whether or not you can knock down that wall in her heart.

Wayu: Does that mean you will accept it if I will get to know Khun Linee?

Linee comes over and hears him.

Panom: No, I won’t accept it. I accept Sirima more, and I know that it’s not difficult for you two to come back and love each other again. Sirima is the most suitable one for you, she will able to accept your real nature and ours more than that woman.

Wayu: But I and Sirima, I told you already that…

Linee: Excuse me.

Wayu: Khun Linee.

Linee: I will have to leave.

Panom: Won’t you have a meal with us first?

Linee: I don’t think so, it’s better to just come here to talk. I don’t want to eat the food which will be paid by your dirty (bad karma) money.

Sirima: Isn’t it a bad manner of yours to talk like that, Khun Linee?

Linee: How about I was the topic of your conversation when I wasn’t at the table, isn’t that called bad manner? I’ve never thought to become part of your family because I will never be able to understand and accept the real nature of yours  and the real you too. Sawasdee, ka.

Wayu: Linee! Linee!

Panom: Wayu! Sit down, I’m ordering you.

Wayu sits down feeling worry.

Part 2

NamPeung gets into the office.

Peet: I thought you already left.

NP: I sat down and calmed myself, didn’t want to leave when I was still feeling angry.

Peet: You know how to do that?

NP: Sometimes people must learn from their mistakes so that they won’t grow old for nothing.

Peet: So what do you want to do?

NP: Up to you. I accept defeat because I don’t know what to be stubborn for, and in the end, it’s me that hurt, and one more thing, I trust that you will choose the best for me.

Peet: Thank you for trusting me.

NP: Aren’t we friends?

Peet: Yes.

NP: What a pity, you have a good heart, you are a good man and sufficient of everything. I pray secretly to be more than a friend to you. (He perks up.) I know, you won’t like a woman like me. I will have to go to my friends and tell them the truth  now….but why didn’t your child go to school today?

Peet: She’s sick today and Taew took a leave to visit her sick mother, and my mother wasn’t home so I had to take her here.

NP: You must be tired, single dad.

Peet: Tired but happy.

NP: You must stay very close to her. Her mother is not with her so you must take the job of being both her father and mother.

Peet: Thank you.

She leaves quietly. He smiles.

NamPeung comes out and shrieks, “Aww…I was such an angle. Now the last thing is to wait for him to ask me to be his girlfriend. Acting can really be used in real life, I’m telling you.”

Peet: NamPeung!

She turns to him.

NP: Yes, what is it? Please hurry and say it, I’m waiting to hear it.

Peet: Don’t put your hope down. Some people met their soulmate at 50-60 years old. I have my support to meet that man quickly. Good luck.

He gets a call.

Peet: Hello, Nong Earn? I missed you I was about to call you.

NP: My acting was not that good? He didn’t even care.

Tamisa looks at her and says she must feel so sad that she talked to herself.


Linee is boxing (as if) with Wayu. She keeps punching and kicking. Walai runs to her and calls for a stop. Walai holds Pae, her husband. Linee says sorry, she’s so mad. Walai asks who she’s mad at. Linee won’t say it.

Walai: What if my hubby becomes barren?

Linee: It’s easy, just get a new hubby.

Pae assures Walai that he’s all right. She tells him to go rest or he won’t have enough strength for tonight. When he asks, again? She says it’s to help her pack the cosmetics, what was he thinking?

Walai sees NamPeung stand so still. Pae asks her why NamPeung keeps staring at the equipment. She says may be the lottery number? She asks what the time is. Pae says it’s almost six o’clock.

Walai: It’s almost the fun time. NamPeung and Linee are here already, except Maple.

She laughs.

Maple walks in chanting, “Ruined, ruined, ruined..”

Maple: I won’t be ruined no matter what…All right, let’s get ruined…No way!….Whatever!

Krit shows up and smiles at her. He shrugs.


Linee keeps looking at her phone’s contact list and calls out the name one by one, but each one won’t make it. Wayu sits down next to her, “Excuse me.” She looks at him wearily but he just smiles.


NamPeung is running on a platform. Peet pushes the stop button and she almost falls down. He looks at her.

Aww…I luff this.

Part 3

Krit: Where are you going?

Maple: I’m going back.

Krit: But I came.

Maple: For what?

Krit: Didn’t you want me to come with you?

Maple: I wanted you to come as my boyfriend not my subordinate.

He pulls her in his arms.

Krit: Do you really like me?…Answer me.

Maple: Like.

Krit: Even if I’m younger than you?

Maple: Age is just numbers.

Krit: My career is in lower rank than yours too?

Maple: One day you will go up.

Krit: My financial situation is even worst.

Maple: Not at all. I’m rich.

Krit: Am I that precious for you to ignore all these important issues?

Maple: You came to ask all these?

He nods.

Maple: I will tell you the truth. I lied.

He smiles.


Wayu: Coffee here tastes good.

Linee: Why it had to be this place?

Wayu: My heart told me to come drink it here.

Linee: Excuse me, that’s so cheesy. I feel like puking.

Wayu: Khun Linee krap. Khun Linee.

Linee: What? Why keep calling?

Wayu: Here it is.

Linee: A wedding invitation?

Wayu: Yes, my wedding invitation.


Peet: How long will you keep staring at me? Whatever question you have, ask me.

NamPeung: Don’t love, why came?

Peet: I remember that’s a line (from the dialog) in your latest lakorn when pra’ek came for you in the ending scene.

NamPeung: You remembered? You’re my FC for sure….Lakorn was taken from real life. So, can you answer now?

Peet: Yes..I don’t love you.

NamPeung: That’s a relief. I thought you fell in love with me secretly so you came. But, not even a littttle bit? Like eyes met and some feeling shot up?

Peet: I felt it. It’s boring and annoying.

NamPeung: That must be love.

Peet: You talked like as if it’s a prime time lakorn.

NamPeung: It came for real life, those lakorns!

Peet: You seriously can’t distinguish between real life and the story written for entertainment?

NP: Yeah, cannot. Did you come to criticize me? If so, next time, don’t come. I’m not in a mode of a nice nang’ek today but it’s a mode of a gibbon ready to snap in a bad mood. Understand?

She walks away.

Peet: But I haven’t finished talking to you yet, NamPeung!

NamPeung: But I finished!

He follows her.


Maple says she won’t ruin herself by dating a young man like him. Moreover, he already has a girlfriend and she’s not stupid, or going against moral, or…..

Krit: Then why did you tell me you liked me? What are you going to do really? You must a have a plan in your mind for sure to ask me to be your boyfriend. So?!

Maple: What gave you the right to pressure me?

Krit: The right of the one who’s holding your secret!

Maple: Are you threatening me?

Krit: Yes!

Maple: You are overdoing it!

Krit: So you won’t tell me?

Maple: I won’t!

Krit: All right.

Maple: Wait, what are you going to do? Wait! Stop!

Krit: I will go tell your friends that you lied from the beginning. You are not my girlfriend.

Maple: Please, no.

Krit: Hey, you came here to tell them that, didn’t you? Let’s go together.

Maple: Wait, I’m still not…

Krit: OK,…I will go by myself.

Maple: Don’t!

She keeps pulling him from going.


Linee: You’re about to get married. Why did you come messing with me? Jerk!

Wayu: Because, I like you.

Linee: You have someone waiting to be your wife, and you have the decency to tell me you like me? Jerk!

Wayu: Because, you didn’t give me a chance.

Linee: Won’t stop yet? I called you jerk twice already and you asked for a chance? Jerk! (He shows the card to her.) Wait, I don’t finish yet and you interrupt me? Jerk!

She reads what’s written on the card (their names and the wedding date).

Wayu: The wedding invitation of you and me.

Linee: You did this for..? This is too much. (She wants to tear it.)

Wayu: What are you doing? Listen to me first.

Linee: No, I won’t listen.

Wayu: Don’t you want to know what I wanted to do?

Linee: No, I don’t!

Wayu: But you asked my just now for…?

Linee: I’m so mad I won’t understand!

Wayu: Calm down first.

Linee: Let go of me first if you want me to calm down, or else I will be furious!

She bites his hand when he won’t let go. They are struggling to get a whole of the card.

Wayu: I will hand it out to all your friends.

Linee: No, you can’t!


Peet follows NamPeung to an aerobic class.

Peet: NamPeung! NamPeung!…Let’s talk, NamPeung.

NamPeung: That’s bad manner of yours. They came to dance not talk.

Peet: Let’s talk outside.

NP: No! What you want to talk, talk here.

Peet: You won’t go out?

NP: No!

Peet: All right.

He dances along with the class. Lol.

She tries to stop him because it’s embarrassing. She tells him the background of each woman dancing there, who has a husband, who’s getting married….She walks out of the class.

Peet: NamPeung!


Maple: If I will lose my face with those girls, I must be the one telling them.

Kris: I fell into it with you from the beginning so I must end it together with you!

Maple: No, you can’t! Stop there!

Kris: Excuse me, you think your strength will defeat mine? Huh!


NamPeung: Let’s talk later.

Peet: How long are you going to keep playing hard to get?

NamPeung: I’m pretty, rich, and single. Will that be enough to play hard to get?

Peet: Just one minute.

NamPeung: S-o-r-r-y!

He carries her in his arms.

NamPeung: Put me down! Aren’t you embarrassed to others?

Peet: No, I’m not and I kind of like it.

NamPeung: Why are you so crazy now?

Peet: How could you come to the fitness and still be this heavy?

NamPeung: That’s a bad mouth!

Walai and Pae come in, just time to witness her friends’ grand entrance. The three couples clash into one another and fall down.

Walai: What is this?!

They look at each other.

Part 4

The girls and their potential love interests are gather together in one table. Each of the three couples is served with a piece of cake and some drinks. All three girls stare at the plate of the cake with wide eyes.

Walai: What? As if you are seeing a ghost.

Three girls answer, “Seeing a heart!” (a heart-shaped plate)

Walai smiles and says it’s normal for someone in love (like her). All three singles cringe. Walai says wait and looks at the three gentlemen by her friends’ sides. Pae asks her what it is.

Walai: This is NamPeung’s boss?

Peet: Yes.

Walai: Linee’s long-time worst enemy?

Wayu: Thank you for giving me the honor.

Peet holds NamPeung close and says, “I’m NamPeung’s boyfriend.”

Maple gapes.

Wayu: I’m Khun Linee’s boyfriend.

Krisda puts his arm around Maple and scoots closer to her. Maple is startled by his touch at first but turns sweet when Walai looks at her. Each man holds each girl close.

Krit: Don’t you want to confess to your friends that you lied that you would marry me? Do it now, it’s a perfect timing.

Maple: Don’t tease me, it’s tickling. (looking at her friends)

Maple tells Krit to keep quiet through clenched teeth.

Pae says he saw them at his wedding (Krit and Wayu) but…(he looks at Peet).

Peet: NamPeung didn’t want everyone to know until she’s sure that I had already stopped seeing all those girls for real, then she will have a press conference to tell everyone all at once. Isn’t that right?

NamPeung: Eh..

Wayu: For us, we fought so much to the point we fell in love without knowing. We love a surprise. Talking about surprise, just a minute…these are our wedding invitations. (He hands it out.) I have to hurry hand it out or it won’t be in time to invite all the guests. It’ll be our honor if you all come to our wedding.

Krit: (Whisper to Maple) Ho…they beat everyone to it. Why don’t you tell them we are a fake couple now?

Maple stands up.

Maple: All right! I have brought my boyfriend to confirm to you girls already, which means, that I said I was going to get married, is not untrue.

Krit is surprised but stands up and holds Maple to him.

Krit: My mom loves to have me hold her waist, she would feel like someone is protecting her.

Maple: I thought so too. My wedding invitation is not ready yet, as soon as it’s done I will hand it out to you girls.

NamPeung hugs Peet.

NamPeung: Honey kaaa.., what about our wedding planner? Did we make an appointment with them yet? If we don’t make it quick, it won’t be in time, honeyyy! When I’m near you, I had goosebumps all over, some sparks too!

Maple: Always over (act).

Linee: Right.

NamPeung: I could do more. Honey, let me do it to you once..all right?

Everyone gapes.

NamPeung: A kiss! Honey, let me kiss you once.

NamPeung kisses his cheek many times.

Peet: That’s many times already.

NamPeung: That’s because I love you, love you so much.

Liness grabs Wayu’s face.

Linee: What’s there on your forehead?

Wayu: Yes?

Linee: Be still, I will take care of it. Let me be on top, I’m not good on the bottom.

Her friends gape.

Linee: I meant I would stand up and let him sit down so I could pluck the dust easily.

Linee: Be still, don’t move.

Wayu: Do it nicely, don’t hurt me, I’ve never done it before.

Linee: It’s all right, it will be done in no time.

Walai teases them whether they are plucking the dust or something else.

Linee: Of course, it’s some dust. Here, a big one, see!

Pae: Walai, it’s great that your best friends are getting married, so we can’t say “Kuan KaanTong” (Golden-beam gang) anymore, right?  Because everyone is letting go of the beam. Aren’t you scared?

Three girls correct him, “Aren’t you happy?”

Pae: Yes, aren’t you happy? I’m so excited for you that I said it wrong.

Walai: I’m happy for you girls. No matter what, Pee Pae and I are still waiting to attend your weddings, but, you are getting married for sure, right?

The three girls hesitate a bit and say, “Sure!”, and they hug their men so forcefully that if they were my friends, I would smell something fishy about it. Lol.

Part 5

Krit drives Maple home.

Krit: We are at your home already. You’ve been so quiet all the way home.

He gets out of the car.

Maple: Why did you turn off the engine?

She gets out and yells at him, asking the same question.

Krit: People in your house will wake up, lower your voice.

She reaches out her hand, and Krit holds it. She shakes it off saying she wanted the car key (LOL). He smiles and gives it to her.

Maple: Move away.

Krit: Won’t you explain to me a little bit?

Maple: About what?

Krit: About that.

Maple: Which one, so many things happened in my life; about work, I must increase the ads volume to meet the higher target, at the same time, defense my position (job), and that’s not enough, my grandmother is forcing me to get married, not with anyone, but a gay, also, I have to play this mind-game with those two friends from hell of mine. But it’s not as stressful as to have a boy like you walking in and out of my life,  it makes me not be able to breathe properly.

Krit: My guess of the most stressful matter to you now is, getting married, right?

Maple: (She nods.) That’s the reason why I changed my mind and asked you to be my boyfriend.

Krit: So you have me as a bumper so you won’t have to get married.

Maple: That’s right, and the second reason is, I admit that I can’t lose my face with those two friends from hell of mine.

Kirt: Even if, in the end, it may not turn out what you’d hoped for?

Maple: That’s right, you and I will never be able to end up together looking from every angle. But now I don’t know what to do, I could only solve the problem day by day. I’m never like this before. Why does everything seem suddenly out of my control? I’m not at all myself. It confuses me.

She sits down. Krit can only stand there looking at her.


Peet is eating while NamPeung is waitng for him to talk.

NamPeung: May you choke to death.

Peet chokes.

NamPeung: So you’re done? Now can we talk?

Peet: After the main course, it must be some desserts.

He wants to order some.

NamPeung: Can you not be too much? Since when have you become like this?

Peet: And when someone did that to you, how do you feel?

NamPeung: Annoying!

Peet: Then your bad karma returning to you.

He calls a waiter to order some more.

NamPeung: Check bill!

Peet: Hey, wait.

NamPeung: If you don’t hurry, he will run off not paying any. Be quick!

Peet: How could you say that?

NamPeung: Can we talk now? My chest is about to burst (because of the anxiety). It’s because I realize we are in a public place so I let you do it, or else, there would be a bomb!

Peet: Ok, we will talk on an agreement of our dating for the sole purpose of benefiting both sides.

NamPeung: I thought you would say something like this, because a person like you wouldn’t do such thing if not for some kind of benefit. All right, tell me your purpose.

Peet: No matter what, you must find a way to make my mother stop the idea of bringing back my ex-wife into my life. (She’s startled.) Only woman like you can handle my mother.

NamPeung: Woman like me? What is ‘woman like me’ like?

Peet: Brave, extremely courageous mind, and the most important thing is, very sto-berry! (a slang = love to make up a story)

NamPeung: Are you now finding a chance to criticize me?

Peet: It’s a praise.

NamPeung: Not accepted…What will I get?

Peet: Whatever you want, tell me. I will get it for you.

NamPeung: Your body and your heart.

He cringes.

NamPeung: If it’s not an OK, then I won’t be OK with it. Over!

She walks out of the restaurant and Peet tries to call her back.


Wayu follows Linee out.

Wayu: Khun Linee. (She hits his hand when he tries to hold her.) Let me ask you, do you want to punch me?

Linee: I won’t waste my hand punching you.

Wayu: Do you hate me that much?

Linee: That’s no need to ask at all.

Wayu: But it’s less than losing your face with your friends.

Linee: Do you know why I had to go with the flow with you in there?

Wayu: You tell me, because you haven’t allowed me to sit inside your heart yet so I wouldn’t know.

Linee: Rotten. (cheesy to the point it gets rotten)

Wayu: There are many more, and you will get to hear them.

Linee: OK, I will hurry explain it so you can leave fast.

Wayu: Tell me, I’m waiting to hear it.

Linee: Because no matter how much I shooed you away, you wouldn’t leave, all right then, I won’t do it. You really want to know me, don’t you? (He nods.) All right, I will open the door for you to get inside, but remember, you won’t be able to get out.

Wayu: What do you mean?

Linee: (Take out the wedding invitation card) I will marry you exactly the date written on it, and will register the marriage to be your lawful wife…before the wedding night, but you won’t have me because I will only lie down hugging the marriage certificate to myself.

Wayu: For?

Linee: Your money, and the matter about losing face with those haunting-faced friends, just forget it, it’s not a big deal. I can walk to them and explain it anytime, but I won’t.

Wayu: A person like you will invest yourself like that for money?

Linee: Yes, especially, the money from your business. It’s such a big chunk, I can do so many things with it.

Wayu: All right, if you want a lot of it, you will have to stay with me for a long long time.

Linee: You still want me?

Wayu: (He nods.) Because I know that your heart is not as dark as…..

Linee: As what?

Wayu: I know you won’t use my money to do bad things. Let’s wait and see if you will be able to do what you said, who knows, by that time, you might really fall in love with me, and be willing to be my wife, both in fact and by law.

Linee: Dream on!

Wayu: People live their live dreaming everyday or else they would spend days waiting to get rotten and be mixed with dust and soil.

Linee: ??

Wayu: When that day comes and your heart is still not softened (toward me), I promise I will leave you…permanently.

His phone rings.

Wayu: What is it, Sirima?…All right,  I will go there right away.

He pulls her with him.

Wayu: Come.

Linee: Where are we going?


At the parking lot,

Peet: I thought you’d left.

NamPeung: Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?

She keeps taking pictures of herself.

Peet: See, it’s exactly what I said that you’re sto-berry!

NamPeung: I want to look pretty and be romantic too, in case, you might fall in love with me.

Peet: But, it’s not like there’s no way (it will happen).

NamPeung: True?

Peet: If you can use your true-self to conquer my mother, I may be will love you because I’m so impressed with your forceful nature.

NamPeung: Not my good deeds?

Peet: Do you have some?

NamPeung: (the sound of the bleeding = that hurts)

Peet: If you aren’t OK with it, you won’t be standing here waiting for me. So?

NamPeung: I’ll do whatever, there’s noting to lose.

Peet: Good, so from now till almost one month, if you can make me love you, I will marry you, will love you, will stop at you, and you will be my last love, OK?

NamPeung: All right!…Can it be one month and a half?

Peet: No!

NamPeung: All right! (She hugs him.)

Peet: What are you doing?

NamPeung: Hugging my boyfriend, be still or the agreement is off. (She sighs.) Hugging a man in real life, it’s actually this great! You smell great, what perfume are you using? (She nestles her face up to his neck.)

Peet: That’s too much, are you a dog? Stop it, let me go.

NamPeung: I’m not finish smelling yet.

Peet: Let me go.

She sees people looking so she stops, and go back to her taking-picture mode.


Walai: I think my friends are playing a lakorn to fool me.

Pae: A lakorn to fool you.

Walai: I’m sure that those girls must conspire with those men to make up a story as if they have boyfriends and are abandoning their single lives.

Pae: You talked like it’s a cartoon. Who will invest oneself to that extent if they don’t really love each other? Moreover, each of your friend is not stupid.

Walai: Not stupid but so dump and full of egos to the point of craziness. They thought I was stupider than them that I wouldn’t notice the real story. To make it short, they are so obsessed to beat one another that they ignore the consequences that follow.

Pae: What will you do then?

Walai: Let them be. Whatever, it makes my friends get closer to men when normally it’s impossible because they were so busy earning.

Pae: That’s true.

Walai: So we must be their backup and help them to gracefully step down from the beam for real. OK?

Pae: OK!

Walai: Just thinking about it, I’m feeling fun already.

Part 6

Maple still sits there outside her house.

Maple: You haven’t gone back yet?

She tries to get up but couldn’t do it right away.

Krit: Did you take some calcium supplement?

Maple: I will just give you a slap on your mouth!

Kirt:, let me help you.

Maple: Don’t you do it.

She gets up and falls again, and he catches her in time.

Krit: Why didn’t you say it? If you can’t then just say that you can’t. I give you my word that I won’t tell anyone.

Maple: Thank you. So, will you help me?

Krit: If I won’t, I wouldn’t have showed up in the fitness and let you see me.

Maple: Serious? Why do you accept to help me when you won’t gain anything out of  it?

Krit: Who said I wouldn’t gain anything?

Maple: Gaining what?

Krit: I will gain…some merit.

Maple: Don’t say that word often, it makes me feel worst.

Krit: Yes, sir!

Maple: Won’t you have problem with your girlfriend?

Krit: No, definitely not, because my girlfriend is very generous.

Maple: Is she pretty?

Krit: Yes, she is. My girlfriend is very pretty. She is my age and has good figures like you…but tighter.

She hits him.

Maple: Crazy boy! Just go! Go!

Maple sits in her bedroom and thinks how her grandmother called a woman with a younger boyfriend a boy-eater. She said the younger man would simply be immature and always bring troubles.

Maple: I didn’t really eat the kid. Everything is just a set-up.

Her phone is ringing and it’s from Krisda. She’s so delighted.

Maple: Krisda!…Wait, why do I have to be so excited? Calm down, Maple. Just calm down….Hello..(she trips and falls on her bed so she yelps.)

Krit: Khun Maple! Anything happened? Khun Maple?

Maple: Nothing. Do you have something to say? Why calling?

Krit: Your knees doesn’t hurt anymore?

Maple: It doesn’t hurt anymore but it hurts somewhere else.

Krit: Don’t tell me you feel the pain in your heart because  you miss me. Just don’t.

Maple: If you’re near, I will slap (in an endearing way) your mouth.

Krit: Do you want to go see the doctor tomorrow?

Maple: No, I have a fashion show to attend in the evening tomorrow.

Krit: But aren’t you free during the day?

Maple: It’s all right, it’s (the pain on her knees) still far from the heart. It’s yet still a long time before I will reach the age of having osteoporosis (the bones become increasingly porous, brittle).

Krit: But I think it won’t be long, haha. Do you want to go? I can drive you there so you don’t have to sit bending your knees.

Maple: The more you talk, the older I feel.

Krit: To me, you don’t look old at all.

Maple squeals.

Maple: You said just now that your girlfriend (‘s figures) was much tighter than mine.

Krit: But there’s one thing that yours are much tighter than my girlfriend.

Maple: What is it?

Krit: Ears.

*(LOL, in Thai, teung = tight, but he said hoo (ears) teung = unable to hear clearly which could happen to old people)

Maple: Crazy boy! Where are you? I could go there to give you a slap on your mouth.

Krit: I’m waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up.

A car stops in front of him. The girl says, “Krit, get in!”

Krit: My girlfriend came already. I’m hanging up and the conclusion is, I will take you to see the doctor tomorrow. OK, sweet dream.

Maple: Wait! …Painful knees, stone deaf,… I’ve never felt this bad about myself. This crazy boy!

She cries out because her hands get stuck in a pool of the phone cord which got twined around her during the conversation.

In the car, Krit can’t stop smiling.

NangFah: What is it? Laughing to yourself.

Krit: I feel funny about someone.

NangFah: ‘Someone’ you said, is it a she in the video clip?

Krit: You watched?

NangFah: I don’t want to say this, but the whole island (?) watched it, and your parents got so angry. Did you talk to them?

Krit: NangFah, can you help me with something?


At Wayu’s nightclub,

Linee: Hey, I wanted to go home, why did you bring me here?

Wayu: I want you to meet someone.

Linee: And did you ask me if I wanted to meet that person?

Wayu: No need to ask, come.

Linee: Let go of me. I can walk by myself.

Wayu: A couple should hold hands while walking.

Linee: All right, don’t you ever let go.

Wayu: You don’t have to challenge me, I’m going to do that anyway.

Wayu stops smiling when he sees Jade.

Wayu: Jade?

Jade: Right, it’s me.

Linee: He’s the one harmed you.

Wayu: That’s right. Why did you come here again?

Jade: Can I not answer?

Jade walks away.

Wayu: Let’s go inside.

Jade calls his boss on the phone saying the guy had arrived.

Wayu and Linee walk inside.

Wayu: Over there.

Linee: Who’s that?

Wayu: Pipob, the owner of the biggest textile factory in the country. Do you believe it, no matter how many times the country went into crisis, his factory has never been shaken?

Linee: May be he has good management.

Wayu: Now how could you be so optimistic, but when it’s me, always be pessimistic?

Linee: Well, if you don’t have anything hiding under the carpet, why do you need to be afraid?

Wayu: Yes, I have!….But not underneath the carpet but right here (pointing at his heart).

Linee:  Let me take it out. (She means to hit him but he holds her hand.)

Wayu: What a woman, always scold and use force…Looks like you are getting soft.

Linee: I have another hand. (She punches him around his waistline.)

Wayu: Khun Linee, that hurts.

Linee: It serves you right.

Wayu: So cruel.

Linee: Want some more?

Wayu: No, no more. I was just teasing you, out of love.

Sirima walks to them.

Sirirma: What kept you busy, Wayu? Pipob has been waiting quite a while now.

Wayu: I’m about to go to him. Let’s go, Linee.

Sirima: I don’t think she should, Khun Linee is an outsider. She shouldn’t be joining the conversation.

Wayu: What outsider? We have agreed to become a couple from today.

Linee: Wayu ka, I think Khun Sirima is right. I don’t think I should go, it might be inappropriate. You just go, all right? Then we can whisper to each other about it later in solitude, OK?

Wayu nods.

Wayu: Then please take care of my girlfriend.

Sirima: Yes.

Wayu: Khun Linee, you wait for me. When I’m done talking, I will drop you home. OK?

Linee: OK!

Wayu: Let me take some energy from you. (He kisses her hands.)

Linee: You can take a lot of it.

Wayu kisses some more.

Wayu: So refreshing!

Linee: (Cradle his face) So sweet!

Wayu: I’m going. Sirima, you take care of her.

Sirima: Yes.

Linee sends him more kisses in the air.

Sirima: Please come this way.

Linee: Be a girlfriend of an executive is quite good. Where will you take me? A quiet place would be nice, it’s so loud in here.

Sirima: I guarantee it will be so quiet.

Linee follows her.


Peet comes with NamPeung to her condo. She is clinging to his arm.

Peet: Can you let go of my arm for at least a minute? Never have a boyfriend or what? Clinging to me like a leech.

NamPeung: Yes, I have but not as handsome as you. At this point, this gibbon is feeling so happy.

Peet: If you want to make me like you, please behave like a lady.

NamPeung: Do you mean a woman who is polite? Well, the bold one gets it, the embarrassed one loses it.

He stops when some people walk by.

Peet: You don’t feel embarrassed, but I do.

NamPeung: There’s nothing to feel embarrassed, we are simply in love. (To a staff) Right?

Peet: Just go, I’m sending you off here.

NamPeung: Don’t you want to go up for a cup of coffee?

Peet: (I’m) full!

NamPeung: The toilet door is broken.

Peet: Call a handyman.

NamPeung: I’m baiting.

Peet: Won’t work. Just go and rest, and prepare yourself for the press conference tomorrow.

NamPeung: (talking while walking ahead) All right, but before I go to bed, I will do some sit-ups so my belly will become flat, and then….

She turns back and realizes he’s gone. He’s walking out of the building.

NamPeung: Just wait and see, I will make you come crawling at my feet no matter what.

Part 7

Jilla walks into the house in the dark calling for a housekeeper while crying. She sees Maple with her facial mask on and screams in horror.

Grandmother runs into the kitchen, turns on the light, and hugs Jilla. She asks why they both screamed in her house. Maple takes off the mask and tells Jilla that it’s actually her.

Jil: Maple!

Maple: Why do you love to scream all the time?

Grandma: (To Jilla) Why are you walking in the house this late?

Two girls sit together.

Grandma: I know, you don’t want me around when you two talk. Don’t be late, this place is not a hotel so you can walk in and out 24 hrs. It’s the house of well-mannered people. Mae, do something with that cucumber, keep holding it like that, it’s disgusting.

Maple: I will slice it and place it on my face so (the skin) on my face will be tight.

Grandma asks that she always does that at the salon. Maple says her appointment is still many days away, but she wants her face be tight everyday. Grandma leaves the room.

Jil asks for Maple’s help. Maple pokes her face with the cucumber saying she always turns to her when having problem and no one else.


Peet gets a call from NamPeung.

Peet: Hello.

NamPeung: Honeyyy!

Peet: Can you call me something else? Don’t ‘honeyyy’ me. It sounded like..been chopping into pieces by a knife.

NamPeung: What do you like me to call you? Tell me. I will do as you say. See, I’m totally not a headstrong at all.

Peet: Just call my name.

NamPeung: No, can’t do that. A couple should have a name to call each other such as, dear, babie, sweetheart, pumpkin….

Peet: I don’t like English names.

NamPeung: So hard to please, sorry, let’s start again with names in Thai, you prick the one you like..tua lek (the tiny one), tua krom (the round one), Uan (fat), …, GoonGink, NeungNing, or…

Peet: Enough, NamPheung, I’m begging you. The more you talk, the closer you get to an idiot.

NamPeung: Who’s an idiot?

Peet: All right, it’s me, an idiot. I’ll just prick one.

NamPeung: Aww..Prick what? Say it properly, my thought is deep.

Peet: Prick the name. Do you understand? Why do you need to think so deep….

His mother snatches the phone away.

Peet: Mom!

NamPeung: Mom? What happened to your mom? Khun Peet? Honeyy?

Kanda: You! Please get yourself away from my son, and don’t use your playful provocative manners to make my son fall into a pit filled with rotten mud with a woman like you, Pinattha!

She hangs up. NamPeung puts on her tongue while Peet feels like having a headache.


Sirima takes Linee to Wayu’s office and tells her to sit down. Linee looks at his picture with the orphans and says he’s just making a good image.

Sirima: What kind of girlfriend are you to talk sarcastically about your boyfriend like this?

Linee: I’m the way you see it. You are an outsider, why asked? I know that you and Khun Wayu were something to each other before, but don’t forget that it’s just the past. It’s already passed. In English, it must be added with ‘ed’ or change form, doesn’t exist in the present. Even with Khun Wayu’s father taking your tail, I’m telling you, do not mess with my boyfriend!

Sirima: A woman like you just came by momentarily. I will give you not more than a week, you will turn into a book that Wayu had read and figured it all out, put in a box and deadly sealed it.

Linee: Is that so?

Sirima: I’m giving you a warning to prepare your mind in advance because there are already so many books in the box.

Linee: Including you?

Sirima: I am the book Wayu chose to keep on the shelf, even if he doesn’t want to open and read it again, he doesn’t want to put it away out of his sight. It’s the book he needed in his sight all the time to warm his heart. No matter what happens, or how long it’s been, there will always be me beside him. If you don’t want to get hurt so bad, tell your heart now. A wise one should listen to a warning from the one close to Wayu. Don’t be stubborn to the point of stupidity!

Sirima gets out of the room.

Linee: Hey, I didn’t get a chance to talk back to you yet!

Outside in the nightclub,

Wayu: You didn’t come visiting me for some time.

Pipob: Too busy. No time.

Wayu: There’s a lot of orders this time around?

Pipob: From Europe.

Wayu: That’s why you recruited more workers while most of your competitors were already out of business, but yours are overwhelmed with more orders. Anything great with what you have?

Pipob: Quality goods are sold by itself, no need to do a promotion. The customers is hooked (addicted), no matter what.

Wayu: I think I should use this idea to improve my business here, so that a lot customers will be hooked. Moreover, these past days, I was discredited by a bad guy, by calling the police to press charge on me, but in the end, they withdrew it. It almost put me out of business.

Pipob: But you’re not.

Wayu: That’s because we have our loyal customers. We are cats with nine lives. As you may have already seen, we can’t be killed. No matter when, my father and I will survive.

Pipob: It should be me taking some advice from you and your father.

Wayu: Nothing much, just be sincere, and it’s done.

Pipob: Sincere? Haha..

Wayu: Only people who are insincere would feel funny about it.

Pipob: I’m leaving. Tell your staff to check the bill.

Wayu: My compliment to you, see it as my official welcome.

Pipob: No need for that, I don’t like to be in debt to anyone.

Pipob tells his man to go pay for it.

Part 8

A housekeeper locks the door of the room where Linee is inside. Sirima smirks feeling so great.

Linee couldn’t open the door so she calls for help while Sirima is standing outside the door listening.

Linee: Does anyone hear me? There’s a person got trapped in here! Anyone, please open the door for me!…..

Sirima walks away from the door. She gives the key to a security guard and orders him that no one get in the boss’s office for safety reason. She tells him she locked the office door, and when his shift is almost over, go unlock the door.

Jade waits at the door when Wayu and pipob come out.

Wayu: Thank you for giving me an honor of coming to my pub.

Pipob calls Jade to come with him, he’s working for him now.

Sirima: Is everything fine?

Pipob: He’s so calm.

Sirima: I’m asking you, let very few outsiders know about this for your own safety.

Wayu: I forgot about it. Thank you for reminding me. Where is Khun Linee?

Sirima: She went home already.

Wayu: Went home?

Sirima: Yes.

He walks outside to take a look.

Linee is still struggling with the door. Wayu walks back inside.

Sirima: Did you catch up with her?

Wayu: No, I didn’t.

Sirima: And…did she call you?

Wayu: No, she didn’t. Let me call her.

Sirima pretends to be fainting.

Wayu: Sirima, what happened?

Sirima: I feel like fainting and throwing up.

Wayu: Shouldn’t you go home first, let the staff take care of the work here.

Sirima: But I can’t drive, can you drive me home?

Wayu: Yes, of course. Let’s go.

Linee tries to call someone but the battery ran out.

Linee: Don’t, just don’t, don’t run out on me,..wait, just wait! Let me make a call first.

The battery ran out and she shrieks, “I told you not to run out! Jerk!”

She tries to look for a phone charger in her handbag but there’s none. She wonders how she can contact anyone. She sees a phone on his desk so she rushes to it and starts dialing.

Linee: This is mad, I can’t remember the phone number. If I call home, they could be frightened. Let’s see whose numbers I could recall: Khun Wayu’s? definitely not, GoongGink’s?…I couldn’t remember!


Jilla smiles and thanks Maple, she knows Mae is a sister she could lean on.

Jilla: I promise I will pay you back at the end of the month.

Maple: Jil! Let me ask you, are you happy like this?

Jill: Of course, I am happy. When my boyfriend is happy, I’m happy too.

Maple: The who’s that, cried because her young boyfriend didn’t pay attention to her? He got stuck with work and couldn’t come to join the meal, and didn’t even call for 3 hours already, who’s that?

Jill: It w-a-s me.

Maple: So boring!

Jill: You can say that because you are getting married officially with the guy with such wealth. My Don (her BF) is not as rich as your future groom.

Maple: That has nothing to do with it, and I will never marry that TriKhun.

Jill: Why? That means,’s that video clip, isn’t it? See!

Maple: Oh, all right, I already have a boyfriend.

Grandma shows up.

Grandma: Who is that man?

The two are horrified.

Grandma: Grandma asked, the man who was your boyfriend, who was he?

Maple: My boyfriend?…He hasn’t been born yet, grandmother.

Jilla: Hey, you had announced your wedding. Too shy? Don’t be.

Maple: Jil!

Jilla: That video clip, remember? Grandmother, did you watch that video clip? I watched with my friends while on board the plane and we simply screamed so loud! …You haven’t told grandmother about your boyfriend yet? Grandmother, you don’t know anything about her boyfriend, that’s why you want her to get engaged with Khun TriKhun.

Maple: Jill!

Jilla: Why? Why didn’t you tell her?

Maple: Stop talking!

Grandmother: Go on, Jilla.

Jilla: I have nothing more to say.

Grandmother: That intern boy, isn’t it?

She faints.

Jilla and Maple: Grandmother!

Jilla: What did I say so wrong?

Maple: Too late to fix it now. Hurry and bring the car around so we can take her to the hospital.

Jilla: My car?

Maple: Anyone’s car will do. Hurry!

Maple calls the housekeeper that her grandmother fainted.


Linee can remember one phone number but doesn’t know whose it is, she makes a call anyway. The phone rings at Maple’s house.

Linee: This is Maple’s number! This is crazy. The more I hate, the more I remember. I hate myself for this.

She waits for someone to pick up, but no one does.



At Peet’s house,

Kanda: I have the right to protect my son not to become a victim of a woman who wants to used him to move up her status, and cling on you.

Peet: Do you really know her to make a judge on her that she’s that bad? I’m telling you right here that I already decided to date NamPeung and get to know each other.

Kanda: Peet! You cannot!

Peet: Why not?

Kanda: Well,..well, it’s not a suitable match at all.

Peet: I believed you once that I and ThunRada were suitable to marry each other, but in the end, it sank and left everyone with the pain. This time, I won’t believe in such suitability anymore, but, I will believe in my own heart.

Kanda: Peet!

She cries out in pain.

Peet: I know that your heath at this hour is very good. No heart disease like how you lied to me that day so that I would agree to marry ThunRada.

Kanda: You knew?

Peet: I knew everything and went along with it, but this time, I’m begging you, because I will never concede.

Kanda: Peet! Peet!


NamPeung: You were so brave to talk to your mother like that?

Peet: Yes, but it’s regretful like a bad karma.

NamPeung: Not a bad karma, but you made no merit because you made the *priest in the house feel sad.

*(parents are seen as respectable figures of the house)

Peet: Are you actually giving me a support or stepping on me? Please do well the job of a good girlfriend.

NamPeung: Well, I talked of the fact first. Fact? Have you every heard the word ‘fact’? I talked about the fact first, then I will give you a support.

Peet: How will you give me your support?

NamPeung: Listen..

Peet: The real thing, from your heart. Don’t copy it from any lakorn’s scripts. Understand?

NamPeung: OK, from the very bottom of my heart, you did the right thing. Parents have given us life, but life is ours. For better or worst, let us choose it ourselves. Whatever the outcomes will be, we must take the responsibility for it. A mother should stay still. She should support her child, give her child a support, and lick her child’s wound, and that’s enough. So? It’s so sharp it cut through your heart, right? Trample on ‘Liked’ status for me, it’s all right with me. Jub…jub! (the sound of  a kiss)

Peet: Right, you didn’t give me any support.

NamPeung: I thought I was giving you my extreme support.

Peet:’s like getting a chance to criticize my mother more. When you were in school, you probably failed in the subject of creativity, didn’t you?

NamPeung: I didn’t fail but got D-dog.

Peet: Can you come and tell my mother?

NamPeung: Tell her what?

Peet: Tell her the way you were giving my mother a support just now. I want her to hear it.

NamPeung: You want me on a cutting board for her to slowly slash me?

Peet: Don’t you want to fight for our love?…So? Why so quiet? Won’t fight for it?

NamPeung: Sorry, let me fight another way. The war between a hubby’s mother and a daughter-in-law who she hates, I will limit it to happen only in the lakorn I portray is enough. Good Night!

She hangs up and Peet can’t stop smiling.

Part 9

Linee: I could call 191! No, I don’t want to be on the news with a headline, “A woman lawyer, who fought for human rights, got trapped in an office of an executive of entertainment night life.” It’s crazy! Could it be there’s a hidden agenda? Could it be I was locked up?! I was locked up with Sirima behind it for sure. For sure!


Wayu drops Sirima home.

Wayu: You get some rest.

Sirima: Thank you.

Wayu turns to make a call.

Sirima: Can you contact Khun Linee?

Wayu: Her phone’s turned off.

Sirima: I forgot to tell you. Before Khun Linee left, she said her phone battery was running low, so you might not be able to contact her.

Wayu: It’s strange. Khun Linee said she would wait for me but why didn’t she?

Sirima: How can you be certain with a woman this age? She seems very confident and believes in herself so much.

Wayu: So it’s hard to guess her mind.

Sirima: It’s because of this, isn’t it, why you liked her?

Wayu: May be, I just want to know her more.

Sirima: I must be born unfortunate to be too honest with my feelings. It made you lose  your interest in me so fast, that I almost couldn’t take it.

Wayu: That’s not it, Sirima. The reason we couldn’t get along is not because I lost my interest in you, it’s because….we are so similar so much that my feeling for you is not love.

Sirima: Then what does it call?

Wayu: Trust and belief. You are my true friend.

Sirima: Even if I’m dying in front of you, and begging for your love, you won’t change your mind, is that it?

Wayu: Sirima.

Sirima: I’m just asking for the sake of it. I know well enough that we are only good friends to each other. You know, don’t you, that I won’t disappoint you?

Wayu: I know I can always trust you.

Sirima: Thank you. I have a headache, so you just leave.

Wayu: Sirima.

Sirima: Yes?

Wayu: Take some good rest, and if it doesn’t get better, give me a call. I will take you to the doctor.

Sirima: All right.

Wayu tries to call Linee but unsuccessful.


Grandmother wakes up in the hospital.

Maple: Grandmother! You wake up already. Do you want to go to the toilet? Let me help you.

Grandmother: No need. I’m still fine and will go home.

Maple’s parents and sister and her boyfriend walk into the room.

Don: Sawasdee krap.

Grandmother: Why came in a flock? I’m not dead yet. Wait until I die first to come pay respect and ask for forgiveness, or I wouldn’t die peacefully.

Marayat: Just wake up and already complaining! She should sleep for a long time!

Jilla tells her mother it’s bad karma to curse grandmother. Maple tells her dad that grandmother wants to go home.

Grandmother: I will never become weak and let my ungrateful child and grandchildren to do things over my head.

Maple says she can scold her anyway she wants but please don’t go home yet, and wait for the doctor to take a look at her for another round first.

Grandma tells her to call the doctor here fast and not to let her wait for long. She says she will let only Wut (her son) take care of her and no one else. She tells everyone to get out.

Wut takes her to the toilet.


Linee falls asleep in the office. She wakes up and hears someone is unlocking the door. She opens the door and sees a guard outside.

Linee: I want to contact Khun Wayubutra now. Give me the number!

Wayu is in the hospital with Sirima. She tells him to go take care of his business, and she can take care of herself. He says can take care of herself? If he didn’t call her in the morning, he wouldn’t know that she got a severe headache that she couldn’t even walk. He tells her not to be too courteous with him, he’s willing to do it. She thanks him.

He tells a male nurse to take her to the examination room and he will take care of her ID. He gets a call.

Wayu: Hello.

Linee: Where are you now?

Wayu: At the hospital.

Linee: Wait a moment, (drink  some water) OK, do you know where I am?

Wayu: At home.

Linee: No!

Wayu: At the fitness.

Linee: Incorrect!

Wayu: In my heart!

Linee: Is this the time for courting?

Wayu: So tell me.

Linee: I’ve been in your office since last night. I couldn’t contact anyone! Do you know why? It’s because of Khun Sirima, your best assistant, locked me up in here. I was thirsty. I was hungry. I couldn’t contact anyone. I’m so furious!

Wayu: What?

Linee: You can’t understand? Wait there and I will drag my body there so you can see! If you won’t wait, you are a dog. I’m hanging up!

Wayu: What’s with her? Sirima?


Maple and her family are sitting in the hospital.

Marayat: You already have a boyfriend so you don’t have to get married like grandmother ordered. Refuse it if you may, don’t concede! Even though I don’t totally agree with you to have a younger boyfriend, I have had enough with Jil getting on my nerve. Find a new one if you can.

Jilla: If I didn’t say it, Mae would never tell grandmother about her boyfriend.

Marayat: You did the right thing. You are an elder sister, and if your younger sister won’t say it, you should say it for her.

Jilla: Mae allowed grandmother to take over her life too much that grandmother got this bad habit, she must get what she wants.

Marayat: That’s right.

Jilla: And the matter of the heart, it can’t be forced, wanting this one to love that one, how can that be?

Maple tells her to stop talking, she’s having a headache. Don says Pee Mae is right, grandmother is sick so she must be under stress.

Jill: Don, why did you take Mae’s side? You feel something for my younger sister, don’t you?

Don: Jil!

Maple: If you are going to act stupidly, do it with someone else, not with me. Don, I’m telling you the truth, if I were you and had a girlfriend who’s so old and stupid like this, I wouldn’t endure it.

Maple walks away.

Jill: How can you say that, Mae?!

Marayat: Lower your voice. Use noise is prohibited in the hospital.

Don gets up and walks away too. Marayet tells Jilla to sit down.

Jill: Mom, look at Mae, she dropped a bomb again, see? Don is feeling bad now.

Marayat: Don is feeling bad not because of Mae, it’s because of you!

Jill: Mom!

Marayat leaves too. Jilla gets up to find Don.


At Peet’s house,

Taew is asking for Peet’s permission to let Yada skip school for another day since yesterday she still had some fever. He asks what about today. She says no fever today but she’s not sure if the fever will come back or not. He tells her to call him immediately if Yada has some fever today, he will take her to the doctor quickly. He orders her to let Yada rest well, and not to allow her to play too much. Both of them look ahead and gape.

NamPeung, in a costume of the heroine from the famous lakorn “Baan Sai Tong”, is walking toward them.

Peet: N-a-mPeung!

NamPeung: Khun Peet, good morning.

He points at her from head to toe. Lol.


NamPeung: I came to be…

Rada: To grab other person’s husband!

NamPeung: Who did you scold at?

Rada: You!

Linee: It was my mistake. I won’t let myself get into that kind of situation again, all right, mom?

Maple: How could our confidential info leak out? Why would our competitor use NamPeung and Murdy on the cover the same with our idea? How can you explain all this?!


Even though there were a lot of laughs in the story, there were also a lot tears underneath it too. Each of our girls seems to have the sad past of her own which groomed her to be the way she is today. The story felt real enough and you can’t help but falling in love with each character and want them to be happy regardless of their love stories.

Each couple still has a long way ahead even after the wedding (if that will eventually happen). I was surprised by how well the dialogs were written. It kept teasing the working women’s circle today in many touching areas including the modern language speaking. It seems the writer/author may want to show us that there are people with good hearts out there despite the career they are taking. While I won’t encourage people to talk rudely to the elders, this story shows us that sometimes it’s not about words spoken, but the heart and what caused it to speak out that matters, and that doesn’t mean they are uneducated or bad-mannered people. It’s their ways of handling their own life crisis at that respective hour, and may be it’s better that we look deeper beyond the surface to better understand their true intentions.

*Don’t think will do the whole series.

*No spoilers please!


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  1. Thanks for the translations. Really enjoying this one!

    • Most of the dialogs were so funny, I laughed while typing most of the time. Haha.

      • This seems like a really fun and mature lakorn worth watching. I was laughing at the translations so I can imagine how funny they would have been in Thai. The conversations when the 4 couples get together a hilarious!
        Is Linee a lawyer working in the area of human trafficking by any chance ? Or an activist of some sort? Did not understand what she does and just guessed.

        • I checked. Linee is a lawyer working for an international organization, a foundation named ‘Fah Lang Fon’. Its main purpose is to help women who was abused, or are the victims of every kind of harassment.

          • Thank you! I hope you had a good start to the New Year!

          • Thank you for the ending comments. It summarized the whole premise of the series very well. While the love stories are funny and endearing in this series, I find it more important that these women succeed in life as a working woman myself who has to deal with a lot of issues at work and life. I think I am loving this so much because it’s so relate able in may ways even parts where you have to sometime express to the elders what is right even if you don’t want to disrespect them in any way.

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