Cubic Episode 16 (Final)


Phew! All went well, and as a big fan of the novel, I’m satisfied with how the screenwriter concluded the series. It’s somewhat in line with the novel, and the good news is, it also leaves room for the sequel too, whenever that will be.

It’s a tough job bringing the popular novel into moving pictures, within budget, time frame, and the cast that’s available. I could see very clearly that everyone was trying their best with limited resources, so for that, I really appreciate what I’ve seen to the end.

Bomb Tanin came back as himself with his sparkling eyes in this episode. Mint Chalida is the one made it all possible for this series. Kudos to all the cast and crew for standing strong to all the criticism from the beginning till today. The series had a rough start, but the ending put a smile on our faces and leave us with nothing to worry about.

Episode 16

Part 1

Lan Se still keeps looking for Nak.

He shouts, “Find her!You must find Ruetainak!”

Somewhere dark in the building, Nak is lying there unconscious. The workers keep digging. Zhong Xin is supervising the work.

Nak stirs awake and cries out in pain. She sits up and looks around.

Nak: Where am I? Why does it so stink in here?

She stands up and calls for help.

Nak: Help! Anyone there, help! Why is it so dark?

She keeps calling for help. She steps on something so she looks down. It’s a cell phone on the floor.

Zhong Xin gives Lan Se a cup of coffee.

ZX: Khun Lin, coffee.

LLS: Thanks.

Nak picks up the phone and is delighted that it’s still working. She checks the phone and finds Zhong Xin’s number, “Zhong Xin!” She calls him.

Nak: Please pick up.

Zhong Xin’s phone is ringing. He looks at the number calling in, it’s from Lan Se’s phone.

ZX: Khun Lin, it’s your number.

LLS: The phone is not with me. I must have dropped it when I jumped down the garbage tunnel.

Zhong Xin picks up the call, “Hello!…Hello!”

Nak: Hello! Zhong Xin, is that you?

The phone is disconnected.

Nak: Zhong Xin!

ZX: It’s disconnected.

LLS: Who took my phone and used it, I wonder.

ZX: Who do you think found you phone?

Nak calls again and Zhong Xin picks up.

ZX: Hello! Hello!

Nak: Zhong Xin! Zhong Xin!

ZX: Ruetainak!

LLS: What did you say?

ZX: Ruetainak is not dead!

Lan Se takes the phone.

LLS: Hello! Ruetainak!

ZX: Lin Lan Se, is it you?

LLS: Yes, it’s me!

Nak: How are you? Are you all right?

LLS: Yes, I’m fine. How about you? Where are you?

Nak: I don’t know, but there are so much garbage here.

LLS: Are you in the garbage storage ground?

Nak: I don’t know but it’s so dark and so smelly.

LLS: All right, just wait. (To Zhong Xin) She got stuck in the garbage storage ground.

ZX: Yes, so I will bring our men to dig down to the garbage storage first.

Zhong Xin orders the man to go there.

LLS: Ruetainak, don’t be scared. I’m ordering our men to dig down there.

Nak: Don’t take too long. I think the air is getting low in here.

LLS: Ruetainak, you must endure it. You must be all right.

Nak: I’m so glad that you’re safe.

LLS: I’m so glad too that you’re still alive, Ruetainak.

He keeps calling her name, “Ruetainak, do you hear me?”

Nak: I’m so drowsy now, and my head felt so dizzy.

LLS: Ruetainak, you  must endure it.

Nak: I will try. I’m going to hang up now.

LLS: Ruetainak!

Part 2

Zhong Xin tells his men to dig faster.

LLS: Zhong Xin, make it quick, Ruetainak is getting out of breath.

ZX: Yes.

LLS: Tong, dig faster!

Nak uses the phone as a flashlight. She looks around.

Nak: I couldn’t believe it. Am I really going to die in the garbage? My body will stink up to the heaven for sure.

Men are digging the ground as fast as they can.

Nak: I’m here! Help!

She finds a bottle with some water in it.

Nak: Is it still eatable? Well, I need to fill up myself first.

She drinks it and splashes some on her face to freshen up.

The man says they can’t dig any further. They found an underground beam. Zhong Xin asks if there’s another way. He says they need a big crane to lift it off and it could take all night.

LLS: If it’s that long, Ruetainak will probably be dead.

Nak is losing strength by the minute. She bangs at the door calling for help.

Zhong Xin checks the plan of the building. They try to locate the possible spot to dig down avoiding all the underground beams.

LLS: We don’t have any other way?

Nak is feeling sleepy. She thinks of when Mei Jing is kissing Lan Se’s cheek, and when Nantaka is walking by his side.

Finally, they decide to drill a hole on the waste water pipeline which leads to the garbage underground storage, and they will gain access through the pipeline. The workers move fast to the pipeline.

Lan Se picks up Nak’s call.

LLS: Ruetainak!

Nak: How far along are you digging down?

LLS: There’s some problem so we are changing the location to dig down. You just endure it, all right.

Nak: I want to tell you that I couldn’t hold it anymore.

LLS: No, you can’t, Ruetainak. You must endure it, endure it for me.

Nak: I’ll try.

LLS: It’s an order, you cannot die, do you understand?

Nak: You devil, you can order someone not to die too?

LLS: Do you hear me? You cannot die.

Nak: I’m dying.

She drops the phone.

LLS: Ruetainak! Ruetainak!

She faints.

LLS: Zhong Xin, make it fast. She’s dying! The air is dropping so low in there.

Night falls and they are still digging.

Nak is seeing a bright light coming down on her, and Lan Se is standing there. She smiles to him and he smiles back.

Nak: Lin Lan Se, it’s you, isn’t it? Lin Lan Se, (she reaches out her hand) it’s really you.

He takes her hand and smiles at her.

Nak: Are you smiling?

She touches his face. He smiles at her.

Nak: I like it when you smile.

He holds her hand and kisses it. Aww…..

He leans down and stops so close to her face.

It’s actually Nak alone lying there.

Part 3

Zhong Xin and Lan Se tell the men to do it faster.

LLS: Ruetainak, wait for me. You must not die.

A man shouts that the drill went though. Lan Se jumps down there himself.

LLS: Give me flashlight.

Lan Se keeps calling her name.

LLS: Ruetainak, where are you?

They run through the pipeline. Lan Se finds Nak lying there unconscious. He kneels down to her.

LLS: Ruetainak, please wake up!

ZX: Give her some oxygen.

Lan Se puts the oxygen mask over her nose.

LLS: Ruetainak, wake up!

ZX: (To a man) Call the doctor here.

LLS: You must wake up, Ruetainak. Wake up!

Lan Se holds her in his arms.

LLS: Ruetainak, you must wake up. Wake up now! You can’t leave me!

He holds her close.

LLS: Ruetainak, wake up already!

She coughs.

LLS: Ruetainak.

He puts her down and holds her hand.

LLS: Ruetainak, it’s me, Lin Lan Se.

Nak: Lin Lan Se. (She smiles.)

LLS: That’s right. It’s me.

Nak: Do you love Khun Mei Jing?

LLS: What did you say?

Nak: Do you love Khun Mei Jing?

LLS: No, I don’t love Mei Jing.

Nak: How about Pee Nan? Do you love Pee Nan?

LLS: No, I don’t love your sister.

Nak smiles.

Nak: I..I…

She faints again.

LLS: Ruetainak! (He keeps calling her.)

ZX: Is the doctor coming?

The man says yes, she coming.

ZX: This way, doctor.

LLS: Doctor, please be quick.

The doctor checks Nak’s pulse and gives her more oxygen.

LLS: Doctor, how is it?

Doctor: Okay, she’s breathing on her own now. Take her to the hospital. Get her out of here now! Fast!

Lan Se carries her in his arms and walks out of the building.

Danny: Nak, how are you? Nak?

LLS: She’s safe now.

ZX: Make way, don’t block the path.

Lan Se puts her down on a gurney behind an ambulance. He brushes her hair off her face and holds her hands.

LLS: Ruetainak, you’re safe now. We are taking you to the hospital.

The nurse says let’s move.

LLS: Let’s go, Zhong Xin.

Lan Se  turns to leave, to follow her in his car.

Nak: Wait, Lin Lan Se!

The nurse tells her not to move.

Nak: No, I have something to talk to him.

Lan Se walks back to her.

LLS: What is it? Why did you get up?

Nak: I haven’t finished asking you yet.

LLS: What do you want to say?

Nak: I asked if you loved Khun Mei Jing, you said no, and I asked you if you loved Pee Nan, you said no also. Then…I…I want to ask you..can I love you?

He stands very still.

Nak: I know I’m not your type. I’m not elegant like Khun Mei Jing, and not cute like Pee Nan, and I always give you troubles, and I know that I’m not kind of woman that men in the whole world will fall for, and I may be the last woman that a man will turn to look at, and I’m the mistake that you got a whole of because you wanted to kill me on the first day you met me. You may be annoyed with me and want to shoo me away because you have so many women to choose, who are much prettier, cuter,  and nicer than me…but…but can I not be humble and love you? (She shoves his arm.) Can I?

He holds her hands.

LLS: You will take responsibility for every word of yours..,won’t you? You will take responsibility and will follow every word you said without conditions.

Nak: Eh…(looking a little confused)

LLS: You won’t go anywhere and will stay by my side no matter what happens, will you?

Danny looks at them.

LLS: Tell me, you will stay by my side forever.

Nak: That’s right. I will stay by your side forever, no matter what happens.

He hugs her and everybody is cheering. He kisses her cheek. He hugs her and kisses her forehead.

Part 4

Patric and his buddy show up at the hospital. They came to look at the corpse.

ZX: What now, Captain?

P: I want to see Ruetainak’s dead body.

LLS: That’s too much. The person is now dead, what more do you want?

P: I told you if I didn’t see with my own eyes, I would never believe it.

LLS: See for yourself then.

P: Of course, I will.

Patric lifts the blanket and looks at the corpse underneath.

ZX: So, Captain? Are you satisfied now?

LLS: Now that you saw the corpse, you shouldn’t feel suspicious anymore.

P: Not yet. How can I believe that this is Ruetainak’s dead body? You two could bring anyone’s dead body to fool me.

LLS: Then you’ll have to talk to the doctor, because the doctor’s already confirmed it that it’s Ruetainak.

Lan Se leaves with his men.

P: Doctor, is it true that that is Ruetainak’s dead body?

Doctor: Yes, it’s true. The DNA test results came out that the corpse’s DNA matches with the DNA of the girl named Ruetainak. Here, it is, and if Captain doesn’t believe it, you can look at this report.

Patric reads the report.

P: If doctor confirms it like this, I will have to believe it.

Patric runs out to catch up with Lan Se.

P: Wait, Lin Lan Se!

ZX: What more do you want with Khun Lin?

P: Of course, I do have. I want to ask Khun Lin, that day I went to see you asking about the girl Ruetainak, and you said you didn’t know her. But  come today, you take care of everything about this girl.

LLS: Do I need to answer that?

P:  Yes, you do, because I’m a cop investigating on this case.

ZX: May I know what this case has anything to do with Khun Lin?

P: It has because I take that you are concealing this girl’s information.

LLS: For what charge Ruetainak is guilty of?

ZX: Khun Lin’s right. You haven’t yet come up with the charge that Ruetainak is guilty of. Therefore, you don’t have the right to interrogate or be suspicious of Khun Lin.

Zhong Xin tells his guard to send off the Captain.

P: I won’t go anywhere!

LLS: Captain, this place is a private hospital and I’m the owner. I have the right not to welcome you.

ZX: Please leave.

Lan Se and Zhong Xin walk away.

The guard tells Patric to leave by the goods elevator. Lol.

P: Wait until it’s my turn, I will surely put you two in jail! Just remember!

The guard tells him to take the goods elevator. Patric and buddy get into the elevator. Buddy asks what they will do next and if he wants to keep finding Ruetainak.

P: Didn’t you see that the doctor confirmed it?

Buddy: Then this case is closed?

P: Not yet, only Ruetainak’s case is closed, but for Carlos, I will find the way to arrest him no matter what!

Lan Se rounds the corner and says, “As of now, Ruetainak disappeared from this world.”

Nantaka: Khun Lin came up with a plan that Nak’s dead?

ZX: That’s correct. We did that so Patric Baton would stop messing with Ruetainak.

Yuthapong is lying on the hospital bed.

Yuth: Will that cop believe it?

ZX: Believe or not, he left this place already.

Nantaka: How is Nak? Can I go visit my sister?

ZX: Two more days…wait until her condition gets better, I’ll bring her here to see you.

Nantaka: Yes.

ZX: Khun Lin wants you to tell all of the truth to Ruetainak.

Nantaka: What truth?

Yuth: I’ll tell you later.

ZX: All right, please excuse me.

Zhong Xin leaves.

Nantaka: Dad, what truth?

Yuth: Nak is not really your sister.

Part 5

Lan Se comes visit Nak in the hospital. He thinks of how she confessed her love to him.

LLS: Who told you, that you were the mistake that I got a whole of. The only mistake was, I didn’t choose you from the beginning. If you were the one I chose at first, things wouldn’t be this mess. Isn’t that right?

He leans down to kiss her cheek but stops at the sound of Danny. Hehe.

LLS: It’s you again?

D: Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. It’s purely a coincident. Whatever you want to do, please go ahead and I will cover my eyes.

He covers his eyes with his hands and starts singing again.

LLS: Why did you come here?

D: That’s my friend. When my friend is sick, you won’t allow me to visit her?

LLS: Yes, if that’s possible. I don’t want you to mess with her.

Nak wakes up.

Nak: What is this all about?

D: Lin Lan Se, even if you are the owner of her heart now, you should ask her first if she wants me out of her life or not. So, Ruetainak?

Nak: What are you talking about?

D: Lin Lan Se doesn’t want me to mess with you.

Lan Se holds her hand.

LLS: That’s right. (To Nak) Tell him already, to stop messing with you.

Nak: But…

LLS: Ruetainak, what am I to you?

Nak: Eh…

D: Just tell him, you will never break up with me.

LLS: Don’t threaten her!

D: And you, didn’t you just threaten her?

Nak: All right, you two, stop fighting. I’m very tired and want to get some sleep.

D: Ruetainak, you must tell Lin Lan Se that…

LLS: I think it’s better that you leave or I will throw you out.

D: Ruetainak, you don’t even protect me?

Nak: Dan, I think you should leave for now.

D: You were brave enough to confess your love to Lin Lan Se in front of everyone, but you don’t have the courage to tell him that I’m your friend?

Nak: It’s not like that, Dan.

D: Just remember, Ruetainak! We end everything here.

Nak: Dan, listen to me first. Dan! Danny!

Danny leaves the room.

LLS: That’s good, let him go, and don’t mess with him anymore.

Nak: But Danny is my friend.

LLS: Did you forget who you are now?

Nak: Me?

LLS: Don’t tell me you already forgot that you confessed your love to me.

Nak: That time I was confused and felt dizzy. I don’t know what I said so embarrassingly. I’m sorry.

He sits down on the bed.

LLS: Are you telling me you didn’t mean what you said?

Nak: No, I meant it. I really meant to tell you that.

LLS; Then, say it again.

Nak: Say what?

LLS: Say that you love me.

Nak: Bring your ear close then.

He leans down.

Nak: I love you.

He smiles.

LLS: Say it louder, I couldn’t hear it well.

Nak: I love you, Lin Lan Se.

LLS: Say it louder than this.

Nak: I love you, Lin Lan Se. Are you satisfied now?!

He smiles and leans down to kiss her cheek.

LLS: Don’t you want to kiss my cheek?

He leans his left cheek to her. She kisses it and hides under the blanket.

LLS: Another side too.

Nak kisses his right cheek.

He kisses her forehead.

Aww…..this is how they were in Book 3-4, Lan Se loved to ask for her attention all the time. Poor Danny, they didn’t have enough screentime for you, I missed you in this episode.

Part 6

Pei Aing and Meena come visit Nak at the hospital.

MN: I was horrified to see you shoot Khun Lin.

PA: Besides your cleverness to deserve the name Cubic, you were good at acting too.

Nak: It was necessary, Khun Pei Aing.

MN: Can you tell me how you planned it that made everything turn out this way?

Nak: I knew that Lang Yong Wen wanted me, so I outwitted him by hiring a gunman named Shin Fu.

PA: Shin Fu, the one who once chased after Lin Lan Se to get him killed?

Nak: Yes.

Flashback, Nak is on the phone with Shin Fu telling him to join her team to take down Lang Yong Wen. Shin Fu calls Yong Wen’s lackey and wants to talk to Yong Wen.

Hui: Why are you calling?

SF: Let me talk to Khun Lang Yong Wen.

Hui: I’m not with Khun Lang Yong Wen.

SF: Don’t lie. Tell him I have something to talk to him.

YW: Who’s that?

Hui: It’s Shin Fu, boss. He has something to talk to you.

YW: Shin Fu? (He grabs the phone.) You dared call me?

SF: Khun Yong Wen, I think we should forget the past and start over.

YW: What’s it about?

SF: Cubic.

YW: About Cubic?

SF: Yes, Cubic, the one you’re looking for.


Nak: And I told Shin Fu to call Lang Yong Wen to sell the news about me.  You know, Lang Yong Wen even believed it.

PA: And then?

Flashback, Shin Fu comes to see Yong Wen.

Hui: He’s unarmed, boss. I searched.

YW: Tell me, where’s Cubic?

SF: If I tell you so fast, you will kill me here.

YW: Then say it!

SF: I want one million.

YW: What kind of craziness are you talking about?

SF: One million, in exchange for your life, plus you will get Cubic, and the most important thing is, you’ll get to kill Lin Lan Se too. I even think the amount is too less.

YW: All right! I will give you one million, now tell me all of it, what’s plan that girl had in mind.


Nak: And after that, I called Lin Lan Se that we needed to do the acting together.


LLS: What? You will come to kill me on the day of the press conference.

Nak: That’s right. Lang Yong Wen will surely send me to kill you on that day.

LLS: How do you know Lang Yong Wen will do that?

Nak: I read his mind. He’s greedy and very ambitious. There’s no way he will leave you alone.

LLS: So what’s the kind of protection you want me to do?

Nak: I will shoot you with a filming gun and you send Zhong Xin for someone good at special effects to manage once you were shot.

Nak shoots Lan Se and he falls down. Yong Wen laughs.

-Okay, I will say it, there’s no blood? No blood?

Nak: After that, Patric Baton will show up because Shin Fu told him on the phone about me. At that moment, everything will turn into a chaos. The electricity of the whole building will be cut off. Then we will corner Lang Yong Wen to the 18th floor.

Yong Wen runs down the stairs and can’t open the first fire exit door until the next one. Zhong Xin says everything is according to the plan.

Nak  (on the phone with Lan Se): Then…you’ll wait there to take him down!

LLS: How can you be so sure that Lang Yong Wen will walk into your plan?

Nak: He will do that for sure because he’s so eager to bring you down from power and become the Highest Leader of ChaiHong Group instead. After that, he will do everything to make you comply and give him the power, and he knows that your weakness.

Lan Se hangs up and contemplates on it.


MN: So you knew all along that Khun Lin loved you.

Nak: I didn’t know about that, all I knew is, I would plan for them to capture me and Pee Nan, and everything would happen according to the plan.

PA: And the explosion of the building was also in your plan?

Nak: No, that one was out of my plan. Who would have guessed that Lang Yong Wen would be so brave to wrap the bomb around himself  and give up his own life!

MN: You’re so good. I wish I could have half of your cleverness.

Pei Aing sits down and hugs her.

PA: That’s not good, Meena.

MN: Why?

PA: If you were clever, you might not like me.

MN: Are you saying I was so stupid to like you? (LOL)

PA: No, I didn’t mean that.

MN: Just leave now, I want to talk to Nak, just the two of us.

PA: Let me talk with you too.

MN: No, you cannot. You can come pick up to go home in two hours.

PA: All right, my dear. (Change to angry face at Nak) Ruetainak, do not say or teach Meena anything to make her turn stubborn with me.

Nak shrugs.

MN: All right, just leave.

PA: Right, my dear.

Pei Aing leaves the room.

MN: Why are you smiling?

Nak: I’m so happy to see you happy. Looks like Khun Pei Aing loves you very much.

MN: I thought so because he would obey me everything I said. The most important thing is, he released my father from the debt too, and he asked for my hand and we got engaged (show the ring to Nak).

Nak: Serious?

MN: Yes. I really wanted to tell you about it but I couldn’t contact you. I didn’t even know that you went back to Thailand. I went to the construction site to ask about you but they all said they didn’t know you.

Nak: It’s because Lin Lan Se suppressed the news about me.

MN: But I’m you close friend. I met him at Khun Mei Jing’s funeral, and he didn’t think of telling anything to me.

Nak: It’s because the things about me were such a mess. When I went back to Thailand, I didn’t tell anyone, even my dad and Pee Nan.

MN: But now everything is over, and are you and Khun Lin understand each other now?

Nak: I think…we are.

MN: What do you mean you think?

Nak: I never have a boyfriend so I don’t know how to behave, act, dress, or talk.

MN: You are so funny. There’s no need to do anything, just be you like this. My opinion is, Khun Lin loves you because you are different from others. Just be you, no need to change at all.

Nak: Is that right?

MN: If you don’t believe, then you can ask Khun Lin if he wants you to become like someone.

Nak: Now that I got to talk to you, I felt much better. You know, I was so stressful before this.

MN: Stressful about being Khun Lin’s girlfriend.

Nak: Yes. I just don’t know what I should do. All I know is, when I see his face, my heart would beat so fast and it would heat up may face. Sometimes, I wanted to hide under the blanket all the time.

MN: It would be like that at first but you will get used to it. But you are happy when see him, aren’t you?

Nak: Very happy. I just realize that falling in love feels this good.

MN: That’s true. Love is such an amazing thing.

Part 7

Nak comes to see her father and Nantaka.

Nak: Pee Nan!

Nan: Nak!

They hug each other.

Nantaka: How are you? I wanted to visit you but Khun Zhong Xin wouldn’t let me.

Nak: I am fine! My whole body is in tact. Dad! How are you? When Pee Nan told me that you were shot, I thought you wouldn’t make it.

Yuth: I won’t die easily.

Nak: Now I know who I took after having a tough skin (die hard), it’s coming from you, dad.

Nak: What happened to you? Why are you acting so strangely now?

Nan: Dad has something to tell you.

Nak: What is it, dad?

Yuth: I have an important thing I want to tell you.

Nak: Don’t tell me you are in debt again.

Yuth: I won’t do such thing again.

Nak: So what is the important thing of yours about?

Yuth (reach out his hand): Nak, first you must promise me that once you hear all of it, you won’t be angry with me.

Nak: I couldn’t be angrier at you than when you used me as a loan guarantee. Just tell me.

Yuth: Nak, listen carefully. You are not my real daughter.

Nak: Is dad teasing me now?

Nan: He tells you the truth. You are not my father and mother’s child.

Nak: That can’t be true. Dad and Pee Nan, you are just teasing me now.

Yuth: Nak, you are a daughter of my friend. (Pictures of the past come up.) Before your parents died, your father took you to me, and I promised him that I would take care of you and love just like you were my own daughter.

Nak: Why are you telling me now?

Nantaka: Because your father was ‘Ngao’ of the previous ChaiHong Group’s leader.

Nak: What are you and dad talking about?

Yuth: Nak’s father was the man who was ‘Ngao’ of the previous ChaiHong Group’s leader…., and this is the reason I sent you to Lin Lan Se instead of Nan.

Nak cries.

Nak: What is this? I’m so confused.

Yuth: I’m sorry to hide it from you all this time.

Nantaka: Khun Lin Lan Se knew it too.

Nak: Then what will I do next? Dad, you won’t take me as your daughter anymore, will you? Pee Nan, you also won’t take me as your sister anymore, will you?

Yuth: It’s not like that. You are still my child, Ai Nak, my great daughter forever.

Nantaka: Yes, that’s right. You are still my lovely sister just like before.

Nak: Is that true? All of you still love me just like before, aren’t you?

Nak hugs her dad.

Yuth: I always love you, my child.

Nantaka: Yes, we still love just the same.

She hugs Nan.

Nantaka: It’s you only who won’t be the same.

Nak: How could I not be the same?

Nantaka: Because now you have someone you love more than dad and me.

Nak: Who are you talking about?

Nantaka: Who did you risk your own life to save him?

Nak: Lin Lan Se?

Nantaka: That’s right. Don’t tell me that you don’t love him.

Nak: Pee Nan! Don’t talk like that. It’s so embarrassing.

Yuth: But Khun Lin Lan Se told me that he would propose to you.

Nak: Propose?! (Getting married)

Nak is so shocked.

Lan Se and Zhong Xin are walking in the hallway of the hospital.

LLS: Do you think Ruetainak will say yes?

ZX: It’s hard to say because she’s not like any normal girl.

LLS: You said like that, I’m disturbed now.

Nak sits down.

Yuth: That’s right. Khun Lin Lan Se wants to marry you.

Nak: No, I won’t get married!

Nantaka: Don’t you love him? One day you will marry him anyway.

Nak: But not now, I’m not ready!

Yuth: Ai Nak! But I already gave you to him.

Nak: Then you marry him, but I won’t!

Yuth: Nak, wait!

Nak leaves the room.

Nantaka: I told you Nak would never agree to it.

Yuth: Then I will leave it to Lin Lan Se to do the job.

Nak bumps into Lan Se in the hallway. He smiles to her but she doesn’t. She turns to leave.

LLS: Wait, Ruetainak.

ZX: I think you would need to handle it yourself.

Part 8

Lan Se rounds the corner to intercept Nak.

LLS: Where are you going?

Nak walks the other way but Lan Se steps in front of her anyway.

Nak: Get out of the way.

He doesn’t let her walk pass him.

LLS: What are you angry at me about?

Nak: Nothing.

Lan Se follows her.

LLS: That’s not true. Your father told you already that I would marry you, didn’t he?

Nak: And how do you know that I will marry you?

LLS: Of course, I know, because you love me. This reason is enough for us to get married.

Nak: It’s not enough.

LLS: What more do you want?

Nak: Just think, think, what you didn’t give me yet?

Lan Se stops to think.

LLS: I wouldn’t know. Just tell me, what do you want? I will tell Zhong Xin to find one for you.

Nak: Zhong Xin won’t be able to find one for you.

LLS: You know already that there’s  nothing I won’t have if I wanted it. Tell me, I will get it for you now.

Nak: I told you it couldn’t be bought with money.

LLS: So what is it? Tell me already.

Nak: You are going to marry me but..but you haven’t told me you love me.

LLS: Wait, Ruetainak. Is this what you want?

Nak: Yes!

LLS: Of all what I’ve done, you still don’t know how I feel for you?

Nak: Yes, I know, but I want to hear it clearly from your mouth.

LLS: I think you….

Nak: If you can’t say it, then we won’t get married.

She turns away.

LLS: Wait, Ruetainak….All right, I love you. Are you satisfied now?

Nak smiles.

Nak: Look, a person would confess his love this short?

Lan Se puts both hands on his hips feeling weary.

LLS: What do you want me to do? You wanted to hear it so I said it already.

Nak: It’s not sentimental enough.

LLS: Then what do you want me to do so it would be sentimental?

Nak: You kneel down, like in a movie.

LLS: Me? Kneel down?

Nak: Yes, you are the hero so you must kneel down and say, “I love you. Please marry me.”

-I foresee an age-gap here, haha.

LLS: I can’t do that.

Nak: If you can’t do it, we will end it here!

Both turn around and walk away from each other.

LLS: Wait, Ruetainak.

He looks at her bitterly and walks to her. He kneels down and takes her hand.

LLS: I love you. Please marry me.

She smiles and touches his chin.

Nak: That’s it, as if it sticks to your throat.

He smiles and she hugs him. He stands up and kisses her forehead. He hugs her again. Everyone is clapping for their happiness.

Aww…how I wish Danny could be here too.

Part 9

Lan Se takes Nak to pay respect at the temple. They walk down the stairs together.

Nak: I have something to tell you.

LLS: I have something to tell you too.

Nak: Then you tell me first.

LLS: I will send you to stay in England.

Nak: Why do I have to? Can’t I not go?

LLS: I’m not sure when Patric Baton will come back here again.

Nak: But you’ve already deleted all of my records, and I’ve even changed my name and family name.

He holds her hands.

LLS: To be on the safe side, you should stay away from here for 3-4 years.

Nak: Will we be apart again?

LLS: No, we won’t be apart. I have a house there. I will go to see you everyday.

Nak: Everyday? That’s impossible.

LLS: I’m serious. If it’s possible, I will go to see you everyday.

He hugs her.

Nak: What about my dad and my sister?

LLS: I will send them back to Thailand. You may not see them for a while but don’t worry, I will take the best care of them.

Nak: All right. If you think it’s good, then I will believe you.

LLS: And what do you want to tell me?

Nak: About getting married.

LLS: All right, what’s the kind of wedding you like? The Chinese way, the western way, or the Thai way.

Nak: Eh…not that. I’m not ready to get married yet.

LLS: Why? What’s the problem?

Nak: I want to finish my education first.

LLS: I think there’s  no need for that.

Nak: There’s no need for you but there’s for me. I’m just 18 years old. Let me finish school first, all right?

LLS: How many years more?

Nak: If I don’t fail in class, it will be just four more years.

Lan Se looks horrified (O_O!)

LLS: That’s too long.

Nak: Four years are not that long at all. Then, how about we get engaged first?

LLS: All right, but we must register our marriage first.

Nak: Register our marriage?

LLS: That’s right, to guarantee that you won’t change your mind.

Nak: I won’t change my mind really. I confessed my love to you already.

He takes both of her hands.

LLS: If you want to continue your education, must register our marriage first. Pick one.

Nak: You, tricky man.

He pulls her to him for a hug.

Bomb LLS: Don’t move or you could fall.

He looks at her.

LLS: Do you want to continue with your education?

She nods.

LLS: Then, it’s done.

He kisses her forehead.

They walk down the steps together. Aww….love the location here.


The ending does leave room for the final part. Lin Lan Se is sending her to study in England which covered in Book 3-4 (Final Part). I was disappointed that Danny was left hanging in  the end. Viewers also noticed they didn’t put the word ‘The End’ on the screen at the end of the episode, so they thought there might be a sequel coming in the future. They also were discussing if there’s going to be the final part, what they wanted to be fixed or adjusted. The most surprising thing about this lakorn is that it divided viewers mainly into two groups.

First, the fans of the novel who hate the lakorn. This group constantly criticized/attacked the lakorn in every episode in every possible way, and I mean every (I read it). They said the scriptwriter didn’t pay enough attention to/respect the original story and turned their beloved characters into comedians etc. Thus, most of this group don’t support Cubic 2

Second, the fans of the lakorn who doesn’t care a bit about the novel as long as it’s entertaining with good ratings as a result (which means most people in the country love it). They said the novel’s fans were much less in number with the viewers nationwide, so most of them are voting in favor of Cubic2

And may I add the third group here, Bomb Tanin’s anti-fans due to his recent scandal which sadly came out at the exact time this lakorn started its broadcast, to which sadly affected the lakorn’s popularity from the beginning. I read many comments on the internet that seemed coming from this group, which also constantly attacked their target. This group imo didn’t care about the lakorn that much yet kept criticizing through its run.

What I said above, I believe, is still going on as I’m typing this. It makes me wonder why some even watched and continued watching this lakorn in the first place. To me, the private matter will always remain private. I saw Bomb publicly apologize on a show broadcasted nationwide for what happened so shouldn’t that be enough? Let’s leave the rest for him to solve, because, we will never know what really happened behind the scene so my sentiment here is, it always feels nice to forgive instead of stepping on a person who’s already failed. If he/she will make the same mistake again, let’s leave that to the future, don’t make a judge on them now.

As a reader of the novel, I felt the scriptwriter didn’t have faith in the original story. She might be thinking the story was unrealistic for a 17 years old girl, so she thought she should make some adjustment to her character. In fact, if she spent time with some high IQ boys/girls out there, she would have known that Ruetainak’s nerdy in the story didn’t fall short in real life. I had spent time with a boy from this group. He’s even younger than Ruetainak. You know, I couldn’t talk nonsense to the boy at all. His line of thoughts and logic was much faster than normal. I felt he saw the world differently, which could be solved by some easy algorithm. He would get bored so easily talking to you because your knowledge wasn’t challenging enough for his brain.

So, in that sense, this scriptwriter or the producer weren’t brave enough to go overboard with Ruetainak’s character, because that’s who she was and that’s what made this novel become so popular. They failed to get to the heart of the story and turned ‘Cubic’ into a simple idea, so I could only assume that they may never have any experience with this special group of students (aka nerds). I could understand why the anger of the readers kept rising in every episode. However, broadcasting wise, I’m not sure if they totally followed everything in the novel, the lakorn would be this popular, because sometimes viewers just wants to relax and enjoy more than do the thinking i.e. complicated crime solving with math and all.

I still think this lakorn is as good as it can get for such storyline. It’s not totally bad like some said or else the ratings wouldn’t prove otherwise. It could have been better, of course, with more budget, better directing, acting, action sequences, sound mixing, and editing. However, who knows, even with a perfect production team but if without its charms, it may not turn to be a success.

All in all, this lakorn obviously felt short on logic and crime solving, but the leads were too cute for words.

Verdict: Liked


For Cubic 2, I still have a mix feeling because in Final Part, the crime solving was more complicate and the story happened between Hong Kong and other European counties, so it should be hard to film a perfect picture.

If we get to have the same cast, it shouldn’t be that hard for Bomb since Lin Lan Se in the Final Part already fell deep for Ruetainak and didn’t try to hide his feeling anymore, more like in the last few bits of this episode. However, I want to see a calmer Ruetainak from Mint Chalida because Nak was 21 in this part. Since in the novel both Mei Jing and San Gui didn’t die, people on the internet were calling for the Final Part to bring them back even in the most ridiculous ways. LOL.


It was a fun ride with you all  🙂

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  1. Hi dear… Any chances u’ll translate some parts of cubic novel book 2? I know asking u 2 translate d whole book is not possible as u must b busy… but some parts like their sweet moments or when he is jealous n possessive about her… It will be awesome if u can…
    Let me know 🙂

  2. Wow, a year later and I finally got to watching this lakorn Cubic but the eng subs of Cubic were deleted off of Viki and YT so I’m sooooo happy to have found these screen caps for a better understanding of the lakorn! I actually enjoyed this lakorn, especially when Nark confessed her love publicly and when Lan Ser got down on his knees to propose. This lakorn def was one of it’s kind. Thank you for the screen caps.

  3. Hi, i really loved cubic! Also i want to read all the books, but infortunatly there are only in thai. I was wondering if you could help me to find the books in english??? Or maybe please tell me what happend in the other books? What happend to dany? >< hope you can help me, i will really apreciate. Greetings from México. Please answer to my email. Thank you.

  4. I watch the lakorn first then I get to know about the book. Overall it was enjoyable but the term genius cannot really fit in with the scene portrayed in the drama. Honestly in all 16 episodes there are many moment when i say that ‘what the hell with the scene it looks so silly. It can no where compete with the crime-action genius drama like japan and English drama that i watch before. It is disappointing….”

    Then I came across the statement that say that CH3 has lightened Ruthainark character so that she is more acceptable to be watch by public and also change some of the storyline that it nowhere comparable with the actual one. So, I really have a high hope for the books. Since I cannot understand thai language, I hope It will be translated to english very soon.
    Honestly, I prefer the heavy and wise character of Ruthainark with unexpected turns of event which need s people to think more, so it will suit the term genius…
    As drama lovers I have no complaint before about how the thai producers and directors make their story even though there are so many ludicrous scene that I’ve come across, but I do have complaints about this one. Cubic can be a lot more better and can have a really good potential if the scripts and storyline is done more nicely….Cubic can soar better with a good production group.
    It’s pity that they cannot meet the real standard of Cubic.
    Looking forward to the translated book. I’lll purchased one if it ever be translated. I hope the books really meet up the standard.

  5. Hi !

    Why the thai novel is not translate in english ? 😦 I’m so sad …

  6. Is there still going to be a second season of cubic??

    • The last time I read about it, the author and the producer talked, the answer was no. Many lakorn fans asked for Part II, but the novel fans didn’t want it so…..I think ‘no’ would be the best answer. I voted for ‘yes’ though T___T

  7. I also want a second season wih the same cast ! Their private matters are private, The characters they’re playing are only what we’re looking for..

  8. What kind of scandal that happen to Bomb Tanin?

  9. Mint said in one of her interview today, there will not be Cubic Season 2.😢😢 the real reason is not knowing, even though fans r asking for badly!!!

    • Oh, its been confirmed to have no season 2???? Nooooo!!!!!

      • Uma posted this on IG and Mint mentioned she is sad that there will not be cubic 2. It seems as it was confirmed. I hope they (the ch. 3 big boss and author will change their mind)… But ye it going to involve big $$$ into this project.

  10. really cant seem to get enough of this episode esp the hospital scene… so sweet 🙂
    really hope for cubic 2 with the same cast.,,cos Bomb & Mint looked good together…..
    really hope that the whole series of the books 1-4 are translated to english soon and made available to international fans.
    :pray :pray…

  11. Cubic ratings ep 15: 10.7 and ep 16: 10.4. I’m so happy that Cubic did well in the ratings^_^

  12. Thank you very much, kcomments for putting this up. I really appreciate your work.

  13. So happy to find this. I’m a fan of Cubic too and reading the good news that Cubic 2 could be possible, I’m overjoyed. Crossed my finger and pray that I get to see the same cast especially Bomb-Mint, Danny, and Jongsin…

    I also agreed that Bomb’s scandal is his personal life, and people shouldn’t use this against the lakorn.. But everyone is different.. Some can’t distinguish between work and personal life where they’d mix everything together and make thing more complicate. Actor and actress are human so everyone make mistake in life, no one is perfect. Bomb did his part, he apologized…

    Oh well.. I just hope and pray If there is really Cubic 2, Bomb and Mint will still in here… Their chemistry is amazing, at least that is what I see.

  14. I saw the comment posted by satapornbooks, but it’s in thai. Can you please advice. Thank you so much for your help!
    ขอบคุณค่ะ ทางสำนักพิมพ์จะนำไปพิจารณาค่ะ

  15. Hi, today I saw your post:Cubic (Final) #3 (1) but when I tried to click on the link , it said error. Wahhh… I wanna know what you wrote about it: Is it about Book 3 and 4? Pls….I’m dying here of curiousity! Thanks for the wonderful recap of the final episode and also your comments. What would I do without you? 😀

    • Sorry, I thought I would translate some of it but the things that are going on around here about Cubic (cast and production/ the author) are such a chaos, so I think I shouldn’t touch on the subject at all. I read the author said she hasn’t yet sold the license of Cubic (Final) to any channel (not sure about now, at this moment). Let’s leave it for now, sorry to confuse you.

      • What do you mean about the chaos??

        • I know what exactly happen. i just chat with the author. She told me it’s because this time for Cubic (final) she will be more strict with any channel who want to use her work to make it into drama. it’s because for the previous one, i mean currently Cubic, the story-line was so different from the original one, so this time if they want it, they have to follow the original series without changing anything. You think, it is good news or bad news?

          • Cubic 2 would require more budget definitely. Sigh… if other channel were to obtain the rights, does it mean that the casts would be different?

            • I think if they make it into movie maybe the cost would more less than the drama series. about the cast, it’s all depends on the channel. if same channel obtain the rights, who knows…maybe same cast or maybe different one.. i don’t really care about the cast, if they still the same, it’s great…but if they want to change..the production team know what it’s best to make it’s worth for the budget. the important thing right now, do they dare to follow the original? it’s because the novel itself is a fiction… you know what i mean?

        • There are two sides of all things. I’m not sure why people won’t talk in private on certain matter these days. First, Bomb’s scandal, the person talked through video clips, hurting Bomb was another matter, but the whole Cubic production and the cast members through its run? Then the author, she should realize that this lakorn helped her novel (4 books) selling so well that at some stores it’s sold out, so even if the lakorn didn’t follow everything on her story, Cubic (the lakorn) is very popular, thus, taking the author/novel into spotlight/media. So, instead of saying, if the producer won’t agree on some of her demands first, she won’t sell the rights of Cubic (Final), she should talk to them in private when that time comes, but I read she talked through FB (right?) so the whole world knows about it? The author herself is in younger generation with not many works in hand compared to veteran writers, she has the future ahead of her, so she needs to be in good terms with every broadcaster and producer too. Also, the fans of the novel, they have to understand that the author needs to make a living too, holding Cubic 100% accurate will take their favorite novel no where, at the same time, indirectly forcing the author to meet their demands? All I want to say is, it’s getting weary that people who criticized the lakorn have refused to accept the fact that there are many who loved the lakorn out there, such as people like us here. For the author, I hope she will appreciate even a little bit of the lakorn even if it’s not perfect, because it’s the main reason why people are asking for Cubic2 now, especially the whole cast. I’ve never heard any veteran respectable writer openly set conditions publicly before, this is new, coming from a newbie at that. We still don’t know if Cubic-1 followed everything in the novel, it would be this popular, same with Cubic2. What I’m saying is give and take in the right proportion is the best.

          • For bomb’s scandal, i think focus is putting herself in a lose-lose situation. I believe she’s aware of the consequences already. It’s a lesson in life that both of them should learn. It’s just a pity that it affected the popularity of such a good drama.
            I am also a little bit disappointed that the author has made such strict demands. Hopefully she will change her mind if tv3 approaches her for the collaboration. Otherwise, it would be a lose-lose situation for us fans… no English translated Cubic series & Cubic 2… sob sob sob…

  16. To all friend, here the comment i get when i post the link of petition to author facebook page. I really hope this petition will be success.

    Oops Sorry! Few month ago, I’ve heard from my friend that there were some foreigners came to Thai Books Fair in October (or March I’m not sure) , finding Thai novels to translate in English. The publisher who’s responsible for ‘Cubic’ also met some of them. They asked for the novel and the publisher give them a fantasy novel ‘Savena’. (This novel has been popular since 2006) That’s why I think the publisher(Sataporn publishing) may interest about sending Cubic to translate in English language too if they know about your petition, and realize how Cubic gains an interest from the foreigner. So I decided to post your link on Sataporn page and explain them about your request, because I think it’ll be easier to communicate in Thai.
    I’m not sure how often they check their webpage but I hope they see your petition as soon as possible.
    Anyway thank you for interest in Cubic, if Cubic get a chance to translate in English, may be other novels by B13 st. will receive the same treatment too. She’s talent one and always make such a great improvement in her works. I’m pretty sure you won’t disappoint in her writing, especially the fantasy novel, which is her strong point.

  17. Hello! So, is the petition on? I gathered that there are at least 10 of us here who are interested. I believe there must be more, but we have to raise more awareness. Rox and jafstar78, can you kindly advise?

  18. May I ask a question? Did the book mention who killed Lin Lan Se and Nak fathers? Who was it?

    • If in the novel, it’s Lan Se’s mom who betrayed the organization, ChaiHong Group, and she committed suicide later, but I forgot how. It seemed she leak some important info, sth about Ngao too. That’s why Lan Se didn’t want anything to do with his mother (Magaret-English woman). Anyone?

      • Thank You I think that also answer the question about why Lan Se’s mom committed suicide. Maybe she felt guilt about betrayed and getting Lan Se’s dad kill, that she could not live with herself and committed suicide.

        • Sorry bad English meant to say Maybe she felt guilt about betraying and getting Lan Se’s dad kill. That she could not live with herself and committed suicide.

  19. I have good news for you. I saw on Mint IG that CH3 has approved Cubic2 but she said she had to shoot lakorn “Kaew Ta Wan Jai” first, and she can accept only one lakorn a year since she’s about to graduate. But for Bomb, I’m not sure because I saw some want him back but some want some other actor. All I can say, if what I saw is true, we can hope for Cubic2 but don’t hope for the same cast though, also the fans want them to change the producer too. Oh, well…I’m fine with the same cast and crew cuz I need the same tone from part 1.

    I saw Danny (First Parada) today by chance (really). The boy is so tall and good looking. I think we will see him in leading role soon.

    For the novel,
    The author is B 13 s.t
    The publisher and distributor is Satapornbooks
    Taken from the cover of the novel.

    • oh wow!!! that’s good newsssss I’m so glad to hear this, hope cubic 2 comes true!
      I personally prefer the same cast (bomb and mint) because I think the feeling would be a little different if part 2 is acted by different leads, no sense of continuity? and I think mint is perfect for this role. so if mint only can accept one lakorn per year means she can only film cubic 2 next year.

      haha you’re so lucky to meet First! I didn’t get the image that he was tall, probably because when he stands next to bomb he doesn’t look tall lol. looking forward to his future projects 🙂

      • If they don’t keep the crew, it’s won’t have the same taste and success

      • i would love for Bomb and Mint to come back and play Cubic 2. As far as Bomb’s scandal and stuff, that’s really his personal life and has nothing to do with acting. He played the stiff mafia character as he should be and it’s so adorable that he held himself back in the story because Nark is in her teens. I don’t think any other Thai actor can quite carry the mafia persona as Bomb… It helps in selling the story that they have physical height differences too…. So for me Bomb and Mint back, cross our fingers…

    • That’s great news! I would like the exact same cast too. Anyway, hope that bomb’s image can improve by the time they start filming, so he can be considered favourably for the role. It would really be weird having a different actor taking over. Since mint is only taking one lakorn a year, hopefully the tv station might postphone the filming of ‘kaew ta wan jai’ to next year and proceed with cubic 2. They should strike while the iron is hot! Haha… dream on… 😴

    • Oh my God. I’m so happy to hear that. I really hope there will be a Cubic 2 with the SAME CAST. (I’m ready for petition or anything else. LoL)
      Also i want to thank you for your recap and all, I enjoyed it.
      Your comments and precisions when you point out some differences between the lakorn and the book. Really THANK YOU.
      I will follow your update and hope you will translate or resume book 3 and 4.

    • Can you please give me Mint’s IG account? I want to follow her…

  20. Thanks a lot for your posts, they were very interesting and funny.
    I agree with your comments on the lakorn there is a little something missing but it’s not bad and I love Lan Ser-RueTaiNark’s couple (Bomb and Mint are cute), Zhong Xin and of course Danny.

    I watched episode 6 when I wondered if there was a novel about this story (I wanted the story better) and I found your messages; the more I read it the more I was hoping for a manga.

    And now that I saw the drawings I CRY FOR THE MANGA !!!
    But the novels in English would be nice too / also in French (^ _ ^), or summaries ? lol.

    Je reviendrai, bonne continuation !


    • J’espère aussi le voir en français mais le problème c’est que les français sont étroit d’esprit. Si c’est pas américain c’est dur pour eux.

      • Well, proof that not all because we are here!
        We must just infect others…
        I do it little by little with my children (yes I’m old).

        Eh bien, la preuve que non puisque nous sommes ici!
        Nous devons juste infecter les autres …
        Moi je le fais petit à petit avec mes enfants (oui je suis une vieille).

        [Et pour info les mangas en France, y a 20 ans, étaient “essentiellement” City Hunter (que j’adore) et Dragon Ball donc ça a bien progressé depuis et la vague coréenne y contribue aussi. Maintenant on peut trouver divers dramas, une question de mode donc].

  21. Kcomments, can you help us to write in Thai

    Please translate Cubic into English so international fans can enjoy this great novel!

    Love from the international fans.

    • ขอความกรุณาแปลนวนิยาย คิวบิกทั้ง 4 เล่ม เป็นภาษาอังกฤษ เพื่อแฟนชาวต่างชาติจะได้รับความสุขจากนวนิยายที่ดีมากชุดนี้ด้วยค่ะ/ครับ!
      จาก แฟนชาวต่างชาติ

      There you go, I added “all 4 books” after Cubic and ended the sentence with ‘ka/krab’ (for women and men, for politeness) and make sure to post the last 2 lines in separate line, that’s how they end a letter in Thai to be polite. Good luck!
      *Pls don’t credit me for this translation hehe *run back to my cave*

  22. Thanks for the recap. I really enjoy this drama. The characters portrayed what they should be. LLS was a person who could not love and Nark was a person who believed that she was not good enough for someone to love due to her appearance. Through out it all they grew to love each other and depended on each other. LLS was first because Nark was different than any other woman he knew and her willingness to work, love for her family and friends slowly crack the ice that his heart was encase in. When you are a person that does trust easily and you see/ find someone who you can trust when you are at your worse and you believe would abandon you due to their circumstances and they don’t why wouldn’t your heart finally open to that person.
    Nark is a genius that see things differently and she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind and that is one of the reason why people around LLS had this bewildered look on their faces because they could not believe she was not afraid of him and said anything she want. Danny became her best friend because they were kindred spirit and both accepted each other for what they were. He never care how she looked and she never cared about what his dad did for a living. They were just two people who found each other and enjoyed and loved been together.
    Overall, everything in the drama wasn’t prefect but you have to expect that when you are dealing with a high school kid and a grown adult much less a genius, talented and very intelligent young lady. I love the fact that neither tried to change each other and just accepted each other for who they are unconditionally. JS showed us what true loyalty is about. He never wavered in his duties and at times became a sounding board of reason for LLS.
    Truly enjoyed this drama and hoping there will be a Cubic 2 to follow. Love to read the novels if they ever publish in English. Again, thanks for all your recap and insight and everyone’s postings especially Patty.

  23. Happy Songkran Day to you all and have fun dreaming of Lan Se or Pei Aing or Zhong Xin or Danny or Patric or his buddy? Buahaha…..

  24. Haven’t checked out lately but hope viki would finish the subs soon… thank you for your translations… helped a lot while waiting for viki…

  25. Thanks you for taking your time to do the recaps; great job!

  26. Thank you for your recap.

    Have a good Songkran.

    If you have the time, appreciate if you could write more about book 3 and 4.

    Once again, thank you Cubic for letting me to have a good March and April.

  27. I did a search online and found out that the publisher for the ‘Cubic’ series is ‘Princess’, if i am not wrong. However, i am not able to find the email address of the publisher. I am thinking of suggesting for them to get the books translated to English. Can anyone help?

  28. I love your recaps; as much as watching the lakorn 🙂
    Thanks for the great job!

  29. Happy Songkran to you! I hope you are having a lovely time celebrating with family and friends. Thank you for translating in the middle of the festivities. I hope you have a wonderful new year!

    • I mostly stayed put dodging those buckets of water. Hehe. I spent days soaking wet for many years during this festival that I think it’s enough already, hehe. Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  30. Oh I found Nak’s Cubic on “Amazon”, if people are interested. HI HI HI !!!

  31. Thank you. I love this lakorn so much. Hope they will make part 2, pray!

  32. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

    but I’m sad… it’s end snifffffffffffffffffffffff

  33. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us.

    Unlike you (and alot of your readers), I found the ending clichés and painfully predictable. Also, the whole thing that everyone cheered them as he carried her on his hands or he professed his love to her in the hospital was so staged and not real. Maybe I’m too old and experienced for gestures of romance novel, could be …

    • My judgment is based on the original novel whether or not they did a great job bringing it to life. The original novel, I believe, is in action-romance-fantasy genre, manga-liked. The clapping from people was not in the novel, but she did confess in front of his men because she’s afraid she wouldn’t have the chance to say it (i.e. die), also the kneeling down was not there in the novel, but for this lakorn, they were too cute for words so I would embrace all of it. Hehe. Oh, come on, fantasyyy away! Haha.

      In the novel, Nak made it out alive severely injured, and what gave her the strength to get to him one more time was, she wanted to let him know how she felt. That’s why she told him there before they took her to the hospital which she might lose her consciousness again.

  34. Thank you so much for all the recap… and this is definitely a great lakorn to see and I hope their is a Cubic 2 in the future. I am in love with MInt C and can’t wait to see her next project and as for Bomb he did great but I do hope he improves in the future. As you said kudos to the whole team and once again thank you!!

  35. Part 5 killed me, their hospital scenes together never disappoint. I’m gonna miss them so much and I hope we’ll get a season 2 and that kiss scenes won’t still be banned by then. 😛 This lakorn has made me a big fan of Mint Chalida, she should do more roles like this.
    Thank you so much for all the recaps. 😀

    • Poor Danny, he was left short with Ruetienak, now that Nak and Lin Lanser are together. She have anymore times for him, boo hoo!

      • I mean don’t have anymore times to spending with him. He is such a good friend, one whom Nak throwing away, now that she and Lanser are together.

        • I don’t know how old you are, but MOST people while they’re in a relationship spend less time with friends and more time with their sweethearts. a least at the beginning. Some will learn how to balance between life-partner and friends and some will never manage to do so, but that is life. C’est la vie.

          • I feels like Danny has been dish or throw out by Nak.

            • Absolutely not. There are situations where your beloved comes before your best friend. Priorities is not something invented today, and more so when it comes to situations of life and death. Obviously, first of all, she’d want to be with her man and not with her friend.

              • It’s because he is lonely so I hope they will do a second saison and they will find someone for Jongsin and Danny.
                But they should have killed Than San. They killed too much good people. It’s the first time I like watching Mint playing before I always though she does too much, but here it’s perfect !!

                • Cubic Summary of Final Episode 16 In Progresses

                  Previously on Cubic, Lin Lanser announces his resignment of ChaiHong Group power as the leader to Yong Wen in exchanging for the safety of Ruetienak and Nantaka. Everything is going according to Ruetienak plan. Now on with the capped:

                  Yong Wen got up and standing for the reporter to taking a pictures while bow his head for everyone.

                  Men1: “Why is has to be Lang Yong Wen, it should be Tang San first”.

                  Men2:”Yes, Tang San are the elder in here.”

                  Men3:”Lang Yong Wen has a cases with Khun Lins right now!”

                  Men4 whom sit near Yong Wen intervene

                  Men4:” But the cases don’t have any evident that told that Khun Yong Wen is guilty.”

                  Men5 sit the opposite of Pei Ing intervene.
                  Men5:” But I thinks we should let Khun Lin Pei Ing becomes the middle man step up and took the positions as the Top Leader of ChaiHong Group temperary for now, it would fit better.”

                  Men6:” Yes, I thinks Khun Lins Pei Ing are fitting in this positions better.”

                  Jong Sing:”O.K. that enough everyone, I would like for everybody in here to be quiet and listens over here. Follows the rules of ChaiHong Group, the top leader has an authority to gives the power only one persons whom will have that authority to gives that positions as a leaders of ChaiHong Group to anyone then when Khun Lin Lanser has giving that positions to Khun Lang Yong Wen and now Khun Lang Yong Wen has that right, legally in everyway.”

                  Lins:” Jong Sing is correct, from now on from these day Lang Yong Wen is the top leader of ChaiHong Group.”

                  Group of Yong Wen clapping their hand loudly Yong Wen got up to stand and looks at Lin Lanser.

                  Lin Lanser looks at Yong Wen, Yong Wen given nodded to him and glencing his eyes at the side of the stage.

                  Lins follows and looks saw Nak step out.

                  Lins looks


                  Nak walked in and walked toward Lin Lanser, the people below the stage looks and pointing at her confuses.

                  Meena:” Nak”

                  Men1:”Who is that?”

                  Nak and Lins walked toward each other and stopped and stares at each other faces.

                  Nak:”Lanser, why do you have to do this, why sacrified for me.”

                  Lins:”For you to sacrafied your lives for me, why can I do the same for you.” Nak looks with tears, Lin Lanser pulled Nak into an embraces.

                  Men1:”What is this all about. Why did Lin Lanser embraces that kid.”

                  Men2:”Who is that kid anyway?”

                  Yong Wen:” Immediately after Lin Lanser finish his announcement the bomb will start working.

                  Nak pushes herself out of Lin Lanser and staring at Lin Lanser eyes, with tear on her faces.

                  Nak looks at Lin Lanser, Lin Lanser bent down and kisses at Nak temple, the sound of gun shot are heard along with the back of Lin Lanser

                  hrough blood distribution.

                  Yong Wen looks smiles nodded/Jong Sing looks stun.

                  Group of people in the back reeled back Stunning/San Guish looks stunned/Pei Ing and Meena stunned.

                  Lins reel back looks at Nak like he could not believe.

                  Nak:” I’m sorry Lin Lanser.”

                  Nak is in tear/at her hand she grasp the gun brace the tricker at the back of Lin Lanser through one more bullet.

                  Lins eyes are frozen turned back loose from the frame.

                  Jong Sing:”Khun Lins”

                  Nak standing there in tear let go of the gun, the gun drop at the floor in slow motion turned looks at Yong Wen.

                  Nak:”I did as I promises now, let my sister go.”

                  Yong Wen presses stopped the remote.


            • Hi Patricia, I just finished the “Yah Leum Chan,” that you recommended me. Now I am starting to watch the Leh nangfah, but I could not find either the eng-sub the link . If you can, please start to recap it also. Thanks. I still love the CUBIC that you had recapped.

              • Hi Patricia, I just finished the “Yah Leum Chan,” that you recommended me. Now I am starting to watch the Leh nangfah, but I could not find either the eng-sub the link . If you can, please start to recap it also. Thanks. I still love the CUBIC that you had recapped.

    • And truly Cubic indeed… always get what she wants/plans.

      • At the announcement room, Jong Sing shouted told his men

        Jong Sing:”Khun Lins, takes Khun Lins to the hospital.”

        Bodyguard ran into lifted Lin Lanser body up to the cots, Nak sit on the floor crying her eyes out.

        Jong Sing:”Apprehending her.”

        San Guish looks at Yong Wen.

        San Guish:”You are such a bad person, really, Yong Wen.”

        Yong Wen laugh.

        Meena looks at the situations like she could not believe.

        Meena:”Nak, do you known what have you done right now?”

        Meena was going to ran into her, but Pei Ing grasp her armed preventing her from getting to Nak.

        Pei Ing:”Don’t Meena!”

        Group of people are stunned and panic and pointed at the stages.

        Men1:”She killed Lin Lanser, killed her off.”

        Men2:”Killed her!”

        Men3:”Killed her!”
        Everyone target gun at Nak.

        Nak looks at the situation like afraid, Yong Wen looks and smiles.

        Everyone shouted, someone insulted the situations chao loudly.

        Patrick entered with his man included ten polices follows behind.

        Patrick:”You have no right to do anything to that girl, it is the duties of the law, sent her to me.”

        Jong Sing:”I cannot let you do that because this is the inside matter of us, I suggest that you leaves!”

        Patrick:”But I am a cop, sent that girl to me right now, otherwise I will have to arresting you.”

        Chin Fu comes up from behind.

        Chin Fu:” Drop the guns if you wants to lives.”

        Everyone turned and looks at Chin Fu

        Yong Wen:”Very good, Chin Fu.”

        Chin Fu:”Yes, sire!”

        Patrick’s Man:” What now, sire!”

        Patrick’s Man:”Are we going to arrested them or retreat.”

        Patrick:”Arrests them.”

        San Guish surge gun targeting toward Yong Wen.

        San Guish:”You don’t lives Yong Wen.”

        San Guish trick and shoot toward Yong Wen, Yong Wen pulled his man to shield the bullet. San Guish shooting at him like crazy.

        Yong Wen shot back, the bullet drilling into San Guish chest.

        Yong Wen shot at San Guish body whirled fall down.

        San Guish eyes drifted before he died he thinks about the times he has spending with Yong Wen, regretfully. Then he died.

        Meena looks at the situation that happened in panic, Pei Ing surges her armed

        Pei Ing:”Meena get down!”

        Pei Ing surges gun to shoot at Yong Wen.

        Yong Wen’s men turned to shot at Pei Ing, Pei Ing get down and shot back at Yong Wen’s men, he fell down.

        Meena:”Khun Pei Ing.”

        Meena in terror goes to looks at Pei Ing.

        Jong Sing pulled his gun up going to shoot Yong Wen, Yong Wen’s men jump in and closes Yong Wen the bullet drilled through Yong Wen’s man instead.
        Yong Wen turned to shot at Jong Sing, Jong Sing takes a covered, Yong Wen shooting at him while penetrate people out, his men surrounding Yong Wen shoot protecting Yong Wen run. Jong Sing got up and follows and shoots.


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