Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Episode 2

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Which couple is your favorite? Me, for this episode, NamPeung or PiNatTha (Vicky) and Peet or PeeSathut (Por). I could guess somewhat the story of these single girls, but what I’m waiting to see is how sly these men can be? Haha.

Episode 2

Previous: Three single girls declared in their best friend’s wedding reception that they all had someone they would marry in a month. The declaration was uploaded on the internet, and now all three are having a hard time with the consequences with their bosses and colleagues, at the same time, don’t want to lose their faces among themselves.

Part 1

(Natthalinee or Linee, a lawyer, workaholic)

Linee feels embarrassed watching the video clip and tries to explain. Her boss says she knows Linee must have her own reason. Linee asks if it doesn’t look very good. The boss says she and others haven’t made a judge on her conduct yet, and she called her in here to make sure that she must see this video clip.

Boss: I want to tell you that I’m worried.

Linee: Worried about me? What is it?

Boss: I’m worried you won’t be able to find a man to marry in a time of one month like how you declared it…if you won’t go out or take a break (from work). I want you to have a boyfriend, the real one. This is the opportunity for you to look around and may be there’s someone who’s ready to walk along by your side. I’m allowing you to take a leave now since you’ve never once taking a leave at all. Go find that man, the one who sent you roses along with the meaning…sincerity.

The said man is Wayubutra (wa-yu-boot). He is telling Sirima that he needs to make that woman confess that she’s hired to accuse him. She says that will be hard because if the police knows or sees that they contact the witness, they may face with another charge, threatening the witness.

PaNom (Wayu’s father) says then do it discreetly without anyone seeing, and he knows Wayu can do that. He tells him to be careful because they still don’t who’s behind it, that person is still hiding in the dark.

Sirima suggests that they should have a talk with that lawyer of Fah Lang Fon Foundation (Linee), not to have a strong bias and keep finding fault at them until they can’t even make a living.

Panom asks if Wayu had ever done something to her that made her trailing behind him without fail. Wayu says he never harmed a woman. Panom concludes that she must be the pessimistic kind who looks at the world badly, a narrow-minded, and makes a judge on a person  only from the outside. Their business is night-life entertainment, so their image may not look very good, but it doesn’t mean they are baddies and they are doing everything according to the law. He doesn’t like this kind of person at all.

Sirima smiles while Wayu is a little worried.

Linee (holding Wayu’s bouquet in her arms) tells GoongGink (GG) that the boss told her to take a leave. When GG asks her for how long, she says half a day (off).

Linee: GoongGink, I can’t distinguish between working time and taking-a-break time. I believe what I’ve been doing everyday, is a perfect life for me.

GG asks if she’s sure it’s the life she really wants.

Linee: What’s it to make you think I may not be sure? I don’t want anybody to share (taking me away from) the time I’m doing the job I love.

GG: You don’t want to have anyone or, more to, you’re afraid to get hurt. You had a bad experience in the past but that doesn’t mean everyone will be facing with the same thing you had experienced.

Linee says, all right, she understands that but let’s not talk about it now, because she needs to take care of something first…it’s the person who made her boss tell her to take a leave.

GG: Who’s that?

Linee looks at the bouquet angrily.


At the newly weds quarter,

Walai is telling her hubby (Pee Pae) that she doesn’t believe those girls really have boyfriends. He thinks may be they wanted to keep it a secret until they are sure about it or they will feel embarrassed.

Walai: But those girls don’t how to spell ’embarrassed’, if they can have a press conference broadcasting live to the whole world through the satellite, they would have done it already. Pee Pae, what should I do?

Pae: Then let’s prove whether your friends have boyfriends, or not.


Wayu is delighted to see Linee.

Wayu: Khun Linee!

Linee: I came to return the flowers you sent me.

Sirima excuses herself to let them talk. She sees the video clip and the girls are talking that Khun Wayubutra was there too, and could it be they are going to get married. Sirima is displeased to hear that.

Linee: Take your flowers back!

Wayu: Did you wait long?

Linee: Very. Can you take it back now?!

Wayu: I won’t take it back. I gave it to you so it’s up to you to do anything with it.

Linee: All right, I can do anything with it, can’t I?

He nods. She looks around and dumps it into a trashcan.

Linee: OK?

Wayu: It’s Ok, but actually, you don’t need to trouble yourself of coming here to dump it. If it’s really your intention not to  accept it, you would have thrown it away at your office already, or…., could it be you wanted to see my face?

Linee: Wow, so arrogant, think what you will.

Wayu: Just accept that you started to get softened toward me.

Linee: Oh, no. I came to take a look at your workplace if there’s anything suspicious to my eyes.

Wayu: Is there anything?

Linee: Didn’t see doesn’t mean there’s none.

Wayu: Then…take your time here, you may see it.

Linee: If you want me to be here longer, then I won’t.

She’s walking away.

Wayu: Believe it or not, you will come back to me again.

Linee: No way!

He picks up the roses from the trashcan.

Wayu: Aww…you pitied flowers. Wait, her car had broken down so how will she go back?

Linee gets a call from Walai (the newly wed friend).

Linee: What is it, Nang Walai? You still have your strength left to call your friend? (She means her friend’s wedding night.) What?

Walai: Tomorrow, I will have a thank you party for the bridesmaids.

Linee: That’s so great, I bless you lots of prosperity. Gratefulness is the thing telling that one is a good person.

Walai: Don’t be late, the same restaurant, 6 o’clock in the evening.

Linee: Can you change the place? I want a heavy meal.

Walai: That restaurant is fine, and it will be convenient for those two to join too.

Linee: Who are those two?

Walai: NamPeung and Maple, of course. They already agreed to come with their boyfriends.

Linee: Ha?

Walai: Don’t ha, come with your boyfriend in tow, or else, I and everyone will conclude that you lied about having a boyfriend…having no one to show off.

Linee: I didn’t lie! All right, I will take him tomorrow. I’m hanging up.

Linee hangs up and screams, “Shittttt, how can I find a boyfriend in time and it’s tomorrow?!”

Wayu: (Smile) I’m free tomorrow…..Khun Linee, the one without a boyfriend but lied that she had one.

Linee screams, “You..!” (LOL)

Part 2

Wayu: So? If you won’t take me as your boyfriend to show off to your friends , the truth may come out that you lied. No need to investigate, it’s only losing, and losing, and losing.

Linee is frustrated.


KhunYing SaenSuk, Maple’s grandmother, is telling TriKhun (Maple’s potential suitor) to come again and to tell in advance so she will tell Maple to be here.

TriKhun says he loves to talk to Maple because she’s a clever woman, it feels like he’s sharpening his brain while talking to her. Maple says she’s a human not a crossword to be solved. Grandma says that’s how Maple is, she loves to talk disturbingly just like a little girl who never growing up.

Maple: Sawasdee ka uncle, sawasdee ka aunty, and sawasdee ka Pee Tri. Have a safe trip driving home. (She basically shoos them out.)

TriKhun: I came with a driver.

Maple: Haha..that’s it, tell your driver to drive safely. Please hurry or you will get stuck in traffic. Sawasdee again ka.

They get up and leave.

Maple tells her grandmother that she needs to hurry and go to work, and for this man, grandma can reject him because she doesn’t like him. Grandmother shouts to her that she likes this man so it mustn’t be no for an answer. Grandma asks if she hears her. Maple says she doesn’t and runs out to work.

Maple gets a call from Walai.

Maple: What is it? Can you call back later? I’m in a hurry.

Walai: I’ll make it short, see you tomorrow, same place at 6 o’clock in the evening. I will have a thank you party for you girls.

Maple: Thank us?

Walai: Yes, that’s right. Don’t forget to bring your boyfriend – the kid.

Maple is about to say they already broke up but Walai stops her that if she says that, she will think that Maple lied last night, and those two girls will probably laugh at her until their teeth fall out.

Maple: I didn’t lie.

Walai: Then bring him along to freshen up these aunts’ hearts. Those two gave me their words already that they would come, so see you there, all right…M-a-p-l-e.

Maple gets in her car and leaves for work. Krisda or Krit shows up at the gate of her house. He’s an intern working for her at the company.

Maple: Why did you come?

Krit: Yardthip (Maple’s secretary) told me to come and drive for you. She’s afraid you won’t be able to drive because of the hangover. For an old age, it’s more difficult to recover.

Maple: You, crazy kid!

Krit: Actually Yardthip didn’t tell me to come, (leaning down) it’s my heart telling.

Maple gets out of her car.

Maple: You said your heart was telling, telling what?

Krit: I just thought that if I wanted to get more points out of you……

Maple: Why do you stop talking? Just continue, I’m in a hurry.

Krit: I should….

Maple: I should..what?

Krit: …Drive you to the office, because Yardthip said you surely couldn’t concentrate on driving the car once you knew that boss tried to call you for a meeting, but you didn’t pick up any calls of his,….but now your assistant already went to the meeting for you.

Maple is horrified so she checks her phone. She screams that boss really called. She tells him to take her to the place of the meeting quickly. She’s mad that her assistant (Tiger, a gay) loves to take every opportunity to get her position. What an Eee-Appe! (Cursing Tiger, that he’s the kind hiding that he’s gay)

Kris: Ha?

Maple: Get in the car!

Kris: Yes.

Grandma asks another aunt if Mae (Maple) ever brought a man to the house when she’s not around. The aunt says never.


At the fitness,

Tiger is wooing Maple’s boss that he came because no one could contact Maple. He asks if he’d seen that video clip. Boss doesn’t seem to care but Tiger follows him around and tells him that that man in the video clip is an intern in their company, and he’s not sure when they started dating but they are the talk of the whole office building now. They couldn’t contact her, must be because she’s so drunk last night.

Tiger sneaks a glance at a guy and when he turns around the boss had already left. Lol.


ToToh is asking Peet what they should do, and asks if it (his idea) got stuck, he could drill it through for him if he wants. Peet tells him to stay still.

NamPeung (an actress): What do you want to do? Tell me. I conceded everything already.

Pee: All right, NamPeung, just stay put, I will handle it, don’t tell the press too. ToToh, make appointment with the reporters tomorrow at the office, I will have only one press conference, and will answer every question including NamPeung’s lakorn that she needs to finish filming, and her loose-tongued in the wedding that it’s not true.

NamPeung: I admit that I was a loose-tongued that night but deep down, I really want it.

ToToh: Want what, Aunt?

NamPeung: A man. (To Peet) So you don’t need to tell the press about this one, because one month from now, I will find a man of my own, no matter what.

ThunRada (Peet’s ex-wife) smiles hearing that. She tells her (and Peet) daughter, Yada, not to listen to the bad talk of that aunt.

NamPeung: Your criticizing my bad talk won’t make me feel angry like calling me aunt.

Peet: NamPeung! Stay put!

He tells Rada to take Yada shopping and he will follow them later.

Yada: This AUNT, is bad. Dad, you shouldn’t be with her long or you’ll get the disease from her. (The girl shudders.)

NamPeung is getting mad.

ToToh: Oh aunty, I know you don’t like kids but she’s boss’s daughter, so keep..just keep it.

Rada says kids never lie. She tells Peet to hurry and follow her. NamPeung and Yada take turn showing their tongues to each other. NamPeung gets a call from Walai.

NamPeung: Walai! I’m drama-ing, very Ma-ku right now, I’m hanging up. What?..All right, I won’t miss it! Tomorrow, six o’clock in the evening, see you there!

ToToh: Wait! (Checking NamPeung’s schedule on a tablet) Can you consult with me first before accepting any job?

NamPeung: Not work, it’s personal matter.

Peet: From now on, even your personal matter, you must let me know. Don’t do anything irrational anymore, because I’m no longer trust your judgment.

NamPeung: All right, then you help me out. I need to show off my boyfriend to my dear evil friends tomorrow.

Peet: Have you ever listened to me? I am solving the problem for you, but you’re giving me more problem. Cancel it with your friends tomorrow, and tell them the truth that you lied!

NamPeung: No, I can’t.

Pee: Yes, you can.

NamPeung: Then, I will tell the press that you are that mysterious man of mine, and I’m about to leave the entertainment world to marry you – a happy ending. Do you want your daughter, who’s already a troubled child, to be even more troublesome? Do you want that?

ToToh: Lerd! (Great!)


Yada wants her mom (Rada) to get a toy for her but she’s busy talking on the phone. The girl keeps shouting louder so Rada yells back at her asking if she couldn’t see that she’s working. Rada tells Taew (the nanny) to get it for the girl instead. Yada gets angry.

Peet is telling NamPeung that he will allow her to take a man to show her friends but come tomorrow, she must tell the press that she broke up with him already.

NamPeung says that way she will be caught as creating a rumor to put herself in spotlight. ToToh says that’s not bad at all, it’s a common practice these days for anyone who wants to become famous even if with such a bad news.

Peet says to become famous that way, it won’t last very long. NamPeung says she has the (acting) skill to sell until she becomes old, not just a tight-skinned face and big boobs.

Peet asks if that means she will do what he said. She says no, she won’t let herself be caught that she became famous by creating rumor like that.

Peet: NamPeung!

ToToh: This is like a suicide attempt, aunt. How will you be able to find a man in time for tomorrow? Not like they’re selling it in 7-Elven.

Yada is screaming for attention. Rada gets angry and yells at her. She calls her a girl with bad habit. Peet hears the noise and runs to his daughter while NamPeung hugs ToTah feeling scary (she hates kids).

Peet picks Yada up in his arms and asks who displeased her. He asks Taew but she doesn’t dare say anything. Rada says Yada wanted that toy but Taew took the time getting it for her. Taew gapes at that.

Yada says she wanted mom to get it for her but mom was busy talking on the phone with a man. Rada says she was talking to her co-worker about work, and asks Yada why she had to lie to her father.

Rada: Khun Peet, it’s only been several months that I was not with her, why did she turn into a bad-habit child?

Peet: Let’s talk at home.

Yada asks if mom will be coming too. He says of course, she will come with them for a talk at home why she (Yada) needed to lie.

Peet takes Yada away. Rada tells Taew not to let out even one word. Taew gives the toys back and rushes out.

NamPeung looks at them all the while.

NamPeung: ToToh, how can I overlook Khun Peet?

ToToh: Aunt! Are you sure?

NamPeung smiles with absolute decision.

Part 3

Linee thinks of how Wayu promises that he won’t let her friends know that they are not really boyfriend and girlfriend. She thanks him but says there’s no need for that because she’s willing to lose face to her friends more than giving a man like him a chance to get into her life more than now.

Linee: We won’t see each other again, except in court, sawasdee.

Wayu looks at the roses and smiles. Sirima comes in to tell him that that woman withdrew the case citing that she remembered the wrong person, and she’s heading out of Bangkok. Sirima gives him the phone.

Wayu: Hello, Bring her.

Sirima: You are very serious about this woman?

Wayu: Please print a wedding invitation for me.

Sirima: Wedding invitation? For whose wedding is it?

He writes down the detail and gives it to her. She reads it. It says “Natthalinee (a heart) Wayubutra”


Peet asks Yada if she really won’t tell him why she lied about her mother. Rada says just leave it if she doesn’t want to tell. Rada wants to leave for work when Peet’s mother stops her.

Peet: So, Yada?

Yada: It’s mom who lied first.

Rada: Crazy girl, I’m your mother!

Yada starts screaming.

Rada: Yada, I told you to be quiet! If you’ll be like this, how can I live with you, Yada? Be quiet! I told you to be quiet!

Peet’s mom: It’s you who should stop, Rada! Peet, take your child outside.

Peet: Yes, mom.

He takes Yada out of the room.


Men are taking the woman to Wayu. She ask who he is and why he took her here. She begs him to let her go. Wayu asks if she doesn’t know him. The girl says no, she doesn’t know him.

Wayu: You don’t know me then how could you report to the police to arrest me on the charge of tricking you into prostitution?

The woman avoids looking at Wayu. He says he didn’t take her here to make any threats so she doesn’t have to be scared. He will tell his men to send anywhere she wants to go, without anyone knowing, with tight securities for her safety, on one condition, she must tell him who hired her to accuse him. But, if she doesn’t tell him, he will take her to the press conference, and he will tell the society that she already confessed who’s behind it. After that, he can guarantee that that man hiding in the dark will flip the earth over looking for her, then kill her. The girl panics and says she will tell him, and to let her go.

Wayu tells his man to make her cross (the border, I assume) back safely. The man asks what Wayu will do next. Wayu says he won’t let that person be the only one do the attack.


Linee sits down on the floor after running fast doing the exercise.

ToToh asks NamPeung if she wants him (for a boyfriend). He says he can actually act like a 100% man.

ToToh (manly voice): Hi, I’m Khun NamPeung’s boyfriend….

NamPeung: Toottttt….

ToToh: What’s with you, aunt?

NamPeung: The scanner (alarm sound) for tootsie went off. Don’t try to change this aunt’s mind, I’m now determined.

NamPeung is startled to see Linee.

NamPeung: Linee! What are you doing here?

Linee: Collect share, may be? Do you forget that I’m a member here too. Why? You are afraid that I will hear something that you don’t want others to hear, aren’t you?

NamPeung: No, I’m not. I won’t talk about something I don’t want anyone to hear in a public place like this. How about you? Don’t go to work?

Linee: I took a leave.

NamPeung: And where is your boyfriend?

Linee: Working.

NamPeung: Where?

Linee: I came to exercise. Can I have some peace? I don’t want to talk now.

NamPeung: The woman who hates men, is possessive of her personal space, doesn’t like to open herself to anyone like you? Do you really want me to believe that you actually have a boyfriend?

Linee: Don’t worry about me, worry more about yourself. If you can’t find anyone to act as your boyfriend and then bring your manager instead, I don’t think that will work.

NamPeung:  We’ll see tomorrow who actually lied about she’s stepping down the beam (kaan).

Linee walks away and NamPeung follows her. ToToh calls NamPeung but he turns to tell the guy his phone number first, “081-696-696..for the last digit, just make a guess. You can make a call 24 hrs, and no closing hours.”

Maple and Krit walk together, and bump into NamPeung, Linee and ToToh. Krit wai (s) (put two hands together) them.

Krit: Sawasdee krap.

Both Linee and NamPeung wai him back. ToToh laughs.

ToToh: He wai (ed) you and you wai (ed) back, it’s telling ‘Sor Wor’ (coming from) ‘Sung Wai’ (elderly, old age).

NamPeung: Next time, you tell your friend, he doesn’t have to wai because we are not related, not even someone we know.

Krit says he has to wai or it will be impolite, because they are 10 years older than him.

NamPeung: Why do you need to emphasize?

Linee: Nong (younger person), you look decent with proper manners, looks like you have the future ahead of you, but this Pee (big sister) thinks dating this girl is such an unfortunate.

Maple: Darling, let’s go, because I’m getting bored of the jealous type and the broken-home-love-deprived type. Let’s go.

Krit: All right.

Maple and Krit walk away.

Maple: Meeting you girls was so unfortunate!

Krit: Wait, don’t go in there yet! (pulling her arm)

Maple: Let go (her arm)! Next time, do remember, if I didn’t touch you first, don’t you dare touch me, understand?

Krit: I just forgot myself. I wanted to tell you not to get in there. It’s better to wait outside here, so that at least you could calm down. If you get in there with this heated mood, it won’t be good for anyone involved. (She turns to get in there.) I told you not to get in there.

NamPeung, Linee and ToToh hide at the corner eavesdropping.

NamPeung: Nang Maple gets defeated by a kid.

Linee: He looks younger but it seems he’s more mature, isn’t he?

NamPeung nods in agreement. ToToh says so the old saying, building a house with a kid (doing things with someone who’s younger, it could understandably fail), couldn’t be used with this kid-eater gibbon(cha-ni) anymore.

NamPeung: That’s right.

They peek at them some more.

Maple: Don’t forget yourself too often next time! Remember, we are not really a couple!

The three shout their disbelief, “Ha!”

Maple: You, eavesdropping?!…Answer me!

Linee: You, answer me. So Nong Tee (a Chinese boy) is not your boyfriend, isn’t he?

NamPeung: That’s right, just answer…

Maple: Why isn’t he?

Linee: You said it yourself just now, “Remember, we are not really a couple!”

Maple: I was just threatening him!

Krit: Threaten?

Everyone looks at Maple questionably.

Part 4

Maple: Krit’s mother loves to make a threat…and he loves me because I resemble his mother so much. That’s why I need to behave like his mother, keep threatening him. The more I threaten him, the more he loves me. Especially, if I threaten him about we’re not really a couple, he will get so scared, right, my dear Krit?

Krit: That’s right, so scared….(not sure what he said next)

Maple: Why are you keeping standing here? Just leave! I’m so bored with these noisy people.

ToToh: I think that’s not me, you girls take it. (He runs off.)

NamPeung: (Look at Linee) She meant you!

Linee: Me?

Maple nods. Linee follows the other two. Krit laughs.

Maple: What’s so funny?

Krit: You really resemble my mother.

Maple: Enough already!

Boss and Tiger come out. The boss tells her to talk over there. Maple walks to Tiger.

Maple: Wait until I die first before grabbing my chair (position)!

He says he doesn’t need to wait until she died, because for a woman, once get involved with a man, her work mostly be affected, for example, they couldn’t contact her, it proved his assumption to be quite true…, a boy’s bones must be so crispy, so delicious…

Maple wants to scream. Kris tells her to calm down.


Peet is tugging Yada to bed. He tells Taew to look after her well.

KhunYing Kanda is telling Rada to be patient. She says she’s not that kind. Kanda insists she must try. Rada says Yada is like this because Peet always let she have her way. Kanda argues that it’s not because of Peet, it’s because of her and Peet. They must both be responsible together. Rada asks what responsibility she has to take.

Kanda says Yada is calling for attention because the girl wants her to come visit and stay with her often, so she should move back in here.

Peet: I don’t think so. I will solve this problem without Rada moving back.

Kanda: Peet!

Peet: Changing back and forth, my girl could have an unstable mind. Is it not enough the extent a problem child Yada is? I’m sorry, this time I can’t yield to mom’s demand.

Kanda: Peet!


Tiger nags the boss that he also can talk with him about work. The boss stops him and says he doesn’t have to give him an order what he can or can’t do. Maple comes to sit with them.

Maple: Boss, I can explain why I didn’t pick up your calls.

Boss: Then, do so.

Maple: Last night…it’s very late before I got home.

Boss: I think I could imagine that.

Maple: Haha…and…it’s very intense….

Boss: With this intern boy?

Krit holds his breath.

Maple: Oh, no. It was only me but, for him,..he just stayed still.

Kris lets out a cheap smile.

Maple: It’s just once in a while so…I put all the effort into it.

The boss takes a deep breath. Tiger gulps. Lol.

Boss: I understand.

Maple: Thank you, boss, that you understand, and what did you want to talk with me?

Boss: I watched the video clip already so I wanted you to bring your boyfriend so that I would get to know him.

Everyone is surprised to hear that. Boss gets up and holds Krit’s shoulder.

Boss: I wanted to see his face, the man who could win Maple’s heart, the queen of kaan (beam). (To Krit) You, are quite something, intern boy.

Kris smiles.

Tiger: Only for this?

Maple: What more do you want?

Tiger wants to leave.

Maple: Aggressive is good but don’t step on others’ heads!

Tiger: Are you giving me a warning?

Maple: No. For a man like you, a warning will probably get into your left ear and come right out on your right ear. I was just talking to the void. (She pulls Krit to her.) Look closely. A woman like me who’s lucky in game, at the same time, lucky in love.

Krit nods in agreement. Tiger walks away.

Krit: Hey, it hurts! What are you doing?

She stares at him feeling angry still.


Peet is pacing back and forth. His phone is ringing, it’s from ChiCha. He apparently has many girls in hand.

Peet: Yes, ChiCha? Tonight? Tonight…I’m so tired and have some work early tomorrow. Can we just call and talk later?

His face shows that her response is not so good and he hangs up.

His mother comes to sit with him and asks if he doesn’t think about doing something for his child.

Peet: I’ve been doing it everyday.

Kanda: I meant you knew well Yada want her mother so why don’t you open the door for Rada to get in? You knew she still love you.

Peet: But I don’t love Rada.

Kanda: You’re selfish. You only think about yourself and not your child!

Peet: Mom, Rada is not an example of a good mother. When she was pregnant, she wanted to make me angry so she went out every night. Once the baby was born, she didn’t allow herself to breast-feed the baby because she’s afraid it would ruin her figure. Let me ask you, have Rada ever taught my child anything worthwhile so she could take after her? There’s none.

Kanda: Peet!

Peet: The one who is selfish and always do what she wants is Rada. I know, what mom is trying to do. I gave Rada a chance, and there will be no second chance. Yada needs a mother, but not a mother like Rada.

Kanda: But if it’s not Rada, I will not accept any woman to be my granddaughter’s mother! Don’t hope for it!

The maid comes to tell Peet that there’s a guest here to see him. He asks who it is. It’s NamPeung waiting outside.

Peet: NamPeung.

NamPeung: Khun Peet. (trying to look sexy)

Kanda comes out too. NamPeung is startled to see his mother.

Kanda: NamPeung Pinattha.

NamPeung: Sawasdee ka, mother. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you well?

Kanda: Not much, there are many stressful things happening.

NamPeung: Oh, right.

Peet: What is it? Why did you come to see me this late? Why can’t you wait to talk to me at the office tomorrow?

NamPeung: It’s truly something that I cannot wait for tomorrow…well, mother, may I talk to Khun Peet, just the two of us first?

Peet looks at his mom. Kanda gets into the house with the maid.

Peet: So what is it? Tell me.

NamPeung smiles and walks to him. She caresses his arm and shoulder then holds his face in her hands.

NamPeung: Let’s be a couple. (He cringes.) Please…

Part 5

NamPeung: Please, Khun Peet, please…

Peet: No! Don’t bother me.

NamPeung: I’m single and you don’t really have the real one, do you? Just half a dozen of girls (gigs). Seriously, how could you manage the schedule (so girls wouldn’t know/meet one another)?

Peet: Well, I just…

NamPeung: No, let’s talk about us. I think we are perfect for each other, aren’t we?

Peet: Stop it. It gives me goosebumps.

NamPeung: Goosebumps because you are excited to be near me, aren’t you? Come here..(make a mouth ready to kiss)

Kanda looks at them from inside the house.

Peet: Don’t, what a horror!

NamPeung: Khun Peesathut, at least be considerate.

Peet: I am being extremely considerate here, or  do you want the real version?

NamPeung: Don’t! Is that your mouth or a razor? When you move it, I could bleed.

Peet: What were you thinking to ask me to become your boyfriend?

NamPeung: I could find no one, besides, there are only gays around me.

Peet: Right, to show your friend tomorrow?

NamPeung: Or it could be for eternity…please, please! Let’s try.

Peet: No, I won’t..(He sees his mother looking.)

Kanda shakes her head disapprovingly.

NamPeung sees her too.

NamPeung: OK, I’m waving a white flag. You just forget it, all right. Just think it’s never happened. See it as a joke from a gibbon who’s desperate to step down from the beam.

Peet: I will walk you out.

Kanda looks at them and doesn’t like it.


Krit: Khun Maple,..Khun Maple krap.

Maple: What?

Krit: You have been sitting here for a long time and they are closing now.

Maple: Are they? If not, then sit here some more.

Waitress: Excuse me, we are closing this section.

Krit: Did you hear?

Maple: Hear what?

Krit: They are closing.

Maple: Then just leave.

Maple gets up and leaves so he follows her.


Linee picks up the call.

Linee: What is it, GoongGink?

GG: Wait, Pee Linee! We have no evidence that Khun Wayubutra threatened the witness until she withdrew the case.

Linee: If it’s not him, then who could it be? He directly benefits from it.

GG: It’s just an assumption but we can’t do anything now.

Linee: Why can’t we? No matter what, I won’t let him get away with it so easily.

They walk into a night club. The guard asks to see ID.

Linee: Why? My face doesn’t look like I’m over twenty?

Guard: Not you, aunt. I meant the young girl behind you.

GoongGink shows him her ID and follows Linee inside.


Krit and Maple take a walk together.

Krit: Why don’t you go back to the office?

Maple: Lazy to answer about the video clip.

Krit: And why don’t you go home?

Maple: Lazy to answer grandmother’s question.

Krit: Then why don’t you hang out with friends?

Maple: Hang out with me, their children and hubbies will curse.

Krit: Don’t you have any single friends?

Maple: Why do you ask so many questions? I’m lazy to answer now.

She looks at people walking on the walkway.

Maple: Where are those people going?

Krit: Which people?

Maple: Them, over there.

Krit: Some may be going home, some has an appointment with boyfriend but he didn’t come yet, some just stop by to shop for new clothes.

Maple: It seems they have a purpose, not like….

Krit: If you don’t know where to go,…go home. No matter when, home is the place always waiting for you to return. Even if there’s no one there, at least, it’s the space where you can sleep feeling warm and safe.

Maple nods, “Right.”

He smiles, “So it’s going home, right?”

Maple says, “Not yet.”

He comes to stand next to her.

Krit: Please go home. It’s late and grandmother…(she looks at him).., another person who loves you, is waiting for you to return.

She nods in agreement this time. He smiles.


Peet: So you are going to let your friends laugh at you?

NamPeung: I have to when there’s no one left to be my prey.

Peet: And you’re willing to lose face with the reporters and people of the whole country.

NamPeung: Accepting the truth is better than lying.

Peet: You? A person like you? Accepting your own mistake?

NamPeung: This will be the first time I will have to put my hands together to wai and apologize to the people.

Peet: Aww…I want to see that.

NamPeung: Don’t step on me!

Peet: I’m sorry. Drive safely, and don’t be sad and feeling down too much that you drive into a street post on your way back.

She looks at him.

Peet: I’m lazy to get my cash and pay back the government.

NamPeung: Not enough yet?! (She walks to him.) You have a daughter, haven’t you? (He nods.) Teach her, when someone comes courting her, don’t play hard to get and wait until my age to think about having a boyfriend. It might be too late.

Peet: Hey, you want a dad to teach his daughter to hurry and get a boyfriend?

She nods.

Peet: How could you come up with that idea?

NamPeung: Now I could only come up with that. The loneliness of staying on a beam is quite a torture, you know.

She gets in her car and leaves.

Part 6

Krit drives Maple home and tells her to hurry go to bed, Yardthip (Maple’s secretary) called that she had a meeting tomorrow at the office. He wai (s) her to go back. She tells him next time he doesn’t have to wai her.

Krit: No, I can’t, “It’s a Must”, you are my boss.

Maple: Thank you for helping me with so many things, but from now on, you don’t have to act as my boyfriend anymore.

Kris: Why?

Maple: It’s tiring. I don’t like to lie to anyone.

Kris: So those….

Maple: How will you go home?

Kris: A cab, may be.

Maple: I’ll call one for you.

Krit: No, no need for that. I will walk and hail a cab myself. I could do some exercise. I’m leaving now.

Maple nods.


GoongGink wakes Linee up and tells her she still didn’t see Wayu here. Linee says he must know they are waiting, his men may have told him so he won’t show up.

GG: The waiter said he’s coming, can you wait some more? We could go back now.

Linee: No, I woke up already. I can stay. (Look around) Don’t they even go home and get some rest?

GG: It may be their way of resting.

Linee: Right, but I think they are simply torturing themselves physically. Hey, help me look around and see if there’s any girl who’s less than 20 years old in here.

GG: You saw yourself that the guards here were very strict. If the age is less than allowing, they won’t let the person get inside.

Linee: All right, but let’s look around first, just in case there’s anything suspicious.

Wayu is on the stage with a guitar.

Wayu: Sawasdee krap. Tonight is a special night, because a special person came to see me. Sawasdee krap, Khun Natthalinee.

Linee turns away in embarrassment. Sirima looks at her.

Wayu: So I’m feeling fun to jam on stage with a song. Please enjoy.

Linee tells GoongGink not to look at him.

(*More and more I saw the song in the episode either got cut off or reduced the sound, my guess is, the copyrights issue. The song he’s singing here is ‘ความคิด’ [KhwamKid, the way you’re thinking or thoughts] by Stamp)

He ends the song and everybody applauds. A waitress comes to hand Linee a bouquet.

Wayu: Please accept my bouquet. (Linee doesn’t take it.) It seems I will have to go down there and give it to her myself.

Everyone is cheering. Wayu comes down the stage and gives the flowers to her.

Everyone: Take it! Take it!…

Wayu: I’m being sincere.

Linee: Thank you but I won’t take it.

She runs out and GoongGink runs after her.

Everyone: Beg her! Beg her!

Wayu: OK, I’ll do it!

He leaves a bouquet with the waitress and rushes out.

Wayu: Wait, Khun Linee! Khun Linee!

GG: Pee Linee, he’s calling for you. Should we stop?

Linee: No, don’t stop. He intended to embarrass me.

Wayu: Wait! (He grabs her arm.)

Linee: Let go!

Wayu: Please calm down.

Linee: OK, let go already!

Wayu: We will talk nicely.

Linee: OK. (She punches his face, oops!)

GG: Pee Linee!

Linee: You intended to embarrass me. You wanted to shoo me far away so that I wouldn’t mess with how you threatened the witness until she withdrew the case. Jerk!

Wayu: You could only think that? You spent time studying law to fight for justice for your fellowman, when in fact, in your mind, there’s no justice at all.

Linee: I said I didn’t….

Wayu: See, that’s what I’m saying, the way you thought of me serves no justice. I’m not what you have  been trying to accuse me from the beginning, and I was not the one making that girl withdraw the case. You accused me without giving me a chance to prove myself.

A guard: Boss! Boss! Jade was found selling drugs!

Wayu runs back.

Linee: Let’s take a look, quick!

Sirima tells Wayu they found him do the delivery in the toilet.

Wayu: To whom?

Sirima: A new customer. I haven’t seen his face before.

Linee and GoongGink look at them from behind the door.

Wayu: Jade, did you sell dirty thing in my place? Did you?!

Jade: Any evidence? Where is my customer?

Sirima: They probably knew, so they ran away.

Jade: See! Hey, don’t accuse me with nothing in hand. It’s unfair.

Wayu: Get out, and don’t let me see you here again.

Jade: You fired me?

Wayu: This is not the first time you do this at my place. Jade, do you want to leave quietly or do you want me to bring the cop into this?

Jade: Then pay me my salary first.

Wayu: I won’t. (To his guard) If you see him around here again, just call the cop to arrest him!

Guard: Yes, boss.

Wayu: Get out of my sight! Leave!

Jade turns to leave but pulls out a knife.

Linee: Be careful!

Jade stabs Wayu and the knife went through his jacket. Linee covers her mouth with her hand to stop from screaming.

Part 7

Maple: Everything will be all right. I can handle it!

NamPeung: Whatever will happen, will happen. Because I’m Tao Mae (the mother of all things)…!

Linee: Everything is about to fall back to normal. Nothing would be beyond my control.

Linee asks Duang if mom is awake. Duang says she took the medicine this morning and should fall asleep soon.

Linee: I woke up late because I’m on my leave so I didn’t join mom for breakfast.

Duang tells her to rest a lot and take good care of her health. Linee says she will go to see her mom. Linee sits down on the bed.

Linee: I’m sorry, mom. I didn’t join you for breakfast. Don’t be too disappointed, all right.

Mom opens her eyes.

Linee: So you woke up, all right, I’d better not disturbing you. Just go to sleep, mom.

Linee tells her mom to take her medicine accordingly when Duang gives it to her so that she will recover soon. (Mom waves for her to leave)

Linee: Shooing me? All right, I will go. I’m going to work now, mom.


NamPeung asks TaMisa (Peet’s secretary) why her boss is not here yet, and why she didn’t inform her that the press conference got postponed. TaMisa says she’s a secretary and not his wife, but NamPeung can wait until she becomes his wife and ask again, at that time, she will know every of his detail.

NamPeung: How long have you been flirting with him?

She says approximately three years and laughs. She stops laughing and asks if it’s her trick to criticize her.

NamPeung: No, it’s not a trick, I really criticized you. If he wanted to take the bait, he would have done it long time ago. You’re wasting your time. I think you should change your target.

TaMisa: To whom?

NamPeung turns her face to PaeTai. She says she pities him that he’s been looking at her for years already. TaMisa says it’s a hopeless for him even in the next life. She won’t take him, not her type. She sees Peet is coming and smiles. That’s her type, she says.

TaMisa: Boss, sawasdee, ka.

Peet: Sawasdee, ja.

TaMisa: (Drop her pen intentionally) I just happened to drop it.

Yada covers her overly exposed boobs with her bag.

Yada: A woman should be reserved,  my grandmother taught me, but you obviously had no one to teach you, didn’t you?

TaMisa: spoke so nice. Take it, the Best Youth Awards!

Yada: Fake!

Peet: Yada, you go wait in my office first, I have a meeting with these aunts.

NamPeung: Who’s aunt?

Yada: Me, may be?

Peet: Dad will take you there. Let’s go.

TaMisa: Aunt, if I spank boss’s daughter, will I get fired?

NamPeung: Pinch her 2 times, no, 3 times for me.

TaMisa: Got it, make it half a dozen (times).


Linee recollects the incident when Jade stabbed Wayu.


Linee: Be careful!

Wayu turns just in time. The knife went through his jacket.

Wayu: No, I can handle it. (He tells his guard.)

Wayu shoves Jade away.

Wayu: Get out and don’t let me see you here again! Drag him out!

Guard: Yes, boss.

Wayu looks at his shirt, it’s stained with blood around his waist.

Linee: Are you all right?

Sirima: Wayu, I will tend to your wound. Come.

He leaves with Sirima.

Back to present,

Linee: Are you a ghost or what, come haunting me all the time?

Duang tells her if she needs anything, just call her. She will be doing the laundry at the back of the house. Linee asks her if she’s tired looking after both her mother and this house, she’s feeling grateful for it. Duang says it should be her feeling grateful that Linee let her stay in this house, and she could finally get away from her brutal husband, who enjoyed hitting her, because of Linee. Duang tells Linee not to ask if she’s tired because she’s glad to do it. Linee thanks her.

GoongGink arrives and teases her.

Linee: GoongGink!

GG: Who were you thinking of?


Maple is telling her grandmother that she’s going to work now. Grandma asks her, a boy, who came to see her yesterday and they went out together, who he is. Maple says he’s an intern and came to drive for her.

Grandma: Good, that it’s not what I thought.

Maple: What did you think?

Grandma: I thought you would be like Jil (Jilla), your elder sister. She couldn’t concentrate on her work each day at all, her brain kept thinking how to make the boy’s heart stay with her, and used the money she earned to add more beauty to herself wanting to be a two-thousand-year girl. She’s worried that her young boyfriend will leave her for a younger and prettier girl…She borrowed your money, didn’t she? To provide for the man for sure.

Maple: She borrowed some but not sure if it’s to provide for the man.

Grandma: Have young boyfriend and give him all the attention while embezzling her own sister. I was right to get you from your parents when you were young, or else you may turn into an undignified girl like your sister. She had high education yet doesn’t think wisely.

Maple: May be Jil and Don really love each other, grandmother.

Grandma: If it’s love, then they should support each other and become prosperous, not pull the other one down the cliff.

Grandma goes on and on about having a young boyfriend, no maturity and always bring you trouble.

Maple: To be older doesn’t guarantee to have maturity, grandmother.

Grandma: But there’s more stability both in the mind and life. Nothing feel worst than being the topic among those gossipers…a boy-eater…only such experienced women do that.

Grandma says she felt so embarrassed when introduced Jil as her granddaughter. Maple absorbs what grandma is saying.  Grandma says she’s so happy that Maple could be everything she wanted her to be, except one thing.

Maple: What is it, grandmother? You can tell me. I will do everything for you.

Grandma: Just get married.

Maple: How can I get married when I haven’t met Mr. Right yet?

Grandma: If you keep waiting for Mr. Right, then when will I get to hold my grandchild? I already chose one for you.

Maple: Ha?

Grandma: I want you to marry TriKhun.

Maple: Grandmother!


In the meeting,

Peet: OK, we will follow what we discussed. You can go do that now.

NamPeung: Why did you have to postpone the press conference? I already conceded everything, but first of all, please teach your child that when she sees someone older, she should wai. Why stiff hands? People could talk that her parents didn’t teach her well.

Peet: Back to the topic.

NamPeung: Anything up to you with the contract’s attachment, I agree to everything….eh…did you spend time with your child a lot? I think she came close to a child from hell already. (TaMisa laughs.)

Peet: Do not get out of the topic.

NamPeung: In the end (of press con), I will confess about lying that I had a boyfriend. Over!

TaMisa: How could you lie to others that you had a boyfriend? Haha…

Peet: TaMisa.

TaMisa: I’m sorry. Please continue, aunt.

NamPeung: Not pretty, and with bad manners too.

Peet: NamPeung.

NamPeung: It’s your turn to talk, please….(He tries to talk.)..and why didn’t your child go to school today?

Peet: Why do you have to bother with my child so much? She’s my child, I will take care of her.

NamPeung: Does no one warn you about raising your child this way? I’m not surprised why your child turned into a problem child.

Peet: So, are we going to talk about your matter, or my way of raising my child?!

NamPeung: My matter.

Peet: We had to postpone the press conference because we need to agree on the new understandings, because I just received a bad news.

NamPeung: Bad news? Who passed away? Is it Murdy?

Peet: NamPeung.

ToToh comes in with Murdy.

ToToh: Sawasdee, ka. I brought Nong Murdy here.

Murdy: Sawasdee, ka, boss. Murdy came to report to you.

NamPeung: What a die-hard girl, talked about a ghost, and the ghost showed up.

TaMisa asks if aunt means Murdy is a ghost. ToToh asks if she’s a gibbon or flying lemur, one slap might do.

Murdy: Aunt NamPeung has quite a sense of humor. That’s l-o-vely. Then, please excuse me, I need to attend my acting class. I’m so excited to fully be Nang’ek (female lead) for the first time. Not sure if I can do the role as good as the mother’s generation.

NamPeung: Nang’ek? For which one?

Murdy: The one we acted together. It seems aunt still don’t know. Too late, then please excuse me.

ToToh: Right, drop the bomb and leave.

NamPeung: I want the explanation.

Peet: This is the bad news I was about to tell you. It happened because you suddenly quit the lakorn set and they were not sure whether or not you would come back.

ToToh: So they took care of the problem by making aunt die!

NamPeung: Ha?

ToToh: I meant in the script.

Peet: I talked to the producer already but they didn’t agree. They insisted they had to cut your role off the script, and the channel already knew about it and gave an approval.

ToToh: But the channel is not so cruel to her, boss. They offered a pra’ek (male lead) ‘s mother role for her this morning.

NamPeung: Mother role?

Peet: NamPeung, we need to go over what will be the best answer to the reporters and for the fans.

TaMisa gets up to clear everything on the table near NamPeung. She and ToToh are bracing for the worst scenario of NamPeung’s temper.

Part 8

Maple walks into the office still feeling stunned. No matter how much her colleagues tease her, she remains so quiet. They think she must be losing lots of her energy being with her boyfriend last night. Lol.

Yardthip tries to explain to Maple that she didn’t eat these pumpkin seeds for a meal. It helps reducing stress.

Maple thinks of her grandmother in her mind. Flashbacks, grandmother says they will get engaged first, and get to know each other for a while, then get married.

Maple: No, I won’t marry a gay, grandmother!

Grandmother: What are you saying?

Maple: I said I wouldn’t marry a gay, grandmother!

Grandmother: How could you accuse him of being gay?

Maple: I didn’t accuse him. He really is gay. I knew that. Grandmother, don’t you feel suspicious how a real man could survive girls till this age and come dropping on me? He could stay single until now because he doesn’t like women but he likes men.

Grandmother says Maple has too many gay friends that she must be thinking other men will be like that too.

Maple: No, not like that. I saw him….

Grandmother: No, I won’t listen to it.

Maple: Grandmother, it’s bad enough for me that you want me in an arranged marriage with someone I don’t love, and you want me to marry a gay too.

Grandmother: Don’t make an excuse so that you won’t have to marry the best man I chose for you. It’s out of the question!

Maple: Even if I stay single until I die, it won’t be something so bad. I can be alone, grandmother.

Grandmother: If you die before me, there will be no problem, but what if I die first, how can I be sure that you won’t be dying alone with no one to take care of? Maple, don’t make me feel disappointed and lose my face to them, because I’ve already agreed to it with TriKhun’s father. You will marry him no matter what!

Back to present,

Maple: How dare you?!

Yardthip is startled and thinks Maple get angry at her for not eating a proper meal (to be skinny). She tries to tell Maple what dish she will eat for breakfast but she keeps changing it because of the numbers of calories she will gain from the dish.

Maple: Eat what you want, your are less than 30. It’s better than letting your brain shrink because of the lack of nutrition. A woman shouldn’t stop looking pretty but shouldn’t be stupid too.

Yardthip: Yes, Khun Maple.

Maple: (Grab the pumpkin seeds) It helps reducing stress, doesn’t it?

Yardthip: Yes, it does.

Maple: Let me have it then.

Yardthip: Yes?

Krit shows up.

Krit: Sawasdee krap, Khun Maple! (To Yardthip) Yard!

Maple: Krisda!

Krit: Yes.

Maple: Come here. Quick!

Yardthip asks if she’s taking Krisda to reduce her stress too. Hehe.

Maple pulls him into her office. The girls rush to listen to their conversation inside. Maple starts pacing back and forth.

Krit: I’m feeling dizzy.

Maple: Shush! Can you help me with something?

Krit: What is it?

Maple: Can you come back to be my boyfriend again?

Krit: Ha?

Maple: Don’t be loud! I don’t want anyone to know. Be quiet!

Tiger joins the girls outside Maple’s office. He gets close to Yardthip and she blushes.

Krit points at her hand to take it away from his mouth so he can talk.

Krit: Your hand is so salty. Have you ever washed it? Haha.

Maple shoves him down to the floor. The girls outside gape at the crying sound. The girl says, “Don’t tell me they are…” Another girl says, “…biting the pumpkin seeds?”

Krit: Why did you assault me?

Maple: You talked gross first.

Krit: What’s so gross about it? I just said your hand was salty. Haha…

Maple: Don’t you dare criticize the taste of my hand!

The girls outside get excited.

Krit: She never do anything wrong. (I think that’s what he said.)

Maple: What are you mumbling about?

Krit: Nothing, krap.

Suddenly he cries out repeatedly. The girls outside get even more excited. Haha.

Krit: I can’t get up. My hip is hurting. It’s all right if you won’t apologize to me, but at least, pull me up.

Maple: All right.

She pulls him up but he pulls her down to him instead. Maple screams. The girls outside are completely startled. The girl says, “Don’t tell me that…” Another girl says, “They finished biting the pumpkin seeds!”

Maple looks at him.

Krit: We are even now.

Maple: Were you teasing me?

He nods. She clutches his throat so hard that he cries out in pain. The girl says, “Don’t tell me that…” Tiger says, “…they turn to bite each other! This is disgusting. They didn’t even honor the place! (He knocks the door.) Pee Maple, open the door right now! Pee Maple, I told you to open the door!”

Krit opens the door looking normal. Both of them are eating the pumpkin seeds.

Tiger: You didn’t…?

Maple: Didn’t what?

The girls tell Maple the kind of sound they heard.

Tiger: Don’t tell me that…

Maple: I told Krisda to crack open the pumpkin seeds for me because I was lazy to do it. But he was so into it that he fell from his chair, and he didn’t do it fast enough for me so I squeezed his throat! Or, anyone wants to crack open the pumpkin seeds for me instead of Krisda? (The girls say no.) Or, anyone thought I and Krisda were doing something? (The girls say no, none.) Or, anyone thought I wasn’t  professional enough to separate my personal life from work? (The girls say no, none.) Get ready for a meeting!

The girls say yes.

Yardthip asks Krit when did their feeling click? It’s so fast. She asks if there’s any secret because now the whole office gets suspicious.

Krit: Eh…just go do your work. Anything you want me to help preparing?

Yardthip tells him to prepare the projector in the meeting room. He gives the pumpkin seeds back to her saying it’s superb.


GoongGink gives Linee Wayu’s phone number.

Linee: Why are you giving it to me?

GG: In case, you may want to call and ask him about he’s wounded. I felt for him, looks like he’s a good person.

Linee: May be he did it himself to create a good image so that I would stop trailing behind him. You are being too optimistic looking at people.

GG: May be I am, but it’s regrettable if you let your suspicious nature get in the way and lose a chance to get to know one good person. Here. (She puts the note down on the table.) I will go talk to Pee Duang, didn’t visit her for sometime now.

Linee: All right, I will go get my car at the garage too. I already called a taxi. Bye-bye.

Linee takes Wayu’s number and leaves. She decides to give him a call and he picks up.

Wayu: Hello?

Linee: Hello, I’m Natthalinee.

Wayu: Krap.

Linee: I just called to ask about what happened to you yesterday, how is it?

Sirima: Wayu, let’s go, the doctor is waiting.

Wayu: Let’s go.

Linee: Where are you going?

Wayu: I am at the hospital now.

Linee: Ha? At the hospital? Are you all  right? Tell me quickly which hospital, I will hurry and go there!

Part 9

Linee arrives at the hospital and asks a nurse which room the patient named Wayubutra is in. The nurse says there’s no admitting patient with that name.

Linee: But he said he’s at….at the hospital but he didn’t say he’d been admitted. (To the nurse) Sorry.

She calls Wayu right away.

Wayu: Hello.

Linee: You intended to fool me that you were admitted (into the hospital), didn’t you?

Wayu: When did I say that I was lying in the hospital to treat myself? You just asked me which hospital I was at.

Linee: You really intended to make me feel disturbed!

Wuyu: I’m not that important to you to do that,…AM I?

Linee: I don’t have a mind of a giant or an evil. Whenever I see some patients or people in difficulties, I’m always worried.

Wayu: (Lean closer) That means you are worried about me.

She turns and sees him standing so close.

Linee: I just came to see…it’s good that you are all right, then I can go back.

He holds her arms.

Wayu: Wait! I’m so afraid that you won’t be interested in me.

Linee: Aren’t you angry with me?

Wayu: I’m angry.

Linee: Huh?

Wayu: But it’s a different matter from…missing you.

She hits him for his overacting.

Wayu: Assaulted me again, I could call a cop to arrest you.

Linee: Go ahead and arrest me, I’m not afraid. I’m leaving!

Wayu: (He holds her still.) Here, I arrest you.

Linee: No, not this kind of arrest.

Sirima: Wayu, ka. (To Linee) Sawasdee ka, Khun Linee.

Linee: Sawasdee, ka.

Sirima: Pa (dad mostly in Chinese family) is done with the check-up and only waits for the medicine, but he’s very hungry and wants to have Chinese food at his regular restaurant.

Wayu: All right. (To Linee) Please.

Linee: What please? I’m leaving.

Wayu: How can you leave? Have a meal with us first.

Liness shakes her head.

Sirima: Looks like Khun Linee has some business to tend to. I think we shouldn’t disturb her time, Wayu.

Linee thinks about what GoongGink told her, “….lose a chance to get to know one good person…”

Linee: No, you are not disturbing my time at all. I’m quite hungry too. Great, I will get a chance to greet your father too, I could only hear his name for a long time.

Wayu: Yes, please.

Linee: Shall we?

They walk along together and Sirima follows them.


In the meeting with Peet,

Tamisa excuses herself to do other work because it will be a long while before Aunt (NamPeung) ‘s soul return to her body. Peet allows her to leave.

ToToh reaches out his hand and sticks one finger out.

ToToh: How many finger?

NamPeung: Is that a finger? I thought it’s a worm.

ToToh: I will just stab your eye with it. Boss, she can answer like this, it means she fully came back.

NamPeung: Fully back but out of breath.

Peet: Even if you are out of breath, you must make up your mind to accept the fact, improve and keep on walking. I still believe that you will be able to make a great come back.

NamPeung: Are you trying to make me be a…..(???). No, I don’t want that. I was born in (became famous from) this circle so I must die in this circle.

*Omg…the scripts of this lakorn used a lot of modern slang that I couldn’t comprehend with.

Peet: NamPeung, could you be more serious?

NamPeung: And you think I’m joking with you? I am serious with every word and conduct of mine, and look what happened, no one wants me because no one wants the quality one, and only wants the new face who’s in the current trend! I want to puke!

ToToh shifts aside. Haha.

NamPeung: Don’t be too afraid. I’m not so crazy like before. I will never harm any person who means well and is sincere to me such as you and ToToh. I’m asking to let me be nang’ek just for a tiny bit of my life, that’s good enough. I don’t want people in the whole world to hate me.

She gets up to leave.

Peeet: NamPeung! What about the press conference?

NamPeung: I’ll let you answer every question for me, and I will accept every answer of yours too. Good-bye.

ToToh: Boss, ka. (He motions Peet to follow her.)

Peet: NamPeung! NamPeung!

They run after her.


In the meeting with Maple,

Maem is purposing Murdy for the cover of the magazine. She says Murdy is the hottest idol of teenagers at the moment. She’s suitable for the next issue’s cover with the concept of ‘Forever Young – Pretty and Die-Hard’ for their coming vacation. She tells anyone in agreement to raise their hands.

Tiger says he agrees to it too. He heard her lakorn will go on air soon, and the channel is pushing her to become nang’ek in place of Khun NamPeung Pinattha, and he also heard that they even changed the script for Khun NamPeung to hurriedly die.

Maem says, aww, the dead end of her career.

Maple perks up hearing about her friend. She says take both, this young girl and NamPeung Pinattha. Yardthip says but these two are not in good terms with each other. Maple says that’s even better, she loves the chemistry that will shine from them. She says, “Competing, conquering…will make the readers feel the energy of life that never die.”

Maem asks what if they can’t have it.

Maple: “It’s a Must” must have it! Meeting adjourned!

After Maple left, the team walks to Krit.

Kris: What are you going to do to me?

Tiger: Answer our question now, it’s true or not that you are our editor’s boyfriend, since when and how? Or, is everything just a lie to gain something? Answer!


Jilla: Because grandmother doesn’t know about her boyfriend, so you want her to get engaged with Khun TriKhun.

Grandmother: That intern boy, isn’t it?

She faints.

Jilla and Maple: Grandmother!

Linee is banging the door.

Linee: Please open the door. There’s someone in here!

ChiCha: You are going to dump ChiCha for this old food carrier with…(?)

NamPeung: Hey!


At first, I hoped only for some good laugh watching this lakorn, plus these veteran actors/actresses are not in the current trend to lure you in. However, the longer I watched, the more it proved itself to be such a lovely and meaningful story among love vs career vs friendship vs the choice of staying single (for every gender). The age range of the main characters is 35-40 which might make you feel different from the norm. The dialogs were rich with words coming from people who are no stranger to life and love (and marriage), which makes it all the more interesting to me how these people see the world, and what their choice will be to step along the route ahead.

*Still not sure will do the whole series  🙂

*No spoilers, please!


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  1. Thanks for the translations! I am really loving this series. It has some meat to it. It has also been put together very well and every character has been given their own story and screen time. With so many characters things could go horribly wrong. But the script and characters have been written really well and tight. It is very, very dialog heavy so I can understand you maybe not being able to translate the whole series. Too bad no one is subtitling this so far. One plus point is that humour comes out of the story and dialogs rather than it being forced. Every one is catty but equally so but it does not feel forced. Really love the age group they have focused on in this series. Makes such a refreshing and welcome change. Also, love that it is mature without being all weepy. It’s like life :). Maple is right when she tells her grandmother that age is no indication of maturity!

  2. Wow, you are fast, I have not yet even finishs capping ep.1 yet. I will try to finish it tonight.

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