Soundtrack: Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (2)


Don’t let the long name fool you, it’s quite fun watching this one  🙂

Song title: ความรักต้องการฉันไหม [Khwam Rak Tong Kan Chan Mai] (does love want me?)

Artist: Tookta – The Voice

Translation of the lyrics:

Acting strong, doesn’t mean I’m not soft underneath

But if I cry, who will be the one wiping my tears?

Acting it’s all right to be alone, doesn’t mean it’s not tiring

Who will ever know what the truth is

But the past still come haunting along with that past love

It may be a long time ago, but it’s hurt till today.

* [It’s not that I don’t want love,

It’s that…I don’t know if love wants me

If true love still exists, I want to know what it’s like

Is there even one person who still wants me?

And where is…he? ]

Acting like having a strong heart, doesn’t mean I’m not shaking underneath

I’m just afraid to cry because of you again.

May be it’s this person who passed through that wall.

Who came to change my everyday, change my life,

Change that hurtful past along with that past love

It may take a long while, but I hope you will understand

Repeat [*] 2 times   🙂

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  1. I like your translation better than what I came up with. I will be taking your translation to put in the lakorn on Viki. Thanks ka.

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