Look Tard Episode 13 (Final)

Look Tard (slave’s offspring/slave’s child)

This period lakorn had a pretty neat production and got somewhat decent ratings. I love the picturesque pictures of it, and let me join the crowd and say Ken Phupoom as Kaew appeared too neat and too clean for a slave, not sure what the director was thinking  🙂

Story in short: A slave born in the heroine’s household fell in love with her. During the era of the abolition of slavery (the reign of King Rama V), they had to climb over the wall of social classes in order to be together.


*This episode was roughly translated, formality and rank of nobility was sometimes omitted. The actual tone of the dialogs in this lakorn  was mostly formal to highly formal, with terms of royalty included. I didn’t translate directly in that tone or I wouldn’t finish it, I think. Please don’t take this translation seriously  🙂

Episode 13

Part 1

Manod comes to cancel his engagement of him and Namthip. Namthaip’s father says it must be due to his losing fame and reputation. Manod tells him to ask Namthip how she really felt about their engagement from the beginning. Namthip begs him for them to part well.

Manod says his farewell and takes back all of the engagement dowry.

Nim congratulates Namthip that now she’s out misery.

Manod asks Cheo Hu, the leader of Chinese gangster, if they are ready. Manod says he will make Namthip become his mistress just for revenge.

After Manod left, keng, the subordinate, says Manod has only woman in his head, it’s not an honorable job to work for him. Cheo Hu says it’s all right, he will get the woman, they will get the assets. Once they become wealthy, their gang will come back great again.

Nititham (in full: Phra NitithamLeucha) asks Kaew (the hero) about his woman, Tookta, and her (and his) son. Kaew says his son is fine, and a western doctor is taking care of Tookta.

Nititham says the country was in crisis and later he’s busy getting engaged so he didn’t get to take care of his son at all. Kaew asks if he told anyone about Tookta and her child.

Nititham tells his father about Tookta and her child. He says he didn’t mean to hide it but his parents and Dara’s parents are in good terms and have such high hope for him and Dara.

His father says Khun Dara has more of western ideas so he doesn’t know how angry Dara will be about this.

Nititham comes to tell his fiancee about Tookta and her son, and says he’s willing to take responsibility for everything. Dara says she’s not angry and can understand the culture (at that era) even if she doesn’t agree with it. He assures her that she and Tookta will live in separate houses and won’t have anything to do with each other. Dara says she wants to meet Tookta today.

Dara praises Tookta looks and manners saying she doesn’t appear like a servant. Nititham’s father comes out with Tookta’s son in his arms. Dara asks if it’s boy or a girl. He says it’s a boy.

Later, Dara tells Nititham to offer Tookta a large amount of money, enough for her to take care of her son, and he must not make any contact with them anymore.

He asks what she’s afraid of when they will live separate from each other.  She says she’s not afraid but taking precautions, because she had seen before other households’ children (of different wives) killing each other. He says Tookta is the modest kind and only Dara’s children will be his legal heirs. Dara says she wants to be on the safe side. He asks if she’s asking him to abandon his child, and isn’t that too cruel of her.

Dara says, in that case, he will have to choose. She doesn’t want to live her life in fear and won’t let her children become brothers and sisters of the servant’s child. She says he’s clever enough to know which one to choose.

Part 2

Nim says to Chaiyakorn that now he knows what kind of person Manod is. Once his status’s lowered, the man treated him differently.

Chaiyakorn (in full: Phraya Chaiyakorn, Namthip’s father) says even if Manod is a bad man, he still couldn’t think of any perfect man for Namthip just like him (his wealth and status). Nim says even if they get married, they probably will break up later, so it’s better Namthip is the party her engagement got cancelled now.

Nim says she knows the reason he regretted losing Manod, besides his status, is also because he wanted to protect Namthip from Kaew, now that Kaew’s life is becoming prosperous by days.

Nititham comes to see Tookta.  He asks if she’s not angry with him. She says now she’s not, but she’s more angry with how low the status she was born in. But if he gets married with Khun Dara, she won’t be angry at all. She explains that it’s her child who made her realize what’s the most important thing for her. The fact that she gets to raise him and teach him to be a good person like his father, she’s satisfied.

At the Ministry of Justice, Kaew says he feels sad for Tookta, but if Nititham won’t do as Dara asked…Nititham adds that he surely will have a problem with Dara’s father (the country most respectable high-ranking official), and his career will be in serious jeopardy. Kaew says but if he does what Dara asked, he will surely get promoted to be as far as the Minister of Justice. Kaew says this matter is quite crucial, he’s willing to follow his order whatever his decision will be.

Nititham comes to tell Dara his decision. He says he can’t do what she wants. Tookta practically had no relatives and if he abandons her and her child, it would mean he’s pushing her to live in hardships. He doesn’t want to become such cruel person. He promises her he will never honor anyone higher (in status) than her and her child, and he will put it in writing about his assets, how he divides it, and it won’t trouble her life at all.

Dara throws all of his engagement dowry on the floor. She says if he thinks that that servant is better than her, then he should leave and take all of it back. He asks if she wants to marry someone so cruel as patting a women’s head with money in order to abandon her. She asks if he’s saying that she’s the one forcing him to do the bad deed when it’s actually his indecent sexual behavior. He says he knows he’s wrong, but he can’t do what she wants.

She says if he doesn’t know which one is gold, which one is tile, then just take all these is enough. She throws the engagement ring on the floor.

At a temple, Namthip praises Nititham that he told Khun Dara the whole truth, not like others who would have abandoned Tookta or kept her a secret. Kaew says he’s sure about it from the beginning that it would turn out like this. Namthip still thinks Tookta doesn’t receive enough of a fair treatment.

Chaiyakorn calls her loudly. He tells Kaew not to greet him because he doesn’t want his slave stink to stain on him and his daughter. He yells at Namthip that she’s stepping on her father’s heart to come meeting Kaew. He pulls her away to go home.

At home, Namthip tells her father that now Kaew is a civil servant, even if his rank is still not yet high, but he’s not without honor like before. She asks for how long he will keep hating him. He says until he dies, and after he died, his hatred of Kaew will still remain. Nim warns him to be careful, may be in the future, Kaew could be come ‘Khun’ (a high rank). He asks her if she’s ever seen a slave become ‘Khun’ before, and even if that happens, Kaew will never be able to clean off his slave blood because he was born from the slaves in this household.

Namthip asks him if Kaew’s eagerness to study despite many obstacles, and wait for the day he would be free from being a slave and put his knowledge to use, can’t all that be traded for the blood he was born in, to which was not his choice to begin with? He yells at her not to talk back at him. He says even if Kaew is the best of all men, he won’t allow him to marry her, and before he dies, he will kill him first.

Part 3

Cheo Hu comes to meet someone and Khem sneaks in to listen to them.

Kaew asks Khem if he’s sure that they’re going to rob Namthip father’s house. Khem says he heard they would gather men to do the job but doesn’t know when. Kaew says Khun Manod wants Khun Namthip but why he would want to rob the house. Khem says he doesn’t know that, may be because of money. Kaew says that couldn’t be because Manod’s father is much wealthier than Namthip’s father. Kaew gives him some money and tells him to keep an eye on Khun Manod.

Kaew warns Namthip’s father about it that Khun Manod is scheming a bad plan. Chaiyakorn doesn’t believe that Manod whom he raised himself will do such ungrateful thing. Kaew says he doesn’t accuse Manod without any proof, but he couldn’t tell him his source. He says Khun Manod moved out from his house so Madam Nom would remove those gangsters from the house so they would join those Chinese gangsters and rob his house. Chaiyakorn yells at Kaew that he won’t believe it, he came here to do the petition to get back in civil service position, not to listen to his lie.

Kaew asks the man to prepare his men to fight the robbery. The man says if there will be many gangsters coming, he’s not sure if his men will be enough to fight them.

Kaew meets Madam Nom so she could tell her gangster men to be ready when problem arises. He tells her not to send them to watch over the house or Manod will change his mind. They should let him do it, and take care of it all at once. She holds his hand that he’s very clever besides other things. He pulls his hand away. She says he doesn’t know when they will make the move. Kaew says his man is trying to find out about the date.

Manod praises Cheo Hu to find such a perfect place to be the bridal house for him and Namthip. Manod orders them to do it tonight since it’s a (Buddhist) religious day so Namthip will surely get out of the house to go to the temple instead of staying in the house like always.

Khem gets caught and stabbed. Keng, Cheo Hu’s subordinate, kicks him down the canal. Later, he assures Cheo Hu that the man won’t make it alive.

Kaew finds Khem at the dock by the canal, but Khem falls back into the canal.

Chaiyakorn tells Namthip to dress up beautifully going to the temple. He wants to take this occasion to get his position back. AobChei is happy for Nim that Chaiyakorn is taking her out officially for the first time. Nim says it’s actually Namthip who’s important to him tonight. AobChei is feeling weary that he’s trying to find a match for Namthip again.

Part 4

They are leaving the house  and Kaew arrives at the house. He asks the servant which temple they went but the servant won’t let him get in the house to ask others.

Cheo Hu and his men are ready. He tells Keng to have half of the men follow him and the other half go with him, and remember to capture Namthip no matter what, and kill every Chaiyakorn’s men so there will be no traces to track back to them, and if anything happens, just put all the blames on Manod. Keng says this time they will get the assets, at the same time, to take revenge on Manod.

Kaew comes calling at Nititham house asking if Chaiyakorn came here. Nitiham guesses that it must be Wat Suthat (Suthat Temple) because there’s a huge temple fair over there so many high-ranking officials will be attending for Chaiyakorn to conveniently meet.

Nitiham wonders why Manod will rob the house when once he has Namthip as his mistress, Chaiyakorn’s assets will fall into his lap anyway, so why rob the house. He tells Kaew to take his men to guard Namthip and he will go with Aon to guard Chaiyakorn’s house. Kaew says Madam Nom’s men are ready to help should anything happen. Tookta tells Nititham to be careful. Nititham tells Aon to get his gun.

At the temple, Chaiyakorn gets to meet people like he wants, but they don’t treat him with respect like they used to.

Keng tells his men to disperse and surround them, don’t let them get away, but if there’s no signal from him, no one move. They half-cover their faces in black.

No one cares to talk to Chaiyakorn so he wants to go home. They are on a horse carriage heading home when a group of men shows up and then harms them. Keng slaps Nim and pulls her away. Kaew with some men show up and fight, but Keng takes Namthip away. Chaiyakorn shouts at Kaew to go help Namthip.

Cheo Hu and his men come to Chaiyakorn’s house. Nititham starts shooting at them first. Cheo Hu tells his men to get into the house and kill everyone in sight.

Cheo Hu runs after Aon.

Nititham tells AobChei to take all the women out and hide.

Part 5

Keng takes Namthip to Manod. Namthip gets angry saying she should have known that he wouldn’t let the matter rest. Manod says if changes from a relative to a husband, he’ll see if she can talk about him this bad. She says if he harms her, she will sue him to the end. He wonders if her father, who loves to save his own face so much, will be brave enough to be the witness to make him guilty of charge. Keng hurries him to act fast so their agreement will be met.

Kaew and his men come in. Keng tells Manod to get out, he will take care of it. Manod pulls Namthip away with him. Kaew wants to follow her but Keng stops him.

Manod shoves her down on some sacks of rice. He tells her to wait here for a while, and once the outside thing quiets down, they will continue their business.

Kaew fights with Keng and later kills him. He runs to Namthip and finds her tying to a pole. Manod shoots him once, Kaew falls down. Manod says he will torture Kaew so she could witness it.

At Chaiyakorn’s house, Cheo Hu and Nititham take turn shooting each other. Men from both sides are fighting. Aon tells Nititham that some more men arrived to help them like Kaew said. Nititham says he has just one bullet left.

Aon says he will get out there to make Cheo Hu keep shooting until he ran out of bullets. Aon runs here and there and Cheo Hu keeps shooting at him, and finally nails Aon down. He wants to shoot Aon again but he ran out of bullets. Nititham shoots Cheo Hu once and he falls down eyes opened (can we assume that he’s dead?). Nitiham carries Aon away to the doctor.

Kaew struggles with his wound and fights with Manod. Manod steps on his wound and kicks him repeatedly. Kaew makes a turn fast and throws Manod away from him. He lands on a pole (or something) mouth-bled.

Part 6

Kaew comes to untie Namthip to her delight that he’s safe. She hugs him and cries.

Nim and Chaiyakorn come back to their house and are surprised to see many injured men lying around. The nanny tells them that Chinese gangsters robbed their house but Nitiham, Aon, and Kaew’s men helped save the situation so they didn’t take anything.

Nim asks if Namthip had returned home. She says not yet and cries out of worry. Chaiyakorn wants to go find his daughter but Namthip arrives. He hugs her. He asks the police who’s behind it. He says it’s Khun Manod. He stumbles back hearing it for himself. Namthip says it’s Manod and Chinese gangsters who wanted to capture her but Kaew came to her rescue and was shot, and now he’s with the doctor. They are doing the surgery to take the bullet out, but Manod had already passed away.

Next morning, the nanny says the women went hiding in time so no one was hurt, for the men, 15 were killed, the rest were injured. AobChei says it’s because the slaves tried to guard the house, that’s why many were killed and injured. If they ran for their own safety, it wouldn’t be like this.

Chaiyakorn tells Nim to take care of their funeral and give each slave some money (for indemnity sake). Madam Nom teases him that now he’s turning so generous when in the past he hated them so much, so is he now realizing their value? He walks away. Nim glares at her mother.

Chaiyakorn comes to visit Kaew. Kaew asks if there’s anything he needs for him to serve, that’s why he came. He says none.

Chaiyakorn: I heard you were injured so I came to visit you.

Kaew: Thank you, sir.

Chiayakorn: Do you have enough money (living well)? If not, I will provide you some. Let’s say it’s to thank you for your warning about Manod. But don’t you think that once I am good to you, you will behave like you are equals (in status) to me, Kaew!

Kaew says he doesn’t think of doing that at all. What he’s been trying very hard till now is just to prove that, even if he’s born a slave, his mind is not.

He asks if Kaew is holding a grudge against him, and why he didn’t want to take revenge now, when his mother died because of him too.

Kaew says he never forgets that if only he gave his mother a little more kindness, she wouldn’t die. However, he also never forgets that he raised him, providing him food and medicine when he’s sick, so he never holds a grudge against him at all. He asks him not to be in doubt of him about this.

Chaiyakorn gets up and leaves quietly.

BoonJoem comes to hand a take-a-leave letter for Kaew at his workplace. He says the incident (Kaew courageously fought Chinese gangsters) that day is becoming the talk of the town, he will let Kaew rest even if she didn’t come to hand the letter. He asks her name so he can tell his superior who handed in this letter. She tells him her name and he’s startled.

Some officials walk by and are talking about Kaew that his fighting with Chinese gangsters this time should help promoting him, but the other man says it’s a pity that he has a prisoner as his wife, so who will trust him. He thinks Kaew will end up a clerk for his whole life. BoonJoem cries hearing that. She doesn’t know what she should do. She comes to the temple and talks as if Kork’s there with her.

A monk comes and says no one could give her an answer, because her sufferings rooted from her mind. So if it’s going to go away, it will end at her mind, not by asking the answer from others. She says she’s so foolish that she won’t be able to end the sufferings herself, she asks the monk to guide the way.

The monk says he himself couldn’t help her but the Lord Buddha’s teachings said to carefully examine the cause of the sufferings, and use your own intellects to solve such cause. The monk tells her to try implementing that.

AobChei gets annoyed at BoonJerm. If she didn’t stop by, Kaew would have no food to eat. Kaew says he’s more worried about Jerm, she didn’t come back till now, she went out since noon. Namthip says could it be that she ran away again. The nanny says she didn’t do anything to BoonJerm to make her run away. Namthip tells Kaew to wait a little more, and then she will send her men to look for her if BoonJerm still didn’t come back.

Part 7

They still couldn’t find BoonJerm. Namthip comes to look for her in the market.

At the temple, Namthip says Kaew didn’t have to come because he’s still injured and she’s already looking for her. Kaew says this temple is where Kork’s ashes is kept so she may come here.

Namthip tells Kaew to ask that Upasika (a female devout Buddhist). It’s BoonJerm. She says sorry to make them worry. She spent the night in the temple and reached the conclusion at dawn. She decided to observe the (Buddhist) Precepts, and if she has enough good fortune, she may have a chance to become a nun. She thought of going home to tell him this late morning.

Kaew asks if it’s because of him, that she’s afraid she would become his burden, but at the same time, he wouldn’t let her run away again either, so she did this.

She says it was like that at first, but once she resigned herself to her fate, her mind become peaceful, and she wants to observe the Precepts to give (dedicate) the rewards of good deeds to Kork, and if it’s possible, she wants to devote herself to serving Buddhism forever. Both Kaew and Namthip express their gratitude.

Kaew is teaching the boys in class. Nititham comes to tell Kaew that the Minister of Justice had resigned and tells Kaew the new minister (2439 B.E.) is HRH Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit.

The new minister establishes the first law school (2440 B.E.) to support the new system of the Ministry of Justice. Later, it became an important step of Thailand. In the beginning, not many persons were interested, and he taught the students himself everyday.

Kaew enters law school.

Later, many became interested and by the end of the year, there’s the first bar exam in Thailand which benefited the whole nation.

HRH Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit later was named, the Father of Thai Law.

Kaew asks Nititham if he wants him to take the bar exam. He says his knowledge is very little compares to others’. He thinks he should wait for 2-3 years more before taking the exam. Nititham says if he’s a soldier, he will order his head be cut off, because how he can accept defeat when he didn’t even enter the war.

Kaew says there will be six subjects in the exam and he could, at the most, have expertise in two, Criminal Law and Slave Law, for other subjects, he’s not very good at it, especially, International Law, it’s beyond the capability of his brain.

Nititham says he will say it directly to the point. The way he started his civil servant, no matter how much he promotes him, he won’t go as far as ‘Khun’ (official rank) unless he takes the bar exam,  he will become ‘Luang’ at least. At that point, the promise he gave to Khun Namthip will come true, except it’s already been forgotten by him.

In the market, Namthip asks Kaew what he answered him. He says how he could say anything with such effective tactic of his. He says Nititham knows the fact that he wants to become ‘Khun’ or ‘Luang’ because of Khun Namthip. Namthip says she heard the news in the palace today about Nititham, and Kaew will hear it soon. She asks him not to object her one thing she wanted to do for a long time once that happens.

The man is praising Chaiyakorn for not giving up on the petition to get back into civil service. Chaiyakorn learns that the minister has granted the power to accept anyone back into civil service to Chao Phraya Nitithamtada.

Chaiyakorn argues that his rank is ‘Phraya’ not ‘Chao Phraya’, but the man insists that it’s his current rank. It’s been approved this morning.

Namthip congratulates Nititham on his recent success (promotion). She asks him a favor, to release a slave, Tookta (he kept Tookta as if she’s his secret wife). She’s asking for justice on behalf of Tookta, because she knows that Tookta will never ask for it.

Part 8

In the market again,

Kaew says he never thought she would do such thing. She asks if he’s afraid of it too. He says he has only Khun Namthip, so what’s there to be afraid of. Aww….

She says she thought about it for a long time but she knew Nititham wouldn’t be comfortable to lift and honor Tookta’s status, but now that he’s become ‘Chao Phraya’, the highest rank as one civil servant can get, so he doesn’t have to care anymore, that if his wife is not as suitable, it will affect his career. That’s why she told him today. Kaew laughs and says he thought he knew her well, but actually he did not, so he thinks they should be more acquainted to each other. She smiles shyly.

She asks about his bar exam. He says the exam was very difficult, it lasted 6 days with 4 hours each day. The criteria of getting the points was very detail, and he’s not sure about it.

Nititham comes home early. He asks Tookta about their children. She says they are running outside. He calls her ‘Thun PhuYing’ (calling the first lady of his rank). She asks if she heard it right. He confirms it. She says she doesn’t deserve it. He tells her not to say such. Kaew tried so hard to take off the chain that chained him while he (Nititham) tried to chain himself to fame/honor so much that he had turned a blind eye to her good deeds. He holds her hands and says please let him honor her as much as she’s deserving it for her good deeds and her love for him. He hugs her.

The king sits down. Nititham reads the report (using royal vocab) that he’s bringing the students who passed the bar exam to be the first class of barrister at law, 9 persons……, and the person who graduated with the highest scores of the first level.., as per HM royal order.

The king steps down and touches Kaew’s head so kindly that his tears fall feeling overwhelmed.

Nim comes to call Chaiyakorn to join her breakfast but he says he’s not feeling hungry. She sits down and asks if he still feels sorry about not be able to get back into civil service. She says that their lives now is peaceful and wealthy. He says he can’t stop thinking about it when the person who could approve his getting the job back is Chao Phraya Nitithamtada. If only he knew that one day this man would become so prosperous that he had to reply on him, he would never treat him badly like how he did in the past.

Nim says no one foresee the future what’s coming, and if we know, people won’t be committing any mistakes. She tells him to stay with what’s in front of him and not to think about the things that have already passed.

He says, in his life, he had committed two great mistakes. The first one is, he raised a poison snake like Manod. The second one is, he didn’t treat her good enough.

Chaiyakorn says, “I didn’t realize the preciousness of the diamond in my hand. My intention is that if I get to assume a government job, I will honor you as my ‘Khun Ying’ (lady). It’s a pity that that day may never come.”

Nim says it’s all right, the fact that he thinks of her this way, makes her very happy. She doesn’t need that ‘Khun Ying’ status at all.

A servant comes to tell him that Chao Phraya Nitithamtada asks to see him.

Part 9

They greet each other. Chaiyakorn talks to him politely like he’s much lower than him. Nim congratulates him on his another recent promotion (to be the Chief Judge). Nititham says today there’s a judge, who wants to come and bow at his feet, came with him. Chaiyakorn says he doesn’t have such honor to deserve such respect from a judge.

Nititham says he believes that fame/honor cannot come from that person’s own thought, but it comes from others who giving it to us…and his feeling for him now still honor him just the same.

Chaiyakorn asks the name of the judge he brought with him today.

Nititham says, “Luang Rattana Autthachai. He’s here with Khun Namthip.”

Kaew and Namthip come in together.

Chaiyakorn says, “Ai Kaew!”

Nititham says, “Yes, that’s right. It’s the man once was raised in your household. Kaew recently passed the bar exam, level one, so he had been royally conferred the title of rank of nobility of ‘Luang Rattana Autthachai’ – the Ministry’s judge. So I brought him together here to bow at your feet to express his gratefulness to you today.”

Kaew greets him (bows).

Chaiyakorn: I have no honor for Khun Luang to greet (bow to) me. Please  leave.

Namthip: Father!

Kaew says, “The reason I came today is to let it be evident that a slave’s child from your household has turned prosperous because of your kindness raising him with your own hands. When I was ordained as a monk, I had dedicated the rewards of good deeds to four persons; Mae Ging, my late mother -the first one, Phra Khun Chaiyakorn -the second, Chao Phraya Nitithamtada -the third, and Khun Namthip, my beloved -the forth. Therefore, if Phra Khun would be so kind, please forgive me for all the mistakes in the past, and please bless your very same slave’s child at least by one word.”

Chaiyakorn says, “I don’t think I can bless Khun Luang……..but the gratefulness you have had in you will help guiding your life to be more prosperous and ever more, without having to rely on anyone’s blessing at all.”

Kaew: (Bow to his feet) Thank you, sir.

Chaiyakorn touches his head kindly. Both cry *Sniff*

It’s the occasion where everyone is taking pictures together. They are all smiling. Kaew puts a ring on Namthip’s finger. They take a picture together. Chaiyakorn touches their heads as his blessing.

Time’s gone by,

Kaew, who is now at an old age, is sitting in a car looking at King Rama V’s statue (HM was best known for his abolition of slavery). He tells his driver to get the wreath for him. Kaew puts the wreath in front of the statue.

Namthip: (Calling his rank) Aren’t you going to wait for me?

Kaew: I know you have some business to do so I thought you wouldn’t come.

Namthip: Other days I may not, but today (October 23, of every year), I will join you no matter what.

The family (with their children) all kneel down.

Namthip says, “Without His Majesty’s kindness, the two of us would never live happy life like today.”

Kaew says, “Forget about being the Chief Judge or having the rank of nobility of Phraya Panthong, just to be acknowledged as one human being like others wouldn’t be possible, and to have Khun Namthip, the beautiful daughter of Phraya Chaiyakorn, as my wife even couldn’t be dreamed of.”

They pay great respect to HM King.

Namthip says, “May the kindness of His Majesty King-the Great lives long in every heart of the Thai people…

Kaew adds, “…From today onwards….to the future, to eternity, and never be subsided.”

On the screen written:

“Slave Abolition Act R.E. 124”

To set free every slave’s child

On 1 April 2448 B.E.

People are shouting, “Long live the king! Long live the king!”

A poem says (roughly) one is a good person, not from wealth, or origin and age, but one is a good person from one’s works, with one’s intelligence and morals guiding one the right way.



Even though the series didn’t hook me all the way, it impressed me with a very concrete and beautiful conclusion in the end. Kudos to all.


Kork and BoonJerm  🙂

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you about the ending. It has a moral lesson that we all can learn from which is rare inThai lakorns. I too didn’t follow the lakorn but I watched it in bits and pieces and I did watch the last two episodes and it was well done. The good prevail and the bad punished for their bad deeds in the end. I like it. 😀

  2. I tries to capped or translated this series but it is too hard for me because it is kind of formal dianoloug or script to get into.

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