Soundtrack: Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (1)


Kuan Kann Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai premiered today and it was such a feel good series. Three single women, who were once best friends, want to beat one another into getting married or having a wedding first in one month, just for the fun of gloating, and we have three potential suitors with different backgrounds and characters.

The series has quite a long name which simply means a gang of single girls and a gang of slippery men (pla lai = eel).

Episode one was hilarious with a touch of sentimental beats of their past as college girls. The soundtrack caught my attention right away so here it is.

Song title: ไปอยู่ที่ไหนมา [Pai Yu Thi Nai Ma] (where have you been)

Artist: Lipta

Official MV with lakorn pictures may come out later, will edit then 🙂

Translation of the lyrics:

Not that I didn’t think, didn’t ask for it

Not that I want to be alone, as if

Not that I didn’t hope, didn’t dream of it

Not that I’m just a person without a heart

* [ Not that I didn’t notice, didn’t know it

Not that I saw a couple and feel nothing

But who will understand me

Where is that person

** [ Still wait for someone to walk to me

Still none caught my eyes

Each one that approached making me realize that,

Staying alone is much easier


Still wait for someone to walk to me

Still don’t know when we will meet

And once we meet, will not let you go far

I have a question I kept to myself,

Where have you been? ]

Pa…pa…pa ]

Repeat [*]

Repeat [**]

Where have you been?



Ahem…Alex is mine 🙂

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  1. I’m more of a silent reader on here but this seems interesting! I might give this a shot.

  2. Omg I love the first episode and cant wait for more. The story feels so much like a movie and I love the picture quality (so different from the pervious drama cubic) as well as the ost. Im glad the veteran actresses at ch3 get a chance to shine as leads with all the newbies they have now.

    • To My Dear Readers and Viewers, I needs to informing you guy that I will be picking up with Cubic Final Summary and Guang Kanthong Ep.1 on Wednesday Morning at the latest. For now I will be try to do catching up with all my TV shows that I have misses. So, sees you guy on Wednesday morning, TA DA!

      • Dear Patty,
        Are you going to do the summary of Cubic (Final Part) Book3-4? If that’s what you mean, so others can enjoy, hehe 🙂

        • I’m talking about the last two episode of the shows, the whole long yard of the summary. I will get to it or try to finish it on Wednesday morning when I already catching with all the episode and other TV shows as well. Thank you for asking!

  3. I saw this, this morning, it was hariliously funny! I definitely capping this!

    • Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai Summary in Progresses

      At the wedding places, inside the wedding reception, where there is no guests in the room just yet. The Wedding gawn and The Groom Suite are hanging on the statues
      The Dressing Room in the Hotel

      Patwalai was doing her hair, puting a making up on, and not yet put the wedding dresses on, screaming real loud.
      Patwalai:”I’m going to killed them!!!!!!!!”
      Khun Pae:” Calmed down, Walai, the bridesmaid are not here yet, it is not scarely like the brides whom are not properly dresses.

      Walai:”Very well, Pee Pae, they are thinking that our wedding took places somewhere in Poang or Bangpaharn, ha!!!!”
      Pae:”Well I don’t know, ka.

      Patwalai:” The wedding take places in Bangkok! The city where is bad trafficking heavenly!!! But right now they are not here yet, did not thinks to preparing on times!”

      Khun Pae:”Don’t teases, you will get old real fast!”
      Patwalai: ” And do you loves it”.

      Khun Pae: “Cannot changing my mind now, still loves you, I will called and checking on my friend, let get dresses right now, otherwises we will be late, take cares of it sire!”
      Khun Pae pushes Walai body to let the stylish take cares of her/Khun Pae is about to pick up the cell phone, Patwalai asked back;
      Patwalai:”Did the called get through, yet!”
      Khun Pae:”I have not yet dial”.
      Patwalai:” I don’t like the persons whom doing something late.”
      Khun Pae:”Not late, real hurry, don’t believe me! Looks! Sees dialing now, hurry enough for you!”
      In the working room of Maple, at the door, the hand of a man is knocking three times

      Maple was talking to the phone with Khun Pae, while packing something in her backpack in the hurry.

      Maple:”Going to get out of the offices right now Khun Pae, just finish the meeting, going to get dresses there, told them, if I can not makes it in times, I’ll wait to go to his wedding next times, just kidding. it is still dead with Khun Pae and ha…oui….I’m late, boss is calling in, that is enough for now.”

      Maple pick up the jacket while pick up the phone of boss.

      Maple:”Yes, boss….last week and the total of commercial of “IT’S A MUST” increasing 30 percents in target.”

      The sound of the door knocking are heard.

      Maple:” Just a moments na ka, boss. Comes In!”

      Krisita:”Coffee, karp”

      Krisita put down the coffee cup, standing there and waiting for an ordered.

      Maple:”Next week must increasing more 50 percents, no I won’t forget that “IT’S A MUST” Thailand must be the leader of magazine outside the head on the panel magazine books surpass competitors within one year….ka, Sawadee ka.”

      Maple hang up the phone, lean over to pick up the coffee cup, but fail, the coffee cup spilled on the table making a mess.


      Krisata hurried pulled the towels on the table, to wipes out the coffee strain.

      Maple:”How did you put down nowaday, ha…..did you sees that the table was a big mess on the table, spilled and mess on hte books, messy….”

      Maple froze and stunned, because she and Krisata are thinking a same thing, because her heart are connected with Krisita, grapping things match Krisita took away the coffee of the same water. Krisita hand touching Maple hand. Two of them looked up at the same time, Maple looking at Krisita eyes, heart beating fast, to be excited, Krisita smiles at Maple….Maple looks at Krisita face, a smile on his face slowly appear on his faces.

      Suddenly, Maple are back to state of normal, pulled her hands back.

      Maple:” Who are you! I have never seeing you before, and how did you get in here!!!!!!!”

      Krisita:”Err….I am…..”

      Maple:”Yardtip, where are you! called the security guard right now!!!!!!”


      NumPeung the actresses Sao, Tuao Mae, ween Toonkrit still.

      NumPeung:”Meeting at Ten O’clock, it is almost 1 O’clock sne did not show up yet! Where are her house, Chian Mai or it is Mar!!!!”

      Toonkrit:”Err…she has a job events, ka, the job over late, she comes late.”

      NumPeung:”Against! This is the third, fourth, fifth and sixth times, that she accept event job and let the lakorn set waiting for her.”

      To Toh:”Calmed down, na ka, Aunty, snapped now, old right away, oui, corner of his eye increasing more two anger.”

      NumPeung:”NumPeung Penutthacando don’t know! Going to stretch with! In half an hours I have to leave, let me asked you, if she get here, are we going to filming in times!”


      NumPeung:”Said it right, there is no way, eventhrough an angel, are not in times!”

      Toonkrit:”It has to be on times, because today it has to close Lo right here, cannot comes films here no more, gives Aunty sometime, oui, Khun NamPeung waits a couple more minutes, please!”

      NamPeung:”Care for that kid and comes to squeeze my schedule que instead, it doesn’t fair Lex.”

      The sound of the cell phone of NamPeung that Totoh are holding are ringing.

      Totoh looks at the phone.

      Totoh:”Khun Pae are calling ka Aunty, Hello, right now the environment is going MaMa ka.”

      NamPeung:”My friend is calling me to follows and….I only have half an hours that it is Lex, because I was hold that I told them all about my que to her beforehand for weeks now, and right now I will not endured it anymore!!!!”

      NamPeung frustrated walked out of there/The shooting set team loosing face and heart tremble, ran to join the team.

      Before she got out of there, she snatches the phone from Totoh hand.

      “Gives it here, I’ll talked to them”


      In front of the polices station

      Natatini Lawyers International Organizations Country blue sky after rain Community whom work to helps women whom are the victims any form of violence talking at the cell phone comes while walked in the polices station with Goon Grink and the young teen girls.

      “Patwalai if you cannot makes it on times, I will curses you to be on beams until you died!!!!!!”

      Natatini:”I don’t cares, died on beams because single better wed and realizes that your husband are both evil and stupid! Over na! I take children to follows the case of assault.when I am finish and I will hurry, and meet you there!”

      Natalini hang up her phone and turned meet Goong Grink a young girl and the villagers including officers whom walked back and fort looks stunned with same eyes.

      Natalini:”Did I said something wrong! Don’t you have a job to do! Always interfering other people businesses truely, any situations that should interfering and never interfered, geez.”

      Goong Grink:”They don’t wants to get involves or interfering with you Pee Lini but Pee talking too loud for them to hear.”

      Natalini:”Really??…Never mind that….I telling the truth, and the truth never died.”

      Wayuboot:” Are you sures about that! That norm of your there is a truth, it is right then.”

      Natalini:”I have never confident of anything else more then this before at all, that the truth that you have been hiding behind is an agent lures the young girl sex trade!”

      Wayuboot:”Only the words of not too many people, you are to believes that I am dirties.”

      • Natalini:”If you don’t me or anybody else believes, you have to go solve it themselves in the court! I’ll asked that your informance to known of charges today, going as smoothly for you, na ka, Khun Wayuboot, excuses me!”
        Natalini walked out with Goong Grink and the girl/Sirima walked in to talked to Wayuboot.
        Sirima:”Why is she hell bent on hating you that much, know each other or angry vengeful personally are not, but try too hard to charges you of guilty of something that you did not commit.”
        Wayuboot:”Let go, the lawyer are waiting.”

    • Here is the summary for now. I will finish this later along with Cubic ending summary probably tonight.

      • Dear Patricia,
        I would like to create a post of Kantong ep1 for you, will you be interested? So you can post the summary there in comment section and I will put it up in the post for you, credit you, of course. Also, can I add sth or fix sth in the post, may be in different color, cuz some bits in the ep was so funny I wanted others to enjoy. Thanks, let me know if you would love that …or you can do it the same way here if you like 🙂

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