Cubic MV

Found this one, it contains all the sweet moments of Lin Lan Se and Ruetainak. I missed them still T__T

Shush! Please see it while it lasts  🙂

Cubic MV – Kwa Ja Ru

Credit as tagged.

Nak: “Greedy mafia!”

Nak: “Let me, at least, cling to the trunk of your car!”

LLS: “Open the trunk for her!”

Nak: “Wait, Lin Lan Se!”

LLS: “What now?!”

Nak: “Today, you are very handsome.”

LLS: “You run and leave me here!”

Nak: “No, I can’t leave you here. Even if I don’t like you, I can’t let you die. I will get you out of here, Lan Se!”

Nak: “Lin Lan Se, wake up!”

LLS: “I told you…”

LLS: “Am I that scary?”

Nak: “You love to put on your angry face, and you don’t like my face.”

LLS: “When did I tell you that I didn’t like your face?”

LLS: “Remember, don’t avoid seeing me again.”

LLS: “You..”

Nak: “Happy New Year!”

Nak: “Thank you again. Sweet dream, good night, Wan an.”

LLS: “Wan an.”

Nak: “Lin Lan Se, you really came. I thought I would never see you again.”

LLS: “Didn’t hate but didn’t love, right?

LLS: “Come closer. I will whisper it to you.”

Nak: “What kind of woman do you like?

LLS: “Ruetainak.”

Nak: “??”

LLS: “Stupid girl.”

LLS: “I’m not a five years old boy.”

Nak: “Lin Lan Se, wait!”

Nak: “I’m sorry, all right.”

Nak: “Sweet dream.”

LLS: “Sweet dream and…?”

LLS: “You didn’t tell me yet, sweet dream and…?”

Nak: “I will go to work now.”

LLS: “Why did you peek at me?”

LLS: “Even if you did peek, I won’t mind.”

Nak: “I can just stare!”

LLS: “Only say you don’t want to go…”

Nak: “No. I’m one of your people. I will follow your order.”

LLS: “I don’t know if we will ever see each other again. I want you to know, you will stay in my memory…forever.”

LLS: Where is Ruetainak?

LLS: “Ruetainak!”

Nak: “Lin Lan Se!”

Nak: “Can I not be humble and love you?”

LLS: “Of all things I’ve done, you still don’t know how I feel for you?

LLS: “I love you. Please marry me.”

LLS: “If you want to continue your education, must register our marriage first. Pick one.”

LLS: “Then, it’s done.”

Nak: “You, tricky man!”


Aww….Cubic 2, please come fast.

Bomb&Mint (BM) all the way!

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  1. CUBIC 2 with the same casting, PLEASEEEEEEE

  2. really like this MV…sweet 🙂

  3. To all friend, here the comment i get when i post the link of petition to author facebook page. I really hope this petition will be success.

    Oops Sorry! Few month ago, I’ve heard from my friend that there were some foreigners came to Thai Books Fair in October (or March I’m not sure) , finding Thai novels to translate in English. The publisher who’s responsible for ‘Cubic’ also met some of them. They asked for the novel and the publisher give them a fantasy novel ‘Savena’. (This novel has been popular since 2006) That’s why I think the publisher(Sataporn publishing) may interest about sending Cubic to translate in English language too if they know about your petition, and realize how Cubic gains an interest from the foreigner. So I decided to post your link on Sataporn page and explain them about your request, because I think it’ll be easier to communicate in Thai.
    I’m not sure how often they check their webpage but I hope they see your petition as soon as possible.
    Anyway thank you for interest in Cubic, if Cubic get a chance to translate in English, may be other novels by B13 st. will receive the same treatment too. She’s talent one and always make such a great improvement in her works. I’m pretty sure you won’t disappoint in her writing, especially the fantasy novel, which is her strong point.

  4. For the petition, we have 30 supporters so far. Do help to spread the news via social media like Facebook or any discussion forums. It seems that we need to have at least 100 supporters to make it work.

  5. I’m sorry to bother you, but can you please translate these Thai sentences to English?

    iam_biew คุณสมรักษ์มาเที่ยวชุมพรหรอคะ @somrakn 10h
    somrakn @iam_biew ใช่ครับ มาค้าง 2 คืน 8h
    nu_saow อย่าลืมไปเที่ยวจุดชมวิวเขามัทรีนะคะ สวยๆ @somrakn 6h

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Pleaseeeee Cubic 2 with Bomb and Mint. They are so cute together.

  7. I’m waiting the confirmation with hope.

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